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More Information Implicates Israeli Mossad & CIA in JFK Assassination


On November 25, exactly 39 years and one day after he committed one of his least known transgressions against the American people--just one of many--longtime Establishment figure Eugene V. Rostow died at age 89.

Although Rostow is most widely recalled for his role as a leading figure of the so-called A Cold War,@ and as one of the primary players who promoted U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia, resulting in the disastrous and bloody Vietnam debacle, what few people remember is that it was Rostow who came up with the now-infamous Warren Commission which put out a report that was all lies as to who was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Their investigation of the crime actually was a big coverup of the truth as to who killed Kennedy.

In 1993, transcriptions of recorded telephone conversations in the Johnson White House revealed that the idea of a presidential commission to A investigate@ JFK= s murder was first suggested by Rostow in a telephone call to LBJ aide Bill Moyers who currently is milking PBS for millions yearly. The call to Moyers by Rostow took place during the afternoon of Nov. 24, within minutes of the murder of alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald by mob-connected Dallas nightclub keeper Jack Ruby.

Rostow said he was concerned that there were A ugly rumors@ circulating overseas as to whom was responsible for JFK= s murder and that such rumors needed to be squelched immediately.

For many years JFK assassination researchers thought that the A ugly rumors@ referred to possible Soviet involvement in the JFK assassination.

However, as a result of various documents released publicly in 1997 by the official Assassinations Records Review Board, we now know there were A top secret@ U.S. intelligence documents circulated immediately after the assassination indicating the Arab press was alleging A the Zionists@ were behind the president= s murder.

Many JFK researchers noted Rostow= s ties to A the foreign policy establishment@ but they did not mention that Rostow= s primary foreign interest was the survival of Israel, so much so that Rostow was even a board member of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, which was described by Professor Edward Herman of the University of Pennsylvania as A run by individuals closely identified with Israeli interests and may be regarded as a virtual lobbying organization for the state of Israel...@

So the truth is that, from its inception, the Warren Commission= s origins were linked to pressure from an influential figure within the Israeli lobby= s power elite.

This fact is a very interesting detail indeed, paricularly since--in 1994--AFP correspondent Michael Collins Piper= s JFK assassination best-seller Final Judgment broke new ground in the realm of JFK assassination literature by outlining, in detail, not only the multiple connections of Israeli intelligence to the JFK assassination but also the reason why Israel wanted to see JFK removed from the White House. As disclosed by Piper, it was the fact that JFK was standing in the way of Israel= s ambition to develop a nuclear arsenal.

Arab states suspected A Zionist@ involvement in the JFK assassination because of the fact that Oswald= s murderer, Jack Ruby, happened to be Jewish.

But what they did not know in 1963 was what Piper revealed in 2000 when the substantially-expanded fourth edition of Final Judgment was published: the fact that Ruby had multiple connections to Israel and to persons connected with Israeli intelligence operations. A Dallas policeman received a call the night before Oswald= s murder. The caller said that they are going to kill Oswald tomorrow. The police received orders from Washington that Oswald was not to be moved at night but during the day on television. The policeman later recognized the caller= s voice as that of Jack Ruby. Moments after the police seized Ruby after he shot Oswald, Ruby was very tense and nervous. When news came that Oswald died, Ruby relaxed and stopped sweating profusely. The cop surmised that Oswald= s life had depended on his killing Oswald.

In regard to the Warren Commission Report, which was finally released a year after the president= s murder, it is also interesting to point out how the American media immediately jumped to the defense of the commission= s report.


