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Eerie Prophecies Predicted Benedict XVI., April 19, 2005.

When Cardinal Ratzinger was chosen to be the next Pope, Newsmax did a Web search for Benedict XVI and we were surprised at how many prophecies ---some rather eerie and apocalyptic - had predicted the name this new pope would take.

The Daily News reported that the Irish betting house Paddy Power had three odds-on-favorites: Ratzinger would be elected; it would take three days; and he would take the name Benedict XVI.

Two out of three isn't bad. Chalk it up to the luck of the Irish  - or a little internet prophecy research.

One internet Web site,, has published a book by Ronald Conte entitled "The Bible and the Future of the World." The site says it reveals, from a Catholic viewpoint in Sacred Scripture, God's plan for the future of the Church and the world. "Many specific and startling predictions of events in the near and distant future are revealed," the site says.

The author claims that in 2009 or 2010, "Pope Benedict XVI" will die and be replaced by the last pope. The selection of this pope seems to be intertwined with an "end times" biblical view.

On the site, a discussion in January 2005 of who might succeed Pope John Paul II had a post by "Dan" who predicted that on February 22, 2005 a new pope "will appear, and will call himself Pope Benedict XVI, the Pope of Peace, who will lead his church, all the faithful followers of the Lord Jesus Christ to their martyrdom, at the foot of the Cross that stands upon the Mount of Olives."  

Dan added, "Whereupon the Monarch entering Israel, becomes Elijah, the gentile olive tree, and one of the two witnesses of Revelation 11. "But  Gloriae Olivae (The Glory of the Olive) will tear down the walls of the Vatican, auctioning off all the objects within, in order to feed and enlighten those in the 3rd world who have not yet heard the Gospel according to Christ, nor the prophet Pope's message that accompanies it.

"And he will convert hundreds of millions, for the Hand and Spirit of the Lord is upon him to fulfill His Will, for the sake of the Gentile nations, for which innocent must be shed or there is no salvation for them."

Dan's reference to The Glory of the Olive comes from St. Malachy, an Irish bishop who in 1139 went to Rome to give an account of the affairs  of his diocese to Pope Innocent II, who promised him two palliums for the Metropolitan Sees of Armagh (the primary see of Ireland) and  Cashel. While in Rome, he received a strange vision of the future wherein was unfolded before him the long list of illustrious pontiffs who were to rule the Roman Catholic Church until the end of time. 

"History tells us that Malachy  gave his manuscript to Innocent II to console him in the midst of his tribulations, and that the document remained unnoticed in the Roman archives until its discovery in 1590. Dr. H. T. Spence relates in his "The Death of the Pope"   well before this year the connection between Malachy's prophecy for this pope and why many predicted this pope would call himself "Benedict XVI."

"According to Malachy, the 267th pope is called 'glory of the olive.' Traditionally, the olive branch has been associated with peace, but in both the old and new testaments, it also serves as an emblem for the Jews.

"Putting the two together, some commentators believe that the reign of this pope will be dedicated to peace. However, some believe that Malachy's description may instead refer to St. Benedict's sixth-century prophecy that a member of his order will lead the Church in its fight against evil just before the Apocalypse.

"The Benedictine Order is known by another name, Olivetans.

"Those mystic observers in Rome believe if this is true, the next pope will go by the name of Benedict XVI, in imitation of St. Benedict and Pope Benedict XV. Benedict XV was a pope obsessed with peace trying to stop World War I which was a totally unnecessary war. He sought peace and spoke of peace and wrote documents seeking peace."

Children of Mary Hit by Two Chargebacks of $516.12 and $427.31 Endangering Our Survival.

Two credit card purchases in early December 2004 from Malaysian persons have been reversed by Malaysian and Hong Kong Banks. One in March alleged a stolen credit card was used. The other just happened in April. The customer alleged he did not get the books which arrived at his address January 22, 2005. An e-mail sent to this customer resulted in an insulting reply of swear words and allegations he never received the books. Both orders were sent to the same street address which raises many questions, One was sent to St. Cajetan Library and the other to Tridentine Society; 1, Lorong Nipah Empat; Sungai Dua, 11900, Penang, Malaysia. Cardholders Leow Mei Wan, Wong Sum Yi, Alex Lim,K.W. Phoon and Ewe Chye Chuah.  As a result we have a pile of unpaid bills which could not be paid as all our income since March has gone to pay these Malaysian/Hong Kong chargebacks. Our processing company has instituted a procedure to check foreign credit cards prior to shipment which should stop these fraudulent orders. Any help would be very much appreciated. Please address any help to: Children of Mary; PO Box 350333; Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33335-0333 USA.

