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·        By Cyril Marystone.

















      AND   MY   PEOPLE   LOVE   IT!


      BUT   WHEN   THE   END   COMES,   WHAT   WILL   YOU   DO?


      Jeremiah   5: 30-31















Isaiah   1: 4-5






The present work is largely an exposition and study of the divine revelations given to Mrs. Veronica Leuken of Bayside, New York, during the period 1970-1978.  Because these revelations are so numerous and lengthy, the writer has had to restrict himself to about five main topics of the messages:   the Satanic deception of the Church Hierarchy, and 1972 usurpation of the reign of Pope Paul VI; the Warning;  the UFO-demonology and the coming Comet.   In the Bayside messages, Our Lady and Our Lord have informed us that we are now living in the Days of the Apocalypse.   The prophecies of the Book of Revelation will now be fulfilled.  Because of the sinfulness of men, Satan was loosed to come upon earth in 1940; and Antichrist, who is Satan in the body of a man, now walks the earth.   We live in the  days of the Great Delusion and Apostasy, when men have cast off the religion of Christ, and accepted the religion of Modernism and Humanism and Satanism.

To support the Bayside messages, other divine revelations of historic and contemporary seers have been cited in this work.   The Bayside messages are actually only the last in a long series of apocalyptic revelations given to the Church throughout history.   Especially since the time of the French Revolution, God has delivered many apocalyptic revelations to His people, warning them and the world that a great chastisement would come upon them because of their sins.   Of the many who received these terrifying revelations, we mention only a few:   Anna-Maria Taigi, Elizabether Canori, Catherine Emmerich, the children of La Salette, Don Bosco, the children of Fatima, Marie-Julie Jahenny, Sister Elena Aiello.  At LaSalette, Our Lady warned the Church that “Rome would lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.”  But the most well-known of Her revelations was the 1917 message at Fatima:

“When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given by God that He is going to punish the world for its crimes by means of war, famine, and persecution of the Church and the Holy Father.  To prevent this, I will come to ask for the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of reparation on the first Saturdays.  If people heed My requests, Russia will be converted and there will be peace.  If not, she will scatter her errors through-out the world, provoking wars and persecutions of the Church.   The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, and various nations will be annihilated.”

With few exceptions, the Hierarchy of the Church despise prophecies.  Thus they failed to fulfill the requests of Our Lady, and Communism has taken

over many nations of the world.   In addition, the Hierarchy suppressed the Third Secret of the Fatima revelation.  Excerpts from this secret

leaked out, however; and they were printed in the German newspaper, Neues Europa, in October, 1963, and the French magazine, Le Monde et la Vie, in September, 1964.   Our Lady stated the following:      “A great chastisement will come upon all mankind . . . . . in the second half of the 20th century.  I repeat to you today what I have already revealed at LaSalette . . . . . Mankind has not progressed as God as  commanded.  Mankind has been sacrilegious and has trampled underfoot the divine graces given to it . . . . There is no longer any order in the world.   Satan has attained to the highest positions in the world . . . .  He will even succeed in infiltrating and establishing himself in the highest positions of the Church.   Satan will succeed in seducing the minds of scientists to invent weapons which can destroy most of mankind in a very short time.  He will bring the powerful people and nations under his control, and make them manufacture these weapons on a great scale.  “If men do not stop these evils, I will be obliged to let the arm of My Son fall in vengeance.  If the leaders of the world and the Church do not oppose these evils, I will ask God . . . . to bring His justice to bear upon mankind.  Then God will punish mankind more severely and completely than He did at the time of the great Deluge.”

“But a time of the greatest trials will also come for the Church. 

Cardinals will fight against cardinals, and bishops against bishops. 

Satan will enter their ranks.  In Rome, too, there will be great changes.  What is rotten will fall, and what falls will not be saved.  The Church will be darkened, and the world plunged into confusion.”





“The time is ever drawing nearer, and the abyss is ever deepening.  There will be no escape.   The great and the powerful will die with the little and the weak, the good with the evil, the princes of the Church with their faithful, and the rulers of the nations with their peoples.  Death (the angel of death, Satan) will reign everywhere, raised to victory by erring men.   Satan’s henchmen will then be the only masters on earth.” “This chastisement will come at a time that no one expects.  But it will come in accordance with the plan of My Father to punish and avenge.   . .  . . . I call upon all true followers of My Son, all true Christians of these Latter Days.  The time of times and the end of ends is coming soon, if mankind will not repent, and if this conversion does not come from the leaders of the world and the Church.  Woe to them if this conversion does not take place, or if they become even worse . . . . .”

The Church Hierarchy rejected the message of Our Lady of Fatima.  Not only did they fail to promote Her message among the laity, but they collectively failed to fulfill Her request to consecrate Russia to Her. 

At the Vatican II council, the corrupt        

      Hierarchy even turned their back upon Her and opened the door to Communist-directed “observers” from Russia and to all sorts of heretics.  Now the Hierarchy has   been infiltrated, as Our Lady prophesied, and catastrophe can be the only  end result.  The Communist revolution in Rome will come soon.  As Our Lady said repeatedly to Veronica, “The Red Hats have fallen, and the Purple Hats are being misled.”  The shepherds are lost, and the sheep are truly scattered in the present apostasy of the masses.


      The messages of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica at Bayside show the complete fulfillment of the suppressed message of Fatima.  Russia has spread, and will continue to spread, her errors throughout the world,     provoking wars and revolutions.  The corrupt United States and nations of  the West will fall to Russia in World War III, and a great persecution of      the Church will follow.  The last act in this drama will be the coming of  the Comet with the Angel of Death, to complete the destruction of       three-quarters of mankind, and then the coming of Christ to re-establish the reign of Heaven on earth.     In the preparation of this work, the writer wishes to acknowledge with gratitude the assistance given to him by Mr. Theodor Kolberg (now deceased) of   Germany and Mr. B.W. Mistrot of the United States.  The photos of Mr. Kolberg definitely proved the existence of the Imposter-Pope, and we have included many of them in this work.       






      1.    Introduction     




     2.    The Message from Heaven of Sept 27, 1975, Given to Veronica Leuken .75 Sep 27                                         


3.    The Message from Heaven of Oct 2, 1975,Given to Veronica  75 Oct 2                                


4.    The Message from Heaven of Nov 1, 1977, Given to Veronica 77 Nov 1                     


5.    Study 2.   The Church and the Satanic Deception Of the 20th Century .


6.    The Revelation of Filiola .

7.    The Messages of Portavoz

8.    The Messages of Don Stefano Gobbi

9.    The Revelations of Marie-Julie Jahenny

10.  Study 3.   The Warning-and-Miracle   (The Awakening)

11.  The Revelations of Garabandal on the Warning

12.  The Revelations of Marie-Julie Jahenny on the Warning

13.  The Warning and UFO Literature .

14.  Study 4.   The Demons and their Transports from Hell, The Flying Saucers

15.  Study 5.   A Great Plague and the Removal of Many Children

16.  Study 6.   An Earthquake in the United States

17.  Study 7.   The Great War (World War III, the Communist World Revolution) and the fall of the U.S. to Russia

18.  Study 8.   The Coming Comet (the Ball of Fire, the Ball of Redemption)









The Sun of Righteousness

Picture taken at The Bayside New York Apparition site in March 1974,


“There lives at this time in Judea a man of singular character, whose name is Jesus Christ.   The barbarian esteem Him a prophet, but his followers adore Him as the immediate offspring of the Immortal God.  He is endowed with such unparalleled virtue as to call back the dead from their graves, and to heal every kind of disease with a word or a touch.  His person is tall and elegantly shaped: his aspect amiable, reverend.  His hair flows in those beautiful shades which no united colors can match, falling in graceful curls, parting on the crown of his head like the head dress of the sect of Naines.

His forehead is smooth and large, His cheeks without spot save that of a lovely red;  his nose and mouth are formed with exquisite symmetry; his beard is thick and suitable to the hair of the head, reaching a little below the chin, and parting in the middle a little like a fork; his eyes are bright, clear and serene.  He rebukes with majesty; counsels with mildness, and invites with the most tender word or deed, being elegant, grave and strictly characteristic of so exalted a being.   No man has seen Him laugh, but the whole world beheld Him weep frequently; and so persuasive are His tears that none can refrain from joining in sympathy with Him.  He is very moderate and wise.  In short, whatever this phenomenon may turn out in the end, he seems at present a Man, for excellent beauty and divine perfection every way surpassing the children of men.”  (Publius Lentulus to the senate of Rome about 25 A.D.)

September 27, 1975.   Vigil of the Feast of  St. Michael the Archangel


Veronica:       “The sky is very dark, but there are shimmering lights of a very deep blue that seem to be parting the sky in several places.  The long blue lights are now coming to a point over Our Lady’s statue straight ahead of us.  Oh, now the sky seems to be opening up.  It’s like a rivulet, a cascade of beautiful, silvery, diamond-like clusters of crystal-clear . . . .  I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s as though the light has given out slivers of crystal-clear, diamond-like . . . . .


      A Voice:   “Graces, My child.”


      Veronica:       “Oh, now coming through the sky I can see Michael . . . . .  And behind  him, from the other two points of blue light with the shimmering borders, two other figures are coming.  Oh, Gabriel and Raphael ·        I recognize them.  Now they’re all standing together.  Now Michael is coming forward.  He’s holding his balance, his golden balance, in his right hand, and a very long sword in his left.  Now he’s extending the balance.”

Michael:          “My child, the balance falls heavily to the left.  It is a sign that much reparation will be needed.  The road of mankind is headed straight to the abyss.  Many are called, but few will be chosen.  Through countless years of the earth’s time, the Queen of Heaven has come to your earth to bring you a warning from the Eternal Father.  Yet you continue to follow a course of blindness, as in the past.  You have hardened your hearts to the truth, preferring the delusion set upon you by Satan.  You must now remove this blindness from your hearts, for your time is growing short.

“There have been set upon earth many voice-boxes who issue the  warnings from Heaven.   Yet how many of you have listened to and followed the directions given to you by the Queen of Heaven for the salvation of your own soul and the souls of those in your care?  Have you gathered your graces (organized your resources) to use them selfishly, or have you followed the direction of the Queen of Heaven to share them by seeking the salvation of the sheep straying in the dark corners throughout your earth”?

“I, Michael, guardian of the House of God, guardian of the Faith, give you warning that you have been found lacking in the eyes of the Eternal Father, and that you will receive a just punishment.”                                

Veronica:       “Now Michael is coming forward closer to us.  He’s holding up the balance, and he’s left it just suspended in the air.  And now he’s grasping his spear.  It’s a very long spear, and at the end—the handle ·        there’s a very large cross.   The spear is now like a sword, because the handle seems much larger than when I first saw it.  And now Michael is pointing the sword-like spear downward.”

“Now Gabriel is coming over.  He’s standing nearby.  And now coming from the sky is a very strange-looking instrument, like a horn.  It’s a very long tube-like, golden instrument, with a wide circular base.  Now Raphael is coming over.  He’s touching the shoulder of Gabriel and saying”:   In the Latter Days I shall pour out My Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and daughters shall prophesy . . . . And I will show wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below:  blood and fire and vapor of smoke.  The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the Day of the Lord dawns, that great and manifest Day.”    (Acts 2: 17-20)

“Do not extinguish the Spirit, and do not despise prophecies.  But test all things:  hold fast to that which is good, and keep yourselves from every kind of evil.” “A prophet is only despised in his own country and in his own house.” Matt   13.57).   

“I praise You, Father, Lord of Heaven and earth, for You have hidden these things from the prudent and the wise, and revealed them to little children.”  (Luke 10: 21).

“Unless you change and become as little children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”     (Matt   18: 3)                                                                            

“The wisdom of this world is foolishness to God.”          (I Cor 3: 19)

“I shall destroy the wisdom of the wise and bring to nothing all the learning of the learned . . . .  God has shown up the foolishness of human wisdom . . . . God chose what the world considers foolish to shame the wise and He chose what the world thinks weak to shame the strong.  Those whom the world considers low and contemptible are the ones God has chosen ·        those who are nothing at all to show up those who are everything.”  

(I Cor 1: 19-29)

Raphael: “Wait, my brother, for the time has not come to blow your horn. The Eternal Father has set the day and the hour.”

Veronica:       “Now it’s growing quite dark, and Michael is coming forward.  Gabriel and Raphael are going over to our left side, and they’re standing just above the trees.   Now Michael is pointing upward to the sky.

Oh, now the sky is opening up.  There’s like a beautiful circular light.  And Our Lady is now coming forward in the light.  Oh, Our Lady is dressed in the most beautiful white gown.  It’s very full, and it’s such a pure white— like the white of sugar, so clear.”

“Our Lady is carrying, in her right hand, a scapular.  It’s a very large brown scapular.  I can’t see any figures upon it, but it’s an exceptionally large brown cloth and also has a brown string.  And now Our Lady is removing her rosary— the large white rosary with the beautiful golden ‘Our Fathers’.   Our Lady is taking the crucifix and placing it to her lips, like this.  Now she’s holding it forward and making the sign of the cross.  In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

“Now Our Lady is coming down.  She looks so beautiful!  On her head she has a crown, but it’s a circlet.  It’s like a circlet of diamonds — a most beautiful crown.   It has golden webbing, and above this there are many triangular points.  I can count them: 1, 2, — Our Lady is bending her head forward so I can count the beautiful points — 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.”

Our Lady:       “For the Eucharist, My child:   8 for the Eucharist.”

Veronica: “ The golden points are made (triangular) like the Trinity, and on top of  each of them there is a beautiful star-like diamond.                                      


“Now Our Lady is coming over to our left side, and Michael is coming forward.  It’s quite windy, because his robe is blowing.  Michael has on a long white robe-like gown, and it’s tied around the waist with a beige, cord-like material.  Michael doesn’t have any slippers or sandals on his feet.  Our Lady is wearing white sandals that have two V-like straps, and on the tips of her feet are the most beautiful golden rosettes.  Our Lady calls them ‘rosettes’ ---- they’re golden baby roses.”

Our Lady:       “My child, I bring you a sad truth, one that must be made known to mankind.  In doing this, My child, you must proceed without fear.  It must be made known to mankind.   Our dearly-beloved Vicar, Pope Paul Vi, suffers much at the hands of those he trusts.  My child, shout it from the roof-tops!  He is not able to do his mission.  They have laid him low, My child.  He is ill — he is very ill.

“Now there is one who is ruling in his place — an imposter created by the  minds of the agents of Satan.  My child, plastic surgery and the best of  surgeons were used to create this imposter.

Shout from the rooftops; he must be exposed and removed!   Behind him, My child, there are three who have given themselves to Satan.  You do not receive the truth in your      country and the world.   Your Vicar is a prisoner.

      “Antonio Casaroli, you will condemn yourself to hell!   Giovanni Benelli, what road have you taken?   You are on the road to hell and damnation. 

Villot, leader of evil, take yourself from among those traitors!  You are not unknown to the Eternal Father, you consort with the synagogue of Satan.  Do you think you will not pay for the destruction of souls in My Son’s House”?

The Antichrist, the forces of evil, have gathered within the Eternal City, My children.  You must make it known to mankind that all that is coming                 from Rome is coming from Darkness.  The Light has not passed that way.”     

“The one who appears in public is not Paul VI, it is the imposter pope.  A harmful medication has dulled the brain of the true pope, Pope Paul VI.

They inject into his veins poison to dull his reason and paralyze his legs.  O Eternal City, what evil creatures have you opened your doors to and admitted?  The agents of Satan.  And you have not only removed the Holy Father from your own hearts, but you plan to remove him from the hearts of those you seek to deceive. You scatter the flock.                                                         

“My children, you must now pray for the light.  All that is being given to you from Rome comes from the traitorous hearts of those who have  seized power in the Eternal City.”

“My child, you will be mocked for this message.  You will be scorned by many, but you are bringing the truth.  The enemies within the Eternal City have opened the doors wide, and allowed the enemies of God to enter.  They consort with the devil.”

“You must now cleanse your City.  You must put out the traitors and ex-communicate the wrong-doers who do not repent of their sin.”

“What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but suffers the loss of his own soul?  Your gathering of worldly wealth will get you no passport to Heaven.  Come out of the darkness”!

“The Red Hats (cardinals) have fallen, and the Purple Hats (bishops) are being misled.  Cardinal will fight against cardinal.  Bishop against bishop, and all that is rotten will fall.  Blood will flow in the streets!  There will be revolution upon revolution!   Do you not understand this?  Have you learned nothing from the past history of mankind”?

“The Father will chastise those He loves.  Awaken, O Pastors, you have fallen asleep!  You must not follow, like sheep to the slaughter, those pastors who have given themselves to Satan.  They have sold themselves to the world of Satan.  How many will sell their souls to get to the head (to get ahead)!

“It is the diabolical plan of Satan to turn the world’s hatred against Our Vicar, Pope Paul VI in Rome.  The plan of Satan is to heap down upon his shoulders the blame for all of the errors and wrongdoing.  However, those whom he has trusted have betrayed him, and they have now assumed complete control of his mission (usurped the papacy).  My child, there are in figurative language, three popes now in Rome ---- three popes, not counting Pope Paul VI.  These three men are being directed by Satan.”

“You cannot now accept what comes from Rome.   Those bulls do not come from Pope Paul VI, and those directions are not written by his hand. They are written by the hands of Benelli and Villot.   And, My children,  they have given orders to Antonio Casaroli to infiltrate the highest public offices, by sending emissaries who are agents of Satan from Rome to all nations of the world.”

“Now, do you still not understand why they have persecuted the good people!  Now, do you still not understand why they have shaken the hands of the enemies of God”?

“Your world is turning into a crucible of suffering.  The children of God will be persecuted, but persevere, My children, for great will be your reward in Heaven.  If men do not pray and make atonement, the time will soon come when those on earth will envy the dead.  Father will fight against son, mother against daughter, brother against sister.”

    “All who have even the smallest glimmer of truth now ask:   ‘Has insanity fallen upon mankind’?   Man has slowly reduced his nature to that of a beast. Sin has become a way of life.  Immorality, debasement, debauchery, and all manner of vice and evil now flood your country and the other countries of the earth.”

“How long do you think the Eternal Father will tolerate this conduct?  My  children, carry my voice far throughout your world.  I come to you as a Mediatrix between God and man.  I bring you a warning from Heaven.  Your country, the United States, and Canada will be cleansed by a trial.  In your country, My children, you have in the balance only a few — a minority ·        who hold back your just punishment.  The Eternal Father is keeping

count.   Only He has the final decision.”

“My child, your country is now wallowing in a cesspool of corruption, there is corruption in the highest places.  They have cast aside the knowledge and honor of their God, and they have set up wealth, fortune and power as idols of worship.  They have set up man as an idol of worship.”

“Parents of good heart, continue to direct your children in your homes.   Instill in their hearts the knowledge and truth of their God; for when they leave your homes, they go out like innocent sheep into pastures beset by ravenous wolves.”

“My child, I must make known at this time that you must return to the way of the recent past.  Bring the knowledge to men that these religious changes  — the changes that have produced bad fruit — have not been  given to you through the Holy Spirit and through your Vicar, Pope Paul VI.  There is a web of Satan now reaching out, My child.  Many are now puppets, and the strings are being pulled by Benelli, Villot, Casaroli and their followers.    

“My child, you must work with great haste to spread this message throughout the world.  I cannot give you a knowledge of the future at this time, but you must proceed because the future is (determined) now — the future is now!  You will continue to receive many photographs, My child.  Many things must be kept secret, because they are instruments for your mission.”

“My child, I have sent you out on several missions for different reasons.  However, it is a good lesson to learn that, the more you go out among people, the less you will feel a peace of spirit.  That is why I have directed you to retire from your world.  You must understand, My child,  that a special degree of grace has been given to you and others.  People cannot understand the message from Heaven without the help of the Eternal Father.  So you must remain in your circle of light, for those who have not joined this circle will not understand you.  If you speak to them of matters of the spirit, it will be like speaking to them in a foreign tongue.”

“Yes, my child, it requires a special grace to recognize the photographs and to join the mission from Heaven.  So there must be a constant vigil of prayer throughout your world.  Your beads of prayer — your rosary — will bring many graces to you and your families. 

“I have many times cautioned you and all of My children against the use of the diabolical machine ---- your television.  There will be no excuses accepted for having these in your presence.  They are destroyers of the  soul and corrupters of the mind.  They take you from your moments of meditation; they take you from reading the words of the good book — your Bible; and they present to you a way of life that is not akin to the way of your God.”

“My child, you must find a good soul who will print the true prayers of your Faith, received from the past, and send them out to the world.  The present experimentation with these prayers by your pastors has led to much soul corruption.  There is no novelty in Heaven; there is no need for change.   When man becomes discontented, he seeks a change, but it is most often not for the better.”

(Our Lady sends three doves across the sky.)  “My child, you see the three spirits of light (angels) I just sent across your sky.  They are representatives of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.  These three doves follow me across the world.  The day will come when I shall direct them to alight at the feet of my statue.  No, My child, you will not be concerned about what to do with them, for they will return to me.”

“Remember, my child, you must read the photographs carefully.”

Veronica:       “Now Our Lady is holding out the beautiful golden crucifix of her rosary and making the sign of the cross: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

Our Lady:       “My child, you are becoming scrupulous.  You must not concern (question) yourself about my direction, but follow it without self-will.  You must direct your will only to the Eternal Father with confidence.  I assure you , my child, that all will appear before your very eyes.  When you are giving the names I give you (Casaroli, Benelli, Villot, etc), you are not judging.  You must remember that you are only a voice-box.”

“Now, my child, you will be seated for there is much work to do.  Continue the prayers of atonement, for they are sorely needed.”


Veronica:       “Now there is a light in the sky, and beyond it the sky I s beginning to clear.  Jesus is now coming forward through the light.  All who are able, please kneel, in due respect to Our Lord Jesus.”

“Jesus does not have anything on His feet.  I can see His bare feet.  And He has on a beige-colored gown.  It’s tied about the waist with a cord — a dark brown cord almost like hemp.  Around His shoulders He has His burgundy cape, and it’s blowing.  It must be very windy up there because the cape is blowing a lot.”

“Now Jesus is coming down quite close.  He’s over to our left now, standing next to the tree.  He’s placing His hands out in front of Him, like this; His two fingers are raised and He’s making the sign of the cross.  In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

“And now He’s rising — oh, it’s beautiful to watch.  Jesus does not walk,  He’s just carried on the wind as though He’s weightless.  And He’s smiling.  Now Jesus is coming over here, to the center of our view and just above Our Lady’s statue.  He’s looking down now, and He’s touching His lips, which means that I must listen.”

Jesus:             “ My child, My Mother continues to direct you well.  You must hasten to send the message throughout the world.  Time is running out.  Do not be concerned by those who cast aside the message.  Your only concern will be to give the message to them.  They are being given the chance to use their free will and to come back onto the true road, or to leave it forever by going the way of the world.”

“My child, do not be frightened, do not be fearful, because of the message given to you by My Mother.  The truth must come to the light.  There are grave dangers ahead for mankind, if he continues on his present course of soul destruction.  The world will be cleansed by a baptism of fire.  All that is rotten will fall.  In this crucible of suffering, many of the good people must carry a heavy cross.  The world will reject the message of the Spirit, for their hearts are hardened and their ears are closed.”

“The road to the Eternal Kingdom is a narrow road; and when you leave it, My children, it is difficult to return.  You must now wait and watch in the days ahead.  My Mother has directed you well; She has prepared you for this future which is (determined) now.  All who are of healthy spirit will go through these time with much hope, perseverance, and fortitude, for they will have the knowledge that the victory will be with Heaven.  It is a testing of mankind.  And the sheep will be separated from the goats.” “My child, you must warn your bishop that We have watched him and found him wanting.  Will he remain counted with the goats?  Pray for him, but make known to him that We look into his heart.”

“My child, My Mother has directed you as a voice-box.  You will give the message to the world exactly as She gave it to you, never concerning yourself with opinions.”

Veronica:       “Now Jesus is placing His hand out in front of Him, like this.  In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”                                                               

“Now it’s getting much darker  – it’s getting very dark except for Jesus.  About Him there is a very bright light.   Now He’s going over to our right side.  He’s looking down and placing His Hand out in front of Him: In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

Jesus:             “I bless you, My children, as My Mother blesses you with the Light of eternity.  Know that, in the days ahead, you will be given the grace of seeing miracles with your own eyes.  But these miracles must not go undistinguished, for you must test the spirits (the false miracles of evil spirits must be distinguished from the true miracles of good spirits).  All that is rotten will fall, and by their fruit they will be known.”

Veronica:       “ Now Jesus is going up.  He’s like floating, being carried on the wind backwards.  He’s just rising very high in the sky.  He hasn’t turned around; He’s smiling.  Oh, now He’s touching His lips.”

Jesus:             “My child, you will continue now with your prayers of atonement.  We do not wish that you remain with the lighting, the lighting of the candles.”

Veronica:       “Yes.  In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of

the Holy Ghost.”                                                       

Comments:   According to this message of 27 Sep 1975, the Papacy of Pope Paul VI was usurped by the following three ecclesiastical Judases: Cardinal Jean Villot;   Archbishop Giovanni Benelli;   Archbishop Antonio Casaroli     

Jean Villot is a French Cardinal who was (since 1969) Pope Paul VI’s Secretary of State.  This is the most important position in the Vatican after the Pope.  Jean Villot is still Vatican Secretary of State today ( Feb ‘79).  He also has the title of Chamberlain of the Church.  Villot was 73 years old in 1978.  Because of his age, he was not a serious contender in the recent papal elections.

Giovanni Benelli, the Titular Archbishop of Tusuros, was Pope Paul VI’s Substitute Secretary of State, the assistant of Jean Villot.  He was responsible for the internal affairs of the Church, and he has virtually run the Vatican for the last decade.  He was “made Cardinal” by the illegal imposter pope in 1977, and was replaced in his position by Bishop Giuseppe Caprio.

Benelli was 57 years old in 1978, and he was a leading contender in the recent papal elections.                                                                        

Agostino Casaroli, the Titular Archbishop of Carthage, was Pope Paul VI’s “foreign minister” or Secretary of the Council for the Public Affairs of the Church.  This Council deals with all matters concerning civil governments; it fosters diplomatic relations with nations, and directs nunciatures and apostolic delegations jointly with the Secretary of State.

(Agostino Casaroli is the name of the official Secretary; however, in listening to Our Lady’s message on tape, we hear the name Antonio instead of Agostino.  To explain this difference, there would seem to be only three possibilities:   Either Veronica made a verbal slip in repeating Our Lady’s message for the tape, accidentally changing “Agostino” to “Antonio”; or his name is Antonio Agostino Casaroli or Agostino Antonio Casaroli; or Antonio Casaroli is not the same man as Agostino Casaroli.  If the latter is true, then the position of Agostino Casaroli has possibly been usurped by Antonio Casaroli.  And what happened to Agostino Casaroli?  Whichever is true, Antonio Casaroli held the position on Sept 27, 1975, and continues to hold it today.)

Because of their key positions, Benelli and Casaroli held very great power over the internal and external affairs of the Church.  According to the message of Oct 2, 1975 (which will be presented next), Our Lady said that Benelli and Casaroli were two “Red fishes.”  That is, Benelli and Casaroli are Communists.

Thus the three most powerful positions in the Vatican after the Pope were in the hands of the three ecclesiastical Judases ---- Villot, Benelli, and Casaroli ---- and they usurped the Papacy of Pope Paul VI.   According to the message of Sept 7, 1978 Satan entered Rome in 1972 and cut off the Papacy of Pope Paul VI.  This probably means that the usurpation of Villot-Benelli-Casaroli and the Red forces behind them began in 1972.

To carry out their Communist and Freemason conspiracy, these Judases also created an Imposter Pope.  This Imposter was formerly an Italian actor of great talent, according to the message of Aug 14, 1976, and he was made to look like Pope Paul VI by means of the finest plastic surgery.  See also the messages of Dec 6, 1975 and April 10, 1976.

Much physical evidence for the existence of the Imposter Pope has now been collected.  Most of this evidence is contained in the two German works of Theodor Kolberg:                                                                       

1.  Der Betrug des Jahrhunderts   (The Deception of the Century), Nov 1977

2.  Umsturz in Vatican?  (An Overthrow in the Vatican?)  Jan 1977

These books may be obtained from Kolberg at:   Ernsbergerstrasse–19, D-8000 Munich 60, Germany. Kolberg is now deceased.

In Der Betrug des Jahrhunderts, Kolberg has included a large number of photos of the imposter and Pope Paul VI.  These photos show the fine physical differences between the faces of the two men.  The plastic surgery was a master work, and it was difficult to distinguish the imposter from the real Pope Paul VI.  However, from about Christmas of 1977 onward, the photos of the two men began to show strong differences.  The fact is that, in a person over 50 years of age, plastic surgery does not retain its pristine structure after a few years.  At the same time, the great sufferings of Pope Paul began to show on his face.  Thus the Press photos taken around Easter of 1978 showed the differences between Pope Paul and the imposter most clearly.

In Umsturz in Vatican, Kolberg produced still further proof of the existence of the imposter by showing differences in the voices of the two men.  The same recorded words spoken by the imposter and by Pope Paul VI were passed through a Type B/65 Sonagram (made by Kay Elemetrics Co. of Pine Brook, New Jersey), and the output voice-prints showed definite differences.  Since one’s mind, vocal chords, mouth, and lips are all factors which determine voice frequencies, the voice-prints of two different individuals cannot be the same.

But over and above all of the physical evidence is the spiritual evidence.  By the fruit of the ecclesiastical leaders of the Church, you will know them.  And what h as been their fruit?  Since the Vatican II Council, the Church has been increasingly  in a state of chaos; and great numbers of clergy and religious, and vast masses of the laity, have apostasized.  Their religion is no longer the original and traditional Faith.  In the New Testament, Our Lord and His Apostles said that one day the time would come when many would reject the Faith, apostasize, and become betrayers and antichrists.  That time has come.

And in our own century, in 1917 at Fatima, Our Lady said that Russia would spread her Communist errors around the world and cause great suffering to the Pope, if the Bishops failed to obey her requests.  Her third secret, which was scheduled to be made public in 1960, was suppressed because its message was apocalyptic.  Nonetheless, parts of the secret leaked out and were printed in the 15Oct 1963, issue of Neues Europe of Stuttgart, as well as in Le Monde et la Vie of                            Paris.  In that third secret, Our Lady stated that Satan would attain to the highest positions in the Church and in the world, if her requests were not fulfilled.

And so all of the words of Christ and Our Lady are now being fulfilled with the usurpation of the Papacy by the Red ecclesiastical betrayers and infiltrators backed by Russia.  Both Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul I were martyrs; and the present Pope, John Paul II, is scheduled to be their third victim.  It will only remain then for World War III — the Communist World Revolution — to begin, and for the Antichrist-Pope to begin his rule.
























October 2, 1975  –– Eve of the Feast

of St. Theresa (excerpts)     

Our Lady:       “Satan has started a great war against Us, My children.  Satan will also bring forward false miracles.  However, you must not be deceived by them, because he is permitted to propagate his deceptions only a short time.  If you will investigate each miracle, the hand of Satan will make itself known.”     

“My children,  the bleeding statues must be investigated.

“My child, you have now received the full story of the approach of Anti-christ to the Eternal City of Rome.  It is a sad fact that the Apocalyptic Days are here, and now the visions of John will completely unfold.  There is much that was not revealed, but these are the days of the Revelations.  You will read the visions of John — the Apocalypse ---- and you will find yourself filled with the spirit of knowledge and wisdom.  The story of the last days (of your era) will unfold as you read.  You will not be found without knowledge if you read the Book of Love and Life, your Bible.”           

“I have warned you that there are now three popes in the city of Rome (Villot, Benelli, and Casaroli).  I repeat that they have brought forth an imposter, for they have laid low your true Father, Pope Paul VI.  It is the deception of the century!   (The imposter impersonating Paul VI was given the face of Paul VI by plastic surgery.)

“My child, you must have no fear in giving this message to the world.  We of Heaven entrust you with this knowledge.   This deception must be exposed to mankind.   It is the only way you can prevent the seat of Peter from capitulating and falling under full control of the Antichrist 666 forces.  We have chosen to give this message through you, My child, and My children in the United States, because We find that there is much courage in the hearts of your countrymen.”    

“You must keep a constant vigil of prayer in your country and throughout the world.  The scapular must be worn by all.  It will be your badge of courage and your hope in an erring world and generation that has set itself on the road to perdition.  The sins are abounding, the errors are increasing, the evil is accelerating!  My children, you are setting the hour-glass for your quick destruction!  The time is growing short.”   


“My children, if I could unfold before your eyes the future — the future which is (decided) now ---- you would hasten to bring about a complete reversal of the ways of mankind that offend the Eternal Father, and that  have set mankind onto a road to

destruction.  All kinds of sins and abominations are being committed in the lives of mankind.  And these               abominations have now fully entered into the House of God.”

“You must now gather up the old books of knowledge — true knowledge  ---- of your God, and you must treasure (preserve) them.  The enemies of God in the Eternal City will try to destroy this knowledge, for they seek to bring about a religion that is not under the banner of God the Father, the Faithful and True One, and the true Pope Paul VI.”

“Sinful mankind is setting himself to bring about a universal religion, but it will be a religion of man and not of God.  Satan has entered into the highest places of the Eternal City.  Now bishop will confront his fellow bishop, and cardinal will set himself against his brother cardinal.  In this way all that is rotten will fall.”

“You ask how this sorrowful state has come to pass.  My child?  Because  too few pray.  Too few know the value of suffering, and too few have sought to do atonement for the offenses committed against my Son and His Immaculate Heart.”

“As your Mother, I have been sent by the Eternal Father, in My Son in the  Holy Spirit, to warn you that you must now turn back.  While there is still time, you must turn from your present ways, your road of sin, immorality and corruption.”

“Your children are being raised in the belief that there is no sin.  They conduct themselves as pagans worshiping  false gods, giving themselves to mind-destroying drugs, and seeking pleasures that are abominations of the human body.   Parents, are you blind?  Do you not see what is happening to your children?  What have you done to save their souls?  You are too busy in your own worldly lives.  You pile up silver and gold, but have you prepared your children’s souls with the merit required to enter the Kingdom of the Eternal Father?  Are you letting these tender souls pass into darkness and the realm of the Prince of Darkness, Satan?  There will soon be much woe and gnashing of teeth, much sorrow in the hearts of many parents, and many tears, but too late ---- too late”!   

“As parents your duty is manifold.  You must teach your children within    your homes.  You must safeguard their purity and modesty.  Mothers, do you permit your daughters to expose their flesh to lustful eyes?  Are you   stripping from their young souls modesty and purity of purpose and spirit?  And what kind of example are you as parents giving in your homes”?

Veronica:       “Now it’s growing very bright behind Our Lady, and I can see a group of people coming down.   Oh, they’re nuns!  They have on dark habits.  Now one is coming forward and she’s standing next to Our Lady.  Oh, it’s Saint Theresa.”

     St. Theresa:   “My sisters, whatever has possessed you to set yourselves upon such a course to perdition?  Have you no sense of shame in your attire, exposing your body to lustful eyes?  Why have you discarded your protection?  What model of purity and sanctity are you when you have become maidens, and not brides of Christ”?


“The Eternal Father is watching.  He has a very heavy hand that will soon be set upon you, my sisters.  You must not follow the cry (call) of the Serpent, like sheep to the slaughter.  You are all blinding yourselves to the truth.  My sisters, the road to Heaven is a narrow one, but it is not difficult to follow unless you choose to turn off.   Even a short time in the world will soil your soul.  You must not give yourselves to the world in thought or deed or dress.  Your example must be that of Our Lady, and you must be dressed as She is dressed — with a long habit that reaches to the ground.   When you discard proper attire, my children and sisters, you do much to destroy your order and your vocation.  You are no longer an example of purity, and you no longer command or receive respect.  You are a scandal to your vocation, my sisters.  You must not be obedient to the call of the Serpent”!

“The rule must be followed within the convents, my sisters; you will gain nothing by leaving and going into the world.  That is a deception of Satan to destroy your vocation and true life as brides of Christ.  Come out of the darkness, my sisters”!

“The Eternal Father is the Final Judge, but a nun who h as left her convent and given herself to the world, and who then seduces a priest to leave his vocation and destroy his soul — that nun will enter hell.”

“My sisters and brothers, a priest is a man of God specially chosen from   the world to be a representative of the Son of God.  As a man of God, he brings you the Body and Blood of your Savior.  I tell you that no one else is permitted to take into his or her hands the pure Body of your Savior.  Only the consecrated fingers and hands of the representative of Christ the Lord may bring and give this Gift to mankind.”

“My sisters, no woman may set herself within the altar railings.  No woman may speak out at the Holy Service.  Have you not forgotten the truth and the rule?  It is the Eternal Father Himself Who gave your prophets this rule.  A woman must be subservient to man.  She is not a chattel; she is a helper of man and her husband.  A woman may speak to men, but she must not assert herself unrightly in the House of God.”

“Jesus the Lord has made the rule, my sisters and brothers; you cannot change it to suit yourselves.  You have been blinded by Satan, and the liberation in your hearts has been placed there by Satan.  Now you will gain nothing from it but your own destruction.  Nuns who have accepted the rule and taken the habit must keep the rule and remain in the habit”!


“The mind and the eyes are the mirror of the soul.  Therefore, you must keep your eyes directed to that which is good and holy and pure.  You will not watch that infernal machine, your television.  You will not read books on sex education, books that do not belong in your schools.   That subject is for private discourse between parents and children.”

“The Eternal Father finds great abominations, many sins of the soul and sins of the body, being committed because of the false teachers who have now set themselves in the House of God.  My sisters and brothers, you have been warned of these thins in the writings of the prophets.  Have you read these warnings, or have you cast them aside and failed to recognize the signs of the times”?

“When I was on earth, my sisters, I used to carry with me a little book of

(religious) knowledge.  Why cannot you do likewise and carry with you ‘The

Imitation of Christ’?  Pure maidens do not blush.                                                                         


My sisters; they do not feel shame because they do not know sin or embarrassment.  (When nuns leave their convents and join the life of the world,) the beauty of chastity is forever lost from their lives.  If you do not have purity of purpose in your life in this world, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Light, the Kingdom of the Father, where purity reigns.”

“My sisters, is it not better to suffer to be different (holy) for just a little while on your earth?  Life is eternal in the Kingdom of God, and your life on earth is but a short pilgrimage.  Will you give yourself to Satan while on earth, and then be claimed by him over the veil? My sisters, is it not better to follow th e rule, and by your obedience render honor rather than dishonor to God.   Obedience must be given to those who have the truth and holy goals.  You must not be obedient to those who have given themselves to Satan, who are destroyers of the rule, and who seek novelty and change!  My sisters, what need is there for change when the rule has stood the test of time?

“Your world upon earth is in deep darkness of spirit.  Good sisters, you who have remained true with many graces (gained) through prayer, will you not light your candles with our glorious Mother, and go throughout the world seeking those who have been lost in the darkness”?

“My sister (Veronica), you must hasten to give out the message.  Everyone must remain faithful and true to Pope Paul VI in his present duress.  He suffers much from those about him who are deceivers.  Satan has entered into the highest ranks of the hierarchy, my sisters and brothers.  Therefore, you must recognize the faces of evil.  And by their fruit you will know them.”

Veronica:       “Our Lady is now extending Her hand and pointing over to the right side of the sky.  There are two red fishes now floating — it’s like they’re swimming — right across the sky.  Two red fish.  And on their tails, there are letters forming:   B and C. “Now (there is also a third and)  they form like a triangle.  The ‘B’ and the  ‘C’ are now throwing out rays, which make a V-like formation, and at the meeting-point of the rays there is the letter ‘V’.   V, B, and C (Villot, Benelli, and Casaroli).                                                       

      Michael:          “The Red Hat has fallen!   The Purple Hat is being misled!   Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth!   Blood will flow in the streets”!

Veronica:       “Now it’s growing very, very dark, and — oh my goodness!   I can see Pope Paul now.   The real Pope Paul.  He’s very thin.  He’s very wan.  He’s very sorrowful and ---- I can hear him now.   He’s opening his mouth and he’s (crying)”:

      Pope Paul:   “Succor!    Succor”!     

      Veronica:       “Oh dear!   Help”!   (Veronica begins to weep.)


      Pope Paul:   “Help”!   

      Veronica:       “On his chest I see the crucified body of Jesus.   And now there’s a very ugly thing (devil) coming above, floating out of the sky.  He’s now above Pope Paul, and he’s holding a long knife above his head.”


“Now, over on the left, there’s a sword that is pointing down.  And there’s a huge Bible.  I know it’s a Bible, but a voice is hollering ‘Tome!  Tome’!  On top of the Bible, there’s a huge black cross ---- a terrible, ominous- looking black cross.  And now, the Bible, which had gold and red pages, is beginning to fade.  It’s fading and turning black.

“And now over the whole scene ---- it’s just like a moving picture ---- there’s coming a huge sickle with a hammer through the center.  A sickle with a hammer through the center.  And now there are red hats appearing all about the sickle.  They’re those large sombrero-type of hats.   They’re round with round crowns.  They look like very big hats, and they’re bright red.  They’ve got tassels----golden tassels— hanging from them.   And now one of the red hats is perched on top of the sickle.  It’s just setting there, like a crown on top of the sickle.”    (Communist cardinal Antichrist?)

Our Lady:       “My child, you are now seeing the fulfillment of prophecy.  You will under-stand all in due time.   The world must keep a constant vigil of prayer.  There is no other recourse.   The Eternal Father has a heavy hand.”

“Mister 666, the Antichrist forces, are now fully loosed upon earth, My

child.  Without your prayers and the prayers of the multitudes, He will

bring about the full destruction of mankind.   There will be wars, all

kinds  of abominations, darkness in holy places, darkness in the hearts and spirits of men.”


“Those who remain good and in the Light must carry a heavy cross, My children.  However, it will be a badge of honor, for it will be your key to the Kingdom.  This is a test allowed by the Eternal Father to mankind.  All that is rotten will fall away, but those of true and healthy spirit will survive all trials, My children.”

“I bless you, My children.  Continue (the struggle) with courage.  It will take much perseverance to give out My message to the world.  Your greatest hope, your greatest strength, will be the knowledge that you are on the winning side.   My Son will come down to earth in triumph to stop your suffering in time, My children.”

“Keep your robes clean and spotless, for He will recognize you in that manner when He returns to earth.  Wash your robes in the Blood of My Son.  Remain close to Him in the Eucharist, My children.”

“I bless you all, My children, and extend to you graces of cure and conversion.   In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.   Amen.”

Jesus:             “My child, I am happy that there can be joy in the hearts of mankind (when) they understand well the plan of Heaven.   Yes, My child, the time has come to reveal the truth to the world.  The condition, the disposition, of the Eternal City must be made known to mankind.  Satan has waited for these days; he has planned his battle.   We (of Heaven) and you, as children of the Father, will battle him well.”

“Do not be afraid of the coming days.   All that has been written of this time in the Great Book — the Tome (must come to pass).  You will under-stand the plan of Heaven in the days to come.  It will be a testing period for all, and all that is rotten will fall.   The mettle of each man will be tested in the fires.   (Jesus spells the word): m-e-t-t-l-e, My child.”

“My children, you must recognize the existence of the agents of hell,      known as 666 to you all.  In looking for 666, you will seek not just one         man, but a full army of demons led by six demons of major incidence (great strength).   They have been sent from the abyss on special missions, and they are doing full battle against the children of God now.  


(2 Oct 75)

You are (living) in the days known as the Apocalyptic Days of the Revelations.”


“My Mother has come t o you because of the necessity of your times.  Yet She has been shut out and cast aside in many places, because man has hardened his heart to the truth.  He prefers to blind himself in pleasures of the world, and pleasures of the flesh, never calling to mind that his life upon earth is only of short duration.   What does a man gain if he wins the whole world but suffers the loss of his soul?  Over the veil life is eternal, and not one of you will escape the judgment, My children.  No man will fall into the abyss unless he chooses this of his own free will.  (You have only to believe, and you will be shown the way.)”

“Your world has now plunged itself into deep darkness of spirit.  Come out of the darkness, My Pastors!   You have been given many warnings, and they have fallen upon deafened ears.  How many warnings do you think you will

receive from Heaven?   You are misleading Our sheep!   You Red Hats will stand before Me; will you then tell Me that your teaching has been pure in My sight?   (I shall drive you) away from Me, and I shall cast you into the abyss!   You vipers, join the brood of vipers and soul-destroyers (in hell)”!


“Before Me, no man will remain standing who has on his count the loss of souls entrusted to him.  No man will be able to excuse himself with rules and obedience that came from Satan.   You have been given the true religion (knowledge).   You will not give yourselves to the world.  You will not take My Church and give it to the world of Satan, by changing it from a place of sanctity and refuge to a meeting place of every foul practice, without respect and honor.   When you take off your collar, you expose your true nature: you are of carnal desires.   As such you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”


“My child, you will continue to bring the message from Heaven to the world.   The time is truly short.  If mankind was now given the knowledge of how much time in earthly days he has on earth yet, he would speedily fall on his knees and make atonement.  (The time is truly short); however, it is the will of the Eternal Father that each man is given the opportunity to save his soul.  No man will enter the abyss, the kingdom of Satan, the prince of darkness, except of his own free will.  For he will have let himself (be led) onto the road to Satan.”                  

2 Oct 75)

November 1, 1977 – Vigil for All Saints, Eve of All Souls’ Day

Veronica:       “The sky has a beautiful blue haze this evening, and all about the trees there is a tremendous glow.   The light that is coming has a host-like (form and shines) all about the trees from directly over our heads and over Our Lady’s statue.”

“In the corner of this beautiful glow, the sky is now opening up.  I can see Our Lady; She’s coming forward.   Oh, She is so beautiful.   Our Lady has on a white gown.   Oh, it’s so beautiful ---- it gives you a feeling of complete warmth and beauty.   Everything about Our Lady is perfection.  Our Lady has a deep blue sash about Her waist.”

“Now She’s taking her rosary, the beautiful rosary with the golden Our Father’s and the Hail Mary beads (pearls) that change color as Our Lady turns them.”

“Our Lady has a mantle on.   It’s a white mantle with a golden trim around the border.   The trim is about three-quarters of an inch wide.  Oh, Our Lady is so fragile-looking.  The light is so beautiful that it has an impact upon you emotionally.   There is no human way I can explain this.”

“Now our Lady is extending her crucifix like this, and making the sign of the cross:   In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

Our Lady:       “My children and My child:   Much has transpired since I last met with you upon these grounds.  The world is in deep darkness of spirit.   O My children, the evil has accelerated, the abominations are continuing, and you are fast heading into a world conflagration and chastisement.”

“O My children, listen to Me well and shout it to the world:  Satan is now upon earth in a human form!  As in the past, I now counsel you to prepare your families, your homes, and your children for the onslaught of Satan (as) he walks the earth.  He is now here upon your earth, and you must do battle with him.”

“You have been given your armor in sacramentals.  You must not abandon My Son.  You must go to the tabernacles of the world and (partake) of His Body and Blood, the Bread of Life.  My children, you must protest (against) the offenses being committed against the divinity of My Son.”  

(1 Nov 77)

“Prayer is a great weapon, but you proceed nowhere unless you also act, My children.  You become lax and indifferent, and apathy sets in.  Each and every individual of the age of conscience will be tested.”

“Now, My child, you will listen well and repeat:   The practice of sorcery and witchcraft has become widespread in your country and many nations upon earth.  There is no goodness in witchcraft, for it is directed by Satan, the master of deceit.”

“My children, there are now only two forces upon earth:   good and evil, light and darkness.   You are now being tested and you must make your choice.   Which side will you join?  Will you take the road that leads to eternal damnation—the road of darkness, or will you walk the road to Heaven—the road filled with light”?

“My children, recognize the faces of evil now loosed in the world.  I bring you a sad lesson in knowledge.   In the past We have, through prophets, counseled your popes to forbid all, who have joined My Son’s Church, to become part of Freemasonry and the Masons.  And why?  Because they are not of God,  My children.  And if they are not of God, they are Antichrist.  And (conversely) why are they Antichrist?  Because they worship idols   (false gods).”

“In the Commandments of your God, you will remember:  ‘I, said the Lord, I am your God.   Thou shalt not have strange gods before you.’  And who are these strange gods of Masonry and witchcraft?   Isis (is one).”

“My children, man has now accepted gods of nature.  You have become pagans.   You have rejected your God, the Father; you have rejected the Trinity.   And you have dabbled and burned your fingers in the unknown, the darkness of Satanism.”

“Parents, your children are now the victims of your laxity.  They are the victims of their elders.  All kinds of foul acts are now being taught to them in their schools and in their secret societies.  And why?  Because you parents are too lax in your duty.  You flit to and fro, looking for pleasures and gathering the material things of your world.  And for what?  I shall soon make them as naught — as nothings!   My children, there is no honor among thieves — those who rob the light from your souls.”

“My children, your country, the United States, has given itself to Satan, corruption and evil, defilements in the homes, corruption in your govern-ment.  My children, understand you will hate.   Is My Son now to become hated, mocked and scorned anew in your world?   Has My Son’s Church now met with a a new ruler?   Have you torn down My Son’s Church and erected one of man?   Yes! — and I tell you, your time is short”!