The opening salvo in defense of this fraud was fired on Nov. 22, 1964, when The Washington Post, Jewish owned, published a glowing review of the report, accompanied by negative reviews of several books critical of the report. The author of the Post review was no less than Eugene Rostow. However, neither the Post nor Rostow mentioned that it was Rostow himself who had initiated the idea for the commission in the first place---a very real fraud upon the readers

In his review, Rostow described the report as A a masterly and convincing state paper@ that had A the high polish of legal writing at its best, carefully composed, terse, restrained and meticulous.@

The report reminds us of Pinnochio whose nose grew longer with each lie he told. The report states one magic bullet went through Kennedy= s head and then traveled along Gov. Connally= s arm and then went into his stomach. That absurd conclusion was invented by Arlen Specter, a Jew, now US Senator from Pennsylvania,

A current young author, Gerald Posner, a Jew, has written a book entitled, Case Closed which tries to debunk all assassination theories contrary to the Warren Commission Report. Why are so many Jews adamantly defending the Warren Commission Report? You can see the pattern. Their actions suggest a big coverup.

Atorney Mark Lane next rocked the Establishment with Rush to Judgment, his pioneering critique of the Warren Commission, and convinced millions of Americans that they had been lied to by their own government.

Rostow was elevated--in 1966--to the post of under-secretary of state in the Johnson administration. There he played a major role in defending the U.S. war in Indochina.

During the same period, Rostow= s brother, Walter, was a special assistant to the president and he, in fact, had been one of the prime movers behind U.S. Intervention in Vietnam in the first place.

In later years Rostow was one of the prime movers behind the powerful Committee on the Present Danger, a high-level and devotedly pro-Israel power bloc that advocated placing the defense of Israel at the center of all U.S. foreign-policy making processes---not only in the conduct of U.S. policy toward the Middle East and the Arab countries, but even in the realm of U.S.-Soviet relations. Modern-day A neo-conservatives@ are todays ideological heirs to the CPD and its machinations. Three neo-conservatives are Elliot Abrams, Norman Podhoretz and William Kristol, son of Irving Kristol. William is publisher of The Weekly Standard funded by Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul of three continents, son of a Christian mother and a Jewish father. .He owns the Fox Network in the USA and many newspapers and cable companies in England and Australia.

A co-founder with Rostow of the CPD was the like-minded retired General Lyman Lemnitzer, best remembered today as the driving force behind the now-infamous but long secret A Operation Northwoods,@ a scheme to incite terrorist activity on American soil to be blamed on Fidel Castro to justify U.S. attacks on Cuba that was first exposed by writer James Bamford in his book, Body of Secrets.

Evidence has come to light which suggests that the assassination of Kennedy was an offshoot of A Northwoods@ --that a A dummy@ attack on JFK in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, was turned into A the real thing@ by outsiders namely the Mossad who were aware that a phony assassination A attempt@ was in the works and then exploited the framework for making it real. The Mossad hired a mafia hitman Luciano Sarti in Marseille, France. Sarti was born in Sicily and was referred to the Mossad by Havana/New Orleans Mob boss Marcello. Sarti was behind the picket fence whose single shot to the right side of Kennedy= s head dislodged his brain. Sarti with companions flew to Mexico City and then were driven to Dallas by Jack Ruby= s Chicago mob friends. Jack Ruby was in the school house with one other shooter, a Patrick from Miami. Oswald was eating his lunch in the school book depository while the assassination occurred.

Luciano Sarti stayed ten days in Dallas in a mob safe house and then was flown to a Montreal house controlled by the mob. Edgar Bronfman who is alleged to be the present King of world Jewry lives in Montreal. Luciano. Sarti then flew from Montreal to Marseille, France..

In his later years, despite--or perhaps precisely because of--his history as a Democratic Party partisan, Rostow was named by A conservative@ Republican Ronald Reagan to head the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmanent Agency. This came as a surprise to many Reagan admirers who knew that Rostow and his brother---as young men---were known as A the Red Rostows.@

Former high-ranking CIA official Robert Crowley was one of the U.S. government officials who planned the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Crowley outlined the whole conspiracy code named A Operation Zipper@ in Regicide by Gregory Douglas. 224p, hb.

