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Dec.27, 2000 A.D. - Issue 52


Pope Refuses To Stop World War III


On September 28, 2000, General Ariel Sharon of Israel started World War III by going to the Temple Mount where Jesus preached the Word of God which now houses one of the holiest Muslim shrines, the Dome of the Rock. Sharon was accompanied by 1,000 policemen and sharpshooters on the roof. The Muslims were enraged by the desecration and rioted as the Israeli sharpshooters shot dead several of the Muslims. Each day the violence gets worse and is a low scale war which is escalating into a major war which will involve all the Muslim nations against Israel and her supporters.

On October 8, 2000, the Pope could have stopped this war by consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary but he refused to obey Our Lady of Fatima= s request as he entrusted the world to Mary accompanied in Rome by one-third of all the world= s bishops. There was no consecration nor was Russia mentioned. President Putin of Russia just visited Arafat as Russia has always been friendly to the Palestinians. Mary warned that Russia will provoke wars. Putin is now in Cuba. The hatred of Muslims worldwide has been ignited so that moderate Muslim states feel threatened by their people who are demanding Muslim states attack Israel.

Russia has moved many Bear Bombers to Siberia on the Bering Sea and a very short distance from Alaska. Russia has many merchant ships in the Puget Sound of Washington State watching our submarines. They even attacked a U.S. ship in the Sound partially blinding a naval officer with a laser attack. Russian planes have been shadowing the Kitty Hawk aircraft carrier in the Sea of Japan. Russian Bombers were intercepted off Greenland in 1999. Military experts said Russia is testing our defenses to find areas we are not guarding properly.

The new Syrian head of state seems to be dazzled by his new power and may attack Israel soon. Iraq has moved many troops to the Jordanian border where they can cross into Israel in a few hours. Saudi Arabian newspapers warn that this war against Israel will be different than prior ones hinting that they have secret weapons bought with their oil billions.

Cardinal Ratzinger indicated lately that he feels Russia has been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and he gives this bad advice to the Pope.

The October 13, 1917 message of Our Lady indicated that the Third World War would begin by December 31, 2000 and I believe it has started and the blaze will get bigger and bigger. Get your blankets, canned goods, blessed candles, covered containers of water and clothes to keep out radiation. Crucifixes above your doors. We have 4" wooden crucifixes for $5. Limited to 2 per order.


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Fiery Vision of St. Joan of Arc

SUN-Oct. 17, 2000


A flaming vision of St. Joan of Arc rocked world governments to their foundations when she predicted that women will rule the Earth before the end of the 21st century.

The fiery apparition stunned the congregation of St. Cecelia= s Cathedral in Galati, Romania when it rose from the altar while Father Constantin Antonescu was saying Mass.

A The smell of smoke reached my nostrils and I thought the cathedral was burning,@ says the stunned prelate. A But then I heard a gasp of horror convulse my congregation.

A I followed their eyes - and then I saw her! St. Joan herself! She was surrounded by flames, reliving her ghastly execution when she was burned at the stake by the godless English in the 15th century.

A Even though the fire consumed her flesh, there was no fear in her eyes. Rather, there was fury and defiance. And then she spoke. Her words echoed from the stone walls of the cathedral. They were terrible to hear= @

Realizing he was witnessing a miracle of profound spiritual importance, Father Antonescu wrote down the supernatural vision= s words with a trembling hand.

His notes reveal that the apparition of Joan of Arc made five startling prophecies:

1. A Women are the power of God. With the Blessed Virgin Mary as their guide, they will seize the reins of earthly authority and bring peace to a suffering world.@

2. A The armies from the New World will vanquish the Chinese hordes of the East - and a woman will lead, just as I led the soldiers of France over the godless English.@

3. A Saint Michael, Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret the blessed ones who spoke to me - will soon appear in the sky and announce the secret of salvation to all mankind.@

4. The Shroud of Jesus Christ will produce miracles - all who touch it will be cured and disease will be banished from the Earth.@

5. A Many righteous people will disappear in the next few years. Be not afraid as they are with their Father and you will soon see them again.

Father Antonescu says the vision then uttered these final words:@ All the things I have told you have already begun to unfold. Have faith for the time is at hand.@


Power Vacuum in Vatican

Pope John Paul II turned 80 this year and is severely weakened by Parkinson= s disease. According to an interview senior Vatican officials granted the London Times this past March, his condition is so poor that a A power vacuum@ has opened up in the upper echelons of the Roman Catholic Church. On condition of anonymity, the sources claimed this vacuum is being filled by traditional hard-liners who A are manipulating the pope to the extent of putting statements into his mouth.@

These traditional prelates feel the present pope, while laying the ground-work for a significant return to more traditional Catholic roots, has also watered down some of the strictest Catholic traditions. Even now they are positioning themselves to correct the problem.