      “My child and My children:   I have wandered throughout your world, crying tears of pity for you.  I have counseled you for many earth-years, (but) how many have accepted this counsel and acted upon it?  Too few, My children.   Can you not understand that, when the Ball of Redemption is sent upon you, three-quarters of your world will be gone”?


“O My children, you go forward and you look for love and peace and brotherhood.  In the evil secret societies of Masonry, they also say ‘Peace and Love and Brotherhood’!   But it is not the truth based on the love of God the Father; it is not the truth with the love of the Trinity.  It is a mockery to Christianity.  And (yet) you follow like sheep to the slaughter.   Even those who call themselves representatives of My Son (follow).”

“Traitors you are, and as traitors you will be judged by God the Father.  O Pastors, will you stand before Him and say that your teaching has been pure in His sight?  (Verily) I tell you, He will spit you out as vermin which you have made yourselves, for you have lost the light and accepted the darkness.  (In addition) the sad fact is known that you as leaders have taken many with you onto the road to perdition.”

“My children, you will pray much for your pastors, your clergy.  The Red Hats have fallen and the Purple Hats are being misled.  Rome is in darkness.  (So) I say to you now: conform and you will die on the vine!  Conform to the New Mod and you will die on the vine”!

“My child, Modernism promoted heresy, and heresy promoted Satan.  It is because of the sins of men that this time has come upon your world.  You are all now living in the Latter Days, My children.  Many will carry a heavy cross in the days ahead.  The good will be persecuted.  Lovers of evil will glorify those who dwell in evil.”

“My children, you will have to remain simple in heart and desires, neither caring for nor seeking worldly acclaim or possessions.  Store your treasures in Heaven, where neither moth nor rust will corrupt them, nor robbers take them from you.  My children, too many have lost their souls seeking to get (ahead).  Riches are all vainglory in your world; power is vainglory for all is passing fast.”

“ Keep a constant vigil of prayer in your country and in the countries throughout the world: a great test is to come upon mankind.  Wear your sacramentals.  All who keep the monuments (statues) in their homes will be saved.  Do not abandon My Son; do not judge and abandon My Son because of the actions of men.  Pray for your priest, for he too is in a human body.”

“I repeat again and again that none but a duly-ordained — legally-ordained priest in My Son’s House will bring His sacred Body in the Host to another!  Foul deeds are being committed upon My Son’s Body!  And you are allowing them by not caring”!

Veronica:       “Our Lady is now reaching down for her mantle.  She is bringing it up to her eyes and placing it over her eyes.”

Our Lady:       “My child, My heart is torn; it feels as though a thousand knives have pierced My heart.   Everyday another one enters.  How many will console Me in my sorrow?  I am truly the Mother of Sorrows.  And why?  Because My eyes look and watch the multitudes of My children entering into hell day by day.   I cannot stem the tide now.”

“As your Mother, I ask — I beseech — I plead with you to hold back the darkness!  Fight the forces of darkness and evil that have entered upon your world!   In the past, demons were loosed upon your world, but the prince of darkness remained chained.  But now he is loosed, My children.  In the plan of Heaven, he is being allowed his time.  Satan, the supreme master of hell now walks your earth in a human body.”

“As your Mother, I do not seek to fill your hearts with fear, but you must now face reality and the facts.   The days (prophesied) in the Book of Life (the Bible), the days of which your prophets spoke and wrote, are here!  I caution you to read the Book of Revelations, the Apocalypse of St. John, My Children.  Read and learn.  Then read it again, for soon there will be darkness and you will be unable to read.  You will store it in your hearts and your memories.”

“My children, I ask you not to judge your brothers or sisters.  You must avoid all occasions of evil.   Protect your children and your homes, for the souls of many who knock on your doors are evil.  You will call upon Michael often to guide you and guard you in the days ahead.  My children, each and every one of you has received a guardian (angel) upon earth.  You must now call upon and entreat your guardian to protect you.”

“This is a very difficult time for mankind, My children.  I cannot promise you an easy road.  The road to Heaven is not easy; it is filled with thorns.  But I assure you, My children, that if you pick up your cross and carry it, then at the end of the road you will find roses and beauty far beyond any-thing the human mind could ever comprehend.  My children, the battle will be won when you say in your trial.  ‘My Jesus!  my Confidence!  . . . My Jesus!  my Confidence”! .

Veronica:       “Our Lady is now taking out her rosary, extending the crucifix and making the sign of the cross.  In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

“Now Our Lady is turning to the right.  Directly behind her, the sky seems to be just folding away.  It’s very difficult to explain in words.  It’s just folding away, and now I can see Michael and many, many angels.  They’re dressed in different colors of the rainbow.   Some (look like) children forms of angels—they’re tiny----, and others look older.  I don’t know if you can explain it that way, they have no age.  But they’re absolutely beautiful, and they are now following Our Lady as She goes across the sky to our left.”

“Now she’s leaning down, extending her beautiful rosary, and making the sign of the cross.  In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

“Our Lady is turning to the left now, and She’s starting across the sky.  She doesn’t walk.  There’s no way to explain it.  Our Lady just glides across the sky.   It’s almost like She’s carried on the wind.”

“Now she’s stopping just above the second tree, leaning over, and making the sign of the cross.  In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

Our Lady:       “I bless you all, My children, as the Father in Heaven sends His blessings upon you in the Trinity, and disperses among you the Spirit of Light.

“My child, you will read your photographs now.  There is much work to do.

“You must remain aware of the terrible trials that now exist upon earth.  Your children are in great danger of falling into the web now being spun by Satan through the (means) of Freemasonry and Communism.  This web of evil is a massive plot.  It was planned many years ago, but only put into practice now.”

“Your children are being debased and defiled through sorcery, drugs, and indoctrination in your schools.  The powers of witchcraft must not be tested, for (demonic) forces are now loosed upon your world.  The super-natural must be recognized, for it is evident that too few are preparing themselves for these days in which you are living.”

“My children, do not laugh as I caution you that there are some now walking among you who are no longer human in nature or pursuits.They have given themselves to Satan and can no longer be recognized as human.  My children, they are sacrificing other humans in their rituals of the Black Mass.”

“Many young people enter into this seeking friendship among their fellow men.   And why?  Because they have a void in their lives that you parents have not filled.   Also they have been abandoned by the leaders in My Son’s House.  They have neither a foundation in the Faith nor learning to protect themselves and give themselves the armor to withstand these onslaughts.”

“My children, you parents must now recognize that your children have rejected the knowledge of (belief in) their God, the Father in Heaven.  They have replaced this with (belief in) false gods.”

“I now tell you a fact:   One of the secret societies, kept secret for years, has been practicing witchcraft.  This secret society has been blood-letting for years, unknown to members that were not on the third step.”

“My children, all that was given in the foundation of the Faith, all that was indoctrinated into the true priesthood, was (given) for a reason; and now you see the results of casting aside the Traditions of your Faith.”

“My children, you are now facing a great trial.  Unless the (people of the world recognize the supernatural, they cannot protect them-selves from what is now loosed upon earth.  I repeat: Satan— not the lesser demons of hell, but Satan himself — now walks your earth.  Earth-year 1940 was his beginning.  He entered upon your country (the U.S.A.)  in 1971.   Satan, the prince of darkness, the father of all liars, the master of deceit, is now here to claim his own.”

“My child, this message will be met with scorn and mockery, but you must continue on your way.  Every voice throughout the world will hear this message, and then the end will come, My children.  The Gospel of Truth will be sent throughout the world, and then the end will come.”

Veronica:       “Our Lady said to take a picture, please . . . . Ann, Bernie.”

“The sky has become a very deep pink color.  All about the trees there is now a very brilliant light.  The pink is slowly disappearing, and the center of the sky is becoming like a crystal.  I can’t explain it.  There’s a brilliance, a light, (which appears) as though you were looking through cut glass.  But directly in the center, there’s a circular pattern of color, a light.  The stream of light is so brilliant that I’m sure it would burn and sear your eyes, (if it were not for a special grace of Heaven).  It’s the most beautiful light.”

“Now I can see Jesus coming from a pinpoint through this light. It’s beautiful.  He has nothing on His feet.  Tonight His gown has a beige color.  He has a belt of skin-like material — I don’t know exactly what it is, but it looks something like calf-skin.  It’s a narrow belt, and it holds the folds of the skirt-like material of His gown.”

“About His shoulders, Jesus has a burgundy cape.  It has a hood.  Now Jesus is passing His hand through His hair, and the hood is coming down upon His shoulders.”

“Now Jesus is stepping forward.  He’s looking about Himself.  Now He’s  placing His hand out like this, with three fingers extended, and He’s making the sign of the cross:   In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

“Now Jesus is placing His hand upon His Heart.”

Jesus:             “My children, My Mother has counseled you well.  Man in his heresy, in his falling away from the truth, has lost the knowledge of the super-natural.  Because of this loss, he is blinded to what is now taking place about himself.”

“Your world is in deep darkness of spirit.  All hell is now loosed upon earth.  It is the time of trial and test for all.”

“My children, it is because of man’s sin that this trial has come upon you.  Through countless earth-years, My Mother has wandered to and fro, pleading with you to accept and not reject Her counsel, for as errant children, you will receive your just reward.”

“In his search for knowledge, man has now (gained) the facility, the mechanical aptitude, to set the great fires upon your world.  Man has ever been searching and never coming to the truth.”

“My children, there are now two forces (conflicting) upon your world: good and evil.  It is a battle of the Majesties, and this is a war of the spirits far greater than any war in which man has engaged since the beginning of time.”

“The evil has accelerated, and your children are the principal victims.  Parents, you must now become disciplinarians in your home.  You have now the major responsibility for safeguarding the souls of your family.  Do not expect your children to be guided the right way in the light by the teachers in your school systems, for all have fallen to Satan.”

"Satan, the prince of darkness, the master of deceit, now controls every media in your country and the countries throughout the world.  As he was a murderer and liar from the beginning, so he is still a murderer and  liar.”

“My children, the choice is yours.   The Ball of Redemption is nearing mankind.  You are being warned and you must act upon this warning now.  What was to happen in the future will now be. “My children — and I say ‘My children’ though many have rejected Me —, I tell you that you must now turn from your ways that have offended the Eternal Father much.  The heavy hand of chastisement will be set upon you.”

I repeat the words of My Mother to the clergy:  conform with the world and you will die on the vine.  I am the Vinedresser.  The vine is the Tree of Life ---- Eternal Life.  You were My branches, but this Tree is now being shaken and all that is rotten will fall.”

“You are all now living and passing through the Latter Days, the days of which My Mother counseled you in the past messages through (many) years throughout your world.   You have been prepared well, and now you will learn (the truth of this counsel) as you go through this crucible of trial and suffering.  If you have strengthened yourself through My Mother’s counsel, you will pass through this crucible with strength and courage.”

“My children, you will (truly) receive a Warning, but it will be minor in comparison to the Great Chastisement.”

“Immodesty has led to the corruption of the young.  Paganism has been condoned by your leaders in your countries throughout the world.  You have learned nothing from your past history, for you repeat and repeat the same (old) errors.  And I assure you again that there will also be a repetition of a just punishment.”

“The (evil) spirits loosed upon your earth are supernatural (beings).  Man must not reject this knowledge, for he will then be without his armor.  The dark forces of evil are now (gathering to wage) a final battle with mankind.  Gather your armaments.  Keep a constant vigil of prayer in your country and all countries and nations of the world.  (“evil spirits = the Flying Saucer occupants).”

“My children, the firmament will be aflame.  Many will look and (be taken by surprise), but those who have listened to the counsel of My Mother will be prepared.”

“We do not come to you and send ‘prophets of gloom’ to you without a reason.  I use this _expression, My children, since We have heard it repeated many times by those who do not understand, or who reject My Mother’s messages.  We come to give yo this last chance to restore your nation and the (other) nations upon earth, for if you do restore them, I assure you, My children, that I shall place the final judgment upon you.”

“Clergy in My House, I have looked upon (all) of you and found most of you wanting, for you have given yourselves over to all pleasures of the flesh.  You have become arrogant and self-seeking, neither watching nor caring as your sheep scatter.   Woe to the man, whether he be clergy or layman, who defiles the young.”

“My children, you must pray more for your clergy.  They too receive heavy attacks from Satan.  They have not been given a special passport to Heaven.  They need your help and prayers.”

“Charity of heart you will extend to all your brothers and sisters.  Without charity, My children, you have grown cold;  without charity, you have become (enveloped) in the mass of darkness; without charity, the world will be lost.”

“Through Satan’s blandishments and corruptive nature, he has induced you to accept errors and delusions.  The Eternal Father permits this delusion for a reason:   the separation of the sheep from the goats.”

“My children, My Mother will continue to guide you in the days ahead.  You must use all of the armaments of sacramentals given to you.   You must keep a constant vigil of prayer in your homes in all countries.  And you must meditate more on the Passion.  Why, My children?  Because you, as My followers, will also go through your passion upon earth.”

“My child, this startles you.  I understand, but time will bear out this message.  My child, you ask about a most difficult mission.  You will take each day as it is given to you.  I repeat: step by step, it will appear before your very eyes.  Pray more in silence and quietude, My child, do not let the distractions of the world hinder your mission.  I shall give you the answer within this week, My child, nothing will be lost.”

Veronica:       “Now Jesus is extending His hands like this, with His

three fingers extended.  He’s smiling.”

Jesus:             “I bless you, as the Father blesses you in the Trinity, and I send unto you all the Spirit of Light.”

Veronica:       “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the

Holy Ghost.”

“Now Jesus is moving over to our left side, and He’s floating across the


"Oh, now I see Our Lady coming down directly over the banner.  I didn’t  see Her standing back there.  She’s coming down now and joining Jesus.  She comes to about His shoulders.  Her head comes up to His shoulder.”

“Oh my—Michael is now covering the sky!   Oh my ---- he’s covering the whole sky!  I have never seen anyone so big.  He’s very awesome.  He’s not out of proportion but, boy, he’s huge”!       

Over on the right side, there are many, many angels coming now.  They’re just coming through the sky.  Isn’t that amazing!  Oh, they’re so beautiful!  Now they’re grouping all about Our Lady and Jesus.  And Jesus is looking back.  He’s smiling.  It’s very beautiful.  His hair is now blowing in the wind.  It’s quite long.  It looks reddish-brown.  I don’t know if it’s from His cape or the light, but His hair does look sort of reddish-brown — I can see that very clearly.”

“Now Jesus is right next to the first tall tree.  He’s extending His hand like this, and making the sign of the cross:   In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

“And Our Lady is smiling.  She is placing Her hands together like this, with her rosary draped over them.  Now She’s looking and Jesus is passing Her.  He’s coming right over the statue.  And Our Lady is now coming over by His right side.”

“And now Michael is there.”

“Now, over on the left side, the sky is opening up.  Oh my---- I see many, many people.  I don’t know what they represent.  I see many people there, and one man is standing there.  Oh my — the man standing there is pointing.”

“Oh! . . . . OH! . . . . It (he) is a soul!  It’s very transparent.  It’s a soul.  Oh!

. . . .Yes!   Jesus,  yes,   yes.   I will.”

“Now Jesus is extending His hand out like this, and making the sign of the

cross:  In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.”

Jesus:             “Now, My child, you will be seated and do exactly what I told you.”

Comments:   According to this message, Satan was unchained from the abyss and began to “walk the earth” in 1940.   Over 150 years ago, this revelation was also made to Catherine Emmerich: “I heard that Lucifer (if I do not err) will be freed again for awhile 50 or 60 years before the year 2000 A.D.  (The Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Vol IV, p.356, edited by C. Schmoger, Apostolate of Christian Action, P.O. Box 24, Fresno, Calif.  93707).   Between the years 1940 and 1950, Flying Saucers (including the “foo-fighters” of World War II) also made their appearance.  Flying Saucers are “transports from hell” which carry demons, according to the messages of Veronica.





















































































































































































































































































                         The Church and the Satanic Deception of  the 20th Century


      (18Mar73) Our Lady:    “In your corrupt world, there will be accidents that are not accidents.  There will be deaths not due to natural causes, but planned by the sons of  Satan.”

“There is now in your world a Satanic group of One World planners.  It is their plan to eliminate slowly the true Church of Jesus.  Should the Seat of Peter be abandoned, however, this will be accomplished with great haste.”

      (25Mar73) Our Lady:   “We have left you the Book of Life (the Bible), and  you will  now read it.  But I must caution you

      that you must not accept this book (if published) after the year 1964.  All true publications were made prior to that date.” 

Comments:       In their Modernism and Humanism, contemporary theologians have rewritten and falsified parts of the Bible.  The publications from 1964 onward especially the New American Bible and protestant bibles contain many errors and should be rejected. The Douay-Rheims Bible is the only English Bible that is acceptable as well as the 1943 Confraternity of Christian Doctrine translation in USA and the Haycock Bible.

14Apr73) Our Lady:  Too many years on earth have been wasted in idle talk.

Penance, atonement, and the rules of discipline have been  cast aside, weakening souls and opening the doors for the entrance of the evil spirits.”  

Veronica then saw a very deep hole.  Along the walls of the hole, there were rocks glowing orange, and the heat was terrible.  Floating around down at the bottom of the cave-like hole were horrible creatures that looked part animal and part human.

There were four of them.   They had horrible faces, and little ears like those of elves.  They were ugly, mean demons.  Their fingers were bony and their hands like claws.

Then they floated up---- up ----- into the light on earth.  They were looking about with a smug look of satisfaction on their faces, which were horrible, mean and evil.

One of the demons pointed, and Veronica could see St. Peter’s in Rome.  The demon said: “It will not be long before we shall accomplish our mission.”  Holding a red hat (a Cardinal’s hat) in his hand, he screamed:

“I am waiting for my entrance. . . . I shall sit upon the throne of Peter, and I shall destroy the Church of God”!  And he vomited out blasphemies.  This was Demon 4.

Then Our Lady came forward, and Michael joined Her.  Standing with a large bow in his hands, Michael aimed an arrow at Demon 4 to run him through.  But Our Lady interrupted:

Our Lady:       “No, it is not time.  The purification of the world is at hand.”

Then Demon 4 stood beside the door of St. Peter’s.  He was joined by two men.  In shock Veronica watched as the demon seemed to float over and infuse himself into one of the men, entering into him like smoke.

The demon could not be seen now, only the man was visible.  Then the man who was infused (possessed by the demon) placed two keys across his chest.  They were golden keys.

Next to him stood the other man.  He wore a red hat, and he had a rope in his hand.  He opened the rope and it became a snake.  Then the snake curled about the keys, an they melted and formed into a bishop’s (crozier),  The cane-like staff that bishops carry.  The snake curled around the staff, and then the snake looked golden.

Our Lady:       “Powers — Provincials — Money ---- Money.   Destruction of the human soul for worldly gain.”

Then Our Lady took Veronica into a bedroom.  There were nuns who were nurses in the bedroom.  In the bed lay the Holy Father, Pope Paul VI.  He had on a robe.  One of the nurses had a needle.  She rolled u the sleeve of the Pope and plunged it into his left arm.  The Holy Father looked very sick.  With his right hand, he reached over to a table for his crucifix, which he placed across his chest.  Then Padre Pio appeared next to the bed.  And he came down to Veronica and said:

Padre Pio:     “My spiritual children, hear me for I bring you the word of truth.   Demons roam in the Houses of God!  Prayer must chase them out!  Atonement, prayer, and sacrifice!  I speak out for (your) imprisoned Vicar.”

18Mar74)       Our Lady:  My child, remember that I cautioned you in the past to read the writings (editions of the Bible and other religious writings) published prior to 1965.”

“I must repeat, for the salvation of mankind, what I have said in numerous messages to the world given through numerous seers.  It is a sad fact, but one that cannot be denied, that Satan has entered into the              

House of God.   Throw him out with a constant vigil of prayer, for the Red Hats (Cardinals) have fallen and the Purple Hats (bishops) are being misled . . . . (In the past) man sold My Son, and (now) man is again selling My Son, for pieces of silver”

Veronica:       “Now it’s growing very dark, and Our Lady is pointing over to the right.  There’s a large Globe, that looks like a Globe of the world.  I see a great darkness covering half of the world.  Now Our Lady is pointing forward to the left side above Her head (and there’s written the word):


Our Lady is pointing upward, and I see now a figure upon a cross.  The figure has on white robes, and on top of the cross — on the upward beam ---- there’s a tiara.  Oh my goodness, it’s the papal tiara!  Now Our Lady is coming forward.  She is placing a scarf about Her head, it’s a black scarf.  And there appeared out of nowhere three candles in a candelabra.  Our Lady is bowing Her head as She is now walking.  Now She is holding out the candelabra and pointing to the figure on the cross.  The figure on the cross is Pope Paul.”

Comments: Pope Paul VI was slowly “crucified” or murdered by the cardinals and bishops close to him in the Vatican, and by others throughout the world.  At Fatima Our Lady prophesied: “If people heed My requests, Russia will be converted and there will be peace.  If not, she will scatter her errors throughout the world, provoking wars and persecutions of the Church.  The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer,   and various nations will be annihilated.”

The “crucifixion” of Pope Paul VI by Marxist and Freemason Prelates, who rejected Our Lady’s request for the consecration of Russia to Herself, is the fulfillment of Her Fatima prophecy.

Apr74-- Veronica:   “Now it’s growing very light, and I’m standing with Our Lady in  a very large area . . . . . . I’m looking at a very large Church.  I recognize that it is St. Peter’s.   Our Lady is taking me by the hand, and She’s pointing up to a building.  And now We’re going into the building, and I see ---- oh, I see Pope Paul”! “He is sitting in a very awkward position in his chair.  He looks like he is sort of hanging over his chair.”“Now there are two men coming in.  They’re dressed in purple and red. and they have like yomikas ---- round (caps) ---- on their heads.

“And they’re going and they’re propping him up.   I don’t know what’s wrong with him.  They’re propping him up in the seat.  He looks like he’s half asleep or something.   Oh, he does look very sick — he looks very sick.

“Now they are taking his hand, and they’re putting a pen in his hand. And they are shouting something at him:   ‘Sign it!   Sign it’!

“And now I see Pope Paul is raising his head, and he is looking at them very groggily, like there’s something wrong with him.  And he’s leaning forward, and he’s trying to read a paper on the desk, but now he fell across the desk.”

“And now the two men have pulled him up.  They look like bishops or something.  They have belts around their waists made of (something) like cords and tassels.”

“Now they have pulled him up and set him back on the chair.   And they’re taking his hand now, and placing it over the paper.  And he’s shaking his head:  ‘No!  No!  No!’

“Oh!  The man on the right has now taken the paper, and he’s speaking to the other man ---- I don’t recognize them, I never saw them before.  And he is saying: ‘We’ll wait until later.   And now they are going out.”

Our Lady:       “My child, there is great deception in the Holy City.  Pray much for your Vicar.   He is under great trial.   Enemies surround him.  You can count those who can be trusted on one hand, My child.”

Veronica:       “Now Our Lady is wiping Her eyes.  She is very sad and She is saying”

Our Lady:       “It is a knife in the heart when We see the fall of the souls of Our children, but it is countless knives in the hearts of My Son and Myself when We know that Our Houses have fallen to Satan.” “Michael, the Guardian of the Church on earth, must be returned.” 13Apr74–Our Lady: “There will be many false prophets (set) upon the world. There are (already) many false prophets in the world.  They bring doctrines that are not of the truth.”

“A Great Delusion has been set upon man.  Error abounds in the House of  God.  A house in darkness will shut its doors, for a band of death will be placed about it.”

“Satan has entered into the highest positions in your civil life and in the  House of My Son throughout the world.   Satan has entered into the House of God.   He rules now from the highest places (the Papacy).  The world and the Church of God are in deep darkness.  Many of those who are in command have fallen away.”

God the Father:         “The Holy Spirit has not entered into the hearts of the men of God.  They must starve their souls of the demons which they have allowed to enter upon them.  They are teaching in great error.  Many have fallen for the love of money.  Many have taken souls into the abyss with them.”

“Turn now from your plan of wickedness!   Destroy the Vicar and   you will destroy yourselves, for you will hasten Me to send upon you the Ball of Redemption”!

      Our Lady:       “My child, you must make haste and warn (mankind).  Warn our clergy that they are (paving) the road for the entrance of the Greatest One of Evil (Antichrist), the exponent of all that the Prince of Darkness can set upon the world.  He has entered among you, and he will (intends to) bring about the full destruction of mankind.”

“Pray much, My child.  Pray that all who hear My voice and heed the message will act with great haste to bring the message to mankind, for the time grows short for your redemption.”

“Do not judge the House of God by the works of men.   The Foundation of the House of God is the Father in the Son and the Holy Ghost.  In your human nature, the Foundation is Jesus.”

“My child, you saw (in vision) the Book in great darkness.  I have warned you many times to caution those about you not to buy any (versions of the Bible) published after the year 1964 or 1965 -----earth-years.  Grave errors abound in these publications.”

“You must warn and caution the children of earth not to abandon the Vicar of Christ.  The enemies about him seek to set the (steps) for his downfall.  They seek to (propagate about him) grave errors, misquotes, misconceptions, and lies, through the media of your world ---- your news-papers, your radios and . . . . your television.   Know that these lies were

created by Satan, for Satan is the father of all liars.  He is the epitome of all deceit and deception, My child.”

“Do not allow your hearts to be misled through your ears and human senses.  The enemies of God send out false interpretations.  As I have often instructed you, My children, you will read the Book of Life, your Bible.  Wit this knowledge, you will have the power to recognize those who teach in error or in outright deception.  In this way you will recognize the enemies of the Father.”

“Yes, My child, the words were not misquoted.  My Son did use the words ‘the sons of Satan’.  The sons of Satan do the work of Satan, for their father is the father of all liars.  These sons of Satan have worked many years to tear down the House of God, but they will not succeed.”

22May74–Veronica:             “Now it’s growing dark and Our Lady is pointing over to the left side of the flagpole.  Oh, I see the inside of a large room, and I can see Pope Paul sitting at a desk.  He’s signing a paper.  Now he has placed the pen down, and he’s going over to a kneeler before a very large statue of Our Lady.  Oh, he is ---- I don’t understand his words.  Now Our Lady is coming over.”

Our Lady:       “I will repeat (translate) them for you, My child.  The heart of your Vicar cries in anguish: ‘Mother Immaculate, give me the strength to persevere in the days ahead.  You have made known to me the way of the cross.  I shall accept the will of the Father.’”

      Veronica:       “Now I can see the Holy Father bowing his head.”

      30May74–-St Peter:   “My child, how often we have been sent from Heaven to caution you of the days to come, and to prepare you to defend your Faith.  You will go forward as light in the darkness, faithful and true.”

“Defend your Vicar from those who seek to dethrone him, and to place upon the Seat of Peter the one who is of dark secrets, an enemy agent from the abyss.”  

     8Jun74—Jacinta Marto:       “No Veronica, the picture (given by Jacinta on Sept 14,1971, with the writing ‘JACINTA 1972’)

was not accepted.  This gives me great sorrow, but one day it will be accepted.  So do not put it in your files, Veronica; (but distribute copies of) the picture throughout the world. Perhaps, then, mankind will listen to what Our Lady told me to tell them.”

“I, too, was asked by Our Lady to give a message.  I did not understand all that Our Lady said, but I gave the message.

“Yes, I tried to warn everyone of what was going to happen to the world in the future.  Our Lady said that the little Father in Rome (Paul VI) would suffer great persecution, but much of this persecution would come from his very own — those whom he trusted.  That is why the picture was given to you: to send the message throughout the world.”

Comments: The puzzle contained in the photo with the writing ‘JACINTA 1972’ was partially answered by Our Lady in Her message of Sept 7, 1978.  In that message She stated that Lucifer entered Rom in the year 1972, and that he then cut off the reign and the mission of Pope Paul VI.  It was presumably at this time that VILLOT, BENELLI, and CASAROLI usurped te Papacy; see the message of Sept, 27, 1975.

15Jun74 – Our Lady: “We of the Kingdom of the Father find many errors being propagated in My Son’s House, His Church.  They are the Great Deception that is permitted for mankind in these Latter Days.  It will be by this means that the sheep will be separated from the goats.  All who have given themselves to Satan will be made known, for they will wither on the vine, their fruit will rot, and all that is rotten will fall. ”My children, pray much for your pastors, that they be given the strength from the Father to go forward in the truth and the light.  It is sad to say that many have lost their way, preferring to receive the rewards of mankind.  Their knowledge of the supernatural has been cast aside and replaced by the Humanism and Modernism of your times, even to the extent of rationalizing sin.”

“My child, many call upon the Holy Spirit, but the spirits they (actually) invoke are not from Heaven and the Light.  They come up fast from the abyss.  Flee (from these gatherings of Pentecostals)!  Have no part in these gatherings, for they are not of the Light.  In time you will (see) evidence of the disasters that these gatherings produce, My children, My child, you will meet with much disapproval by many of our clergy.  I am preparing you for this, for many have fallen into the web of Satan, not recognizing these gatherings of Pentecostals for what they truly are: a creation to distort and deceive.  My child, you must remember that Satan-Lucifer, Luciel — was cast out with great knowledge of how to deceive the nations and mankind.  I cannot explain to you now why all of this power was not removed; it is a secret of Heaven.”

“My child, many have given themselves to disobedience of your Holy Father, your Vicar.  We have asked him to condemn the practice of calling upon the Spirit.   He has followed the direction of the Father, but many of his clergy have fallen into disobedience of your Vicar.  Many have chosen to go their own way, following their own rules without discipline.   Many have set themselves up to guide others, without having true knowledge, for they have cast aside Our Vicar and his warnings.”

“Your Holy Father suffers much, My child.  Pray much for him for his strength is greatly taxed by those who give him much sorrow.  Those he has trusted have set knives into his heart.”

18Jun74— Our Lady:           “My child, it is only through the knowledge (experience) of suffering, and the knowledge of the

value of suffering that you can attain the Kingdom of Heaven.   So few are willing to suffer for My Son, (the great majority) preferring the pleasures of the world.” “My child, make it known to our priests in My Son’s House on earth, that We want our priests to shine forth as pure examples of chastity and holiness.  They have been misguided in direction by many superiors, who also follow, like sheep to the slaughter, the misdirection of their superiors.  It is like a wheel turning, with the fire slowly destroying it.”

“The example that must be shown and given to the children of earth by our priests must set them apart as representatives of My Son.  They do not have any equal on earth, for their vocation is a special gift from God.  We are sad to look upon the darkness that covers the souls of many, My child.  The greatest error in My Son’s House is the delusion set upon man by Satan, that souls will be gained by joining them in their corruption.  No, the example must be pure and set apart from the worldly instinct.”

1Jul74— Veronica:               “. . . . I see a man on a cross.  The cross is lying almost horizontal, and both sides of the cross have long cords. . . . The cross is being pulled (by the cords) across the sky —there’s a roadway.  And it’s

very strange: the cross is being pulled by . . . . clergy, Cardinals and Bishops.   Now the man on the cross — oh! — the man on the cross is the Holy Father, Pope Paul . . . . .”

Our Lady:       “My child, the scene you have just witnessed is in the present.  Our Vicar and your Father on earth is being crucified by those who have pledged themselves to follow him in obedience.  It saddens the hearts of all in Heaven to observe the disobedience of the children on earth to Our Vicar.  These seeds of disobedience have been sown by Satan.”

15Jul74— Our Lady: “Satan has set himself to do great battle in My Son’s House. Hurry!  Shout from the rooftops!  Warn all of our clergy that they are under heavy attack by the agents of darkness.  They must not be misled.  Their influence is great over the young.”

"Many who carry high honors in My Son’s House by (virtue of) their rank have (entered) My Son’s House with black hearts: they came to destroy.  They have been sent to destroy it, but they will not destroy it.  A house in darkness must close its doors.  Error, evil destruction of the youth, souls contaminated by dark waters will not be tolerated by the Father.”

Comments: Our Lady is undoubtedly speaking of the Communists and Freemasons who have infiltrated the Church Hierarchy. 

5Aug74— Our Lady: “There are many false teachers among you, My children.  You have the Faith, and you must keep this truth in your hearts.” "The Book of Life has been changed to suit the basic carnal nature of mankind.   You must not read the new Bibles published recently.  You will search through your stores and recover the truth in the writings.  They  must be (published) before the year 1964 of your earth-years.”

"The enemies of God entered into the Houses of My Son many earth-years ago.  Their plan has been insidious, they (advanced) with much cunning ,and they came into the highest places of power      within the Houses of My Son.  In this way, My children, they have been able to mislead, misguide and set many souls onto the road to their eternal destruction.” "My child, the message that I have entrusted to you will be rejected by many.  Know and learn a simple truth: I do not speak to you in riddles or symbols, but in plain truth in the light.  (But) those in the darkness will not understand, because they have not penetrated this darkness of spirit."

“There is great disobedience in the Houses of My Son throughout the world, and a great predominance of this is in your own country.  Pastors have chosen their own ways.  Many are in great disobedience to Our Vicar.”

14Aug74— Our Lady:  “You will not destroy My Son’s House, His Church, by consorting with the enemies of My Son!   You will not convert the enemy by lowering the standards!   Your example must be one of steadfast faith.”

“Change! — What need is there of change when the Foundation has been proved through the test of time?  It is the dissatisfied man, the greedy and lustful man, who seeks change.  Does he change to bring man to God?  No.  He changes to take man from God — and give him to Lucifer”!

“Satan was present at the great Council (Vatican II), and he listened with careful ears.  He awaited every move, and he placed his agents among you.  Recognize and reconstruct your path!  You have been deluded.  You are on the wrong road.  Turn about now, or you will sow the seeds for your own destruction”!

“There is a Great Delusion and Deception in the world.  You must make it known to My clergy that We grieve much over the actions of many.  They are leading many of Our sheep onto the road to the abyss.  Many do this in obedience— they are misled; but most are selling their souls to get to the head (to get ahead in worldly power and riches).

“Those who have the highest rank in My Son’s House, and in His Houses throughout the world, are now using their rank to destroy many souls.  Pray---- much for them, for they too will burn in the fires of hell.”

“The plan for the arrival of Demon 6 is in motion.  This will come about when the world and My Son’s House have united as one.   Know that  when the Church and the world become one, the end is at hand.”

21Aug74—Our Lady: “It is through My voice-boxes throughout the world that We must send this warning of caution to all of Our Cardinals and Bishops: The Father will not tolerate their entering into secret societies!

“The discipline and rules that were set down by My Son and those He chose to write the Book of Life and Love, must be adhered to.  In the name of the Trinity, We direct that you Bishops and Cardinals of the world must use your full powers as Hierarchy to e-x-c-o-m-m-u-n-i-c-a-t-e and defrock all who seek to dethrone My Son and destroy the Faith.

“Many of you are in disobedience to Our Bishops.  Many of you set your-selves up as gods in your own parish.  Where is your charity?  Where is your piety?   Love, love----the word ‘love’ We see everywhere, but few know the true meaning.

“We wish that your separated brethren return to the Fold, My children.   You will not change yourselves (compromise your Faith) and meet them on their road, but you must bring them back to the narrow road.  My Son set His House upon earth, and all who left did so in rebellion.  Are you going to join them?  Will you compromise your Faith?   No!   All who sell out the harvest of My Son will receive a recompense of eternal damnation.”

“O My child, how many tears I have shed as I looked into the houses and edifices of My Son, His churches upon earth!  (They have been) defiled by defiled men.”

Veronica:       “Now I see a very large room.  Oh, there’s a gathering of some kind. . . . some Cardinals are sitting about a (long) table that curves over to the right.  I recognize (that they are Cardinals) from the color of their garments and. . . . from their hats which have a big wide brim.  There are also some bishops, and I see some priests in black garments.”

“And I can see Pope Paul.  He’s sitting right in the center of the gathering.  There’s a great deal of talking, (so) I can hear only snatches of the conversation from both sides.”

“Now I’m looking up, up near the wall, and I see this horrible thing between the ceiling and the wall!  Oh, I don’t know how to describe it.  It’s Satan!  Satan!   He’s smiling.  He has a look of such arrogance—arrogance!  I’m filled with horror.  He’s filled with confidence and arrogance.  He’s listening.  I can tell from the _expression on his face.  He’s listening.  He’s planning.”

“Now Michael is coming forward on the left side.  I’m still watching the bishops and the cardinals, and Satan up on the wall.  Now Michael is coming forward; he’s standing by the left side of the pole.”

      Michael: “My child, shout it from the rooftops!   He did his work well.  The walls are crumbling!   A House, a Church, in darkness will wear a band of death about it!   O woe, woe to mankind!   You do not know what is before you”!

“Open your doors to me!   Do not shut me out!   I cannot enter into the    churches without your desire.”

      Veronica:       “I don’t understand . . . . . . . . ”

      Michael:          “My child, it is not for you to understand the ways of the Father of Heaven.”

      Veronica:       “Can’t you force your way in”?

      Michael:          “No, My child, I must be asked in.  When I am returned to remain guard at the Tabernacles, and my name is returned, you will find the people flocking back into the Houses of their God.  Now, instead, I have been locked out, and Satan has been invited in.  His agents fill the seats of the Houses of God.”

“The battle will rage with great ferocity in the House of God ---- bishop against bishop, and cardinal against cardinal, until the score has been settled in favor of the Eternal Father, your Creator.”

“I, Michael, Guardian of the House of God, give fair warning to all cardinals and bishops in all churches upon earth that you must set straight (repair) the damage you have created, the damage that has destroyed many souls.”

“It is a command from the Father in Heaven that ll in authority defrock and excommunicate those under their rule who seek to destroy the Faith, as given by the Father in Heaven. . . . . .”

“There is a major law in the Faith of Jesus Christ that none will enter into secret societies of the Masons.  The sons of Satan are the rulers; they are known by the name of ‘Freemasons’.  All who join this secret society will immediately be condemned to the abyss forever.”

“Those who rule will (also) excommunicate and defrock all who make and enter a pact with the separated brethren, and who compromise the Faith with the separated brethren.”

“The Book of Life and Love, the Bible, has been rewritten by men (who were tools of Satan) to deceive mankind.  They will deceive those who are not in the light.”

“Recognize the faces of evil.  By their fruits they will be known.  They will come to you as angels of light, but they are ravenous wolves, placing themselves in strategic positions of power to seduce mankind and destroy the Church of Jesus Christ.”

“My child, you must know and tell the world that Satan now has control of many major positions in the House of God in the Eternal City of Rome.”

“Traitors surround your Vicar.  His sufferings are great.  Already they have chosen his successor.  (So) pray, My children, pray much that he will not be removed.  For woe to the world (if this happens): The crucifixion of the Mystical Body of Christ will come to mankind”!

Veronica:       “Now Michael is stepping back . . . .   He has a spear in his right hand.  He’s pointing with his spear to a cardinal, and he’s writing above (the cardinal’s) head:         W

Now (Michael) is going over . . . . and he’s standing right in front of

the next cardinal.  He’s pointing to the cardinal, and he’s writing above

(the cardinal’s) head:  A

Now (Michael) is going on to the next one, who is sitting way over at the

end.  And now (Michael) is writing above his head:           S

Now (Michael) is coming forward, and he’s pointing his spear with disdain at ‘V’.    A big                 V

is now appearing (above) the head of ----- I guess he’s a bishop or an arch-bishop.  He’s wearing the same kind of hat as a . . . . .  He’s got a biretta-like  ---- one of those round hats.  It has a sort of purplish color, and above  his head is written the letter ‘V’.   Now Michael is coming forward.”

Michael:          “These are the initials, My child.  You will pray for them and ask many of their children to pray that they come out of the darkness.  Their souls wallow in sin.  They are blinded, and they are misleading those under their rule.”

“V” does much damage to the Holy Father by changing his correspondence.  V rewrites his letters.   V censors his mail.”

“He (the Holy Father) did not receive the medals you sent to him, My child.  He did not receive your correspondence, My child.  The Holy Father will receive his knowledge from Mary, the Queen of Heaven and his Mother.     . . . .”

“Your newspapers — even those that call themselves ‘Catholic’ ----- have  fallen.  They have now been given to the enemies of God; for when they seek to destroy the Church of the Son of God, they are enemies of God and they are of the Antichrist.”

Jesus:             “It must be known that they will seek to stifle My Mother’s message, for they are not of the light.   These misguided or fallen bishops and Red Hats will not allow the world to accept My Mother’s mission.”

“It is sad that Her message from the Father was not permitted in the media of your country.  You can fully understand how controlled your media are now, My child.”

“Pray much ---- pray that they do not take the Sacrifice from among you, for the Abomination of Desolation lies ahead.   I have watched carefully the actions of Our clergy in My House throughout the world, and I have found many wanting.”

“The true Sacrifice has been replaced by a meal!  Have you forgotten My death upon the cross?   You have homes to eat in!   Do not come to My House to eat!   When you come, you are to receive the Bread of Life.  It is physical and supernatural.  I come among you in true Presence.  The enemies in My House wish to take this knowledge from you. “Pagans in My House!   Abominations and filth!   Cleanse my House of this filth!   I shall not tolerate your actions and conduct much longer!

“Men in the Houses of worship: The Trinity must be made known to the children.   Reverence must be taught to the children.  Modesty must be given by example to the children.  You have brought into My House all manners of whims and fancies, giving in to your carnal natures.  Will you, as My representatives, stand before Me and say that your teaching has been pure in My sight?  I shall stick you out and cast you into the fires!

“You will fool no one.  The Father sees into your hearts.  You have completely cast aside the Father, and blinded yourselves with the pleasures of this world.  All for the sake of money!   Shall I be sold again as I was with 30 pieces of silver?   You are selling Me”!

      Veronica:       “O my God!   I see now a crucifix---- a very large crucifix---- with Jesus on it.  O my goodness!  There’s blood all over! It looks like He’s been torn to shreds!   Oh my”!

      Jesus:             “See, My child, what sin has done to Me!  Is there no one in My House who will stand forward and fight for Me?  Who will place balm upon My tortured Body?  You are re-crucifying Me in My own House”!

Comments: According to this message, Satan as been playing a dominating role in the assemblies of the Church in Rome.  At the Vatican II Council, the cardinals and bishops of the Church essentially adopted a stance of pacifism and compromise in relation to the great errors of the world:  Communism, Freemasonry, etc.   Because of this pacifism, the prayer to St.  Michael, the Guardian of the Church, was dropped from the Mass, and Michael himself was essentially put out of the Church.  His fighting mission was rejected as unneeded.

In 2 Thessalonians 2:6, St. Paul wrote that someone is restraining the appearance of the Son of Perdition and his satanic works in the world.  Doubtless Paul was referring to St. Michael as the “restraining one.”  Thus the present dropping of Michael and his fighting mission in the Church by the religious pacifists and compromisers has opened the door for the entrance of Satan and the Son of Perdition in the Church.  In 1917 at Fatima, Our Lady requested the Church to consecrate Russia to Her in order to prevent the spread of Communism.  Since all of the Bishops of the Church were assembled together at the Vatican II Council, this was their one great opportunity to perform the requested consecration.  But they rejected Our Lady’s request.

In their betrayal of Our Lady, the cardinals and bishops even went further than this. They invited to the Vatican II Council two observers from the Russian Communist Church, which is a complete tool of their satanic Communist state.  (Pope John XXIII had wanted observers from the true Russian Orthodox Church present at the Council, but this Church is anti-Communist and underground like all of the true churches in Russia, and the observers were not chosen from them.)  In inviting the two Russian Communist clerics to Vatican II, the Cardinals and Bishops gave them secret assurances that the Council would not fight Communism.

From such actions as this, one can only conclude that, with the exception of a minority, the chief leaders of the Roman Catholic Church have lost the Faith.  The religious pacifists have put the clergy to sleep, and Satan has been invited into the House of God as in Russia itself.   Some years ago, Alexander Solzenitsyn wrote a letter entitled “The Russian Church is Ruled by Atheists.”  It seems that a similar letter could now be written about the Roman Catholic Church.  As the messages to Veronica repeatedly state, “the Red Hats have fallen, and the Purple Hats are being misled.”

With regard to the identity of Cardinal ‘W’ and Cardinal ‘A’ and d’S’ and ‘V’ in the previous message, we have no definite knowledge.  However, Cardinal ‘W’ was not Cardinal Wojtila, who has become our present pope, since Our Lady supports him (and warns him of murderers) in her message of  Dec 7, 1978.  More likely, Cardinal ‘W’ is someone like Cardinal Willebrands, who is often running back and forth to Moscow on his knees, and who was instrumental in bringing the two Russian Communists to Vatican.

With regard to ‘V’ who changed the correspondence and censored the mail of Pope Paul VI, we might guess that this is Cardinal Villot, the Vatican Secretary of State.  (On the other hand, ‘V’ seemed to have the hat of a bishop or archbishop, according to Veronica.)  In relation to Villot, the writer recently received a copy of a letter purportedly written by a lawyer of the Rota, the supreme tribunal of the Church in the Vatican. 

The letter was published in Europe in several languages on an unknown date  possibly in 1975 or 1976.  The name of the lawyer was undoubtedly omitted to protect him.  The following is the text of the letter:

Letter from a Lawyer of the Roman Rota   (published in Europe)

“By Divine Providence, I received in December a collection of the messages given to the Portavos in Mexico. *   I was profoundly affected.  Because my occupation as a lawyer of the Rota gives me access to the different Congregations (in the Vatican), I could quickly prove what I had read and reread. Above all, it was my friendship with Cardinal Wright, who understands my anger and my offensive words against Villot, that was a most efficacious aid in confirming the truth of the messages.  Other friends of lesser stature also confirmed my diagnosis with respect to the Congregations. Proceedings are blocked, sometimes for more than ten months, by that infamous Villot, who we know is the leader of the orchestra that is destroying the Mass, the Liturgy and Sunday. Villot is a Mason of high degree, (which means) a declared enemy of the Church; and he governs with his own government a group of bishop masons, also of high degree, and all the personnel he has in his ecclesiastical employ.  They are penetrated and purchased by Communism, and they are scattered throughout the Vatican.

(In saying this) I am (choosing) and weighing my words.  The Pope (Paul VI) is a saint, but at the same time he is a complete prisoner in the Vatican.  He is permitted to manifest an exterior facade, and to express therein as many Catholic thoughts as he likes, only because no bishop pays any attention to him, at least not in France.   (The result is that everything he says) is lost in the desert.

He is ill and receives 12 injections daily, because of his cancer of the bladder. At times they give him drugs to force him, by means of pressure and incredible insistence to sign one document or another that signifies a betrayal of Tradition.

I have spoken of drugs.  (To this) I must add their brutality with respect to his health, the vigilance over all his correspondence, the selection of his visitors, and even the presence of a third person who spies on the conversation and the gestures of the visitor when the Pope is not in his workroom.

All of the documents with respect to the Liturgy are invalid . . . . . 

None of them is of obligation.

The documentation (of our battle for Tradition) which was sent to the Congregation for the Defense of the Faith, or to the Congregation for the Clergy, is (treated as) worthless, which proves that the enemy now has his position firm.  He is ruining, especially in France, the faith of our children and young people.  The bishops and cardinals who are traitors to the Church (keep) their posts and (ceaselessly) continue to destroy the Sacraments, because Villot protects his own and intimidates them.  A pope who can (upon their permission) give a religious talk; intimidated and afflicted cardinals; power in the hands of the Pharisees, bishops and cardinals, or simple secretaries: this is the dramatic situation of the Holy Father which has grieved me for many months.  My God, how I have cried for him! ! !  With the help of God, I have had the strength to publish this terrible news.

I am ready to live this passion of the Church to the catacombs, in which we (will soon have) to take refuge, because of the great political, economic and religious events that are approaching us.  Jesus has permitted the enemy to triumph with intelligence and lies, by means of an organization within the Church which has its goal the destruction of the ecclesiastical and secular life in . . . . . the heart of the Church. 

(Now) you and I are obliged to defend ourselves without giving explanations.  The Lord and the Virgin promise to give us the help we need.

You may raise an objection with respect to the Holy Father:   How is it possible that he is not capable of freeing himself from Villot?  There is a secret.  To monetary bribery, there is added the selection of personnel on the orders of Villot; he has arranged since 1969 to select (men for) and plan the posts.  The Pope is surrounded by enemies in all parts of the Vatican.  Few are the prelates who live a spiritual life.  On the other hand, very numerous are those who are corrupted either by money or by immorality.

I have told you only a part of my secret to (assure) you with respect to the dubious position of the Holy Father.  The Pope has trusted too much (in others).  He was too good.  Easily they deceived him, and now he knows it.

(Now) he has changed his behavior completely, and concerns himself only with thoughts that pertain to the supernatural life.  He calls for the conversion of hearts, for a living Christianity, for obedience to the true Church.  Little by little he is approaching his Calvary which he accepts.  It is true that he thought of abdicating, discouraged by the betrayal that surrounds him everywhere.  But the Lord gave him courage and new strength.  The task yet remains for the Holy Father to restore to us officially the Mass of Pius V in place of all the lies.  We must wait with patience.  The document is prepared, but it is still blocked.

When, after incredible sufferings, the Holy Father asks for the publication of his document, we in Europe will not be far from great events.  Our peoples will be aghast with terror at what suddenly, and without previous warning, will fall over their plans and dreams.”

The writer received his copy of the letter from St. Paul’s Guild of Graniteville, Vermont.  Later we shall expose some of the messages of the Mexican Portavos to which the Lawyer made allusion.  Our Lady’s messages to Her many voice-boxes throughout the world are much the same, and they are confirmed by such writings as the letter of the Lawyer.  We now return to the messages given to Veronica Leuken.

(End of comments).