IN MEMORY OF ARTHUR W. LUEKEN, SR- Sept. 23, 1923 to August 28, 2002... .Please pray for the repose of the soul of Veronica= s devoted husband, Arthur W. Leuken, Sr. who passed away the morning of August 28, 2002. He passed away in his sleep at St. Charles Hospital, Port Jefferson Long Island, New York, the same hospital that Veronica frequented many times. He was recovering from pneumonia and respiratory difficulties.

The funeral mass was at Infant Jesus Church in Port Jefferson on Saturday, August 31, 2002. The Wake and Rosary Service were at OB Davis Funeral Homes, Port Jefferson on August 29 and 30th, 2002.

The mass and burial were on the anniversary day that he met Veronica on Saturday, Labor Day weekend in 1945 at the skating rink in Flushing Meadows Park. He said, A It was the beginning of our life together.@ Mr. Lueken is buried beside Veronica at Mt. St. Mary= s Cemetery in Flushing, Queens, New York.

Arthur Leuken was very difficult to deal with for many but was a dedicated worker for Our Lady of the Roses, Mary, Help of Mothers Shrine for his beloved wife, Veronica until his death. The Shrine will now continue the Mission from Heaven with Veronica and Arthur= s children and the faithful and true Shrine workers as our Lady requested. The Leuken family and Shrine workers greatly appreciate your prayers and kindness at this time. May Our Lady, Ste. Therese and Veronica bestow on you a > shower of roses= .

For further information, a prayer card, blessed rose petal, rosary or to send Mass Cards, petitions or offerings for the Shrine Mission write to: Our Lady of the Roses Shrine; PO Box 52; Bayside, NY 11361 USA. Tel. 718-961-8865. Web: www.ourladyoftheroses.org


Exclusive to American Free Press based on an article by Michael Collins Piper.

If you think that the masters of American media- Jewish men such as Edgar Bronfman, Sumner Redstone, Rupert Murdoch, S.I. Newhouse, Mortimer Zuckerman, Lawrence Tisch and others--are rich and powerful now, just wait till you see what the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has in store for them.

The FCC is considering loosening or doing away entirely with regulations that limit the number of newspapers and radio and television outlets that a single company can own.

Although all of this is being proposed in the name of A the free market,@ this would be a major boon to the increasingly smaller number of global corporate media giants that are swallowing up once independent local newspapers and broadcast outlets across America and around the world.

Such a move would also give expanded political clout to the already powerful lords of the media allowing them--for exampleC to own a major television station and newspaper in the same town or city, thereby effectively having a monopoly on local news coverage.

Advocates of A deregulation@ say that because so many Americans now have access to the Internet and can thereby call up many news sources--literally,world-wide--that there is no longer any need for A out of date@ regulations.

In addition, advocates say that because of the expansion of satellite and cable television, previous concerns about the concentration of media ownership are no longer valid.

While it is true that the Internet has provided a communications/outreach explosion of unprecedented proportions--just in the last several years alone--most Americans get the bulk of their news and information from their local A mainstream@ newspapers and television and radio which are themselves increasingly being grabbed up by major media companies.

For example, in the small city of Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania, the New York-based Newhouse family controls the major daily newspaper, The Patriot. The Newhouse family= s Advance Communications also controls a number of smaller weekly newspapers in both surburban and rural A bedroom@ counties surrounding Harrisburg. Most of this population have no idea that their @ local@ newspaper is actually owned by a national media conglomerate held tightly in the hands of a super powerful billionaire non-Christian family.

Americans who use the Internet for A other@ information tend to frequent the web sites of A major@ widely-publicized and A fashionable@ newspapers such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune and The Los Angeles Times.

However, what many of those who fancy themselves to be A in the know@ because they access multiple A big name@ newspapers do not realize is that the owners of The Chicago Tribune, for example, are also the owners of The Los Angeles Times and New York= s Long Island-based Newsday and The Hartford Courant, to mention several in the Tribune Company= s stable

So many readers who think they are getting A alternative@ information from other news sources are victims of the growing media monopoly that prefers to keep its concentration of elite ownership out of the realm of public understanding and discussion.

