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November 7, 2004 A.D.- Issue 73.


World Catholic population rises to 1.07 billion.


Vatican, Oct.25 (CWNews.com) - The world= s Catholic population grew by 9.47 million in 2003 to reach a total of 1.07 billion, according to a report released by the Vatican on World Mission Sunday.

The number of Catholics rose fastest in the Americas, where the Church added 6.2 mil members. (The Vatican treats North and South America as a single continent for statistical purposes; the vast bulk of that growth came in South America.) Among the world= s continents, only Europe saw a loss (of 674,000) in Catholic population.

However, the percentage of Catholics in the overall world population declined slightly by roughly one-tenth of 1 percent. The drop in the percentage of Catholic population was oddly enough, also greatest in America, with Protestant evangelists in Latin America helping to bring the overall Catholic representation down by 0.42 percent. Only Asia saw a very slight (0.01 percent) increase in Catholic representation.

These figures came from an annual report submitted by Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, the prefect of the Congregation for Evangelization. That Congregation, which monitors the work of the Church in the missionary territories, has supervisory jurisdiction over 40 percent of the Catholic world. There are 1,081 ecclesiastical jurisdictionsC dioceses and archdioceses, apostolic administrations and vicariatesC that report to the Congregation for Evangelization. Of these, 153 lie within the A zone of silence@ in which the Church cannot operate openly: in China, Cambodia and North Korea.

The number of active priests in the world held steady with a net increase of just 9 worldwide. But the ranks of men in the priesthood swelled in the missionary territories, and in both Africa and Asia the ratio of priests to laymen improved markedly.

The number of permanent deacons rose slightly, to 29,501 C of whom 19,440 are in America.

The number of women religious dropped significantly, by 9,385. The number of nuns in Europe and America (in practice, North America) sank by more than 15,000; increases in Asia (3.954) and Africa (1,285) were not enough to overcome that attrition.

There were 143,745 lay evangelists active in 2002, the vast majority of them (134,646) working in Africa.

The report from the Congregation for Evangelization showed a total of nearly 200,000 schools operating under Church auspices and serving more than 52 million students. The Church also runs more than 5,000 hospitals; 16,000 clinics, 14,000 homes for the aged and disabled, 8,000 orphanages, 11,000 nurseries, and 25,000 other social agencies.


Informant forgot host= s name who is on 1 am to 6 am ET, coast to coast. Host said Sister Lucia, the seer of Fatima, said that the A Year of the Lord began October 13,2004". Have you noticed the increase in hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes erupting? Bayside messages said that the work for Heaven will accelerate when the tremors come to the earth. So be ready as the time may have finally arrived for drastic events.


News Briefs

London, Oct.25 (CNA/CWNews.com) Christian shops have been overwhelmed by the demand for rosary beads from teenagers since celebrities, such as David Beckham and Britney Spears, began wearing the beads as necklaces and bracelets, reported the London Telegraph.

The Bishop= s Conference of England and Wales issued a leaflet stressing the beads= religious significance and how to use them for prayer.

One bookshop in Ipswich Diocese sold more than 100 rosary beads in the past six weeks accompanied by a booklet explaining how to use the rosary for prayer.

Washington, DC, Oct.22 (LifesiteNews.com/CWN) - The US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) launched a nationwide two-week ad campaign highlighting the issue of stem cell research. The ads draw a clear distinction between embryonic stem cell research, which requires the destruction of human life at the embryonic stage, and adult stem cell research.

Cathy Cleaver Ruse, director of planning and information for the USCCB= s Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities stated A In the public debate, embryo-destructive research has been greatly hyped, while the proven results of ethical adult stem cell research are very nearly ignored. Our ads explain that adult stem cell research is already helping people with heart disease, spinal cord injury, Parkinson= s and many other diseases. Embryonic stem cells, on the other hand, have not helped one single human patient, and they come with a hefty price tag: the deliberate destruction of human life. As our ads state: science does not have to kill in order to cure.@

The ads appeared in USA Today, The Washington Times, and the National Catholic Reporter. The ads have also gone to dioceses nationwide for use in local publications.

New Delhi, Oct.21 (Zenit.org) - The Catholic Bishop= s Conference of India (CBCI) established a new internet site with news on the three rites--Latin, Syro-Malabar, and Syro-Malankara who live in this nation of one billion inhabitants, the majority of whom are Hindu. The new site may be visited at: http://www.the indiancatholic.com

Konigstein, Germany, Oct. 21 (Zenit.org) -Aid to the Church in Need has published 100,000 copies of A God Speaks to His Children,@ a bible for children in Bengali, the native tongue of 68 million inhabitants of the Indian state of West Bengal in eastern India and 130 million in Bangladesh of whom 265,000 are Catholic.

This volume has already been translated into more than 140 languages. Over 40 million copies have been distributed around the world. This year the children= s Bible is being translated into 7 additional languages.

Published for the first time in 1979 in Spanish, the book has become an indispensable tool for pastoral work in innumerable communities worldwide.

ACN wants to translate this project into as many languages as possible due to their commitment to evangelization and inculturation of the faith.

ACN, an international Catholic charity of Ponifical right, was founded by Fr. Werenfried van Straaten in 1947.

Vatican City (Zenit.org) - A new master= s in Archive Science offered by LUMSA university in Rome in collaboration with the Vatican Secret Archive will train students in the organization and documentation of archives with modern techniques. The student will develop the capacity to evaluate and read the archive sources.

Buenos Aires, Oct.20 (CNA/CWNews.com) - Archbishop Domingo Castagna of Corrientes, Argentina, warned that in some traditionally Catholic countries--such as Spain or Mexico--@ an open and merciless campaign of de-christianization@ exists.

He further warned that A the relativism and lack of faith of just a few people in power@ would be enough A for laws and judicial norms to be passed that would go against the beliefs of 80-90 percent of the population.@ A People speak with great eloquence about respect for pluralism but they do not speak in the same way about respect for the faith of the majority...@

Mumbai, India (AsiaNews) - Some 336 Tribal Christians were forcibly reconverted to Hinduism in a public ceremony in Northern India in Orissa Sindurgh district according to Msagr. Alphonse Bilung, Bishop of Rourkela (Orissa). Last September 76 Tribal Christians were forced to convert to Hinduism in the village of Sarat, Mayurbhanj district.

Vatican, Oct.18 (CWNews.com) - Cardinal Renato Martino has denounced the A powerful cultural, economic, and political lobbies@ that work against A all that is Christian@ on the international front.

The president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace--- who for years was the Vatican envoy at the UN---said that opposition to the Catholic Church is dominated by A new holy inquisitions full of money and arrogance.@

Riyadh, Oct.27 (AsiaNews) - A Protestant resident of Saudi Arabai who was arrested in March on charges of preaching Christianity, has been sentenced to serve a 10-month prison term, and receive 300 lashes. Brian Savio O= Connor, a native of India who was living in Saudi Arabia, was sentenced only for the crime of selling alcohol---a charge that he heatedly denies. He has appealed the sentence.

O= Connor was arrested, taken from his home to a nearby mosque, and tortured there by Saudi religious police, who accused him of spreading the Christian faith--an offense against Saudi= s religious laws. O= Connor has acknowledged that he was leading Bible-study classes in his home for other expatriates.

However, the evangelization charge was not raised during O= Connor= s court appearance. The Saudi government had come under heavy diplomatic pressure not to punish a foreign national for practicing his faith.


