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Fidelis News.

We are working towards being able to insert this publication into QuarkXpress 5.0 software which is what most newspapers use to print their paper. We would be able to make a PDF file which could be e-mailed to the tabloid printer to eliminate layout boards which are not available anymore as everything is done electronically. Our edition of Quarkxpress is only for educational use so may have problems there but updates are available. Eventually we should be able to climb this mountain and print again a tabloid of 8 to 24 pages, 11 by 15 inches as we did in the first days of Fidelis from about 1985 to 1993.

Death of Jerald Tanner October 1, 2006. A former Mormon who had the courage to expose the Mormon fraud by writing and publishing books and selling them on Temple Square in Salt Lake City. His obituary is online at http://utlm.org/jeraldtanner.html His spiritual quest began at a barbershop at 424 S State St in Salt Lake City run by James D Wardle (1915-1997) whose back room had a Mormon library of many texts some very old. Jerald Tanner, an inactive Mormon teenager met Wardle in the late 1950s at the barbershop when Wardle handed Jerald an 1887 text entitled An Address to All Believers in Christ by David Whitmer.

Whitmer said that in 1838 God spoke to him and asked him to separate himself from among the Latter Day Saints, for as they sought to do unto him, should it be done unto them. Whitmer continued, "I had been striving with them for a long time to show them the errors into which they were drifting and for my labors I received only persecutions. Some of the revelations as they are now in the Book of Doctrine and Covenants(1833) have been changed and added to. Some of the changes being of the greatest importance as the meaning is entirely changed on some very important matters as if the Lord had changed his mind a few years after he gave the revelations." Mohammad also did the same when creating his new Muslim religion. Those changes are called the Satanic Verses.

In a revelation dated March 1828 God made it clear to Joseph Smith that his prophetic calling was to end once the Book of Mormon was finished "for I will grant him no other gift'. Later Joseph felt that God's language cramped his style so he created a little wiggle room for himself by doctoring the passage to"pretend to no other gift until my purpose is fulfilled in this; for I will grant unto you no other gift until it is finished. Thus, Joseph Smith continued after making the Book of Mormon to play the role of a prophet even though his original revelation stated that he was finished as a prophet now that the Book of Mormon was finished. So eventually Jerald Tanner found that Joseph Smith was really a fraud and Jerald started the apostolate to rescue LDS members from Joseph Smiths creation, Mormonism. The religion approved polygamy. The Book of Mormon is just a rehashed King James Version of the Bible along with Joseph Smiths rantings. The Temple Secret Rituals are copied from the masonic secret rituals. One of the Temple Rituals was the mocking of the Christian view of God with a Trinity and Jesus Christ being the Son of God with two natures, human and divine. The mocking ritual was stopped in 1990. Black people were not allowed to be priests until 1978. Polygamy was abolished when Utah became a state. Joseph Smith, the creator of the Mormon religion had 84 wives. However, true believer Mormons still practice polygamy. The 1830 version of the Book of Mormon has many changes which shows that the revelations were not true and subject to revision as circumstances dictated. Sandra Tanner continues the apostolate on Temple Square. Books on this subject are on our website http://catholicbook.com under Utah Lighthouse Ministry.

On page 2 there is a picture in color but black and white in print of the palace chapel of St. Catherine the Great in St. Petersburg, Russia. If you check the Russian news service Interfax.ru you will find that there is much discussion of the power of the Pope, the Patriarch of Constantinople and their relation to all Catholic and Orthodox bishops. The Russian Patriarchate espouses the view that the Bishop of Rome has primacy of honor but not of jurisdiction. The Patriarch of Constantinople is not the pope of the east because he separated from the Papacy in 1054 so does not have jurisdiction over other Orthodox bishops. The Moscow Patriarch is engaged in a bitter battle with Constantinople over who has jurisdiction over other bishops in Ukraine where three Patriarchs are battling for control of Ukraine churches and in Estonia also where local clergy have separated from Moscow. There will be a Catholic-Orthodox meeting in Ravenna, Italy in November 2007 to continue the dialogue. The Pope told Constantinople in his recent visit that the Catholic Church will do anything to reunite the churches overcoming any and all obstacles. Cardinal Kasper is his point man on this unity effort.

Pope Paul VI below.