As one would expect from an appointed bureaucrat with high-level political connections, the FCC= s chairman Michael Powell--is taking a non-committal position on the controversial issue. Unfortunately, the issue is only A controversial@ to those who are aware of the issue, since the matter has been largely relegated to the business pages of the major metropolitan dailies

If you wish to e-mail Chairman Michael K. Powell: [email protected] His mailing address is below.

Federal Communications Commission; 445 -12th St. SW; Washington, DC 20554.

A veteran CBS reporter, Bernard Goldberg wrote a current best seller, BIAS which exposes how the media distort the news and what happens to anyone who reveals the secret that the media except for Fox try to destroy anyone who is against abortion and other liberal projects. Dan Rather is worse than a Mafia godfather. He drove out Connie Chung because she covered the Oklahoma City bombing of the Federal Building which killed 168 while he was on vacation. The media is delighting in the current sex scandal in the U.S. Church which gives them an opportunity to give air time to accusers of priests whether true or not. The BIAS book is free at your local library .Published by Regnery Publ. Co. in 2002.


Bishops have been trying to gain control of ICEL, the International Commission for English in the Liturgy which is a Nazi like commission that rules by fraud, deception in a communist manner. Africans are not allowed input on translations even though they speak English in many countries. Three years ago, Rome ordered ICEL to re-structure but its latest draft statutes are still deficient according to Cardinal Francis Arinze, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship. The Statutes omitted the Congregations requirement that the staff and translators and translation be reviewed for approval by his Congregation. His letter also mentioned the A disproportionate@ representation among countries participating in ICEL. (He did not mention that his native Nigeria with several million Catholics has no voting representative on the ICEL board.). Pakistan with 30,000 Catholics has one vote on the ICEL Board as does the US Church with 70 million Catholics.

Many English speaking Conferences of Bishops are excluded from ICEL. Is this Christian? ICEL is trying to establish A Consultants= Committes@ that would not be subject to Bishops which caused many problems in the past and many mis-translations of the Bible (NewAmerican) and Missals. The battle will continue for years. The American Bishops will vote in the Fall on the proposed deficient draft Statutes.


Bishop Paul Loverde, Arlington, Virginia.

Bishop John F. Kinney, St. Cloud, MN (Canon).

Bishop Sylvester Ryan, Monterey, CA (both)

Bishop William Higi, Lafayette, LA

Archdioceses of Boston and Lincoln will permit kneeling and Louisville will tolerate it.

VATICAN issues Instruction on Priestly Ministry in Parishes: Priests not free to make A arbitrary adaptations@ to the liturgy, it stresses.

There are 218,196 parishes in the world of which 67% are headed by pastors. Less than 1% of parishes are headed by a lay caretaker. There are slightly more than 415,000 priests in the world which is a big leap from the original 13 (Jesus and the 12 Apostles).

Kneeling: Ecumenical aspect ignored.

Many ecumenists are concerned that the new translations will alienate us from other Christian traditions that now have liturgies similar to our Latin rite forms.

However, they fail to see that most Lutheran, Episcopal and United Methodist congregations kneel to receive Communion. How ironic that we who believe we are receiving Jesus Christ, the Living God, stand, while these Protestant churches, who range from a symbolic to a vague real presence view of the Eucharist, kneel at the altar rail.

If we want true unity, why not kneel as our separated brethren do at communion?

Many Protestants are shocked that our liturgical leaders forbid kneeling for Communion. And so many Catholics do not accept the doctrine of transubstantiation.

Psalm 95 says,@ Come let us bow down in worship; let us kneel before the Lord, our God@ . What better time to kneel than when we are receiving the Lord our God in the Most Holy Eucharist?

Name withheld; Locust Grove, Virginia


The opening prayer for the 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time is the old Collect for the 19th Sunday after Pentecost. Fr. Lasance= s The New Missal For Every Day (1915, 1924) gave us:

A Almighty and merciful God, in Thy loving-kindness do Thou keep us from all things that war against us, that, being unhampered alike in body and soul, we may with free minds perform the works that are Thine.@

ICEL Translation (1969, 1970, 1973).

