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Prophecies re: Serbia Coming True!


Vision 2004 by Gottfried von Werdenberg is a 4 page summary of an Austrian who saw the future as in a film without narration. Below are excerpts from Vision 2004 that are coming true as you read this newsletter .If you wish the full 4 pages, send us $1 and we will mail to you.

Aliens In Countries

Germany, France, Italy and England have many foreign subjects. Many countries will experience public unrest, a kind of civil war. Shortly before the outbreak of World War III, many people from East Europe and South East Europe will pour into West Europe. Islamic members will grow in strength and confront Christianity.


The Czech and Slovak countries will remain stable until World War III. They will not suffer events like those currently going on in the former Yugoslavia. However, they will suffer very much during World War III.


The current civil war will finish shortly before World War III, probably with the help of foreign participation.


Poland will suffer a grave, armed conflict in the near future, probably in the South. The reason is not known. It might be connected with the civil unrest in neighboring nations, e.g. in Germany. Political stability and peace have finally ended.


There will be a cosmic event most definitely before World War III. It will be a beautiful summer= s day in Austria. It is approximately 10am, standard time. Whilst the sun is getting darker, dusk is covering earth. It is not the usual solar eclipse but a kind of fog in the universe far outside of our atmosphere.

Billions of white dots can be observed in the East. It is like a rain of glowing fire...hitting the ground like a heavy fall of hail. They fall in distances of 165 feet to 330 feet apart; they make no noise.

Once the particles hit the ground, it becomes bright again. A fierce storm begins to blow now from the East and creates fire; it drives before it the fierce fire. The grass is burning; forests are burning; fields are burning; barns, sheds, and farm buildings are on fire; houses and factories are burning, too. The sun will not shine again on this day.

The cause of the rain of glowing fire might be a comet, directly or indirectly responsible for it. The seer is unable to tell. The time of the year is the summer, probably the first half of August. The year is not given but it could be any year from 1995 onwards.


Shortly before the outbreak of World War III, millions of people from the East and South East of Europe will flood West European nations.


The first nuclear weapon will be used in Europe in the Mediterranean. Many nuclear bombs will be exploded high in the sky above the Adriatic Sea, from the North to the South. Ed. Adriatic Sea is between Yugoslavia and Italy. The consequences are, of course, major flooding in that area. Shock waves can be felt in Austria and Germany. (Ed. This is during World War III, not today).

The nuclear attacks by the Russians in the Adriatic Sea and later in the North Sea, are meant solely for the destruction of enemy ships operating there. There will also, be a WAR IN THE BALKAN COUNTRIES, FROM ALBANIA TO BULGARIA TO TURKEY. However, the Russians will lose the battles.

Russia will occupy Austria, Italy and the Balkans (Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia).

If you want a copy of this 4 page summary of the German book, please send $1 to: Children of Mary; PO Box 350333' Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33335-0333 USA. The whole story of World War III is very severe and should happen before 2004 and is fully outlined in the 4 page summary.

The present NATO war against Serbia is a prelude before World War III. Other actions that will occur before World War III are a war in Saudi Arabia which the USA will lose, the destruction of Manhattan, New York, the Pope fleeing Rome and the selection of an anti-pope in Rome even though John Paul II is alive in France or Poland.


World News Briefs

VATICAN CITY-Catholic population is now over 1 billion, 1,005,000,000, 17.3 percent of the world= s population and continues to increase while the number of priests is holding steady and the number of religious is slowly dropping. Catholics represent 62.9% in the Americas, 41.4% in Europe, 27.5% in Oceania, 14.9% in Africa and 3% in Asia. There are 219,000 parishes and 115,000 missionary stations across the world. The number of Catholics per priest continues to increase but the number of seminarians rose 2.5% from the previous year. The Church= s pastoral workforce totaled nearly 3.4 million:

C More than 4,400 bishops

C 404,000 priests of which 264,000 were diocesan

C 24,400 permanent deacons. 4% increase

C 58,000 male religious who were not priests

C 819,000 female religious

C 31,000 members of secular institutes (Opus Dei)

C 26,000 lay missionaries

C 2 million catechists

The Vatican maintains diplomatic relations with 168 states, a new record.--CNS

WASHINGTON-Block Rosary on May 1, 1999. Meet at 11am in front of the Capitol Building by the reflecting pool to pray for America= s conversion. Phone-704-843-0648; fax,704-843-0874;[email protected]

The Chinese government might be building a powerful anti-satellite laser that could deprive the US military of a key advantage in any future conflict in Asia by disabling America= s fleet of A spies in the sky.@ the Pentagon has warned.