Vladimir Putin= s Chilling Speech of 4 September 2004.

Two recent suspicious plane crashes at same hour and day and the Beslan massacre of 335 schoolchildren by Muslim criminals have engendered fear and suspicion as to who is orchestrating these attacks. Here is the assessment of the President of Russia.

A In general, we need to admit that we did not fully understand the complexity and the dangers of the processes at work in our own country and in the world. In any case, we proved unable to react adequately. We allowed ourselves to be weak. And the weak get beaten.

A Some would like to tear from us a > juicy piece of pie.= Others help them. They help, reasoning that Russia still remains one of the world= s major nuclear powers, and as such still represents a threat to them. And so they reason that this threat should be removed.

A Terrorism, of course, is just an instrument to achieve these aims.

A As I have said many times already, we have found ourselves confronting crises, revolts and terrorist acts on more than one occasion. But what has happened now, this crime committed by terrorists, is unprecedented in its inhumaneness and cruelty. This is not a challenge to the President, parliament or government. It is a challenge to all of Russia, to our entire people. Our country is under attack.

A ...the terrorists think they are stronger than us. They think they can frighten us with their cruelty, paralyze our will and sow disintegration in our society. It would seem that we have a choice - either to resist them or to agree to their demands. To give in, to let them destroy and plunder Russia in the hope that they will finally leave us in peace.

A As the President, the head of the Russian state, as someone who swore an oath to defend this country and its territorial integrity, and simply as a citizen of Russia, I am convinced that in reality we have no choice at all. Because to allow ourselves to be blackmailed and succumb to panic would be to immediately condemn millions of people to an endless series of bloody conflicts like those of Nagorny-Karabakh, Trans-Dniester and other similar tragedies. We should not turn away from this obvious fact.

A What we are dealing with are not isolated acts intended to frighten us, not isolated terrorist attacks. What we are facing is direct intervention of international terror directed against Russia. This is a total, cruel and full-scale war that again and again is taking the lives of our fellow citizens...@ End of quote.

The A juicy piece of pie@ is the Caspian Sea Oil Basin which American oil companies are trying to control by buying Russian oil companies as the US sets up military bases all around Russia= s borders in its oil rich former republics.

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, Oct.15 (Zenit.org) - A procession of the Blessed Sacrament through the streets of Guadalajara drew close to 1.5 million people.

A monumental monstrance that journeyed on the streets was accompanied on a mobile platform by Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniguez of Guadalajara and Cardinal Jozef Tomko, the papal legate for the 48th International Eucharistic Congress.

The bells of hundreds of churches pealed throughout the procession. The huge crowds that participated in the procession from the Minerva roundabout to the city= s historic center, delayed the scheduled program by an hour. The faithful adorers cried out: A Christ, visit our homes.@ Mexican and foreign bishops lined the route of the procession.

The next International Eucharistic Congress will be held in the French-speaking Diocese of Quebec whose Bishop resides in Quebec City, Canada in Oct. 2008.

Dohia, Qatar, Oct. 12 (Zenit.org) - Our Lady of the Rosary Church will be built here for 48,000 parishioners on land donated by the Emir of Qatar in a residential district of the capital, Doha. The Emir has also donated land to Anglicans, Copts, Orthodox and Protestants to build their own churches. Places for Christian worship disappeared in the seventh century when Muslims conquered this land. There are 60,000 Catholics here mostly from the Philippines and India. There are 800,000 inhabitants most of whom are Muslim. Its population is made up of Arab Bedouins as well as immigrant workers from nearby Arab states as well as Iran, Pakistan, India and the Philippines.

Sacramento, California, Oct.7 (Zenit.org) - Though its appeal was denied by the U.S. Supreme Court, Catholic Charities says it won= t compromise its religious beliefs and include contraceptive coverage in its insurance plan for employees. Their lawyer said the U.S. Supreme Court did not approve the California Supreme Court decision which will not be obeyed. There is a similar New York case which may make it to the U.S. Supreme Court which will revisit the issue on a national basis which the U.S. Supreme Court prefers.

Venice, Italy- A new film on St. Therese of Lisieux was released in the United States on Sept. 30. The title is Therese and will play in 900 theaters. The film is excellent.

Cardiff, Wales, Michael Davies died Sept.25. He was President of Una Voce International and the author of many outstanding books on the problems with the New Mass, New Theology and Morals.

Washington, DC, Oct.26 (CWNews.com) - In a search of donor reports filed with the Federal Elections Commission, the Cardinal Newman Society found that Senator John Kerry had received $196,025 from Catholic university staff members, while President George W. Bush received just $21,200. Kerry is an abortionist.

La Crosse, Wisconsin, Oct. 26 (Culture of Life Foundation) - A diocesan attorney (James G. Birnbaum) who instructed pastors in the Diocese of La Crosse not to distribute a pro-life voting guide has given thousands of dollars to pro-abortion candidates in state and national elections. Birnbaum and Chancery officials declined to return repeated phone calls over the issue.

THE GREATEST APPARITIONS in the history of the Catholic Church has messages from Heaven warning on current events. Bayside Messages are in 6 books $7 each covering 1970-1994 Messages. Order from us. Post $3.

Almighty God Rules All Creatures

Q. Does Almighty God rule, govern, and dispose of all creatures according to his will?

A. He certainly does; all things belong to him; A the earth is the Lord= s, and the fulness thereof, the world, and all that dwell therein,@ Ps. 33.1. He disposes of all things according to his own pleasure, for A he doth according to his will, as well with the power of heaven as among the inhabitants of the earth,@ Dan. Iv, 32. He is the King, Lord, and Master of all creatures, and rules and governs them, and every thing that happens among them, according to his eternal purposes; A There is one most high Creator, Almighty, and a powerful King, and greatly to be feared, who sitteth upon his throne and is the God of dominion,@ Ecclus.i.8. A He that liveth forever created all things together; God only shall be justified and he remaineth an invincible King forever,@ Ecclus. Xviii.1.

Q. Does the care and attention of this Sovereign Lord extend to all creatures without exception?

A. The eternal providence of God watches over all his creatures, the least as well as the greatest with equal care and attention; for A he made the great and little, and he hath equally care of all,@ Wisd, vi.8. A He hath ordered all things in number, weight and measure,@ Wisd. Xi. 21. A He telleth the number of the stars, and calleth them all by their names,@ Ps. Cxivi.4. A Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? And not one of them shall fall on the ground without your Father= s permission,@ Matt.x.29. Also, A Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings? And not one of them is forgotten before God. Yea, the very hairs of your head are all numbered,@ Matt. X.30.; and without him A a hair of your head shall not perish,@ Luke xxi.18.

Manual of the Holy Catholic Church, 1906.By James J. McGovern, D.D.- Chicago.- Out of print.


Russia Maintains and Rebuilds Vast Nuclear Arsenal

Army General Aleksey Moskovskiy, Russian deputy defense minister and chief of armaments, said that since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Russia has maintained its nuclear missile potential, Interfax reported.

A The collapse of the USSR caused a partial collapse in the cooperation between designers and manufacturers of nuclear weapons that had evolved over decades. Russia was forced to tackle the enormous task of developing a purely domestic rocket and space industry. Despite all the difficulties, this country coped with the task,@ Moskoskiy told Interfax.