God of power and mercy, protect us from all harm. Give us freedom of spirit and health in mind and body to do your work on earth@ .

Catechism of the Catholic Church (1994,1997) gave us this translation:

A Almighty and merciful God, in your goodness take away from us all that is harmful, so that, made ready in both mind and body, we may freely accomplish your will@ . (CCC 1742)

The ICEL translation is so bland as are all their translations which impedes prayerful reverence.

Daily Missals

There are no missals for the Novus Ordo Mass that have approved translations. The 2000 Roman Missal must be translated into English first within the next two years. The approved texts are available from the two sources below: Magnificat is a small monthly magazine for $39.95 a year. Phone 301-853-6600. Missalettes such as Pray Together are published by Sunday Missal Service. Phone 800-635-0622.

A Letter From Bishop Werth in Siberia.

Praise be Jesus Christ! With these words Catholics in Russia greet one another. I in turn greet you in His name.

Our main task continues to be to locate, evangelize and minister to our Catholic people. We estimate there are at least one million persons of A Catholic heritage@ throughout Siberia. Most of these are of German-Russian, Polish, Ukrainian or Lithuanian ethnic heritage. The vast majority of these people are either descendants of persons exiled to this area, or are themselves survivors of one of the great waves of exiles to Siberia during the violent reign of communist soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

There are currently 47 priests serving alongside 56 sisters in the diocese of the Transfiguration. There are 61 parishes (56 Latin Rite, and 5 Eastern Rite) and more than 130 other pastoral communities. During this past year we were able to establish two Eastern parishes---near the cities of Chelyabinsk and Nefteyugansk-Surgut. In many cities and towns throughout Central Siberia, Catholics are still waiting for the arrival of priests, sisters, and lay catechists.

One of the most important works of our diocese continues to be the pre-seminary here in Novosibirsk. Founded in 1993 with only four candidates, we count this program as being at the very heart of the diocese. This past September, four new candidates were accepted into the first-year course and 11 candidates returned to continue studies in the second year.

At the end of the two-year program the young men are sent to the major seminary in St. Petersburg where they continue their formation for another seven years before being ordained. Next spring we will celebrate the diaconate ordination of the first two men from our diocese who were trained at these Russian seminaries.

Very soon I will beg your assistance in building a seminary and pastoral center. We will continue thru Caritas to sponsor St. Nicholas Children= s Home, a number of soup kitchens and many other works. We will continue our evangelization of our diocese, training of catechists, future priests and other workers.

+ Joseph Werth; Bishop of the Diocese of the Transfiguration; Novosibirsk, Russia.

Dixie Catholic Bishops Letter on Criminal Justice Process in the South-Chapter headings below.

Crime and the fear of crime touch many lives and divide many communities.

Too many of our people are in prison.

There is evidence of racism in the criminal justice system.

Poor education is clearly part of the problem.

Public defender attorneys for poor people charged with crimes are usually overworked and under-funded.

The ultimate punishment, the death penalty has been used far too often and in an unfair and unjust fashion.

We must seek new approaches.

We ask our local church communities to reach out to every victim of crime.

We cannot sit quietly while executions continue.

Finally, we ask all people of good will to join us in a thorough re-examination of our criminal justice system.

Signed by 37 Catholic Bishops in Dixie.


Copied from Mystical City of God, 4vol, 2600 HB pages. Approved by 16 Popes. $62 plus $8 shipping from: Children of Mary; PO Box 350333; Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33335-0333 USA. Tel 954-583-5108. E-mail: [email protected]


152.My daughter, in what thou hast understood and written in this chapter, thou possessest many and important admonitions for thy salvation and for the salvation of the faithful in the Church. First of all thou must meditate upon the solicitude and watchfulness with which I sought after the eternal salvation of all the faithful without overlooking the least of their necessities and dangers. I taught them the truth, prayed incessantly, encouraged them in their labors, urged the Lord to assist them; and above all I defended them from the demons and their cunning and furious wrath. All these blessings I procure for Christians from heaven in our times; and if not all experience them, it is not because I do not solicit them, but because there are very few of the faithful who call to me with all their heart and who dispose themselves toward meriting and reaping the fruit of my maternal love.I would defend them all from the dragon, if all would call upon me and if all would fear his pernicious deceits, by which they are ensnared and entrapped to eternal damnation.