      7Sep74—Our Lady:   “I have asked many times that the leaders in My Son’s House watch carefully those in their charge.  There has entered upon them a delusion.  You must not be sucked into the Octopus hands of those who  seek to destroy My Son’s House, His Church.  They come to you as angels of light, with honeyed words and surfaced acts of piety, but within you will find the blackened heart and the evil intent.  There are now many agents of Satan (in the Church).  They were in the synagogues of My time, My children, and they are now in the synagogues (churches) of your time.  However, they are not true men of God; therefore I call them ‘the synagogues of Satan’.  They do not honor their God.  They have set themselves to honor man.  God has no place in their lives.  Man will be the creature to worship.

Detach yourselves from these secret societies.  Do not be fooled by their honeyed words of Humanism and Modernism.  Brotherhood and Love.  Love, love-----so many words of love do We hear, but what do you breed but hate and murder!   By your fruit you will be known.

Many have joined these societies not knowing their true intent.  Investigate, do not be misled by the wealth of worldly goods and enjoyments that is offered you.  Dig deep into the real (purpose) of their existence, and know that they seek your destruction from within.  Under the pain of sin, the Father in Heaven demands the excommunication of all who enter into the secret societies of the Synagogues of Satan, the sons of Satan . . . . . .  The children of God will face enslavement by the enemies of God, known as ‘World Christianity’, unless you pray and carry the banner of ‘Faithful and True’  to God the Father.

Pastors, shepherds of the flock:   Cleanse your House now while you have the time, for a house in darkness wears a band of death about it!  All that is rotten will fall!   Wake up from your sleep!   Take the blindness from your eyes and follow the truth given you in your vocation!   You have  only one answer (option):   reverse yourself from your present course of destruction!

Recognize the faces of evil about you.   Satan has many faces and agents.  They will come in human form to destroy.  The cunning and dexterity of Satan (are great), and there are no (means) he will not use to claim a soul.

I wish to clarify this with you:   When I speak of the secret societies, know that there are now many (of them), and that the number of those who have entered into them is greater than you think.  Some enter because they think they have attained a place of esteem.  Many have been baptized and destined for the Kingdom of the Father; however, you must warn them that they are in great danger of losing this precious gift.  Recognize the deception within these societies.   They do much good, but the evil----the true purpose behind this good-----is abominable; for it seeks to remove from you God the Father and all knowledge of His Being.  The saddest fact, My child, is that this great army of Satan seeks to destroy My Son’s Church, and it will use its own member to try (to do this).  However, the foundation is My Son, and it will never be destroyed.  But the walls can crumble and the number of souls lost will be counted in the many (majority), for only the few (minority), will be saved.”

6Oct74— Our Lady:              “In your world, which has been given over to Satan by man-kind, it is the little ones, those with the hearts of children, that We have chosen to come to.   Pride-----intellectual pride-----has cast many from the role (of receiving heavenly visitations and revelations).  Woe to those who seek to destroy the Faith given to them with their pride and arrogance!

My child, this is why We have not chosen the high and the mighty, and those of great riches on earth, to be Our voice-boxes.  They are (forever searching) to find the treasures of the world, and they do not (turn) their hearts and eyes to seek for the Kingdom.”

1Nov74—Our Lady:              “You will pray much for your Vicar, Our beloved son Pope Paul VI, who is undergoing much trial from those he trusts.  Know that nothing is hidden from the Father.  The time will come when you will be sifted like wheat; the chaff will be separated from the solid kernels.”

20Nov74—Our Lady:            “Come, My child, I wish you to know what is happening in the Eternal City.”

Veronica:       “Now I can see the Holy Father.  He’s very wan; he looks like he’s suffering greatly.  He’s very tired; he looks so tired.  And as I’m watching, he’s brushing his tears from his face.

Now he’s joining his hands, and he’s walking across the room, and he’s kneeling before a beautiful statue of Our Lady.  Oh, he’s holding his face----he’s crying.   Now Our Lady is coming over and She’s placing Her hand, Her right hand, on his head.   I don’t think he knows that Our Lady is standing by him.  Now She’s placing both hands upon his head.  Now Our Lady is moving over to the center of the room.

I ---- I just feel like I’m rooted to the floor.  I can’t move over to the Holy Father.  I’d like to go over and touch him to console him.  But I can’t move.  Now Our Lady is coming over.”

Our Lady:       “You see, My child, the great trial of your Holy Father.  He suffers from the disobedience of those he trusts.   His friends ---- his true friends in Christ ---- are few.”

      23Nov74---- Our Lady:   “My child, you must pray much for your Vicar.  He is undergoing great trial, he carries a heavy

      cross.  Many of his children are disobedient to his orders.  For the salvation of souls, he accepts the cross of martyrdom.”

6Dec74---- Our Lady:           “O My children, how often have I cried to you, to warn you of a coming chastisement!  The balance has not moved:   it (still)  lies heavily to the left.

In the Holy City of Rome, there is already a plan developing to replace Our beloved Vicar.  Pray ---- pray much ----- that he will not be removed, for the Man of Dark Secrets is waiting to enter upon the Seat of Peter.”

1Feb75----Our Lady:             “You must increase your prayers for your Vicar.  He is now a prisoner among his own.   The faces of evil about him are many.  They parade themselves as angels of light, My child.

Error has entered upon My Son’s House because My Son’s representatives, the Clergy, have given themselves to the world.  They must return to a life of prayer and dedication of the spirit.  Our sheep are starving.  There is a great means of restoration of My Son’s House.  It is a simple way, but it will bear fruit.  Our Clergy must return to a life of prayer.

You will not gather your sheep by going around among them and lowering your standards.  The foundation of My Son’s House has always been firm.  You will not use your rank in My Son’s House to whittle away at the walls.  You are going like rodents and burrowing into the foundation of My Son’s House!

I do not need to (provide) you with names, My children.  You who wear the red hats and the purple hats know to whom I speak.  When are you going to cast (out) the darkness from your hearts?  Restore My Son’s House to its proper foundation, or else you will receive the sword!  Many miters are falling into hell.”

Jesus:             “This message is for the Clergy: You will not change My House to cater to the basic sinful nature of mankind.  Man must change for the good.  Man must make his change to please his God.  The representatives of My House will not change to please mankind.  Discipline must be returned to My House.  You who have set your-selves in disobedience to Our Vicar will answer for your (indiscretion) to the Father.  You have been given the time to make amends and atone-ment for your many sins against the rule.  You will not bargain My House for worldly gain.   The cost is too great, for you are counting this gain in the loss of My sheep.  Restore My House or you will fall completely”! . .

10Feb75----Veronica:          “Our Lady is pointing up, and I see two dignitaries.   They look like Cardinals.  Now one is holding a key ---- a very large golden key ----, and the other is counting out . . . . . what looks like large silver pieces.”

Our Lady:       “My child, you see they are re-crucifying My Son for pieces of silver ---- for worldly gain.  It is time all repeated.  Your world is in a spiritual darkness far worse than in the time of Noah.”

18Mar75—Our Lady:            “My Son is much grieved by the manner in which His Sacrifice is conducted within the churches of the world.

Pastors, shepherds of Our flock, have you not the courage to stand up for the Light?  Do you fear mankind?   No man will save you for your eternal reward (punishment), for you will receive the recompense of your abominations.  You will be cast into the abyss and counted among the least (lost).

You have been given a Divine vocation.   Yet you scandalize those who have been entrusted to you.   Awaken now from your blindness!  Bishops, the salt, what you done to your vocation?  You have wrought scandal and the destruction of souls”!

22Mar75—Our Lady:            “We ask----the Eternal Father demands----that all bishops in the Houses of God throughout the world turn back to prayer.  They must turn back from the road they have chosen, a road filled with error, corruption and sin.

Man will not make changes in the House of God to please the basic carnal nature of mankind.  But the men in the House of God, the Leaders and Clergy chosen by the Eternal Father, will turn man from his path of destruction and bring him into the House of God.  They must not accomplish this by lowering the rule or standards.  Man must change his ways and follow the ways of God . . . .

A delusion has been set into the hearts of the Clergy by Satan.  They must pray more, and you must pray more for them, My children.  Yes, My child, it is sad but it is a fact that many Miters will fall into hell.  A soul is not judged by rank, but only by merit.”

Jesus:             “The warning being given by My Mother must be acted upon, I repeat, because the remaining time is counted.  The Eternal Father has watched your actions, and the actions of those to whom the Father entrusted Our sheep, and He has found many wanting.  You are being admonished before you will be chastised.  Heed the warning given to you now.

You must, in the time given to you, make a complete reversal of your ways that offend the Father much.  You will do this, not for the earthly life of mankind, but for the salvation of souls.

Awaken from your slumbers, leaders!   You have fallen asleep.  You have been lulled into the darkness because you have given yourselves to the pleasures of the flesh.  As leaders of Our sheep, My Clergy, do not be misled by your Modernist and Humanist (associates).  You are being led into the darkness.

A deep darkness covers your world.  You will know the Hand of the Father upon you.  As day goes into night and the sun will set, you will know the Hand of the Father upon you”!


29Mar75—Our Lady:            “The habit of the cleric has often been soiled by intellectual pride, My child.  Know now that intellectual pride is a far greater barrier against sanctity, and will hinder you from the path of sanctity faster, than outright licentiousness and evil.  Intellectual pride is the downfall of many.   Pride is a sin, My child.

In order to reach the Kingdom of the Father, you must divest and remove from yourselves all pride and worldly searching.  You must become as confident and as trusting as a child.  Know that all is yours for the asking.  Believe, and you will be given the way.  My Son in the Eucharist is always with you to strengthen you.

You will pray for your Hierarchy, My children.  They too are being tried, and sadly many are found wanting at this time.  Pray much for them, My children.

Your Holy Father, Pope Paul VI, is under great trial.  Pray that he is not removed from among you, for there is one waiting to replace him who will sow great discord and division in My Son’s House.”

Comments:   Our Lady said that there was one waiting to replace the Holy Father, Pope Paul VI, and that he “will sow great discord and division in My Son’s House.”  This Anti-pope is undoubtedly “the Man of Dark Secrets” of Her prophecy of Dec 6, 1974.  When this Antipope is installed, “the crucifixion of the Mystical Body of Christ will come to mankind,” according to Michael’s prophecy of Aug 21, 1974.

All of these prophecies showed the intention of the traitors in the Hierarchy.  When Pope Paul VI was “removed”, the Red forces did not succeed in installing their man, Cardinal Benelli, although they did subsequently succeed in murdering the gentle Pope John Paul I.  Now they are waiting to remove Pope John Paul II and install “the Man of Dark Secrets.”   Michael’s prophecy of Aug 21, 1974, suggests that “the Man of Dark Secrets” has the initial ‘W’ or ‘A’ or ‘S’ or ‘V’.

28May75— Veronica:          “. . . . . I see a large dome and I know it is (St. Peter’s Church in) Rome.  There’s a large window, and over on the left there’s a balcony, and I see Pope Paul standing and waving.  He has on a white robe; and a very large Cross ---- a golden Cross ---- is suspended from his neck.  He’s waving now.

Standing behind him are two men.  I know they’re Cardinals.  But — oh---- they’re not nice to look at.  Oh my!  These two men ----Cardinals---- don’t look like they’re (in the state of grace).   Oh, they look evil.  And now writing is appearing on the stones above Pope Paul’s head, and arrows are pointing to the two Cardinals:


Oh my goodness!   A conspiracy of evil against the papacy----oh dear! Now the sky is growing very, very dark, and I can’t see the Holy Father.  Now there’s a light on the right side and ---- oh! ---- Jesus is coming forward.”

Jesus: “My child, it is true.  There is a conspiracy of evil to unseat your Holy Father, Our Vicar.  You must pray much for him, for when he is removed, one will take the Seat of Peter to destroy Our Houses throughout the world, Our Churches, My child.”

Comments: Pope Paul VI was “removed” by God and is in Heaven.  In the preceding prophecy, Jesus speaks of “the Holy Father, Our Vicar” in general.  The meaning is that, when the organized “Conspiracy of Evil” in the Vatican succeeds in “unseating” or “removing” the true Pope (whoever he might be), they will install their Antipope and attempt to destroy the Church completely.

5Jun75-----Jesus:   “The abominations taking place in My Houses throughout the world are not being condoned by your Holy

      Father, Pope Paul.  The human arrogance of the Clergy has brought about many offenses in the Divine Service (Mass) ----

offenses to the Eternal Father.

My child, there is a plan afoot and in print to destroy confidence in the Holy Father, Pope Paul VI.   It is the plan of the enemy to remove him from the Seat of Peter.   You must pray for him.  All of (his) writings are  being monitored, My child.

There are many enemies in his office.  They seek neither the salvation of souls, nor the advancement of the Church in truth.  They are bringing great delusion to mankind, and they are seeking to put many (good clergy and lay people) out of the Houses of God throughout the world.” 15Jul75----Michael:               “You will pray as a nation, as a family, and as an individual human being, for your Holy Father, Pope Paul Vi.  He is now carrying his cross with fortitude.

There are two Red Fishes in the Holy City of Rome.   Remove them!  Know the truth in fact:   the Red Hat has fallen and the Purple Hat is being misled.  Look into your hearts, (consecrated) men of God.  Will you stand before the Eternal Father and say that your teaching has been pure in His sight?  Will He cast you ---- spit you out from His mouth — as vipers into the flames of the abyss”?

Comments:   The “two Red Fishes” are Benelli and Casaroli.  See the message of Oct 2, 1975, on page _____ Oct 2 to 4.

6Sep75----Our Lady:            “Yes, My child, tears are falling from Heaven.   We see a plot against Our beloved Vicar.  We see the enemy within planning to remove  him.  My child, his hands are tied.”

13Sep75----Our Lady:          “The great Warning promised to mankind will soon come upon you.   If this is not accepted as coming from the Eternal Father, you will bow your heads in sorrow with the loss of your Holy Father, Pope Paul VI, and then the hand (of God) will descend upon you.  There will be set a sword upon earth.”

Comments: This prophecy would seem to be in error, since “the loss of your Holy Father, Pope Paul VI” seems to follow the great Warning.  The great Warning has not come yet, however, and Pope Paul VI has already been “removed” from the earth.  If there is an error, then either Veronica or one of her workers erroneously inserted “Pope Paul VI” following “your Holy Father”.  If this is true, then the original message was simply:  

“If this not accepted as coming from the Eternal Father, you will bow your heads in sorrow with the loss of your Holy Father (who is ruling then), and then the hand (of God) will descend upon you.”

An alternative theory is based on the idea that the prophecy is true as it stands.  When Pope Paul VI was “removed”, he did not die, but he was “translated” to Heaven like Elijah and Enoch.   The alleged “corpse of Pope Paul VI” that was buried was actually that of the Imposter, the Italian actor who impersonated Pope Paul and who was murdered by his Red bosses about the time of the disappearance of Pope Paul.  In Her message of Nov 23, 1974, Our Lady stated that some of Her “children” would be miraculously taken to Heaven without dying.  The purpose of this was to prevent them from being corrupted by the forces of Satan and Antichrist.  While Our Lady was generally referring to those who had not yet reached the age of reason and conscience.   She nonetheless indicated that some of them wold be adults, alluding to the Scriptural prophecy of Matt. 24:41.  Perhaps Pope Paul was one of these “children”.  When Our Lady speaks of Her “children”, She is often referring to adults; e.g. when She calls Veronica “My child”.

If all men must die before, or at, the end of the world, then the question arises:  When will these “children” (including Pope Paul) die?  At the Warning?  We have a mystery here, and it is best to keep an open mind on these questions until some further message to Veronica clarifies the matter.  Since private revelations are not always free from errors, however, it may be supposed that the message contains an error, and that our present Pope or a future Pope is referred to.

13Sep75—Our Lady:           “For the love of money and worldly living, Our Pastors have given themselves to Satan.  Unless they remove themselves from this web of evil created by the money powers of the world, they too will be judged and cast into the abyss.  Many have sold their souls to get to the head.  A coalition of evil is being formed in the Eternal City, My child.  You will pray for Cardinal Villot and Benelli----Giovanni Benelli.  My child, you must tell them by letter that their actions are not hidden to the Eternal Father.  He has looked upon them and found them wanting.  Come out of the darkness now, or you will be cast into the abyss!

My child, you must pray much for your great Pastor in Rome, the Holy Father, your Vicar, Pope Paul VI.  He suffers much at the hands of his enemies.   He is but a prisoner in the Eternal City.  The forces of evil are working to remove him, My child.”

27Sep75----Our Lady:          “The Antichrist, the forces of evil, have gathered. . . . within the Eternal City.  You must make it known to mankind that all that is coming from Rome is coming from darkness.  The light has not passed that way.”


6 Oct75----Our Lady:             “The enemies of God have taken the highest positions in My Son’s Church.

My child, you will make it known to the world that there is a major deception in the Eternal City.   Your Vicar, Pope Paul VI, suffers much at the hands of his friends that have betrayed him for pieces of silver and for power.

They have opened the doors of the Eternal City to the demons from the abyss!   All manners of abominations are being committed!  “Those who have the highest places in My Son’s Church are now using their rank to destroy the truth.”

20Nov75—Our Lady:            “Your Holy Father, Pope Paul, suffers much. He is surrounded by enemies.  Those he can trust are few. . . . . My children, you must not compromise your Faith by bringing (into  the Church) those who have separated from your true Church.  This Church was founded by My Son and He set a leader, a Pope, among you.  Peter and his descendants (successors) will rule.  There will (must) not be set up a governing body of the Hierarchy (collective rule of the Hierarchy).  The ruler is your Pope.   Pope Paul VI, who is now very ill and kept an invalid.  My child, I have asked you to warn the three Bishops of Rome that we are watching their actions.  None escape the Eternal Father, and they will receive a just judgment from Him.”

6Dec75-—Our Lady:            “My children, recognize the signs of the times.  You will pray for your Vicar, Pope Paul VI.  He is laid low under a heavy cross.  Those who should support him, those whom he trusts most, are now plotting to remove him from the Seat of Peter.  My child, the Imposter that I told you of, is a professional man of the acting trade.  He has done his job well.”

24Dec75—Michael:   “Rome, Eternal City, your light is dim!  Rome, haven for heretics and all kinds of abominations, will you not cleanse yourself before the Eternal Father places His hand upon you in chastisement?  You have opened your doors to all kinds of evil spirits”!

Our Lady:       “Of the few who attend the Holy Sacrifice, My child, only a few are true of heart.   Most come with all kinds of abominations in their hearts.  My Son’s House is no longer a temple of prayer; it has become a house of diversions and abominations, and a gathering place for demons.  My pastors, you must re-enter Michael into your churches!  It is urgent!  He is the Guardian of your Faith.   You must re-enter him now into your churches.  Keep a constant vigil of prayer, My pastors.  You do not know what is fast approaching you”!

My children, the Red forces will spread throughout Rome.  Can you not pray and do penance to hold back the darkness?  Pastors, you must now do great penance!  Get don on your knees----humility, humility, My pastors! . . . .  . Bishops, awaken from your slumber! . . . . . My bishops, will you be obedient to sin?  Will you unite (with the world) and destroy your Faith”?

27Dec75----Michael: “Pastors in the Houses of your God: You must return from your wanderings and gather your straying sheep!  Discipline must be returned! Holiness and piety must be returned! Heresy and heretics must be taken out of Rome!  The power of ex-communication must be used!  You will cleanse the Eternal City now, or you will receive the sword”!

Our Lady:       “”When Rome unites fully with the world, when Rome removes the Holy Father, Pope Paul, from the Seat of Peter, know that the end is at hand.My child, you do not have to write again to the Cardinals in Rome.  They are now aware of My message.”

Comments: This is another prophecy that contains a mystery; however, true religion will always contain mysteries, and we should not be overly anxious about our inability to grasp the meaning.  The Apocalypse is a collection of mysteries.

In the above prophecy, what does Our Lady mean by “the end”?  By “Pope Paul” does She mean “Pope Paul VI” or perhaps “Pope John Paul I” or “Pope John Paul II”?  Both of the latter popes took the name “John Paul” as their papal name, thereby indicating that they would follow in the spirit of Pope John XXIII and Pope Paul VI. 

We may remember that Jesus applied the name “Elijah” to John the Baptist in the Scriptures (Matt 17: 10-13, Mark 9: 12-13).  Although John the Baptist was not Elijah, he was nevertheless Elijah in spirit.  Perhaps Pope John Paul II is Pope Paul VI in a similar way.  The fact that both Pope John Paul I and Pope John Paul II incorporated the name “Paul” into their papal name strongly suggests that it was not an accident.” We finally note that the preceding prophecy is similar to that of Sept 13, 1975, in that it seems to say that, at the “removal” or “loss” of Pope Paul”, the “end” will come and “the hand (of God) will descend upon you.”

31Dec75----Jesus:                “In the Eternal City of Rome, action must now be taken by the

cardinals and bishops to restore this City to the Light.  Those who seek to build a Church of Man must be removed by the power of excommunication given to those who rule as Our representatives in My Houses.”

Our Lady:       “My children, what more can I say to you at this time to further the message from Heaven to My children?  My warnings have fallen upon deafened ears.

The little children who are pure of heart and simple in nature listen, but those who have accepted to rule My Son’s House have closed their ears, either in fear of reprisal from their superiors or in absolute blind-ness of heart and spirit.  Keep a constant vigil of prayer for your pastors.  Pray for your cardinals in the Eternal City.

Most of all, My children, you must pray for your Holy Father, Pope Paul.  Without enough prayers, your Holy Father will be removed from you, and one will be placed upon the Seat of Peter----One who knows dark secrets.   He will not be of your God, but an agent of hell.

31Jan76—Our Lady:            “There is now a Great Conspiracy of evil in your world.   666, the agents of hell, are now in Rome. In Rome, My children, We are now engaged in what I shall say is a ‘cat and mouse game’.   Yes, My child, those who are promoting this evil are well aware of My message.  If more prayers are given for their salvation, one among them will be saved----Villot, Benelli, (or) Casaroli.  We see My Son’s Church slowing falling.   The foundation is solid, but the walls are cracking.   A church in darkness wears a band of death around it.  All that is rotten will fall.

My children, the seminaries in the United States will close unless they start now to clean their homes . . . . The Eternal Father will not permit young souls to be destroyed by evil teachers, by those who have fallen into error because of their loss of grace (or) by those who chose to sell their souls for worldly gain.

What manners of evil now exist in these seminaries?  They promote heresies and fallacies, permissive behavior, a new morality based upon advanced science!   The Eternal Father gave the way for man to save his soul.  It was simple, clear, and unadulterated with the evil that has now set My Son’s Church in darkness.

Pastors, turn back now while you have the time!  Many miters will fall into hell!  I repeat:  The Red Hat has fallen, and the Purple Hat is being misled.  I cry to you from the merciful heart of the Eternal Father:  Turn back now!   Your new moral theology comes straight up out of hell!  In the Name of the Eternal Father, We command all of the bishops of the world to set My Son’s House in order.

Obedience is obedience to God the Father, and not to the agents of hell.”

Comments: Our Lady spoke of the corruption and the decline of the seminaries.  In the Sept 17, 1977 issue of The Remnant, Walter Matt described this decline and that of the Church in general as follows:

“In ‘Catholic France’, which should be in the forefront where the ordination of new priests is concerned, the number of such new priests has fallen from roughly 789 men studying for the priesthood in 1968, to 136 men in 1976,  (The Guardian, Sept. 4, 1977).  The Guardian says: ‘In a decade the number of priests in France has dropped from 41,000 to 32,000, and unless some spectacular reversal occurs, there won’t be more than 10,000 left by the year 2000.”

(And in the U.S.A.): “There had been a decline of 64% in seminary enroll-ment between 1967 and 1974, and 25% of American seminaries had closed, according to the figures published in the Homiletic & Pastoral Review in October, 1975.   Not only that, but over 10,000 priests have abandoned the priesthood since the Council . . . .”  (pp. 303-4, Pope John’s Council, by Michael Davies, Arlington House, 1977)

The Jan 17, 1977, issue of The Remnant describes the drop in enrollment of men studying for the priesthood in other countries: England and Wales----a decline of 25% since 1964;    Holland---a decline of 97% (every seminaryin Holland had been closed by 1970);   Italy — a decline of 45% from 1967 to 1973.

The same source reveals that the world total of nuns declined by 24.6% from 1970 to 1974.  In the U.S.A., the decline was 36.5% during this period.  Since the Vatican II Council, 35,000 nuns have abandoned their convents in the U.S.A.

The following are the statistics on Sunday Mass attendance: England and Wales— a decline of 16% from 1962 to 1974 (there had been an annual increase before that).  France----a decline of 66% (41% attended in 1964, but only 14% were attending in 1975);  Holland---- a decline of 54% from 1966 through 1975; Italy— a decline of 50% from 1956 through 1973; the U.S.A. ---- a decline of 30% (71% attended in 1963, but only 50% were attending in 1974, according to the May 24, 1976 issue of Time.  The preceding statistics are only a sample, and they do not show the accelerated abandonment of religion during the last few years.  However, they do show the Great Apostasy that now exists in the Church, due in great part to the corruption and catastrophic leadership of the cardinals and bishops.  These statistics also show why Our Lady says that “only a few will be saved.”

10Feb76—Our Lady:           “My child, many pastors have fallen into the web of Satan,    because of the lack of prayer.   Pray for them and give an example to strengthen them. I ask you all to remain steadfast with Our Vicar in Rome.  Yes, there is an Imposter.  There is much to comprehend by those who do not understand----yes, there is much to comprehend. You, My Child, will receive your answer in secret.   At this time it would not be a gain to expose this malice, this corruption, that has entered upon the hearts of some in the highest places.

The present (state of the growth) of evil, corruption, and mis-leading of the sheep, did not come overnight.   It was a well-planned conspiracy.   As in the time of My Son on earth, there are those who do not recognize (know) the Eternal Father.  Their father is the father of all liars, Satan. You must learn to recognize the faces of evil, My child.  It truly rains teardrops from Heaven.

18Mar76----Our Lady:           “Your Holy Father, Pope Paul VI, is now in a great crucible of suffering.  His days upon your earth are being numbered in the few.   You will pray for him.   (Also) in your works of atonement, seek to release him from his servitude to those tyrants who have set themselves (over) him (because of) his human weaknesses and his infirmity of body.”

Michael:          “Know that there are many evils being perpetrated for the destruction of your Church in the Vatican.  There are those who have given themselves to darkness, (but) there are still candles of light.

The great (Vatican II) Council was a council that brought forth discord, disunity and loss of souls.  The major fact behind this destruction was the lack of prayer.  Satan sat in this council, and he watched his advantage.   He is now playing a game of chess with the Red Hats and the Purple Hats.  He is moving them with great glee, as he watches the evil accelerate, and all manners of people and ecumenical bodies flow fast through the (gates) of the Holy City.”

Our Lady:       “I have pleaded with the pastors in My Son’s Church to return to their traditions.  I have pleaded for the recognition of the true facts about the destruction that is now being perpetrated by a Conspiracy of Red Hats in My Son’s Church.  O My children, the Red Hat has fallen and the Purple Hat is being misled”!

15May76----Our Lady:          “My Son has been sorrowed and wounded anew by the con-duct of those He has chosen to represent Him in His Church upon your earth.  O My children, the abominations cry for punishment from Heaven.

Pastors, will you not take the blindness from your hearts and look at the road upon which you have set yourselves in your arrogance and pride, and in your searching for worldly knowledge and gain?  What (good) will it do you when you stand before My Son and He asks for an account of your mission?   Will you stand before Him and say that your mission was

accomplished with purity and with the recovery of souls?  No!  Many of you have now set yourselves on the road to perdition, and you are taking many others with you.

My children, there is now a Great Conspiracy of Evil (spreading throughout your world.   (This Conspiracy includes all of) the forces of evil, the fifth columns of evil; man has given them many names.  (Some) have been broken up into political parties, including those of Communism.   But these are only small arms of the Octopus, the gigantic Conspiracy of Evil, that will unite your world and My Son’s Church under the rule of despots.  My children, there is in Rome a great struggle for power by a political machine controlled by Satan.  There will be a war of the spirits.  It will be bishop against bishop, and cardinal against cardinal.  I repeat what I have told you in the past, My children: The great Council of Vatican II was manipulated by Satan; he sat there among you and he worked you like a chessboard.

What can you do now to recover?   It is simple, My children.  Turn back and start over with the foundation given to you.  You must bring back respect to your priesthood.  You must bring back respect to your Holy Father, Pope Paul VI.   I have warned you of all manners of abominations, errors, and delusions that have been set upon you.  (Heed) and act upon My warnings to you.

The Eternal Father in Heaven will have the final command (judgment) over mankind.   He allows you to go on your way, scattering the sheep, O Pastors, but one day the hand of God will descend upon (you and) mankind.  My children, Our hearts are torn.  As your Mother, My heart is torn as I look upon the remnants and what is left of My Son’s Houses, His Church, in your country and many countries of the world.  The dedicated ones have taken a vow of poverty, chastity, and upholding of the Faith, but what have you done with your Faith, My children?  In your struggles (for worldly goals), you have made it unrecognizable to many.  You have sown confusion throughout your world by your change; for what kind of change did you make but one guided by Satan in order to destroy.  My pastors, you must not involve yourselves with the political machines pf your world.  It is a satanic involvement.  I do not have to (mention) by name those who have fallen into the web of Satan and the world machine.  In simple language, My children, this machine will promote the enslavement of the world’s souls, if there are not enough prayers and sacrifices to give balm to the heart of the Eternal Father for the abominations being committed.”

10Apr76—Our Lady:            “The vocations have fallen, My child.   The souls of our young children are darkening daily, because there is a shortage----a severe shortage----of teaching nuns.  Whatever will become of the young souls for Heaven?  The Eternal Father has a plan to remove many young souls before the corruptive forces will come upon them.

O My child, how many tears of sorrow do I shed for what is coming upon your Holy Father and Our Vicar, Pope Paul VI, in the Eternal City of Rome.  The Eternal Father in Heaven is watching as mankind is fast setting himself upon a path of schism.   There will be much strife within the Eternal City, My child.  You must keep a constant vigil of prayer.  There is a diabolical plan afoot to remove your Vicar this year.  You must pray much and do much penance for your Vicar who is being persecuted by his own.

My child, the Imposter----the actor and imitator of whom I have spoken to you----is one who will pose to bring (good news of compromise)  to the peoples of the world.  The political forces within the Eternal City are forces of darkness.  They will set much corruption in motion by using the media of communication and darkening them with all manners of confusion, aberrations, and lies. “The Imposter, who has been given the image (appearance) of the Pope, Our Vicar Paul VI, will pose to assume a role of compromise (of the Church) to the world.  This is the plan of  the evil ones around him (Paul VI, and I tell you that many are within (their) ranks in the Eternal City. They will set in motion a plan to discredit and destroy your Vicar by placing him in a compromising position in photographs and printed publications.

My child, you must make this plan known to the world.  Do not be stopped; do not give in to your persecutors, My child.   We have chosen you for your perseverance, your endurance, and your faith.  You must join with other voice-boxes of the world in defense of your Vicar, your Holy Father on earth.  (Otherwise) you will all shed tears of great sorrow  when they remove him from among you and seat upon the throne of Peter one who is an Antipope, a man of dark secrets.

Within the Eternal City of Rome, there are now Red cardinals.             

Within the Eternal City of Rome, there are those who promote heresy.     

And within the Eternal City of Rome, there is a murderer.  It was the will of the Eternal Father that one universal language be used along with-----in conjunction with---- the language of the land. 

This universal language, Latin, was chosen by the Eternal Father for the Universal Church, the Roman Catholic Church, under the leadership of Pope Paul VI, the successor of Peter.  (By use of this universal language), do you not understand that you were united in beauty and understanding, My children?

Because of the fall of Babylon, many new languages were given (to mankind).  This was a consequence of the sin (and division) of Babylon.  (But you are members of one Universal Nation) My children, and you  needed one universal language for your prayers and religion.  You also had translations in the particular languages of your own nations.  When you went to visit abroad, you could enter any foreign Church and understand the prayers in Latin.)

My children, do not leave My Son’s Church because they have taken this language from among you.  You must wait and persevere and weep with My Son for this defilement by man.   It is a great sorrow to the Eternal Father that this falling (sin) has been perpetrated by the men who wear the red hats and the purple hats within My Son’s Church. . . . .  Satan has been given much power.  Luciel, cast out of Heaven down to the earth is now doing great battle with Our children.  He knows that his time grows short.  Listen well, My children:   his plan is to capture the ruling body within My Son’s Church.

Pastors, you must not compromise your Faith.  Do not be misled.  O Pastors, you have forgotten your teachings.   You must renew in a manner that is not (Modernism, heresy).  You must go back and start anew with Tradition.  You cannot (cast off) Tradition.  You once held the truth.  You were given the grace, the greatest of gifts to mankind, to be born into My Son’s Church or to come into it by conversion.  And now, O you of little faith, you go about to chip and chop away at the walls of My Son’s Church until it crumbles.   But you will not remove the Foundation, for the Foundation is My Son.  You are recrucifying Him in His own House.  O shameful manifestations of sin among Our Hierarchy!  You are not hidden from the eyes of the Eternal Father.  Your sins are counted; you will be judged.  The Eternal Father has looked into the hearts of Our clergy and sadly found that they are wanting.

The time of the great sorrows is approaching.  The hour-glass is emptying.  The prayers of the devout have gained many reprieves in the past.  But I say to you, My children, that (another) great reprieve will be denied, for the scale leans heavily to the left.”

15May76----Our Lady: “Bishops, awaken from your slumber!  In your permissiveness, you are sending many souls onto the road to hell.  Unless you turn back from these ways that displease the Eternal Father, you too will carry your miters into hell.

Jesus:             “I have looked into your hearts, O Pastors, and I have found you wanting.  Measure for measure, you will receive the just recompense of your actions.  As pastors of my sheep, you will give a full account for the loss of every soul.  By your example, you have scattered My sheep, (so) I now give you a final warning: In the time now allowed, you must do all in your power to restore My House.

Because of your pride and arrogance, because of your greed, you have succumbed to all the evils of te flesh, along with your sheep.  Pastors, will you count the time left (to you) in months or years No!  I tell you that you must now all keep a constant vigil of prayer.

You will cry out from your pulpits against immodesty and immorality.  You will demand that man turn back to his God, for if he rejects Him, he is lost.  A pastor who scatters his sheep will be damned.  Many miters will fall into hell; rank will be no excuse for laxity and failure to give the Faith to the sheep.”

26May76----Our Lady:          “My child, it is with deepest sorrow that I must inform you now that a great trial is approaching the Holy City of Rome.  You must all keep a constant vigil of prayer for your Vicar.

“There are many enemies — Judases — within the ranks.  Satan has           entered upon those in high places.

The Octopus of Evil, the international Conspiracy of Evil, has at its head a Grand Master.  I cannot at this time completely reveal the order of succession of those who seek to enslave your world.

My child, We watch and see the House of My Son crumbling and   being destroyed throughout your world.  Doors are closing, convents are emptying; and the dedicated (those who took vows) are leaving and falling into all manners of sins and abominations.  Who will be the remnant?  Only the few will be saved.”

Many who wear the red hat are misleading the Purple Hats . . .

My children, pray for your bishops; they do not understand nor believe.  They have become ensnared by Satan.  They have risen high above your world in knowledge, so high that they have tried to transcend into the mysteries of Heaven ---- and have found hell.”

Jesus:             “There will be a war in My House:   Bishop against bishop and Cardinal against cardinal.  And why?  Because you have allowed Satan to play chess with you.

You will not be unevenly yoked.  What have you in common with the darkness?  Are you strong enough, My pastors, to pierce that darkness now?  No, I say to you, for many of you have extinguished the light.  But the gates of hell will not prevail against My House.

You say in your periodicals that (Our) voice-boxes are sending out seeds of fear.  It is not a fear-crusade We give you, but the facts about what is to take place upon your earth.

My children, a great crisis will soon be upon the Eternal City in Rome.  Keep a constant vigil of prayer for your Vicar.  All manners of evil are being planned against him.  My Mother can direct you in the days ahead; you cannot depend upon your human judgment, for it can be clouded by Satan.”

29May76—Our Lady:           “My children, you will pray for your bishops and your clergy.

Pray for those who still have a small flicker of Faith in their hearts, that they may rekindle their Faith and stand up and be counted.  We do not want a separation (schism) within My Son’s House, the Roman Catholic Church under Peter and now Paul VI.  We do not want a separation within My Son’s House.  The United States of America heads fast to a schism.  Fight, My children, do not give in to the forces of evil.  Fight the enemy with prayer”!

5Jun76----Our Lady:              “My child, the world is approaching a great crisis.  There will be revolution upon revolution because mankind has not heeded My warning in the past.  The Red Bear (Russia) will go forward and do his                         dastardly works of deception.

The Holy Father, Pope Paul VI, is suffering much, My children.  Those whom he has trusted have turned against him; they have eaten at his table and shared his confidence in order to betray him.  O My children, you do not (heed My words).  You go upon your way with hardened hearts; you have closed your ears to My warnings.

‘Bishops in My Son’s House, you have gone astray.  You have scattered Our sheep.  You have joined with all manners of heretics and false teachers.  You started in your Council with good intentions but you became deluded in your search for peace and brotherhood.  You allowed all manners of error to creep slowly into My Son’s House.

You must understand that you are setting in motion the formation of a World Council of Churches, but it will not be the Church of My Son. It will be the a church of man, a church without the true foundation. 

Many miters are now on the road to perdition.  Awaken from your slumber, O Pastors; you have fallen asleep!   You do not read the Book of Life and Love, your Bible.  You have set yourselves wandering through the darkness.  You are deluded, for you have accepted a New Way evolved from Humanism and Modernism, and it is all a deception of Satan.  My Son in the Eternal Father allows mankind to go fast onto the road to his own destruction, because sin has become a way of life among you.  My children, do not compromise your Faith.  Do not join with the enemies of My Son.  I tell you that all who know of My Son and then deny that He is the Christ: they are the Antichrist.  Birds of a feather will flock together.  Do not become unevenly yoked.   You must not gather (assemble) all churches with the one true Church, for you cannot do this now.  You are deceived and you are deceiving.

You must not compromise your Faith.  You cannot lower your standards and bring others into My Son’s Church, for you bring in all manners of heresy and abominations.  By your example you (once) gathered Our sheep, and now by your example are you to scatter them?  As your Mother, I tell you turn back from your road, for you are on the way to perdition”!  Keep a constant vigil of prayer, My children.  Pray for the struggle that is now taking place in the Eternal City of Rome, and the struggle that is now entering upon many countries of Europe.  The evil of the Red Bear is spreading, My children.   Prayer, atonement, and sacrifice!   How long can I hold back the heavy hand of My Son”?

Jesus:             “My children, keep a constant vigil of prayer for your Vicar, Pope Paul.  The enemies are gathering. Communism will be the scourge of mankind.  All that is rotten will fall.  Recognize the signs of the times, My children, and you will not fall into the web of Satan.

I give fair warning to all of Our bishops throughout your world that you will have to give an account of your sheep to Me in judgment.  Will you then stand before Me and say that your teaching has been pure in My sight?  Many miters will fall into hell, for you are on the road to perdition.  You will not compromise My House.  You will not gather souls (enlarge the Church) by destroying the principles of My Church.  You have scattered the sheep, and by your fruits you have been made known to the world.”

12Jun76----Our Lady:           “Pastors in my Son’s Church, I come to warn you that you are being misled.   Those who have the greatest power (in the Church) have     now lost the Faith. 

The traitors gather about your Holy Father in Rome.  A Red Cardinal        has set himself to rule.”         

For the love of money and worldly pleasure, many are selling their souls to get to the head (to get ahead).  The Red Hat has fallen and the Purple Hat is being misled.  Come out from them, My children, or you will be partakers of their sins.

Each man, woman, and child who has reached the age of reasoning is accountable for the salvation of his soul.  No man will stand before the Father and say:  ‘I destroyed my soul to please man.’  You cannot please man and the Eternal Father, for you will love one and hate the other.  My Son’s Church is becoming a house divided (against itself).  United, you will stand, and divided, you will fall!  And why are you becoming divided?  Poor leadership, My children, poor example and not enough prayers.

As your Mother, I plead and beg you to stand as a fortress and fight the evil.  Do not run away; do not abandon My Son’s Church!  Remain and pray and fight!   The greatest weapon for mankind now is prayer.  The Eternal Father is merciful;   He will chastise those He loves to bring them back to the fold.  All who persevere to the end will be saved.  My children, you must pray much for Our Vicar, Pope Paul.  He is truly a prisoner in his home, his Church.   Woe, woe to those pastors who                   sit at the table with him, and then produce a knife behind his back!

In the Eternal City of Rome, Red forces are now gathering.  And why?  Because they do not pray enough, My children.  They are busy running in all directions, setting up new governments and procedures, implementing all manners of novelties, trying to rise above the Eternal Father, and placing man on a pedestal to worship.

Long ago you were warned to beware of modernization in My Son’s House.   Humanism is Satanism.   You do not bring a soul back (to health) by laxity and feeding his carnal nature.   Discipline is needed, but this discipline must start with the leaders first and above all.”

Jesus:             “Your Vicar ---- Our son, Pope Paul VI — is bound, symbolically bound, tied up, a prisoner in his own House.  O you who have made yourselves rulers by force over your Vicar, you who have symbolically tied him up, know that your time grows short.  It is with the power allowed to Satan that you will fall, for all that is rotten will fall.

There will come upon mankind a Great War and the Chastisement.  But I promise you that I shall return, for if I did not, there would be no flesh left on earth.

You have cast aside the warnings of My Mother.  She warned and warned of the encroachment of the Bear upon mankind.  She warned of the evils of Communism to mankind.   But how many of you have heeded and acted upon these warnings?  Even now, is it too late, My children”?

24Jun76----Veronica:           “Now (Michael) is pointing over to the left with his spear, and there are letters appearing in the sky ---- dark, black letters edged in white:

                             DISCORD IN ROME


The letters are now disappearing high in the sky, but there are now forming the figures of rabbits ---- 3 figures of rabbits.  They’re symbolic of human figures.   The rabbit would be a priest, a high priest.  One of the rabbits is lighting up a very bright white ---- the high rabbit of Rome, the Pope.  And next to him are 2 Red rabbits.  They’re ominous-looking rabbits, all in red.  Now it’s beginning to grow dark, and it’s just like the figures are evaporating. . . . .

Comments: This is apparently a reiteration of a prophecy given to Pope Pius X in 1909.  After seeing a vision, Pius X cried out: “What I have seen is horrible! . . . . . I saw a Pope fleeing from the Vatican, walking over the bodies of his priests.  He will take refuge in disguise somewhere; but after a short retirement, he will die a cruel death.”

24Jul76----Our Lady:             “The Eternal City of Rome will go through labor pains.  The struggle will lead to blood in the streets. There will be a war among your clergy.  It will be bishop against bishop, and cardinal against cardinal, for 666 has entered upon Rome.  I repeat, My children:   Awaken from your slumber!    666, the forces of the agents of Satan have entered upon Rome!

Your Holy Father, Pope Paul, is a prisoner in his own House, his Church.  Recognize the signs about you.  Do not be deluded by the mockers who cast aside My direction.  You must all keep a constant vigil of prayer for your Vicar.  The agents of 666 have already chosen his successor, My children.”

25Jul76----Our Lady: “You must remain united with your Holy Father in Rome.  Your

country, America, the United States, will soon face a splitting up of their Faith.  This will accomplish nothing, for united you will stand and divided, you will fall, My children.  A house that has set and divided itself cannot be on a firm foundation.  You will gain nothing by compromising with the enemy.”

5Aug76----Our Lady:             “Pastors, those who have Our sheep in their care; you must now stop making changes and novelties, for they are destroying the young souls and scattering Our sheep.

My children, I repeat that at the great Council in Rome, Vatican II, great promises were made; but Satan sat among you and he played you like a chessboard. In the cause of obedience, pastors and our dedicated nuns should remember this:   You cannot (must not) be obedient to one who has defamed his habit, to one who has cast aside his Faith, to one who goes forward as a

destroyer of souls.  The rabat is the teacher of life, but do not be fooled by those who have fouled their habits.”

14Aug76—Our Lady:           “Pray for your Vicar, Pope Paul Vi; pray for Our suffering son.

“It is now common knowledge in the city of Rome that there is one who is impersonating your Vicar.  He is an actor of great talent, one who  has gained the countenance of your Vicar through surgery.  It is now common knowledge, My children.  And now a game of chess will be played:   There will be bishop against bishop, and cardinal against cardinal, for Satan has set himself in their midst.   All that is rotten will fall.”

21Aug76---- Our Lady:                     “In the Eternal City of Rome, My child, the message has been received (but) there are sceptics and there are those who mock.  The time will come when they will learn the truth only too well, for then tears of great sorrow will be shed.Your Holy Father, Pope Paul VI, is carrying his cross with great dignity.  His strength is waning; he has accepted a living martyrdom.  Pray for him, My children.  There are many traitors around him; there are only a few who have remained true.

As the battle with the agents of 666 continues, many will fall into the web of the Octopus, because of fear or lack of light.  The secret societies are fast gaining advocates to undermine and subvert My Son’s Church.  It appears that Satan has gained great ground, My children, but know that his time is growing short.  It is sad that I cannot fully explain

to you the ways of the Eternal Father; much must remain a hidden secret to you until you come over the veil.

Your country, the United States of America, and many countries of the world, are being deceived.  While they go forward (proposing) peace, the enemies of your God and your country are fast preparing to attack.”

Jesus:             “There are many errors set upon mankind by those who have the rule, the command of souls.  These clergy must now do an about-face.  All clergy must take inventory of their own souls before they can go forward in the light and gather the sheep that have now been scattered.  My Church is fast becoming the meeting place of all heresies.  My  Church, My House upon earth, is being defiled . . . . The forces of 666 are gathering for the final battle with mankind.   All hell is now loosed upon earth.

Recognize the signs of the times and do not be caught asleep, My  pastors.  Measure for measure, you will have to make an account to the Eternal Father for your laxity, your permissiveness, and your sin.  We look upon Our clergy and are much distressed to find you wanting.  Will (can) you stand before Me and say that your teaching has been pure in My sight?   Amen, I say to you:   I shall turn you away, and I shall spit you out into the fires, as you have joined the venom.

In the Eternal City of Rome, I watch the gathering of the vultures.  All bishops will now come forward and affirm their Faith now.  You are following like sheep to the slaughter.  You are bringing division to My House.  A house divided against itself will not stand; it will fall.  I, your God ---- I am your foundation.  The foundation is solid, but the walls are crumbling.  And what are you doing about it?   You are reconstructing those walls, but they are becoming an edifice of man, not of your God.

In your human arrogance, do you think you will be commended (by God) for your acts of treason to your Vicar?  No!  You stand on the threshold of your own condemnation.  You will (must) not bring about a division in My House from the blood of your Vicar!

O you of little faith, what manners of falsehoods and false teachings are you bringing into My House!   I shall set upon you a sword.  I shall send upon you a Reaper to cut down the harvest and separate the chaff from the kernel.

The foundation of your Faith had been given to you, O man of little faith, but you have set a change that has scattered Our sheep and destroyed souls.  Shall I commend you for this?  No!   I say to you that you will receive the sword . . . . .

Many will be rejected (condemned) so deep is the evil.  This evil has penetrated far into the very heart of My House.  You must now turn back and restore My House.  I, your God, give you this command for the salvation of your own souls.

The Eternal City of Rome will pass through a great conflagration.  Discipline must be restored.  Obedience ----- yes, but true obedience to God and not to the morals of man.  Much evil is being condoned, disguised under the guise of obedience.  Let Us, My children, call this false obedience clouded by errors and satanism. . . . . .

14Sep76----Jesus:   “Your Holy Father in Rome suffers much, for there are many traitors within the ranks.   My children, keep a constant vigil of prayer for your clergy.

The greatest abominations are entering upon the hearts of Our dedicated, Our clergy.  Because of the prayers of many, and because of the sacrifices made by a few . . . . there are some of high rank who are beginning to see the light . . . . .

Keep a constant vigil of prayer for your Vicar.  He is under great trial. He is being crucified by his own . . . . .

I, your God, command those who hold rank in My Church to remove the heretics and to excommunicate those who . . . . join secret societies to demolish My Church.   Do not compromise your Faith, My children, for there is only one direction you will proceed and that is down.  “My child, you speculate much about the coming Warning.  I have asked you not to speculate on dates, but I give you one indication that the time is ripe: When you see, when you hear, when you feel the Revolution in Rome; when you see the Holy Father fleeing, seeking a refuge in another land; then know that the time is ripe.  But beg and plead that your good Pontiff does not leave Rome, for he will allow the man of dark secrets to capture his throne.”

Comments: Apparently the Communist Revolution in Rome must begin first. 

Just after this Revolution begins, the Holy Father will begin to flee.  Closely following this flight of the Pontiff will come the Warning. 

28Sep76----Our Lady:          “My pastors, recognize the signs of your times.   Delusion has been set upon you because of pride and arrogance.  O Our sleeping pastors, how you have fallen into error because of pride and arrogance!  I repeat the message for your times which was given you in the past, My child:

“The end is not far as you can see,

Already there is apostasy.

Man cast his lot and gathered the coals

To stoke the fire that burns the souls.

The days are numbered, the hours are few,

So work and pray, and try to do

The work that’s given in the light,

Until that sad time when all is night.”      


