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Fidelis et Verus

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February 24, 2002 A.D.-Issue 58b-$10 sub


Likely Anglican leader is former Catholic


LONDON- The man tapped to succeed George Carey as Archbishop of Canterbury and leader of the worldwide Anglican church has become the victim of a smear campaign since it was revealed that he has a Catholic past. Michael Nazir-Ali, currently Bishop of Rochester was brought up a Catholic and became an Anglican at age 20.

The bishop said, A I still retain things from my past as everyone does and I try to be a rounded Christian. I= ve been in lots of parishes, both in Pakistan and here. If I were asked to describe myself, I would call myself Catholic and evangelical..

***Frank Albas,former director of Our Lady of the Roses has opened a new Bayside office at: 320 -83rd St #5; Miami Beach, FL 33141 Phone 305-864-1683 E-mail: [email protected] Web:www.rosesfromheaven.com He needs full time volunteers to spread Bayside messages.


Fidelis et Verus Needs Your Help!

We only have 820 readers which has not increased in years so it is difficult to pay the $990 overhead which would be the same whether we had 40,000 or 820 readers. A few readers have kept us going donating large sums at times. If you have not helped much or at all, we would appreciate any help you can send as we live on the edge. This issue is being rushed out due to our failure to pay the Feb. rent and many bills due including a $705 book bill.

In this issue are a few pages from the Warnings From the Beyond book which was an exorcism done in Switzerland by 7 priests. The devils speak thru a possessed woman while the priests order the devils to speak the truth. It is 150 pages that were scanned by a person in the Netherlands. It can be photocopied and we will get some kind of binding to hold it together. 8.5x11" size. It would cost $19.95 for one copy. There are also 4 pages of books you may order. The anti-christ guidelines were taken from Vincent de Paul= s 1980's 3 vol set about the anti-christ. Any donations, book orders, subscriptions ($10) should be sent to: Children of Mary; PO Boc 350333; Ft Lauderdale, FL 33335-0333 USA. Tel or fax is 1-954-467-0272. E-mail: [email protected] Website: http://catholicbook.com 1,500 books for sale. We have 3 book catalogs named A,B,C. Ask for any you do not have. We accept credit cards of Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, money orders from any nation= s post office in dollars, cash of any nation, checks in dollars drawn on a US branch of a bank.

The first two Bayside books are ready for printing which begin in 1968 and incorporate the early messages transcribed from the tapes so there will be a lot of new material. There will be 6 books of which book 6 is in print covering 1980 to 1994 ($5.95 plus $3 shipping). Each book is 570 pages in the bulk paperback form. Book one will cost $10,700 to print and book two will also cost $10,700.00 to print. Books 3-5 are almost ready for printing but needless to say will not be printed until Books 1 and 2 are printed. Pray for a miracle that these books can be printed as all the Bayside organizations are broke. Only Jesus and Mary can print these books so please pray to Our Lady of the Roses for printing help.

A comet is heading here by March 18, 2002 and its closest point on April 28 will be 37.6 million miles from earth. The sun is 90 million miles from earth. In Spring 2003 Planet X is expected which last appeared 3,600 years ago. Its name is Wormwood.and caused tremendous disturbances in weather storms and floods 3,600 years ago.

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