The fear among some senior Vatican clergy is that traditionalists are intriguing to ensure the election of a traditionalist pontiff to continue the current policies and to take the Church to its more traditional roots.


Chinese Soldiers at California/Mexican Border

More skirmishes along the U.S.-Mexican border have been reported, this time involving more than just U.S. law enforcement and Mexican troops and drug smugglers, according to Strategic Jungle Syndicate. Border Patrol officers in southern California said they were amazed to see what appeared to be Chinese soldiers in camouflage and non-English speaking whites shooting at them--some from sniper positions just across the border. Keith Weeks, president of National Border Patrol Council Local 1613, said that when his office issued a press release about the incident, federal officials phoned him to tell him to keep the whole issue quiet.

Drug enforcement experts said the troops were probably North Korean troops as they have a long history of training the Mexican military and assisting in protecting drug smugglers. The white non-speaking snipers are probably Russian Spesnatz troops who have been assisting the Mexican military training effort for years and have a training base in Baja California, Mexico.


Mystical City of God

The Mystical City of God by Blessed Maria Agreda is a 4 volume hardbound treasure of 2,676 pages which is one of the four must read books according to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The other must-read books are the Imitation of Christ ($10 or pocketbook $6.50), True Devotion to Mary ($8) and the Douay-Rheims Bible ($45).Shipping $3.50. Mystical City of God has been approved by 16 popes. Below is one of the Blessed Virgin Mary= s instructions which she gave at the end of each chapter. Blessed Mary of Agreda was a nun who died in 1666 who was given light on heavenly subjects and then Mary comments at the end of each chapter.

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Instruction of Blessed Virgin Mary Given to Mary Agreda

142. My daughter, one of the reasons why men should call me Mother of mercy, is the knowledge of my loving desire, that all be satiated with the flood of grace and taste the sweetness of the Lord as I myself. I call and invite all to come with me to the fountain of the Divinity. Let the most poor and afflicted approach, for if they respond and follow me, I will offer them my protection and help, and I will intercede for them with my Son and obtain for them the hidden manna, which will give them nourishment and life (Apoc. 2, 17).

Deny thyself and put off all the works of human weakness, and by the true light which thou hast received concerning the works of my Son and my own, contemplate and study thyself in this mirror, in order to arrive at that beauty, which the highest King seeks in thee.

143. Since this is the most powerful means for perfection in thy works, I wish that thou write this advice into thy heart. Whenever thou must perform any interior or exterior work, consider beforehand whether what thou art going to say or do corresponds with the doings of thy Lord, and whether thou hast the intention thereby to honor thy Lord and benefit thy neighbor. As soon as thou art sure that this is thy motive, execute thy undertaking in union with Him and in imitation of Him; but if thou findest not this motive let the undertaking rest. This was my invariable course in pursuing the imitation of my Lord and Teacher; though in me there was no reluctance toward the good, but only the desire if imitating Him perfectly. In this imitation consists the fruit of His holy teaching, in which He urges us to do, what is more pleasing and acceptable to the Eternal God. Moreover from this day on be mindful not to undertake any work, not to speak or even think of anything, without first asking my permission and consulting with me as thy Mother and Teacher. And as soon as I answer thee after continued inquiry, I promise and assure thee on the part of the Lord, that He will, nevertheless, give thee light as to what will be according to His most perfect will. In all things, however, subject thyself to the guidance of thy spiritual director and never forget this practice.


USSR Rises Again

The New York Times

MOSCOW--President Vladimir Putin has proposed that the Soviet national anthem be restored with new lyrics yet to be written.

In a televised address to the nation, Putin said: A If we agree that the symbols of the preceding epochs, including the Soviet epoch, must not be used at all, we will have to admit that our mothers= and father= s lives were useless and meaningless, that their lives were in vain. Neither in my head nor in my heart can I agree with this.@

Putin told the country that Russia= s current flag, the 300-year-old imperial tricolor flag of white, blue and red rehabilitated by former President Boris Yeltsin, will remain as the state flag. And the double-headed eagle also will remain as a 500-year-old symbol of the Russian state.

But Putin told a divided nation that it is time for Russians to embrace all of the symbols of their past, including the hallmarks of the Soviet empire. Guided by opinion polls, he said he would restore the Soviet anthem along with a red banner for the armed forces symbolizing the victory of Soviet forces in World War II.

In the newspaper Izvestia, 21 prominent intellectuals and cultural figures condemned Putin= s move.

