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Issue 48 March 15, 2000


Vice-President Gore has vowed to never appoint a pro-life Court Judge


World Catholic Population up, news, Cardinal’s argue


Prophet was a Connecticut prison inmate


Bible Code indicates atomic holocaust in 2000 or 2006


Missing link revealed in the murder of President Kennedy


Fidelis et Verus Needs Help to continue publishing


Pope in last-ditch health battle

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(Card. Eyt-Continued from page 3)

He noted the evolution of Pope John Paul II’s teaching on the

death penalty in recent years and said this might be a model

for progressive adaptation in other areas.

Cardinal Eyt’s article was prompted by a November speech

by Cardinal Ratzinger at the University of Paris where he

said the institutional problems facing the church reflected the

modern failure to accept the "synthesis between reason, faith

and life," which should mark Christianity in any age.

Cardinal Ratzinger said such problems were secondary; they

were the consequence, not the cause, of a crisis of faith in

modern times.

Prophet’ was Connecticut convict

Associated Press-Keene, N.H. – Ronald O’Brien, who at 55

calls himself a prophet and claims religious statues in his home

are shedding miraculous tears was convicted of credit card

fraud several years ago in Connecticut.

O’Brien, who was then using his given name, Ronald

Woodruff, spent 13 months in federal prison in 1991 and 1992,

authorities said. He took the last name of his current wife,

Arline O’Brien, after he was released.

Authorities say O’Brien used fake names and Social Security

numbers and a "wide network" of post office boxes in the New

Haven, Conn. area to obtain numerous credit cards. He

eventually charged about $300,000 on the cards, but never

paid the bills, authorities said.

Since September 1998, O’Brien has held gatherings at his home,

where he claims religious statues and paintings have dripped

oily tears. He also claims communion wafers that he has

brought home from Mass have developed heart-shaped

bloodstains. Ed. His claims were in the last issue of Fidelis et

Verus. Hosts given by O’Brien to people in Vietnam are

multiplying. He should not be stealing consecrated Hosts.

Catholic voters and politicians keep abortion legal in US

Catholics frequently vote for pro-abortion candidates.

Clinton could not have won the presidency with 43% in 1992

and 49% in 1996 without the majority of the Catholic vote,

59-33% in 1996. The states of Rhode Island, Massachusetts,

New Jersey and Connecticut (all with Catholic populations from

40 to 75 percent) have eight pro-abortion US senators, including

four Catholics. Also, 10 of the 36 senators who favor partial-birth

abortion are Catholic.

In order to overturn Roe vs. Wade, we must heed the exhortation

of Cardinal Bernard Law: "It must be made abundantly clear in

pulpits, in classrooms, in the lecture halls of our colleges and

universities, in the press, in the way we vote, that to be Christian

is to be unconditionally pro-life." Ernie Muro; Satellite Beach, FL

Bishop pretending to be Catholic????

Bishop Joseph Adamec of Altoona-Johnstown (PA) scolded

Catholics who had objected to the dioceses’s inviting the

pro-abortion governor to speak at an official diocesan dinner.

The bishop equated himself to Jesus not defending Himself

during Holy Week when his flock chose to "criticize their bishop."

Bishop Adamec needs to be replaced.


By Anne Tansey-The Catholic Hearth

Amerigo Vespucci was born in Florence, Italy in 1474. The

mapmakers used Americus, the Latin variant and the two great

continents became North and South America. Amerigo Vespucci was good, a practicing Catholic, an honorable merchant, and a great scientist. He died not knowing that the New World was named after him.

It was Amerigo Vespucci who discovered that America was not a trade route to India, but was a new continent! This news was the most startling that Europe had ever received from the Western World.

It was Amerigo Vespucci who explored America from the Gulf of St. Lawrence down to Argentina. He discovered the equatorial current and was the first Caucasian to cross the equator in the Western Hemisphere. He was well educated in science, particularly in astronomy, so that he was able to understand many things which other explorers might have passed by without noticing.

