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March 22, 2002 A.D.-$10 subscribe-Issue 59

.Comet Coming Close to Earth Now and Planet X May Hit Earth May 2003

See pages for information on the Comet and Bayside Apparitions messages revealing what a Planet X can do to Earth..



900 to 1200 kilometers

595 to 788 miles across

600 miles in diameter, roughly the distance from Baltimore to Chicago

Roughly the size of Pluto= s moon Charon


half the size of Pluto

distant object seen circling our star near Pluto

about 4 billion miles from the Sun

one of the largest A Kuiper Belt Objects@ or KBO= s

smaller than our moon

near the orbit of Pluto

in a second asteroid belt beyond the orbit of Neptune

massive size

size can= t be precisely determined

very distant from the Earth

beyond Neptune in the distant region of the Solar System

Discovered in 1982 Now it is clearer, larger and getting closer. Color is red which means it is a slow smoldering brown dwarf (dying star).


May arrive in Spring 2003 A.D.----


NY Times June 19, 1982--Something out there beyond the furthest reaches of the known solar system is tugging at Uranus and Neptune. A gravitational force keeps perturbing the two giant planets, causing irregularities in their orbits. The force suggests a presence far away and unseen large object, the long-sought Planet X.

There are mathematical irregularities in the orbits of the outer planets. Astronomers are so certain of this planet= s existence that they have already named it A Planet X the 10th Planet.@

Washington Post, Dec. 31, 1983-@ A heavenly body as large as Jupiter and part of this solar system has been found in the direction of the constellation of Orion by an orbiting telescope.@

Headlines from a few other dailies read as follows;

A Mystery Body Found in Space.@

A Giant Object Mystifies Astronomers.@

A At Solar System= s Edge Giant Object is a Mystery.@

The Infrared Astronomical Satellite IRAS quickly found Planet X in 1983 after being launched in 1983.Mr. Harrington of the Naval Observatory sent a telescope to Black Bird, New Zealand to get a visual confirmation. Upon his accidental death, the telescope was recalled. The information on the planet X has been carefully guarded.

In August, 1988 a report by Dr. Robert S. Harrington of the U.S. Naval Laboratory calculated that its mass is probably four times that of Earth. Planet X is 4 to 5 times larger than earth, 20-25 times its mass and nearly 100 times as dense. It is a slow, smoldering, brown dwarf star.

When X passes between earth and our sun, earth will align to X= s strong magnetic or gravitation temporarily, instead of our sun= s.

Earth rotation will then pause for a couple of days like it has many times before recalling several texts from ancient history including the Bible where it records the earth rotation stopped for three days.

When Planet X gets near the sun, X= s slumbering embers will become re-lit and will flare up with reddish light as the Bayside Prophecies attest to two suns in the sky and the comet will destroy 33% of the world= s population.





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Apparently 25% of all observed comet orbits are being measurably perturbed by the magnetic or gravitational pull of this planet. The largest of our planets= orbits are being perturbed toward Orion.

Some of the names given by the ancients are A Lucifer@ by Latins, Revelation (8,10-12) is Wormwood.

Some of the names given by the ancients are akin to names for God. These people viewed the power and destruction that this planet brings every 3,600 years to be so significant as to believe it could only come from the hand of God. It is not that they worshiped the planet but rather that they just had great respect for the sweeping changes it brought with each passing. .

A medieval picture shows a large comet-looking object, appearing as big or larger than the sun streaking across the sky horizontally with a giant tail. It is not headed down toward earth and yet is causing much destruction below not to mention the great heat being created on earth Pictured under this massive object moving overhead is a town that is shaking apart with frightened people in the streets.




Planet X > s orbit takes it back and forth between two suns. The other sun it orbits around is our sun= s twin. It lies in the direction of Orion. It is not composed of the same material as our sun and thus will never ignite. It is a dark or dead sun and does not revolve around our sun like most twin suns do. Why hasn= t this discovery been announced you might ask? It has been announced if you know where to look.

There is a brown dwarf star that orbits between both suns, instead of around just one of them. Its orbit is rather long, being about 3660 years so we don= t see it go by very often. It is still one of our family of planets in our solar system. It= s like a half-brother that has been ostracized by its two parents but still comes visiting habitually. X is kind of like the black sheep of our solar system= s family. When it finally comes by for a visit it just messes everything up and then leaves. It happens every time.