28Sep76----Our Lady:          “Our pastors, what manners of abominations are you permitt-ing in My Son’s House!  You are re-crucifying My Son!  You work like rodents to destroy!  You are subversive (seeking) to undermine My Son’s House.

Restore it before it is too late!  O Pastors, can you not strip yourself of your pride?  Can you not humble yourselves and admit you have worked in error?  You are rationalizing sin, rationalizing error, to the destruction of the young souls and those entrusted to your care.  Pastors, ---- shepherds ----- you are scattering Our sheep!

In Rome there are gathering forces of evil. We call them ‘the Red Forces’, My children.   Unless the children of Light upon earth can reach to these areas of darkness, there will be a great trial set upon Rome.  “The forces of 666 are raging throughout your world.  They have entered into the highest places of government (in the world) and in My Son’s Church.  Do not be deceived by the rank and position of a man upon earth.  Rank and position do not (prove a man is good).”

2Oct76----Our Lady:              “(The Eternal Father knows all thing.  Long ago) He foresaw the days ahead and tried to prepare you for these days, My children.  Prophets were sent among you.  (But) what have you done with their message?   You have cast it aside; you have disowned your prophets and saints. And now, O ye of little faith, you have decided to bring about the rise of another Church that is not of My Son.  In your arrogance you are building a church of man.  You scurry to and fro crying ‘Love, Love,

Brotherhood and Friendship’!  But your words do not come from the heart, only from the lips.

O My children, I have given you the knowledge of what will happen to your world, and what is taking place (even) now to bring about your own destruction.  Are you going to go blindly like sheep to the slaughter, My children?

In the Eternal City of Rome, the message has been made known.  As your Mother, I now admonish you to act upon My warnings, My children.  There must be a complete reversal in the manner in which you have set out to tear asunder My Son’s Church and His teachings.  In your blindness of heart, you have taken the rules and remade them to suit the  basic carnal nature of mankind.  You must go back to the Command-ments of your God, as given to you by the prophets, without additions, without changes, and without the rationalizations of sin.

My children, your schools of learning, your seminaries, are polluted with error and sin.  Whatever will become of you?  Many in My Son’s Churches are now closing their eyes to error and deceit.  They allow con-taminated souls to teach the young.  And why?  Not because they have a fear or love of God, but because they have a fear and love of their fellow man.

And why again, but for worldly gain.   What has happened to your vocation, Pastors?  What will it gain you if you (separate) yourselves from the Eternal Father by gathering all of the world’s goods and wealth?  You cannot come across the veil with one fraction of what you gather upon earth.

The ways of man are not akin to the ways of your God.   He will not accept your gold and your silver.   He will not accept your worldly power and control of lives upon earth.   But He will reject you, O Pastors, if you are responsible even in the smallest measure for the destruction of souls.  As My Son was forced to cast out the Temple thieves, so He will come among you and cast you out, O Pastors.  He will fling you outside of His House, O ye of little faith.   You are burrowing like rodents into the foundations of My Son’s Church . . . . .

My children, in your seminaries in the United States and Canada and throughout the world, there are now professors steeped in sin.  They call themselves My Son’s chosen priests, but they are sons of Satan who are now rationalizing sin.    There will be no rationalization placed upon sin.  The Commandments will not be (subjected to reasoning to excuse or condone sin).  No, My children, it is the minds poisoned by Satan that spread this filth and error, this distortion of doctrine, this distortion of Tradition, this distortion of your Faith.

Awaken, Pastors, from your slumber!   O Bishops, can you not spare (but) a little time to look into your seminaries?  (I have only one _expression to describe them to you):  they have become hell-holes of error and heresy!  Clean out your seminaries, My Bishops!    My Son will lay a heavy hand of chastisement upon you.  Is this what you want?  Do you now have the courage of your convictions to stand by the truth of your Faith?  Have you given yourselves to such foul sins in your personal lives, O Bishops, that you can no longer recognize sin when it is a way of life?  Are you also condoning sin to become a way of life?   What will you gain; for if you live in sin, you will die in sin.

Pastors in My Son’s House, you must all pray more.   You do not pray enough;  you do not meditate.  And what have you done to the good books given to you to help you in your prayer-life?   You have cast them aside, and now you run about like chickens without heads.   Looking for what?   To gather the sheep by Humanism and Modernism.  I say ‘chickens without heads’ because you have lost them to Satan and you now flap your wings with pride and you stomp about in your arrogance.

My child, continue with your prayers of atonement, and remember your Vicar and Holy Father, Pope Paul VI.  You must defend him in the battle ahead.   There are many whom he trusts that are deceivers for they have truly joined the ranks of Judas.

Jesus: “There is a satanic attack upon My House.   The forces of 666 have entered upon Rome.   Heretics, O mournful heretics, whatever will become of you?   I repeat My warning and you must act upon this warning:   the Red Hat has fallen and the Purple Hat is being misled!

      My children, do not be deluded by those who cry ‘Peace!   Peace!  Love and Brotherhood’!   They lead you further down the road to damnation.   Do not cry for (advocate) the destruction of the human body, but woe, woe, woe to the man who allows the destruction of the soul.

You have no obligation to any man, My child and My children.   Your first allegiance is to your God the Father in Heaven.  No man will stand with you over the veil and ransom your soul.   You will come across the veil exactly as you entered it, with nothing but the treasures you have stored with Us in Heaven.  If We find that your treasures are not counted in the supernatural  and that you have gathered all upon earth, you will come bare and be banished from the eternal life.”

6Oct76)----Our Lady:            “My child, there is much error, confusion and deception in the Eternal City of Rome.  The plan of those who carry on their backs the      number 5 of Communism is to overthrow the rule in the Eternal City, and to gain control in politics in such a manner as to control the world. These agents of hell and atheism seek to overthrow Rome, My child.   They seek to overthrow  Rome and gain control of the power of the House of My Son throughout the world.   They will subvert it from within, My child.  “There are many Judases in My Son’s House now.  It would be better that they call themselves ‘Red’ and be honest.   There are many Judases in the Houses of My Son throughout the world.   And there are many who have placed their heads in the clouds.   Their minds are befogged by Satan;   their minds are poisoned by Satan.   They spread error, confusion, and lies. . . . . . The Judases within My Son’s House are multiplying, and those of weak faith have become lukewarm and are going like ducks downstream, following the leader to their own destruction.”

      Jesus:  “Awaken from your slumber, My Pastors!   You have been misled.  I repeat:   the Red Hat has fallen and the Purple Hat is being misled.  I repeat again: you, O Red Hats — you are burrowing into My Church like rodents, seeking to undermine the foundation of My Church.  But I say to you:   I am the Foundation, and you will not shake Me loose, though you crumble the walls within My House.  We wait with great patience for your return. O, My children, your world is fast heading into the cataclysm.  Prepare yourselves well.  Guard your children’s souls now and you will not be sorry later.

There is much work to be done to return My House, My Church, to its previous state of dedication, purity and holiness.   Much that has happened within My House was not directed by your Vicar, Pope Paul.   In their arrogance, many Red Hats have set up their own church; and it is now fast becoming a church of man and not one of God.  There are no angels directing you in this building.  The spirit you are receiving in this building is not one of light, but one of darkness.  Restore My Church to its former glory, or I shall fast set My hand down upon you!   The Eternal Father is long-suffering and merciful, but My hand is growing heavy”!

Satan has claimed and poisoned the minds of many.  It is Satan who seeks to stop the good work of My Mother.  He is the Adversary; he is the prince of darkness;  he is the father of all liars.  As your God, I tell you that his time is short and he knows it.  He is now set loose upon your earth, and he roams about among you.   He uses many faces and many bodies, for he is truly the soul of the man of perdition.  He has entered upon mankind with agents of great power, and he is using these forces of hell against My Church.”  

Comments:   In this message Our Lady said that the Communists in Rome seek to gain control of the Church in order to use it to gain control of the world.  In relation to this, we give some excerpts from a letter from Italy printed in the Winter, 1978, issue of Dissent.   The writer describes Italian Communism as follows:

“ . . . . . it is almost not a Communism in the sense that it is not at all a matter of a system of social and political thought stemming from Soviet Marxism, but a practical policy that, with its undulating diversity of means, its finesse, its intelligence, its realism, is totally dominated by the Party’s aggressive imperialism.   The PCI (Italian Communist Party) is taking in hand the entire society with all its conflicts; it accepts all the contradictions and nuances; above all, it gives special attention to institutions of all kinds in which it buries and encrusts itself in such a way that it is not content to control them but makes them function to its profit.   It is becoming very clear that it is creating in this way a system of power unique in the world, alongside of which the crude bureaucratic policy of the Soviet type is the mere brutal sloppiness of primitives.

The PCI has become the dominant party and it penetrates, manipulates,      determines all the other forces.  Hence, a very large number of Socialists, etc., or state officials, industrialists, merchants, etc. live and act under the tenure of the PCI, have             become its clientele , and obligated to it, can no longer enter into serious conflict with it without placing in jeopardy their livelihood, standing, and influence.

With this the relations between Moscow and the PCI have become reversed, in the same way and for the same reasons as the relations between PCI and the Christian Democrats.  The PCI appears to the Soviet bureaucracy (as) . . . . .  an inevitable ally who, in the long run, offers a possible path for the evolution of the bureaucratic system.  Euro-communism is really an evolution of Stalinism, conserving the pre-eminent, hegemonic role of the party.   Such, at least, is the case for Italy.”     (P. P.)

From this description of the ever-increasing control of Rome and Italy by the Italian Communist Party, one can understand what Our Lady means when She said that ‘many have sold their souls to get ahead’ and ‘many have fallen into a web of evil.’        Undoubtedly, the PCI seduced many of the clergy in Rome by all sorts of worldly favors, and by becoming obligated to the PCI they became enslaved.”

1Nov76----Our Lady:             “There are now in the city of Rome many Judases who parade as angels of light.   They are deceivers and their father is the father of all liars, Satan. O My Children, do not discard My warnings, but act upon them.  I have come to save you.   My Son is suffering because of the many abominations being committed within His House, His Church. Recognize the faces of evil (faces of evil ones) about you, My children.   They do not come to you with their true face and spirit.  I repeat:  they come as angels of light, but they bring doctrines of devils. I caution you, Pastors in My Son’s House, not to involve yourselves in the politics of the world.  There must be a separation between you and politics.

In the Eternal City of Rome, there is gathering an (evil) force, a force with a basis in the secret societies.   As your Mother, I admonish you to remain free from these secret societies.   It is for good reason that the leaders (Popes) within My Son’s House in the past have always given warnings against these secret societies and their dangers to the Faith.  The good pastors of My Son’s House have always warned of the danger of modernization and Modernism, for Modernism will always lead to heresy.  Modernism will cause the Faith to darken and be lost in the hearts of many, and Modernism will lead to atheism.

My children, awaken from your slumber and recognize the signs of your times!   The Red forces are gathering throughout the world!   Communism will be the scourge of mankind!

We ask Our children to pray, pray much for their pastors, your cardinals, and your bishops; for the sad fact is that the Red Hat has fallen and the Purple Hat is being misled.

O leaders of My Son’s Church, do not be misled.   Do not accept the fallacy that Masonry is condoned by your God.  It is for a reason that all of your pastors have condemned Freemasonry as a synagogue of Satan.  Do not fall into the error and deception of those who claim brotherhood and goodness, for what god do they recognize in their naturalism?   It is not God the Father in Heaven; it is not My Son.   It is a deity that will bring destruction to anyone who enters into such a secret society.”

Jesus:             “My Mother has cautioned the pastors in My Houses upon earth to remove themselves from this Octopus of evil that is spreading fast throughout the world.  It is the diabolical plan of Satan to destroy My Church, but I tell you that he is only permitted (his) reign of evil for the separation of the sheep from the goats . . . . . .

I repeat My words to (the bishops) of all mankind.  Pastors, will you stand before Me and say that your teachings have been pure in My sight?  I say to many of you that I shall spit you out as vermin into the flames, and cast you headlong, with your miters on your heads, down into the abyss of eternal damnation.

As your God, I hold you responsible, O wearers of the red hats, and you followers with the purple hats who follow like ducks upon water going downstream.   I say that you are going downstream to rapids that will engulf you until there is no turning back, and then you will receive the Ball of Redemption.

O men of the cross, you have fallen in with Satan.   Awaken from slumber! Recognize that you are being deceived.   This delusion has been set upon you;   it has been allowed by the Eternal Father.   In this manner you will be separated, for what is there in common between the light and the darkness? . . . . . .

Do not be deluded by those in your world who take from you the true knowledge (written down in the past).   My children, do not read one of the new modernized versions of the Bible, but read one that is worthy of your reading.   Read one that has not been changed, for the changes are not of God, but of man.”

Comments: In this message Our Lady spoke of the evils of Freemasonry.  

Both Freemasonry and Communism have an historical basis in the Anti-Christian elements of the French Revolution.   Both are founded upon Naturalism, and hence both attempt to over-throw Supernaturalism and Christian societies. This is why they are secret societies within historically Christian societies. 

In some messages Our Lady also spoke of Masons without hierarchy.  The Masonic infiltration of the Church has been known about for a long time and documents such as the Masonic Carbonari Register once even listed the names of Vatican officials.  In general, however, the names have been kept secret.  In 1976, Cardinal Jean Danielou said that he would publish a list of Masonic Prelates in the Vatican.  Four days later Danielou was found dead in a prostitute’s apartment in Paris (The Gazette, Puglia, Italy, July 26,

1976).  This “coincidence” strongly suggests that Danielou was murdered toprevent the publication of the list of Mason-Prelates and other incriminating data, and that his reputation was destroyed to disgrace the whole issue.   As Our Lady said “there will be accidents that are not accidents . . . . deaths not of natural causes,” and we may watch daily to see who will be next.

20Nov76----Our Lady:           “My child, the years are passing quickly upon your earth.  O My children, how long I have gone throughout your world cautioning you, warning you, begging you to turn back from your path of destruction.  Many are blinded to the truth; Satan has poisoned the minds of many.  O My children, take off your blindfolds and look at what you have created with the help of all of the agents of darkness.”

Veronica:       “Our Lady is pointing up to the sky.   The sky has become very dark, a black color, a deep black.  Now the darkness is rolling away and I can see St. Peter’s in Rome, the Eternal City.   I am looking up now at the side of the building.  (It’s among) a group of buildings not by the dome, but off to the right side.  It’s a separate building.  And now I see the Holy Father coming out on the balcony.  He’s being held up on both sides by priests.   They appear to be priests; they’re clerics dressed in black.   I can see their Roman collars.

They’re whispering to him, and he’s shaking his head:   ‘No.   There’s some kind of conversation going on that’s upsetting

the Holy Father very much.   ‘No’, he says.   And now they’re taking him back through these wide windows and into a room. They’re sitting him at a desk, and he can barely hold himself up in the chair.   He’s placed his hands to his eyes; he’s terribly upset.

Now there are people coming into the room.   I don’t recognize them.   Yes, I recognize one ---- it’s Cardinal Villot.   They are talking about something that is upsetting the Holy Father very much, and he’s shaking his head:   ‘No’.   His ‘No’ is provoking much anger with those who are gathering now, and they’re coming closer to his chair.   The chair is just a little in back of a desk. Now the Eternal City of Rome appears to be darkening.”

Our Lady:       “There is to come upon Rome a great trial, My child.   The forces of evil have gathered.   They will seek, in the coming year, to remove your Holy Father, Pope Paul VI, from his rule.  Already he has become but a figurehead in his own house; for there are many Judases about him ---- many who, for the love of money and power, have sold their souls to get ahead.  Woe, woe, woe to the man who casts aside his role as a representative of My Son by accepting silver and gold, for he likewise has sold My Son!

The Church of My Son will pass through a great crucible of suffering, My children, for a house in darkness wears a band of death about it.  My child, it is not necessary that I give you names and dates, for the guilty ones are well aware of their deception.  The Red Hat has fallen and the Purple Hat is being misled.

O My children, what more can I say to you?  What more can the Eternal Father do to awaken you?   You who are apathetic, not caring until you are struck by destruction?  You who watch as the warnings go by, not caring until it enters your home?  You who go by like ducks in the waters, not caring or wondering or questioning why you proceed in that path?   And you who in your blind obedience to man have given yourselves to the destruction of My Son’s Church?  No man will (may) be obedient to Satan.  My children, long ago I warned you from Fatima.   I warned you through many voice-boxes throughout your world that the time will come when you will embark upon a stormy sea.   It will be bishop against bishop, and cardinal against cardinal, for Satan will set himself in your midst.   He will maneuver and pit and play you against each other in his plan to destroy My Son’s House.

Recognize what is happening now upon your earth.  I say to you, O Pastors in My Son’s House, that if you do not listen, if you continue to proceed upon your present course, you asks for the heavy hand of My Son to come upon you. Your world will be cleansed with a Baptism of Fire.  My children,  have you not learned anything from your past?  (From the flood in the time of Noah and) the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, have you not learned that a degenerate generation calls upon itself a chastisement from the Eternal Father?

My children, you will read very carefully all that comes out of the Eternal City.  Pray that you will understand what comes from the masters of deceit, and what comes from your Holy Father.  And I caution you, My children: your Holy Father writes little now.”

      Jesus:   “Through errors, confusion and outright deception, there is a great darkness covering all the lands of your earth.  And there is a great darkness enveloping the very natures of mankind; many now walk the earth with living bodies but dead souls.

My children, you ask:   Can there be a revival  ---- a renewal?  But what do you seek to revive and renew except Lucifer? Discontent! Arrogance! Pride! O Red Hats, what have you brought upon my sheep?  You have scattered them!   You permit confusion!   You take from Me the very hearts of My children;  you turn them away from the Living Bread!

Woe, woe, woe to you, Red Hats, and to you, Purple Hats, who follow

      to your own destruction!   Open your hearts to the truth; take away your blindness!   Remember that I am your God, and as such you will stand before Me.   Will you then say that your teaching has been pure in My sight?  I say to you, O you of little faith:   I shall take you and spit you as venom into the flames, forever damned to the abyss!  You have been warned and you have been warned.   I say to you, O Red Hats in My House:   you will now take stock; you will look about you and take the blindness from your hearts.   You will stop filling your coffers at the expense of the loss of My sheep.   What will it gain you, O Red Hats, if you gather all of the world’s treasures and then come before Me without any merit of grace to enter into My Father’s Kingdom”?

22Nov76—Our Lady:            “My Son’s Heart is torn asunder by His representatives in the Priesthood, who are now Judases in His own House.  They consort with the enemies of your God.

In his (acceptance) of Humanism and Modernism and Ecumenism that have been designed by hell, man is now plunging fast.   He is (preparing) the full capitulation of My Son’s Church and the world under a dictatorship of evil.   The evil men of the cross have sought to destroy My Son within His own House.  When the world and My Son’s Church become one, know that the end is at hand.   As your Mother I say to you:  As you sow, so will you reap.” 

Jesus:             “There is a formation within My House that I label ‘the evil men of the cross’.   They are imposters.   They have entered to destroy.   They have reached and attained the highest (positions of) of leadership in My House upon earth.  They are re-crucifying Me in My own House.   Your Vicar is a prisoner within My House.

My children, I caution you in the days ahead to read all periodicals, and approach your news media with a critical eye; for you will now seldom receive the truth in print or through your news media.   They are seeking to bring about the rule of one world religion and one world government.   This (control) is a means of enslaving all of mankind under the forces of Antichrist.

The man of perdition is now in Rome.  The man of perdition is in every country of the earth now.  Every nation is polluted by the errors of the forces of darkness.  When the world receives the Baptism of Fire, there will be few left.”

Comments: In this message Jesus said that the hierarchy and clergy have been infiltrated by “evil men of the cross” and “imposters” who “entered to destroy”.  In relation to this, we may note several facts:

(1)   Communist plans to infiltrate the hierarchy and clergy and to use them to take over the world, were made decades ago.

(2) One of the important acts of the Red conspiracy within the hierarchy was to strengthen their hand by creating new cardinals and bishops who were either communists or sympathizers or ideologically harmless, and to install them in key positions of power throughout the Vatican.   Thus in March 1976, the Red conspiracy in the Vatican used the Imposter Pope to “consecrate” 25 bishops as new “cardinals”.  Since the Imposter had no legal authority to do this, these 25 men are still bishops ---- they are not cardinals.   Thus they were legally ineligible to participate in the recent papal elections, or in any other matters restricted to the cardinals. Since the usurpation of the papacy by Satan, Villot, Benelli, Casaroli, etc. began in 1972, however, all ecclesiastical appointments since that date have probably been authorized , or permitted by them.  Likewise, all ecclesiastical legislation made since 1972 has been made, or permitted by them to further their takeover.

(3) Another important act of the Red conspiracy in the Vatican was to weaken the forces Tradition within the Church.  This, they accomplished by locking out of the conclaves 14 cardinals over 80 years of age (Romano Pontifici Eligendo, Oct 1, 1975). They also put it out that Pope Paul VI “suggested” that bishops should retire at age 75 for reasons of health and feebleness (while he and others continued beyond 75).

22Nov76----Jesus: “ . . . . You must understand that not all who cry ‘Lord, Lord’! can enter into the Kingdom.  It is won by merit and obedience to your God. I repeat:   obedience to your God, not to a man who defies God.”      7Dec76----Our Lady: “Pray for your Vicar, Pope Paul VI.  He is surrounded by Judases within his own house and eating at his table.”

Veronica:       “Now Pope ---- let’s see ---- Pope John!  is coming forward.  Oh, he looks kind of plump.  Oh, he’s very happy.  He’s dressed all in white, with a golden tassel-type belt around his waist.  He has on a red cape and a very large sort of sun hat ---- a cardinal’s hat.  It’s round with a very large brim, and there’s something hanging from it — it

looks like gold tassels of some kind.  And he’s smiling and shaking his head.  ‘Yes, Yes’!   I hear a booming voice saying”:

      Pope John XXIII:   “The rule has not been followed.   The rule has been distorted. Return the House of God to a place of prayer.   Return discipline to the House of God.   I was laid low by the enemies of God . . . . .   ”


Our Lady:       “My child, there are others who will join you in the balance of this present year to do atonement to be accepted as ransom for the Bishop of Rome.  He is destined for hell.  He will only be saved and given an extension of time through the victim souls who will give themselves for his salvation.  Yes, My child, they have already been chosen by Heaven for the test. Watch, My child, they will be made known to you.”

Jesus:             “You have set the stage now for the full capitulation of My House (to) the group under the synagogue of Satan.   As Judases you conspire in disobedience against your Vicar, Pope Paul VI. Know that there is no honor among thieves and murderers; and woe to the man who murders the body, but double woe to the man who destroys the spirit.  I say to you, O pastors:   Restore My House to its former glory! Eliminate your experimentation!   Like eagles you build your nest in the (heights, but I shall cast you down)”!

24Dec76----Jesus:                “The greatest chastisement will be given to those who have accepted the vocation to represent Me in My House, and who have soiled their vocation by becoming arrogant, full of pride and self-seeking.  Turn about and maintain a true renewal of your spirit, O pastors!  I have looked upon you and found you wanting.   You will cleanse My House and set it straight, or I shall come and cast you out into the fires of eternal damnation.”


28Dec76—Our Lady:           “The greatest harm to mankind is being promoted through the channel of My Son’s Church.   Many who wear the red hats have (turned away from) My Son.  They reject His divinity; they reject His (possession)  of the Godhead;  they reject Him as their God.  And they have joined forces with the prince of darkness and his consorts.”


Veronica:       “Now the sky is growing very dark all about Our Lady.  Over on our right, above the papal flag, there is forming a large black cross — a very ominous sign.  Now over Our Lady’s head, the sky is opening up, and I see the whole area around St. Peter’s.  I see the big dome-like Cathedral and the square with people walking.

As I watch now, I see the Vatican being divided ---- split ---- split by the blood of the Vicar.   Oh!  Oh!   It’s very frightening!   Pope Paul is now standing above St. Peter’s in the sky.   He’s very thin and emasculated-looking.   He’s holding his hand over his heart, and blood is flowing down from his fingers onto his robe, and down over St. Peter’s.  It’s a very frightening sight”!

31Dec76----Jesus:  “There is now a conspiracy forming within the Eternal City of Rome.  It is an event that strikes at My Heart; it tears My very being asunder.   For this knowledge is of the Antichrist forces that plan to take over the city of Rome. “This conspiracy of evil has been building up through many earth-years.  There will be a diminishing of the power of the Vatican. Should they progress at their present rate, because of the lack of prayers, the city of Rome will face and experience a bloodbath.

“My children, the hierarchy of the Eternal City know full well of what I speak.  Because of the number of heretics, because of the number of Judases within My House, this trial will be allowed to come upon the Vatican.   And I say to you: because of your lukewarmness and your loss of faith, your Vicar will be given in sacrifice for the sins of mankind.

Errors are compounded upon errors in My House.   The Red Hats are given to all sins of the flesh.  The Purple Hats follow in blind obedience, and they, too, fall into all manners of sins of the flesh and worldliness, (being) self-seeking, arrogant, and full of pride.  For these reasons, My children, they are blinded to the truth.”

Our Lady:       “My children, you must pray much for Our Vicar, Pope Paul in Rome.  There are many Judases about him.  I repeat the words of My Son to you, that there is a conspiracy afoot, a conspiracy of evil.  My children, the Mystical Body will be without a leader; (it) will lose (its) head.  There is now one in Rome with consorts ---- evil consorts ---- who plans the removal.”

1Feb 77)----Michael:             “Men in the House of God, Pastors, Shepherds, go down upon your knees and do penance now!   What was (prophesied) to happen in the future will be now!The major offense being committed in your world is an offense far greater than any sin committed by such a great number of people in the past.  You have committed the great sin of heresy; you have opened the doors of your Eternal City, the home of your Vicar, to all manners of heretics and non-believers.”

Our Lady:       “There are many novelties, there are many abominations and offenses being committed in My Son’s Houses throughout the world.  Man has given himself to experimentation and Humanism; and man has not learned from his past or listened to his past Vicars, the popes of old who warned of the approach of heresy and Modernism.  You were given the measures (rules) by which to be guided to prevent the entrance of the Antichrist into your world and into My Son’s Church; but, O man of God and follower of the Cross, you cast the Cross down and you stamp upon it.  Pastors, will you stand before My Son, your God, and say that your teachings have been pure in His sight?  O ye of little faith, you follow like sheep to the slaughter.   You carry the truth within your hearts, but you now blacken and darken your spirit by taking the wide road, the easy road.   You (must) not commend your soul to Satan by accepting the errors, the heresies, the fallacies and lies created by the father of all liars, Satan.”

Jesus:             “It will not be constructive at this time to expose to you the names of those who have caused the greatest chaos in My House, My Church; and far be it from any human to be able to judge another human. But those who have been given the power within My House, and who have destroyed souls, will receive a Judgment beyond any human words to describe or feelings to understand.”

10Feb77----Our Lady:          “The Red forces are gaining momentum in the Eternal City of Rome.   Your country, the United States, and other countries of the world, will fall to communism in their measure of compromise to communism.  You cannot choose a middle road; you must go either to the right or to the left.  Compromise will bring you nothing but despair and sorrow.  Compromise will enslave you, My children. Recognize what is happening within your country and many countries of your world.  The bear is plundering and has plans to plunge forward throughout the world.  The Red Bear, also known to you as the  Red Brown Bear, My children.”

Jesus:             “My Mother counsels you well when She warns you of compromise with the enemies of your God, and the dangers that you bring into your country.  My children, the words of atheists hold no weight; there is no trust in ungodly men.  You cannot consort with them (and with godly men), for you will love one and hate the other.   Does there not now exist a spirit of hate against all of the personages of Heaven”?  It has grieved Me much in the past, and it grieves Me much now, that mankind is making changes in My words.  I assure you, My children and pastors of My House, that there is no necessity to change My words.  ‘Heaven’,  ‘hell’,   ‘Purgatory’  ---- especially the world ‘hell’  ---- must be retained in your prayers.”

Fear must not enter your hearts, My children, for fear is a tool of Satan.  There is nothing to fear, My children.   Even death should not be feared, for there is no death.   Life continues over the veil, My children.  The enemies of your God wish to remove the supernatural from among you.  The enemies of your God seek to take the knowledge of immorality (or immortality) from you.   But know, My children, that you must retain your Faith and defend it together with your Vicar.   We look into the hearts of Our clergy, and We find disobedience to Our Vicar.  Your news media are corrupted, as are many other media in your country and the world.  Man who has been given the Faith, the true Faith, will (must) recognize the fallacies, the errors, and the lies that come out of these media.  Know, My children, that in a world in deep darkness of spirit, your Faith is the only truth.   No man can build another for you.”

18Mar77----Veronica:           “Coming out of the sky, I now see two bishops . . . . they look very regal ---- of great importance.   Each of the bishops has a golden key in his hand, and they are now joining their hands and crossing the golden keys. The appearance of the bishop on the right is now changing, and horns appear to be coming out of his miter.”

      Our Lady:       “A symbol of evil, My child.”

      Veronica:       “Now also . . . .  the other bishop has horns coming through his miter.  They are raising the keys over their heads in a strange way.  They are clutching the keys which seem to be melting, melting in their hands. . .  Now their hands are but clenched fists held tightly over their heads.  I fear to say .   .   .   .”

      Our Lady:       “It is the sign of the communist, My child.”

      Veronica:       “I see St. Peter’s, the whole square in Rome, and a building ---- a round building.   And I see above it ---- it’s strange  ---- I see Pope Paul standing above St. Peter’s, and blood seems to be coming from his hands.  His hands are outstretched like in supplication, and the blood is coming out of his hands, and it seems to be flowing down over St. Peter’s ---- the big building, the dome building, the Church, Oh, it’s frightening”!

Our Lady:       “My child, your Vicar suffers much;   he cries ‘succor’, My child.  There are many Judases about him.

My child, you must understand the message given some time ago. Yes, it is a fact and a truth that there is another who impersonates him and goes about having photographs taken.   And there is a voice, that comes out on your air waves, which is a very good imitation of your Holy Father.   It is all a master deception created by the evil forces that are                  seeking to destroy your Faith, My child.

You must now pray, pray much for your Holy Father.  He suffers greatly from the disobedience of those under him in his rule.  Yes, My child, it appears that there is a form of insanity now taking place in Rome.  Priest, Prelates, Cardinals and Bishops, are all running around with their heads in a fog.   My child, they have great plans to build a new church, a church of man.  But My Son has other plans, and their time is running out. My child, My children, they are building this new church, but no angels, only demons, are helping to build it.  They are building a church of man, using as a foundation the basic carnal nature of mankind.   It has nothing beautiful of spirit, My child.  It is all humanistic and modernistic. And what are they doing but building a church of man with Satan as the Director”!

Comments:   During the decades following the French Revolution, the great German stigmatic, Anne Catherine Emmerich, received many visions and revelations concerning the present building of the church of man with the help of demons.  See K.E. Schmoger’s Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich (Tan Books, Rockford, Illinois 61105), Volume II, pp. 282-284, 292, 298-300, 353, etc.   Some of these prophecies also seem to describe Pope Paul and the coming Antipope, the “man of dark secrets”.   Here are some sample visions:

(10Aug1822)—Catherine Emmerich:   “I see the Holy Father in great distress.   He lives in another palace and receives only a few to his presence.  If the wicked party knew their own great strength, they would even now have made an attack.   I fear the Holy Father will suffer many tribulations before his death, for I see the Black Counterfeit Church gaining ground.  I see its fatal influence on the public.  The distress of the Holy Father and of the Church is really so great that one ought to pray to God day and night.  I have been told to pray much for the Church and the Pope. . . . .   Last night I was taken to Rome (in vision) where the Holy Father, plunged in affliction is still concealed in order to elude dangerous exigencies.  He is very feeble, quite worn out by distress, anxiety, and prayer.   His chief reason for lying concealed is because he can now trust so few.. . . . . More than once I have had to point out to him in prayer traitors and evil-minded men among the Pope’s high, confidential officers, that he might give him notice of them.  . . .  .  The Pope is so feeble that he can no longer walk alone.”

(1Oct1822)—Catherine Emmerich:   “The Church is in great danger.  I must ask everyone who comes to see me to say an Our Father for that intention.  We must pray that the Pope may not leave Rome, for unheard-of evils would result from such a step.  We must pray the Holy Ghost to enlighten him, for they are even now trying to exact something of him.   The Protestant doctrine, as also that of the Greeks, is spreading everywhere.  Two men live at this time who long to ruin the Church, but they have lost one who used to help them with his pen.  He was killed by a young man about a year ago, and one of the two men of whom I speak left Germany at the same time.  They have employees everywhere.

The Little Black Man in Rome, whom I see so often, has many working for him without their clearly knowing for what end.  He has his agents in the New Black Church also.  If the Pope leaves Rome, the enemies of the Church will get the upper hand.  I see the Little Black Man in his own country committing many thefts and falsifying things generally.   Religion is there so skillfully undermined and stifled that there are scarcely 100 faithful priests.   I cannot say how it is, but I see fog and darkness increasing . . . All must be rebuilt soon; for everyone, even ecclesiastics, are laboring to destroy (and) ruin is at hand.   The two enemies of the Church who have lost their accomplice are firmly resolved to destroy the pious and learned men that stand in their way.”

Comments: Do these prophecies refer to our own times?  If so, then the three men spoken of would seem to be Villot, Benelli, and Casaroli. Villot would be the one “who used to help them (the other two) with his pen”.   See the message of Michael on Aug 21, 1974, on page 11;  also the letter from the lawyer of the Roman Rota on page 14.  The “two enemies of the Church” would be the two Red Fish, Benelli and Casaroli, who are probably also the two bishops with the golden keys.   If these things are correct, the vision shows that Villot will be killed.  The “Little Black Man” would presumably be the  “Man of Dark Secrets”, and the “New Black Church” would be the “New Church” or “Church of Man” or Synagogue of Satan”.   According to the message of Sept 14, 1976, Jesus said that the Pope should not leave Rome, for “he will allow the Man of Dark Secrets to capture the throne.”  The “Little Black Man” might come from Russia, since ‘religion is (in his own country) so skillfully undermined and stifled that there are scarcely 100 faithful priests”.   This is also suggested by a further prophecy:

(July 1820) — Catherine Emmerich:   “I saw the Holy Father surrounded by traitors and in great distress about the Church.  He had visions and apparitions in his hour of greatest need.   I saw many good, pious bishops; that they were weak and wavering, their cowardice often got the upper hand.   I saw the Black Fellow plotting again, the destroyers attacking the Church of Peter, Mary standing with Her mantle over it, and the enemies of God put to flight . . . . .  Then I saw darkness spreading around and people no longer seeking the true Church.  They went to one another saying:   ‘All is more beautiful, more natural here, better regulated’; but as yet I have seen no ecclesiastic among them.  I saw the Pope firm, but greatly perplexed.  The treaty thought to be so advantageous to us will be of no use; things will go from bad to worse.  The Pope shows more energy now; he has been advised to hold out till death, and this he gained by his late act of firmness.  But his last orders are of no account, he enforces them too feebly.  I saw over the City terrible evils from the North.   .   .   .   .

Then I passed into an immense dark country subject to great tempests and full of wickedness.   The inhabitants are excessively proud.  They build great churches (Russia) and think themselves in the right way.  I saw them everywhere arming and working; all was dark and menacing.   I saw St.  Basil and other.   I saw the Fellow lurking near the shining palace    .   .   .”   (Kremlin)

      Comments:   For further visions and prophecies of Catherine Emmerich concerning the “Little Black Man”, the great battle of the Church during the Apocalyptic Days, etc., the reader should consult Schmoger’s Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich.  Now we must continue with the revelations given to Veronica Leuken.

2Apr77—Our Lady:              “O My children, many are now coming in My Son’s Name, with all good-sounding, scholastic-sounding words of love and brotherhood and charity.   But I tell you (who are among them): you are hypocrites!  All kinds of (good) words come from your lips, while your hearts harbor evil (within).

My children, throughout the ages you have been given the know-ledge that false prophets would come into the world.   These false prophets will be known (by the fact) that they bring in doctrines of demons. We see now being built a church of man, a church that has no angels guarding it.  This Church is being built while the true Church of My Son is being chipped away at and undermined by My Son’s own priests.  How dare you (priests) debase My Son’s heritage by allowing all kinds of evil to be condoned in His Church”! Men who were formerly of the light have given themselves to homosexuality.  Yet you condone this foul act — and why?   As Satan inspires and directs you, you go about looking for excuses for sin, and you condone it in your permissiveness.

You take the directions and commandments of God and you ‘re-evaluate.  You take them to your scholars who have heads of fog and in your masterly, worldly way, you delude those of lesser learning to believe you.   Because of your high-sounding

      words and your ‘theses’ and all kinds  of scholarly knowledge, you delude those who do not have the God-given               knowledge to (see through) your rot!

You even deny the truth of what the Eternal Father did to Sodom and Gomorrah, for the sin of homosexuality.   You who cry ‘Love and Brother-hood’ twist the truth and say that Sodom and Gomorrah fell because they were inhospitable.   Oh no!   I tell you that hospitality had nothing to do  with this.  It was because of degrading, debased sin:  that of using a creation of God for vile acts, animal acts which were far worse ---- until your filth and pollution entered the minds and souls of the young.   You defilers of mankind, the skin will soon burn off of your bodies!

My children, if I could show to you all a scene of what is in store for mankind, I assure you that you would only too gladly do all in your power to restore My Son’s House to its former glory and sovereignty.   You would chase out the interlopers, the heretics, and the satanists who have entered into the structure (hierarchy) of My Son’s Church.   Do not be

fooled by those who wear the garments of clerics and who have defiled them.

My children, I do not wish to place fear in your hearts, but I cannot allow you to go forward without knowing what is happening about you.  I assure you that it is not productive to keep (hide) the truth from all, and to substitute a climate of false hope and false peace.  My children, it is when the world cries ‘Peace!  Peace!   Peace!’ the loudest and the longest that the destruction is at hand.   Do you think that there is honesty among atheists (who make “Peace Agreements”)?  Are you so blind, My children, that you cannot recognize that communism has a great hold upon your country and the countries of the world?

O My children, I warned you many years ago at Fatima that, unless you prayed and did penance, Russia and the agents of the hammer and sickle would go through the world, cutting down nations and bringing death, destruction and slavery.  And you, My country — America the Beautiful  ---- you are all-wise (in your own conceits), but stupid in (true) knowledge, for you have the picture of your coming destruction right before your face ---- and you refuse to look!   Like drunkards you build your hopes on what?   Not faith ---- on man!    Do you think that man will stop the destruction?   No, I tell you that, because of your fall to immorality, because of your loss of faith and turning from God, you are allowed to be blinded.   You do not even recognize the darkness in which you are living, for sin has become a way of life among you.

Comments:   When World War III comes and the United States and the Western World fall under the slavery of Russian communism, it will be thanks to the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church who have failed to fulfill the requests of Our Lady of Fatima.  Their pacifistic and compromising theologians are heretics and spiritually diseased.  As Isaiah  said, “the whole head is sick” (Isaiah 1 : 5).   Just before the Russian communist world revolution, a “peace agreement” will probably be obtained from the atheists, and then the surprise will come.

2Apr77----Our Lady:   “Those who have the greatest power in My Son’s Church (given) for the salvation of souls, are using that power to destroy.   I say to you, O pastors:   Remove the blindness from your hearts, awaken from your

    slumber, and recognize the signs of the times!   The Antichrist forces, known as the 666 forces, are among you.   They are now    in  full control of the world’s nations and peoples!

The count, and the countdown, are approaching.   And what will be left but a remnant?    And who are the remnant, My children, but the few who will be saved. My children, Rome is under great siege.   Your Vicar, Pope Paul VI, is in great danger.   We ask prayers, penance and sacrifice for his welfare.  No man can understand the balance set by the Eternal Father to retain your Vicar.”

Jesus:             “We know the evils rampant in Rome; We know the tortured heart of your Vicar, Pope Paul.   The Eternal Father has a plan for settling that issue.” Little by little, through the years, the mind of man has been oriented, and his will power has been lost, through drugs and brain washing and other mediums.  Now man has been reduced to almost a robot state. My children, do not be deceived by the father of liars and his (deceivers) who gather under the banners of communism, atheism, satanism, and agnosticism.    While they work day and night to gather the powers and arsenals of the world, what are you doing?  You are like children going through the fields picking daisies, tripping along merrily high on your way of life:   your drugs and your alcohol and your dreams  created by false mediums.

Our Lady:       “My child, the battle against evil will not be easy.   When Satan captures a soul, that individual will be biased and dogmatic in his convictions, and only prayer and penance will break down his armor.”

9Apr77---- Our Lady:            “I weep tears of great sorrow because of the desecration (of the Body of My Son), and because of the lack of piety, holiness, and respect of the Priesthood to My Son.  As your earth-years progress, My children, Our clergy are going faster into darkness and taking many with them.   Children of Light are becoming children of darkness.  666, the man of perdition, is among your.   The evil is accelerating, My children.   My voice cries out!   Turn back now!   There is not much time left! Bishops and Cardinals in My Son’s Church, whatever will become of you? You have cast out the Light and now you proceed farther into the darkness.  You are running about making changes, introducing novelties.   And for what?   For the ultimate destruction of My Son’s Church.  (Stop!)  I say to you, (or) you will be cast out of My Son’s Houses!

My children, what abominations are now being committed in My Son’s House!  Can you not cry with Him, suffer with Him, on His way to the cross?   No.  Demons have entered into My Son’s House.   They claim human bodies and use them to defile My Son’s House.   The evil men of the cross are now setting up a new church, a church of man, with no angels guiding them. . . .  This church of man will be built upon naturalism, modernism, and humanism. I say to you, O bishops:   You have been looked upon and found wanting by the Eternal Father.   You have attuned yourself with Satan.  You are goats! My children, pray for your bishops, pray for your cardinals.   Rome is under heavy siege.   Persecution is heavy for your Vicar, Pope Paul VI. He accepts his cross. And how many of you are following his direction?   My children, do not be deceived by directives (from Rome) that bring evil into your hearts, deception from Satan.”

Jesus:             “Romans, awaken now!   666 has entered among you.   The forces of evil are intent upon vanquishing the Eternal City of Rome.   Satan has entered into the hearts of those who hold the highest places in My Church.”

14May77----Our Lady:          “Your country, your leaders, and many countries throughout the world, are in great distress.   O My children, voices of ‘Peace!  Peace! ‘Peace!’  resound in Our ears, but there is no peace.   There will be no peace because mankind has turned away from the light.   He is going further into the darkness.

Your country’s leaders know much of what is developing throughout your world.   The countries that have case aside their God are now preparing for mankind’s destruction.    Armaments are being gathered by the Antichrist.   I hear voices crying for disarmament, My children, but the louder they cry, the more they gather.

My child, is it not general (public) knowledge that those with whom your leaders are consorting, are plotting and waiting (to destroy your country)?   Who will cast the first seed of destruction into mankind?   Yes, My children, the world is now approaching enslavement.  My child, your country’s leader knows what is happening.   The truth cannot be fully told through your media and your newspapers.  (Heeding) the direction of God, many leaders go about pleading for peace.  Many leaders know the extent of the buildup of armaments throughout the world, and the nuclear destruction that will be set upon mankind.

My children, I do not come to you to put fear in your hearts.   I come to you with facts and knowledge of what is to be, if you do not (heed) Our counsel:   Communism will effect the enslavement of mankind and the elimination of his God!   Communism will be the scourge of mankind!”

My children, your Vicar is a prisoner in his own house.  My children, many knock My counsel (message), but I have revealed to you in the past the infiltration of evil into My Son’s Church.   And how many of you have acted upon this counsel?   If you have the heart and the Spirit of Light, you will act upon My counsel.”

Jesus:             “Rome, the Eternal City, will be tested by trial.   Your Holy Father, My Vicar, Pope Paul Vi, will be crucified.   And I say to you unless great penance is done for your fallen hierarchy, Rome will go through a revolution.”

18May77----Veronica:          “ .   .   .   . Coming out of the darkness is what appears to be a large question mark.   It is rally a sickle.   It’s the type of emblem you would find used by the Russian communist forces, if you put the hammer across it.   It’s the sickle without the hammer. Now, there is appearing on the left side of the sky what appears to be a very large hand.   It’s .   .   .   .  a smokey-looking hand, and the first finger is pointing over to the right side of the sky.   Over on the right side, there is forming :   W 3 .   .   .   .   .   .  Our Lady made it know that ‘W 3’ means war or revolution.”

Our Lady:       “In the Eternal City of Rome, the forces of evil have gathered secretly in secret societies, and (revolution by these brazen men will come forth openly). O, My children, because there were too few prayers offered, because too few were willing to give themselves as victim souls for the repatriation of the clergy, many clergy are now on the road to perdition and taking many souls with them .   .   .   .  Sad to say, My children, it is  His own, My Son’s own clergy, who have consorted with evil .   .   .   .  It will be bishop against bishop and cardinal against cardinal, (for) Satan will set himself in their midst.   Like a game of chess he manipulates mankind for his benefit.   Like a game of chess, he will play cardinal against cardinal and bishop against bishop. In the Council of Rome, Vatican II, man set out to use his own deviations to promote peace.   There will be no peace without faith.  There will be no peace without the plan of God in the hearts of men.  .   .   .   . The sheep are straying, the shepherds are lost.   Many have  sold their souls to get to the head.”

      Veronica:       “Now Our Lady is pointing .   .   .   . to the left side of the sky, and I see that ‘W3’ again.    ‘W3’ always means war or revolution. And now I see a very large boot, and the boot means Italy.  Standing at the side of the boot are figures of two men who have cardinal’s hats on their heads.   They’re holding golden keys in their hands, and I can’t say that (the sight of them) makes me feel good.   I get a most terrible feeling of dread and fear and something wrong.   There’s a plotting.   I feel like I’m looking at two plotters among the cardinals.  . No!   I’m sorry,   No!   They are not both cardinals.   One has the round cardinal’s hat and the other has just a bishop’s hat ---- one of those high miters.   No!   (One is a cardinal and the other is an archbishop.)

And both of them are glowing completely red!  Their whole figures — their bodies ---- are lit up red.   It’s frightening.”

Jesus:             “When this battle is over, if there is no prayer, you will be most fortunate if you will find 100 true priests ---- men of God ---- left among you.   I say true priests. My children, you must pray for your bishops and cardinals.   Pray for your clergy.   Many are falling fast into hell and purgatory.

Comments:   The two red-glowing ecclesiastics are two Reds, that is, two communists.  Originally, Veronica saw them as two cardinals.  Upon closer inspection, however, one of the cardinals was actually only an archbishop. This is probably Benelli who was made “cardinal” by the illegal imposter pope in June 1977  ----- about the time of this message.   Benelli is actually only an archbishop.   Who is the other Red cardinal?   The cardinal who is to become the Antichrist-Pope?    “W” or   “A”   or   “S”       or   “V” of the  message of Aug 21, 1974?

      28May77----Our Lady:          “O My children, Rome is in great danger. There is much deceit throughout the hierarchy.   It will be cardinal against cardinal and bishop against bishop, for Satan has set himself in their ranks."

Veronica:       “Now Our Lady is pointing up to the sky and .   .   .   .  I see the whole out-line of St. Peter’s in Rome.   I see above the building a large sickle and hammer forming.   It’s a very frightening sight.   (And now) I see raining from the sky  ---- oh, it looks like ---- I hear voice saying ‘fire and brimstone upon the world!’

Now over the right side of the building, a large . . . . C . . . . is forming.   Now, directly over Our Lady’s statue, Michael is coming down.  . . . .   He’s pointing over to the sky where (there is) the scene .   .   .   . of St. Peter’s and the hammer and sickle hanging over the dome, and a great . . . . .  black ‘C’ in the sky above it. . . . .”

Our Lady:       “My child, I have warned for many earth-years, and who has listened to My pleadings for prayers of atonement?   Man has fallen into his own (entrapment).   Look!   Look, My child, what they plan for your Vicar!”

      Veronica:       “O my God!   Oh!    Oh, no!”

      Our Lady:       “My child, it is a most tragic scene.   And this, My child, will be the outcome of the folly of his trusted ones.  Pray, pray for your Vicar, My child. They plan to shorten his time.(As to) your government and the governments of all nations, many have given themselves to Satan and are under the control of Satan.  One nation will one day bring destruction upon mankind, as Satan poisons the minds of men, and one individual in the darkness and insanity of sin will set mankind into a major war.  That will bring about the destruction and annihilation of nations.  (In this war) fires will be set upon earth that will consume the sin (skin) from the bodies of mankind, and the skin will dry up and blow off of the bones as if it had never been.

Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth that do not restore My Son’s House to its former glory, and that do not restore the knowledge of faith to the hearts of men!   Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth!”

      Michael:          “Amen, I say to you, the day is not far (off when) man will see a shaking of the earth, and tribulation set upon the world such as has never been seen in the past and will never be set upon mankind again.   Prepare your household for the deluge!”

Jesus:             “My children, you are approaching the Day of the Lord.  There will be set upon mankind a time of Great Tribulation.  Time for your world is running out.

My Mother has gone throughout your world shedding tears of pity upon mankind, begging the Eternal Father for additional time for your repatriation.   How many have listened to Her counsel and acted upon it?  How many have found the warmness of heart and charity of heart to pray for the priesthood on earth?