The third reason why the mapmakers called the new territory America was because the letter C in both the first and last name of Christopher Columbus did not fit into the scheme of things. The letter A in Amerigo fitted perfectly. As South America was discovered and explored first and most, the new continent was considered to be a southern one. At that time it was considered necessary to have all southern continents begin with the letter A. We have Asia, Africa, Australia and America.

The first mapmaker to use the name America for South America was a Dutchman named Waldeseemuller in 1507. For many years the mapmakers did not know what to call the vast lands to the west. They did not know the shape of North America. They could arrive at the shape of South America from the drawings and calculations of Ameigo Vespucci.

By means of the stars Amerigo evolved a whole new astronomical method of determining longitude, so that seamen could steer their ships by the position of the stars. For centuries afterwards, Spanish pilots had to study Vespucci’s method before being given a license to sail the seas. Captain James Cook, who discovered the Hawaiian Island in the 18th century used Amerigo’s method of seamanship.

In 1538, long after Amerigo Vespucci was dead, another mapmaker named Mercator applied the name America to the northern continent of the New World. As the years passed, other mapmakers continued to use the name and it became the official name.

Amerigo is known to have explored more than two-thirds of the coastline of South America and is suspected of having explored a great deal of the North American coastline. It was he who discovered Brazil and Argentina. He named Brazil which means the "Land of St. Ambrose."

It was the custom among Catholic explorers to name the lands, bays, gulfs, lakes, rivers, etc. which they discovered for the saint whose feast was being celebrated on the calendar for the day. That is why so many southern cities and bodies of water bear religious names.

Amerigo was living in Seville when Christopher Columbus teturned home in 1493 to report his amazing discovery. He invested money in the second expedition of Columbus and then decided to go exploring himself. With the help of rich friends Amerigo fitted out three ships and set sail for the place which Columbus had named Espanola. After arriving there he ventured far north and many people believed he touched the mainland of the United States along the east coast. In another voyage he went southward and discovered more and more land. It seemed to him that this new world had more land than all of Europe. If tamed, it could provide homes for millions of Europeans in crowded cities. He studied the stars at night and found so many constellations that he decided to give up all thoughts of treasure and devote himself to adding to man’s knowledge of the universe. Using all the money he had in the world, Amerigo explored more miles of previously unexplored coastline than any other explorer in the world’s history, 6,000 miles of it. When his money gave out, he returned to Spain time after time, getting help from the kings of Spain and Portugal for new expeditions. Amerigo made four journeys in all.

Towards the end of his life Vespucci was named Pilot Major by King Ferdinand of Spain and was given honorary citizenship by Royal decree. When he died in 1512, he left no money, so the King of Spain awarded his wife, Joanne of Castile, a large pension in appreciation for her husband’s service to Spain.

It was by way of all these strange circumstances that America got its name. The mapmakers named the New World for Amerigo Vespucci because he had explored so much of it and his name began with the letter ‘A’. As he was named for a saint whose feastday is on November 4, we might say that date has special significance for Americans, as indirectly it was from St. Emeric, or Americus that our country got its name. Manna 10/’53)

US Soldiers in Korea ended up in Soviet Gulag in ‘50s

Washington—AP-Robert Burns- Pentagon investigators have obtained the memoir of a Russian émigré who claims to have learned while in internal exile in the Soviet Union that dozens of American servicemen from World War II and the Korean War were detained in Siberian labor camps. Yeltsin admitted in 1992 that a dozen US airmen were taken captive in the 1950s after shooting down their planes.

The memoir identifies by name 22 men held in late 1951 at the Kirovskij mining camp near the Kamenka River in the sub-Artic pine forests of the Krasnoyarsk region. Area residents saw the prisoners "wearing bare threads and half-frozen," being led from the Kirovskij camp along a road to an undetermined destination---"a dead-end."

A witness described as the daughter of the manager of a nearby town told the author that on Christmas Day 1951 she saw "frost-bitten prisoners being led and driven like cattle by the NKVD," the Soviet internal security agency. "They did not speak Russian. They only said ‘American, American,’ and ‘eat, eat.’ They wanted food," the author quoted the woman as recounting to him.