But Putin countered, A Is there nothing good to remember about the Soviet period of our country?@

The Duma voted 381-51to approve Putin= s proposals on Dec. 8. The red flag will not have the hammer and sickle. The Soviet anthem was first played on state radio on January 1, 1944 on orders of Josef Stalin. Before that The Communist Internationale had served as the Soviet anthem.

Relax morning pill access, AMA urges

ORLANDO-AP- The American Medical Association called on the Food and Drug Administration to consider making the A morning-after@ pill available over the counter.

The pill is essentially a high-dose birth control pill. It is different from the RU-486 abortion pill, which acts by causing contractions to expel an embryo from the uterus and can be given up to seven weeks after the start of the last menstrual period.

The Vatican recently condemned the morning-after pill. Where are our bishops on this issue? Sleeping as usual? The pill and RU-486 are a form of abortion. When you are 86ed from a public place, it means you are ejected. RU-486 means A Are you for 86ing (ejecting) the embryo?@


RU-486: The Abortion Drug

What is It? RU-486 (also known as mifepristone) is a chemical used to cause abortion. It was first developed in France in 1981 and has recently been approved by the Clinton-Gore administration for use in the United States.

How is an RU-486 abortion done? During her first visit to the doctor= s office or clinic, the woman is given RU-486 pills. This will kill her baby in the womb.

During her second visit, the woman is given pills or suppositories containing the second chemical (misoprostol). This will cause cramping, and the woman will eventually expel the dead baby. This could happen at any time after this drug is taken.

During her final doctor= s office or clinic visit, a doctor will examine the woman to see if her abortion is complete. If the RU-486 abortion has failed, the woman will then be scheduled for surgical abortion.

Is an RU-486 abortion safe? No. Women have died because of RU-486 abortions. Here are some of the side effects: nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, heavy and extended bleeding, heart attack, hemorrhage, impaired future fertility, harmful to any future children.

Moral implications: RU-486 is taken during the first 45 days of pregnancy. Many women do not A feel pregnant@ during this time, and may view the taking of three pills as a simple answer to a complex problem. It is easier for these women to be lulled into a false sense of acceptance because the abortion may seem so much easier than a surgical abortion. However, the end result is the same: a dead baby.

What can you do? Contact your doctor and ask for their position on RU-486. Explain why you do not support the drug.

Contact the office of the President of the United States: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.; Washington, DC 20500, the Food and Drug Administration; Washington, DC 20204; Your US Senators at: US Senate, The Capitol; Washington, DC 20510; Your Congressman at: US House of Representatives, The Capitol, Washington, DC 20515. Express your disapproval of RU-486. Demand that the Food and Drug Administration rescind its approval.

The Code of Canon Law states that the penalty of excommunication associated with surgical abortion for Catholics would also apply to the use of RU-486.


Evil Catholics

Election 2000-Jacqueline Jacobson

The Florida Catholic

The Oct. 26 issue had an article written by John Burger concerning the Catholic vote. He quotes Father Richard John Neuhaus: A People of good will might come to different conclusions on some subjects but with the life issues, the room for disagreement among people... who want to be faithful to Catholic social doctrine shrinks.@

Sadly, I see no A shrinking@ of disagreement among Catholics here in South Florida concerning life issues. I have been told that at least 50 percent of Catholics voted for the pro-choice, pro-abortion candidate (I suspect the actual percentage is more). I have encountered many fellow Catholics at church and at the work place who have openly stated their support for the platform that perpetuates the ongoing murdering of the most innocent, helpless, and voiceless victims---those simply waiting to be born. Unbelieveably, they are also endorsing the continuance of the most gruesome atrocity of A partial-birth@ infanticide with their vote. By their vote, they uphold the legal A right@ in this country to kill not only human life just beginning in the womb, but throughout every stage, including those babies in the very act of being born.

I can only conclude from this that many Catholics have either fallen into a deep morass of moral relativism, or have lost their Catholic faith altogether.

We are put to shame by our Protestant brothers and sisters, who, it seems, far surpass us collectively in their united effort through prayer and fasting to fight the culture of death in this nation.


Kennedy= s Betrayal of Cuba

Jack Skelly-The Florida Catholic-Nov. 30, 2000

In reference to Mark Lombard= s review of Evan Thomas= A Robert Kennedy@ (Nov.9), I notice that Lombard didn= t say if Thomas wrote about how Robert Kennedy betrayed 1,400 Cubans at the Bay of Pigs (April 17, 1961) or how almost 18 months later he and his brother, President John F. Kennedy, sold out 8 million Cubans at the time of the October 1962 missile crisis, condemning them to live in a communist hell (today there are almost 11 million in Cuba and 1 million in Miami).