Russian scientists involved in the Soviet laser program made significant advances after many years and are probably helping the Chinese.

The seer, John Leary, said Jesus and Mary said we will be lucky to have another Presidential election. If Clinton declared a A National Emergency@ he can rule by decree as he has signed 250 Executive Orders that give him power over all aspects of society. President Lincoln suspended the Constitution during the Civil War. What constitutes a National Emergency has never been defined.

JFK= s Death linked to Israel= s Top-Secret Nuclear Bomb Deals with Red China. Israel and Red China were secretly collaborating on nuclear weapons in 1963 and Kennedy was determined to stop them both. One month after Kennedy died, Pres. Johnson canceled JFK= s plans to launch a missile strike on Red China= s nuclear facilities. A Mossad figure, Shaul Eisenberg, linked to JFK= s assassination was Israel= s covert liaison to Communist China.

US spy for Israel, Jonathan Pollard, gave information that ended up in Russia because of a Soviet spy, Shabta Kaganovitch who had worked his way up to one of the top three in Israeli intelligence.

USA secrets have ended up in China thru Las Alamos, and Lt. Col. Liu Chaoying, daughter of a top Chinese general who had links to Las Alamos and our American satellite and computer manufacturers in the 1980's. Loral in California, owned by a Clinton fund raiser gave China secret missile and satellite technology. China gave $400,000 to Johnny Chung to give the money to Clinton= s 1996 re-election campaign. Clinton and Sandy Berger, National Security chief were part of the plot to give secrets to Red China. Berger and the Loral owner are both Jews. Americans are so stupid that they think their leaders would never betray their nation for money.

NRLC estimates 38 Million US abortions since Roe v. Wade Decision on January 22, 1973.

WILLIAMSBURG, Va.-The Rev. Jerry Falwell (Baptist) said the Antichrist is probably alive today and is a male Jew. He also said the second coming of Christ probably will be within 10 years.

ROCHESTER- James Callan, the Rochester, NY priest whose repeated disobedience of orders to stop blessing same-sex unions and allowing a woman to perform priestly duties has been suspended and will form a new church with his followers.

He will be joined by Mary Ramerman, the Methodist convert whose priest-like activities were a flashpoint in the ongoing controversy and by Enrique Cadena, the priest sent to replace him at Corpus Christi Church. Cadena was replaced after allowing girls to A concelebrate@ a Mass with him.

Four staffers hired by Rev. Callan were fired by Corpus Christi Church and have sued the Catholic Diocese of Rochester, hours after Rev. Callan was excommunicated by the diocese.

WASHINGTON- US Catholic Bishops are still allowing lay and clerical people to issue statements in their names even though the Bishops have never read or approved the documents. Apostolos Suos from Rome demanded that only documents approved unanimously by all the Bishops could be issued in the Bishop= s name so the disobedience and schismatic behavior of US Catholic Bishops continues. Those things we ought to have done, we have not done.


A 16th Century Prophecy

Isadore of Isolanis, a pious Dominican of the 16th Century, prophesied that A the sound of victory@ will be heard in the Church Militant A when the faithful recognize the sanctity of St. Joseph. The Lord will let His light shine. He will lift the veil and great men will search out the interior gifts of God that are hidden in St. Joseph; they will find him a priceless treasure, the like of which they had never found in other saints of the Old Testament. We are inclined to believe that toward the end of time, God will overwhelm St. Joseph with glorious honors. If in the past ages, during the storms of persecution, these honors could not be shown to St. Joseph, we must conclude that they have been reserved for later times. At some future time, the feast of St. Joseph will be celebrated as one of the greatest of feasts. The Vicar of Christ, inspired by the Holy Spirit, will order this feast to be celebrated in the Universal Church.@ May 1, St. Joseph, the worker is a feast day of our times to counter Mayday, May 1, 1776 which is the day illuminism/marxism/communism was begun.


Crucial Times-1999 and 2000 A.D.-Gobbi and Lourdes

Father Gobbi= s locutions state: A I confirm to you that by the Great Jubilee of the year 2000 there will take place the Triumph of my Immaculate Heart which I foretold to you at Fatima and this will come to pass with the return of Jesus in glory to establish His reign in the world.@ Thus, you will at last be able to see with your own eyes the New Heavens and the New Earth.@ Our Lady.