A woman who worked at the Kirovskij camp during the winter of 1951-52 obtained 22 names of American servicemen only one of which could be matched with a missing American serviceman. He is Chan Jay Park Kim, a Hawaiian of Korean descent.

Kim was a private first class in the 24th Infantry Division’s 34th Infantry Regiment, captured by North Korean forces on July 8, 1950. On that day, the 34th Infantry collapsed in its defense of the town of Ch’onan south of Seoul, giving the advancing North Korean army entry to most of the rest of southern Korea.

According to Pentagon records, fellow members of the 34th Infantry who survived captivity in Korea told Army debriefers that once he became a POW, Kim tried to mask his ethnic background by using the name George Leon. It is that name which appears among the 22 on the list from the Soviet labor camp.

Army casualty records list Kim as having died in Korea in January 1951, but his body was not recovered.

The author of the memoir saw one American in the Gulag in January 1953 at a camp called Rybak far above the Arctic Circle. He was a prisoner and a demolition expert at a mining operation. He openly identified himself as a citizen of the United States, Allied Officer Dale.

Another section describes the fate of 10 members of a 12-man crew of a US Air Force B-29 reconnaissance plane, which was shot down by Soviet forces over the Sea of Japan on June 13, 1952.

American search and rescue teams recovered no remains from the plane but in October 1953 a member of the crew was seen in a Soviet hospital north of the Siberian port of Magadan. The Soviets denied that any American servicemen were on Soviet territory.

The Russian émigré was told by an associate with extensive experience in the far eastern reaches of Siberia that he had learned the names of two of the captured B-29 fliers: "Bush and Moore."

The B-29’s commander was Maj. Samuel Busch and Master Sgt. David L. Moore was a crew member.

The memoir indicates that Busch and Moore were killed--- possibly beaten to death--- in the Siberian city of Khabarovsk, apparently a short time after their capture. Eight surviving crew members were put in solitary confinement in a prison in Svobodnyi, a city northwest of Khabarovsk near the Chinese border, it said.

Charlotte Busch Mitnik, a sister of Maj. Samuel Busch said in an interview that the memoir "reinforces what I believe" happened to him and jibes with unconfirmed rumors her family heard shortly after her brother’s capture.

All these communist crimes occurred because the Pope and all the world’s bishops have refused to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. It will be done but it will be very late according to Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lord at Coimbra, Portugal in 1929 when they spoke to Sister Lucy, one of the three who saw Our lady at Fatima in 1917.

The third world war is next when Russia and China will make their big move forward.

The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin is a book deciphering the Bible in Hebrew using a computer program than counts every nth word until a message appears. There are only two years encoded with "World War’, 2000 and 2006. The same two years are also encoded with "atomic holocaust." The year 2000 (5760) is encoded twice, but 2006 (5766) is mathematically the best match. An atomic holocaust was mentioned for 1945 (5705) in Japan. President Kennedy to die in Dallas is mentioned in the Bible as is the Oklahoma explosion at the Murrah building. Armageddon is mentioned with Syria’s leader, Hafez Assad Holocaust. Syria is encoded with "World War" as is Russia, China and USA. In 2113 (5873) there will be the great terror; fire, earthquake for everyone with desolation, empty, depopulation.

Great earthquake in 2000 (5760) and 2006 (5766). In 2010 (5770) a great earthquake and fire in Los Angeles, California and 1994 (5754) a great earthquake. Great earthquake in Japan in 2000 and 2006 will cause an economic collapse. Swift-Tuttle comet will strike in 2006 (Its path struck their dwelling, a starlike object) and July, 2126. Comet will annihilate earth in 2012. It will be crumbled. I will tear it to pieces. The world war will begin on July 25, the ninth of Av, which is the date Jerusalem was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BC and the day Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD.

"Delay" is written in with "year of the plague." Where "Israel and Japan" cross those words, the same code sequence states, "They delayed the year of the plague."