For some reason the political authorities do not want you to know about the second sun which can be seen only by very powerful and expensive scopes. That is one of the many reasons the orbiting Hubble telescope live feed is hidden from our view.




When a planet= s orbit is between two suns, instead of one, that orbit is a bit peculiar. It spends 99.99% of its time slowly going away from one of the suns after it passes it initially, taking almost 1,800 years to reach the half way point. Then as if falling like a rock off a cliff, the gravity of the sun it is approaching takes over and in a relative flash travels the other half of its journey. X reached the halfway point after a little over 1,800 years of traveling away from the Dark Sun toward our lit sun sometime in the year 2000. It only takes about 3 years to travel the rest of the distance. In fact the majority of its journey from halfway to here happens the last 9 months before it arrives. Zoom! It will be cooking with its greatest speed by the time it passes. Once it crosses Pluto= s orbit, it will take only about 90 days to pass right between Earth and the Sun.

X= s in-bound approach is being closely monitored by our best telescopic equipment. The most accurate calculation for X= s next passage is now Springtime or May 2003.

Earth now has two strong magnetic/gravitational influences in its vicinity (our surface being the main one) and its largely iron magnetic core is heating up bcause it is like a car with the accelerator and brake on at the same time. Our sun is pushing and pulling on earth one way and Planet X is now upsetting this with its own set of influences. A delicate ecological, environmental and planetary balance between our sun and earth is increasingly being disrupted by the approach of X as it draws closer with each passing day. All the worldwide unusual weather that has broken all previous records and the seismic activity as of late is perfectly clear. Todays melting and breaking up of massive glaciers and ice shelves, storms, floods, tsuamis, volcanic and seismic activity, fires, meteor showers, droughts and related energy shortages, etc. with all the loss of life are only a preview of what is to come. The Jewish Exodus and Noah= s flood may have occured at the time of X= s passing overhead.

One volcano can emit more hydrocarbons with an eruption than our world wide civilization can in a year.


GIANT ASTEROID FOUND FAR OUT IN SOLAR SYSTEM by F.D. Roylance-Baltimore Sun, 8-26-01

European scientists say object near Pluto= s orbit is biggest of its kind.

For 200 years the giant asteroid Ceres has held the title as the largest known A minor planet@ in the solar system. Ceres is a spherical space rock orbiting in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. It is nearly 600 miles in diameter, roughly the distance from Boston to Raleigh, North Carolina. Now a team of European astronomers is claiming that Ceres has been eclipsed in size by a newly discovered object near the orbit of Pluto.

The new asteroid could be as big as 850 miles across, according to calculations of a team led by Gerhard Hahn of the German Aerospace Center in Berlin. The team= s news release called the data A decisive@ ....relegating Ceres to second place after holding the asteroid size record for two hundred years.

Not so fast, said Brian Marsden, director of the International Astronomical Union Minor Planet Center. He said that an asteroid= s size can= t be precisely determined without first knowing both its distance and its brightness, or reflectivity--also called its A albedo@ . The Europeans have only securely fixed the object= s orbit and distance, he said.


Too Soon To Tell.


But A its a little premature for them to come boldly along and give a size, when they= re still assuming an albedo.@ More precise observations are needed, he said..

The new asteroid was discovered in May 2001 by a team led by Robert L. Mills, director of the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona. It was temporarily dubbed 2001 KX76. It was found in an orbit beyond Neptune, about 4 billion miles from the sun, in the inner regions of a vast, icy realm of the outer solar system called the Kuiper Belt. The discovery team made a preliminary estimate of KX76= s diameter of between 595 and 788 miles, or about half the size of the planet Pluto.


More Precise Calculation.


Recently, however, the European Space Agency Information Center announced a more precise orbital calculation for KX76 using a A virtual telescope@ to digitally search for the asteroid on star photos taken years ago. Coupled to the same assumptions about KX76's brightness, the new orbital data boosted the asteroid= s presumed diameter to between 744 and 868 miles. Both KX76's discoverers and the Europeans assumed that the asteroid= s albedo lay somewhere between those of another Kuiper Belt asteroid, called 20,000 Varuna, and a typical comet nucleus from that region of the solar system.