The fifth and last prophecy of Lourdes (1854) written by St. Bernadette Soubirous to Pope Leo XIII in 1879. A Your Holiness: The Blessed Virgin said to me that with the end of the twentieth century, it will also be the end of the age of sciences. A new age of the faith will begin everywhere in the world. In the end proof will be given that it is God who has created man. This will be the beginning of the end for science, for mankind will cease to believe in science. Millions will return to Christ and the power of the Church will grow as strong as never before.

A The reason why many will turn their backs on scientists can be found in the arrogance of doctors who use their knowledge to create a monster. Those doctors will use their ability, in order to create a creature from the substance of a person and the substance of an animal; such creature is neither man nor animal. People will know in the innermost depth of their hearts that it is wrong. However, they will be powerless to prevent the creation of such beings. At the end, they will hunt the scientists just as one hunts rapacious wolves.

A Prior to the end of 2000, there will be a final collision between the followers of Mohammed and the Christian nations. A terrible battle will take place in which 5,650,451 soldiers will lose their lives and a bomb of great power will be dropped on a city in Persia (Iran). But at the end A the sign of the Cross@ will be victorious and all nations will convert to the Christian Faith.

A Thereupon, a century of peace and joy will follow, for all nations will lay down their arms. Much wealth will be given and Our Lord will pour out His Blessing upon the faithful. Not one single family in the whole world will be poor or suffer from hunger. Every tenth person will be given the gift from God to cure the illnesses of those who ask for help. Many will rejoice thanks to these miracles. The 21st century will become known as the A Second Golden Age of Mankind.@


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Our Lady of the Roses Shrine Rebuilds

Shrine has a new website at: http://www.ourladyofthe roses.org with the latest news from the Shrine. The Shrine medal is being recast and they are printing new directives, testimonials, working on the early messages, Veronica= s life story, publishing Veronica= s interpreted notes and photos, conducting the Vigils and Holy Hours at the sacred grounds and much more. The Shrine has all of Veronica= s personal photo albums, boxes of testimonials, the original audiotaped messages from Heaven to Veronica and all the messages printed from 1968 to 1994. All these will be given to the Church as Veronica herself wrote on the album cover, A for the future Church Review and Archives.@ Pray that the Bishop of Brooklyn (Daly) gives his approval soon of the Bayside Apparitions.

Volume II of the messages is available for $9.95 plus $5 postage as it is heavy at 500 pages sized 8.5x11". Title is A Roses From Heaven@ -Vol II. Covers 1977-90. Virgin Mary= s Bayside Prophecies covers messages 1980-1994 is $6 and $3 postage. 532 pocketbook pages.


Visions of St. Teresa Benedicta

Born an Orthodox Jew, Edith Stein became a Catholic in 1922 and a nun. Murdered at Auschwitz, Poland, August 9, 1942 because the Dutch Bishops ordered a letter read in all churches denouncing Hitler. Edith took the name St. Teresa Benedicta. Here are her visions: I SEE Christ return in all His glory, His angels at his side and beside a river which flowed from earth to Heaven, an old woman pouring water from a jug into a bucket. And the bucket has numbers on the inside, 96,97,98,99 and the old woman pours the water until it reaches 99, the year of Christ= s Second Coming.

I SEE a blind leper grope his way along a dark alley and the leper strikes his staff against the wall and suddenly an angel of the Lord appears and the leper is cured. Then the Virgin stands beside the man who had been the leper and says: So my Son will cure all mankind. Very soon there will be no more disease, no more death.@

I SEE a man,mighty in armor and on his arm a shield that shines like the sun, reflecting its light into every nation on Earth. And the man says he is the one spoken of in prophecy, the Antichrist who will lead the forces of evil against the Lord. And he says: A He is matter. I am anti-matter. He is pure. I am corrupt. He is knowledge. I am ignorance. He is kindness. I am cruelty. He is life. I am death.

I SEE a fair girl child and around the chid= s head a circlet of tiny roses, and from the roses fall seeds and the seeds take root so that corn grows in all the countries of Earth. And the child says: Thus will the Lord feed the hungry and end famine in every nation.@

I SEE an ancient man and the man= s name is One of One Thousand and he says the Lord will bring ten centuries of peace to all mankind. And he takes a long stick and marks on the earth the number 2000. And the old man says the time of peace will start from that year and that afterward tears will vanish from the earth and mothers will no longer grieve for dead soldier sons.

I SEE a craftsman carrying carpenters tools and the man says: I am building the Lord= s house in Jerusalem.@ And behold a mighty palace rises up in that city where the Lord will dwell for 1,000 years.

I SEE a great white winged stallion and his tail and mane are filled with stars and the stallion says: A The time is fast approaching when the Lord God will let you travel anywhere in space and time to visit other peoples and bring his message of peace. In the Lord= s house there are many mansions.