"Delay" is written in with "World War." Where the years 2000 and 2006 are encoded, the hidden text states, "I will delay the war."In Deuteronomy 31:29, Moses’ warning that "evil will befall you in the End of Days" is preceded by a hidden text that states, "You knew it will be delayed." And in Numbers 24:14, where the sorcerer Balaam foretells the "End of Days"—the words that are encoded with both "atomic holocaust" and "World War"—the hidden text states "friend delayed." In the end of days is encoded with Arafat (leader of Palestinians). Some of the Midrash state that at a time of Arab domination, 80% of the Israeli population will be killed. It is perhaps the ‘exile under Ishmael’ just before the ‘End of Days.’ Ishmael was the first son of the patriarch Abraham, the one he sent away. According to the Bible, he is the forebear of all Arabs. Abraham’s second son, Isaac, was the chosen inheritor. He is the forebear of all Jews. The family feud had been going on for 4,000 years, and was predicted to come to a terrible end.

In the Bible time is reversed. The future is always written in the past tense and the past is always written in the future tense. The laws of physics are time-symmetric in that they run just as well backwards as forwards in time. Where Isaih says, "Tell the things that are to come hereafter,’ you can translate the same words to read, "They told the future backwards,’ You can translate the same words to read, "Tell the letters in reverse. It’s like mirror writing."

The entire Bible is encoded. The book of Genesis states, "He encoded the Torah, and more." The clearest encoding of the "Bible code" uses the Hebrew word "Tanakh" the name for the entire Old Testament. "Tanakh" is actually a Hebrew acrostic of the first letters of the names of all three parts of the Old Testament, the Law, the Prophets, and the Writings. Crossing the words "Bible code" is a hidden text that states it was ‘sealed before God" –an apparent statement that the Bible code is the "sealed book," the secret revelation foretold in the plain text of the Bible such as the Book of Revelation.

These revelations used the standard Hebrew language text of Genesis, known as the Textus Receptus. The same full text of the Bible is used in the Bible code computer program. This science was discovered several decades ago by Rabbi Weissmandel and centuries ago by Sir Isaac Newton. The Rabbi found some equidistant letter sequences by selecting sequences of equally spaced letters in the text. Computers have a similar phenomenon in that the text you read on screen is over a secret HTML code not visible on the screen.

Missing Link’ Found in John F Kennedy Murder

In 1992, former Rep. Paul Findley (R-Ill.) made the little noticed but intriguing comment that "in all the words written about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad, has never been mentioned, despite the obvious fact Mossad complicity is as plausible as any of the other theories."

In 1994 a new book, Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper contended that the Mossad role alongside the CIA in the JFK assassination was the big secret—the "missing link"—that explained the entirety of the JFK conspiracy.

Six years later, although Final Judgment has never been in any major bookstore, some 30,000 copies are in circulation—more copies than more widely-publicized books on the topic.

Now in its 672-page fourth edition, documented with 1,069 footnotes, Final Judgment reveals how hidden global power politics are directly related to the death of President Kennedy:

