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Group Now Rules Church with Pope

Vatican City, Pope John Paul II's physical infirmities are well known and heavily covered in the press. Less well publicized is the team of advisers and trusted aides that helps the ailing but still mentally vibrant Pope to govern the Church.

Since their base of operations is the papal residence in the Apostolic Palace, they are widely known in Rome as "the Apartment." Those who populate the Apartment are Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith: Cardinal Angelo Sodano, the Vatican secretary of state: Archbishop Leonardo Sandri, the Pope's chief of staff: Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz, John Paul's private secretary: and Cardinal Camillo Ruini, head of the Italian Bishop's Conference.

Rome, The term "Eucharistic Minister" is banned and the original correct title "extraordinary minister of Holy Communion" is to be used. The intent is to emphasize the doctrinal fact that the priest saying a Mass, acting in persona Christi, alone effects the mystery of transubstantiation or epiklesis.

In the new 100 page "General Instruction for the Roman Missal," the Vatican has attempted to impose more order and consistency in the worldwide practice of the liturgy.

The Latin version of the document was issued in 2001 approved by Pope John Paul II but the English edition approved by the Congregation for Divine Worship was only issued in March 2003 and is now beginning to be implemented in dioceses such as Philadelphia.

New York, Jan.27 ( The UN Population Division (UNPD) released a report showing that within the span of one generation, fertility levels across the globe have plummeted while divorce rates and the use of contraceptives and family planning have experienced substantial worldwide increases. According to the World Fertility Report 2003, nearly half of the world's governments want to further reduce the fertility of their citizens, and almost all governments now support family planning programs and the distribution of contraceptives.

Kiev, Jan.21 (RISU/ - Patriarch Filaret of Kiev, the leader of one of three separate groups competing for the allegiance of the Orthodox faithful in Ukraine, has called for unification of the nation's Orthodox churches. At the same time, Patriarch has praised laymen of another Orthodox congregation who protested their leaders' involvement in the country's recent presidential contest who supported the loser. Filaret supported the winner saying the election had been a triumph of good over evil. He insisted that Russia stop interfering in Ukrainian politics and Church affairs which is the cause that Orthodoxy is split into 3 factions due to Russian (Patriarch Alexei II) meddling in Church affairs demanding Ukraine submit to his rule.

Vatican, Jan.28 ( - Pope John Paul II encouraged the members of the International Commission for Theological Dialogue while meeting representatives of the Catholic Church and Oriental Orthodox churches, with whom he met Jan. 28.

The Oriental Orthodox churches are those that split from Rome after the Council of Chalcedon in 451, including the Coptic and Syrian Orthodox, Malankara and Armenian Apostolic churches. This theological commission is distinct from another Catholic-Orthodox commission, engaged in dialogue between Rome and Orthodox churches that split from Rome in 1054 such as the Russian and Greek Orthodox churches. This commission is currently inactive, although Vatican officials hope its discussions will resume soon.

Vatican, Jan. 28 ( - The case load for the Vatican's marriage tribunal has doubled in the past 10 years, with a surge in the number of appeals of local diocesan decisions on requests for marriage annulments.

The tribunal of the Roman Rota, which hears appeals of diocesan decisions on marriage cases, is opening its judicial term. Italy furnishes the greatest number of appeals in marital cases with 331 cases in 2003, followed by the USA with 172, Poland 121, Ireland, France and Great Britain follow. The entire continent of Africa produced only 11 appeals.

In seeking a decree of annulment, couples most frequently invoke Canon 1095 of the Code of Canon Law, which stipulates that a marriage is not valid if the parties lack the reason, discernment, or emotional capacity necessary to enter into a marital union. Many young couples argue that they were too immature to marry, and a tribunal officer notes: "One has the impression of a fear of becoming an adult."

Only 20 judges serve on the tribunal of the Roman Rota, for terms of about 2 years. To argue cases before the tribunal, canon lawyers are required to pass a rigorous examination, ordinarily after three years of study, thus qualifying as "advocates of the Rota." The Rota is the third level handling appeals of appeals as it hears cases that have been already heard in two lower courts. There are 3,000 lower court Church tribunals in the world hearing marriage cases and their appeals.

The tribunal of the Roman Rota is one of three canonical panels at the Vatican. The others are the supreme tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, and the Apostolic Penitentiary.

Vatican, Jan. 28 ( - Armenian President Robert Kotcharian met with Pope John Paul II on January 28 during the course of a diplomatic tour of Italy. The Pope hoped that the tensions arising from the Armenian capture of Nagorno-Karabagh be resolved through "patient dialogue between the parties," with the help of international mediators. This was their third meeting since 1999. Cardinal Sodano, Vatican Secretary of State spoke privately later with the President.