The articles on St. Joseph and St. Teresa Benedicta should not be relied upon as my angel did not give approval to those two articles but I printed them as I may have misunderstood.

A Revisionist Sampler

Below are three passages taken from the Douay-Rheims Bible, the New Confraternity translation of 1941 (CE), the Revised Standard Version (RSV), and the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) as proposed by the National Council of Catholic Bishops in the USA.

1. Psalm 8:5

DR: What is man that Thou art mindful of him? Or the son of man that Thou visitest him?

CE: What is man you should be mindful of him or the son of man that you should care for him?

RSV: What is man you should be mindful of him or the son of man that you should care for him?

NRSV: What are human beings that you are mindful of them, mortal that you care for them?

The commentary in the Douay-Rheims tells us that the reference to the > son of man= in this Psalm is to Christ and not to men. The NRSV totally eliminates any reference to Christ. Thus our USA A Catholic@ bishops are trying to eliminate Christ from the Bible just as the they changed Christ= s word= s at the consecration of the wine. They changed: qui pro vobis et pro multis effundetur in remissionem peccatorum (which for you and for many is being shed for the remission of sins) to: which for you and ALL is being shed for the remission of sins. Thus, many was changed to all as in the USA bishops world there is no sin and all will be saved even though they have cut Christ out of the picture. No sin means no Hell or Purgatory. Everyone goes to Heaven no matter whether you are Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, non-confessing Catholic, practicing homosexuals, unrepentant sinners etc. Bishops think there is no need to hear confessions. They allow 30 minutes a week for confessions for the old Catholics lest they figure out that the Bishops have eliminated confession as a Sacrament as they have eliminated Marriage as a Sacrament with their liberal annulment policy.

This new Sunday readings Bible is now read in all Churches since the First Sunday of Advent 1998. The changes in the Bible were made toward gender neutral language or towards A accuracy.@ The weekday readings are not yet issued. Bishop William Skylstad of Spokane, Washington said the Bible A has to be translated for meaning@ and not literally.

Hopefully, all these hints of Christ= s Return soon are true to stop the destruction of the Church and its Bible and teachings.


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John Leary, seer, claims to have visions of Jesus. Message of 29Sept98. Jesus, A Be forewarned of your coming instability which will lay the groundwork for martial law. I will bring you through this evil age and protect you from all of the Antichrist= s control. My people, your country is passing into the sunset to indicate that it will soon meet its demise. Your people in the past were industrious and God-fearing. Today, your technology has become a god ready for a precipitous fall, because you have turned your back on my Commandments for life. ..I tell you, for your sins of abortion and your sins of the flesh, your country is destined for destruction. Once your economy falls and your defenses fail, your enemies will consume you. Pray, My children, for your country to turn around or it may soon fall into ruin.@ Vol. XII, $3.95, postage $2.50. Catholic Books & Tapes; PO Box 350333; Ft Lauderdale, FL 33335-0333 USA Tel/fax 1-954-524-3048 [email protected] www.catholicbook.com

Editor= Comments

Reminders: Pope and all bishops must consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary to avert World War III. The Rosary of 15 decades daily and wearing the Brown Scapular are absolute necessities for all. Crucifixes over all your doors needed to protect you when carnage reaches your area. Must have a good supply of canned goods, blankets, clean water, blessed candles on hand for coming civil war. Read only Catholic books written before 1965 including Bible translations.

Be aware that the mass media is dominated by people who do not believe in Christ (Jews). They own CNN, NY Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Time, Newsweek, US News and World Report, ABC, Fox, most film studios, MBS Radio network,dominate PBS and National Public Radio, own many cable systems i.e. Time Warner, Newhouse, most magazines, they dominate the producer ranks of all television, radio and film. If they say they are more talented than others would you say that the filth, inanity, stupidity, boringness, violence, perverted acts, unlawful sex is produced by talent? That is why you should limit your exposure to the mass media and never go to American produced films. The news outlets only tell you what they want you to believe. You are robots believing and doing what the mass media tells you to do. They set the agenda and you follow it. Make your own agenda, Christ= s and Mary= s agenda and not the mass media= s agenda.

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Fatima Angel: My God I believe, I adore, I trust and I love Thee and I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not trust and do not love Thee. May 13, 1999 will be 82 years later, Ascension Thursday, feast of a Eucharistic martyr and Our Lady of Fatima.

Eternal Father, we offer Thee the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Thy Son present in all the tabernacles of the world in atonement for all the outrages, sacrileges and indifference by which He is offended..

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