Moskovskiy said that A preservation and development of research and technical facilities, leading scientists and the most important production technologies remain among the most urgent tasks at the moment and for the forseeable future.@

The United States of America pays the salaries of the Russian scientists to keep them from leaving Russia to work for Muslim states. The USA and Europe also pay to keep the Russian Space Station aloft as Russia cut back on its financial support of the Station.


Five First Saturdays

The Intention Is Necessary by Dr. Rosalie A. Turton.


Because of an interesting speaker, I learned something on my pilgrimage to Fatima recently, something I should have known long ago, because of my close association for 20 years with John Haffert, one of the foremost A apostles@ of Fatima.

What I learned was that, to make the five First Saturdays, four things are required to be done on that day at least one consecutive time. They are: 1) going to Mass and offering our Communion in reparation for sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 2) saying a Rosary and spending at least 15 minutes meditating on the mysteries, and 3) going to Confession on that day (or within 8 days before or after). One thing more is necessary....which some of us, sad to say, rarely specifically do.


Intention at Confession.


Jesus made it very clear to Sister Lucia that 4) one must also offer that same intention of reparation for sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary when one makes that First Saturday CONFESSION.

Jesus said to Sister Lucia, A For each First Saturday, it is necessary to go to Confession WITH the intention of making reparation. This can be done any day before or after the First Saturday, as long as Holy Communion is received in a state of grace.@

Lucia asked, A What about those who forget to form this intention of reparation?

Jesus replied, A They could form it in the next Confession, taking advantage of the first opportunity to go to Confession.@

Therefore, let us try to remember to make this intention when we make our First Saturday Confession, and do so at the first opportunity available to us. Jesus requests it and considers it important. And thus, so should we.


Assist at the Hour of Death.


On December 10, 1925, Our Lady told Sister Lucia that, for those who make the five First Saturdays, A I promise to assist them at the hour of death, with all the graces necessary for the salvation of their souls.@ What a marvelous promise! But remember, that to merit this great privilege, it is necessary to fulfill ALL the requested conditions.

At other times, Our Lady said, A You have seen Hell where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish in the world the devotion to My Immaculate Heart@ (through the 5 First Saturdays).

A See, My daughter, My Heart covered with thorns that ungrateful men are pressing into it at every moment by their blasphemies and acts of ingratitude.@


Five Offenses and Blasphemies.


On each of the five First Saturdays, it is also important to recall one of the five offenses and blasphemies that Jesus mentioned to the Fatima visionary.

In Lucia= s Memoirs, we read that on May 30, 1930, Jesus explained to Sr. Lucia why Heaven asked for 5 First Saturdays and not 9 (as in the First Fridays) or 7 (as in a number of other devotions) in Honor of The Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Against the Immaculate Heart.


Jesus said, A My daughter the motive is simple. There are 5 kinds of offenses and blasphemies uttered against The Immaculate Heart of Mary:

1. Blasphemies against.... Her Immaculate Conception.

2. Blasphemies against......Her Virginity.

3. Blasphemies against.... Her Divine Maternity, and at the same time refusal to recognize Her as Mother of Men.

4. Blasphemies of...Those who openly seek to foster in the hearts of children, indifference or contempt, and even hatred for this Immaculate Mother.

5. The offenses of .....Those who directly insult Her in Her sacred images and statues.@

Therefore, as suggested by Jesus and to obtain all the more graces, on each First Saturday, recall a different one of the five offenses and blasphemies and have the intention of making reparation for each of these particular five offenses or blasphemies against the Immaculate Heart of His and our dear Mother.


Gain All The Benefits.


Finally, to gain all the benefits from your First Saturday devotion, remember that it is also necessary to make the intention of reparation for sins committed against Mary= s Immaculate Heart when you go to Confession. Start now to do it.++++



Our Lady of the Roses 7 Mary Help of Mothers Shrine, is going forward with the Mission from Heaven.

The work has been entrusted to Veronica= s closest Shrine workers who continue the Rosary Vigils on the Eve of the Feast Days and Sunday Holy Hours throughout the year at the Vatican Pavilion site in Flushing Meadows Park, Queens, New York City. The Shrine workers also send out the messages and blessed Rose Petals throughout the world. Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated to help in this great mission from Heaven to rescue and reach all souls before the cleansing Chastisement.

All of the Shrine original and official records, audiotapes, messages, photos, videos, Veronica= s albums and early writings, and Veronica= s Vigil crucifix are kept safe in the Shrine Archives for the A Future Church Investigation and Review@ . The Shrine awaits the miraculous spring of water to erupt at the old St Robert Bellarmine Church and the sign promised by Our Lady to the Bishop to investigate the Shrine, build the Basilica and conduct the Rosary Vigils .


Please write directly to the Shrine for a free blessed rose petal at:

Our Lady of the Roses 7

P.O. Box 52, Bayside NY 11361 United States of America.

or call (718) 961-8865 or 1-800-of the ro(ses)

Visit the official Shrine website at: http://www.ourladyoftheroses.org


The official Shrine is Not affiliated with or supported by any other organizations, apostolates, or ministries, etc.


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X325. Proofs of a Conspiracy by Prof. John Robison...paper. $15.00. This book on Adam Weishaupt= s Illuminati conspiracy was first published in 1797 and is an excellent work for those wanting to know about the origin of history= s most diabolical, long-range conspiracy. 320 pages.

326. Humanum Genus by Pope Leo XIII...paper $1.95. Encyclical letter by Pope Leo XIII on Freemasonry. Complete with discussion questions. Imprimi Potest. 32 pages.

327.The Devil= s Final Battle by Fr. Paul Kramer. Paper $16.95. Discusses numerous issues from the papal warnings against liberalism and modernism to the new attitudes and tactics employed at Vatican II, detailed masonic plans to subvert the Church; the admissions of seminary infiltration by Communists, the revolutionary Church policies in the 1960's to the clerical homosexual scandals today; from the failure to release the Third Secret when requested to the Fatima revisionist propaganda campaign. 278 pages.

328. Evolution and Freemasonry: The Serpent= s Last Hurrah by A.N. Arthurmand Theo H. Tirips. Paper $3.95. A superb condensation of recent Church history that masterfully connects Darwinism, Masonry, science, economics, banks and the ACLU. Masonry is the Black Beast of Revelation and Evolutionary Naturalism the religion by which Satan= s Illuminati dominates the secular world today, Describes how evolution, a scientifically defunct theory, is sustained by massive propaganda funded by international finaciers, and explains theologically why the educated elite fall victim to the fraudulent theory. Suggests a truly startling yet simple action by which the structure of the Masonic super government can be exposed. 54 pages.

329. The Deadly Deception by Jim Shaw with Tom McKenny...paper $11.95. For the first time the 33rd degree ritual is made public! Learn from an ex-top level mason of the A secrets@ and A deception@ that are practiced daily around the world. Find out why Freemasonry teaches that it is the true religion and that all other religions are but corrupted and perverted forms of Freemasonry. 159 pages.

332. Forbidden and Secret Societies by Rev. Lawrence McReavy...paper. $3.00. A book originally published in England by the Catholic Truth Society. Discusses which secret societies were banned by the Catholic Church and why. 16 pages.

X333. The New World Order by A. Ralph Epperson...paper. $16.95. A very excellent outline of the complete conspiracy to take over and rule the world. Must reading. Highly recommended by us. 388 pages.