  1. Red China’s acquisition of the atomic bomb;
  2. The covert surveillance of thousands of American political dissidents of both the "right" and "left";
  3. The "Watergating" of Richard Nixon;
  4. The control of America’s money by the private bankers of the Federal reserve System;
  5. The assassination of Robert Kennedy;
  6. The blackmailing of FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover;
  7. The real reason the U.S. surrendered in Vietnam;
  8. CIA involvement in the global drug trade;
  9. The murder of ex-CIA director William Colby;
  10. Israel’s acquisition of 300 nuclear bombs;
  11. The "Jackal" plots to kill Charles DeGaulle. Final Judgment documents that in 1963 JFK was embroiled in a bitter secret conflict with Israeli leader David Ben-Gurion over Israel’s drive to build the atomic bomb and that Ben-Gurion resigned in disgust, saying that because of JFK’s policies, Israel’s "existence was in danger." Then upon JFK’s assassination, US policy toward Israel began an immediate and remarkable 180-degree turnaround as President Johnson did not want to be killed by Israeli henchmen.
  12. Israeli historian Avner Cohen’s new book, Israel and the Bomb, confirms the conflict between JFK and Israel so powerfully that Israel’s Ha’aretz declared Cohen’s revelations would "necessitate the rewriting of Israel’s entire history." From Israel’s perspective, writes Cohen, "Kennedy’s demands [on Israel] seemed diplomatically inappropriate….inconsistent with national sovereignty." In any case, Cohen pointed out, "the transition from Kennedy to Johnson …benefited the Israeli nuclear program."
  13. Ethan Bronner in The New York Times, called Israel’s drive to build a nuclear bomb "a fiercely hidden subject." Israeli journalist Barry Chamish said there is "a pretty cogent case" for Mossad collaboration with the CIA in the assassination conspiracy.
  14. The fact is that when New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison prosecuted trade executive Clay Shaw with conspiracy in the assassination, Garrison had unknowingly stumbled upon the Mossad link.
  15. Although (after his acquittal) Shaw was revealed to have been a CIA asset, in 1963 Shaw also served on the board of a Rome-based company, Permindex, which was actually a front for a Mossad-sponsored arms procurement operation.
  16. A primary shareholder in Permindex, the Banque De Credit Internationale of Geneva, was not only the fiefdom of Tibor Rosenbaum, a high-level Mossad official, but also the chief money lauderer for Meyer Lansky, "chairman" of the U.S. crime syndicate and long-time Israeli loyalist. The chief executive of Permindex was Louis Bloomfield of Montreal, a top figure in the Israeli lobby and an operative of the Bronfman family, who are intimate Lansky associates and leading patrons of Israel.
  17. Permindex was clearly the Israeli link to the JFK assassination, so much so that Jim Garrison later circulated the manuscript for a never-published novel in which he fingered the Mossad as the prime mover behind the conspiracy.
  18. The Permindex was also involved in assassination attempts against French President Charles DeGaulle by the French "Secret Army Organization" OAS which itself had close ties to the Mossad.
  19. Like OAS, the Israelis hated DeGaulle not only because he gave independence to Algeria, a major new Arab state, but also because De Gaulle, who had assisted Israel, had withdrawn support, objecting (as did JFK) to Israel’s drive for an atomic arsenal.
  20. A French intelligence officer revealed that the Mossad contracted out one of JFK’s assassins-probably a Corsican hitman—through a French intelligence official disloyal to DeGaulle and who hated JFK for supporting Algerian independence.
  21. JFK was also planning a strike against Red China’s nuclear bomb program—a plan scuttled by Lyndon Johnson within a month of JFK’s assassination. During this same period, in fact, Israel and Red China were involved in joint secret nuclear bomb research with a key player in the Permindex web, Shaul Eisenberg, serving as the Mossad’s liaison with China.
  22. Jesus Angleton, the CIA liaison to the Mossad, was a devoted partisan of Israel who not only orchestrated the scenario linking accused assassin Lee Oswald to the Soviet KGB but who later circulated disinformation to confuse investigations into the assassination.
  23. Even "mainstream" sources on organized crime note that the "Mafia" figures accused of being behind the assassination---Carlos Marcello and Santo Trafficante---were actually subordinates of Mossad-associated syndicate kingpin Meyer Lansky.
  24. Perhaps Oliver Stone failed to mention these details in JFK because the film was financed by Arnon Milchan, an Israeli arms dealer linked to smuggling of material to Israel’s nuclear program---the point of contention between JFK and Israel.

Letters to other publications that are excellent:

I have LONG AGO abandoned watching ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and reading Newsweek, Time, New York Times, Washington Post, and New York Daily News because they are New World Order/Bilderberger/CFR/UN. I get the truth from other sources. Betty Zeitler, Minneapolis, Minnesota

I thought it was very amazing how the entire world celebrated the two thousandth year of our Lord. Muslims, Hindus, Atheists, Communists, even Jews observed and celebrated the 2000th birthday of Jesus in Bethlehem. We have to realize that the world lives by European and Catholic standards. Jesus lives as the Son of Man to destroy the works of the Devil. When Christ returns, all of the world will fall at his feet. Ralph Forbes; London, Arkansas

Vision of Paul VI’s Double

The visions and messages given by Jesus to the Croatian seer Julka (Julia) in the years 1975-76 were first published in German by Fr. Rudolf Skunca in Volume III of his work, Jesus Ruft Uns (Haupt Christi-Verlag, Munich-Oberschleissheim, 1984). A few years later, there appeared an English version entitled Jesus Calls Us (In Wahrheit und Treue, Postfach 279, 8401 Winterthur, Switzerland, 1988).