David C. Jewitt, an astronomer at the University of Hawaii and co-discoverer last year of the Ceres-sized Varuna, said it makes no difference to science whether KX76 is bigger than Ceres. A It= s just a record keeping thing,@ he said. The real importance of KX76's size, he said, is that it A fits in with a pattern.@ More than 40 Kuiper Belt objects of various sizes have been found since 1992. A And that size distribution probably extends all the way up to Pluto as one of those bodies,@ he said. And, he said, A it= s quite possible there are a few objects bigger than Pluto waiting to be found.@



Planet X is expected around May 2003 and may be the comet spoken of by the Bayside Apparitions (1970-94) that Jesus said would kill one third of the world= s population which stands at 6 billion at present.

Since Planet X is probably a brown dwarf former star that can be re-ignited, it can become a fiery comet when it gets near a star such as our sun.

Its speed is expected to accelerate as it approaches near the sun which is exerting a gravitational pull on Planet X. The great heat predicted at Bayside will probably be caused by Planet X.

The following pages give quotes from the Bayside Apparitions which may apply to Planet X.

The comet of 2002 will approach near the earth March 18 thru April 28. There is a possibility it could cause the Warning which will be an explosion in the sun and an inner warning to all living on the face of the earth that the comet and third world war are coming which combined will kill two thirds of the world= s population.

The last book of the Bible, the Apocalypse or Revelation shows a Planet X hitting earth in chapter 8 beginning at verse 8.

A And the second angel sounded the trumpet: and as it were a great mountain, burning with fire, was cast into the sea, and the third part of the sea became blood: and the third part of those creatures died, which had life in the sea, and the third part of the ships was destroyed.

10. And the third angel sounded the trumpet, and a GREAT STAR fell from heaven, burning as it were a torch, and it fell on the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters:

11. And the name of the star is called Wormwood. And the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.@

Thus, it appears clean water and drinking water could be in short supply if the Planet X strikes the earth. We have been told to keep water on hand which should be periodically changed to keep clear and fresh.


Bethlehem-3/15/02--An Israeli tank at midnight fired on a brightly illuminated statue of the Virgin Mary that had stood atop what is now a maternity hospital and orphanage for 110 years. An Israeli soldier killed an altar boy as he emerged from Mass a few weeks ago in Bethlehem.


Comet swings by Earth after 341 years.

AP-Cambridge, Mass. Astronomers say a comet that was last seen in 1661 will be at its brightest during the next few weeks.

Comet Ikeya-Zhang is named for the two amateur astronomers who spotted it independently on Feb. 1. The sighting was recently reported in Sky & Telescope magazine...

The comet is the sixth one to be spotted by longtime skywatcher Kaoru Ikeya who lives in central Japan.

Ikeya saw the comet low in the sky just after sunset; in China= s Henan province, Daqing Zhang saw it about 90 minutes later.

Experts think this is the same unnamed comet as one recorded in 1661, meaning it is returning after a 341-year orbit. One Japanese newspaper announced Ikeya= s find under the headline, A Could it be the same comet seen by the samurai lords?@

Throughout the Northern Hemisphere, Comet Ikeya-Zhang is visible low in the western sky just after sunset. In early April, it will appear in the predawn sky.


Jews Driving Arab Christians out of the Holy Land

from National Catholic Register, Nov.26-Dec. 2, 2000..

In a U.S. interview with Fr. Emil Salyta, Director of Schools for the Latin-rite Patriarchate of Jerusalme, which serves Catholics living in Israel, Palestine, Jordan and Cyprus, we are given some enlightenment on the plight of the Arab Christians.

Fr. Saltya stated, A You may not hear much about Arab Christians in the news, but today we number more than 15 million throughout the Arab world. We trace our origins back to the first Christian era, to the mother church in Jerusalem. The New Testament says that Arabs were there on the day of Pentecost, and that St. Paul went to Arabia after his conversion.@

He continued, A We have become a small minority in the Holy Land. Fifty years ago, Christians made up 18% of the total population and now we are less than 2%. For many years we have been Christ= s witnesses in the land of His birth, and we have provided continuity in faith with the first Christians of Jerusalem. But within a few years, there may be no descendants of the first Christian community left in the Holy Land.