In order that all may wake up to this frightful danger, I now give them this new reminder. I assure thee, my daughter, that all those who damn themselves after the death of my Son and in spite of the benefits and favors procured by my intercession, will suffer greater torments in Hell than those who were lost before His coming and before I was in the world. Thus those who from now on understand these mysteries and despise them to their loss, shall be subject to new and greater punishments.




Volume I covers 1968-1973, 752 pages, bulk paperback, $7.00

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Incredible Prophecies on the U.S. and Canada, 360 pages, large print, bulk paperback, $5.00.

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Written by Anthony Endrey who fled Hungary in 1948 and returned in 1989. This book explains the evil practices of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and how they developed, beginning with the Rothschild family and then the whole breed of Jewish financers who financed Freemasonry, Communism, Hitler and many of the evils in the world

Order from Children of Mary. Address in this issue

Tan= s Most Inspiring and moving book. THE WAY of DIVINE LOVE 506 pages in a small pocketbook size edition for $12.50 or 532 pages in a large sized edition for $21.50. Shipping $3.00. Here are some passages of the book which consists of Jesus visiting a nun in her cell nightly telling her on how He is trying to convert a certain soul and how the soul resists with the help of Satan but how Jesus is all powerful in converting if He persists in working on that particular soul.

Jesus speaks to Sister Josefa on March 16, 1923.

A Ah! Peter, do you swear that you do not know your Master? You not only swear it, but at a third question you deny Him, uttering horrible imprecations....

A O My chosen followers... can you fathom the pain of My loving Heart when My own chosen ones deny Me? When the world revolts against Me, when so many souls pour scorn upon Me, ill-treat Me, seek My death, and then turning to My own, I find nothing but loneliness and desertion.... What sorrow, what bitterness for My Heart!

A To you as to Peter I say: > Have you forgotten the proofs of love I have given you ... the links that bind you to Me ... the oft-repeated promises of fidelity given to Me, and of defending Me even to death itself? ...

A If you are weak and afraid of yielding to human respect, have recourse to Me for strength to conquer yourselves. Do not trust yourselves, but come to Me confidently, for I will sustain you.

A All you who live in the world in the midst of perils and occasions of sin, be on your guard against danger, for would Peter have fallen, if resisting courageously he had not yielded to vain curiosity?

A All of you who labor in My harvest-field or in My vineyard, if at some time you feel yourselves drawn to work by the attraction of a merely human enjoyment, fly. But if obedience, zeal for My glory or the good of souls, imposes a duty on you, have no fear; I will defend you, and you will pass victoriously through the danger.

A While the soldiers were leading Me to prison, I saw Peter in the crowd and I looked at him ... turning, he looked at Me and forthwith began to weep bitterly for his sin ...

A It is thus that I look on guilty souls--but they? ... Do they look at Me? ... Do our eyes meet? ... Alas, how often I look in vain ... that soul does not see Me, for he is blind! I urge him gently, but he does not respond.... I call the sinner by name, but receive no answer... I send the trial that might awaken him, and still he slumbers...

A Beloved souls, unless your eyes are turned heavenward, you will in time become like animals that have no reason. Lift up your heads, gaze on your true fatherland which awaits you. Seek your God. You will find that He returns your earnest look and in His glance are peace and life.

A Here we stop for today, Josefa; tomorrow we shall continue. Keep My Cross and comfort Me.@

A few hours later Jesus returned and speaks:

A Contemplate Me in the prison where I spent the greater part of the night. The soldiers came and, adding words to injuries, insulted Me, mocked Me, outraged Me, and gave Me blows on My face and on My whole body.