X334. Unholy Alliances by Dr. James W. Wardner..paper $15.95. How the Illuminati works through the Republican and Democrat parties, United Nations and the World Parliament of Religions to finalize One-World Government. The planned use of the media and A church@ leaders to deceive and control the American and World= s people. 304 pages.

335. The Secret Powers Behind Revolution by Vicomte Leon de Poncins...paper. $9.95. The revolutionary part played by Freemasonry and Judaism in the world. 260 pages.

336. Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star by Dr. Cathy Burns...paper $15.95. An expose on this Caballistic lodge; who is represented by the Star in the East?.. is there a Goddess connection? 496 pages.

337. Hidden Secrets of Masonry by Dr. Cathy Burns...paper $4.95. Reveals Masonry= s concealed secrets that are disguised, deceitful and devious, yet hidden from most Blue Lodge Masons. 62 pages.

338. The Unholy Alliance by Frank Perida...paper $2.50. In the 1660's Manasseh Ben Israel suggested that Jews and Anglo-Saxons of England should join forces to destroy Catholic Europe and control the world. An expose of Freemasonry, Illuminism, Millenialism, British Israelism, Judaism and more. 26 pages. Popular booklet.

X339. Satanic Ritual Abuse and Secret Societies (VHS video). By David Carrico..88 minutes...$20.00. Proof of Freemasonry= s connection with ancient Babylonian mystery religions and the sexual abuse of children and others during rituals; the promotion of human sacrifice as a pact with Satan.

340. Satan: Prince of This World by William Guy Carr...paper $10.00. Carr= s last manuscript exposing the Luciferian Conspiracy, Satanism, Secret Societies, and the Synagogue of Satan as the driving forces behind the World Revolutionary Movement. 180 pages.

X341. Conspiracy Against Christianity by A. Ralph Epperson.....paper $16.95. Evidence from their own literature that the Masonic Lodge has a secret agenda to destroy Christianity. 401 pages.

342. Mormonism, Masonry and Godhood by Dr. Cathy Burns....paper $7.95. A well-documented book answers questions about John Smith= s involvement in magical and occult practices, and the parallels between Mormonism and Masonry. 132 pages.

343. Freemasonry= s Control of Church and State by Dr. James Wardner....1 hour/VHS video $20.00. Freemasons control virtually every aspect of our world and have fought the Church by attacking her sacred teachings from within, the Vatican II Church is one result. Find out which organizations, companies, and offices they dominate.



Saint Joseph--As Seen by Mystics and Historians by Dr. Rosalie A. Turton, editor. Dr. Turton presents the writings of many great mystics and historians which pertain to the life of the foster father of Our Lord. A wealth of information about the true and worthy spouse of Mary. Several beautiful prayers included. B65...444 pages...$11.95.

The Life of Saint Joseph by Maria Cecelia Baij, O.S.B.--Our Lord dictated to Sr. Maria Baij in 1736 the life of St. Joseph. This is the book on St. Joseph as it is factual and not conjecture as are many other books. B64...418 pages...$9.95.

The Mystical City of God dictated by Mary and the Holy Spirit to Blessed Mary of Agreda. Reveals the secrets of Heaven and Earth. Mary dictates an instruction at the end of each chapter. One of the four must read books according to the Blessed Virgin Mary. 4 hardbound volumes of 2,600 pages for $62.00. Ship $8.00. Abridged version $21.50. Ship $3.50. Approved by 16 Popes.


History, Politics, War and Revolution

503. For Americans Only by S. Pettengill and P. Bartholomew..paper $9.95. The Trojan Horse of European or a Marxist philosophy of government (through communism, fascism or national socialism) is ceaselessly at work undermining the faith of the people in the Constitution of the United States and the free enterprise system. 192 pages.

X504. Lines of Credit: Ropes of Bondage by Robert H. Goldsborough...paper $8.00. The story of the Financiers, Their Fellow Conspirators, and the Plot to Destroy Western Christian Civilization---this former staff investigator for the House Committee on Un-American Activities, reveals the little-known facts about the atheistic conspiracy and its strange appeal to Western capitalists, international bankers, foundation officers, and secular humanists who monopolize our educational, media and political establishments. 38 pages.

505. The New Unhappy Lords by A.K Chesterton...paper $7.95. ..an exposure of power politics which is heading mankind into a One World dictatorship. How the international financiers have backed the military confrontations of this century to destroy the sovereign independence of numerous countries. An assault on patriotism worldwide by New York bankers, the U.N. and Zionism. 253 pages.

506. Descent Into Slavery by Des Griffin. Paper $14.00. A carefully documented and detailed story of the International Bankers and their involvement in the Illuminati plot to create a totalitarian One World Government. 324 pages.

507. The Global Manipulators by Robert Eringer....paper. $9.95. The first comprehensive account of the structures and influence of two little-publicized organizations--the Bilderberger Group and the Trilateral Commission. An intriguing look at the internationally powerful men who lock themselves away for a weekend of hush-hush talks on world affairs. 96 pages.

508. None Is So Blind as He Who Will Not See by Congr. James B. Utt....paper 50 cents. From Congressional Records dated 1/15/62 is this speech wherein the Speaker provides further facts and argument for his Bill H.R. 9567 to rescind and revoke U.S. membership in the United Nations. A This nation will not survive as a Republic as long as we are shackled to an international organization by a treaty which supercedes our own Constitution.@ 6 pages.

509. Foreign Entanglements Trough United Nations by Congr. John T. Wood of Idaho...paper 50 cents. Speech given 4/17/52 to the Daughters of the American Revolution exposing the U.N. as a deceitful, treacherous campaign perpetrated against us by a coterie, composed of out-and-out minions of Soviet Russia, pro-British Fabian Socialists, Rhodes scholars and just plain traitors to America--aided and abetted by a dying President, suffering from extensive cerebral disease.

510. Report to the American People on U.N.E.S.C.O. by Congr. John T. Wood of Idaho...paper 50 cents. The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization is a subversive organization and a hotbed of British Fabianism bent on perverting public education through suppressing American history and truths and corrupting our children= s morals. UNESCO guidebooks read like Marx= s Communist Manifesto with its goal-a One World Government.

511. Semper Fidelis by Lt. General P.A. del Valle...cloth $5.95. The life story and U.S. Marine military experiences of this hero-patriot who gave more than his share of devotion to God and Country. 209 pages.

512. Secret Proceeding and Debates of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 by R.Yates...paper.$7.95 First published in 1838 and pre-dates the James Madison notes. 325 pages containing notes by the author, A The Genuine Information@ laid before the legislature of Maryland by Luther Martin, plus other historical documents, relative to the Federal compact of the North American Union. A compilation no home or library should be without. 347 pages.

513. Communist Psychological Warfare (Brainwashing) by Edward Hunter, Author and Foreign Correspondent...paper $1.95. An intriguing question and answer session presented 3/13/58 for the Committee on Un-American Activities. 32 pages.

X514. The Unseen Hand by A. Ralph Epperson...paper $15.95. Must reading for those seeking an introduction to the A Conspiratorial@ view of history. Well researched and documented. We recommend this book which had a great effect on us. 488 pages.

515. The Struggle for World Power by George Knupffer....paper $9.95. This book discusses how Hebrew finance/capitalism created Soviet Communism, how the economic world is controlled by debt and will inevitably lead to collapse and subsequent slavery, how money is created from nothing and lent at enormous profits to the State while taxes are levied to support not the people but the moneylenders. 240 pages.