St. Louis, Jan. 18 ( - Archbishop Raymond Burke of St. Louis led a congregation of 400 Catholics to the sidewalk in front of the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic that handles 6,000 abortions yearly in downtown St. Louis. In his homily at the cathedral Mass before the walk, Archbishop Burke described the pro-life fight as "a battle against Satan and his cohorts." Burke said, "We pray for the parents who are contemplating the betrayal of their parenthood through abortion." He also said the fight against unrepentant pro-abortion politicians receiving Communion must not end with the end of the election campaign."He said, "These are questions that are at the very foundation of the life of our country. We just simply have to continue to address them." ed: Have you ever heard a sermon in your church against abortion?

New Vatican Norms for marriage annulments.

The Vatican has released a new document Dignitas Connubii on the work of ecclesiastical tribunals, clarifying the requirements for marriage annulments. It is 219 pages and was introduced by Cardinal Julian Herranz, the president of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, which was primarily responsible for its preparation.

The document does not include any dramatic tightening of requirements for annulments. Cardinal Herranz emphasized that it is the duty of diocesan bishops to supervise the work of marriage tribunals and ensure they are performing their duties in accordance with Church law.

Archbishop Angelo Amato, the secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith reported that 800 tribunals heard in 2002, 56,236 annulment petitions and 46,092 annulment decrees were granted of which 30,968 were granted by North American tribunals followed by 8,855 in Europe, 5,688 in Latin America which is 50% of the world's Catholics, 1,562 in Asia, 676 in Oceania and only 343 in Africa.

Clearly the problem lies with North American bishops who are making a mockery of marriage. One example, Cardinal Law granted the Kennedy's annulments which infuriated the wives. Are all their children illegitimate?

China Stocks Arsenal With Russian Weapons

BEIJING -- Blocked from buying U.S. and European arms, Beijing has stocked its arsenal with Russian-made supersonic fighters and other high-tech weapons. And is investing in the development of its own cruise missiles.

That doesn't leave much on Beijing's wish list, said Robert Karniol, the Asia-Pacific editor for Jane's Defense Weekly. "The Chinese have been getting , largely from the Russians, pretty well everything that they're interested in," Karniol said.

Until recently Taiwan was considered safe as its US Air Force fighters are considered able to stop China midway in the 100 mile Taiwan strait.

China has bought from Russia in 2003 for $13 billion scores of supersonic Su-27 fighters, destroyers, submarines and anti-ship missiles.

If North Korea attacks South Korea with its 8 nuclear bombs and China tries to seize Taiwan, the two communist nations would seize two free nations as the US is tied up in Iraq.

Excerpts from TLDM newsletter.

Gigantic Earthquakes are coming to the United States. Prepare now!

"A disaster of great magnitude is approaching your country! Have you prepared for this? There will be in your country a great quake. The earth shall tremble, the homes shall fall and many shall be sent into oblivion! ... Your country will not escape this chastisement." Our Lady of the Roses. - 10-02-74.

August 5, 1974, Our Lady said: :"You do not have thirty years to spread this Message, My Child. So work with great haste."

The world had 30 years, which ended on August 5, 2004. Now the punishments from God have started. On August 13, 2004, a Fatima day, the first of four hurricanes slammed into Florida. Expect many more in 2005 as the low pressure system has not moved which forces hurricanes into Florida. On Dec. 26, 2004, tsunamis killed more than 250,000 in the 9.0 Indonesian Earthquake. This is only the beginning. In the coming disasters millions will die. The world has rejected the messages given by the Eternal Father through Our Lady of the Roses."

"There will be a great earthquake in the Los Angeles area, and also New York." - Jesus, 6-17-89.

New Indulgence for Venerating Eucharist

Vatican City, Jan.14 ( - According to a decree of the Apostolic Penitentiary approved by Pope John Paul II during the Year of the Eucharist, plenary (full) indulgence may be gained by participating in acts of worship and veneration of the Most Holy Eucharist, as well as by praying vespers and compline of the Divine office before the tabernacle.

The decree reminds the faithful that to obtain a plenary indulgence it is necessary to observe the "usual conditions":"sacramental confession, Eucharistic communion, and prayers for the intentions of the Supreme Pontiff, with the soul completely removed from attachment to any form of sin." The conditions must be completed within 8 days prior to or after the act of veneration of the Eucharist.

In the Year of the Eucharist which began October 2004 and will end October 2005, when the world Synod of Bishops will be held on the Eucharist - the plenary indulgence may be obtained in two ways.

In the first way, according to the decree, "each time the faithful participate attentively and piously in a sacred function or a devotional exercise undertaken in honor of the Blessed Sacrament, solemnly exposed or conserved in the tabernacle.