A Tired of their sport, at length they left Me bound and alone in the dark noisome place, where seated on a stone, My aching body was cramped with cold.

A Compare the prison with the Tabernacle..... and especially with the hearts that receive Me.

A In the prison I spent only part of one night .... but in the Tabernacle, how many days and nights?

A In the prison I was insulted and ill-treated by soldiers who were My enemies. In the tabernacle most often it is they who call Me their Father who treat Me thus, but how unlike that of children is the treatment!...

A In the prison I endured cold, sleeplessness, hunger and thirst, pain, shame , solitude, and desertion. And there passed before My mind= s eye all the tabernacles where in the course of ages I should lack the shelter of love...the icy cold hearts that would be as hard and unfeeling as the stones of the prison floor were to My numbed and wounded body.

A And how often should I wait for this or that soul to visit Me in the Blessed Sacrament and receive Me into his heart...how many nights should I spend longing for his coming...but he would let business or carelessness or anxiety for his health get the better of him...and he would not come!

A How often should I hunger for souls...for their fidelity...for their generosity...would they satisfy that eager hunger by a little victory over self or by a slight mortification?...Would they comfort Me in My sorrow by their tenderness and compassion?...In some hard moment would they endure the pain...neglect...scorn...opposition...grief of soul or family...would they come to Me and say: > This I offer Thee to console Thy sadness, to keep Thee company in Thy solitude.@ O! If they would thus unite themselves to Me, with what peace would they face difficulties...how much fortitude they would win and how they would gladden My Heart!

A In the prison what shame I felt at the obscene words of those around Me...and My distress was increased by the thought that like words would one day fall from lips I love.

A When blows and buffets were rained upon Me by the filthy hands of the soldiery, it recalled to My mind how often those who would receive Me into hearts fouled by unrepented sin would shower reiterated blows on Me by habitual and willed sin.

A And in the prison when they pushed Me and let Me fall to the ground bound and helpless, so many were present to My mind who would prefer a moment= s satisfaction to Me, would load Me with chains by their ingratitude, would push Me back again, cause Me to fall, by leaving Me alone.A O you who are consecrated to Me, draw near to the Bridegroom of your souls in His prison. Gaze steadfastly upon Him during that night of pain and see that sorrow continued in the loneliness of countless tabernacles and the coldness of many hearts.

A If you are desirous of proving your sympathy, open your hearts and let Me find a prison therein...

A There bind Me with chains of love...there clothe Me with loving attentions...Appease My hunger by your generosity.,,,Assuage My thirst by your zeal...Comfort Me in My sorrow by keeping Me faithful company and wiping away My shame by your purity and uprightness of intention.

A If you wish Me to take My rest in you, prepare for My coming by acts of self-denial...master your imagination and calm the tumult of your passions...then in the stillness of your soul you will hear My voice speaking gently within you: Today you are My repose, but for all eternity I shall be your rest...Tenderly and with love you have harbored Me in the prison of your heart. I shall be your reward exceedingly great and you will never regret any sacrifice you have made for Me during your life!

A Let us end, Josefa, and let Me spend today in the prison of your soul. Keep it in deep silence that you may hear My words and respond to the wishes I shall confide to you.@ (Turn off radios and TV to hear Christ speak.)

Baltimore Catechism No.3, Question 37.314 p, pb,$11.00

Q. 1371. When will Christ judge us?A. Christ will judge us immediately after our death, and on the last day.Q. 1373. Where will the particular judgment be held?A. The particular judgment will be held in the place where each person dies, and the soul will go immediately to its reward /punishment.Q.1376 Why does Christ judge men after death? A. Christ judges men immediately after death to reward or punish them according to their deeds.Q.1378.What are the rewards/ punishments for men= s souls after the Particular Judgment? A. Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. Hell is a state to which the wicked are condemned, deprived of the sight of God for all eternity.

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