Your Vicar, Pope Paul VI is a martyr for the sins of men.  Your Vicar, Pope Paul VI, his life now ---- the time is running out.  You must all now keep a concerted effort of prayer going throughout your world for the Papacy in Rome.

The Red forces are on the march.   They seek control of the throne of Peter.   My children, the man of perdition is among you.   Recognize the faces of evil about you;   recognize the forces that are now ensnaring the world, heading it for its own destruction..

With the demons now loosed from hell, I say to you:  you will (must) walk softly, and you will walk now where angels fear to tread!  Do not enter into the realm of the supernatural (dabble in the occult).  There are forces about you unseen to the human eye, but they are from hell.   You must guard your lives ---- your spiritual lives ---- with all the armor given from Heaven, receiving all of the graces for yourselves and your children.

(They are needed), I assure you, when you come over the veil; and many of you will not pass (live) beyond two years, and you will come over the veil.  Are you ready?   Have you prepared for your entrance over the veil?  You (will) carry nothing but prayers, love and graces with you.  You will be stripped of all worldly possessions and power.  The true state of your soul will stand for judgment. You have been given a great grace from Heaven to hear the counsel of My Mother, and you will in your free will accept it or reject it.  And woe to the man who will close his heart and his ears to this counsel.”


Comments: According to this message, there will be a rain of fire and brimstone from Heaven upon the earth, after communism has completely taken over the Vatican and the world.   Presumably this will be due to the Comet, and will be similar to the rain of fire and brimstone that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

Apparently the Red conspirators in the Vatican planned to murder the Pope.  Veronica saw “a most tragic scene” of how “they plan to shorten his time.”  Other messages indicate that Pope Paul was “crucified”, and here Jesus said that he was “a martyr for the sins of man.”

Strangely, Jesus said that “many of you will not pass (live) beyond two years, and you will come over the veil (die)”.  Apparently many of us will be killed or otherwise “removed” from the earth.  Since Jesus said these words on May 28, 1977, this means  that many of us will die before May 28, 1979 — a very short time indeed!

Does this refer to the deaths that will occur during the prophesied Warning?  In this message Jesus said:   “The Warning will soon be given to mankind. .   .   .   . The rumbling and the shaking of the elements will set fright into many hearts” (18Mar1976) and “beg mercy of the Father that many will not be taken during this Warning” (10May73) In the Apocalypse, the Warning is apparently referred to in Apoc 6 : 12-14.  Another foreboding piece of evidence is the recent “biggest UFO blitz in record history . . . . . it’s almost as if these massive fleets are stalking us’ (National Enquirer), Jan 30, 1979). Are you ready?

19Nov77—Our Lady:            “My child, My heart is greatly saddened by the evil that has entered into the hearts of the priests of My Son’s Church upon earth.  I have asked and begged those who have the knowledge and light to go forward in prayer and charity of heart, giving the message from Heaven to all, including the priests in My Son’s House.  And I cry bitter tears of remorse because Satan now has full control of My Son’s House.  The gauge was metered by the desecration now being committed to My Son’s Body.”

The Commandments of the Eternal Father must be followed.  The Commandments of the Eternal Father will not be changed to suit the basic carnal nature of mankind.  No, I tell you:   you scholars of great renown will not escape the abyss ---- you who go about bringing Satan into My Son’s House, you who run about with itching ears making changes, you who seek to make yourselves God.   Remember the lesson of old:   Lucifer —Luciel — followed the same path of avarice and vanity, and he was banished.   Amen, I say to you, My children:   as you sow, so will you reap. 

The world is now given to Satan for a short time.   The sheep will be separated from the goats.  Jesus, My Son, is the Vinedresser.  You will all be as limbs on the vine; but if you now conform to the world, you will die on the vine.

My children, many Latter Day saints will come out of the crisis.  The Eternal Father knows full well the outcome.  He watches with a heavy heart.   For the days ahead, We ask for many victim souls, those who will prostrate themselves before My Son on the cross, and catch the Blood coming forth again from His wounds as He is thrashed and beaten anew by mankind.   My Son is being re-crucified by His own.”

Comments:   The fact that Jesus “is being re-crucified by His own” means that He is being re-crucified primarily by Roman Catholics, and particularly by the hierarchy and clergy.  Just as the ancient High Priests and Pharisees and Scribes and Jews crucified Jesus long ago, so today the hierarchy and theologians and Pharisees and Roman Catholics.   The corruption of the best is the worst.

10Feb78—Jesus:   “Pastors, bishops, cardinals, will you stand before Me and say that your teaching of My sheep has been pure in My sight?  I say to you: many  of you I shall take and cast into the abyss!   I shall spit you out as  vermin and spittle!   You have become corruptors of My sheep!”

      25Mar78----Our Lady:           “There will be a great revolution in Rome, in Italy, and in many countries of Europe, because the man of sin is preparing the way.  The forces of communism are gaining and will enter upon the Seat of Peter.     You will recognize this in the directions that come from Rome, My children.”

1Apr 78—Our Lady:             “The forces of evil, 666, are firmly entrenched in Rome.  Many cardinals, the Red Hats, have fallen, and they now mislead many of the     Purple Hats, the bishops. My children, the forces of evil, 666, are now loosed from hell to do full battle with the children of God.  I repeat 666 is Lucifer and his agents.  Lucifer knows that he has been given only a set time, and his time is growing short.

Pray for your bishops and your cardinals: pray for your priests and your pastors.   They are the major source (target) for attack now by 666.  Yes, My children, 666 — Lucifer and his agents ---- have entered into human bodies to bring about the fall of Rome to the enemy.  Pray for your bishops that they be given the grace and the light to know how deeply they have fallen into the darkness.”

Jesus:             “Rome will go through a crucible of suffering as the good fight the bad.  I say ‘bad’, (or what could be worse than the forces of evil led by Lucifer, known to the world as 666.  Yes, the battle will rage in Rome, as it rages now throughout your world.   He is a man of many faces, 666 ---- Lucifer and his agents.”

3 May78----Our Lady:           “My children, it is a sad fact that human nature must often be brought to a chastisement to awaken mankind from his slumber.  The Eternal Father watches with great anguish as man proceeds in becoming (ever) more debased and immoral.   The Eternal Father has set a date for the chastisement of mankind. Fair warning has been given from Heaven to all cardinals and bishops, that the Eternal Father has looked upon them and found that they have misled the sheep.   In their blindness, they are giving the world’s people over to Satan and his agents.   The man from hell, the man of perdition, now walks your earth claiming many souls.  The need for a just chastisement is pressed upon Heaven by many of the clergy in My Son’s House.   I say to you again: the Red Hat has fallen and the Purple Hat is being misled. Red Hats, Bishops, you go about the earth oppressing the children of God, but you neither chastise nor condemn the evil ones in your House, the Church.

      13May78—-Our Lady:          “My child, Our hearts in Heaven are torn as We

watch man advancing faster into the darkness, deeper into sin.   Man has now cast aside the knowledge of sin; he has found the way to rationalize away sin until sin has truly become a way of life for many. The greatest measure of responsibility for the loss of souls will fall upon the clergy.  My Son’s House, His Church, is passing through a great trial.  It is a time of testing for mankind.  However, the eventual victory against Satan will be with My Son, for the gates of hell will never prevail against His Church upon earth.

My children, you must understand that man in his human frailties often succumbed to the mores of Modernism.   Countless times in the past, the Spirit of Truth came to man with the knowledge that the day would come when a Great Delusion would descend upon mankind and cover the earth in a blanket of spiritual darkness.   That day has arrived, My children.   Recognize the forces of evil about you now.  The man of sin, 666, Satan —Lucifer — with all the demons loosed from hell, are now upon earth and are doing great battle with the children of God.

The Holy City of Rome will stand with the cross.   Blood will flow in the streets.  My children, no country will be free from the evils of communism.   My heart is torn, for I have come to you in countless appearances upon earth, to warn you, Our children, to avoid compromise with the enemies of God.  They come to you with smooth tongues rationalizing their behavior, and because man has fallen out of grace, he will accept these lies and become enslaved. 

We listen to Our clergy and We do not hear the words of God, the Eternal Father, coming from their lips.   But they go around, to and fro, like chickens without heads, crying ‘Peace, Love, an Brotherhood!’  They have an outward semblance of piety, but their hearts are dulled and their spirits are sickened by their quest for power, money, and the riches and comforts of the world.

My child and My children, in relation to the photograph given some years ago, (with the writing):  JACINTA 1972   ---- Jesus wants it made known to all that do not understand this photograph, that the words of Jesus are:   ‘Consider this photograph as a puzzle for the human race to figure out.   If not solved in due time, I will set the answer upon the world Myself.’”

Comments: According to the subsequent message of 25 Nov 78, this photograph (not the mere printed words ‘JACINTA 1972’) contains the YEAR, MONTH, DAY, and HOUR of the chastisement of mankind.   It appears that the date of World War III is meant, and that it refers to the YEAR, MONTH, DAY, and HOUR mentioned in Apoc 9 : 15-16.

‘And the four angels were loosed who had been kept ready (waiting) for the HOUR and the DAY and the MONTH and the YEAR, that they might kill one-third of mankind.  And the number of the army of horsemen was 20,000 times 10,000 (=200,000,000).’

Apparently, this refers to the Communist World Revolution.  See also Apoc.16 : 12-16.

20May 78----Our Lady:   “The armies of hell are gathering; they enter wherever darkness of spirit prevails.  My children, 666, Satan and his agents from hell, now have control of every country of the earth; and, sad to say, the battle now rages in Rome, the Eternal City. Your Holy Father, Our child of suffering, Pope Paul VI, is approach-ing the end of his reign on earth.  How many will be held responsible for the anguish which tore his heart?   How many of you Cardinals and Bishops have disobeyed him in your arrogance and love of worldly pursuits and pleasure and power”?

Jesus:             “The suffering victim-soul, your Holy Father, Pope Paul VI, accepts his sufferings with good heart.  There are many Judases about him who parade themselves as angels of light, but they have the ravenous hearts of wolves.   In disobedience, they have used their rank to destroy from within.   It was not in vain that Our Vicar cried out to you: ‘There

must be cracks within, for the smoke of Satan has seeped in.’ *

* (See Les Fumes de Satan     (The smoke of Satan) by Michel de St. Pierre and Andre Mignot (1976)

Comments:   This prophecy, that the reign of the Antichrist-Pope would immediately follow the reign of Pope Paul VI, contains a difficulty or mystery which we have discussed previously.   See the comments to the messages of 13Sep75; 29 Mar75; 27Dec75, and 30May78.   One solution is that the pope who will immediately precede the Antichrist-Pope (e.g., Pope John Paul II) is “Pope Paul VI in spirit,” as mentioned in the comments to the message of 27Dec75.

Another question is whether Pope Paul VI actually “died” or “passed over the veil”.  None of the messages affirm this, although they do say that he was “removed” and “in Heaven” and “crucified.”   The corpse buried was that of the Imposter.  Note also the comments to the message of 13Sep75, concerning the 23Nov74 prophecy that some “children” would be taken to Heaven without dying.  Finally, note Jacinta’s prophecy of 8Jun74, and the next message.

1Jun78----Our Lady:              “I repeat again that Satan and his agents ---- the band of 666 ---- has entered into the highest places of the hierarchy, and therefore he has captured some of Our formerly noble hierarchy to do his bidding.  I ask you again to pray for your Holy Father in Rome.  He is very ill.  He needs many prayers, for he is being crucified by his own.  He is truly  ‘the little one’ in the message of Jacinta.”

10Jun78----Our Lady:           “You will maintain the Papacy in Rome.  I tell you anew that 666 is now in Rome.  Do not judge My Son’s Church by His pastors.  In their human nature they can err.  However, as legitimate, legally-ordained Roman Catholic priests, they will bring My Son to you, if you seek Him at the tabernacles of the world.  The Mass is valid I tell you!  My Son is waiting for you at the tabernacles of His Church.  My children, do not abandon Him these days of deep spiritual darkness.”

Jesus:             “Satan has control now of all the media (of communication) upon earth.  He has entered into the highest places of My Church.  He has entered his agents now into the governments of the world, the strategic points of command of mankind.”

18Jun78—Jesus:   “My children, in the past, My Church ---- My People ---- have gone through crucibles of suffering.   But I tell you that My Church, My House upon earth is now passing through a trial far greater than any in past history.

Lucifer and his agents are now working with diligence, and they are now most successful in their efforts, to topple the Seat of Peter, and to place in Rome a pope that will be the Antipope of history.  My children, I assure you that, if you continue on your present course, you will receive this Antipope.   This will be a plague upon mankind in the plan and providence of the Eternal Father; for it will (require a special) grace to survive the onslaught of Antichrist in your world. You need a strong pope, a true Holy Father, in Rome.   You cannot understand the trials that the Holy Father, Pope Paul VI, has endured in his papacy.

My Mother explained to you the plan for the takeover of the Seat of Peter by a select group.   In 1975, a true message was given to mankind about the great length to which the evil ones will go to capture the Sat of Peter. Throughout your world, there is working a group We have called ‘the Octopus.’   It is a web of evil consisting of principalities and  powers all seeking to destroy Christianity, and to bring your country and all nations under the rule of One-World religionists.  It will be a political machine to enslave the world.

Because of the love of the material and money, even the Red Hats in My House are selling their souls.  I tell you Judases in My House, you will be struck with a plague!   Your evil is not known by the world, but you will come out and expose yourselves soon; for all that is rotten in My House will be revealed and be destroyed.

You have cast aside your role, your vocation, as representatives of your  God in His House upon earth!   You have opened the doors of My House to all unbelievers, heretics, and worshipers of Lucifer!   You will not compromise My House!   You will not take apart the walls ---- I am the   Foundation!   You will not wait to pick the bones of the Holy Father, Pope Paul, in Rome; the Eternal Father has a plan to right the wrong in My House.!

I gave you a simple way, the rule to follow.   You were set with Doctrines and Tradition.   But in your arrogance you (now exalt yourselves) above the Founding Fathers of My Church, and you seek to build another religion and a New Church.   You are putting it together without any help from the angels of Light, for you have employed the demons of darkness.”

Our Lady:       “My children, do not condemn your Holy Father, Pope Paul in Rome.  He has made human errors in the past — I grant you this, My children, he is still a human being.   But they were not major errors.  The enemy is now in his own house in the Eternal City of Rome.  The hierarchy has become infiltrated.  I do not now have to go through a long discourse with you, giving names and dates.  I’m certain that, with the grace from Heaven, you have already received this information from other sources.

My Son’s Church, His House upon earth, is undergoing a great trial from within.   The numbers of Judases are multiplying in Rome, My children.   If this continues, there will be a bloodbath in the streets of Rome.  Your Holy Father, Pope Paul, is kept under the strictest surveillance by his enemies within the ranks.”

15July78—Our Lady:            “I must warn you — and you must shout it from the rooftops now before it is too late ---- that 666, Lucifer and his agents, have advanced upon the world and are now in the city of Rome.  My children, I tell you that you must now work to preserve My Son’s House, His Church.   For unless you pray and do penance now, Rome, the Eternal City, will become the seat of the Antichrist.”

Jesus:             “My children, I have also a great sadness of heart as I watch and wait for My hierarchy in My House, My Church, to awaken and come out of the fog.   It is sad that Satan, who comes as an angel of light among you, giving you all manners of humanistic theories based on Modernism and Progression — that Satan could blind you to the truth, and you will accept error even to the extent of promoting the rise of the forces of Antichrist in My Basilica in Rome.”

14Aug78----Our Lady:          “My child and My children, I come to you with great sadness of heart to counsel you, as your Mother, to keep a constant vigil of prayer now in your country and in all countries upon earth.  I cannot at this time urge you enough to pray and pray again, so that these prayers may rise to the Eternal Father and then reverberate throughout the world in the hearts of those who will place upon the Seat of Peter a new pope.  Unless you pray, My children, 666 — the agent of hell in human form ---- will be placed upon the Seat of Peter.

My child and My children, I bring you glad news.   I give you this knowledge from the Eternal Father, that your Vicar (Pope Paul VI) is this day with Us in Heaven.  I know, My child, it will spare you many tears.  You will understand all in time.  Now repeat, My child, the message given to you, for at this time it will have more meaning to all mankind:

Dear Holy Father, worried and wan,

Will struggle (along) with Jesus to gather the sheep.

The pastures are rich, but the sheep grow thin,

For the souls have succumbed to the sickness of sin.

You’ll need reinforcements from Heavenly shores,

So deep in the darkness of earth’s shallow mores.

All hearts must ascend in true supplication

To avoid the sad fate of divine devastation.


Dear Holy Mother, your Mother of love, Does beg you to heed these dire words from above:

His Heart is torn by careless surrender Of too many souls that don’t try to remember:

The Father, the Son, (and) the Spirit of Life

(Are) smite in the Heart with the human knife

Of hate, greed, avarice, (and) vanity ----

All indications that sin is insanity.    


What more must you do but place the full load

Of saving all souls on the few who are bold.

Who’ll stand up and fight for all Heaven’s glory

And meet with Pope Paul at the end of life’s story.


Jesus:             “O pastors in My House, I repeat to you that you have scattered the sheep.  Now you must pray and do penance and make atonement to the Heart that has been injured by you ---- the Heart of the Eternal Father that you have smite with the knife of your arrogance and pride.  My children, Our Vicar, your Holy Father upon earth, was sacrificed for you.   I cannot describe to you, with your limited knowledge of the supernatural, the manner of his sacrifice.  Let it suffice that I tell you that there will be many martyrs, there will be many Latter Day saints coming out of the conflagration.

My children, all that has been given to you in counsel by My Mother must come to pass.   What was to happen in the future will now be!   I have warned you time and time again that there is now a balance over mankind, a balance held by the angels.   And I tell you that these angels are being stationed at the four corners of the earth.

.   .   .  You must now take the Book of Life, your Bible, and read it over and over again.   Detach yourselves from the world that has been given to Satan, Lucifer and his agents, the forces of 666, that are now ready to enter upon the Seat of Peter.

Pray for your bishops, pray for your cardinals, My children; you must keep a constant vigil of prayer until the Seat of Peter is filled.   Woe to the man who rejects the counsel of My Mother!   A Church in darkness wears a band of death about it.”

Comments: This was the first message following the death or “removal” of Pope Paul VI, and we were assured that he was in Heaven at this time.  Note the conditional form of the statement: “Unless you pray, My children, 666 — the angel of hell in human form — will be placed upon the Seat of Peter.”  This suggests that all of those prophecies which said that the Antichrist-Pope would immediately follow Pope Paul VI were really conditional statements.   They actually meant: the Antichrist-Pope would immediately follow Pope Paul VI if there were not enough prayers.  This interpretation is strongly supported by the fact that Jesus and Our Lady stated in many messages that “all prophecy is conditional.” The message also states that there are now angels stationed at the four corners of the earth; they are waiting to initiate the chastisement of mankind according to Apocalypse 7: 1-3. 

19 Aug78----Our Lady:  “My children, I hear voices asking in supplication ‘Who will be seated upon the Seat of Peter’?   At the present time, I give you this counsel:  that an Antipope is being deliberated upon.   You must pray more now.   Pray for your bishops, your cardinals.   The delusion and the darkness is deepening in Rome.

Veronica:       “Directly over Our Lady’s statue, there is forming a great outline of St.Peter’s in Rome.   I see a sword suspended over St. Peter’s, and over the sword I see the tiara of the papacy, the Papal Crown.   And now I see blood flowing from a chalice that is beneath the Crown;  the chalice is between the Crown and the hand of the sword which has the form of a cross.  The blood is now flowing over the sword onto St. Peter’s; and, as it is flowing down, I see the very foundation (of St. Peter’s) being shaken, and a (large) division is occurring and many smaller divisions are occurring.”

Our Lady:       “My child and My children, you must all go forward now as disciples for My Son and warn the world that this division must not take place.  A house divided will fall .   .  

There are many who are being misled — led astray.   Remember, My children, the road to hell is often paved with good intentions.   You must not accomplish, or try to accomplish, anything in relation to movements within My Son’s Church now, without prayer and direct counsel from Heaven; for Lucifer is waiting to take over the Seat of Peter.

Before the forming of the coming council — the conclave ----, you will all pray daily the beads of prayer, the Rosary, that the Seat of Peter will not be covered in darkness .   .   .   The people must now save My Son’s Church.   This battle upon earth has now been given to the people.  Through the people you will now bring back My Son’s Church to its former state of holiness, piety and numerous entrances into the vocations.   Many holy priests are needed.

Pastors in My Son’s House, I beg you to wash your garments in suffering and prayer, for you have sullied them in your quest for worldly power and riches.   You must divest yourself of all self-seeking, and return My Son’s House (to its former state).   And you must gather the sheep into one fold, but not at the expense of Tradition .   .   .   .

My children, you will now continue with your prayers of atonement.  Pray constantly for your cardinals in Rome.   The outcome of the council will be the deciding focal point for the coming of the Warning and Great Chastisement to mankind.”

Jesus:             “Pray for your bishops, your cardinals in Rome.   The decision they are planning will bring a great catastrophe to My Church and to the peoples of the world.  Many souls will be lost unless they change this decision.”

Comments: This message was given a week before the election of Pope John Paul I.  In it Our Lady strongly emphasized the fact that the hierarchy had been defeated by the Antichrist forces, and that it was up to “the people” ---- the laity ---- to save the Church.  On 22May58, Sister Lucia, who received the revelations at Fatima in 1917, was interviewed by Father Agosto Fuentes.  In her remarks, she also indicated that “the people” must initiate their own salvation and not expect it to come from the clergy:

“Father, Our Lady is very displeased because no one had heeded Her message of 1917.  Neither the good nor the bad paid any attention to it.  The good ones go their way unconcerned and heeding not the Celestial directives; the bad, pursuing the broad way of perdition, completely ignoring the threatened punishment.

Father, please tell everyone what Our Lady had repeatedly told me:   Many nations are going to disappear from the face of the earth; Godless nations will be picked up by God as His scourge to punish the human race, if we, through prayers

and the Sacraments will not bring about their conversion.   Tell them, Father, that the devil is waging his decisive battle against Our Lady, and that the fall of religious and priestly souls is the thing that most saddens the Immaculate Hearts of Mary and Jesus.   The devil knows that when religious and priests betray their high calling, they drag behind them many souls to hell.

We have hardly any time left to stave off the punishment of God.   There are at our disposal two very effective means: prayer and sacrifice, but the devil Is doing his utmost to divert our minds from, and take away the taste for prayer.

The outcome will be that either we shall be saved or doomed.  One thing, Father, you must make clear to the people though:   not to wait or hope for any call to prayer and penance either from the Supreme Pontiff, the bishops, the pastors, or the Superior Generals.   It is time that each one, on his own initiative, undertake to do works of sanctity, and to reform his life, according To the admonition of Our Blessed Lady.

The devil is striving to get hold of consecrated souls, working to corrupt them in order to induce others to final impenitence, and using all artful tricks, even to the extent of suggesting an ‘updating of religious life.’   What comes out Of this is sterility of the interior life, and, in lay people, unconcern in regard to abstaining from sensual pleasures and total immolation.   Remember, Father, that two facts contributed to the sanctification of Jacinta and Francisco: the sadness of Our Lady, and the vision of hell.

The Holy Mother has expressly said, ‘We are approaching the last days.’ She expressed this three times.  The first time She stated that the devil is waging the decisive battle from which we will come out either a winner or loser.  The second time .   .   .  She told us that the final remedies given to the world are ‘the Rosary and devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.’   The third time She said To me that, having exhausted all other means which men have ignored, She is now offering with apprehension, as the last resource of salvation, Herself in Person ----Her numerous apparitions, Her tears and messages given through seers scattered in various parts of the world.   Our Lady added that, if we do not heed Her pleas and we keep going on with our offenses, there will be no more pardons.

It is urgent, Father, that we face reality, terrible as it may be.  The purpose is not that of scaring the souls, but of recalling the seriousness of the situation.  Since, in fact, Our Lady gave such powers to the Holy Rosary, there is no problem either material or moral, national or international, that cannot be solved effectively through the Holy Rosary and our sacrifices.  (Recited) with love and devotion, the Rosary will please Mary and compensate for the disappointments of Her Immaculate Heart.”

7Sep78----Our Lady:            “My child, if you remember, I counseled you in the past that (many things) would remain secret until the proper moment (came to reveal them).  Now I give you this knowledge for all mankind to listen to and understand: ‘In the city of Rome there will be great confusion and trial.   Satan,  Lucifer in human form, entered into Rome in the year 1972.   He (then) cut off the rule, the role, of the Holy Father, Pope Paul VI.  Lucifer has controlled Rome (since that year), and he continues this control now. My children, I tell you that unless you pray and make My counsel known to all of the ruling fathers of the Eternal City of Rome, My Son’s Church, His House, will be forced into the catacombs.”

Veronica:       “ .   .   .  I can see St. Joseph now.   He’s moving over to the right, and he has .   .   .  A long staff in his hand.  He’s placing it in his left hand now, and he’s pointing up to the sky.

And written in the sky is ‘666’.   Under it there is a moon .   .   .  it

looks like a quarter-moon.  It’s definitely a moon, but it’s shaded in

darkness so that it makes like a quarter-moon.  And the ‘666’ is blazing

      red in the sky ---- it’s very, very red.   Oh my!    Oh my! .   .   .   . 

Now the ‘666’ is beginning to fade out and St. Joseph is now floating over.  He doesn’t walk; he floats just like Our Lady and Jesus do.  He’s floating over to Our Lady and Her mother Ann.  Now They’re looking over to the left side of the sky .   .   .  and They’re pointing upward.  O my goodness!   There’s a very large cross up there .   .   .  I can see Jesus on the cross;  and He’s still living, but suffering terribly.   I can see His head covered with the crown of thorns.   I mean covered ---- it goes down to His forehead and cover His whole head.   And there’s blood running down His face,   and He’s in terrible pain.

But now a bishop’s miter ---- a large bishop’s miter ---- is rising above the cross.   And I hear a voice coming from the right.  St. Joseph is saying St. Joseph:   “The Mystical Body of Christ is now passing through its passion.   The Mystical Body of Christ is now passing through its passion.”

Veronica:       “Now the whole scene is like evaporating.   I can’t see the cross with Jesus on it now.   It’s as though the sky has closed in.”

Comments:   According to the message,   “In the city of Rome there will be great con-fusion and trial.”   Perhaps Our Lady actually said:   “In the city of Rome there (has been) great confusion and trial,” since She goes on to say that Satan took over control of Rome in 1972 and has controlled it ever since.   On the other hand, the statement is true as it stands.  Since “Lucifer in human form” cut off the rule and the mission of Pope Paul VI in 1972, this probably means that Villot, Benelli, Casaroli and the Red forces backing them usurped the papacy in 1972.   Everything which has happened in Rome from 1972 onward has consequently passed under the hand of Satan and the Red forces, and is therefore suspect. With regard to the interpretation of Veronica’s vision, the moon refers to the Mystical Body of Christ.   666 refers to the bishop who will be the Antichrist-Pope.  The bloody moon refers to the passion of the Mystical Body of Christ.   The quarter-moon refers that only one-quarter (1/4) of humanity and the Church will survive.  This is our tentative interpretation.

13Sep78----Our Lady:          “My child and My children, if I could take you with Me to the city of Rome, and open the doors for you to see what is taking place, perhaps this knowledge could forestall the advance of 666 and his agents in Rome.   The eyes of the world focus upon the Holy City as a nucleus for religion, but it is now becoming steeped in darkness.   The Light has not  passed that way.My child and My children, in past counsel I warned you with great urgency that My Son will be re-crucified by His own.   In the Holy City of Rome, many Red Hats have now become Judases in the hierarchy.  As men of the cross, they have now won for themselves the title,  ‘the evil men of the cross.’

Many have entered My Son’s House, His Church upon earth, to do harm .  I warned you, O pastors and bishops and cardinals, that you have   become infiltrated.   .   .   .My children, do not despise prophecy.   The Eternal Father has found it necessary to set many prophets among you.  They are neither prophets of doom nor false prophets.   They are prophets appointed by Heaven to guide you in these desperate days.

But I tell you that you should look out for the false prophets in My Son’s House, those who bring you doctrine of demons.  They are so powerful under Lucifer that many of the hierarchy now go forth with itching ears, searching for a new religion, deluded by Satan and his agents.   .    .   .

      Veronica:       “Our Lady is now pointing up to the left side of the sky, and I can see two cardinals.   They are walking toward each other, and each has a key — a very large golden key ---- in his hand.  Now they’re standing in front of each other, and they’re crossing the keys.   Now they’re pointing over to the right with the keys, and over on the right there is a building ---- a very large building.   It appears to be St. Peter’s.   Yes, it’s a domed building; it is St. Peter’s in the Vatican.

Now they’re pointing upward with the key, high over their heads.  And in the sky over the keys, I can see the numbers 666 forming.   The (numbers) are black and tinged with red on the outside:   666 .   .   .  

Our Lady:       “My child, you will soon understand the meaning of this message.  You must now pray for your new Vicar (Pope John Paul I).   There is a foul plan afoot against him.”

      Jesus:             “I do not intend to act as a hammer upon the heretics who have entered My Church, the deceivers, those not of the Faith who entered to destroy. My Mother will direct this battle. Lucifer and his agents are in Rome now.   Do you not know what this means?   Are you so blinded that you do not know of the power of Lucifer? My children, My pastors, awaken from your slumbers!   Awaken and save your souls, for you have brought scandal into My Church”!

Comments:   In this message Our Lady said that there was a “foul plan” against the newly-elected Pope John Paul I.   She further prophesied that we would “soon understand” the meaning of her words.   Within 34 days of his election to the papacy, John Paul I was dead. It is clear that Pope John Paul I was murdered by the satanic Red forces within the Vatican — Benelli, Casaroli, Villot, etc.   Jesus also stated: “Lucifer and his agents are in Rome.   Do you not understand what this means”?   Lucifer was a murderer from the beginning, and the old serpent was about to strike. To aid in the understanding of the events of this time, we give the following chronology:


                   DATE                                                   EVENT

      1972                                                     Lucifer entered Rome and cut off the rule of Pope Paul VI.This means that Villot, Benelli, Casaroli, and the Red forces backing them usurped the papacy at this time.


6 August 1978                                      alleged death of Pope Paul VI due to a “heart attack”; actually slowly murdered over the years by the Red forces of Villot-Benelli-Casaroli


26 August 1978                                     election of Cardinal Albino Luciani of Venice as Pope John Paul I.


28 Sept 1978                                         death of Pope John Paul I, after a reign of 33 days, due to another “heart attack”; actually murdered by the Red forces Of Benelli-Casaroli-Villlot.


16 Oct 1978                                                      election

of Cardinal Karol Wojtyla of Poland as Pope John Paul II    


Sep78----Jesus:   “666, Lucifer and his agents, will make a concerted effort to de-throne the present Vicar.”

6Oct78----Our Lady:              “My child and My children, you wonder now of the happenings in Rome.   Much that has happened has taken place because too few have cared to pray and do penance for the priesthood.   One day all will be made known to mankind. I have come to you as a Mediatrix between God and man, in the will of the Eternal Father, to warn you, O priests in My Son’s Church, His House upon earth, that you must now turn back and start again.  Lucifer is in Rome.   His army comes as 666 among you.   He has been a murderer from the beginning, My children, (and now) man has         fallen very low and without grace, even (resorting) to murder.  My children, a conclave will start, and if there are not enough prayers, you will receive one (man) on the Seat of Peter, one with dark spirits, consorting with the devil. My child, I must caution you now, for your own protection, to control your impulse to tell all.   Much must now remain in your heart for your own protection.”

Jesus:             “My child, I realize the great strain upon your physical body this past week.  I do not intend to tax you any further with a long discourse on the state and events of Rome.   I must warn you though, that you must (heed) and obey completely the directive of My Mother for silence in certain areas of the message.   It is for your protection, My child.   You must not seek to question any of this directive.   It is a great test of patience for you to be silent, My child.

I must again admonish all bishops and cardinals that, without prayers and determined efforts for penance, their minds will remain clouded.  Their involvement in the world of Satan will make them fair game for his plan,  the plan of Lucifer to capture the Seat of Peter.   Already the next one (Pope) has been chosen.

Needless to say, My child and My children, your newspapers and media of communication are controlled.   Yes, a man of dark secrets and    spirit will be placed upon the Seat of Peter.   Those who have the light                 know a true Vicar, but those who are in darkness will work for Lucifer.

Judases in My Church, robbers within My House, you are selling out for 30 pieces again!   I say to you:   you will be allowed your time.   The Eternal Father, in His merciful Heart, allows you time to change and come back.   Have you not had enough indications and signs from the bad fruit you have produced?

I must warn you now to tread carefully in the next days, for murderers are among you, and Lucifer has been a murderer from the beginning.   O you of little faith, but pride and arrogance in worldly know-ledge, you have closed the door to My sheep.   You have scattered them.  You have become traitors to the Seat of Peter.

I have asked you in the past to refrain from rebuilding My Church into a Church of Man.  I am the Foundation.   I have set down the rules. 

(You, the hierarchy, cry of the disobedience of) My little ones, but it is you who are disobedient to your God!   It is you who have been disobedient to the Vicars I sent to you!   And it is you who have murder in your heart.”

Comments:       On 26 Aug 1978, Cardinal Albino Luciani, the Patriarch of Venice, was elected pope.   He was a good man, and he took the name John Paul I, pledging to follow in the footsteps of the good Popes John XXIII and Paul VI.   On the other hand, there are two facts that stand out concerning Pope John Paul I:

(1) His election was directed by Benelli.

(2) He mysteriously died of another “heart attack” 34 days later.  Since Benelli directed the election of John Paul I, we might conclude that John Paul I was somewhat naive and incapable of judging (distinguishing) the spirits of men.  More probably, this gentle soul was simply unwilling to do so, hoping for the best and leaving such judgment to God.   In this respect John Paul I was probably not unlike most cardinals and bishops.   This naivete or unwillingness to judge was again shown when he confirmed Villot, Benelli, Casaroli, and other Vatican department heads in their positions.  He did not understand that they were only using him, and that soon these serpents would strike.

With regard to the “heart attack” of Pope John Paul I, we need only mention the words of his niece, Amalia Luciani:

“In my family almost no one believes it was a heart attack that killed my uncle.  He never had heart trouble or any illness of that kind.”   (San Juan Star, 3 Oct 1978)

When his corpse was found, his face was terribly distorted, indicating an attack of great violence and inability to summon any help.  In the message of 12 Sep 1978, Our Lady said that there was a “foul plan” against Pope John Paul I, and that we would “soon understand” what She meant.   Following the death of Pope John Paul I, in Her message of 6 Oct 1978, She alluded to his murder in stating that “man has fallen very low, even (resorting) to murder.”   In the same message, Jesus likewise stated that “Lucifer has been a murderer from the beginning,” and that some of the hierarchy “have murder in their hearts.”  Finally, both Our Lady and Jesus warned Veronica about telling about the murder for her own protection; she was probably informed of this by a private message.  The mysterious death of John Paul I, who had no previous history of heart disease, prompted some consternation, doubts and suspicion by a number of Italian newspapers, including “Civiltas Cristiana” and “Corriere Della Sera.”   Some suspected “foul play” and tried to get “the Vatican” to perform an autopsy on the body of the dead pope.

What this meant is that they asked Villot, Benelli, Casaroli, and the Red forces who dominate the Vatican” to perform an autopsy.   It was like asking the Prince of Murderers and Liars to confess to his murder.   “The Vatican”  replied that such allegations of foul play were irresponsible”!    (San Juan Star,   18 Oct 1978).

(It is interesting to note their pretext for refusing to perform an autopsy.   They cited an “Article 17 of the Apostolic Constitution” promulgated by ‘Pope Paul VI’.   One might check whether this was promulgated from 1972 onward when these Judases were in power.   They intended to murder some popes, if necessary, to obtain full power.) In a third reference to “murder” and “murderers” in the message of 6 Oct 1978, Jesus said:   “I must warn you (hierarchy) now to tread carefully in the next days, for murderers are among you.”   Mysteriously four different men died of “heart attacks” in the Vatican, all within the space of 1½  months: the alleged Pope Paul VI (probably the imposter), Metropolitan Nikodim (45 years old), Cardinal Yu Pin, and Pope John Paul I.  From this flurry of “heart attacks”, one would think that heart disease was contagious!

In the Dec 1978 issue of “The Voice of the Martyrs”, Pastor Richard Wurmbrand described the case of Metropolitan Nikodim:

“One who chose servitude to the Communists was the Metropolitan NIKODEME, vice-president of the WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES.   He was considered a Communist infiltrator in the Church, to destroy it from within.  It is a fact that he continually praised the non-existent liberties under Communism.  But even if he was a Communist, he had an obligation apart which obliged him to sing holy songs and to know the Bible, which apparently influenced him. 

While alone with Pope John Paul I, he no longer played his double role.   He confessed he was representing a persecuted church.  ‘He explained everything: the choice of priests depending on the approval of the Communist Party, the infiltration of the church by communist agents, bad priests who serve as stool pigeons of the regime, deportations to concentration camps where the priests officiate in secret.   He himself had been arrested several times.   ‘The day they break my neck there, we will not have an open church.   Please, help me, negotiate with them as they ask.’

“He died in the arms of the Pope.”    (“AURORE”, France, 10/1) The trouble was that now the Pope knew secrets.   NIKODEME must have told him more than what the press reported.   A few days later the Pope also died, though in perfect health, just as it suited the Soviets.   The Yugoslav Communist newspaper “VJESAIK” had warned against him even before his election.”  (JTTCW, Box 11, Glendale, CA 91209)

Benelli’s plan to use Albino Luciani began long before the death of Pope Paul VI.  Albino Luciani was made a cardinal in 1973.   Since this occurred after the usurpation of the papacy in 1972, it may have been part of the plan of Benelli and the communists.  It is interesting to note that, prior to the election of Albino Luciani, (few cardinals or Italian newspapers considered him to be “papabile” (likely to become pope).  There were two exceptions, however:   Benelli and the communist newspaper “Paesa Sera.”   There are many such “coincidences.”

Benelli, who was an archbishop and substitute Secretary of State, was “made Cardinal” in a consistory on 17 June 1977.   Since the imposter Pope, who had no legal authority, did this, Benelli is still an archbishop ---- he is not a cardinal.  Indeed, the whole affair was “Benelli making Benelli a cardinal.”   It is interesting to note that, in some of the visions of Veronica about the “two ecclesiastics with the golden keys,” she sometimes saw them as two cardinals, and other times as one cardinal and one arch-bishop.   See the messages of 18 May 1977, 13 Sep 1978, etc.  In other words, one of the “cardinals” was only a cardinal in appearance and an archbishop in reality.

The election of John Paul I was engineered by Benelli probably as a front.  When the dirty work of liquidating John Paul I was over, who could accuse Benelli of having any hand in the elimination of the man whose election he himself directed?   Deception and murder is the name of the game.

Benelli directed the election of John Paul I because he knew that John Paul I would be liquidated shortly ---- before he had the chance to pass any important legislation.   Who then would be the most likely one to be elected to succeed John Paul I but Benelli himself?   Benelli was the leading pope-maker in the election of John Paul I, and he figured to be the prime contender in the next election (Newsweek, 9 Oct 1978; Time, 4 Sep 1978)

It is important to realize how much the cardinals are in the hand of Satan, and how close the plan of Benelli and the communists came to success: “On the second ballot, Benelli shot into a commanding lead, falling somewhere between 2 and 15 votes short of the 75 needed for election” (Newsweek, 30 Oct 1978).

Benelli and the communists failed.   Unexpectedly, Cardinal Karol Wojtyla of Poland was elected Pope on 16 Oct 1978.   He also seems to be a good man and an anti-communist; and he took the name John Paul II, pledging to follow in the footsteps of John XXIII, Paul VI, and John Paul I.  On the other hand, Wojtyla was said to have backed Benelli (Time, 30 Oct 1978).

And he seems to have repeated the mistakes of John Paul I in confirming Villot, Benelli,  Casaroli, and other Vatican department heads in their positions.   This is like a pope signing his own death warrant.     In conclusion we may ask:   How long will it be until Pope John Paul II becomes the third victim of the Red forces within the Vatican?   Is he the pope prophesied to flee the Vatican over the bodies of his dead priests?   And after this, of course, there will come the Antichrist-Pope.   Perhaps he is the “Red cardinal” referred to in the 12 June 1976 message of Our Lady.


20Nov78----Our Lady:           “ .   .   .   .now the hour is approaching, the hour of darkness and sadness.   Many parents will have tears of anguish brought into their homes by the coming events .   .   .  There will be many catastrophes now befalling your earth until the great Warning, and then the final chastisement.   O My children, will you not listen to Me!  The Eternal Father has sent many seers to you to bring you these warnings.  And also upon earth, in competition to truth, there have been sent by Lucifer many false prophets and prophetesses.  My children, you will recognize these false prophets, as they will preach a doctrine of man, (recognizing neither) the way of the cross (nor) the power of redemption from the Eternal Father.   .   .   .

Because of the laxity of many of the men of God in My Son’s Church, because they have given themselves (over to) all manners of sins of the flesh, Our sheep have been left to stray, and the wolves have approached them.   Many have been lost to Us, lured away by promises of peace and joy and eternal happiness.   There will be no peace, there will be no joy, without the cross.

Many false prophets are now in your country, the United States, and many countries throughout the world.  They make a concerted attack upon the young, because the parents have become lax, because the teachers have become corrupted, because the governments have become corrupted .   .   .  “ .   .   .   the biggest fault of all (is that) man has now turned from his Creator .   .   . (Because of this) Lucifer has been released from hell with many other demons, and his legion of demons is now loose upon earth. Lucifer is in Rome and plans to destroy the papacy.  My children, pray for your new pope.   He must be given the strength (to defend the Faith), even to the point of martyrdom if necessary.   He must not allow communism to control Rome.

      My children, are there so few who will suffer for the Faith?   Are My children lost to the need for suffering and martyrdom for the Faith?   Do you not understand, My children, that martyrdom means immediate entrance into Heaven.  Is this not worth fighting for? .   .   .   .My children, I have told you in the past the true meaning of ‘666’. (This) meaning has been lost through countless years of earth-time. . . . ‘666’ is Lucifer (with his demons:   6 is Lucifer plus 5 powerful demons;  6 is for the 6 days of terrible suffering from the chastisement; and 6 is for) the 6 that will be punished ---- Lucifer and his hordes, his ogres ---- for their terrible atrocities upon mankind.   Lucifer will go wherever darkness is.   .   .  Your theologians have lost a truth: (‘The man of perdition     who is 666 does not refer to one man.   It is a general _expression which                  refers to Lucifer in the body of a man.

And I quote from the Scriptures:)   ‘He will sit in the temple of God and proclaim himself as God.’  (This means that) Antichrist will sit in the temple of God and proclaim himself as God.

(But what is ‘the temple of God’?)   When you are baptized and become a member of the House of God upon earth, My Son’s Church . . . . . . your body (becomes a) temple of the Holy Spirit.   Therefore this (_expression) in the Bible does not mean a temple of bricks and stone and mortar, but the body of a man .   .   .  (Therefore ‘666’ is not one man, but Lucifer, the devil, incarnate.)

(As We have told you in the past, My children, the time has now come for man to make a quick change.)   I say ‘quick’, My children, because the months are now being counted and the years are counted in the few.  (I tell you), My children, to make a change quickly and avoid the Warning, avoid the chastisement.

This can only be done when Lucifer is sent back into hell.   Mankind will (must) do it, (as) the Eternal Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit watch.  It (has now been) given over to mankind to bring this about.  Return now to Tradition, or you will fall!   Rome will fall!   You will give yourselves over to the enemy.   Russia has great plans for the capture of Rome.   As your Mother, I beg you to listen now while there is (still) time.   Bishops and Cardinals in Rome, a plan (has been) set afoot against you.   Many have entered the Church from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics ---- Russia;   they have entered to destroy you. . .

O My children of the United States, do you not understand what is ahead for you?   Your country, the United States, has not known what it is to suffer through (great) destructive forces.   My children, you will not escape the destruction that the Bear of Communism has set upon many countries of Europe and the world.  You cannot compromise your Faith to save what is left, for everything on earth will fall as rubble (in) the chastisement.   A ball of fire, a chastisement, a baptism of fire, is heading for mankind.   Can you not understand? Pastors in Rome, divest yourselves of your pride!   Turn back and start anew.  There is only a little time left.”

Veronica:       “Our Lady is now pointing up . . . .  to our left side, and forming in the sky is the horrible emblem, the sickle with the hammer.   (And blazing all about it is a circular pattern of ugly red fire.)  Now, far over on the right side of the sky, an arrow is pointing.)  And now the arrow is swinging (around) and heading across the sky, like a comet, to the far left.  And on the left a number is forming — a huge ‘6’.  And now the 6 sets like an angry arrow, like a shot to the head, the crown of Peter. I see ---- I see ---- oh, it’s terrible.   I see the crown of Peter melting, melting, melting.  And I see on the right side a man laughing with glee as he melts all the treasures of the papacy.

Now it’s growing very, very dark.   Our Lady has moved over now, and She’s pointing up again.   And written in the sky is



Jesus:             “My child and My children, the hour (of chastisements) is upon mankind;  (it is) the beginning of the end of (your era).  You must now pray more and be ever alert to the signs that will be given to you in the days ahead . . 

My children, I cannot impress you (enough) with the urgency of going faster forward in the time that is left, forward to save your brothers and sisters.   I ask you to approach My priesthood.   Bishops and cardinals must now accept all of the messages from Heaven, even though it will bring about controversy among them; for it will be bishop against bishop, and cardinal against cardinal . . . .

For all who receive great graces, much is expected of them.   There is a price to pay for Heaven, My child.   The price that We ask of all is suffering, the way of the cross.   No man will ever be greater than his Master. As it was in the past, so must it be now, that (the mettle of) all children of light will be tested as (metal) in the fire.  It is a short and narrow road to Heaven, and the road now will be shortened for many . .

My heart is torn.   My heart bleeds for you, but you did not listen; and the merciful Heart of the Father intends to go forward now with His    plan .   .   .”

Comments:       This message indicates that many of us will suffer much or die soon, due to the persecution of the demons and their human agents.   The prophecy of 28 May 77, (on page 59) also indicated that many would die before 28 May 1979.   The first paragraph of Our Lady’s 20 Nov 1978 message indicates that there will be increased catastrophes on earth, which will presumably cause many of these deaths, especially among the young.  With regard to Our Lady’s elucidation of the meaning of ‘666’, we might consider the following analogy:   Just as the Church is the Mystical Body of Christ, so ‘666’ is the mystical body of Lucifer, the church of Satan.  Christ is incarnate in His Universal Body, and Lucifer is incarnate in his universal body.   Just as the bodies of Christians are “the members of Christ” (1 Cor 6:15), so the bodies of Lucifer’s followers are “the members of Lucifer.”   He lives in them just as Christ lives in Christians (Gal 2:20).

25Nov78----Veronica:           “This is directly from Our Lady.   I was given this letter (message) just a short time before I started for the Vigil grounds.  This is an open letter to Pope John Paul II from Our Lady, Mary Immaculate,  25 Nov 1978.”


      Our Lady’s Letter:   “Dear Son, Our Vicar upon earth.

Remember always your heritage, even unto martyrdom, for of such trials are many led to sainthood.   Accept as your strength (Saint) Hyacinth, and follow his lead, or the great chastisement will be set upon mankind.  Will you not help Me again, My son?   Convert Russia.   Do not hasten to promote division in My Son’s Church.   Save the world from the great flames of the Ball of Redemption that fast approaches your world and mankind.”

Our Lady:       “My child and My children:   As a Mother, My heart is also greatly torn at the death and destruction visited upon many in your world.  My children, how much I have longed, in the past years of My visitations upon earth, to save you from these disasters.  You must understand that all that I have told you in the past has come to be.   You must read back the written message from Heaven, and you will understand all.  My child, the picture, ‘JACINTA’, must now be read by all of earth’s children.  You will give them this direction, My child.  If it is the will of the Eternal Father that they be graced to receive the truth, they will (must) observe carefully and examine the miraculous photograph,   ‘JACINTA 1972’.

You will read the word, ‘JACINTA’, and search for LINES and               FIGURES and NUMBERS.   Within the miraculous picture is the DATE           given by God the Father, for the chastisement of mankind.  All will be                      conditional to the response of mankind.  You must remember the words of My Son to the world in relation to this miraculous picture:   ‘Consider this picture as a puzzle for the human race to figure out.   If not solved in due time, I, Jesus, will set the answer upon the world Myself.’   Within this picture, My children, is the DATE (DAY), the MONTH, the YEAR, and the HOUR, of the chastisement as planned by God the Father.

I have asked that My words be given to your Vicar, the Holy Father in Rome, who must guide My Son’s Church in these crucial days.  Compromise must be avoided, even unto martyrdom. (My children, I gave mankind a plan of peace long ago, but you rejected it.  I cried out to you at LaSalette and at Fatima, but you did not listen.)   What will you do now, My children?   Will you turn away now and suffer a terrible chastisement?   Can you not well understand what is happening now in your country and many countries upon earth? I shall now explain to you in simple language that you can understand, the plan (of) Lucifer to take over your country and all of the nations upon earth.   He, Lucifer, uses the body of any man, woman, or child for the promotion of his will.  There is a group in the United States and the world, a group that started long ago (which) calls itself the ‘Illuminati’.   (This name comes)  from the word ‘light-bearer’.   Naturally, My children, this light that they  bear stands for Lucifer, and as such they have gone through the world  secretly known as Luciferians. They have brought into your country, the United States, and your neighbor, Canada, a group of witchcraft practices.   Well have they laid their plan to destroy your children with drugs, using your school systems.