The myth that the Kennedy brothers saved the world from a holocaust is more of the current propaganda by leftist media and academia. It was A little brother@ Bobby who convinced President Kennedy that a surgical strike by U.S. planes against the Russian missiles in Cuba that could have destroyed half the United States was comparable to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor


Latin in the Liturgy

Fr. Jaime Diaz-Florida Catholic-11/30

I just read two letters on the use of Latin in the Liturgy and I could not resist sharing something about my recent experience in my parish in Sebastian. Some parishioners, most of them self-identified as the parish watchdogs, do not come any more to our parish, but prefer to go to a neighbor city to a Mass in Latin.

But why? Not for aesthetic and historic reasons, but because the Mass in Latin is the only A true Mass.@ They wish the church to return to the 16th century and forget about the whole liturgical reform of Vatican II as opposed to the A true faith@ and the A true church.@ Vatican II has been for them a betrayal of the A true church@ by the pope and bishops together.

They are inspired among others, in the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, a series of booklets published by Catholic Family News in Niagra Falls and A The Keys of this Blood@ by ex-Jesuit Malachi Martin. Clergy, bishops and lay people are disqualified as unfaithful, heretic and A not in line with the magisterium of the pope,@ if they think differently. Bishops are for them A nothing, unless in line with the pope= s magisterium.@ However, they ignore the pontifical documents directed to put into action Vatican II.

The judges of the true faith are, of course, these A true Catholics,@ who apparently received the Gospel directly from Jesus and are far from being competent in these matters. They appear very pious; bring flowers to Our Lady, organize the adoration of the Holy Eucharist, lead the Rosary, genuflect always before the tabernacle, are concerned about the minor liturgical rules or costumes as the Pharisees did, speak mellifluously, practice all types of devotions and nourish themselves from private revelations. They go to any place where an apparition is said to have taken place. But - alasC they don= t have any problem in harmonizing their A spirituality@ with private and public detraction and grievous false accusations against their bishops and priests.

For this they use the Internet, radio, mail and newspaper. Their favorite channel of communication is The Wanderer.

The catechism is said to be their point of doctrinal reference, but only in the paragraphs that coincide with their thinking. Since they consider themselves to be the only A true Catholics,@ I would not wonder if one day they found their own A true church.@

My conclusion is: Mass in Latin and Gregorian songs are a precious heritage of the Latin church. All depends on the meaning. You may take the Mass in Latin as a symbol of your refusal to accept the magisterium of the church in Vatican II, under the excuse that it was not a dogmatic but a pastoral council. Then Mass in Latin becomes an anti-church act, because of the meaning they put in it.

In my 45 years of ministry in different countries I did not find before this species of Catholics, so devoted, but so irresponsible, so arrogant, so ignorant and so opposed to the pastoral renewal in the church. Since I am learning the church in this country, I wonder whether this is a very local phenomenon or a real illness of the Catholic Church in the United States.

Editor: I would like some letters on this subject that you would be willing to have printed.

Letter excerpts

In October 1998, Pope John Paul II speaking to a group of bishops from the United States said, A The use of the vernacular has certainly opened up the treasures of the liturgy to all who take part but this does not mean that the Latin language and especially the chants which are so superbly adapted to the genius of the Roman Rite, should be wholly abandoned.@ Treacy Gibbens, Naples, FL

A To my way of thinking, correspondents on both sides of the Latin in the liturgy exchange have failed to examine both sides of the Latin/vernacular coin.

Why is it that more often than not, these exchanges are cynical and sarcastic and show little or no patience and tolerance for another point of view?

Again, whether we want to admit it or not, part of our heritage is Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic, the language of Jesus. Since the Latin part of our heritage dominated for the better part of 1,600 years, it is only natural for it to receive the bulk of attention by the more nostalgic members of our church.

Roughly half my life was spent in a pre-Vatican II church. I used a missal and sang in a choir where Gregorian chant, 16th and 17th century polyphony and modern music were sung with equal enthusiasm. Latin hymns at Mass? Gregorian chant? What= s wrong with going back to our roots occasionally? I= d love to hear the Exultet sung in Latin again. I= ve sung the > Victimae Paschali= on Easter and would love to sing it again. There= s nothing wrong with a well-done > Ave Maria,= whether by Schubert or Gounod.@ Tom Keller; Winter Haven, Florida

A Last week I got a > Choose Life= license plate. They weren= t available when I renewed my tag in July. A little later in the summer they were. One person told me that I couldn= t change until next year; another told me that, no, they= d take my money anytime. Finally I called the tag agency and the clerk said A C= mon down!@

The $37 fee is less than two tickets to a big name concert or fuel for a day= s offshore fishing. God knows many of us have spent more on less in our lives.