516. State Secrets by Vicomte Leon Poncins...paper $9.95. A Documentation of the Secret Revolutionary Mainspring Governing Anglo-American Politics--how Freemasons, Zionists, Communists and their minions lead America toward total disaster. 191 pages

517. The Worship of Augustus Caesar by Alexander Del Mar...Limited Stock..cloth $9.95. This very rare work shows how the worship of the Roman emperors delayed the establishment of Christianity as the chief religion of the West for several centuries. This material derived from the study of coins, monuments, calendars, astrological and astronomical cycles is used to establish a new chronology and survey of history and religion. 370 pages

518. Middle Ages Revisited by Alexander Del Mar..cloth $15.00...paper $7.95. How the Eastern Roman Empire claimed and exercised a powerful influence upon the affairs of the West until the fall of Constantinople. Without a doubt a treasure trove of historical information. 394 pages.

519. Surrender of an Empire by Nesta H. Webster...paper $12.00. An examination of the events that brought about the decline of British Imperialism. 398 pages.

520. The French Revolution by Nesta H. Webster...paper $17.00. A classic study of the 1789 revolution debunks liberal and marxist romanticization of such events as the storming of the Bastille, the siege of the Tuileries, etc. 538 pages.

521. World Revolution by Nesta H. Webster....paper $12.00. Subtitled The Plot Against Civilization, the author traces the growth of the conspiracy from early Illuminism and the French Revolution, through the rise of syndicalism, anarchism, bolshevism, communism and WWI, which she calls A The Revolution of 1917.@ The 1971 updated version by Webster and Gittens. 374 pages.

522. The Socialist Network by Nesta H. Webster....paper $9.95.. Detailed and illuminating analysis of the origins and the rise of the well connected secret movement that has spread over the entire world since the times of the Jacobins. An in depth look at the socialist/communist organizations involved in the network. 163 pages.

523. Communism and Socialism Charts by N. Webster and Cardosa...paper $2.00. Two charts (22" x 25") displaying the names of historical personages and groups and the movements with which they were associated.

524. Secret of the Zodiac by Julian Stern (aka Nesta H. Webster)...paper $5.00. An exciting novel based on true facts and information, of intrigue and the struggle between the unseen forces that work behind the scenes and the fighters for freedom in all lands. The timeless vying for survival and supremacy among men. 320 pages.

525. Boche and Bolshevik by Nesta H. Webster and Kurt Kerlen...paper $6.00. An important study of the causes of World War I and of Bolshevism. From articles written by Mrs. Webster in The Morning Post of London in April 1922. These articles provoked an answer from Herr Kurt Kerlen who was authorized by German General Ludendorff to make some denials to Mrs. Webster= s writings. He did let out that a super-group of capitalists controlled one-third of all industrial capital invested in Germany....the Bolsheviks! Very interesting and revealing text..rare. 82 pages.

526. New Lies For Old by Anatoliy Golitsyn...paper $14.95. A well written and informative book by an ex-KGB officer who warns how communist deception threatens survival of the West. Shows how top Communist leaders long ago planned the current reshaping of Europe and restructuring of the Soviet economy to their benefit. 412 pages.

527. Pawns In The Game by Commander William Guy Carr...paper $13.00. A former British Naval officer describes the worldwide conspiracy of A Hebrew@ bankers, who employ Communism as the battering ram against Christian states. Includes atrocities of Bolsheviks and of Spanish Communists described. 219 pages.

528. ABC= s Of Globalism by Debra Rae..paper $19.00. A vigilant Christians= s glossary or organizations working together to form a New World Order. Each item features up-to-date review, coupled with Biblical perspective. 352 pages..

529. Auschwitz: The Final Count Edited by Vivian Byrd...paper $12.95. Finally, a factual history with scholarly data previously unavailable to the public. 113 pages.

530. Our Enemy the State by Albert Jay Nock, 1935, Paper $8.95. Read how nearly all of the sovereign rights once granted to the people and/or individual sates have been redistruted to the Federal government through so-called social or emergency programs instituted under Pres. Franklin Roosevelt. 148 pages,

531. Did Six Million Really Die? By Richard Harwood...paper $4.95.

532. Who Financed Hitler: Rise To Power 1919-1933 by James and Suzanne Pool...535 pages..paper $15.00..

533. Hitler= s Secret Backers by A Sidney@ Warburg...paper $5.00. It is suspected that the author using an alias name might have been James Warburg, son of Paul Warburg, founder of the Federal Reserve System and Kuhn-Loeb partner. Others believe it could be Sydney Weinberg of Goldman-Sachs, as he was the proper age at the time to fit the message boy scenario. 64 pages.

534. The Red Fog Over America by William Guy Carr...paper $13.00. Reveals that an international conspiracy, using One World Government as a spring-board, is in operation for the purpose of destroying our national and religious institutions in America. 290 pages.

535. The World Hoax by Ernest F. Elmhurst..Introduction by Wm. Pelley...paper $12.00.. An informative look at communism as a world movement and a Jewish strategem...the six pointed star of Hebrew communism being: Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Bela Kun, Stalin and Litvinoff. 243 pages.

536. Behind Communism by Frank L. Britton...paper $5.00.. This book is profusely illustrated with captioned photos and newspaper clippings documenting the Hebrew role in the communist holocaust against the Christians of Russia. 97 pages.

537. Judaism and Bolshevism by A. Homer...paper $1.00. Originally appeared as several articles in the Catholic Herald in Oct/Nov 1933. It was compiled from authoritative sources (both Jew and Gentile) to demonstrate the relation between Judaism and Bolshevism, and the alliance between International Finance and its protegees, Bolshevism and Zionism. 8 pages.

538. The Iron Curtain Over America by Col. John Beaty...paper $12.00. The history of the rise and fall of the Khazar Empire and their war against the West since the earliest times. A book which caused American Jewry to declare an all out war against the author who was a member of Military Intelligence. 280 pages.

539 Uncovering The Faces Of War by Conrad K. Grieb...paper $7.00. Well written book unmasking the political machinations leading to both world wars. 123 pages.

540. The Nameless War by Captain A.H.M. Ramsey...paper $9.95. Reveals the centuries old Hebrew conspiracy against the foundations of Christian western civilization. 128 pages.

541. The German-Bolshevik Conspiracy Public Document by Edgar Sisson..1918..paper $2.95. Sisson was Pres. Wilson= s special representative during the Bolshevik takeover. Contains documents showing how the Germans and Bolsheviks conspired to bring about the fall of Czarist Russia. 32 pages.

542. Congressman J. Thorkelson Speeches from Congressional record of August 19, 1940...paper $2.50. Nine speeches given by Congr. Thorkelson (Montana) dealing with British Union, British Israel and a World State. 30 pages.

543. The Conflict of Ages by Arno Clemens Gaebelein, DD...paper $8.95. Reprinted in its unedited version--reveals the truth and exposes the evil deeds and plans of the Zionist-Illuminati movement to conspire against Christ, Christians and Christianity. 171 pages.

544. The Making of the Magna Carta based on material from the British Museum...paper $2.95. The Great Charter of English liberties was first signed and sealed by King John at Runnymeade in June, 1215. An account of its birth. 33 pages.

545. The Last Days of The Romanovs by Robert Wilton....paper $9.95. The complete, long-supressed story of how the Czar Nicholas II and Russia= s Imperial Family were murdered by the Soviet secret police in July 1918. Introduction includes newly discovered facts that bring the story up to date. 200 pages.