Your media of communications ---- your newspapers, your televisions, your radios — every means of communication has been infiltrated by the members and sub-members of the Illuminati.  (They are) a conglomeration  of individuals and powers and principalities throughout the world and the banking systems.   As you know, My children, money as always been the root of all evil, and many have sold their souls to get to the head . . . . .  O My children, if I could only enumerate (the steps and describe) more closely and concisely for you the takeover of your country and many nations, you would understand how foolish it was to seek (material things) and money and power; for you did not understand that many of you were being bought by Lucifer   .“ (The Illuminati) is a group that is using religion as a front. . . . . . Openly they work under the names of socialism and communism but secretly their members labor for Lucifer, and for the destruction of souls, under the pain of death .   .   .   .

As followers of My Son Jesus, you will alert those in His Church who have fallen asleep, the bishops and the cardinals.   Sad to say, My children, the ugly hand of communism has reached in to desecrate the Body of My Son in His own Church. (And as men go) about the world crying ‘Peace, Love and Brotherhood!’; they set up governments (liberating) the masses (according to the doctrine) called ‘socialism’.   But it does not operate under the true cross of My Son, Jesus;   and it is used as a front to entice like a spider with its web, those unsuspecting souls who are looking for peace:   peace of heart, peace of spirit, which they cannot find in their present world, because the leaders have fallen asleep. My children have lost their way.   Like sheep they wander to and fro looking for My Son.   They do not have the Spirit.   They cry out in groups called ‘Charismatics’, and that too has been promoted with an evil reasoning.

My children, understand what is happening now.   It is the work of Lucifer, using human agents, to remove all institutionalized Churches from your world; and to unite all of mankind, in the name of peace and brotherhood, under one roof.   And it will (intends to) be a one-world religion and a one-world government. However, My Son has other plans to thwart this plan.   The Octopus will not be successful.   (But) it would be better to die, for such evil will be set upon the world by the Illuminati  and their agents that the living will truly envy the dead.   .   .

And My children, listen to Me well, as I warn all parents that (they) will soon shout:   ‘I beware of my children, for they seek to kill me’! Lucifer plans to turn father against son, mother against daughter; and he will direct them to kill within the home.   You have not seen (great) bloodshed.   (There has been) a little bit here, and a little bit there; but rivers of blood will flow in your streets as children will turn against their parents .   .   .   .

As I told you in the past, My children, your world has been given to Lucifer.   He knows that his time is growing short.   He goes about now as a ravaging wolf, seeking to gather all to take with him to the abyss.  (But) no one will go into hell, unless of his (or her) free will.”

Comments:       According to this message, Our Lady in Her letter to Pope John Paul II said:   “Will you not help Me again, My Son?   Convert Russia.”   Perhaps this was: “Will you not help me again, My son (to) convert Russia”?  Our Lady Herself will convert Russia, but She requests his help.   Back in the 13th century, Saint Hyacinth helped Our Lady to convert Russia.   Russia subsequently lost the Faith.   Thus Our Lady asks Pope John Paul II to help Her again, as Hyacinth did, to convert Russia. When Pope John Paul II received this letter, he undoubtedly found the request to convert Russia a rather tall order.   What Our Lady is probably asking of him is to correct the error of the bishops of the world in failing collectively to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, as requested at Fatima so many years ago.

With regard to the DATE of the chastisement in the “JACINTA 1972” photograph, see our comments to the message of 13 May 1978 (page 62).   The word “DATE” should probably be “DAY”, since the two words sound alike, and since a “DATE” already includes the MONTH and YEAR.   The phrase, “the DATE, the MONTH, the YEAR, is redundant. With regard to the connections between satanism and marxism and communism, see Richard Wurmbrand’s little book, “Was Karl Marx a Satanist”?   (Diane Books, P.O. Box 488, Glendale, Calif.   91209)

7 Dec 1978—Our Lady:                   “I have given to you, My child, a message for your Vicar, and he must act upon it.   Should he proceed by following the ways of man, using humanism and modernism to the destruction of souls and My Son’s Church, I cannot then any longer hold back the heavy hand of punishment for mankind.

My children, I have asked you all to make your homes a fortress against the Evil One.   Lucifer now has control of your world.   He has control of all the world’s governments.   And sadly, he now sits in Rome under the name ‘666’, preparing to bring about a revolution in the streets of the Eternal City.

My children, pray for your Vicar.   There is a plot against him.   He must not wander too far from the Eternal City.   Yes, My child, Lucifer was always a murderer. Pray, My child.   Perform many acts of mortification.   Pray for your holy Vicar.   Pray that he will have the strength to resist temptation and the strength to fight for his Faith.   Remind him to remember the path of Hyacinth . . . . . .

      Comments:   How long will it be until John Paul II is murdered just as John Paul I and Paul VI were murdered?   What a can of worms Rome is becoming.   Jesus now weeps over the ruin of Rome as He wept over the destruction of Jerusalem.  With Him, the saints also weep a rain of teardrops from Heaven.   The blood and suffering of countless early Christian martyrs and saints once purchased the Church from the world and now, in a few short decades, a generation of Judases is selling it back to the world again.  The betrayers want a Christianity without the Cross, something which simply does not exist. 









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There have been cures of extremely death threatening ailments reported to us after blessing themselves with this picture of Jesus.   
















This photo is one of the most spectacular of all the miraculous photos taken at Bayside.   A Polaroid photo of the statue of Our Lady was taken on 14 Sep 1971, and the miraculous result was the photo above.  A little later on 24 Dec 1972, Jacinta  Marto, one of the Fatima seers, appeared to Veronica and said: “The Father allowed me to write on the picture.   They did not listen to my words.”  In 1972 Satan had already entered Rome and cut off the rule of Pope Paul VI; the papacy was usurped by Red ecclesiastics, and Pope Paul began to suffer the intense persecution prophesied at Fatima in 1917.


25Nov78----Our Lady:           “ .   .   .  the picture ‘JACINTA’ must be read now by all of  Earth’s children .   .   .  If it is the will of the Eternal Father that they be graced to receive the truth, they will (must) carefully observe and examine the miraculous photo   ‘JACINTA 1972’.  You will read the wording ‘JACINTA’ and search for LINES and FIGURES and NUMBERS.   Within the miraculous picture is the DATE, given by God the Father, for the chastisement of mankind.   All will be conditional to the response of mankind. You must remember well the words of My Son to the world in relation to this miraculous picture:   ‘Consider this picture as a puzzle for the human race to figure out.  If (it is) not solved in due time, I, Jesus, will set the answer upon the world Myself’. My children, within this picture is the DATE (DAY), the MONTH, the YEAR, and the HOUR of the chastisement as planned by God the Father.”

The Revelations of Filiola


In 1973, two pamphlets were published in France on the messages given to Filiola.   She is a victim of reparation for the Church, and she has suffered since 1931 (over 40 years) for the sins of the Church.   Filiola belongs to the Third Order of St. Francis.   Being quite unlearned, she has great difficulty in writing correct French.  She is a very simple soul with an active, spontaneous temperament.

The pamphlets contain the messages which Our Lord gave to her during 1971 and 1972.  The French edition of these revelations can be obtained from either the Centre Marial (Moulin de Rouillon, 41120, Les Montils, France) or the Michael Journal (Rougemont, P.Q. Canada   JOL 1 MO).   The following are a few excerpts from the messages which were printed in the July — September 1974 issue of the Michael Journal.

4Oct71----Filiola:   “I stop here;   I have no more strength and I’m afraid.   I feel an anguish in my heart; I am dying.   Jesus allows me to see the hardened hearts.   They will do anything except undergo a change of heart!   A change of heart and of life, according to the Spirit of Christ Jesus Himself.   Is it possible that it is so difficult to experience a change of heart”?      Jesus:             “Yes, My little daughter.”

      7Oct71—Filiola:        “O Virgin May, our Immaculate Mother of Love, cast Your eyes   towards Pope Paul VI.   By Your all-powerful Immaculate Conception — (Your) power against all of hell and Satan, help our Pope who loves You so much!   Defend him against the wolves.   Virgin Mary, look at all of those  hidden around him ---- look.    O look!   Lay bare all these wolves, these enemies! Bare them to the eyes of all those gathered there, around the Pope, in the Assembly (the Synod).   O Virgin Mary, protect the Pope!   Look at this conflict, driven on by Satan himself.   It’s horrible.   What a battle in the hearts and the minds! O my Jesus, there are then so many enemies against You”?

Jesus:             “Yes, My daughter .   .   .  Write everything as I show you.”     Filola:              “O my Jesus, I cannot write it.”

     Jesus:             “My little daughter, to hide is to allow to continue.”

      Filiola:             “These are then the Dignitaries”?

 Jesus:             “Yes, My daughter, there are few who are faithful to My Spirit.”

12Oct71----Jesus:   “I have been handed over to My enemies, by My loss of masses and masses of souls, caused by a false spirit of renewal.  Evil was allowed to progress to the point of spreading confusion in the most reasonable minds.”

      Filiola:             “My Jesus, tell me ---- what must be done”?

      Jesus:             “My little daughter, My warnings are not heeded.   The minds are led astray .   .   . I give to Pope Paul VI grace, light, strength, through the whole of Myself, against My enemies .   .   .   .”

Filiola:             “O my Jesus, You permit me to see that this complete breakdown, that the Pope suffers, is like a living death.   O my Jesus, do not abandon him to himself.   You alone can sustain him .   .   .” O Jesus, deliver us from Your enemies  — they are so numerous!  And they have the audacity to be there and to taunt You like so many insolent (ones), like masters who are sure of themselves!   O my Jesus, lay them bare to the eyes of the whole world.   Give us true Apostles!  O Jesus, do not surrender Your Church into soiled, impure hands..   .   .  For over 40 years now, I pray to You, I suffer, I implore You.  The time has come now — evil is at a peak .   .   . O my Jesus, if all must be demolished, O my Jesus, do it quickly, put an end to the scandal!  I can’t go on, it’s horrible .   .   .”

21Oct71—Jesus:   “Observe, My little one:   see what My Church suffers, what My Heart suffers, what My Love suffers!   I am being condemned.   I am being judged.   I am being dragged in the mud.   I am being mangled.   I am being spat in the face.   I am being betrayed by an indescribably-base hypocrite. My little daughter, look into My Heart.   Who can understand Mysorrow?   I am Love ---- only Love.   My daughter, look at what they have done with My Love .   .   .  The whole Spirit of God is filled with anger.”

22Oct71—Filiola:   “O my Jesus, multiply the number of priests among us ---- priests in your resemblance.   Give us true priests to lead Your people in Your Love, in the true Life, in your Peace of hearts. Deliver us from this spirit which reigns in Your Church, which is so far from Your Spirit.    O look, My Jesus, the good cannot act, they are being oppressed, they are being stifled.   O my Jesus, You are being stifled.   O that the comedy would end now!   It is about time.  O my Jesus, transform this Vatican, this formidable pharisaical administration, so that the poor, the simple, can find You without         hindrance .   .   .  O my Jesus, yes, You Yourself allow me to see:   the Vatican must be entirely demolished in order to build a place of reception for God Himself.”

28Oct71----Filiola:   “O my Jesus, I cannot go on!   I’m too small.   .   .  O my Jesus, if one were to try to make Your Spirit reign in the parishes, there would not be anyone left .   .   .  Or a very small number”!

Jesus:             “My little daughter, it is not the number that counts, but the quality. . .”

29Oct72----Filiola:   “My beloved Jesus, if You would, please tell me what are You going to do with Your enemies .   .   .”?      Jesus:             “My daughter, look  ---- look.”

      Filiola:             “O my Jesus, it’s horrible”!

      Jesus:             “Hate will carry them away .   .   .   .”

      Filiola:             “And (how),  My Jesus”?

      Jesus:             “They will die through hatred,  by the sword and by fire.”

      Filiola:             “O my Jesus, will there then be a war”?

      Jesus:             “My little daughter, more than a war.   The earth will open and belch out fire .   .   .   .  My daughter,   look .   .  ”

      Filiola:             “O my Jesus, have mercy!   O may it never happen! And, My Jesus, this will be the work of the Holy Spirit, Strength Himself”?

Jesus:             “Yes, My daughter.”

12Apr 72----Filiola:   “Evil in the Church outstrips the mountains!   And it continues..   .   .   .  Oh, they are going to burn like living torches!   Yes, Love will be revenged by Love.   Love is Fire.   Love is Strength itself.   Love fills us with trembling:   Love not loved;   Love scoffed at;   Love not defended by His own .   .   .  Oh, it causes us to tremble!  But do they not think about this?   What do they do then?   Nothing bothers them.   O may they be converted ---- it is about time.   Jesus must be returned to His rightful place. If not .   .   .  oh the Spirit of Love, of Strength, is formidable.   He passes through without warning to overturn everything.   It is He Who is going to revenge Divine Love!    It’s horrible .   .   .

The souls were led on a wrong road by a false spirit which is not the Spirit of Christ.   The Spirit of Christ does not reign in the Vatican and among us. O let order be restored in the Church!   If not, the Strength of Love will pass through like a formidable Fire, to raze all that is not of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.   It is a formidable warning.   Love will be revenged by a Fire of Love.

O Spirit of Love, of Strength, give to Your Church holy priests, Apostles faithful to Your Spirit, Apostles without fear, Apostles to lead the peoples of the entire earth.   Deliver us from these pharisaical       apostles, so removed from the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Power of powers, help us”!

Messages of Portavoz

Our Lord has given a number of urgent messages and warnings to the Church and the world through a Mexican nun whom He has called His “Portavoz” (Voice-carrier or Spokeswoman).   Her actual name was to remain unknown, according to the direction of the Lord.  She is another “Voice-box” of Heaven, and many of the messages she has received are much the same as those given to Veronica Leuken and other seers.   The messages of the true prophets harmonize and support each other.

In a number of communications, Our Lord directed Portavoz to make the messages public, and she delivered them to Rev. Mother Maria Concepcion Zuniga Lopez for that purpose.   The letter is the Mother Superior of the nuns, who are known as the Franciscan Minims of the Perpetual Help of Mary, at the Convent of Atonement near the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City.   The messages given to Portavoz were published by Rev. Mother Zuniga Lopez, with ecclesiastical approval in the Mexican magazine, ESTRELLA (STAR), under the title of “messages from Heaven.” Subsequently, the messages were assembled and published in the following three volumes:

I.   Jesus Christ, His Mexican “Portavoz”, and His Messages to the World

(13 messages given from 24 Mar 1969 to 5 Apr 1970)

II.   Particular and Private Messages of Our Lord to His Mexican


For His Church and For Souls

III.   Further Messages and Warnings From Our Lord to His Mexican


For the Vatican,  For the Hierarchy,   and For Souls 

These works may be obtained from St. Paul’s Guild, Graniteville, Vermont 05654. In Europe:   H.  E.   McKeown, 50 Gransha Park, Glen Road, Belfast   BT11  8AU. UK.

The following are some sample messages:

24Mar69----Christ:   “At the present time, the world is worse than it was at the time when I sent Jonas to Nineveh to announce the punishment which the people of that city deserved.   It means that the penance which should be done at the present time ought to be greater than that which Nineveh offered in reparation for the sins of that generation .   .   .Insist therefore!   But tell it just as it is:   THAT IT IS I WHO WARN THEM!      Woe to mankind if it does not do penance!   If men do not repent sincerely!   If they do not detest their sins!   Woe to My priests!   My daughter, pray and make reparation, and see to it that others pray and atone for their sins, because of the great malice involved:   their own malice, that of their brethren and of their priests!

Proclaim this loudly!   Hurry, My daughter!   Make haste!   Do not fear ridicule from anyone nor the ill-will of any being.   Hurry!   Leaflets must be distributed!   THIS MESSAGE IS FOR TODAY ---- for the present day! It is not to be left in your notebook.   You will be hated, detested. It does not matter:   I love you!   You will be ill-treated, persecuted, abused .   .   .  That does not matter:   I will protect you!

 Send this message to everyone, My daughter:   to lay people and religious;  to priests and bishops;   above all, to the pope.   Send it to him today, My daughter!   Send it to the diffusion centres!  Above all, take it to the Difusora Mariana (Marian Diffusion Center).   Tell them that it seems as though men no longer have any faith.   If they would at least have a little pity for their (own) souls!

They must do these things that they may be forgiven, and that they may avoid experiencing the punishment which has already been decreed:   In the first place, they must stop sinning.   The indecent manner in which women dress at present is a grave sin.   It is a serious sin of immorality on te part of men who permit their wives, daughters and sisters to dress in this manner.    Likewise, worldly religious who go about thus attired are guilty of serious sin.  These worldly religious are loathsome to Me, causing nausea.   Tell them that fire will descend from heaven and it will burn them alive.

The second thing that they should do is to abstain from amusements, even from decent ones.   The third:  they must pray.   They must withdraw and retire to meditate in solitude with Me.   The fourth:   they must castigate their sense of taste by really performing positive acts of penance against gluttony.  Gluttony devitalizes, enfeebles the spirit .      .   .”

16Dec69----Our Lord:   “.   .   .  The cross, embraced for love of Me: only that will save you.   Reject all the other false doctrines!   Because all of them outside of Mine will lead you to eternal perdition; and even (in this life they will) throw you into a chaos of bitterness, desperation, and satanic hatred, and make you rebel against Me. Study the Scriptures.   There, in My Gospel of eternal truth, I have left everything for you! Why are you so foolish?   And now, why do you not want to believe Me when I speak to you through My humble, chosen ones?   It is because you areproud.   That is why you reject My Messages:   because you refuse to admit that I make use of those who have no worth, so as to confound the powerful!

Believe the messages of My Blessed Mother, from the first ones to the last ones!   Which are these messages? They are the messages which She gave to your little brother, Juan Diego, on the hill of Tepeyac (Our Lady of Guadalupe, 1531) .   .   .  The messages which She gave in France, at LaSalette and at Lourdes .   .   .  Those which she gave at Fatima.   And, recently, those which She gave at Garabandal.   Why do all of you not want to believe these messages?  My little children, once more I repeat this to you:   Believe My messages, those which I am now transmitting to you through My little Portavoz, and those which My Blessed Mother and angels have transmitted in different places of the world.   (Also, prepare yourselves) to believe what I shall continue to transmit through those who least merit it; because, in believing them, you practice an act of humility and you honor Me.   Do not forget that I bless My Father because He hides His secrets from the great ones, and reveals them to the little ones, for thus it pleased Him .   .      .”

23Apr69—Our Lord:   “Write to My beloved Vicar (Paul VI): ‘My very beloved son:   I warn you that I shall grant you the palm of martyrdom, but before this you will struggle with the enemies of My Church, and there your martyrdom will begin. I also warn you that you should free yourself from the astute and clever men who come close to you proposing belligerent movements.  My Church is a Kingdom of Peace, of Pardon, and of Holy Justice.   Although you will suffer much oppression .   .   .  I will be with you. Now I send, with this little one of Mine, these counsels: a)   Accede to the petitions she has made repeatedly to you in My Name. My work of atonement is the most beloved work of My Heart.  This work will give Me a legion of victim-souls who will assist Me in conquering the world.   All this will attract many towards My Church, and to My beloved Vicar on earth.

This work should precede My second advent, which is now near at hand, My beloved son.   For in this second advent, I wish to establish order in My Church, so torn asunder by diabolical plans which (even some of My sons within it) are collaborating with. (They were redeemed by My Passion and My Blood, and they include both priests and laity.)  I shall give you more precise counsels, My son, so you will (must) be attentive to them. Meanwhile, prepare your heart, because I shall (come) to you .  very soon to fortify you for this battle.

b)  Renounce these lay institutions, because they are instruments of the enemies of My Church:   Cursillos, Knights of Columbus, Christian Family Movement, Sinarquismo and other movements derived from it .   .   .  Also many of the so-called Religious Congregations that are arising (and that will continue to arise, especially those with surfaced goals of missionary or educational apostolates, but which) in reality are deceitfully trying to subdivide My Church.

c).  Summon to order My priests who have strayed; likewise, the bishops, archbishops, cardinals and your secretaries.  Speak to them (of) loyalty to My doctrines, even though you may suffer torments and death for this mandate.  And let all My sons know about the coming wiles of My enemies, so they will not be seduced.

      d)   Take away all authority and government from those priests, bishops, archbishops and cardinals who openly are the instruments of My enemies. I shall enumerate the most dangerous:   your Secretary, Jean Villot; Leo Joseph Suenens; Jose Garibi Rivera; Miguel Dario Miranda; Sergio Mendez Arceo;   Felipe Cueto of the Franciscan Order.   These are the promoters of the        moral and spiritual disorder of My Church, as well as the majority of the bishops and theologians of the world.

Remember, My beloved son, that they surprised you also, before you received My Spirit jointly with the scepter of My Kingdom on earth.   And your predecessor (John XXIII) they used as an instrument for their plans. 

It matters not if you suffer, My son, because he who follows Me must pass where I passed when I came from the Father to the earth.  Only by the cross will the Kingdom of Heaven be reached, since the human race lost the preternatural graces.   Now, having Me at the Head, they must re-conquer these graces.   All those who yield themselves to My way of the cross and suffering will be blessed for all eternity!   And I have chosen you for this great gift. When you have given Me your life, I will permit an Antipope to be introduced .   .   . but it will be during this time that I shall come and shame and denounce him, (and) destroy him with the breath of My mouth.  You shall then return with Me to the earth.   .   .   .”

      Comments:       This is about two-thirds of the letter.   Together with other messages for the Pope, this letter was delivered into the hands of Pope Paul VI by the Rev. Mother Zuniga Lopez on 2 June 1969.   This is the letter to which the lawyer of the Roman Rota referred (see pg 13).  The ecclesiastical Judases, Cardinal Jean Villot, Cardinal Leo Joseph Suenens (of Holland), and Cardinal Miguel Dario Miranda y Gomez (of Mexico) are clearly exposed.  Suenens maay be the ‘S’ referred to in the 21 Aug 1974 message given to Veronica Leuken (see pg 11). Finally, it is interesting to note that, in this message of Portavoz, the Antipope seems to follow immediately upon the death of Pope Paul VI, exactly as in the messages of Veronica.  Will the death of Pope Paul VI somehow occur, or become known, about the time of the Warning?

14May71—Our Lord:  “As for all of you here, prepare your hearts, because you will have to give testimony of My doctrine, and of your fidelity to My true Church.  Even when an Antipope shall arise and take possession of the Papal Throne, be firm.   When this shall come to pass .   .   . all of you must live in silence and in prayer.   I shall always be with all of you. At this present time, My enemies have taken possession of My Church.  I have allowed the demon to do what has been decreed.   But woe to those who acted the part of traitors!   It would be better if they had never been born”!

14Jun73----Our Lord:   “ .   .   .But ask to what or to whom you are going to be faithful when My beloved Vicar, Paul VI, dies?   What is going to be your position with respect to fidelity?   Are you going to be faithful to My enemy and to My Holy, Apostolic, Roman Catholic Church?   (That is impossible) because any Antipope is going to be My enemy;   and (I will come to him) and shame him and kill him with the breath of My mouth.   And all the traitors will cry and howl, because it will then be too late to ask pardon.”

21Jan70—Jesus:   “One and only one is My Vicar on earth, the successor of Peter. They must recognize Paul VI as My Vicar.   Let them free him from his enemies and obey him!  They must not harbor earthly ambitions for ruling My Church;   let them seek only My Kingdom and My justice .   .   .  to guide souls toward the truth of My integral doctrine.

And the definitions which have been (decreed) from other centuries and which have been approved must not be abrogated nor changed.  Let Paul VI speak the truth to the face of the world, and let him confess that they have pressured him and obligated him into many present-day definitions which he, in his heart, has not accepted.

Free My Vicar, Paul VI, by prudent means, without resorting to force nor even less with the shedding of blood! .   .   .Get him out from among his enemies!   You must be the ones to free him ---- all of you who want to be faithful to My doctrine — , so that he may tell the world the truth which he has known during his long martyrdom.  And I shall be with him, and I shall give him the palm which  he deserves.   Go, therefore, in search of your Pastor.   He is Paul VI, not any other!   Do not permit yourselves to be deceived by false pastors!  Obey Me, My little children.   Give Me this proof of (your loyalty and faith.   No one who is outside of the group of My legitimate Vicar will be able to please Me.   If you do not pay attention to Me, I shall soon publicly denounce you before the face of all, with angelic voices that will resound in the ears of your brethren.

      Paul VI suffers!   Do not leave him alone in his prison.   Go in search of him!   Take him out of there to a safe place where he may be able to speak freely, according to the motion and light of My Spirit.   Then you shall see that he is loyal to My doctrine, and that his soul overflows with charity emanated from My heart.”

13Jan70----Jesus:   “All Catholics who are sincere children of My Church must get together and raise a clamor to My Vicar in Rome.   Free him from his enemies, not by violent means, but by prayer, penance, and persuasion, and by preaching My doctrine integrally.  My spouse, make this known.  Make it known right now!   Let this message be transmitted throughout the world”!

      5Aug71-----Jesus (Message for the Hierarchy of My Church):    “Let it be known to you that very soon I shall erase your names from the Book of Life.   Your crimes can be forgiven only if you pay attention to what I now ask you by means of this lowly, humble spouse of Mine who has been selected from her childhood to be My Portavoz.   She has been chosen by My Heavenly Father for these times, as the sister of My precursor, John the Baptist.  She has been chosen to prepare a way, to make smooth the path of My second coming to the earth.

Now I am near at hand.   I will come again to give a truce to the world of human beings, so that they may correct their ways, that they may be converted and do penance.   For if I were to come suddenly to judge them, nearly all of them would be condemned with the Demon and his infernal satellites.

All of you have permitted My enemy to enter My Church.   The bark of Peter flounders on the sea of human life.  It may seem as though I am asleep.   But it is not so;   I am not asleep.   On the contrary, I keep constant watch over My beloved Spouse (the Church) to whom I have promised eternal life.   My Church can achieve its mission completely either with few souls or with many.   This is so because I do not seek My own glory, which I already possess eternally, and of which no one can deprive Me.   But it is you — you human beings — whom I desire to save from the snares of the devil.

Therefore, with the authority of My powerful and creative voice, I command you to pay attention to these messages which I have given to the world through My lowly spouse, the Mexican Portavoz.   These messages are the same as those which My Blessed Mother has uttered in various parts of the world.

At present the demon presents himself with a feigned divinity.   Together with his other diabolical and human satellites, he pretends that he is a divine being.   They often perform wonders in order to deceive the world and to confuse the people.   The good seed is intermingled with the cockle of bad seed.   Hence, it is necessary to ordain the day of the harvest.

Before the time of the harvest arrives, I order ---- I command ---- that you do two things:

1) See to it that the modern Mass will immediately cease, and return to the Canon decreed in the Council of Trent by Pius V.   Return to the primitive fountains of the Church.   Restore the Christian and religious customs among seculars and religious.

2) And repent, all of you who belong to the Hierarchy of My Church!  All of you who have apostasized and become traitors, repent and retrace your steps to the right way!   And, of course, this must be done immediately.   Without delay, ordain that the Holy See approve the canonical (creation) of the Order of Atonement, which My lowly Portavoz has repeatedly presented to you, to the Sacred Congregation of Religious, and to My beloved Vicar, Paul VI.

This is My beloved Vicar whom you oppress and retain as a prisoner. You continually sacrifice and victimize him.

In turn, Paul VI offers himself;   he yields to martyrdom for love of Me, and for your own sakes.   Yes, Paul VI offers himself for your good —  for yourselves.   Paul VI is a martyr.   He is a holy Vicar, and the greatest among many who have preceded him.   This is a fact even with regard to the last Peter who will come at the end (of the world).

Paul VI is a faithful and holy Vicar.   His heart is full of the same charity which I possess in My Heart.   Indeed, he overflows with the self-same love which is in My Heart.   Yet all of you have outraged and crucified him in life.

If you do not perform all things as I now command you to do, woe be to all of you!   If you do not lend an ear to what I demand of you, very soon you will all be denounced before the world, and be cast into hell.  The Order of Atonement which I desire is the only plank of salvation for all, and for you yourselves;   hence, approve it now that you are all placed on the pedestal of Peter, though unworthily.   Make some atone-ment for your sins at least by opening the way for My Order, which is My most beloved work in the bosom of My Church.   Perform this act, and do it quickly, so that there may arise to Heaven due expiation for sin.   Fulfill My command that, from the world of human beings, atoning, reparation may rise to Heaven in expiation for sins which provoke the Divine Justice. 

      May70-----Our Lord:   “My Vicar weeps over the ruination of Rome as I wept over Jerusalem.

The Messages of Don Stefano Gobbi


Beginning in about 1973, Our Lady gave a great number of messages to the Italian priest, Don Stefano Gobbi, of Via Mercalli 23, Milan.   In these messages, She commissioned him to organize the Marian Movement of Priests, in order to bring back order and peace and holiness to the priesthood by means of their total consecration to Her Immaculate Heart.   Many of the messages are recorded in the book:   Our Lady Speaks to Her Beloved Priests (St. Charles Rectory, St. Francis, ME  04774).   The great simplicity and holiness of these messages show that they truly come from Heaven.   They also entirely support, or harmonize with the messages that Our Lady has given to other ‘voice-carriers’ of Heaven.   The following are a few messages:

13Jul73----Our Lady:             “The reason for My tears, tears of your Mother, is that My own children, many of them live unmindful of God, steeped in sins of the flesh and are heading irreparably to their ruin.   For a large number of them, My tears are shed in sheer waste over their indifference.   My priests above all are the ones who cause these tears, because they are My chosen ones ---- the apple of My eye, My consecrated sons.

See how they do not love Me; how they do not want Me.   How they do not listen to the promises of My Son; how they betray Him.   How they ignore Him present in the Blessed Sacrament;   how they abandon Him in the Tabernacle.   How they often offend Him by their sacrileges and wanton negligence.”

28Jul73----“It is especially through the fault of My sons, the priests, who have denied the Gospel in order to favor the great satanic error of Marxism, that the chastisement of communism will soon spread throughout the world and deprive all peoples of their rights.   These will be times of great tribulations.   Then it will be these poor sons who will be responsible for the beginning of the Great Apostasy.”

29Jul73----“Remain in My Heart at all times, and you will find peace at every moment. Do not be preoccupied with what you have to do!   A person consecrated to Me must belong to Me totally, and may not at any moment of the day dispose of himself as he wills.   If you remain close to Me, I will tell you at every moment what is pleasing to Me, so that your actions will always be in accordance with My wishes.”

28Aug73—“Darkness now covers the earth.   O My son, it is the hour of gloom, Satan’s hour; it is the hour of his greatest triumph .   .   . My Son Jesus’ reputation was never so sullied either during His public life or during His horrible condemnation .   .   .  Now they are attacking His purity; they propagate such a horrible and satanic blasphemy that Heaven itself stands shocked and incredulous! How could things have gone so far?   What a terrifying tempest will inevitably sweep down upon unfortunate humanity! The Pope suffers and prays;   the cross which he bears is killing him.  He has spoken to his people, but his voice falls on a barren desert.”

16Oct73—“All men redeemed by My Son are My children;   they are My children in the full sense of the word.   Even those who are far from God — even sinners, even atheists, even those who reject God and those who wage war against Him and who hate Him ---- they are all My children.”

30Oct 73—“During these painful hours of the Church, the Pope finds himself alone to live, as My Son Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, his hours of agony and dereliction.   For him these are moments of profound anguish; his heart is oppressed by a mortal sadness, and a cross of inexpressible sufferings marks the hours of his days.   Like a Mother, I am near him to comfort him and too sustain him.

All the sufferings and all the rebellion in the world leave a deep wound in the heart of the Pope, just as all the sins of the world accumulated in the Heart of My Son during His atrocious agony.   What is heartbreaking for the Pope is this world so distant from God; it is the negation and refusal of God on the part of so many men; it is the wave of revolt and the mire that increases more and more, submerging everything.  What makes the Pope suffer are the solitude and dereliction in which he is left.   My Son’s most intimate and greatest suffering during the hours of His agony was the betrayal of Judas, and the desertion by His dearest friends when, humanly speaking, He needed them most.  At the present time, the Pope suffers from the betrayal and from the desertion of many;  even his closest collaborators disobey him and often thwart him.   Many priests, beloved by him, oppose him; many of My sons, victims of Satan, scorn him and condemn him.   How many who, while claiming to be Christians and Catholics, criticize, contest, and judge him each day!   For My Church, it truly is the hour of the power of darkness”!

1Dec73— “Troubles, anguish, and tribulations are destined to increase from day to day, because humanity, redeemed by My Son, withdraws more and more from God and transgresses His law.  The demon of lust has contaminated everything.   My poor children, how sick you are and how stricken! “The spirit of rebellion against God has seduced humanity;  atheism has seized upon many and has completely extinguished the light of faith and love.   This is the Red Dragon spoken of in the Bible;  read it, My sons, because the present times are those of its realization.   How many of My children are henceforth victims of this error of Satan!   Even among My priests, how numerous are they who no longer believe, and yet still remain in My Church; (they are) real wolves disguised as lambs, destroying a countless number of souls”!

28Dec73— “The most painful thorns are the ones given Me by My children whom I love the most with a love of predilection:   My priests.    Besides those who, in the manner of Judas, betray daily My Son Jesus, how numerous now are the wavering, the doubting, the unfaithful!   They celebrate Holy Mass and they administer the Sacraments, (but) they do not believe anymore.  Their sacrileges have now reached the limit which cannot be exceeded without scorning the justice of God itself.   If these unfaithful, who are My children, only knew what dreadful trials await them, oh maybe they would repent.   (But) on the contrary, they go heedlessly to meet their Great Chastisement; and at the decisive moment, they will be taken by surprise.”

5Jan74---- “Before the great darkness comes, the deep night of atheism will descend upon the earth and will envelop everything.   It is at this time that My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and your light; fear neither the cold nor the obscurity, for you will be in the heart of the Mother; and it is from there that you will point the way to a multitude of My poor children who have gone astray.   .   .   .

“My Immaculate Heart, O My son, is like a part of Paradise, in which I want to enclose My beloved sons, so as to preserve them from these great occurrences that await you; so that they may be consoled by Me, prepared by Me, directed by Me in view of the great and approaching moment of My triumph.   Stay always in this refuge”!

24Jul74---- “Since Satan has today deceived a large part of humanity by pride, by a spirit of rebellion against God, it is only through humility and by becoming child-like that we can encounter and see God.   Provoked by this rebellion against God, and by this pride that comes uniquely from Satan, the flood-tide of the denial of God and of atheism truly threatens to seduce a large part of humanity.

“This spirit of pride and rebellion has equally contaminated a large portion of My Church.   Even those who should be a light to others have been deceived and seduced by Satan.   They now are nothing but shadows walking in the darkness of doubt and uncertainty, lacking in faith.   Now they doubt everything.

“Today we must return to humility, simplicity, to the confidence of little children, in order to see God.   This is why I Myself am about to prepare a cohort of My priests, whom I will render more and more little so that they may be filled with the light and the love of God.  Humble, small, surrendered, confident, all will allow themselves to be led and guided by Me.

“But one day their small voice will have the magnitude of a hurricane; and joining the angels’ cry of victory, it will encompass the whole world with the powerful cry:   ‘Who is like God?   Who is like God’?  Then will come the downfall of the proud, and My triumph, and that of My little children.”

3Aug74---- “The crucial moments are near.   A while longer, and then with them — the smallest of My children —,   I will crush the head of Satan and of his many  devils;   and the victory will be Mine, as already foretold.”

      4Jan75----      “First of all, My Movement (of Priests) will spread

everywhere, and I will gather together from all corners of the earth My beloved priests.   These, as carried by the irresistible force of the Holy Spirit, will answer  My call; and (they) will gather together in the cohort of My priests, who are called to remain faithful to the Gospel and to the Church.  “When the time comes for the terrible battle against those priests who are bearers of error, who will range themselves against the Pope and against My Church, while dragging with them to their perdition a vast number of My poor children,   you — you will be My faithful priests.   In the confusion that the evil spirit will spread everywhere; in the midst of the many fallacies propagated and asserted by the spirit of pride, and that almost everyone will follow; at the moment when, in the Church, everything will be called into question, and when even the Gospel of My Son will be proclaimed but a legend, you — My consecrated priests — you will be My faithful sons.”

9Jul75----        My poor sons, what sorrow they give Me!   Priests of My Son, they no longer believe in My Son, and they betray Him continually. Priests, called to be ministers of Grace, now live habitually in sin, and their lives are an unbroken chain of sacrileges.   Priests, sent to spread the Gospel of salvation, have now become the propagators of errors.   Priests, chosen to save souls, are leading so many on the road to perdition.   It is the hour when the Abomination of Desolation has truly entered into the holy Temple of God. They are no longer the salt of the earth, but a salt that is insipid, corrupted, sickening, destined to be thrown on the ground and trodden upon by passers-by.   They are no longer the light on the candelabrum, but a darkness which makes the night even more obscure.   All these unfortunate sons (are) My spiritually-sick priests, because they have fallen under the dominion of Satan.”

25Nov75— “My sons, do not let your hearts be troubled; give yourselves to Me at every moment!   The hour of desolation and of abandonment has come for My Church.  It will be abandoned by its ministers and by many of its sons.  It will be scoffed at, betrayed, and given up to its enemy who wishes to destroy it.   It will be her ministers who will hand it over to its executioners. Prepare yourselves with Me to live these moments; everything has been decided by the Father.   This is the chalice that you will have to drink to the dregs.   You also will be scoffed at, betrayed and persecuted with the Vicar of My Son, the Pope.   Many will give their lives and shed their blood.   The others will remain to be consumed as holocausts, through living these moments of great suffering for the purification of the earth.   You will be My light in the great darkness.”

8Dec75---- “My beloved sons, My priests consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, I have been proclaimed from the beginning to be the sworn enemy and the one victorious over Satan, the father and first architect of sin.   My mission is to fight Satan, to crush his head with My heel.   I have triumphed since the beginning, when the Trinity proclaimed Me as the Sign of sure victory, at the moment when all of humanity had fallen under the bondage of sin:  ‘I will put enmity between you and the Woman, between your descendants and Hers.   She will crush your head and you will try to bite Her heel.’   I conquered when, by My ‘yes’, the Word was made flesh in My most pure womb, and when on Calvary, My Son Jesus was sacrificed on the altar of the Cross.   In Him, Who has redeemed all of you, was accomplished My total victory.”

16Apr76— “Priests, My beloved sons, why do you still betray?   Why do you persist in your betrayal?   Why don’t you repent?  Why don’t you come back?  “ (Do you not remember) Peter who denied My Son thrice because of fear? .  .   .How many among you through fear of not being understood, appreciated, and esteemed, (likewise) deny the truth of the Gospel of My Son:   ‘I do not know this man’!   And the Apostles who fled leaving Jesus alone for the whole of this long day of (Good Friday)?   How many among you abandon and leave My Church!   Many leave the Church to follow the world;   many remain in the Church, (but) abandon it in heart and soul to please the world.”

13May 76— “Today, My beloved sons, recall My coming here on earth in the poor Cova da Iria at Fatima.   I came from Heaven to ask for the Consecration to My Immaculate Heart .   .   . Since that day, how much time has passed

·        it is already 59 years ago!   There (occurred) the Second World War, predicted by Me and permitted by God for a humanity that unfortunately did not repent. Now you are living the moments when the Red Dragon, that is to

say, Marxist Atheism, has spread throughout the entire world and is increasingly bringing about the ruin of souls.  He really   succeeds in seducing and casting down to this earth one-third of the stars of Heaven. These stars in the firmament of the Church are the pastors;   they are YOU, My poor priest-sons.

The Vicar of My Son himself (has confirmed) to you that today it is the most dear friends ---- even the confreres at the same table, the priests and religious ----, who betray and rebel against the Church!  It is now the hour to have recourse to the great remedy that the Father offers you in order to resist the seductions of the Evil One, and to set up an opposition to the real Apostasy that propagates itself more and more among My poor sons.   Consecrate yourselves to My Immaculate Heart.  To the one who consecrates himself to My Immaculate Heart, I come to promise his salvation: protection from error in this world, and eternal salvation.”

25Sep76---- “My beloved sons, do not let yourselves be seduced by all the voices   that are being heard today.   My adversary deceives you with ideas and confuses you with words.   You are submerged by a sea of words that is always increasing more and more, and that covers up everything.   It is the repetition of the Tower of Babel described in the Bible.   You are living over again the drama of the ‘confusion of tongues’ .   .   .   .My beloved sons, you should listen to and announce only the word of My Son, just as it is set down in His Gospel.   The Church speaks to you.   But each one wants to give his own interpretation of what she is saying, and hence insecurity and confusion have spread.   The Church is now, more than ever before, torn by this real confusion of tongues. I speak to you to tell you what word you should listen to in the Church: the Pope’s word, and that of the bishops who are united to him.”

20Nov76— “God, in His infinite majesty, cannot but hold in derision this humanity which gathers itself together in opposition to Him   (Psalm 2) And thus the coldness engendered by the lack of love, by egoism, by pride, spreads more and more each day.   Hatred prevails over love and every day claims innumerable victims ---- victims seen, hidden victims:   violence wrought upon innocent, defenseless creatures who at every moment cry out to the throne of God for a terrible vengeance.

And always more and more, sin becomes a part of everything.  Where may be found today a place where sin does not exist?   It is often those houses consecrated to the worship of God which are the most desecrated by the sins that are committed there.   It is the consecrated ones, it is the priests themselves and the religious who have lost the sense of sin.  In their thinking, in their words, and in their lives, they permit themselves to be led by Satan in an ever more sacrilegious manner.

Never before has the demon so succeeded in seducing you as he has today.   He seduces you through pride, and thus he brings you to justify and consider legitimate moral disorder.   And after you have fallen he succeeds in smothering within you the voice of remorse, which is a true gift of the Spirit, and which calls you to conversion.

How numerous today are those, My poor priest-sons, who long ago have given up going to confession.   They are rotting in sin, more and more eaten by impurity and a devouring attachment to money and pride. So Satan has now pitched his tents among the ministers of the Sanctuary and he has brought into the Holy Temple of God the Abomination of Desolation.”

4Dec76---- “My beloved sons, for My Church this is yet the hour of Satan and the powers of darkness.   She also will be immolated like Christ on the cross, and she will be called upon to die for the salvation and renewal of the world.   For you also, this is the hour of purification; it is above all the hour of suffering for you.

Could it be that you are afraid to suffer?   But it is for this hour that the Father, from all eternity, has called you one by one!  It is for this hour that your Heavenly Mother, from long ago, chose you and prepared you.  Live then in serenity of spirit, free from fear, even amid the anxieties and threats of your times.   Moreover, I tell you again: stop peering into the future to see what is going to happen.   Live only for the present moment, with total confidence, total abandonment, in My Mother’s Heart.”

15Jan77— “The Vicar of My Son finds himself a prisoner, isolated from his sons    whom he must nevertheless guide, land the cross of his sufferings becomes constantly greater. Those about him rarely act through love for him, but rather through a spirit of pride, a thirst to dominate, a greed for power.   The Hierarchy has been stricken in the very bond of its charity and of its unity.   How numerous today are the pastors who are lacking in love for one another, and who do not help one another!   Many of them criticize each other and place obstacles in one another’s way.   They seek only to promote them-selves into high places quickly; they trample upon even the most natural demands of justice.”

10Mar77— “The confusion grows greater, even in the Church; and it will henceforth spread to every part of the world.  The first to be stricken by it are the priests.   The number of those who allow themselves to be seduced by the error which leads to infidelity, is growing day by day.  In the name of progress, a number of priests have become nothing other than ministers of the world, and they live in the manner of the world.   For prayer they have substituted a feverish activity; for mortifica-tion, the constant seeking after comfort and pleasures; for holiness, a progressive yielding to sin, especially the sin of impurity which more and more is being committed and justified.   They have become walking corpses, whitened sepulchers, who still call themselves priests, but who are no longer recognized as such by My Son, Jesus.  And among these, some are most highly esteemed ---- those who have been placed in positions of responsibility.   The ones who have remained faithful are generally the most persecuted, the most neglected,   and at times they are deliberately ostracized. The darkness spreads and smoke of Satan seeks to penetrate everywhere. Apostasy increases every day.”

8Apr77---- “Today, learn above all to be silent.  Create a silence within you in order to hear only the divine Word.   Create a silence within you in order to hear only the Divine Word.  Maintain a silence about you.   Give no answer to the criticisms and the calumnies of those who do not accept you.   Do not reply to the mockery or the offenses of him who persecutes you.   Judge no one.”

18May77—“Let yourselves be led by Me, beloved sons.   At this hour, My battle has already begun.   I shall begin to strike at the very heart of My adversary and I am going to act precisely there where he feels assured that he is the victor. He has succeeded in seducing you by pride.   He has managed to prepare everything in a most clever manner.   He has bent to his design every sector of human science and technique, ordering everything towards rebellion against God.   As of now, the greater part of humanity is in his hand.   He has managed by guile to draw to himself artists, philosophers, doctors and the powerful.   Seduced by him, they are today committed to his service to act without and against God.   But here is precisely his weak point.

I shall attack him using the strength of the little, the poor, the humble, the weak.   I, the little handmaid of the Lord, shall place Myself at the head of a great army of the humble, to attack the stronghold manned by the proud.   The only thing I ask of all My sons is that they consecrate themselves to My Immaculate Heart, that they allow them-selves to be possessed by Me.   In them it is I who shall act.   And My victory through them has already begun to be realized.”

6AUG77—“If you remain in the garden of my Immaculate Heart, you become My property.   Thus no one can ever take you away from Me, because I am your defense.   You must always feel that you have security.   You must no longer fear either Satan, or the world, or the frailty of your nature.  Certainly you will experience seduction and temptation, which the Lord permits as trials, and in order to demonstrate to you the extent of your weakness.   But I shall defend you against the Evil One, who can do nothing to harm those who are part of My property.   Then, delicately, I shall cultivate you until each of you becomes that garden in which, as is Mine, the divine splendor of the Trinity is reflected.”

13Oct77— “My favorite sons, walk in confidence!   Today you remember with joy the sign that, 60 years ago, I gave you in this place (Fatima), chosen by Me in which to reveal Myself.   You call it ‘the miracle of the sun’. 

Yes, My sons, the sun, like all creation, also obeys the laws established by its Creator.   But sometimes it can act otherwise when God requires it to do so.   .   .  Through this miracle, I wished to indicate to you that My victory will consist in leading men back to a willing obedience to the will of our God. But the sun is the source of light.   The earth germinates and opens to its warmth;   you live on this earth thanks to the light that it gives you.

Your activity begins with this rising, and the termination of your work coincides with its setting.   .   .  I wanted also to indicate to you that My victory will consist above all in causing the light to shine anew, resplendently, over the world and the Church.  The world will be enlightened anew, because it will offer itself, in its totality, to the adoration and the glorification of God. In the Church, once the darkness of error, infidelity and sin, with which it is presently eclipsed, has been dissipated, the light of Truth, of Grace, and of Holiness will shine forth once more.   Jesus will be so resplendent in the life of the Church that she will become herself a great light for all nations of the earth.

But the greatest victory of My Immaculate Heart will be to cause Jesus to shine in the souls of all My sons.   Some of those present in this place today are thinking:  ‘What a wonderful thing it would be if the miracle of the sun were to be repeated’!   But I repeat it every day in the souls of each one of you!   When I lead you along the pathway of My Son, when I help you to be cured of sin, when I bring you to prayer, when I form you to holiness, it is the light of this SUN, that I cause to shine ever more brightly in your souls and in your lives: the SUN that is My Son, Jesus”!

29Oct77— “It happens that you have heard of your brothers, cultured men, experts even, and masters in theology, who rejected everything I tell you, because they sift all My words through their intellects already heavy with their wealth of culture.    And so they find insurmountable obstacles precisely in those phrases which are so clear to those who are simple and humble.   My words can be understood and accepted only by him whose mind is humble and well-disposed;   who possesses a simple heart and whose eyes are limpid and pure.”

The Revelations of Marie-Julie Jahenny

The great French stigmatic, Marie-Julie Jahenny, lived for 91 years from 1850 to 1941.   During this time, she received a vast number of revelations on the degenerate state of the world and the Church, the coming Revolutions in France and Italy and the World, the coming Great Chastisement, etc.   Many of these messages can be found in the three work of Pierre Roberdel”

      (1)   Les Propheties de la Fraudais   (1974)

      (2)   Marie-Julie Jahenny, la Stigmatisee de Blain   (1974)

      (3)   Le Ciel en Colloque avec Marie-Julie Jahenny   (1973)

      English or French editions of these works might be obtained from:   Casa di Padre Pio,    P.O. Box 231,   St. Remy,   Quebec   JOL   2LO, Canada; however, the English translations are unintelligible at times.    French editions can also be obtained from:  Editions Resiac,   53150 Montsurs, France.

Here we wish to consider only a few of the messages concerning the degenerate state of the world and the Church, and concerning the chronology of the coming events.