The plate is quite innocuous and shouldn= t offend anyone except the few who gripe about everything; but it does signify more than the average respect for life.@ Mike Holahan; Sarasota, Florida

ed. 500 Choose Life plates are sold each month in Florida

Vatican II: Do we know you?

Pope John Paul II took part in the Second Vatican Council.

Recently on Nov. 26, he said: A Thirty-five years from its conclusion, I say: It is necessary to return to the council.@ He asked lay Catholics to take the documents in hand to see what the Council wrote.

The reason is that the documents were very traditional but zealots took the vague words here and there and twisted the meaning to make the meaning different from what the Council intended. The Council determined that Latin should be retained but that the readings could be in the vernacular. Modernist/masonic clergy in the Vatican took advantage of the opening and gradually eliminated Latin from the liturgy. Extra-ordinary ministers of the Eucharist were allowed for mission countries where clergy are scarce but American bishops seized on that paragraph to institute extra-ordinary ministers in all U.S. parishes. The Vatican recently warned American bishops to stop this practice yet the bishops ignore that directive. There are so many examples of the disobedience of the bishops that books have been written about each aspect of their disobedience.

If you want to read the greatest book on how liturgical liberals hi-jacked the Council read this book.

Pope John= s Council (Liturgical Revolution: Vol II) by Michael Davies. 331 pp, color, softcover, STK#3078. $10.95. $3.50. shipping. Order from Children of Mary; PO Box 350333; Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33335-0333


Pray Daily For a Priest

In the United States there is a shortage of priests. Your salvation may depend on whether your parish priests remain to keep administering the sacraments of grace to you. In my parish the pastor was removed and now works in a religious goods store. He was accused by a local Jew of seeking sexual favors. The other priest who was retired and is very old had heart surgery 4 years ago but now must say most of the Masses. He is very fragile but has a great sense of humor. One very hot day I was walking by the Church and the old priest was outside. I told him that I felt light headed after walking for one hour. He said, A Don= t worry. I will pick you up if you faint.@ The third priest is from Miami and never seems to be here. He said it is boring here. He has turned the parish over to lay people who seem to be going wild in starting projects that seem to be accomplishing nothing.

The point is that these priests are human and can disappear at any moment and must be prayed for constantly to keep them functioning as priests. Most of the local people here are fallen away Catholics yet no effort has been expended to bring them back. I have been visited by 2 Mormon missionaries and a crowd of Jehovah Witnesses in the 3 months I have lived here. Priests here have no time or interest in bringing back these fallen away Catholics.


Error-prone theologians/newspaper

These theologians promote certain ideas contrary to Catholic doctrine and their books should be avoided. Hans Kung, Karl Rahner, Charles Davis, Gregory Baum, Edward Schellebeeckx, Yves Congar

The newspaper National Catholic Reporter read by many priests and nuns should be avoided as most of it is nonsense, trivia, stupidity, and worthless trash. It is no wonder that so many priests and nuns seem not to be real Catholics. It has 120,000 circulation. Very modernistic.

Many diocesan Catholic newspapers are run by lay people who have no idea of what the history of the Church is and they have no knowledge of Church teaching on faith, morals and 1,700 years of Jewish tradition prior to Christ and 2,000 years of subsequent Catholic tradition.

Most American mass media outlets are owned by Hebrews who have no interest in promoting Catholic truths so do not get your vital information only from the Hebrew sources. If you live on a steady diet of mass media television, magazines, videos and films, you are under the control of Hebrew writers who delight in upsetting you with startling ideas, half-truths, lies, heretical, violent and immoral ideas.

Judaized Catholics voted 50% for the pro-abortion candidate for President and against the pro-life candidate who received 47% which shows the complete failure of our bishops to teach the truth. Another poll shows 49% of Catholics voted for the pro-abortion presidential candidate and 44% for the pro-life presidential candidate. Abortion will never end as long as Catholics vote this way. Witness Senators Ted Kennedy and Christopher Dodd who are the leaders of the pro-abortion forces yet always get re-elected in Catholic Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Ireland Loses the Catholic Faith

The period from the 1980's on brought wealth, sexual liberation, the A Troubles in the North,@ the explosion of a culture of A rights,@ the referendum battles over divorce and abortion, post-Vatican II confusion and the view that individuals had the right to choose their own way of life independently of outside authority.

In the 1980's the Catholic Church= s territory was being invaded by the spirit of the age. Counseling replaced confession. Culture of rights and litigation replaced stoicism. Eating disorders replaced fasting. Soap operas and heroin needles replaced the Rosary and the Stations of the Cross.

The Irish Church in the 1960's and 1970's abandoned traditional theology and social-justice causes became the focus of Church life.