A In 1948, the wave of emigration began when the state of Israel was created by Britain and 700,000 Palestinians were forcibly displaced from their homes which continues today as Jews destroy Arab homes by American built and paid for bulldozers and replace them with Jewish condos.

About 70,000 of these were Christians. This emigration has continued because of the injustice and oppression that Palestinians receive from the Jews, whether they live in Israel or in the Palestinian territories.

This has led to social problems such as unemployment, lack of housing and limited access to health care and education. Under these conditions, Arab Christians have no hope and see no future in the Holy Land. They don= t want to leave, but they are deeply affected by the Israeli shelling and destruction of their homes. Much of this is going on in mainly Christain villages such as Bethlehem.




A In 1993 the military order of > closure= was imposed. It prohibits all Palestinians who live outside Jerusalem from entering the city for any reason---work, school, medical treatment, and even worship, unless they have a permit which is very difficult to obtain.

A Among other things, this denies Christians, Palestinians and Muslims their religious freedom. Christians are not allowed to worship at the Holy Places, even though Christians come from all over the world to make the Stations of the Cross along the Via Dolorosa, and to pray at Calvary and the tomb of Jesus in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

> As far as peaceful resolution to the conflict in the Holy Land, on the human level, I don= t see any hope coming. The attitude of Israel right now is the arrogance of the strong---rejecting compromise and falsifying and manipulating information through the media.




A We feel forgotten by Christians in the United States. We have the impression that most American Christians don= t know that we exist. (ED. U.S. media is dominated by Jews who are anti-Palestinian). During this visit to the United States, I have found that those who know the truth want to help our people to a better life, not have their homes destroyed by Jews and their children terrorized by the Jewish State of Israel.

A My hope is that once enough Americans understand that Palestinian Christians and Muslims in the Holy Land are experiencing apartheid, then the United States can become a fair broker to put an end to this struggle. I think the American people are very kind-hearted and ready to act, once they know the truth,@ said Fr. Emil Saltya..


Will Comet Ikeya-Zang brighten, fade away, hit the Sun, or hit Earth?

A newly discovered comet, now approachung the sun and Earth, could develop into a relatively bright naked-eye object in coming weeks, researchers say. The best views of the comet may be reserved for those under dark skies far from bright lights, but even city dwellers should be able to spot it.

Both astronomers described it as a weak, condensed glow in their telescopes with no mention of a tail.

It passed closest to the sun on March 18 at a distance of 47.1 million miles. After rounding the sun, the comet will continue moving toward Earth, making its closest approach on April 28 when it will be 37.6 million miles away.

There is a danger that the gravitational pull of the Sun or Earth could draw the Comet closer or into the Sun or into the Earth and cause great havoc.

During most of March and on into early April the comet will be visible near to the north-northwest horizon about an hour after sundown. Bright moonlight may hinder observations during the last week of March.

After the first week of April, with the moon no longer a factor, the comet will also be visible in the morning sky, rising earlier and getting progressively higher above the northeast horizon each night.



These prophecies came from Jesus, Mary, and the angels and saints to Veronica Leuken at Bayside, NY from 1968 to 1995.



Veronica: Jesus says to watch carefully. I see what appears to be a huge star. It looks like a star. I= m not familiar with them. I know it= s something celestial. A huge star and it= s coming over very fast across the sky.:

Now I see another star. It looks like the moon - not a star - the moon. And I see this star - or this round - it= s got a lot of rings around it: It= s a huge body with the rings around it. I don= t know what that is - a star? Planet? And it seems to be going crazy. It= s jumping up and down and jiggling, going back and forth. And now, all of a sudden, it= s shooting out, right into space and it= s heading over across the sky. Oh! If it keeps going to bump into the moon! Oh, my goodness! Oh!

It looks like - this thing - this star just seemed to come from out of nowhere. It seemed to have shot right out into space and it= s heading for, it looks like the moon. Yes.

And now as it= s getting closer I notice it= s very red. It= s no longer white. It looked white before but now it looks very red. And, oh, my goodness! It looks like the ball again! Oh, my goodness! It= s red and orange. It looks - from here now - very hot. I can see it very closely. Oh, my!