In the second way, it is granted, it is granted "to the clergy, to members of institutes of consecrated life and societies of apostolic life, and to other faithful who are by law obliged to recite the Liturgy of the Hours, as well as to those who customarily recite the Divine Office out of pure devotion, each and every time they recite -- at the end of the day, in company or private -- vespers and night prayers before the Lord present in the tabernacle."

The decree also provides the granting of the plenary indulgence to those persons who, due to illness or other just cause, cannot participate in an act of worship of the sacrament of the Eucharist in a church or oratory.

These persons will obtain the plenary indulgence "if they make the visit spiritually and with the heart's desire, with a spirit of faith in the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Sacrament of the Altar, and pray the Our Father and Creed, adding a pious invocation to Jesus in the Sacrament (for example, "May the Most Holy Sacrament be praised, adored and loved in all the tabernacles of the world until the end of time."

Obviously, in all cases, the conditions established to receive a plenary indulgence must be respected.

"If they are unable to do even this, they will receive a plenary indulgence if they unite themselves with interior desire to those who practice the normal conditions laid down for indulgences, and offer the merciful God the illnesses and discomforts of their lives, with the intention of observing the three usual conditions as soon as possible.

Finally, the decree exhorts the faithful "to give open witness of faith and veneration for the Blessed Sacrament."

No More Secrets," Visionary Said in 2001

Sister Lucia Confirmed That Russia Had Been Consecrated to Mary.

VATICAN CITY, FEB. 14, 2005 ( The Fatima secret has been totally revealed by the Vatican, and Russia has already been consecrated as Mary requested, confirmed Sister Maria Lucia of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart.

The witness of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin of Fatima made this statement to the then secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Archbishop Tarcisio Bertone, on Nov. 17, 2001, contradicting those who say that the Church still has secrets about the Marian apparition.

The content of the interview held between the Vatican representative and Sister Lucia in the convent of Coimbra, Portugal, where she resided, was made public by the Vatican press office on Dec. 20, 2001.

The text of the document states: "In recent months, especially following the sad events of the September 11 terrorist attacks, articles appeared in newspapers alleging new revelations by Sister Lucia, announcements of letters of warning to the Pope, and apocalyptic reinterpretations of the Fatima message."

"Moreover, emphasis was placed on the suspicion that the Holy See had not published the entire text of the third part of the secret, and some 'Fatimist' movements have repeated the accusation that the Holy Father has yet to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary," the document continues.

As a result, the Vatican note clarifies, it was considered necessary that Archbishop Bertone go personally "to clarify and obtain direct information from the visionary."

The meeting was held in the presence of Father Luis Kondor, vice postulator of the cause of Blessed Francisco and Jacinta (the other Fatima visionaries), and of the prioress of St. Teresa's Carmelite Convent.

The conversation took place on the afternoon of that Nov. 17 and lasted more than two hours. Sister Lucia, then 94, "was in great form -- lucid and vivacious," the Vatican envoy said.

The meeting addressed the question of the third part of the secret of Fatima. The Portuguese religious said that she had read "carefully and meditated on the fascicle published by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and confirms everything that is written," the Vatican statement noted.

When the archbishop explained that there are doubts that part of the secret remains unknown, Sister Lucia replied: "Everything has been published; there are no more secrets."

"If I had received new revelations, I would not have communicated them to anyone, but I would have told them directly to the Holy Father," the religious added.

There was then talk about the statements of Nicholas Gruner, a Canadian priest suspended "a divinis," who is collecting signatures insisting that the Pope finally consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and alleging that this has never been done. Fr. Gruner is able to obtain $4 million a year in donations while crusading for the Pope to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Sister Lucia told the archbishop: "The Carmel community has rejected the forms for the collection of signatures. I have already said that the consecration requested by Our Lady was done in 1984, and it has been accepted in heaven."

Lastly, the conversation turned to Sister Lucia's personal life. Some press articles suggested that her concern robbed her of sleep and that she was praying night and day.

The religious answered: "It's not true. How would I be able to pray during the day if I did not sleep at night? How many things they attribute to me! How many things they make me do! They should read my book; the advice and appeals that correspond to Our Lady's wishes are there. Prayer and penance, with great faith in God's power, will save the world."

At Papal Retreat, a Call to Rediscover Eucharist

Bishop Corti Delivers Meditations on 1st Full Day

VATICAN CITY, FEB. 14, 2005 ( Catholics and their pastors must rediscover the force of the Eucharist, said the preacher at the Spiritual Exercises being attended by John Paul II and his Roman Curia aides.

Fatima's Last Visionary Dies

Sister Lucia, 97, Was a Witness to Our Lady

COIMBRA, Portugal, FEB. 14, 2005 ( Sister Lucia, the last surviving of the three little shepherds of Fatima who saw Our Lady, died Sunday February 13 in her Carmelite convent. She was 97.