546. What the Citizen Should Know About Our Arms and Weapons by U.S. Army Major James E. Hicks, 1941. Paper $15.00.Purpose and function of our arms, weapons, and combat vehicles. Fully described and illustrated are small arms from muskets to modern revolvers; machine guns;cannon, howitzers, mortars, anti-aircraft; combat tanks, mechanized units; aircraft armament and bombs. 252 pages.

547. The World Conquerors by Luis Marshalko. Paper $13.95. Horrifying glimpses of the agony behind the Iron Curtain and describes the plot (by Kaganovich= s Soviet Union and Jewish Bolshevism) attacking Christianity thus enslaving millions of Europeans and how it will extend to the Western world. 300 pages.

548. Far and Wide by Douglas Reed...Limited Quantity...paper $12.00. Ex-London Times journalist writes of his travels across the U.S. in 1949. A socio-political travelog with the final chapter A Behind the Scenes@ including accurate predictions of the increasing grip of Zionism on American life. 398 pages.

549. The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed...Limited Quantity..paper $19.95. One of the best writings for students on the origins and evolution of Modern Zionism. From Bible writings to the present including Adam Weishaupt and the Illuminati to Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White. 594 pages.

550. Conquest Through Immigration by George Robnett...paper $9.95. A The Zionist Takeover of Palestine@ --written after several trips to the Holy Land, looks at the pitiful conditions of the Palestinian Arab refugees and examines the history of Palestine and the succession of forces which have influenced that history, including the role of Soviet Communists, British and Americans, and how their meddling has brought about the present tragic state of affairs. Also is an analysis of how Zionists collect money from Americans and a penetrating critique of Israel= s A democratic government@ 407 pages.

551. The Palestine Plot by B. Jenson (prominent Danish lawyer)...paper $7.95. A well documented and chronological report on the rise of Zionism and the conquest of Palestine. Contains hundreds of damaging admissions and revealing statements from Zionists, anti-Zionists and disinterested parties. A must for true Middle East historians. 150 pages.

552. The Hidden Government by Lt. Col. J. Creagh Scott...paper $3.95. A look at the Hidden Hand as guided by the Protocols and its effects concerning Zionism, anti-Semitism, Palestine, money and exports, the Press, Communism and even Christianity. 77 pages.

X553. The International Jew by Henry Ford, Sr....4 volume set..paper $40.00. An unabridged work containing the articles on the Jewish question as published in the Dearborn Press by the Ford Motor Co. During 1920-22. 992 pages total in 4 volumes.

554. The International Jew-abridged edition of number 553...231 pages..paper $9.95

555. The Zionists by George Armstrong...paper $6.95. An unflattering expose on Zionism packed full of documented history and events from the beginning up to 1950. 134 pages.

556. Indictment by Dorothy Stuart-Russell...paper $3.95. The title stands to remind us that historical facts are invariably misrepresented and distorted in order to suit those in a position of power. The author has researched recent history and present truths not generally available through the mass media covering suppressed facts regarding the Russian Revolution through the changes made by Gorbachev. Also presented is the role of the Jews in the 19th and 20th century European revolutionary movements as well as the suppression of the truth concerning the Jews in reference to the Holocaust. 300 pages.

557. America= s Secret Establishment by Antony C. Sutton...paper $19.95. For 150 years, the Skull & Bones society at Yale University has been selecting 15 new members annually. Upon leaving Yale, these men become known to each other as---THE ORDER. Derived from secret documents of this society the author exposes who they are and what are their plans for the NEW WORLD ORDER---complete world domination through control from cradle to grave. This informative work will explain why the West built the Soviets and Hitler; why we go to war, to lose; why Wall street loves Marxists and Nazis; why the kids can= t read; why the Churches have become propaganda founts; why historical facts are suppressed; why politicians lie and hundreds of other whys. 305 pages.

558. Two Faces of George Bush by Antony C. Sutton...paper $6.95. Important reading on the background of our former President. Read about his well-established links and where his money comes from, as well as Bush the politician, the A Bonesman,@ the oil man, the Internationalist Anti-American, the extremists, and the A drug overlord?@ An eye opener! 96 pages.

559. The Best Enemy Money Can Buy by Antony C. Sutton...paper $12.95. Using an abundance of government and corporate documents, Sutton clearly reveals that Soviet military technology is heavily dependent on U.S. and allied gifts, A peaceful trade@ and exchange programs. The U.S. has built for, sold or traded, or even given outright to the Communists everything from copper wiring and military trucks to tank and missile guidance technology, computersC even the Space Shuttle. The paradox is that we spend $300 billion yearly on defense against an enemy we created and continue to keep in business. 281 pages.

X560. Wall Street and The Bolshevik Revolution by Antony C. Sutton...limited stock..paper.. $19.95. Drawing from State Dept. Files, personal papers of key Wall street figures, biographies and conventional histories, the author reveals a definite link between some New York bankers and many revolutionaries, including Bolsheviks. 228 pages.

X561. Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler by Antony C. Sutton...paper..$19.95. World War II was not only inevitable, it was extremely profitable for a select group of financial insiders. A thoroughly documented account of the roles played by Morgan, Lamont, the Rockefeller interests, General Electric, Standard Oil, National City Bank, Chase and Manhattan banks, Kuhn, Loeb & Co., General and Ford Motors and scores of other business elitists. 220 pages.

562. What Would They Say? The Founding Fathers on Current Issues by Glen Gorton...paper $12.95. Quotes on Patriotism, Gun Control, Taxes, Education, Religion, and more. Personal glimpse into the lives of these men and also contains a copy of Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. 240 pages.

563. The Case of Tyler Kent by John N. Snow..paper $6.00. As the code clerk of the American Embassy in London, Tyler Kent learned of startling secret messages between Churchill and Roosevelt that led to America= s entrance into World War II and why. He was impelled to expose the conspiracy and was jailed as a result. An account of the case and implications involved. 64 pages.

564. The First Lady by Peter & Timothy Flaherty...paper $11.95. A comprehensive view of Hillary Rodham Clinton exposing her ruthless ambition, political rise, ethical lapses and scandal and corruption. 237 pages.

565. Inside the New Age Nightmare by Randall N. Baer..paper $10.95. A world renowned New Age leader defects and tells all..Baer comes forth to expose the deceptions of the New Age Movement he once led. Read the inside story! 197 pages.

566. Questions and Answers About the New Age Movement by Dr. Cathy Burns..20 pages..paper $1.00.

567. En Route To Global Occupation by Gary H. Kah..paper $12.95. A high ranking government liaison exposes the secret agenda for world unification--the author was invited to join the WCPA and became involved in the implementation of the one-world government. 224 pages.

568. The Demonic Roots of Globalism by Gary H. Kah...paper $10.95. A En Route to Spiritual Deception@ the One World Government policy of deceit, disaster and global scale persecution of the Christian community. Tracing the personal beliefs of such top New Agers as Alice Bailey, Helena Blavatsky and Carl Jung, the author shows how the A world peace@ movement is deeply rooted in false teachings and occultism. 208 pages.

569. Overview of Today= s Tyranny by John F. Bell...paper $1.00. A plain and plausible explanation of why we have a chronic deficit and inflation, periodic no-win wars, and are unable to compete with foreign products, plus more. 16 pages.

570. Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow by Constance Cumbey...paper $11.00. The New Age Movement and Our Coming Age of Barbarism. This book served as the foundation for all other works on this topic. 272 pages.