Wisconsin Cistercians blend Web Business and Prayer Life.

CNS, Michelle Martin, 11-04-2004. Chicago. A thousand years ago, monks spent their days copying manuscripts, illuminating Bibles and spreading knowledge both sacred and secular. So why, Cistercian Father Bernard McCoy does it come as any surprise that his small abbey in Sparta, Wis., is supporting itself and its good works by engaging in the enterprise of the information age by selling toner and inkjet cartridges for printers. The cartridges are manufactured by third parties or refurbished and sold at a discount from retail. A non-profit  corporation handles the charitable projects the monks help fund with their profits. In 2004 their profit was $2.5 million so they plan to expand into office supplies. The nuts and bolts are handled by two woman who planned to disband their Monk Helper Marketing but gave their customer list to the monks and do all the mailings. Despite the business the five monks at the abbey spend much of the day in prayer and in Gregorian Chant. "We spend four and a half hours a day in the Divine Office," Fr. McCoy said. The monks website is at: Traditionally, monks have used agriculture, or marketed products such as jams, jellies and fruitcakes. More recently, some monasteries have begun producing and selling caskets, with Trappist  Caskets being the best known. Others, like the monastery of the Holy Cross on Chicago's South Side, have begun to act as distributors for other religious communities. They also run a bed-and-breakfast.



Q. What do you mean by the Providence of God?

A. The providence of God is his eternal will, by which he disposes of all things whatsoever that come to pass, according to his own pleasure, and conducts his creatures in the way that he sees most proper towards the ends and purposes for which he created them. It includes three things: First, his infinite wisdom, by which he knows all his creatures, and all the good of which they are capable, and the ends to which they can serve, as also the ways and means by which they can acquire that good and arrive at those ends, with the impediments that can hinder them them from either. Secondly, his infinite goodness, which inclines him to will and choose for them those means of acquiring the ends for which he creates them, that are the most proper and conducive thereto, and the most fit and best proportioned and conformable to the nature and capacity of each creature, and to remove or diminish the hindrances they may meet with in doing so. And, thirdly, his infinite power, by which he most effectually puts in execution, in time, those means which from all eternity, he knew and made choice of, for enabling his creatures to obtain the ends he thus proposed to himself in creating them. Thus, the scripture says, "O Lord God, thou hast done the things of old, and hast devised one thing after another and what thou hast designed hath been done; for all thy ways are prepared and in thy providence thou hast placed thy judgments," Judith ix. 4.

Q. Can the divine Providence be ever mistaken or use improper means for obtaining its ends or be disappointed in obtaining its designs?

A. No, by no means. It is absolutely impossible God should either mistake the means or be disappointed in his designs; his infinite wisdom is incapable of mistake and his infinite power quashes all opposition to his will.

Q. Can any thing happen by chance in the creation?

A. A thing is said to happen by chance when it is supposed to happen without any cause or without being foreseen or suspected or without design or intention. Now, with regard to men numbers of things happen, as it were, by chance, in some one or other of these ways; but, with regard to God, this is absolutely impossible; for the scripture assures us that "nothing upon earth is done without a cause," Job v. 6; that his infinite wisdom "sees from eternity to eternity," that "nothing is hid from his eyes;" that "he knows the work of all flesh." So that it is impossible for any thing to happen but what he foresees from all eternity.  Consequently, every thing that happens is foreknown by him, enters into the plan of his operations and is disposed by the Divine Providence, according to his eternal purposes.

Q. Does then the Providence of God dispose of and direct every thing that happens to the creation.

A. Yes, it happens; it extends to all creatures and to all things whether good or evil; all which it disposes of and directs in the way and manner which he knows to be the most conducive to his own wise ends and purposes; so that whatever be the immediate cause by which any thing is done or produced, Almighty God is the first supreme disposer of the whole and against whose will nothing that is or happens could possibly exist. In this however he acts in the most admirable manner without encroaching in the smallest degree on the free will of man or hindering second causes from going on in their natural course; but making use of man's free will and all second causes to accomplish most sweetly but at the same time most assuredly whatever he pleases.

America Awoke Sleeping Giants; Now Faces Twilight.

China which Napoleon advised everyone to let sleep because when she woke she would shake the world, is no longer sleeping and she is now part of a potent alliance of Communists, Hindus and leftist Catholics. On November 30, 2004, Russian president Vladimir Putin gave notice to the world that the formerly sleeping giant was now a member of an association that contains three quarters of the people, 80 percent of the natural resources and the majority of the scientists and engineers of the world.

The new coalition includes India, China, Russia, Brazil and Venezuela. On Nov. 24, 2004 Brazil had a permit from the International Atomic Energy Agency to start the early stages of a uranium enrichment program.     