The death of the Catholic Church in Ireland began in 1992 with a bishop= s affair with a woman and other clerical sex scandals. Combined with tales of nuns treating children cruelly left the people with the feeling that the clerical way of life was in error.

99% Church attendance in 1970 has fallen to 25% and vocations have dried up. The Church no longer educates and no longer has excess missionaries to convert the world.

Goodbye to Catholic Ireland. What godless English could not destroy, the Irish themselves have destroyed (the Catholic Church). So sad.


Unfriendly Catholic Church

Mormons are the fastest growing church in America and Southern Baptists are next along with Catholics who gain via immigration. The other Protestant denominations are gradually disappearing as their numbers dwindle. Polling people reveals that Catholics individually and as a parish are not friendly . Southern Baptists are good to their own or to potential converts but otherwise they can be aloof as some polls say. Newcomers to Catholic churches often try to involve themselves in the parish but never get inside the circle. A recent Mass for Goans (originally from India) was in our parish and I heard a parishioner say to a Goan, A welcome to my parish.@ It made me feel sympathy for the Goan who was viewed as an outsider by her. Once Mormons get a hold on someone they shower them with attention until they capture them. Mormons act more like one big family and everyone is part of the family so love is their secret. I do not see much love among Catholics. When I visited the local convent years ago to tell the principal I could get the parochial school computer books at cost I was treated as if I had committed a crime and told to go to the school during the day and try to find the computer guy. I said to myself, Why bother? I do not have the time to waste.

The Pope makes overtures to Jews, Orthodox and Protestants. How will you treat them when they join A your@ church parish?


Tan Books In Danger/Order Their Books Below

Book sales have been very low but picked up this month. They were going out of business because people stopped buying their treasures of traditional Catholic literature that are faithful to 2,000 years of Faith and Tradition. We stopped advertising Tan Books many years ago because they sold their books to our old customers at a large discount so that we could not match their discount. Now Tan Books no longer sells their books at discount to the public so that we can sell their books again. We will begin making book catalogs of Tan Books. Their latest catalog for 2001 has new books which we will sell to you at 25% discount if you order $25 retail or more prior to the discount being figured in. If you have any Tan book catalogs, you may order from us those books also for the 25% discount Shipping is $3 in the US and 10% of the order for Canada and foreign orders. All major credit cards. Phone/fax 1-954-467-0272. Children of Mary; PO Box 350333; Ft Lauderdale, FL 33335-0333 E-mail: [email protected] Website of 1,500 books, tapes, religious goods and old and current issues of Fidelis et Verus: http://www.catholicbook.com/

The Glories of Divine Grace by Fr. Matthias J. Scheeben (1835-1888). No. 1747. 420 Pp. PB Impr $18

One of the three most influential Catholic books you will ever read is A A Fervent Exhortation to All to Preserve and to Grow in Sanctifying Grace.@ When we die the amount of Sanctifying Grace in our souls determines our place in Heaven. If we lack Sanctifying Grace we go to Hell. Scheeben was one of the main theologians studied in seminaries prior to Vatican II.

This Is The Faith by Fr. Francis J. Ripley. No. 1578. 405 Pp. PB. Impr $18.00.This is the best book a priest had ever seen for instructing people in the Faith--whether converts or those whose education in the Faith has not been complete or who just want a review. Very thorough on all aspects of the Faith.

Under Angel Wings by Sr. Maria Antonia. No. 1760. 244 Pp. PB % Illus. Impr $9.00. This a true story of a young girl in Brazil who saw and heard her Guardian Angel during most of her life. The book is filled with real-life anecdotes which are edifying, ,moving and often humorous.

Cecy (See-see) Cony (1900-1939) tells story after story of how her Guardian Angel kept her from lying, stealing, revenge, immodesty, etc.---and from watching certain movies. How he aided her when in trouble.

St. John Bosco by F.A. Forbes. No. 1742. 209 Pp. PB. Impr. $8.00. The story of A The Friend of Youth@ is told here in a brief, popular manner for teenagers and adults. A practical joker in his youth, St. John Bosco (1815-1888) grew up to be a priest and the founder of the Salesians--the largest religious in the Church. His gifts were prophetic dreams and the reading of hearts. His educational method centered around A reason, religion and kindness,@ and he worked wonders in the lives of his young guys.

Visits To The Blessed Sacrament by St. Alphonsus Liguori. No. 1743. 106 Pp. PB. Impr. Pot. $5.00. After she died, St. Teresa of Avila appeared to one of her nuns and said: A There should be no difference, as far as purity and love are concerned, between the blessed in Heaven and the faithful on earth, though we are perfectly happy and you are suffering. What the Divine Essence is to us in Heaven, the Blessed Sacrament should be to you on earth. A Here, then,@ says St. Alphonsus, A is our heaven on earth--the Most Blessed Sacrament.@

St. Alphonsus provides a A Visit to Our Lord@ and followed by a A Visit to Our Lady.@ Meditations followed by a prayer.