For an extensive coverage of above imposter pope story the websites below should be downloaded. http://imposterpope.tripod.com http://imposter-pope.tripod.com http://bishop-ratzinger.tripod.com http://bayside-imposterpope.tripod.com http://imposter-cardinals.tripod.com http://st-michaels-imposter.tripod.com http://final.chapter-ppvi.tripod.com http://imposterpope-fc.tripod.com

Pope Paul VI has a straight nose while the Imposter has a crooked nose. The placing of the ear lobes on each are different in relation to the nose. Voice analysis by several different sources and machines show the voice patterns of each person are different when uttering the same words in Latin.

When the plastic surgery on the imposter who was an Italian actor was first done in 1972 the Imposter looked very close to the real Paul VI except for the crooked nose of the Imposter and the placing of his ear lobes in relation to the nose. Cardinals Villot, Benelli and Casaroli pulled off this deception of the century and ruled the Church from 1972-1978 keeping Paul VI drugged in his apartments and utilizing the best plastic surgeons to place an Italian actor to appear as the Pope. The actor was murdered in 1978 as was the Pope as the plastic surgery was unraveling.

The three cardinals planned on electing Benelli as Pope but they fell 3 votes short and John Paul I was elected as a compromise. When the Pope handed Cardinal Villot a list of changes he was about to make, Cardinal Villot put digitalis in a wine glass and gave the laced wine to Pope John I whose heart stopped shortly afterward due to the digitalis. They tried again to elect Benelli who came within one vote of being elected. John Paul II was elected as a compromise. He eliminated all the Italians in the papal household so that he would not be killed . Polish nuns did all his cooking and household duties.


Cardinal Angelo Soldano has been replaced as Vatican Secretary of State but he is playing hardball and refusing to vacate his office. He is a large gruff man whom no one would suspect was supposed to be a diplomat of the Holy See. Difficult to see why John Paul II appointed him. Pope Benedict XVI has promised a letter to Chinese Catholics and to reinstitute the Latin Mass but has failed to deliver on either item so far. Slow but sure.


About 15 years ago Our Lady revealed at the Bayside, New York apparitions (1970-1994) that the demise of communism was only a ruse so that Russia could revive its economy and then revive the cold war. Now that Russia is flush with cash from oil and gas deals with Europe and Asia, Russia is building one sub every 10 days with missiles that are so fast no sub can evade them. New ships and the latest planes are being constructed as they sell their older ships, planes and subs to China. The Russian High Command has computer linked its military generals to the Chinese High Command.

The plan is that Russian generals with their cold war experience will direct the Chinese Army of 8 million to coordinate them with the Russian planes, ships, missiles and subs. President Putin of Russia said the USA has forced them to rearm as NATO has expanded to the Russian border. Putin stated, "We are not the initiators of this new round of the arms race. We warned them that we would come out with a response to maintain the strategic balance in the world. Yesterday we conducted a test of a new strategic ballistic missile with multiple warheads and of a new cruise missile and will continue to improve our resources." Putin warned Wednesday that the US missile defense plan in Poland and the Czech Republic would turn Europe into a "powder keg" and he repeated Thursday previous assertions that the planned deployments would ignite a new Cold War-style arms buildup.

In a thinly disguised attack on US foreign policy in recent years, Putin warned there had been attempts by actors--- he did not name any country or bloc explicitly – in international affairs to impose their will on others. "In our view, it is nothing other than diktat, than imperialism," the Russian leader stated. "Problems have arisen because the world changed and there was an attempt to make it unipolar. There was a desire among several international actors to dictate their will to each and everyone and to act not in accordance with the norms of international law and life." Putin said. He added: "This is very dangerous and unhealthy. The norms of international law have been altered for political expediency. What is this political expediency and who defines it?"


In 1984 Cardinal Ratzinger said the Secret concerns "the dangers threatening the faith and life of the Christian and therefore the world. And also the importance of the last times and "things contained in this Third Secret correspond to what is announced in Scripture and are confirmed by many other apparitions…"

Yet the vision announced as the Third Secret in 2000 of a Pope being killed by soldiers does not necessarily reflect the "dangers threatening the faith", nor does it necessarily correspond to the "last times". Further, one can search "other Marian apparitions" in vain to find any reference to prophecy of a Pope being shot by a group of soldiers. Nor is there any reference to such an event in Scripture. The Bayside Apparitions (1970-94) of Jesus and Mary revealed that the Third Secret of Fatima is that Satan will enter the Church. During the 1962 Cuban missile crisis Pope John XXIII revealed the Third Secret to diplomatic circles which is printed below.


The Mother of God revealed a special message to Lucy which states in particular: "Do not be troubled, dear child, I am the Mother of God speaking to you and begging you to proclaim in My name the following message to the entire world.