A few days later, Russia agreed to supply Venezuela with 50 of its most up to date fighter aircraft, MIG 29 SMTs. All are painted blue, the proper color for low level attacks over water. Twenty of them are to be equipped to launch Onyx ram-jet anti-ship cruise missiles. These are said to weigh over two tons and have a terminal velocity of 2,460 feet per second. It is claimed they can knock out a tanker or an aircraft carrier with a conventional warhead. Venezuela has reported that the fighter jets will be used to protect the Panama Canal which is now operated by a Chinese company allegedly connected to the Chinese Communist military.

In order to train Venezuelan fighter pilots, the Cubans have been provided with five of these modern fighters which will supplement their less modern MIGs. There are report sthat former Russian Intelligence operations on Cuba have been taken over by the Chinese. Lourdes, Cuba has a facility that can listen to all phone calls, faxes etc. in the United States. The Chinese are also building a container port in the Carribean which will be well situated to supply logistical support for Cuba and Venezuela.

China who GDP has been growing phenomenally for several years is expected to grow at about 8 percent a year possibly for the next 15 years. US grows about 3% a year in good years. In 2004 China used 66 percent of the world's iron ore, 40 percent of its steel, 30 percent of its coal and 55 percent of its cement. There are now 7 million automobiles in the hands of the Chinese people up from 700,000 in 1993. Its economic growth is based on low cost labor. The lowest paid workers in their factories work a 14 hour day for $100 per month. This has enabled it to monopolize many industries.

China is a major supplier of products globally and its impact on markets all over the world is substantial. Presently 100% of Levis blue jeans, 60% of cell phones, 50% of shoes and more than half of TV sets are made in China. In the United States, Americans are dependent on China for 95 % of their shoes, 90% of their sporting goods and 80% of their toys.

The prophet Wladyslaw Biernacki in Prophecies ($8.50) said that he was told by Heaven that the anti-Christ will become head of China and conquer the whole world. He was born in the Gaza Strip and is living now. He was born in 1977. He is very good looking and will become noticed when he leads his armies to victory. The Rockefellers planned this rise of China when they ordered President Nixon to China about 1970. Most American manufacturers have moved their production to China for the cheap labor. China's rise is being financed by Americans and Europeans who buy the cheaper Chinese goods.

 Burial Scroll sums up Pope John Paul's life in 842 Latin words.

Called a "rogito," the scroll was the Vatican's version of a notarized certificate of burial. It was placed in a tube and deposited in the pope's casket shortly before it was brought to St. Peter's Square for the funeral liturgy. The document described the early years of Karol Wotyla, his days as a laborer under Nazi occupation of Poland, his ordination and rise through the hierarchy, his election as pope in 1978 and his major accomplishments and documents.

The scroll began by stating, in a tone that was historical and intimate, the circumstances of the pope's death: "In the light of Christ risen from the dead, on April 2 in the year of the Lord 2005, at 9:37 p.m., when Saturday was drawing to an end, and we had already entered into the day of the Lord, the eighth day of Easter and Divine Mercy Sunday, the beloved pastor of the church, John Paul II, passed from this world to the Father. The whole church, especially young people, accompanied his passing in prayer." The document ended by saying simply: "John Paul II has left to everyone an admirable witness of piety, of holy living and of universal paternity."

Among his accomplishments as pope, the rogito listed: 1. The fall of some regimes to which he himself contributed. 2. The pope's many foreign trips, which he undertook with the aim of spreading the gospel. 3. The unprecedented number of papal meetings with the people of God and the leaders of nations. 4. The launching of World Youth Day celebrations. 5. Dialogue with the Jews and with representatives of other religions. 6. His expansion of the College of Cardinals, the creation of new dioceses and the record number of Synods of Bishops convened under his papacy. 7. Reform of the church's Code of Canon Law for the Latin and Byzantine rites and the reform of the Roman Curia. 8. Promotion of prayer and liturgical spirituality in the diocese of Rome and throughout the world. 9. Celebration of the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000 and outlining pastoral goals for the new millennium. 10. Convocation of special spiritual years to commemorate the Redemption, Mary and the Eucharist. 11. A record number of canonizations and beatifications. 12. Enrichment and courageous promotion of Catholic doctrine especially through his many documents including 15 encyclicals, 15 apostolic exhortations, 11 apostolic constitutions, 45 apostolic letters and innumerable speeches, sermons and talks. 13. Promulgation of the "Catechism of the Catholic Church."  The rogito noted that Pope John Paul II was the 264th pope. "His memory remains in the heart of the church and of all humanity," it said.

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