The 33 Doctors of the Church by Fr. Christopher Rengers, OFM Cap.-No. 1751. 715 Pp. PB. Impr. 33 Illus. $33.00. Here are 33 chapters about the greatest minds and greatest Saints the Catholic Church has ever produced. Written in 1961, the book is filled with charming anecdotes and wonderful, memorable stories. The book describes and gives selections from the major writings of all the Doctors and frames their lives in the times during which they lived, thus giving a wonderful panorama of Church history in the process. The saints included are: Athanasius, Ephrem, Cyril of Jerusalem, Hilary of Potiers, Gregory Nazianzen, Basil the Great, Ambrose, Jerome, John Chrysostom, Augustine, Cyril of Alexandria, Leo the Great, Peter Chrysologus, Gregory the Great, Isidore of Seville, Bede, John Damascene, Peter Damian, Anselm, Bernard, Anthony, Albert the Great, Bonaventure, Thomas Aquinas, Catherine of Siena, Teresa of Avila, Peter Canisius, Robert Bellarmine, John of the Cross, Lawrence of Brindisi, Francis de Sales, Alphonsus Liguori, Therese of Lisieux.

Pope Pius VII (1800-1823) by Prof. Robin Anderson. No. 1753. 250 Pp. PB. Impr. 30 Illus. Index. $16.50. This period saw the rise of Napoleon, the restoration of the Jesuits, the Catholic emancipation in Ireland and England, St. Gaspar del Bufalo= s conversion of the bandits infesting the hills of Rome plus the workings of Jansenism, Gallicanism, Josephism and Regalism--all various forms of Liberalism.

The Life of St. Gemma Galgani by Venerable Fr. Germanus, C.P.-No. 1748. 349 pp. PB. Impr. $16.50. This saint (1878-1903) was a beautiful Italian laywoman and advanced through all nine stages of growing in holiness. She was a mystic, stigmatist, visionary, ecstatic, victim soul, discerner of spirits, seer of hidden things, prophetess, spouse of Christ, zealot for souls, devotee of souls in Purgatory.

St. Vincent Ferrer-Angel of the Judgment by Fr. Andrew Pradel, O.P.-No. 1752. 196 Pp. PB. 10 Illus. Impr. $9.00. This saint (1350-1419) preached The Last Judgment all over Europe and converted millions. His miracles totaled over 58,000. Fifty priests and 10,000 people accompanied him on his preaching tours. The two claimants to the papal throne (1378-1417) the Great Western Schism was finally ended largely by him.

The Douay-Rheims Bible. Nylon laminated paperbound edition. No. 1714. 1407 Pp. 6.5 x 9 inches. Impr. $35.00. 8 maps of ancient world. Family record section. Very legible typeface. Handsome gift edition.

The Seven Capital Sins by the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration. No. 1721. 61 Pp. PB. Impr. $2.00. All sins are traceable to these seven roots: Pride, Covetousness (Avarice), Lust, Anger, Gluttony, Envy and Sloth. This work exposes the various forms of each sin and the many disguises they assume. Sloth often hides under cover of unnecessary activity.

Confession-Its Fruitful Practice by the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration. No. 1723. 74 Pp. PB. Impr. $2.00.

The Blessed Sacrament-God With Us. No. 1740. 67 Pp. PB. Impr. $2.00.

Divine Intimacy by Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, O.C.D. No. 1713. 1227 Pages. Index. Imprimatur. Nylon-Laminated paperbound Edition. Individually Shrink-wrapped. Dark Blue. $35.00. Meditations on the interior life for every day of the liturgical year. Larger edition with larger print.

A Catholic Guide to Medical Ethics by Eugene F. Diamond, M.D. No. 1777. 382 Pp. Paper bound. $24.00. Covers 53 of the most burning issues of today. In-vitro fertilization, Contraceptives, Abortificient contraceptives, Euthanasia, Fetal experimentation, Sterilization, AIDS, ordinary and extraordinary measures to preserve life, homosexuality and hope, infanticide, crisis pregnancy counseling, orders not to resuscitate, organ donors.

The Spiritual Life by Fr. Adolphe Tanquerey, S.S., D.D. Published in English this book is the finest, most comprehensive and best respected one-volume treatise on the spiritual life ever written. Contains 1,599 numbered sections. Dogma leads to devotion. Explains the Three Ways towards the heights of perfection. Used in seminaries until Vatican II. No. 1737. 771 Pp. PB. Impr. $32.50.