571. Red Cocaine: Drugging of America & The West by Joseph D. Douglas. Paper $22.00. Russian and Chinese Leninists have been using drugs against the West for many decades. 182 pages.

572. Global Bondage: The UN Plan To Rule the World by Cliff Kincaid..paper $10.95. Will America sign away its sovereignty? The United Nations is now openly laying plans for a One World Government and Army bent on destroying family traditions, forced abortion and sterilization. Plans include global taxation and an International Criminal Court that could prosecute American citizens. 203 pages.

573. Trojan Horse by Samantha Smith and Brenda Scott..paper $11.00. How New Age/Occult concepts and techniques are subtly being introduced into all major religious denominations. How to combat it. 208 pages.

574. A One World Order Is Coming by Dr. Cathy Burns...paper $6.95. An overview of what is coming and who will rule..topics covered are one religion, world citizenship, a new economic order, the anti-Christ. 116 pages.

575. Outcome Based Education: The State= s Assault On Our Children= s Values by Peg Lusik and Pamela Hobbs Hoffecker...paper $10.95. The authors expose the OBE with info from official documents, true stories and actual OBE curricula. Goals 2000 and the state will define what is acceptable in terms of lifestyle, behavior and beliefs our children will either have to conform or they will fail! 208 pages.

576. Red Symphony by Dr. J. Landowsky. Paper $4.95. Russian doctor= s notes on how drugs were used to induce confessions during NKVD (secret police) interrogations of Troskyites in 1938 including Ambassador to France, C.G.Rakovsky. 56 pages.

577. Billy Graham & His Friends: A Hidden Agenda? By Dr. Cathy Burns. Paper $21.95. Documents Graham= s connections with leftist National and World Council of Churches, UN, Ecumenical movement, New World Order and his promotion of Bill Clinton. 788 pages.

578. Samuel Untermeyer= s Sacred War Speech Against Germany in 1933 with comments by Fr. Coughlin in 1942...paper $1.25. The World Jewish Economic Federation declared a sacred war against Germany, not only the Nazis but the 90 million innocent German people to destroy its very existence for the suffering of A 600,000" Jews whom he referred to as A the aristocrats of the world.@ 12 pages.

579. Conspirators Hierarchy: The Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman...new third edition...paper $19.95. This former member of British M 16 exposes the conspiratorial group which is above the laws of all countries and controls every aspect of politics, religion, commerce, industry, banking, insurance, mining and even the drug trade to further their aims for world domination. Find out who is at the seat of the problem and what you can do about it. There is no better source or reference work. Expanded to 395 pages.

580. Diplomacy By Deception by Dr. John Coleman..paper $19.95. Reveals the hidden agendas of the UN, the Gulf War, Panama, Yugoslavia and Israel. Also, how the Rockefellers literally A bought@ the leftovers of the Nazi SS and created Interpol. 266 pages.

581. One World Order: Socialist Dictatorship by Dr. John Coleman...paper $19.95. How and why Socialism and not Communism has developed today= s evils in America. 233 pages.

582. The Coming Collision: Global Law vs. U.S. Liberties by James L. Hirsen, Ph.D....paper $11.95. Vital information revealing how American= s rights and liberties are being abolished by International Bureaucrats, the same globalists who embrace environmental extremism, radical feminism, New Age mysticism and international governance under the guise of International Law. 208 pages.

X583. Defrauding America by Rodney Stich..expanded third edition..cloth $28.00. Dirty secrets of the CIA and other government operations--drug trafficking and money laundering, savings and loan, and HUD looting, Iran-Contra scandal, crooked federal judges and attorneys, mysterious deaths of informants/whistle-blowers and much more. 753 pages.

584. The Rosenthal Document by Walter White. Paper $3.95. Zionist Rosenthal, aide of senator Jacob Javits of New York admits to the success of the Zionist movement because of Christian stupidity. 44 pages.

X585. Unfriendly Skies: History of Air Tragedies by Rodney Stich....revised third edition...paper $25.00. The author, former pilot and FAA inspector, documents corruption and coverups responsible for a series of airline crashes and deaths. 664 pages.

586. Jewish Run Concentration Camps in the Soviet Union by Dr. Hermann Greife....paper $4.95. An interesting expose wherein the author documents how millions of Christians perished in all-Jew operated death A work@ camps under Stalin. How he used slave labor to build the White Sea Canal. 48 pages with photos. .

587. Richard Korherr and His Reports by Stephen Challen...paper $8.95. The U.S. Archives have produced these reports of German statistics of Jewish population movements. They show that Jewish wartime deaths were realistically around 1.2 million, of which 450,000 occurred in parts of European Russia, which the Germans never conquered and 750,000 took place for which the Germans had direct and indirect responsibility. 106 pages.

588. Progressive Education is Red-ucation by Kitty Jones/Robert Oliver, 1956..paper $10.00. Text on how this methodology is linked to Communism and Socialism. 246 pages.

589. The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism by Ben Weintraub...paper $16.95. This book proves that the number 6 million picked by Levrenti Beria, Stalin= s executioner, is a symbolic magical number with a religious meaning and that the holocaust is a significant part of the religious dogma of Judaism. 218 pages.

590. Storm Warning by Don McAlvany...368 pages, paper $14.95. The coming persecution of Christians and traditionalists in America. Are you ready???.

591. The Gentiles Review (Vol. 1 of 8) July 1, 1923 by A. Cherep Spiridovich..paper $3.95. Published in newsletter form in 1923-24, this author of The Secret World Government and founder of the Anti-Bolshevist League warns America of the impending fate at the hands of the same Jews and Bolsheviks that destroyed Christian Russia. Subsequent issues to follow. 28 pages.

592. Zionist Control Of America by Ben Freedman..paper $3.00. The secret history of how our presidents from Wilson to Nixon were controlled by the Zionists. 12 pages, 8.5" x 11" format.

593. The Hidden Tyranny by Ben Freedman...paper $3.50. Contains Talmudists control of mass media; blackmail of President Wilson and appointment of President Wilson and appointment of a Jew, Justice Brandeis; Prime Minister Lloyd George; Zionist= s use and betrayal of Germany, manipulation of FDR and Pearl Harbor; Lyndon Johnson and Six Day War; United Nations and more...42 pages.

594.The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel by Jack Bernstein....paper $4.95.. An Ashkenazi Jew exposes the blatant lie that Judaism and Zionism are one and the same. One is a religion; the other a political movement started by East European (Ashkenazi) Jews bent on forcing a One World Government, via Communism and Socialism, under control of Zionists and international bankers. 56 pages.

595. My Farewell to Israel: The Thorn in the Middle East by Jack Bernstein...paper $4.00. Israel has become Satan= s playground and the root of its evil, Zionism, has caused most of America= s foreign and domestic problems. Israel is little more than a A welfare sate@ existing on billions of American and German taxpayer funds not to mention the American lives sacrificed to fight their wars. 35 pages.

596. The Red Thread by Andrei Krylienko...paper $9.95. Has the disintegration of the world= s society come about spontaneously or is it the work of a conspiracy as the one David Rockefeller claimed to direct as he stated at the Bilderberger meeting near Baden, Germany in June, 1991. This Austrian author covers topics such as Communism and Zionism, New World Order, IMF and more. 176 pages.