One of the extraordinary revelations contained in this work is a vision given by Jesus to Julia about the Imposter Pope who impersonated Pope Paul VI in the 1970’s. During the later part of his "reign," Paul VI had actually been taken prisoner by Freemason clergy Villot, Benelli and Casaroli. Here is a translation of this vision of the Imposter Pope taken from the German edition of Fr. Skunca’s work.

"Suddenly the seer found herself mystically in Rome. She caught sight of a man dressed in white clothing, who pushed through the crowd in order to get to the Papal chambers. This man was already of advanced age, rather big and strong, and of a fair complexion. He wore a white habit and white gloves. On his head was a round white hat as high as a miter, which however looked like the hat of a cook (chef). The whole behavior of the man suggested that of a charlatan.

"Julia likewise hurried (in spirit) to the Papal palace. When she entered the hall where no one had permission to enter, the imposter was already there. He stood beside someone whose form was covered by a white cloth. He lifted the corner of the cloth, and one saw Pope Paul VI bent over on his throne. The charlatan quickly covered up everything again and began to shove the Pope violently aside with his shoulders and whole body. Then he placed himself in front of the veiled Pope, and acted as if he were Pope Paul VI himself.

"The seer, however, was given to see how this Imposter Pope looked before the eyes of God. His body was covered with dog’s hair; under the white gloves one saw dog’s paws; and hanging down from him was even a dog’s tail. Under the white hat, two horns stood out.

"Then the seer said to him with bitter rancor: ‘You are a scoundrel and a serpent! Why do you dress yourself in white when you are a devil?’

"When people noticed what kind of hat this Imposter wore, they whispered to others that he could not be a real Pope.

"About the Imposter Pope, the Lord Jesus said: ‘He is a man in whom a demon lives!" P. 142, Jesus Ruft Uns, Vol.III

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We need your help to keep publishing. Many of our readers have been donating and buying books since our first issue in September 1985 in Palmdale, California and they continued helping when we were in Inavale, Nebraska; Bethany, Missouri; Kansas City, Missouri; Tampa and Tallahassee, Florida. These readers deserve sainthood for keeping all of our publishing efforts alive for so many years.

Our Prophecies book is at the printer awaiting a firm estimate hoping their $1394 estimate without a sample maybe reduced since the cover price of $434 was excessive as the book does not have much of a cover. This issue to 1,800 people will cost about $1200 so we printed a few hundred copies and mailed out and hope money comes in from you to print some more until all the readers receive a copy.

Any book orders, donations, letters to the editor should be sent to: Children of Mary; PO Box 350333; Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33335-0333 Phone or fax 1-954-524-3048; tel.1-954-467-0272 Website: http://www.catholicbook.com E-mail: [email protected]

A person is trying to buy the building in which we live as they feel they can make money by raising the low rents to market levels so say a prayer or two that the sale fails to get bank financing. Otherwise, we may have to move to another city.

This Jubilee Year has many indulgences attached to your making a pilgrimage to your Cathedral and other churches designated by your Bishop. You may gain a full remission of the penalties due your confessed sins by making this pilgrimage and going to confession and communion within 8 days of the pilgrimage. You must also pray for the intentions of the Pope.

Pope In Health Battle

Plagued by steadily failing health, Pope John Paul II is taking desperate measures to survive. The 79-year old Pontiff now travels in a plane called "a flying ambulance" that’s outfitted with state—of-the-art hospital equipment.

And when he makes public appearances outside the Vatican, he is followed by an entourage of medical personnel and transport vehicles.

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