Lucia de Jesus dos Santos was 10 years old when she said she saw for the first time, on May 13, 1917, a woman whom she later identified as the Blessed Virgin Mary, in the Cova de Iria.

She saw the vision with her cousins Francisco and Jacinta Marto, who were beatified by John Paul II in Fatima, in 2000.

In a pastoral letter dated Oct. 13, 1930, the bishop of Leiria-Fatima, José Alves Correia da Silva, declared the apparitions of Fatima worthy of faith and allowed public devotion. Since then, the shrine has become a center of spirituality and pilgrimage of international scope.

Born in Aljustrel in 1907, Lucia moved to Oporto in 1921, and at 14 was admitted as a boarder in the School of the Sisters of St. Dorothy in Vilar, on the city's outskirts.

On Oct. 24, 1925, she entered the Institute of the Sisters of St. Dorothy and at the same time was admitted as a postulant in the congregation's convent in Tuy, Spain, near the Portuguese border. She made her first vows on Oct. 3, 1928, and her perpetual vows on Oct. 3, 1934, receiving the name Sister Mary of the Sorrowful Mother.

She returned to Portugal in 1946 and two years later entered the Carmelite convent of St. Teresa in Coimbra, where she made her profession as a Discalced Carmelite on May 31, 1949, taking the name Sister Maria Lucia of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart.

She wrote two volumes, one entitled "Memories" and the other "Appeals of the Fatima Message." In her writings, she recounts how the Virgin Mary and Child Jesus appeared to her on other occasions, years after the initial apparitions.

Sister Lucia's mortal remains were taken today to the Cathedral of Coimbra, where a funeral ceremony was held, presided over by Bishop Antonio Cleto of Coimbra. Bishop Seraphim Ferreira e Silva of Leiria also participated in the ceremony. According to the Lusa agency, the nun's mortal remains are due to be returned to St. Teresa's Carmelite convent.

In keeping with Sister Lucia's request, within a year her body will be taken to the Fatima shrine, where the mortal remains of Francisco and Jacinta already rest.

Monsignor Luciano Guerra, the rector of the Fatima shrine, said: "God's will has been fulfilled, who, through Mary, told us that Lucia would remain for some time on earth. She played an important part in the apparitions.

"She was the one who led the group; she was the one who spoke with Our Lady. Sister Lucia had a determinant role as witness and messenger of Mary."

At the request of Pope Paul VI, Sister Lucia traveled to Fatima in 1967 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the apparitions. She also returned to Fatima for John Paul II's three pilgrimages to the shrine, in 1982, 1991 and 2000.

Because of Sister Lucia's death, Portuguese Prime Minister Pedro Santana Lopes announced that Tuesday will be a day of national mourning in Portugal.

Hong Kong's Bishop Calls for Strong Defense of Life

Sees Mainland Influence Creeping In

HONG KONG, FEB. 14, 2005 ( Wary of an encroaching culture of death, Bishop Joseph Zen Ze-kiun appealed for protection of the gift of life and the values linked to it: marriage and the family.

"Love life, the gift of God!" is the title of the Hong Kong prelate's Lenten message, dated Feb. 6, in which he refers to the top challenge mentioned by John Paul II to the diplomatic corps Jan. 10.

"Life is the first gift of God to a human being, the most fundamental treasure," explained Bishop Zen. "The Church preaches the Gospel of life and reminds states that their main duty is to protect this fundamental human right to life"

Our Lady of the Roses ®

Mary Help of Mothers Shrine

is going forward with the Mission from Heaven.

The Shrine work has been entrusted to Veronica Lueken's loyal, close Shrine workers who continue the Rosary Vigils on the Eve of the Feast Days and Sunday Holy Hours throughout the year at the Vatican Pavilion site in Flushing Meadows Park, Queens, NY. The Shrine workers also send out Heaven's messages through their voice-box Veronica and the blessed Rose Petals throughout the world. Many new testimonial letters from pilgrims of cures and conversions and prayers answered have been received through Our Lady of the Roses' and Veronica's intercession. Your prayers and support are sincerely appreciated to help in this great mission from Heaven to rescue and reach all souls before the cleansing Chastisement.

All of the Shrine original and official records including the true Shrine Vigil Statue, message audiotapes, printed messages, testimonials, photographs, videos, Veronica's albums and early writings and Veronica's Shrine Vigil crucifix are preserved in the Shrine Archives for the 'Future Church Investigation and Review'. The Shrine awaits the miraculous spring of water to erupt at the old St. Robert Bellarmine Church in Bayside and the sign promised by Our Lady to the Bishop to investigate the Shrine, build the Basilica and conduct the Rosary Vigils.

Please write directly to the Shrine below to have your petition placed at Our Lady's feet during the next Vigil or to report your testimonial.

For a free blessed rose petal, Vigil schedule, and message contact:

Our Lady of the Roses ®

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