597. The Empire of The City by E.C. Knuth....paper $9.95.. The colossal political and financial organization centered in London, known as A The city,@ operates as a supergovernment of the world; and no incident has occurred anywhere in the world without its participation in some form. Its pretentions are supported in the U.S. by the secret International Pilgrim Society, sponsor of the Cecil Rhodes A One World@ ideology which was launched about 1897. 111 pages.

598. The Constitution of the United States of America. Prepared by Virginia Comm. On Const. Gov= t. 1958. Paper $6.95. Ratification by states, articles of amendment, amendments not adopted, Confederate States of America Constitution also discussed. 110 pages.

599. The United Nations: Planned Tyranny by V. Orval Watts, 1955. Paper $8.95. Our free human brotherhood under God is being substituted by the atheistic United Nations with international power over everything. 159 pages,

600. State Sovereignty Being The Constitution by Jefferson Davis...paper $7.95. Part II of the Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government, which had the right to withdraw from a Union into which they had, as sovereign communities, voluntarily entered; and that the war waged by the Federal Government against the seceding states was in disregard of the limitations of the Constitution; and destructive of the principles of the Declaration of Independence. 124 pages.

601. Back To The Republic by Harry F. Atwood...paper $6.95. The Golden Mean: The Standard Form of Government. Why a true Republic is successful and why autocracy and democracy are the extreme forms of the same but proven failures. 103 pages.

602. Coke On Magna Carta by Sir Edward Coke...8.5" x 11" format..paper $6.95. The second part of the Institutes of the Laws of England containing the exposition of many ancient and other statutes. Taken from the 1797 edition. 108 pages.

603. Storming The Gates of Hell by Des Griffin...paper $12.00.A continuation of his previous books exposing the diabolical forces behind today= s chaotic world scene putting history, politics, religion, secret societies, and Christianity in his perspective. 196 pages.

604. Government By Decree by James L. Hirsen, Ph.D....paper $4.99. A From President to Dictator through Executive Orders@ ---how the president through these Orders, can cause Americans to lose their Constitutional rights and be forced to live under martial law. 64 pages.

605. Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse by James Wesley Rawles..paper $15.95. This Y2K expert and survivalist, and former US Army Intelligence Officer has written this powerful novel, and more so a survival manual, for the coming economic collapse and total breakdown of our infrastructure. What could happen and how to prepare for it. 352 pages.

606. The Zionist Factor by Ivor Benson...paper $12.95. The Jewish Impact on Twentieth Century History. From Shakespeare to Orwell including the Russian revolution, Zionism, Wall Street, Zimbabwe, New World Order, etc. 222 pages..

607. Holocaust II? Saving Israel from Suicide by Andrew J. Hurley....cloth $20.00..Examines the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from both historical and contemporary perspectives and proposes a practical solution to this dangerous deadlock that should be accepted by all major parties involved. 341 pages.

608. The Secret World Government--The Hidden Hand by Count Cherep-Spiridovich...paper $10.00. The Unrevealed History: 100 Historical Mysteries Explained. This Major General of the Russian anti-Bolshevik Army sheds light on the earlier stages of enslavement and destruction of Christianity which remains hidden and unabated in the present day U.S. and the world. 203 pages.


Race and Religion

x707. New History of The Jews by Eustace Mullins...paper $15.00. This world renowned author addresses the question as to who are the Jews...their background and goals.

708. Facts Are Facts by Benjamin Freedman...paper $4.95. This Jewish author exposes the fraud that modern Jewry is descended from the biblical Judeans or Hebrews and shows how its origin is actually from the Mongol Khazars who converted to Judaism. 80 pages.

X709. Israel: Our Duty...Our Dilemma by Theodore W. Pike...paper $12.95. Using several Jewish sources as the Talmud, Kabbalah and Jewish Encyclopedias, Pike graphically presents a A crash course@ on Jewish history---its beliefs, prophecies and present day conflicts. 346 pages.

X710. The Other Israel (VHS video) by Theodore W. Pike...$20.00. A gripping 60-minute video on the Whole Story of the Zionist Conspiracy. From ancient Pharisees and Kabbalists to modern revolutionists, world bankers and media moguls...the story of modern Israel and her misguided aspirations. The facts on how Zionist Internationalists use media control, holocaust sympathy and twisted Bible verses toward one end--Power--in America, the Middle East and the whole world.

711. The Talmud Unmasked by Fr. Prainatis...enlarged edition...paper $5.95. A Roman Catholic theologian who spoke Hebrew examines certain teachings of the Talmud in relationship to Christianity. 111 pages.

X713. The Lost Ten Tribes by Rev. Joseph Wild, D.D.....1883..paper $12.00..Author conveys that God is conducting His Providence through His ancient chosen people, Israel, whom he believes are found in the Saxon race. 201 pages.

714. The Jews by Hillaire Belloc...paper $14.00. An attempt by the author to present a frank and open discussion of the Jewish question giving many of the issues involved with the problem. 363 pages.

715. The Protocols of Zion by Victor E. Marsden...paper $9.95. Contains the original Protocols made in 1896 plus a complete history and background on this highly controversial document. THE PLAN for world domination which has been successfully implemented already. 299 pages.

716. The Ultimate World Order by Robert H. Williams...paper $5.00. From A The Jewish Utopia@ (see next title)...the authentic and complete plan of the Zionists for world domination, and the new social order of Zionism after they have used communism, democracy and a third world war to gain their ends. Discovered in the library at the University of Texas. 74 pages.

717. The Jewish Utopia by Michael Higger...paper $9.00.Mr. Higger was a U.S. Talmudic scholar and devoted his life to the study of Jewish sources and their publications. In this rare 1932 text, he presents the reconstruction of the ideal rabbinic society...a real eye opener whose material was used as the basis for author Robert Williams= The Ultimate World Order listed above. 169 pages.

719. The Great Jewish Masque, Anonymous (Arnold S. Leese?) $1.00 A scholarly documentation of historical and biblical facts about the origin of many Jewish customs and traditions. 40 pages.

720. Anti-Semitism and the Babylonian Connection by Des Griffin...paper $7.00. A thorough look at the meaning of Anti-Semitism and the background on the movements for and against. Well written and easy to read.

721. Judaism In Action by Apion...paper $9.95. Material therein discusses comments on the Protocols, proof that Lenin was a Jew, quotations about the Jews by world famous persons as well as themselves, a historical chronology of recurring Jew troubles and happenings, and quotations from various books of the Talmud and the Kabbalah. 225 pages.

723. Early American Jews and The Slave Trade by Richard Bevan, Ph.D....paper $1.95. Colonial American slave trading at the hands of the Jews. 12 pages.

724. Secret Jewish Plot Unveiled. Articles from the London Catholic Gazette...paper $1.00. A trilogy containing A The Jewish Peril and the Catholic Church,@ A What is B= nail B= rith,@ and lastly an excerpt from Occult Theocracy on the B= nai B= rith including an interesting chart showing the interrelationships between Communism and the masonic bastard offspring, all formed by Jews and the Satanic rebellion against the Divine Order. 8 pages.

X725. English Derived From Hebrew by R. Covett...1869..paper $10.00. Author= s evidence that English is derived from Hebrew; with glances at Greek and Latin. 138 pages.

X726. Israel Discovered by Rev. H. Newton, B.A. 1874..paper $4.95.@ In the Anglo-Saxon and Kindred Protestant Nations@ ....@ Joseph and Ephraim in England and Her Colonies.@ 47 pages.


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