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The Butterfly Who Loved Jesus is a compilation of seven children’s books on the sacraments (previously published separately)   

Written and illustrated by Susan Brindle and Miriam Lademan


This book makes a wonderful gift for children making their First Holy Communions!

Please take a moment to listen to a short clip of an EWTN review about this book on our home page! 


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Discounts are available for book stores, prices listed below


The Little Butterfly Who Loved Jesus

Hardback $20,  bookstores:  $12 each

Softback $15,   bookstore price $9


These children's books are also available: (combined english/spanish edition)

My Guardian Dear Softback $15, bookstore price $9

Father Phillip Tells a Ghost Story   Softback $15, bookstore price $9

Lovely Lady Dressed in Blue  $15, bookstore price $9

Children's Stations of the Cross Softback $15, bookstore price $9


(combined English/French/Spanish edition)

The Most Beautiful Thing in the World  softback $15, bookstore price $9


 Making God the Joy of Our Soul is a collection of homilies, most of them brief enough to be read in just a few minutes.  They burn real fervor, and shine with the love of Christ. (Be sure to read excerpts of these homilies and testimonials from those whose lives they have touched on our website!)

Softback 320pgs. $20, bookstore price $12


Please call if you have any questions or would like to order please feel free to contact us by email or phone 410-757-5682.



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