"In doing so, you will meet with strong opposition. But be strong in faith and you will triumph over all opposition. Listen carefully and remember what I tell you: the good people must become better. They must implore God to forgive the sins they have committed and will in the future commit. You ask me for a sign so all may comprehend the words which I am addressing to mankind through you. You have just beheld that miracle of the sun. Everybody saw it-----believers and unbelievers. And now announce in my name."

"A great chastisement will come over all mankind; not today or tomorrow, but in the second half of the twentieth century. What I had already announced at LaSalette through the children Melanie and Maximin, I repeat to you now. Humanity has not developed as God desired. Mankind has been sacrilegious and has trampled underfoot the gifts of God."

"No longer does order reign anywhere. Even in the highest places Satan reigns and directs the course of events. Satan will succeed in infiltrating into the highest positions in the Church. Satan will succeed in sowing confusion in the minds of scientists who will design weapons that can destroy great portions of mankind in a few minutes. Satan will gain hold of heads of nations and will cause these destructive weapons to be mass produced.

If mankind will not oppose these evils, I will be obliged to let fall My Son’s arm. If the chief rulers of the world and of the Church will not actively oppose these evils, I will ask God My Father to visit His justice upon mankind. Then will God punish mankind even more severely and harshly than He did at the time of the great Deluge. The great and powerful will perish along with the lowly and weak."

"A time of very severe trial is also coming for the Church. Cardinals will oppose Cardinals and Bishops will oppose Bishops. Satan will enter into their very midst. In Rome also there will occur great changes. What is rotten will fall and what falls must not be retained. The Church will be obscured and all the world will be thrown into great confusion.

"The great, great war will come in the second half of the twentieth century. Fire and smoke will fall from Heaven and the waters of the ocean will turn to steam, throwing their foam to the very sky. Whatever is standing will be overturned. Millions of people will die. Those surviving will envy the dead. Distress, misery, and desolation will be found the world over."

"The time is drawing nearer, and the abyss is ever deepening. There will be no escape: the good will die with the wicked, the great with the lowly, the princes of the Church with the faithful, the rulers of the nations with their people. Death will reign everywhere, raised to triumph by erring men, the helpers of Satan who will be the masters of earth. These evils will come at a time when no one expects it: nevertheless, it must come as punishment and revenge in accordance with God’s plan."

"The age of ages is coming, the end of all ends if mankind will not repent and be converted, and if this conversion does not come from rulers of the world and of the Church. Woe and greater woe to mankind if conversion does not occur.

Later, however those who survive those trials, if they will repent and will call upon God in submission to His Will and become true followers of Jesus Christ, My Son, I will gather them and become their intercessor. But woe and more woe if that conversion does not occur. Go, My Child and announce it; I will assist you.

The third world war began in August 2000 when Ariel Sharon entered the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem which resulted in his 1,000 guards shooting and killing at least one Muslim worshipper setting off a Muslim reaction which continues today accompanied by other Muslim warlike behavior in most Muslim nations including Iraq and Afghanistan. These Muslim battles will evolve into greater battles and eventually result in the big battles as mentioned in the Third Secret with Communist nations of Russia and China leading the charge. The 20th century did not end until January 1, 2001.

La Salette September 19, 1846. "Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the AntiChrist."

Children of Mary News.

We receive many book orders for Catholic Book Publishing Company books because our Catholic Books and Tapes website is so similar to the Catholic Book Publishing Co. name when a search engine does its magic. Since those charge card orders were going into our Children of Mary account, book buyers were telling their credit card company they never ordered anything from Children of Mary. To solve this problem we changed the account that receives our credit card orders to our Catholic Books and Tapes account in Kansas City which is free and we are able to monitor online. We still have our Children of Mary, Fidelis et Verus account which is local.

After much consultation it has been decided that we will not buy the Inavale, Nebraska schoolhouse due to the editors age of 69 and the lack of medical facilities in a very rural area. Combined with the rural isolation and necessity to heat a large building even in part did not seem to be a wise use of our meager resources.

The Bayside Pink and Blue books are available from the Shrine of Our Lady of the Roses; PO Box 52; Bayside, NY 11361. Phone 718-961-8865 or 1-800-638-4376. Roses From Heaven, Vol. 1 pink book is $22, Vol. 2 is $20. Our Lady of the Roses Blue Book is $20. Free shipping in US only. Donations accepted. Make check or money order to Our Lady of the Roses. Ask for their catalog which has many more Bayside & other material.

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