Right and Reason by Fr. Austin Fagothey, S.J. No. 1746. 627 Pp. PB. Impr. $25.00. The greatest and most successful ETHICS book written to date. Widely used in Catholic colleges. Answers the perennial questions such as: What makes the right right and the wrong wrong? What is moral obligation and where does it come from?

The Death of Evolution by Wallace Johnson. No. 1726. 204 Pp. PB. 30 Illus. Impr. $12.50. Author uses scientific findings and Catholic teachings to show that the theory of evolution is not compatible with Catholic teachings or common sense.

The Shroud of Turin by Fr. Vittorio Guerrera. No. 1759. 150 Pp. PB. 20 Illus. Impr. $12.50. A case for its authenticity. A up-to-date study with all the latest evidence.

Bible History by George Johnson, Fr. Jerome Hannan, Sr. M. Dominica. No. 1776. 558 Pp. PB. Impr. 165 Illus. 23 maps. $24.00. A textbook of the Old and New Testaments for Catholic Schools. Originally published by Benziger Brothers. Contains study questions for each chapter. Wording that 6th to 8th grade students can easily handle.

Which Bible Should You Read? By Thomas A. Nelson. No. 1772. 76 Pp. PB. $2.00. 5 for $7.50. 10 for $12.50. 15 for $15. 25 for $20. 50 for $35. 100 for $60.

The Life of Father De Smet by Fr. E. Laveille, S.J. Apostle of the Rocky Mountains (1801-1873). No. 1749. 400 pp. pb. Impr. 16 illus. Index. $18.00. He traveled 260,929 miles on his missionary journeys. This Belgian was loved by the Indians beginning in 1823 when he left Europe. He returned 8 times to Europe to raise funds and beg supplies for the Indians.

1228. Christ The King-Lord of History by Anne W. Carroll. A fast paced Catholic world history for high school and adult reading. Covers largely Western world history from a Catholic viewpoint. No.1228. $24.00.

Christ The King-Lord of History-Workbook and Study Guide. By Belinda Mooney. No. 1754. 163 Pp. PB. 8.5 x 11. $16.50. 50 questions for each of the 30 chapters, with answer key--Fill in the blank, Multiple Choice, true or False, and match-up Exercises.

Our Saviour and His Love For Us by Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P. 398 pp. PB. Impr.-Catholic doctrine on the interior life of Christ as it relates to our own interior life. No. 1575. $18.50.

Husband and Wife-The joys, sorrows and glories of married life. Fr. Paul Wickens, 84 pp. PB. The traditional principles of Catholic marriage in a brief, dignified, and insightful manner that is both humorous and enlightening by a priest with many years of pastoral experience. No. 1590. $8.50.

St. Gerard Majella-The Wonder-Worker and Patron of Expectant Mothers. Fr. Edward Saint-Omer, C.S.S.R. 258 pp. PB. Impr. No. 1580. $8.50. He possessed virtually every supernatural gift--including cures and other miracles--and displayed a purity of heart and action that made his superiors doubt he had ever committed any sin. A major, major Saint for our times, who entered Religion at age 26 and died at only 29.

The Holy Eucharist: Our All. Fr.Lukas Etlin. 62 pp. PB. Impr. An invitation to all to develop an ever-deepening love for Jesus truly present in the Blessed Sacrament. Explores many aspects of this, the greatest mystery of the Catholic Faith. Considers the Blessed Eucharist as food, life, as expiation, as salvation, as the treasury of grace and as Divine Love. Urges us to visit Jesus often-definitely every day! Says that prayer before the Blessed Sacrament conquers every sin and is a powerful protection against every evil. Many stories from the Saints. No. 1593. $2.00. (5 for $1.25 ea;-10 for $1.00 ea.; 25 for 80 cents ea; 50-.70 ea.; 100--.60 ea.; 500--.50 ea.; 1,000--.40 ea.)

Providence. Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P. 389 pp. PB. Impr. No. 1573. $15.00. Gives both the deep Thomistic theological background and its practical ramifications. Demonstrates an entire way of life based on the firm rock of confidence in God= s Providence for us. Shows how we can have the confidence and joy of the Saints amid the trials of this life. Shows how non-Catholics often err by presumption or by despair. Great!

Predestination. Fr. R. Garrigou-Lagrange, O.P. 382 pp. PB Impr. Gives a deep Thomistic understanding of this the most difficult tract in theology. Covers its gratuity, divine predilection, efficacious and sufficient grace, free will, God= s antecedent and consequent will His justice and mercy, whether His foreknowledge causes it, etc. Magnificent! No. 1574. $15.00.

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