And now it= s going past the moon. No, it= s not hitting the moon. But it looks like it= s heading for the sun! Oh, my goodness! It looks like....It looks like two big big balls; like two suns in the sky. Oh, my goodness! Oh!

Now Michael is coming over on the left side.

Jesus - A My child, the ball you see, is out in your atmosphere. Man of science is ever seeking but never finding the truth.

A They have cast aside the knowledge of the supernatural. However, no human mind can understand the ways of the Eternal Father Who controls your elements.

A A star shall be sent upon you. I have asked in the past to hold back this time of great trial to mankind by following the direction of My Mother.@ (6-5-75).



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The Chastisement From Heaven...

Veronica. - I see a large ball of fire. It= s traveling very fast. It= s growing larger as it= s coming closer. As it comes...as it= s twirling through the space I see there are stars falling...I think they= re stars. There are stars falling about it. And the ball is very hot now; it= s moving very fast. It= s now going over behind the moon. The moon now looks green on one side. Part of it seems to be melting. Oh! It= s twirling very fast, over on the right side; it= s like a burning star. It looks almost like the fourth of July; like a sparkler, only very red and orange.

Now as it comes closer, it= s very, very hot. The ball looks white, like white heat. Now also something is breaking away from...it= s like chunks of breaking rock and heat. (3-27-73).


Frank Albas, the Teacher, Opens New Bayside Office

The former director of Our Lady of the Roses, Frank Albas, has opened a new office in Miami Beach, Florida. He plans on spreading the Bayside Messages and reprinting all the messages from the beginning as requested by Our Lady as it has not been done yet.

Our Lady showed a vision of Frank Albas teaching pupils which Veronica misinterpreted thinking Frank should become a school teacher in Canada..He is the Teacher of Bayside and has a wonderful website with Bayside movies, audios and all the Bayside messages in English, French, Italian and other languages. His website is: http://www.rosesfromheaven.com/

He needs volunteers and help in accomplishing these goals. You may contact him at this address.

Frank Albas; 320 83rd St. #5; Miami Beach, FL 33141. Phone 305-864-1683. E-mail: [email protected] He is at present sending 34 million e-mails to promote the Bayside messages. Only 5,000 an hour can go out so 1 million will take at least 8 days and nights. 34 million will take 9 months, 24/7.so we need computer volunteers to help us in the e-mail campaign, working from your own home.


Beyond the farthest star...

Our Lady - A Out in your world, beyond the farthest star visible to man= s eyes is the instrument planned by the Father for your chastisement. Pray! Pray, My children, a constant vigilance of prayer now until the moment of darkness.@ (6-16-73).


The Ball of Fire...

Veronica - Now Jesus is pointing up to the sky. Oh, He wants me to - oh, there= s that Ball again! That! Oh, it= s very large. It= s a ball of fire, and it has a - oh, I can see the tail very clearly now. It= s a long, orange trail. It= s really a fiery red. It= s very, very hot - looking. Now that - it= s really hurtling through the sky; it= s just - zing, like that. (12-29-73).


Scientists will not stop the Ball

Jesus - A Many warnings have been given to mankind, and they pass by unnoticed and rejected. Scientists with all their explanations for the catastrophe set upon mankind! Will your men of science find a way to stop the Ball of Redemption? I say unto you: No! For the Eternal Father shall guide that ball!@ (5-30-78).


Soon the earth will shake, houses will crumble and fall...

Our Lady - A Parents, reject now your worldly pursuits for power, moneys, material gatherings. They are worthless! For soon the earth will shake, houses will fall and crumble, gold and silver shall be melted in the tremendous heat of the Ball of Redemption. They will be naught to you all, as nothing to mankind.

A Your only covering shall be prayers and your acts of sacrifice. So gather now your treasures for Heaven, for everything upon earth shall be leveled!@ (5-30-78).


Two suns on your horizon

Jesus - A It is a sad fact, but one that cannot be escaped, but held in abeyance by the prayers and acts of atonement of the few - it is a sad fact that two great penances shall be set upon mankind: a scourge of war and the Ball of Redemption. How soon, you ask? Does it matter when a time? Are you prepared now? It will fast come upon you unexpectedly.