10Jul1879—Our Lord:   The more I do for My people, the more they offend Me and make Me suffer.   Never will there be any peace, union, charity, and happiness, until My Justice will have come down upon earth.   Everything is despised everywhere;   My Love, My goodness, My Cross, My Tabernacle.  My people seem to return to unbelief.   What tears My Divine Heart is the war that is waged against My Holy Temple in which I have come to live to console and strengthen souls.   My children, it is not just a war;  it is a terrible rage.    The spsirit of the majority of men is rotten, corrupt to the last fiber.”

Marie-Julie:    “It is all too true, My Jesus.”

Jesus: “Religion is growing weaker every day.   Soon it will be deserted almost throughout the entire earth.  But it will reign in isolated souls, who will be persecuted and cruelly struck without pity.Soon, throughout great areas of this land of the dead, there will be no more Sanctuaries.   The apostles will have taken to flight.   The holy souls will weep over the ruins and abandoned edifices.  The road that is being opened will lead to that (condition) in a short time.   See how much they insult Me and how much they offend Me.”

     Marie-Julie:   “It is all too true, My Jesus.”

      Jesus:             “Very soon, earth of My creation----very soon, how many dead victims you will contain!   Soon, earth of My creation, you are going to have a shuddering (terrible) ornament:   the blood of the apostles and the Christians who remained in the Faith.”

Marie-Julie:   “I see the hand of the Lord raised and surrounded by a great thunder-bolt of lightning.   That lightning is so burning (eager) that every day we should await it and prepare for it.”

Jesus:             “I have waited enough;   I have invited enough;   I have pleaded enough. The ungrateful ones have had their triumph;   it is time for the just to enter into joy. I have only one more word (which is to tell you not to be surprised by events), until the day when I shall come to proclaim to you to enter into the peace of the earth which has come down from Heaven for you.  Do not expect anything from men here below — I mean anything good.   But expect everything evil.   Most have only the force, the power (to produce that).   The sinners of the earth have only one desire:   to fill themselves with evil, to feed upon all sacrileges.   The odor of their breath (spirit) is filthy.”

6Jun1882— The Flame of the Holy Spirit:   “Such great things will explode (upon the world) that no one will be able to stop them.  This terrible blow is set by                        the hand of God to rise (begin) toward the middle of the last half of the century, especially the years which begin in the decade of the eighties    (80, 81, 82, etc). Before reaching the third of those years, the whole earth will have passed under (through) the trial of fire from Heaven — under the trials which are the scourges of God.   They will follow one another more rapidly than events of the present day.   .   .  These great events of blood and victims will be set off like a thunderbolt, through the voice of men and the voice of Heaven.

A massacre will take place in the land of Naples during the space of three days.   .   .  The Flame is writing a name in huge, printed letters that I can read without making a mistake.   I see the name outside of the Sun, so it is easier to read.   It is:    ARCHEL DE LA TORRE It is repeated: ARCHEL DE LA TORRE . This is the name of the prince (ruler) who will have carried out that great massacre against the religious, priests and nuns of those places.

At the end of the year ‘82, the prisoner of the Vatican (the Pope) will receive, in two ways, a fatal and inexcusable sentence from that prince (ruler).   .   .   Before the middle of the year ‘83, agreements will be signed by distinguished and honored men who, in order to save their lives, will soil their honor and join the murderer and executioner (Archel de la Torre) of the poor martyr (the Pope), whose strength was extinguished and martyrdom shortened by the sight of the evils arisen upon Rome.”

9May1882—The Voice in the Sun:   “In ‘84, the people of the Lord will have passed through the most frightening tortures.   .   .   .The earth will have received the great dew, or rather, the immense sea of Christian blood ---- of Christian blood mixed with the blood of many foreigners (invaders) who will have entered into that country (France) to join those (revolutionists) who were devastating everything and spreading the ruin to its completeness.”

      Comments:   In these messages given to Marie-Julie, the years of many great events were specified; e.g.  Year ‘82’,   year  ‘83’, year ‘84’, etc.   These years refer to years in the decade of the 80’s within a given century; however, the century itself is not specified in her messages.   That the messages refer to the present century (and that the years are 1982, 1983, 1984, etc) is shown by the revelations of Fatima and of Veronica Leuken.

With regard to the Fatima revelation, we need only mention the following words of Our Lady from the third Fatima secret:    “A Great Chastisement will come upon the entire human race .   .   .  in the second half of the 20th century.   .   .  The Great, Great War will come in the second half of the 20th century.” With regard to the revelations of Veronica Leuken we have the words of Jesus from the message of 5 June 1975:   “Shout from the rooftops, My child, that the time is approaching when I shall return to earth!   I wold not count your years upon your two hands unless there is a great change in the ways of mankind.  .   .  Amen, amen, I say to you:   unless mankind returns God the Father to his life, he will not have the years of two hands to count upon”!  Jesus spoke these words on 5 June 1975.   Since we do not have the years of two hands to count upon, we do not have 10 years to count upon, as of that date (unless man repents).   Thus the Great War in which one-third of mankind will die will come before 5 June 1985. Interestingly, the messages given to Marie-Julie Jahenny concerning the Great Chastisement and the associated events were all given a century ago.  Here is another message on the decade of the ‘80’s’.

15Jun1882— Our Lord:   “There are as many rays as souls inscribed in My Divine Heart, and (souls are) called to take refuge there, at the hour when the blows of great evils are  going to resound over the earth.   The hour is not far off when My people are again going to cry out in distress.   That will be the first opening of the deep engulfment of the good people, which will later proceed to an appalling destruction which Heaven and earth will never have seen.

The storm is going to burst over France, where I have wanted to show the prodigies of My Divine Heart and unveil Its secrets.   My children, France will be the first to be wounded, torn, persecuted. When I showed this Divine Sun to Blessed Margaret-Mary, I let fall from My lips  this word:   ‘The land which saw your birth and which will see your death (France) will be terribly menaced, especially during the period from 80 to 83.   I let My humble servant understand that the third year would be very sorrowful (painful).   There will be nothing but thorns and swords, only apostasies and violations in the order of persons who are consecrated to Me either through the priesthood or through the religious life.   Bad Christians will not be content to be lost themselves.  They will seek to take souls by surprise, and they will try every means to make them sin against every duty of a Christian.

9May1882—The Voice in the Divine Sun:   “There is not much time to wait for the hour that will mark the overthrow and the fatal chastisement of France, or rather, the hour of the Great World Revolution.  It will begin in France; she will be the first to fall into the abyss.   But she will also be the first to resurrect.”4May1882—Our Lord:   “Let not your courage be overcome.   Rest assured that I will render My (holy people victorious).   Remain a few weeks in the tomb of your soul during these two periods which are really fixed and unchangeable: “The first period will be the time of the spreading of the evil (revolution over the eldest daughter of the Church (France). The second period will be the time of the invasion of the Church and of the beginning of the terrible struggle (revolution) in the Eternal City. That terrible war in the Eternal City will last five sorrowful months, with consequences only sad, even unto death.”

16May1882— The Flame of the Holy Spirit:   “The (overthrow of the) Holy See will closely follow the overthrow of France.    Five months after peace will be re-established there.   .   . Rome will undergo the violence of a revolution              without cure, such as the centuries will never have seen.”

Comments: From these messages, we might deduce the following: (1) The Communist revolution in France will come first.  (2) After the Communist revolution in France has ended, the Communist revolution in Rome will begin.   At this time, the Pope will begin to flee, and then the great Warning will come.   Thus the revolution in France will precede the Warning, and be a sign of the coming of the Warning. With regard to the revolution in France itself, we have some further details:

      9May82—The Voice of the Sun:   “Some time ago, the Lord pointed out three months of fatal and terrible chastisements (for France). (However) He will much shorten the time  .   .   .   (Matt 24 : 22)

(First Crisis)   “The coming initial period of the mortal revolutionary crisis .   .   .  will last four weeks, not a day longer nor a day shorter.   However, the extent (the thoroughness) of it will be immense.   The number of those, who will be called ‘murderers of the people’, will be of an inconceivable immensity .   .   .  During that first struggle, there will be freedom for everyone throughout the whole of France.   There will be no more people (criminals) held captive for their crimes.   Liberty (lawlessness) will be at a peak.  A very short rest will follow that great beginning of evil, which will be total, above all in the Center (Paris) and its surroundings.  (Second Crisis)   “The second and (most) violent crisis will (then) begin.   France will be invaded up to the diocese where Brittany begins.  .   .   .  The second crisis will complete everything, and none of the people will escape except those who find a refuge in a dark (hidden) place.

During the second period, the men in power, who will have delivered up the Kingdom (of France) to blood, will assemble in a place of peace, and form definite and decisive projects.   They will look for a savior to place on the throne of France.   .   . (having secretly retired to Alsace-Lorraine), they will prepare their King, one who is against the designs of (God).  They will actually decide ---- and no one will be able to stop them — to have the culprit ( a guilty illegitimate pretender) mount the throne which will never belong to him. The second period will last more than a month.  Without any rest or stop for breath, it will last up to the 37th or 45th day.  That second period will finish everything.   There will be nothing (good) saved except what God has promised to protect:   the places described by His word and guarded by His gratuitous goodness.   .   .

As for the length of the third period (third crisis), the Voice says that it is not in this present passage of the Sun.   It is toward the end of that                         last period that (they will lead to the throne the false King) .   .   . (But) his name will pass in the Sun rapidly, like lightning, so that people know that he is not the true King who ought to ascend the throne. It is at this time that the friends of the true future King will go to meet him .   .   .  Friends will come to enlarge the small number of the first French friends of the true King .   .   .   He will come (and invade France) from the side of the East .   .   .”

Comments:   These messages seem to indicate that the total period of crisis in France  will be three months, and that it will be broken down into three sub-periods:

(1) the First Crisis, lasting 28 days, during which there is a revolution in France and anarchy prevails;

(2) the Second Crisis, lasting from 37 to 45 days, during which France is invaded, the revolutionists receive foreign aid, and the plan is made to install the false king;

(3) the Third Crisis, lasting the remainder of the three months.  The events of the first two periods may be similar to those of the Paris Commune and Prussian invasion of 1870-1871.  (The Pontmain revelations came at that time.)  On the other hand, a Prussian (East German) invasion would certainly mean World War III, and this will not come yet.   Precisely what kind of “invasion” this is we do not know.  There are many historic prophesies about the return of a true French King, who will be the last and greatest King of France and Holy Roman Emperor.   However, we cannot go into these “Great Monarch” prophecies here.  While the three months of crisis in France will be bad, they will only be the prelude to “the greatest misfortune the world will ever have known,” according to the messages of Marie-Julie.   Immediately prior to these great misfortunes, a law will be passed which will order all people in France to be watched, and which will completely suppress all liberty:

20Apr1882—The Flame of the Holy Spirit:   “Dear friends of God, from the time that all of France will be under that law, there will be only a week until the (beginning of the) “War against the Church and the people. I have (described) everything in those three months, which will precede the Great Explosion which I shall call ‘the War of Blood’.  Those three months will (only) be the prelude to the great entrance into that which will be the Greatest Misfortune the world will have ever known.”

Comments:   According to this message, the beginning of the War against the Church will be the beginning of the Greatest Misfortune the world will have ever known.  At this time, there will presumably be the revolution in Rome, the

flight of the Pope, the Warning, and finally World War III.   The “Great Explosion” even suggests the great explosion of the Warning, which will also be the beginning of the great sorrow, according to the messages of Veronica Leuken.   The “War of Blood” is undoubtedly the revolution in Rome and World War III.   The flight of the Pope is also indicated in the following message:

10Jan1882—The Lord:   “My Divine Will is that, within a very short time, the Roman Church should know the form of her sepulchre (although) she will rise again.   The Church will be a sepulchre, a tomb of silence and abandon.  Faithful friends, prepare to attend the funeral of France.   Prepare to attend the funeral of the Church, the funeral of Calvary.”

      Marie-Julie:   “That’s enough, Lord”!

      The Lord:   “Prepare to attend the funeral of the See of the Center (Paris) which quakes, being built upon the abyss.   Prepare to attend the funeral of the one (Pope) who is the support of the whole Church, the one who has all lights in his power by his authority as Holy Father.”

      Marie-Julie:   “That’s enough, Lord ---- that’s enough”!

     The Lord:   “My people, I only warn.   The Apostle of the Church (the Pope) will flee over the road to exile, pursued by the hate and the vengeance of those who have put to death the Kingdom of France.   They will drench their hands in the blood of those victims who sacrifice themselves for Me every morning.  Blessed are they who will have the Faith and enough firmness to die rather than to lose their Baptism.”

10Oct1882— The Lord:   “My children, do not be shocked by the fact that the terrible struggle must begin with those (the Hierarchy) who sit in that place of dignity and honor which they received in the Cenacle the eve before My death (at the Last Supper).   It is through the fault of those who direct and govern the Flock that a violent crisis is going to rise in the south (of Europe). The cause of it will be a wicked law.   Those pastors are going to persuade the people (laity) that they will be spared if they submit to that prevailing law, which is going to spread its abominable dominion more and more.   The hands of those pastors will not hesitate for a moment, and their faces will show no shame, as they write these words:

‘To the Authorities of the present time, the Governors of France:   We submit to your commands and laws, since this is the only means left for us to stay at the head of our people (laity) and rule over our flocks.’ It is going to produce an awful scandal among the laity.  And thus, without further delay, France is going to trample underfoot the remainder of its faith.   My children, it is in public that the Church is going to hear the pronouncement of the betrayal of its glory, its love, and its Faith.  They are going to deliver Christ and the Church to an awful terror.”

12Oct1882— “The Flame of the Holy Spirit:   “My children, you will read many letters written by priests of France, which will in no way disapprove of the laws of the government. The Bond of Faith (the Pope), upon seeing the worsening rule of evil lights in France, will make a call to the French clergy and essentially tell them:   ‘Take up faith as a weapon and a shield:   with it you will overcome all that is opposed to the law of the Church.’ Some will respond to his call, but not all.   Many will remain under the evil domination, and the number of true priests will be very small.  “My children, the Lord sees the loss of an uncountable number of Christian souls.   At this moment, therefore, He makes every effort to     show the peril and the gravity of those times, which will be founded upon                      the stone of the Revolution — the Red Revolution.”

7Nov1882— The Flame of the Holy Spirit:   Thunder is roaring about the Vicar of Jesus Christ. “An assembly of the Fathers of the Church will form its counsels against the Father of the Universe (God the Father).  A document will be handed to the Governor, upon whom the Pope will be dependent.  That document will have been written and elaborated by hands which will have touched the Body of Christ many times.   That document will contain three things: (1) The first one will be this:   ‘Let the Pope allow a greater freedom to those over whom he reigns with his authority as Pontiff.” (2) Here is the second one:   ‘We have assembled,’ they will say, ‘and we have agreed upon the opinion:  that if the moral head of the Church calls upon his Roman clergy (Curia?) To strengthen the Faith, and if they want to oblige us to respond, and if they declare in the face of the earthly powers that one ought to obey and submit, then we declare that we want to keep our freedom.   We consider ourselves as free to do nothing more .   .  .  than what we are presently doing, and that it is we (not the Pope) who will be doing everything.’ A bitter and heart-rending sorrow is awaiting the Pope, in the insubordination and disobedience which will be the response to the call of his heart.  It is not by word of mouth that he will have made that call, but by writing.(3) The Voice of the Flame declares that the third thing written will make the little (humble) people of the earth shudder.   It will proceed from the clergy who aspire to a great freedom: from the clergy of France, from those of Italy, Belgium, and many other nations whom God will make  known.   This will continue getting worse in the eyes of the people, which will be a sure sign of their anger.

Here is what the Flame says:   ‘A coming call is going to throw consternation in the hearts where Faith still reigns.   They (who issue the call) want to break the unity between the Holy Father and the priests of the world.   (They want) to separate them from the Chief of the Church, so that everyone will remain free, and without any supervision.  In several of the corners of the Center (Paris), an announcement will be posted on the walls along the streets and along the routes on which people circulate.   That poster will mention only that disunion and separation of the apostles of God (the clergy) from their union with the Pope.   .   .”

Final Comments:   The prophecies of Marie-Julie concerning the coming Warning will be discussed in our Study on the Warning.   Likewise, her prophecies concerning the Great Chastisement will be discussed in our Study on that subject.   It is interesting to note that,  according to the messages given to Marie-Julie, three-quarters of mankind will perish in the Great Chastisement.   The messages given to Veronica Leuken say exactly the same thing.

According to the message of Marie-Julie, the Warning would seem to come in the first few months of 80 or 81 (that is, 1980 or 1981), and the chastisements will last for about five years.  It this is true, then there is indeed little time.

The Warning-and-Miracle   (The Awakening)

Introduction.   This study is an update of Study 1, which w as a preliminary study of the coming great Warning.   Since the publication of Study 1, the writer has found many additional prophecies about the Warning, and they are presented here along with those contained in Study 1.  These additional prophecies are contained in either the messages of Veronica Leuken or the revelations of Marie-Julie Jahenny.

Today mankind is plunging ever more rapidly and deeply into an abyss of great spiritual darkness, religious unbelief, and revolution against God.  Because sin has now become a way of life among the peoples of the earth, God has opened the prison of hell and allowed the demons and the damned souls to rise to the surface of the earth to deceive men and lead them to total destruction.   The demons and damned souls are rising to the surface and the atmosphere of the earth in transports from hell, which are the “flying saucers”.  The occupants of these vehicles are presently deceiving men with the greatest anti-religious delusions and errors in order to lead them to complete world catastrophe.

Communism, which is just one of the arms of the Octopus of Evil of the demons, continues to advance in Africa, Asia, and all nations.  Antichristian revolutions in Europe and throughout the world, and a new war in the Middle East, are now imminent.   In Rome, the Church has fallen under the power of Satan, just as the Third Secret of Fatima warned would happen;   and throughout the world the Church is in a state of apostasy and chaos.

Because of these great sins, God has often spoken to His chosen ones, His “voice-carriers” or “voice-boxes”, in recent times; and through them He has warned the world of a Great Chastisement to come.   World War III and a terrible chastise-ment from Haven will soon arrive, and three-fourths of the human race will die, unless men turn from their sins and return to God.   In World War III, which will be the Communist World Revolution, Russia and the Communists will conquer the United States and the world; and a period of great religious persecution will follow.  Finally, God will intervene to save His Church and humanity by sending a chastisement from Heaven upon the persecutors and evil people of the earth.   The chastise-ment will be caused by a Ball of Fire ---- a Comet — which will rain down fire from Heaven as at the destruction of ancient Sodom and Gomorrah.   Thus we live in times like those of Noah, just before the great Deluge in which most of the human race perished.  While these terrible prophecies are true, God in His great mercy has informed us that all prophecies are conditional to man’s response to His commands, and that He is going to send the human race one last great Warning.   This Warning will give humanity one final chance to be converted and to lessen, or avoid, the punishment to follow.   And it will come very soon now.

The present work is an attempt to deepen our knowledge of the coming Warning by assembling and considering al of the messages received concerning it.  The writer has gone through most of the messages given to Veronica Leuken and extracted those which describe the Warning.   They are presented here along with comments of the writer.

Upon rereading the messages given to Veronica, the writer has found that the Warning is often called “the Awakening”.   Thus: the WARNING    =     the AWAKENING. Actually this is not precisely true.  The “Awakening” is actually the effect or result of the Warning.   The human race is now asleep (or dead) spiritually and morally.   The great physical explosion and noise and catastrophe of the Warning will awaken mankind.

Along with the messages of Veronica, we shall consider the Garabandal revelations which also prophesy and describe the Warning.   Likewise, we shall consider a number of the revelations of Marie-Julie Jahenny which evidently refer to the Warning.   Along with his comments to the messages, the writer will also set forth a possible theory of the Warning, in order to present a more comprehensive idea of what is to come.  These holy messages have been given by the merciful Son of God and His Holy Mother in order to save us.   What will happen if we ignore these messages and reject this salvation as indicated in the many revelations of these seers describing the Great Chastisements of World War III, the Ball of Fire, and hell.   In one of the messages given to Veronica, Jesus stated:

 13May1978—Jesus: “I assure you, My children, that the Chastisement that will be set upon your generation will be far worse than mankind has ever experienced since the beginning of Creation.”

The following are the messages concerning the Warning given to Veronica Leuken on the date indicated:

1Nov70— Our Lady:   “There will be a Warning; it will come from the merciful Heart of My Son.   This Warning will be proportional to the extent of the fall of man.”

30Dec72—Our Lady:   “Now only one secret remains to be fulfilled:


I have entrusted you with this already, and I have asked you to prepare  yourselves and those you love for this eventuality.”

Jacinta Marto:   “There is a secret of Heaven and another one of earth, and the latter is terrifying.   It will seem as though it were the end of the world.   In this cataclysm, everything will be separated from the sky, which will turn as white as snow.”

Comments: The preceding prophecy is very similar to the following message given to Marie-Julie Jahenny.

12Jan1882— The Flame of the Holy Spirit:   “The punishment is going to spread out its explosion.   Faithful people, every day henceforth await the hour of the Lord (Heaven), and also the hour of the earth, because the hour of the earth will be still more terrifying than that of Heaven.   Mercy is found on high (in Heaven), but on earth hatred is implacable and without mercy.” (p. 229), The Prophecies of La Fraudais).

The “hour of the earth” which is more terrifying than the “hour of Heaven” is perhaps the hour of the demons and the UFOs.   During the “hour of the earth”, there will be a manifestation of “hatred” which is “implacable and without mercy”.

1Dec72----Jesus writes in the sky: WARNING SOON “The date will not be necessary.  I have given you enough clues.  I have already given you your directions for the future.” Numbers then appeared in the sky for Veronica to see:

      1   -   7   -   3   -   2

      Our Lady:       “Count the numbers 1  - 7  - 3  - 2.    1 and 2 makes 3.  3 is Warning.  And the rest, My child, you will learn when the Father finds the time right .   .   .   .  At present, this will remain a puzzle for most; when the time is right, the full (interpretation) will be made known to you.”

21Apr73—Veronica experiences the coming Warning while in ecstasy:   “It’s as though everything has exploded in the sky.   There is a great flash! Then it’s very hot — very warm — and it feels like you’re burning.   There is a huge explosion, and the sky becomes very white, and then there are colors — blue — purple .   .   . Finally, there is a voice — the Voice”!

      Our Lady:       “It’s a Voice within you ---- your Warning before the Chastisement.   FLASH,   FIRE,   AND THE VOICE WITHIN YOU:   THIS IS THE WARNING BEFORE THE CHASTISEMENT.”

After receiving the message that evening, Veronica came out of ecstasy and spoke to the people at the shrine.   “We are all waiting for the promised warning.   I know from Our Lady talking with me, and from Jesus’ messages since 1968.   .   .  that the warning of Garabandal is true.  A warning will be given to mankind;   it is very imminent and it will be most frightening.   To many, it will seem like the end of the world has come — there will be a tremendous flash .   .   .  It will bring many back to God, but others will see and still not believe.   And after the warning, there will of course be the Miracle of which Jesus speaks.”

Comments: The writer recently came across an article which describes a phenomenon which may be related to the explosion flash of the Warning.   The article described the findings of the Orbiter vehicle and other satellites sent into space since 1973 (when the above message was also given):

“Peering out into the cosmos, one Orbiter instrument has spotted six gamma-ray bursts.  First detected in 1973, these are mystifying explosions that briefly emit a million times as much energy as the sun.  Individual bursts are detected simultaneously by both the Venus Orbiter and various Earth satellites.   By a simple application of geometry, cosmologists hope to get precise fixes on the cataclysms — and perhaps trace them to specific stars, galaxies, quasars or cosmic phenomena.”  (“The Secrets of Venus”, Newsweek, Dec 18, 1978)

10May73—Our Lady: I have given you many insights and manifestations of the days ahead.   I have gone through the world preparing you and appealing for atonement.   The world and souls have receded into deep darkness.   However, there are now many on earth who have joined Me in My suffering.   I caution you, My children, to keep a constant vigil of prayer going throughout the world.   The Ball of Cleansing has already been sent on its way to you.   But the extent of this punishment of man will depend upon the manner in which man now makes atonement to his God.   Your future is (determined) now.

Throughout the world, there roam the legions of hell.   The gates of the infernal abyss have been thrown wide open, and Satan is now gathering his army to do full battle with the House of God (the Church).  But rather than see man completely exterminated, there will be sent to you St.  Michael.

The Archangel then appeared.   He was standing, and in his right hand there was a V-shaped banner on which were written the words: “FAITHFUL AND TRUE”.   St. Michael pointed to the right side, far out into the sky. There appeared a very large Ball, like a huge sun, traveling very fast.   Then the Ball swung around in an arc, and all of the colors of the rainbow fanned out from it.   Then came an intense heat.   Behind the Ball trailed a great tail, filled with smoke and choking vapors.   The vapors then covered (obscured) the moon and sun.   The Ball is not the sun, but resembles it.

Our Lady then appeared standing next to St. Michael.   She pointed out into space, and there appeared a globe representing the Earth.   The Earth appeared bright and glowing, but Our Lady pointed out further into space, and there was this Ball.  It looked small now, with a long streak behind it, but it was heading in the direction of the Earth.   Above the Ball was written “WARNING” in large letters.

Our Lady said in a low voice, barely audible:   “I cannot bring forth My voice, because of the sorrow in My heart.   The Father plans a great punishment to fall upon your Earth.   It is not out of malice that He allows this cleansing, but out of love for you; for the Father will chastise those whom He loves .   .   .

I have given you the sacramentals and My beads of prayer.   Your prayers must now all rise to Heaven.   I have sought through countless apparitions, and I have come to many lands, to hold back the darkness.  However, man has shut Me out, not only from his soul, but also from his heart.   How can I keep the holy Hand of punishment from falling upon you, when you have chosen to harden your hearts? The Father, in Jesus, will send upon you, first, a great manifestation ---- a Warning.   If you do not listen to the voice within you then He will have no option but to go ahead with the plan for a full cleansing.   Of the great number who will be taken in this Chastisement, many will be unprepared.   This knowledge is a sword in My heart.”

Jesus now appeared and said:                   “If the Father were to permit continuation of the present state of the world, Lucifer would gain a tremendous influence over souls.   Therefore, you on Earth are now being given the knowledge that a Warning (chastisement) will soon come upon you.   Prepare yourselves with acts of sacrifice.   Beg mercy of the Father that many will not be taken during this Warning.   However, if you do not mend your ways and restore your Earth to the state which the Father planned, the final Full Chastisement will not be long in coming.   It is not that I wish to punish you, My children; that decision will be made by you your-selves in the days ahead.   The days left for you — I give you the word now ---- are few.”

Comments:   Our Lady said: “The Father, In Jesus, will send you first a great manifest-ation — a Warning.   If you do not listen to the Voice within you, then He will have no option but to go ahead with the Full Cleansing.”   At the Warning itself, there will be an interior “Voice” ---- see the message of 21Apr73.   Apparently, the “Voice” at the Warning will be the Voice of Jesus, the Judge of mankind, warning us of our sins.   This Voice will be a manifestation of the Voice of our consciences.   See also the messages of 1Nov1974 and 28May1975.

15Jul73----Our Lady:             “When the Warning comes to mankind, then you must pray, pray very much; for it is the beginning of the terrible sorrows.”

After receiving the message that evening, Veronica spoke to the people at the shrine:   “Our Lady wants you to know — and we are telling you now — that there will be a great Warning, and then a Miracle.  And if after that man doesn’t change, you will be struck by a Comet.   It will be Heaven-sent.   No man will ever claim that (the catastrophe) was caused by man; it will not be claimed as the atom bomb.   I can assure you because I have seen (the Comet); and it will be made known to man, because it is going to be used as a chastising agent.   You will see it for about two weeks before it hits the Earth, and that I can assure you will be the most frightening experience for most people.”

28Sep73—Our Lady:           “When the Warning is sent upon mankind, there will be no doubt in the minds of men that it descends from the heavens.   However, those who have already committed themselves to Satan will see and still not believe.”

7Dec73----Our Lady:            “Now keep a constant vigil of prayer going in your country and throughout the world.   Only in this way will the Father lessen the extent of the coming Warning upon your city, your country, and the world.”

St. Francis of Assisi:            “Man must turn back and relearn the rule of sacrifice and poverty.   Those in the world and those in the House of God have given themselves over to the pleasures of the flesh.   Self-denial is demanded by the Father. You must now starve your bodies of the demons which you have allowed to enter upon you.   ‘Prayer!   Penance!  and Sacrifice!’ are the cries of those of Heaven for your salvation, and for the lessening of the Warning and Punishment planned by the Father for your cleansing.”

Jesus:             “My child, listen carefully, for I have a message of great importance for mankind.   The Father has deemed it necessary to send upon the world a Warning ---- a Warning of great magnitude.   The Warning will be (gauged) to the extent of the sins of men, and the offenses committed to the Father and to the Heart of My Blessed Mother.

My Mother has been allowed to intercede for you so that you may be prepared for the coming Warning.   Wear your sacramentals, and retire now to a life of prayer and self-sacrifice.   This will please the Father much, and it will mitigate (lessen) the Warning for you.”

Our Lady:       “I have been much saddened, My child, at the reception of My warnings by many.  They have closed their ears and their hearts to My pleas.   How sad will be their awakening.   The Father has His Hand poised to send upon you a just Warning and Chastisement.   All who have remained of healthy spirit will have nothing to fear.   They will go through the Warning and Chastisement without heavy incident.”

Veronica:       “Oh, I can see it!   I see a large Ball of Fire.   Oh, it’s very large.  It’s twirling — it’s turning at a great speed; and it’s shooting off pieces of metal or rock. It’s going across the sky.   It looks like it’s traveling fast, but it’s still in the distance.   It’s quite a distance away, but I can still see it.  Now, it’s turning from white to orange and ---- oh, it seems to be developing a very large gas-looking tail!    Oh! Now I see a finger ---- it’s like part of a hand ----, and it’s writing in the sky:      FINAL WARNING Now Michael is coming forward.   In his hand he has a large golden-looking balance ---- a scale —, and it’s leaning very heavily over to the left.   And now Michael is speaking; his voice is booming (so loud) it hurts my ears.”

Michael:          “Listen and heed well the warnings of the Queen of Heaven.   You have chosen to close your ears to these warnings.   There will come upon the Earth a great cataclysm (from) the heavens.   By this means you will be  forced to acknowledge your God.   Man has offended the Creator too long.  Make atonement now, for your time grows short.”

Comments:   The description of the Ball of Fire is that of a Comet.   The “pieces of metal or rock” shooting off from the spinning nucleus of coma are meteors.  The Ball has a gaseous tail. St. Michael said that “a great cataclysm (from) the heavens” will “force” men to acknowledge their God.   This is the “huge explosion” in the sky that Veronica described in her message of 21Apr73.   See also the “great Cataclysm-Warning mentioned by Jacinta in her 8Jun74 message.

The message of 31Dec74, also says that the Warning will “force” the light into the hearts of men.   Since many people will come out of the darkness into the light as a result of the Warning, the Warning will be an “Awakening” of men.   See also the message of 5Jun76 and 6Oct76. What is meant by the “FINAL WARNING” in the preceding message?   According to Veronica’s words of 15Jul73, mankind will be able to see the Ball of Fire about two weeks before it hits the Earth.   (Her words are presumably based on one of the many  messages which the writer does not possess yet.) The “FINAL WARNING” probably does not refer to the great Cataclysm-Warning, but simply to the sight of the Comet two weeks before it hits the Earth and kills one-third of mankind.   Men will have a “FINAL WARNING” of two weeks in which to do penance for their eternal salvation, regardless of what happens to them when the Comet hits the Earth.

24Dec73— Our Lady:          “The Warning which will be sent upon man must be effective. In the mercy of the Father, a great Spectacle (Miracle) will then be placed in the sky for all to see.  However, the agents of hell will try to disprove the hand of the Father in this Miracle. You must cleanse your souls of all sin, mortal and venial.  Come to My Son in belief.   Believe what you will see at Garabandal, and turn back from your ways that have been created by Satan.   Return to the Father, do penance and atonement, for the Chastisement will soon follow after the great Spectacle.”

Comments:   This message indicates that there will be a general Miracle “in the sky for all to see”, and a special Miracle at Garabandal alone.   The general Miracle seen by everyone will be a “Spectacle” in the sky.

29Dec73—Our Lady:           “The Warning, which is yet to come upon your city (New York) and the world has been delayed.   However, the murders in your city have not ceased.   The murders of the unborn (abortions) must cease now, for your city will fall.   All who have even a small measure of participation in the slaughter of the holy innocents will be burned in the abyss.  The Warning which is yet to come upon your world has been delayed .   .   .  Man has been granted an extension (of time) to save his soul due to the (increased) number of victim-souls.   The major reason for this was the sending of (the messages of) Our Lady through Vers Demain into the United States, to help reach all souls in these trying times.”

Comments:   The latter message is a summary of Our Lady’s words by Veronica when out of ecstasy.   Apparently, God had tentatively scheduled the Warning to take place near the end of 1973 when the Kohoutec Comet was still around.   Veronica said that the Warning was postpone because of the increased prayers of victim-souls, due to the intervention of the Canadian Pilgrims of St. Michael, who spread the messages by the English edition of Vers Demain.

After July 1973, Veronica had not been able to put out the new messages in written form, and she worried about it.   Our Lady told her not to worry, and said that many arms would soon be sent to help her.   Veronica described what happened:   “The Pilgrims of St. Michael came in, and this enabled us to reach more souls.   This is one of the reasons why the Father has postponed the Warning .   .   .  But the danger is not off.   The Comet is still around, with the threat that is attached to its presence.   The Eternal Father directs it.   It will do what the Father will decide.   Everything is conditional and depends on man’s response to the messages of Our Lady.”

6Apr74—Veronica:   “Now I see a very large ball (the earth).   It’s coming closer.  On top of the ball, there is a huge cross.   It’s a cross, but there is no Corpus (of Jesus) on it .   .   .  The ball was light, but now it’s turning gray . . . . and now it’s becoming very dark.”

Our Lady:       “My child, you are seeing the great darkness that will come over the world.   The prayers and acts of sacrifice (made by victim-souls to atone for the sins of mankind) are few.   I say ‘few’ because they do not balance the sins of the great multitudes upon earth.   These prayers had won a reprieve for mankind.   However, it is the plan of the Father that the cleansing begins.   Man has not recognized the warnings given by the Father.   Therefore, they will become more severe in nature.  You will find that many will be placed upon the cross (suffer) as victims for their Faith.   All who follow My Son will carry a very heavy cross.   The time of the persecution is accelerating.   So prepare your-selves, retire from your world which has been given to Satan.   Guard the Faith in your homes and in the hearts of those you love.

Heretics, O mournful heretics, whatever will become of you? Loosed upon your earth are the demons from the abyss.  They have multiplied and are prepared to do great battle.   The time of times, the day of days, is approaching.   Understand and prepare, for you are approaching the period of darkness. There will come upon you suddenly a great cataclysm of cosmic force.   Recognize this as not an occurrence explained by science, but as the hand of the Father upon an unrepentant generation.”

Comment:   This prophecy clearly refers to the Warning.   Since man has not recognized The lighter warnings in the past, “therefore they will become more severe in nature.”  The most severe will be the great Warning, which will be “a great cataclysm of cosmic force.”   In her message of 8Jun74, Jacinta also called it “a great Cataclysm-Warning.”  Because of the miraculous nature of the Warning, Our Lady said that we should “recognize” this as not an occurrence explained by science.”   The good part of the Warning Miracle, the Spectacle, will closely follow the evil part.

Our Lady strongly suggests that, during the Warning, a great darkness will come over the earth.   Probably “the demons from the abyss” will be seen at this time.   Following this darkness and chastisement, there will come the Miracle or Spectacle, the Great Light from Heaven” mentioned in the message of 15Jun74.

13Apr74—Our Lady:   “My child, you ask, ‘What is that darkness’?   The darkness of which I speak is the great darkness of the spirit.   Learn a simple lesson of Faith:   what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and suffers the loss of his own soul?   Would you give a thousand pounds of silver for just one day (out) of the abyss”?

Veronica: “Oh my goodness!   Oh, I see those horrible (creatures) again!  

They’re down there now.   I’m looking into a very deep, deep hole.   Oh my goodness!   Down there I see ---- I know they’re human, and they’re falling.  I see faces of great fright, they’re (terribly) frightened!   Oh save them!  Save them!

They seem to have lost all weight, and they can’t control themselves ---- they’re in a floating position.   The people are going down into the abyss.   It’s a very deep hole.

Now at the sides are these horrible creatures!   They ---- I can’t describe them in words.   They have horrible faces and pointed ears.  Some have small slit eyes, and others have round eyes (almost like skulls with) deep-set sockets. But they all have the same kind of hands and feet.   They’re like webs.  They have sort of frog-like hands, with long claw-like nails.  In their feet they have what look like side toes, but they’re all webbed and they also have long nails.   With the nails of their webbed feet, they’re clinging on to the sides of the walls of this hole. Oh!  Oh, it’s horrible!   Oh!  Oh, take me out of here.  Blessed Mother! Oh!  Oh,  now I’m coming up.   I don’t want to look down there.  Ah!”

Our Lady:       “Come, My child.  That is a sight that will bring terror to many.   Know that what you have seen is loosed upon earth.   Yes, many will receive the (grace) of seeing with their human eyes these demoniacal creatures of hell.  It will be for the edification of mankind.  There will be great (manifestations) ---- great miracles — set upon earth. However, all must be wary, because when the Man of Deception comes, (he will deceive many with false miracles and he will not be recognized by man); for he will appear to be a figure of virtue.   He will be covered (dressed) as a sheep with robes of purity.  But look into his heart, My child.”

Veronica:       “Oh!  I see a horrible, black-looking, ugly thing that was down there in the pit.   It’s inside of this man who looks holy and human.   But he’s actually one of those things ---- he’s actually a creature of hell.”

Our Lady:       “Now, My child, I shall give you a secret unknown to many, but you must make it known to mankind:   This “man of deception” will try to follow My Son.   He will convince many that he is the Messiah.  You must make it known that the Messiah will not come unless (until) He comes down from the Heavens, with legions of Angels just as when He ascended.  I repeat anew, My child:   this “false messiah” will (must) not be accepted upon earth.   My Son, Jesus, is the only Messiah.  He has already come down to your earth, and He will return.   But He will come down from the Heavens as He ascended:   with legions of Saints, those  who have washed themselves clean with the Blood of the Lamb.  Know, My children, that you are going through the time of test and trial. All that is rotten will fall. The sheep will be separated from the goats.

In due time, there will come upon mankind a great Warning — a Warning of a magnitude beyond human comprehension.  And then, should  you not change your ways, there will come upon mankind a chastisement (so great that it h as never been) seen before nor will it ever be seen again.  Skin will dry up and blow off the bones as though it had never been.

13Apr74—Our Lady:            “In Heaven We have heard many voices of those on earth —voices of speculation.  My child, dates are not necessary.   What need is there for dates when you must be prepared at all times?  If I were to give you a date, what real value would it be for the souls of men?   A man would turn and mend his ways for a time; but when the danger to his human nature is over, he would return to his sinful ways. No, My child I shall not give dates.  I shall tell you to be prepared at all times.   To My children in the Light, I shall give this assurance: that they will not be caught unprepared, and that I shall be with them as promised through the battle ahead.”

22May74—Our Lady:           “The years of man upon your earth are few.  Time beyond the veil is forever and endless.  Many now have given themselves to the world.  This saddens Our hearts greatly, for the road that leads into dark-ness is wide and the road of Light is narrow.  You cannot bargain with your soul.

The Father is all-merciful and wishes none to be lost.  However, many chastisements will be sent upon mankind.  One of them (the Warning) will be tempered by a great majestic, celestial Manifestation (Miracle) from the Father.  And after that, My child, if man does not recognize the signs of his times, there will be sent upon him the Ball of Redemption.  The few with Faith have held back this great Warning and Chastisement. 

However, the scale must be balanced and time is running out.   .   .   .  The world, My child, will refuse the supernatural Manifestation of the Father.  It is only because they have hardened their hearts that they are allowed by the Father to be blinded.   .   .”

8Jun74—       Jacinta Marto, one of the Fatima seers, appeared with Our Lady and said to Veronica:   “It is true that I gave a final message, warning the world that a great Warning would come to mankind, but I too could not give the date.  It would be a great cataclysm-warning, and then there would be a great Miracle.   After that, if nothing changes and men continue to offend the Father, He would have to start that terrible, terrible trial; and there will be a Great War and there will be a great, terrible chastisement.”

Comments:   The chronological order of these future events is thus:


      (1)   First, there will come the Warning-and-Miracle.


      (2)   Then the Great War will begin.


      (3)   Finally, the Great Chastisement from Heaven by the Ball of Fire will


come, and Jesus will return to put an end to the Great War.


Warning   Miracle                                                      

Great War                

Chastisement from Heaven

(World War III)                                                            

(The Ball of Fire)      


15Jun74–--Our Lady:            We have asked you, My child, to join with other voice-boxes throughout the world in spreading the message from Heaven.  The time grows short.  The number of years or months (until the Warning) will not be given.  What difference would it make if We gave you the date?  It is only important that you be ready, My children, for the great Warning will come upon you at a time you least expect.  And then there will be a Prodigy (Miracle) of great magnitude: in the merciful heart of the Father, you will receive a Great Light from Heaven. Many in the world will reject this Miracle, for they have joined the forces of evil which are set up to squash every feat of the supernatural sent by the Father to bring mankind back onto the road to the Kingdom.

And after this (Warning and Miracle), if mankind does not repent and change his ways, there will be sent upon him the Great Destruction in two parts:

·        the Great War that will take from your earth one-third of mankind;

·        and then the Ball of Redemption that will take a second third.

And what will be left, My child, but the sorrow of sorrows.   Those who are left will be in the few (the minority, remnant), but they will join My Son in rising up in glorious triumph to rebuild the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.”

Comment:   With regard to the two-thirds who are killed and the one-third who survive on earth, note the prophecy of Zachariah 13 : 7-9:

“Awake, O Sword, against My shepherd, and against the man who cleaves to Me,” says the Lord of Hosts.  “Strike the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered, and I shall turn My hand against the little ones.” The Lord says: “Of all the inhabitants of the earth, two-thirds of them will be killed and only one-third of them will be left alive on earth.  I shall draw that third part through the fire, and I shall refine them as silver is refined, and try them as gold is tried.  They will call upon My Name, and I shall hear them.  I shall say: ‘You are My people.’  And they will say: ‘The Lord is my God.’”

A small problem arises since other messages of Veronica (and other prophets of the last two centuries) indicate that three-fourth, rather than two-thirds, of the human race will die.  Perhaps these additional deaths will be due to famine, disease, etc; or perhaps the two-thirds does not include many (especially children not yet of the age of reason) who will be raptured into Heaven without dying; or perhaps a solution may be found in distinguishing the “first death” (bodily death) from the “second death” (damnation).

15Jun74—Our Lady:            “My child, it is sad to see that many have removed their sacramentals.  How truly sad this is, for they do not know that they leave the road open for the entrance of evil spirits upon them.  It was not for decoration that these objects were given to you by your God; but they are your armor, your protection, in these days.”

Comments:   Although this message does not say anything about the Warning, we mention it because the demons will probably appear to people and terrorize them at the Warning.   Thus we should prepare for the Warning by wearing sacramentals now.  Other messages confirm this.  In Her message of 1Feb75, Our Lady said: “Wear your sacramentals, My children.  They are given to you for a reason: There is not enough with which you can guard your soul in th dark days that are facing you.”  In His message of 27Dec75, Jesus also said: “Do not discard your sacramentals, for they have the power over the supernatural demons.”

18Jun74—Our Lady:            “Yes, My child, there will be a Great War and a Great Miracle,and then the Great Chastisement.  It will all come to pass.   .   . Every day, every hour, We watch your world, and We see the people of the earth debauching themselves in sin.   These sins are more grievous than in the time of Noah, for today the people of the earth have advanced to sophisticated sins.  Foul sins have become a way of life, and the children are slowly sinking deeper and deeper into a cesspool of error and darkness.  If this way of life continues, there will be no alternative but to visit you with the great Warning and Chastisement.”

15Jul74—Our Lady:   “There will be a great Spectacle (Miracle) in the heavens.  Learn from this Spectacle.”      Veronica sees the Spectacle:   Oh!  I can’t repeat it?  It’s beautiful”!

      Our Lady:       “My child, many will see and still not believe, so great is the darkness of spirit.  Believe what you see at Garabandal!  Know, My child, that it will not be removed by mankind.  Long years have passed, but I promised that you would see this.  The evil forces, the forces of 666, will lead a band of foes against Garabandal.  The majesty of God will be much evident at this time. Should this great Miracle be cast aside and rationalized by atheistic, scientific men, I assure you, My children, that the Chastisement will come upon you with great force.  The cataclysm spoken of through the ages must come about soon.   All who remain in the Light, all who have been with My Son in the Tabernacles of the world, all who have solaced His injured Heart, will go through this trial in much less fright than that experienced by those who have given themselves to the spirit of darkness.”

25Jul74—Our Lady:   “The Warning promised to mankind will not be long in coming. It will be given to you as a merciful act of the Father to awaken mankind before it is too late and the Great Chastisement is sent upon you.”

5Aug74—Our Lady:   :The mercy of the Father knows no bounds.  Therefore, you must now get down on your knees and pray, and do much penance, for the great offenses being committed upon your earth. There now exists a scale, and this scale holds the fate of mankind although no man knows the balance.  When the forces of iniquity far        exceed the forces of good, know that the Great Warning and        Chastisement will come upon you. The creation of the Father, the world, is in great distress, My child. There is a great Warning approaching the earth.”

Comment: The fact that “there is a great Warning approaching the earth” suggests that the Warning is an astronomical object which will cause the great explosion flash in the sky at the time of the Warning.

14Aug74—Our Lady:   “You ask again about the Ball of Redemption, My child.  Yes, the Ball is out there in your atmosphere.   There will be a great Warning, there will be a (Miraculous) Phenomenon of great magnitude, and there will be a Great Chastisement.  However, mankind holds the balance for the coming events. Your world will soon be involved in a catastrophe so great, that it will never have been seen before by mankind.   There will be a Great War from which none will be able to escape.  What can you do, My Child?  You can pray and pray.  Get down on your knees; so few bend their knees today.  War is a punishment for the sins of men.”

7Sep74—Our Lady:   “The message that comes from Heaven is for all mankind, My child.  For when the Warning and the Chastisement come down upon you,  it is all mankind that will feel its effects.  Many will die in the great flames of the Ball of Redemption.  Pray much that those who laugh and cast aside My warning will be brought out of the darkness in time to save their souls.   .   .

As the time grows short, My child, you must hasten to warn Our clergy that they must not follow the plan of Satan.  There is a Great Delusion sent upon them.  In the ranks of Our clergy and in the ruling bodies of My Son’s Houses, there are many who have fallen to Satan.  Can I deny this truth and (just) allow you to go like sheep to the slaughter?  No, My children!   My voice cries out from your sacred grounds.  I have been sent throughout the world as a Mediatrix between God and mankind.  I have been shut out of many places.  My voice has not carried far.  However, My children, the Awakening will be soon, and it will be a sad day ---- and night ---- for many .   .   .  The word of God will go throughout the world, and then will come the darkness.”

Comments: This message suggest that, during the Warning, there will be great darkness and suffering.  The “Awakening” refers to the result of the Warning.  Mankind is now spiritually asleep to the realities of God, His commandments, and the coming Chastisement for sin.  The Warning will awaken some from this spiritual sleep.

28Sep74—Our Lady: The time grows short.  I admonish you children, that there is to come upon you a great Warning.  It will be of such magnitude that every man, woman, and child will feel the firs burning within.  No, My child, you will not see the burning of the body, as you saw it in the abyss.  I told you and I repeat: it is a Warning—it is not the Chastisement of which I spoke. Man will feel that the powers of the elements have shaken the very         foundations of his being.  The impact of this Warning from the Father will be so great, that none will doubt that it came from Him. When is it to come, My child?   If I knew and was assured that you could keep a secret, I would give you the date .   .   .”

2Oct74----Our Lady: “There will be a great Warning sent to mankind and should this not be acted upon, a Great Chastisement will soon follow .   .   .”

Jesus:             “Veronica, My child, you must hasten the message.  The time grows short when the world will receive a Warning from the merciful Heart of the Father.  If this Warning is not heeded, I can assure you that it will not be long before a heavy Arm (Hand) is set upon you.”

1Nov74—Our Lady: Know that the Warning is fast approaching mankind.  Know that there will be a Chastisement far greater than man has ever seen.  Those who remain after this cleansing will be there, not by accident, but because of the will of the Father.  They will join My Son to set the world right again.   .   .

If your country will do penance and return to a life of prayer, they can escape for a time the planned Punishment and Warning.  The scale is not balanced to the right, but leans heavily to the left.  Know that the peak of iniquity is being reached, and I shall no longer be able to hold back the punishing Hand of My Son.   .   .No man will cast aside this chance to be saved, unless he does it with full knowledge and of his own free will.  All will be given the word, the interior Warning, before the coming of the Great Chastisement of the Ball of Fire.”

20Nov74—Our Lady:   “The Warning promised to mankind from the merciful Heart of the Father was delayed to gather more souls to the Father, but now the sands are running out.  Time, times, and half a time, and then the end of  time .   .   . The words of truth will go throughout the world, My child, and then will come the end of your era as you know it.  You will unite with all who have been given the Light to join the forces from Heaven in fighting this final battle upon the earth.  The duration of this battle, My children, will depend on the balance which leans far to the left at the present time. The Father is most patient, but the Warning approaches.   My child, look straight up now.   .   .  the flash ---- get ready ---- the flash”!