A There shall appear two suns on your horizon. Fear shall grip the hearts of many, and this fear shall come from the knowledge that you rejected the warnings from Heaven and did not act upon them.@ (12-7-76).


The tail has intersected the earth...

Veronica - A Oh, my! Our Lady is pointing up to the sky, and I can see a tremendously large ball of fire.It= s beyond description. It= s the most frightening thing I= ve ever seen. And it= s go through the air at a very fast speed, and I can see over on the right side of the sky, an outline of the earth.

And the ball is heading for the earth and it= s striking, the tail is setting fire to the side. I can see here, of the earth. Oh! Oh! The tail has intersected the earth, and the ball is now circling the earth. Oh! Now it= s growing very dark. I can feel the great heat. Ohh! - (8-21-76)


It= s striking the globe

Veronica - A And the globe now is one of the world, but there are flames on one side. I am almost looking now into the area. There are flames, and there= s a big hole. Oh, it covers half of the globe, the hole. It= s like burnt out, as though it= s been hit by a tremendous big ball of fire. Oh, it= s terrible. I can feel the heat.

Now I notice that there is a tremendous ball now setting out in the sky by the sun. It= s like two giant suns in the sky. But the ball on the right has a tail, and it= s starting to move now around the sun. And as it goes it= s bouncing crazily...

And it= s heading now over towards the earth again. It= s hit it once, and something happened. And now it= s heading for another part of the globe. It= s turned its course completely around and is striking the globe. I can see now the whole underside of the globe in flames. (4-14-84).


Crucifix upon their doors..

Veronica - A I see a road. I see people fleeing, their clothes are ragged. It seems as though they had been hit by some kind of shrapnel, or something that= s tearing the clothes off their bodies. But the worst part of all is that beyond the roads I see bodies, dead bodies strewn all over, in the streets, through the houses, in the lots. And I see the waters aflame. And I see waters churning and churning, and rising higher and higher, as they wash onto the shores that border the seas..

Jesus - A Yes, My child, in the great Chastisement a ball of fire shall fall into the waters killing all that is living in the seas. And, also, unfortunately, because they could not listen and change their ways, many will die also from the flames and also from the waters. Those living along the coastlines, We caution them to keep a sacramental and a crucifix upon their doors, for the angel of death shall not enter your home.@ (7-1-85).


Crucifix to guard all entrances to your home...

Jesus - A I must reveal, My Children, to the world again, that you are to keep a crucifix on your front door and your back door. All entrances to your home must be guarded by the crucifix. There has not been one home on Long Island that had a crucifix on its door that did fall to any evil. You did not know a major disaster as has happened, My children in Mexico@ (10-5-85).

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This religious group was founded in 1988 at the initiative of Pope John Paul II and is allowed to use the old Latin Mass of 1962 and has established an Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Denton, Nebraska which opened 2 years ago. Five men will be ordained in June. Last fall they had to turn away more than sixty qualified men. 150 men applied. Of these 80 were qualified but only eighteen young men were admitted because there was no space to house them. They need 5 million dollars to build a second dormitory wing which will enable them to increase enrollment to one hundred.

Their address is PO Box 196; Elmhurst, PA 18416. [email protected] tel. 570-842-4000.


Editor= s Comments

The Bayside Messages quote Jesus as stating that the end will come when society makes fun of religion. The present pedophelia scandal in the U.S. Catholic Church will make it easier to ridicule the Church because of the Priest= s reprehensible behavior.

Neo-conservatives in Washington who are former Democrats and now Republican have gained control of President Bush= s White House. Most are people who call themselves Jews and are pushing for attacks on Iran and Iraq to help Israel free itself from Muslim terrorists who are funded by Iran.

Planet X may arrive in Spring 2003 but that is not definite because the timing is based on the theory that the gravitational pull of the sun will speed up its speed. It is 4 billion miles from earth at present.

The masonic prelates who controlled the Church 1972-78 changed the feast days dates to confuse the faithful. I use the old calendar and have a Latin Mass Missal to try to focus on which feast day is being celebrated. Our local church had no statues years ago. Then it had over 25 statues. Now it has 6 huge statues and 500 candles. The older parishioners are angry that the statues they paid for have been redistributed to the school which has much more space.

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