Veronica experiences the Warning flash: “Oh”!

6Dec74----Our Lady:   “As My Son promised, you will receive a majestic Warning from the heavens.  This will prepare you either to improve and strengthen your spirit, or to become more hardened and further (separated) from the Light.  Believe what you see and learn by it.”

Comments:   The message speaks of a “majestic Warning.”  Apparently the Miracle is meant, since the message of 15Jul74, says that “the majesty of God will be much evident at the time of the Miracle.   Note also the message of 22May74: “However, many chastisements will be sent upon mankind.  One of them (the Warning) will be tempered by a great majestic, celestial Manifestation (Miracle) from the Father.”

What this means is that the majestic Miracle will be part of the Warning, namely the last part.  The initial part of the Warning will be a dreadful chastisement: During the initial part of the Warning, there will probably be a great darkness; while during the last part ---- the Miracle ----, there will be “a Great Light from Heaven, according to the message of 15Jun74.

This interpretation is further confirmed by the message of 12Jun76:   “The Miracle you seek .   .   .  will be a great Warning to mankind.   .   .  At the end of the Warning, there will be a Miracle.  We conclude that there will be little or no time interval between the dreadful part of the Warning (when our sins are revealed to us in a dreadful manner, and when we hear the interior Voice of the Warning) and the Miracle.  Thus we should think of the Warning-and-Miracle as a single great supernatural event, manifesting firstly our sins and the anger of God, and manifesting secondly the existence and the majesty of God.

31Dec74—Our Lady:   “The world will soon receive a Warning of great magnitude. It will be a Spectacle that has never been seen before in the world.  Those who have accepted the Message will go through this Warning with ease of heart, My child.   To those in the darkness, however, the Warning will force the Light into their hearts.

29Mar75—Jesus:   “The world and its peoples have received one of their final warnings.  The balance is heavily to the left.  The peak (of the mountain) of iniquity has put a sad fate upon mankind. You will keep a constant vigil of prayer in your homes and in your public lives.  We demand ---- the Father commands ---- public atonement.  Unless you achieve this by your sacrifices and acts of penance, you will receive a judgment far more severe than has ever been set upon mankind     in the history of your creation. Prayer!  Atonement!  Sacrifice!   This is far little to ask of you, as We view the abominations and the destruction of souls daily upon your earth.  Sin has become a way of life.  Sin is death”!

5Apr75----Our Lady:   “You have received two reprieves in the past, My children.  A third reprieve will not be given.  Know, My child, that the Warning will come upon you soon.” Know that a great Warning will be sent upon mankind.  All who remain in the Light of grace will have no fear.  They will pass through this great Warning without suffering. I cannot promise you that none will die in this great Warning, My child, for there will be death.  Prepare now, for this is just a small     measure of what you will have soon (in the Great Chastisement.”

7May75----Our Lady:   “My child, the peoples will not lose faith in your mission, but they will gather in multitudes to do penance and atonement until the Warning, which will come very shortly.  I assure you that you will not have to wait long.”

      Jesus:         “.   .   .  there will soon come a time when those, who have given them-selves as followers of the Light from Heaven, must accept responsibility and leadership; they will have to work with great haste for the establishment of a Center of Atonement.”

Comment: The establishment of the requested Center of Atonement will presumably take place immediately after the Warning, when many more people believe the Message from Heaven.

28May75----Jesus:   “My child, the time for the Warning must remain a secret.   .   . All who close their ears to Our Voices will burn.”

Comment:   For the Voice of Jesus, and the burning, at the Warning, see the message of 21Apr73.

5Jun75----Jesus:   “There will come the Warning, My children, and the Great Chastisement.  Mankind will reject the warnings as in the time of Noah.  They will be eating and drinking and marrying, and then the end will come.  Shout from the rooftops, My child, that the time is approaching when I shall return to earth!   I would not count your years upon your two hands unless there is a great change in the ways of mankind.    .        Amen, amen, I say to you:  unless mankind returns God

      the Father to his life, he will not have the years of two hands to count upon”!

Comments:   Jesus spoke these words on 5Jun75.  Since we do not have the years of two hands to count upon, we do not have 10 years to count upon, as of that date (unless mankind returns God the Father to his life).  Thus it seems that the Great War in which one-third of mankind will die, or the Chastisement of the Ball of Fire in which the second third will die, will come before 5Jun85.  The prophecies of Marie-Julie-Jahenny also strongly suggests that the Great War and Chastisement will come in the first half of the decade beginning in 1980.  The Third Secret of Fatima also indicates that the Great War and Chastisement will come in the second half of the 20th Century (see page 104).  We clearly do not have much time left to do penance and make atonement.

5Aug75----Our Lady:   “Soon ---- very soon ---- a great Warning will be sent to mankind. How many of you will heed this Warning, that will come from the merciful Heart of the Eternal Father to give you time to prepare.  Then the Ball of Redemption will come to cleanse the world with a baptism of fire.  Have you prepared your children”?

21Aug75----Our Lady:   “The Warning will soon come, My child; and if mankind does not heed this sign from the Eternal Father, there will follow fast on it the Chastisement by the Ball of Redemption.”

6Sep75—Our Lady: “I cannot give you the date in public, My child, but you must pray much and make great haste to (warn all) of the Warning from heaven.

Veronica:       “There’s a tremendous letter in the sky.  It’s all tinged in black, and it seems to be set against a blue light.  I can see the outline: it’s a huge ‘W’ for Warning.  Above it, I see a tremendous white fiery light .   .   .  No, it must be a flaming Ball --- it’s so hot.  It seems to be a burning, white heat.

Jesus:             “My child, much knowledge has been given to you.  The Eternal Father has made a (meter); and, measure for measure, the world will reap the whirlwind for its sins.  There will come upon mankind a Chastisement of great magnitude — a Chastisement that has never been seen before, nor will it ever be seen again, by the eyes of men. In the mercy of the Eternal Father, there will be given to you a Warning — a visual Warning.  If mankind then sets himself against the Eternal Father and chooses to continue in a life of sin, he will receive a just judgment from the Eternal Father, and he will be cleansed of his sin by a Baptism of Fire.  The Ball of Redemption of which My Mother spoke  is already on its way.  Measure for measure, your days are counted (numbered).  Keep a constant vigil of prayer. I do not come to set fear in your heart, just as My Mother has not come to set fear in your heart.  But We bring you the knowledge of what is to come.  Your future is (decided) now.  Live your life daily expecting what is to be an eventuality.”

6Dec75----Our Lady:   “The promised Warning will soon be given to mankind.  Many will see and still not believe, for their hearts are hardened.  They have  closed their ears to the Voice of Truth.”

Comment: Christ is “the Truth” (John 14:6), and the “Voice of Truth” is the Voice of Christ (John 18:37).  See the message of 28May75.

18Mar76—Jesus:  “The Warning will soon be given to mankind.  It will be a major awakening to many.  The rumbling and the shaking of the elements will set fright into many hearts.  However, you have been prepared for this time.  “ .   .   .  The sin of pride and arrogance of many in My House, the Church, has set a pattern of soul-destruction among the young.  I have asked that all who have been given the glory from the Eternal Father to follow in My path as pastors to be true shepherds of Our sheep.  There is much lacking in their direction.  I do not have to give a listing by name, but the (cleansing) plan of the Eternal Father will reach all of those who commit and permit evil in their vocations.  We ask all to remain steadfast in their holy missions, avoid any separation from the Church, and to await the Warning that will soon be given to mankind.”

5Jun76----Jesus:   “All has been made known to you and to mankind (concerning) the coming days and the approach of the Great Chastisement.  The Warning       will soon come upon mankind to awaken him from his slumber.  You have all entered upon a crucial time in the history of mankind.  Keep a constant vigil of prayer.  There are many voice-boxes throughout your earth, and We say to them: Shout the message from the rooftops!   Keeping good words in a closed mouth is like placing meat upon a dead man’s grave.  I repeat: good words kept in a closed mouth are like meat placed upon a dead man’s grave.”

Comments:   Here again the Warning results in an “Awakening.”  The practice of placing meat on dead man’s grave was a pagan practice of the ancient Phoenicians and Egyptians (the Baal cult).

12Jun76—Our Lady:   “My child, you will receive this evening many photographs of the coming Warning.  I have directed you in the past to prepare for this   Warning and the Great Chastisement.   .   . My children, you must pray more and do more penance, for the Warning is coming upon mankind.  There will be a tremendous explosion      and the sky will roll back like a scroll.  This force will go to the very core                         of every man, and he will then understand his offenses against his God. This Warning will only be of short duration, however, and then many will continue on the road to perdition, so hard have their hearts become.  At the end of the Warning, there will be a Great Miracle, but scientists will later rationalize it.   .   .  The Miracle you seek, My child, will be a great Warning to mankind.”

Comments: According to this message, “there will be a tremendous explosion, and the sky will roll back like a scroll.” This event is apparently referred to in Apocalypse 6:12-17.

“And I saw, when he opened the 6th seal, that there was a great earthquake, and the sun became black like sackcloth of hair, and the full moon became like blood.  And the stars of the sky fell onto the earth, as unripe (winter?) figs drop from the fig tree when it is shaken by a great wind.  And the sky disappeared like a scroll that is rolled up, and all of the mountains and islands were moved (shaken) out of their places.”

This event would seem to be the beginning of the chastisements in the Apocalypse.

However, the killing of large numbers of men has not begun yet, as the next chapter ---- Apocalypse 7 — indicates.  Thus Apoc. 6:12-17 refers to the Warning.

In the Warning there will be a great quaking (or “shaking” or “trembling”) of both the sky and the earth.  According to the messages of Veronica, there will be a great explosion in the sky, and the sky will be rolled back like a scroll.  This event is described in the above text, Apoc. 6: 12-17.   This text also indicates that there will be “a great earthquake” in which “all of the mountains and islands were moved out of their places.”   This is referred to I n Veronica’s message of 18Mar76.

The “stars of the sky” which will fall upon the earth might be meteorites; more probably they are demons and UFOs.  In the Scriptures, “star” are often the same as spirits, and “fallen stars” are the same as damned spirits or demons (see Apoc. 12).  The fact that the figs are “unripe” or “winter” figs suggests that the Warning will come in winter.   Note also the reference to the “full moon”.

The text of Isaiah is also interesting: “The heavens are rolled up like a scroll, and their armies all drop like vine leaves falling like fig leaves falling.  For the Sword of the Lord is inebriated in the heavens, and behold it will come down upon Edom.   .   .  (After destroying Edom and turning it into a picture of hell) demons and monsters will meet there, and the hairy ones (satyrs) will cry out to one another there .   .   .”

The “armies” of the heavens which fall like fig leaves to the earth are clearly demons (as in Apoc 12), and after Edom is turned into a burning wasteland the demons continue to live there.  See also Apoc 18:2. *   Ufologists have often described the movement of UFOs as that of a “dead leaf”, and perhaps this is what is referred to.  At the present time, the demons and Flying Saucers reside in the “heavens” (atmosphere), and at the Warning they may be cast down to the earth.

12Jun76—Our Lady:   “I shall never grow tired, My children.  My voice will continue to reach mankind until the great Baptism of Fire.   O you of wicked intent,  you who seek to destroy Our voice-boxes, know that you may destroy them, but others will follow.  The Word of God will go throughout the world, all will have received fair Warning, and then the Sword will come.

There will be tremendously-high, roaring waves that will tear buildings from their moorings, and carry off whole cities with them.  The atmosphere with spew forth currents of great heat.  A darkness of spirit,  and a darkness of the atmosphere, will settle upon mankind in a deathly                     silence.

As the day follows the night, this Warning will follow soon:

1) Beware of the sunrise!   Do not look up to the sky ---- (there will be) the flash!  Beware of the sunrise!  Do not look up to the sky — (there will be) the flash!

2) Close your windows; draw your shades.  Remain inside; do not venture outside of your door or you will not return.

3) Pray!   Prostrate yourselves upon your floors.  Pray with arms out-stretched, and beg mercy from your God the Father.

4) Do not try to take your animals into your homes; the animals of those who have remained of healthy spirit will be taken care of.  5) O My children, how many will try to go back and restore their homes when it is too late!   Keep blessed candles, water, blankets, and food within your homes.

The candles of those who have remained in the state of grace will not be extinguished, but the candles in the homes of those who have given them-selves to Satan will not burn.  Amen, I say to you: as night follows day,  a great darkness will descend upon mankind”!

Comments: It is vital to study these five precautions or preparations given by Our Lady, since the Warning will come very soon now and since it will be unexpected.  There will be no “warning of the Warning”. The precaution to keep water in the house suggests that supplies of good water will be cut off.  The precaution to keep food in the house suggests that it may be a long time before one can go out of the house (fasting one day might be a good penance).  The precaution to keep blankets suggests that it will be cold, undoubtedly this will be due to the “great darkness”.  As Apoc 6:12 indicated, the sun will become black (dark).

According to Luke 10:18, Satan falls to the earth like lightning.  According to Luke 17:24 and Matt 24:27, the Word of God will also come like lightning.  The explosion-flash of the Warning may refer to the lightning coming of Satan, while the subsequent great Miracle or “Great Light from Heaven” would refer to the lightning coming of Christ.  On the other hand, the “Voice” of the Warning will be that of Christ.  The “Voice” is the “Word of God” Who will go throughout the world and give everyone “a fair Warning” We should not look upward at the sky at the time of the explosion-flash.  In particular, we must not look toward the eastern horizon where the sun rises.  How shall we know when it is coming?  Presumably there will be some sort of thunder-warning immediately before.

The fact that there will be an explosion-flash on the eastern horizon suggests that it is related to the sun and solar activity (sunspots, solar magnetic storms, or solar flares).  Alternatively, it could be due to the Ball of Fire that is now present, in a hidden manner, in the outer atmosphere (or magnetospere of the earth), according to the messages.  In relation to the idea that the explosion-flash maybe due to the activity of the sun, we refer the reader to the article of the English science-writer, Joseph Goodavage:   “Our Supernova Sun,” UFO Report, October 1978.  

Goodavage writes:

“According to some of the most recent scientific findings, our Sun is now showing frightening signs of instability.   .   .  In early August 1972, during what was supposed to be the lowest ebb of the 11-year-old sunspot cycle, the Sun erupted in a terrific series of flares and major magnetic storms.  Astronomers classified them as the most severe ever recorded ---- until even they were surpassed earlier this year.  There was some speculation then that the Sun was in the process of changing its (magnetic) polarity.

In immediate, numerous, and complex ways, the Earth responded to the solar upheaval.  The aurora borealis, previously visible only in the polar regions, was seen in the United State as far south as Richmond, Virginia.  Radio communications were disrupted as the highest reaches of the Earth’s atmosphere were ripped apart by storms of unprecedented intensity.  The recurrence and escalated violence of solar activity from 1972 through 1978 has many solar scientists puzzled.  Some are convinced that something strange and foreboding is happening with the Sun.  Much of the data is utterly baffling.

The Sun does seem to experience periodic upheavals, some of which result in (or are caused by) changes in magnetic polarity.  This may account for many interruptions of history (and the interplanetary disturbances Immanuel Velikovsky describes so vividly in Worlds in Collision).”

These signs in the Sun are like the signs of a star gives off just before it “blows its top.”  Since the Sun is a symbol of God the Father, these are signs that God is about to “blow His top” because of the sins of men.  They are signs of the Wrath of God.

It is interesting to note that, due to these solar upheavals, the aurora borealis was visible as far south as Richmond, Virginia, whereas it is normally visible only in the polar regions.  In 1917, Our Lady said to Lucia of Fatima: “When you see the night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign that God gives that He is going to punish the world for its crimes by means of war, famine, and persecution of the Church and the Holy Father.”  That”unknown light” and “great sign” came on the night of January 25, 1938.  Scientists called it an “unusual display of the aurora borealis”, however, Lucia denied this: “If they look well into it, they will see that it was not, and could not be, such an aurora.”  One of the reasons for this denial was apparently that the light was as brilliant in the sky of southern Europe as in northern Europe (just as, according to Goodavage, the effect of the solar upheaval was that “the aurora borealis was visible as far south as Richmond, Virginia”).  Whatever the case, that sign was a warning sign of World War II; and we may ask if there will be a similar one for World War III. 

The great “explosion” of the Warning in which everything turns white may be this “unknown sign” for World War III.  Another article of interest is that of Otto Binder: “Are UFOs Here to Save the Earth” in Saga’s 1975 UFO Annual.  In this article, Binder showed that he was incredibly aware of the many frightening signs of approaching catastrophe for the Earth: the unparalleled increase of solar flares, magnetic storms, sunspots, earthquakes, volcanic activity (both surface and underseas), tornadoes, extreme weather, Flying Saucer sightings, etc.  On the other hand, Binder (who died in 1973 without any apparent religion) was seduced into thinking that the UFO occupants were good beings who were coming to save the people of the Earth from the approaching catastrophe!  As we know from the messages given to Veronica, Flying Saucers are actually “transports from hell” which carry demons from hell to the atmosphere of the earth; and they are the ones who are disturbing the elements and causing these troubles for sinful mankind.  According to the message of 12Jun76, in the Warning, “a darkness of spirit, and a darkness of the atmosphere, will settle upon mankind in a deathly silence.   .   .   . a great darkness will descend upon mankind”!  This means that both a spiritual darkness and a physical darkness will descend upon and envelop mankind.  It will be like the three-day “thick darkness” which descended upon ancient Egypt during the 9th plague, which we shall discuss later.

(1)   The “darkness of spirit” refers to the demons.  They now exist in the atmosphere, and they will descend upon the body of mankind like black vultures.  Every human being will experience the terrifying and dominating presence of the demons.  The message tells us to “draw your shades” probably because they will appear at our windows.

(2)   When the demons descend, there will also be a “darkness of the atmosphere” or physical darkness.  The thick darkness in the atmosphere will presumably be caused by some kind of dust.   The sky will seem to have fallen.  According to the message, people will have to use blessed candles during this thick darkness; however they will not burn in the homes of evil people.  We might venture to guess that this darkness will be similar to the 3-day darkness of the 9th plague upon ancient Egypt.

In relation to the “explosion flash” of the Warning, we note the following article on “sky quakes” by John Keel:   “Mystery Explosions and UFOs,” UFO Report,  May 1978.“Sky quakes” or great explosion in the sky have occurred recently, and scientists are baffled by them.

24Jun76—Our Lady:   “There will be sent upon you a great Warning, and if this Warning is not heeded, you will receive the Ball of Redemption.”

15Jul76----Jesus:   “The directions for the Chastisement and the Ball of Redemption belong to the Eternal Father.  Be prepared at all times for the approaching  Warning.  All who have a healthy spirit will have nothing to fear; they will go through these times with great fortitude in the knowledge that the eventual victory will be with Heaven.”

5Aug76----Jesus:   “As I have promised you, man will receive a major Warning.  During the time of that Warning, many signs of an angry God will appear before  you, giving each soul the opportunity to make amends with atonement and sacrifice.  Each soul that has reached the age of reasoning must then give a good example of faith, modesty, purity of purpose, and dedication to his God.”

Comments:   The “signs of an angry God” which will appear before us during the Warning are probably the demons who incite us to sin.  The Warning will be terrifying and dreadful because we shall see them.  In many of the messages given to Veronica, both Jesus and Our Lady admonish us to wear sacramentals now as protection against the demons.

14Sep76—Jesus:   “My child, you speculate much about the coming Warning.  I have asked you many times not to speculate on dates, but I give you one indication that the time is ripe:   When you see, when you hear, when you feel the revolution in Rome — when you see the Holy Father fleeing, seeking a refuge in another land ----, know that the time is ripe.  But beg and plead that your good Pontiff does not leave Rome, for he will allow the man of dark secrets to capture his throne.   .   .  the man of dark secrets, Mr. 666, the agent of hell, are now among you.”

Comments:   In older Bibles which Our Lady asked us to read, there seems to be an allusion to the “man of dark secrets” in Dan 8:23.  With regard to the revolution in Rome, see the prophecies of Marie-Julie Jahenny on pages 105-109.  These prophecies indicate that there will be a revolution in France shortly before the revolution in Rome begins.  So the revolution in France is the first event to expect.  After that, there will come the revolution in Rome, the flight of the Pope, and the Warning.  The preceding message indicates that, when the revolution in Rome comes, the “good Pontiff” will intend to flee.  Is this “good Pontiff” the present Pope John Paul II?  See the message of 15Jul76, and the comments following it on page 34.

28Sep76----Our Lady:   “My child, many exhortations and warnings have been given to mankind.  You must go forward and refresh their memories.  Many have forgotten the warnings from Heaven, for they go about saying:   ‘Where is the promise (promised Warning sign) of His coming?  Where are these warnings of which you speak and write’?

My children, you are truly blind!  The (promised) Warning has been given its time, and an extension of time was even granted to mankind before the major Catastrophe of the Baptism of Fire is sent upon you.  But you have already received many (minor) warnings that have gone by un-noticed:   floods, hurricanes, fires, disasters, accidents that are not accidents, earthquakes in places that have never experienced such terror before.  How many warnings must the Eternal Father send upon mankind before they will awaken and do penance”?

Comments:   The question, ‘Where is the promise of His coming”, is contained in 2 Peter 3:4.  Some texts have “Where is the promise or His coming?”  This is presumably erroneous.  The “promise of His coming” undoubtedly means the Warning.  Apparently, Peter had some knowledge of the coming Warning when he wrote his Epistle, and it was called “the promise of His coming” in Apostolic times.

6Oct76—Our Lady:   “There will be given many signs in the heavens to awaken man to the coming of the Great Chastisement, the Ball of Redemption.  (In one of them) hearts will shudder with fear and men will drop from fright, so great will be this astounding reaction (explosion) in the atmosphere of man.”

Comment:   This sign in the heavens to awaken man is undoubtedly the Warning explosion in the atmosphere.

22Nov76—Our Lady:   “A great Warning will be given before the Chastisement.  Many will see and still not believe.”Many of the present and future calamities in your world have been foretold in the hundreds of photographs being given in My visits to Earth.”

7Dec76----Our Lady:   “Do not cast aside My warnings.  I come to you as a Mediatrix from God, a Mediatrix between God and mankind.  My heart is heavy, for you are fast approaching the great Warning and the furious onslaught of the Chastisement.  O My children, if I could but show you and put before your very eyes only a small measure of the Chastisement that will be set upon mankind, how quickly you would turn and run and remain close beside My Son in the tabernacles of the world.”

1Nov77----Jesus:   “My children, you will receive a Warning, but it will be minor in comparison to the Great Chastisement.”

25Jul78----Jesus:   “My child, you will continue to send out the message from Heaven to all mankind.  Do not slacken in your pace.  My child, as I have told you in secret, there is little time left before the Warning; (but this knowledge of the time of the Warning) must remain secret until it is profitable to be revealed.” Pray always — daily:  morning, noon and night.  Keep your hearts tuned into the Spirit of Light, My children.  Do not bury yourselves in the world, for the world is now a battleground with Satan.”

25Nov78—Our Lady:   “Do not be affrightened by the coming Warning.  It will be of short duration.  However, We hope that, with this Warning, many will be turned back from their road that leads to perdition and death.”

7Dec78----Jesus:   “You will all keep a constant vigil of prayer in your country and all countries upon the earth.   You are approaching the time of the great      cataclysm.  Fear will enter into the hearts o many and cause them to die.

“(So) remember, My children of the Light, that fear can be a tool of the devil.  You must understand that all who are of a healthy spirit will have nothing to fear.  The Eternal Father is at the helm.  He will guide you My children, through turbulent seas.  Have trust and confidence in the     Eternal Father.”

We have finished our citations from the messages given to Veronica concerning the coming Warning.  At this point it is appropriate to consider several other reliable revelations which describe the coming Warning and Miracle.

Revelations of Garabandal


As regards the contents of the Garabandal revelations, we now give the account of them written by Father M. Laffineur.   A Belgian priest, Father Laffineur extensively interviewed Conchita Gonzalez, the principal seer of the Garabandal revelations, and he published a book and a tract containing the messages.  The book is entitled L’Etoile dans la Montagne   (Star on the Mountain), and the tract “The Warning of Garabandal.” The following are the principal statements made by Conchita Gonzalez, mostly during 1965-1966, describing the great Warning revealed to her:

“The Warning predicted by the Virgin is like a chastisement to bring the righteous closer to God and to warn the others.  What the Warning will be, I am not permitted to reveal.  The Virgin told me not to say anything  more about it.  It is God’s wish that, thanks to this Warning, we mend our ways and offend Him less.

We shall endure a horrible day of disaster in every corner of the world.  Nobody will escape.  It will come so that the righteous will draw closer to God, and the other make amends.

The Warning is like a fearsome thing that will take place in the sky.

The Blessed Virgin used a word for it that began with the ‘A’ in Spanish.  It will be like fire.  It will not burn our flesh, but we shall feel it with our body and in our soul.  All nations — everyone — will feel it.  No one will be exempt.  Even the unbelievers will feel a fear of God.  You may hide in you shuttered room, but you cannot escape; you will see and feel it.  Yes, it is true.  The Blessed Virgin told me the name of the phenomenon.  The word exists in the (Spanish) dictionary; it begins with an ‘A’.”

The Warning is a thing proceeding directly from God.  The entire world will see it wherever one may be.  It will be like the (inner, personal) revelation of our sins.  Believers and non-believers, people of all areas, will see and feel it.

“If we die from it, the Warning itself will not be the cause; it will be from the emotion (fear) felt at seeing and feeling the Warning .   .   .  If I did not know of the other (Great) Chastisement to come, I should say that the Warning is the greatest chastisement.  Everyone will know fear, but Catholics will bear it with more resignation than others.  It will be of short duration.   .   .  Yes, the Warning is a fearsome thing — a thousand times worse than earthquakes.   .   .  Dying is preferable to a mere five minutes of what is awaiting us.”

We shall see that the Warning comes because of our sins.  It may happen any moment; I expect it every day.   Were we to know what it will be like, we should be extremely horrified.

It may happen during the day or at night, while we are in bed or up.  If we die from it, it will be from fear.  I think that when it happens, the best place to be is in a church, near the Blessed Sacrament.  Jesus will give us the strength to withstand it.   .   .  I really think it would be best, but everything might be dark and we could not go.  It will be a most horrible experience, but the (Great) Chastisement will be much worse.  I wish I could tell you as the Virgin told me.

I know what it consists of, but not the date.”

Comments:   The truth of the Garabandal revelations has been confirmed by the messages given to Veronica Leuken and the Mexican Portavoz.  See Veronica’s messages of 24Dec73 and 15Jul74.

The preceding description of the Warning harmonizes with that of the messages given to Veronica.  The “fearsome” thing that will happen in the sky” on “a horrible day  of disaster” is the tremendous explosion” in the sky revealed to Veronica.  See the messages of 21Apr73, 8Jun74, 28Sep74, 20Nov74, 12Jun76.  After this tremendous explosion, a great darkness of the atmosphere and a great darkness of the spirit (the demons) will descend upon mankind.

The Garabandal revelation also described the Warning: “It will be like fire.  It will not burn our flesh, but we shall feel it with our body and (inwardly) in our soul.”  According to the messages given to Veronica, the Warning will involve a “fire” which will make you feel “like you’re burning” and “every man, woman, and child will feel the fires burning within.”  See the messages of 21Apr73, 28Sep 74, 28May75, 6Sep75.  TheGarabandal revelation goes on to say: “The Warning is a thing proceeding directly from God” and “we shall see that the Warning comes because of our sins.”  The messages given to Veronica likewise say that “none shall doubt that it came from Him” and there will be a “Voice within you” warning you of your sins and “the Warning will be metered (gauged) to the extent of the sins of (each) man.”  See the messages of 21Apr73, 10May73, 28Sep73, 7Dec73, 28Sep74, 1Nov74, 6Dec74, 31Dec74, 12Jun76.  Finally, the Garabandal revelation states that the Warning will be “a most horrible experience” and “everyone will know fear (terror)” and “dying is preferable to a mere five minutes of what I awaiting us.”   “If we die from it, the Warning itself will not be the cause; it will be from the emotion (fear) felt at seeing and feeling the Warning.”  Although the Warning is yet but a warning, a relatively small number of people will die from the terror of seeing and feeling the Warning.

Although Conchita was not permitted to reveal the cause of this dreadful terror, it seems obvious that it must be the demons.  The demons who incite us to sin will appear to us during the Warning, and they will cause dreadful terror.  The Garabandal revelation says: “You may hide in your shuttered room, but you cannot escape; you will see and feel it.”   “It may happen during the day or night, while we are in bed or up.”  The only thing that could satisfy these requirements is an experience of the presence of the demons, or a demonic abduction.  No wonder “dying is preferable to a mere five minutes of what is awaiting us.”  (The Spanish word beginning with an ‘A’ might therefore be related to demonic abduction or possession or domination.)

There are several indications in the messages of Veronica that this interpretation is correct.  In the message of 5Aug76, Jesus said that during the Warning, “Many signs of an angry God will appear before you.”  In our view, these “signs of an angry God” are principally the demons.  Other messages of Veronica support this:

28Dec76—Jesus:   “All manners of evils so foul that no human mind could have conceived of them have been set loose upon earth.  The very bowels of hell have opened up and spewed forth demons of great strength.  Demons have been set loose upon earth such as have never entered upon the earth before.  It is a war ---- a war that will test the spirits of all.”

1Feb77—Jesus:   “The fires of hell, My children, are so fierce in emotion that they are far beyond what any human mind could comprehend, if I were to tell you of them.  If I were to show you.   .   .   . the full forces of hell that are loose upon your earth, your body could not withstand the torment ---- you would die immediately in your body, My children. Because the heart of the Eternal Father is merciful, He spares you this sight.  But as time goes on and you refuse the graces from Heaven, you will be given this grace from Heaven — the power to see the evil ones (demons) around you.   But will you recover in spirit”?

Comments:   The “fires of hell” that are “so fierce in emotion” and “loose upon your earth” are the demons.  Only persons can be “fierce in emotion.” Thus “the fires of hell” should be understood “the fiery ones of hell.”  According to this message, Jesus said that since we are all more or less now refusing the graces of Heaven, we shall one day be “given this grace from Heaven — the power to see the evil ones (demons) around you.”   When will this happen except during the Warning?  This vision of the demons is intended to help men to “recover in spirit”; and this is also the purpose of the Warning.

The demons and the damned souls are “the fiery ones of hell.”  Spirits are “vessels of fire,” just as bodies of men are “vessels of clay.”  In the visions of hell given to Veronica, she saw the demons burning.  The children of Fatima also saw “the fires of hell,” the burning demons and damned souls.  Lucia, the principal Fatima seer, recounted this horrible vision of hell as follows:

“Into this sea were plunged black and burning demons and lost souls in human form, all resembling live, red-hot, transparent coals.  Raised up into the air by the flames and smoke, they fell back on all sides  like sparks in a huge conflagration, without weight or equilibrium (balance), amid loud screams and cries of pain and despair which horrified us and shook us to the core .  .

The devils had the form of black animals, hideous and unknown, each filling the air with despairing shrieks.  The lost souls were in their human bodies and seemed bronze (or brown) in color, tumbling about constantly in the flames and screaming with terror.  All were on fire, both inside and outside their bodies, and neither the devils nor the damned souls seemed able to control their movements.  They were tossed about like coals (embers) in a fiery furnace, with never an instant’s peace or freedom from pain.

We are now able to understand the coming Warning more clearly: Just as the Fatima children and Veronica were given visions of the horrifying demons and damned souls in hell, in order to show them the terrible destiny of sinners, so all peoples will be given a vision of the horrifying demons at the coming Warning.  We shall see the hideous demons who incite us to sin.  These loathsome, despairing, destroyed angels will be “signs of an angry God” ---- a reminder to men of what will happen to them if they continue in sin.  Finally, the presence of the burning demons will make us feel like we are burning.

According to Lucia, the demons “had the form of black animals, hideous and unknown.”  The visions of Veronica Leuken show the same thing.  These monstrous, disgusting creatures are even now being seen by men, as almost any copy of the UFO Report shows.  One might say that these are “previews” of coming attractions.”  But there is nothing new under the sun; the pages of books on ancient mythologies contain many pictures of these monsters.  We have finished our meditations on the Warning prophesied by the Garabandal revelations.  According to these messages, the dreadful Warning will purify us for the great Miracle to follow.  Conchita described her knowledge of this wonderful event:

“The Miracle will be completely different from that at Fatima in 1917.  It will be a Miracle of the love of God — something that will manifest and prove His love for us in an outstanding way.   .   .  The Blessed Virgin will not allow me to reveal the date of it .   .   . until eight days before it is to take place .   .   . It will occur on a Thursday which is a feast of a saint devoted to the Eucharist, at 8:30 PM (in Spain), and will last about a quarter of an hour.  It will coincide with a great event (feast?) in the Church.   .   .  The sign that will remain .   .   .  will be able to be seen, photographed, and televised; but it will not be able to be touched.   It will appear clearly that it is not of this world, but of God.  All of those who come to Garabandal and the surrounding area within sight of the village will see the Miracle.”

Undoubtedly the reason why the Blessed Virgin did not allow Conchita to reveal the date of the Miracle is that it will very closely follow the Warning.  To know the approximate date of the Miracle is thus to know the approximate date of the Warning.  For unknown reasons, Conchita concluded that the Miracle will probably take place during the first few months of the year.  It is interesting to note that a prophecy of Marie-Julie Jahenny says the same thing:

The Revelations of Marie-Julie Jahenny (1850-1941)

On page 111 we have already mentioned one prophecy of Marie-Julie Jahenny which seems to refer to the Warning.  In her revelations, the term, “Warning,” is not generally used; however, it is often clear from the description of the event prophesied that it is the Warning.

15Jun1882—Jesus:   “ .   .   . I forewarn you that a day will be found ---- and it is already appointed ---- when there will be little sun, few stars, and no light  to take a step outside of your homes, the refuges of My people.

The days will be beginning to increase.  It will not be at the height of summer nor during the longer days of the year (summer       time), but when the days are still short (winter time).  It will not be at the end of the year, but during the first months (of the year) that I shall give My clear warnings. That day of darkness and lightning will be the first that I shall send to convert the impious, and to see if a great number will return to Me, before the Great Storm (Chastisement) which will closely follow.  (The darkness and lightning of) that day will not cover all of France, but a part of Brittany will be tried by it.  (However) on the side on which is found the land of the mother of My Immaculate Mother (the land of St.  Anne) will not be covered by darkness to come, up to your place (home of Marie-Julie) .   .   .  All the rest will be in the most terrible fright.  From one night to the next — one complete day —, the thunder will not cease to rumble.  The fire from the lightnings will do a lot of damage, even in the closed homes where someone will be living in sin.  My children, that first day (of chastisement) will not take away anything from the three others (the 3-day chastisement) already pointed out and described.

That particular day was revealed to My servant, Catherine (Laboure), in the apparitions of My Blessed Mother under the name (title), ‘Mary Conceived Without Sin”.  That day is (also) recorded in five well-sealed rolls of Sister St. Peter of Tours.  That roll will remain a secret until the day when a person of God will lay her predestined hand on that which the world will have ignored, including even the inhabitants of that cloister.”  (Pierre Roberdel, Les Propheties de la Fraudais, pp. 50-51)

Comments:   The writings of Sister St. Peter of Carmel of Tours were hidden on 5Aug1850, by the order of Mgr. Morlot.It is clear that the day of which Jesus is speaking is the Warning.  That day is the “first day (of chastisement)” which He is going to send to convert sinners “before the “Great Storm (the Great Chastisement) which will closely follow.”   Jesus said that, on that day, He would give His “clear Warnings.”

When will that day come?  Jesus said: “The days will be beginning to increase.”  The shortest day of the year is the Winter Solstice, which comes about 21 Dec; and after that day the days begin to increase in length.  So the Waning will come at some time shortly after Dec 21.  However, Jesus goes on to say: “It will not be at the height of summer nor during the longer days of the year (summer), but when the days are still short (winter).  It will not be at the end of the year, but during the first months (of the year) .   .   .”   From these statements, we may conclude that the Warning will not come in December, but during the first three or four months of the year (i.e., before the Spring Equinox which occurs about 21 March, or before Easter at the latest).  The thunder and lightnings of the Warning will continue for one complete day, according to this message.  It will begin when it is night in France, and it will continue until the following night.  We shall discuss the “3-day Chastisement” later.

5Aug1880—Mary Immaculate:   “My children, My heart cannot keep anything to itself. I give you therefore the following Warning: A time will come when a terrible thunder will begin to rumble.  When this happens, flee from under it and hurry to your homes. The crashes of that thunder will be so different from those (heard) in the past, that all of My children, forewarned by this word, should recognize in it a voice of justice and anger (of God).  Many will be seized by fright.  Many will be reduced (harmed, brought down) under the thunderbolts of terror.   Many of those whose consciences are not in order will be suddenly struck without having time to reflect.  And then what a terror there will be (in hell)! My children, that terror will not take place only during the year ‘80.

A terror, perhaps even greater, will resound during the following year

      (81).                  It is at the beginning of the new year that one will have to take the Cross and press it to one’s heart (beg for mercy).”  (Les Propheties de la Fraudais, p. 269)

      Comments:   This is another message which says that the Warning will come  “at the beginning of the new year,”   i.e., during the first few months of the year..

As we pointed out on page 104, the years 80, 81, 82, etc. of which Marie-Julie speaks, refer to the years of the present century 1980, 1981, 1982, etc.   Thus it seems that we may expect the Warning during the first few months of 1980 or 1981.  However, we must remember that the revolution in France must come first, and then the revolution in Rome must begin, before the Warning comes (see page 105).

The preceding message says that, when a terrible thunder begins to rumble, we should flee from under it and hurry home.  It also says that “the crashes of that thunder will be so different from those (heard) in the past.”  Another message also alludes to this strange thunder:

19Mar1878—St. Joseph:   “My children, scourges of every kind are now stored up for the earth.   Plagues and calamities will come at that time (of chastisement).  To show you the deaths (that will occur) everywhere, one would have to place a mortuary sheet upon the Church.  The scourges will come because of the corruption and iniquity.

My children, in those coming years, extraordinary phenomena will take place.  It is necessary that you be warned of this so that you will be without fright.  My Son said to me:   ‘My father, I confide these revelations to you; make them known to My people.’ “There will be something strange in the thunder.  There will also be lightning without thunder; during twilight times, the earth will be covered by them.  Those extraordinary signs will only be able to come from my Son.

My children, do not have any fear:  those lightnings will not do you any harm.  However, they will reach others (sinners).  It is necessary that the power of my Son is manifested in a noisy manner, because the unbelief is so great.”   (Le Ciel en Colloque avec Marie-Julie Jahenny, p.121)

      5Oct1882—Jesus:   “My people, My people, My people: your eyes are going to see the beginning of the terrible hour (period) when wheat in the blade will not yet have reached the third knot of its growth. At the moment when My people will only be able to arm themselves with faith and hope, when it is still the harder season (winter), then during four hours — from noon to 4 o’clock in France —in days still hard (winter), the sun will be like it has a veil of mourning.  It will be obscured and without light.

Nobody on earth could ever believe the blackness (thickness) of that darkness.  The earth will have nothing (visible).   The eye will be veiled, without being able to perceive the slightest object.

My people, that will be the beginning of the chastisements of My justice.  It is the sun that will announce those sorrows.  Heaven (Our Lady and the saints) will be inconsolable, because this will be the beginning of the times when souls will be lost, the beginning .   .   . of the terrible woe. My people, that darkness will cover Brittany during the space of four hours, but it will cause no harm — simply a little fright.  You will (must) not be afraid.”    (Les Propheties de la Fraudais, p. 187)

      Comments:   We assume that this thick darkness will come on the day of the Warning.

The message says that it will be “the beginning of the terrible hour (period)”,   “the beginning of the chastisements”, etc.   Like the previous messages, this message says that it will come in the winter time, i.e., “in days still hard”.  It will give “a little fright.”

This thick darkness is referred to in Veronica’s messages of 6Apr74, 13Apr74, 7Sep74, 12Jun76.   See also the comments to the 12Jun76 message; the darkness is also referred to in Apoc 6 : 12-17.   The sun is a symbol of Christ, and the darkening of the sun is a symbol of His death.  He was also on the Cross from noon to about 4 PM on Good Friday.   This strengthens the belief that the Warning will come around Lent, the period of penance.  With regard to this “darkness at noon,” we also have the following text from the Bible:

“That day” — it is the Lord God Who speaks — “I will make the sun go down at noon, and darken the earth in broad daylight.  I will turn your feasts into mourning, and all your songs into lamentations.  I will have your loins all in sackcloth, and your heads all shaved.  I will make it like the mourning for an only son, and it will be a day of bitterness to the  very end.”   (Amos 8 : 9-10)

Jun1881—Jesus:   “My sorrow is going to the most extreme depths conceivable in the powers of the God-man, because I do not see just a small number of people joining (that (evil) religion, which is going to make the whole earth tremble (quake). It is going to darken the stars in the firmament and cover the sun with a shroud of darkness.

“Thus I shall rebuke My people before I punish them, because I love them.  It (their redemption) has cost Me so much, so much .   .   .  It has cost Me so much that I cannot resolve Myself to let them perish.  Oh, that (would cost) Me more than if it were necessary to return upon earth and suffer there, as at the time of My first Passion. In manifesting those signs under the firmament, how I want to show My people that My sorrow is incurable!  (But) by these signs I shall win   so few of them, that My sacred mouth does not utter their number.”  (Les Propheties de la Fraudais, p. 152)

Comments:   The “rebuke” of Jesus is the Warning.  In spite of all of the signs in the heavens and the earth — the earthquake, the darkening of the sun and moon and stars,  etc. ----, most people will still not be converted.  So the Great Chastisement will come.  According to Veronica’s message of 5Jun75, Jesus said: “Mankind will reject the warnings as in the time of Noah.” With regard to the Miracle or “great light from Heaven” which will be the last part of the Warning, the writer has found two messages of Marie-Julie which seem to refer to that event:

7Mar1882—Our Lord:   “I am going to prepare the troops who will accompany Me from the earth to Heaven.  I am going to make dawn the day when there will be no more darkness. The night will not reign all the time that I am going to pass over the earth.  I shall make My people forget the terrible combats, which will end only after I shall have sent a very beautiful Warning (Miracle).  That luminous unveiling will forebode to My people that it is the entrance (beginning) of the great days, which will not be closed (ended) until the  earth will have become an orphan (depopulated).  It will be the beginning of the Great Deluge.”      (Le Ciel en Colloque avec Marie-Julie Jahenny, p. 26)

Comment: The “very beautiful Warning” will be a “luminous unveiling” which will fore-bode the Great Chastisement.  According to Veronica’s message of 12Jun76, “at the end of the Warning, there will be a Great Miracle .   .   .  The Miracle you seek .   .   . will be a great Warning to mankind.”   See also the message of 15Jul74.

20Sep1877—Marie-Julie:   The Holy Virgin casts upon us a long and sweet look. “Beloved Mother, why are your looks so sweet and penetrating”?

The Holy Virgin:   “By My looks, I call My children to (know of a joyful and happy event).  I am going to prepare them for it.  I am your Mother and you are My children;  I do not want anything to surprise you.”

Marie-Julie: .   .   . The light that the very Holy Virgin carries on Her Heart becomes a beautiful sun surrounded by a thousand rays.  “Good Mother, why does  this sun spread out its sparkling rays so far”?

The Holy Virgin:   “Because it is the light of the truth which enlightens the intelligences (of people).  Before My divine Son (executes) His last threats (the Great Chastisement), I want to make a beautiful sunshine to give joy to My children.  It will be a supreme Warning.”   (Le Ciel en Colloque avec Marie-Julie Jahenny, p.115)

Comments:   From this message we can obtain an idea of the Warning Miracle.  Just as there will be a veiling of the sun at the time of the Warning darkness, so there will be an unveiling of the sun at the time of the Warning Miracle.  The sun will appear surrounded by a thousand sparkling rays which will extend out very far, a spectacle of divine beauty and light.  We finally present the message given to Marie-Julie concerning the Great Chastise ment of the three-day darkness:

4Jan1884—The Lord:   “I did everything for My people.  I sent My Mother upon earth (but) very few believed Her word.  I made My voice heard everywhere.  I chose for Myself victims upon whom I have performed miracles and prodigies, (but) they have been despised and persecuted.  Now I am going to call back to Myself those lightning-rods, and I am going to destroy everything on earth.  It will be laid in a coffin; but after purifying it in its blood, I will raise it to a glorious life, as I Myself came out of the tomb.  The desolation will be so great that many will dry up from fright and believe it to be the end of the world.

“There will be three days of physical darkness.   During three days and two nights, there will be a continuous darkness.  Only blessed candles of wax will be able to give light during that horrible darkness.  One candle will suffice for the three days, but in the houses of sinners they will give no light.

During those three days of darkness, the demons will appear in the most hideous forms.  You will hear the most horrible blasphemies in the air.  The lightnings will penetrate your homes, but they will not extinguish the candles.  Neither the wind nor the storm will be able to put them out.

Clouds red like blood will run across the sky.  The crash of thunder will shake the earth.  Lightning will flash .   .   . (?)  The earth will quake to the core.  The ocean will raise up its roaring waves so that they will overflow the land.

So much blood will flow that the earth will be turned into a vast cemetery.  The corpses of sinners, and those of the just, will be strewn over the face of the earth.  Famine will be great.  Everything will be over-turned, and three-quarters of the human race will perish.  The crisis will burst out (explode) suddenly.  The chastisements will be common to the entire world, and they will follow one another without interruption.

When My people had fallen into indifference, I began to threaten them.  Today they merit My justice.  I have come upon earth (to establish  My Church).  Now they want to chase Me away, take away My holy Tabernacle from Me, overturn My Cross, and scorn My power.”

      Marie-Julie:   “O Lord, you will have pity”!

      The Lord:   “Yes, I will have pity on the good people, but the others I will swallow. The earth will open up, and they will disappear forever.”  (Les Propheties de la Fraudais, pp. 238-239)

      Comments:   Since this message deals with the Great Chastisement, we shall not consider it in detail here.  However, we may note the following point: The message says that three-quarters of the human race will perish, just as in the messages of Veronica.

One last message of Marie-Julie is of interest here:

20Sep1880—Marie-Julie:   The Flame says that there will be two days of darkness different from those already announced and not mentioned up to now.  “During those two days, the sky will be red and violet (purple), and so low that the tops of high trees will seem lost in it.  The trees, which will still have a few leaves on them, will be burned; it will be as if a burning fire had been lit throughout the whole earth.  The (flow of the) sap will be stopped, and those trees will bear no fruit during the year that follows.

From that low sky, there will fall a rain with a foul odor and a frightening blackness, but it will not harm the food of Christians. During those two days, one should not put one’s face near the opening of a door.  There would be a burning flash (lightning) that would darken the pupil of the human eye.  That darkness (of those two days) will still be bearable.”  (Les Propheties de la Fraudais, p 271)

      Comments:       According to the messages of Marie-Julie, there would consequently seem to be three distinct chastisements or darknesses:

Chastisement                    Duration                                  


First                             1   Day                          

The Warning                     

2 days (or 2 days

Second                               + 3 nights)                

See above message of 20Sep 1880                                           

        3 days (3 days          The final Great Chastisement by which


             Third                                  + 2 nights)     


      three-quarters of mankind perish               TOTAL:   6 Days of Chastisement

In this table, a “Day” has 24 hours.  It is composed of a 12-hour “day” plus a 12-hour “night”.

The first chastisement will be the Warning, which will last for 1 day.  The second chastisement will be that described in the message of 20Sep1880; it will last for 2 days (or, more exactly, 2 days plus 3 nights).  The third chastisement will be the final Great Chastisement, when the Comet and the demons complete the destruction of three-quarters of mankind.  It will last for 3 days (or, more exactly, 3 days plus 2 nights).

Thus there will be a total of 6 Days of chastisement.  This also agrees with the message given to Veronica.  In explaining the meaning of ‘666’, Our Lady made known that the middle “6” stand for the 6 days of chastisement.

A final note: In Her message of 13Jul1882, Our Lady said: “My children, the whole earth is called to pass under the Eternal Hand.   .   .  My children, almost three-quarters of the good Christians will be left upon earth.”

The Warning and the 9th Plague Upon Ancient Egypt


We assume that the coming Warning will be much like the 9th plague on ancient Egypt at the time of Moses.   According to Exodus 10 : 21-23, the 9th plague was a 3-day darkness:

The Lord said to Moses: “Stretch forth your hand toward Heaven, and  command that darkness ---- darkness so thick that it can be felt — cover the land of Egypt.”  So Moses stretched forth his hand toward Heaven, and there came a thick darkness over the whole land of Egypt for 3 days.  They could not see anyone else, or move about, for 3 days; but the children of Israel had light in their dwellings. 

This darkness was so “thick” that “it could be felt” and the Egyptians “could not see anyone else”.  According to the message of 5Oct 1882, on page 139, a similar “thick darkness” will come at the Warning.  Nothing will be visible, except perhaps for those who have blessed candles.  The text from Exodus says that “the children of Israel had light in their dwellings”.  Presumably they had some form of blessed candles.

Wisdom 17 : 2–- 18:2 tells us what happened during this 3-day “thick darkness”:

When lawless man supposed that they held the Holy People of God in their power, they themselves lay captives of darkness and prisoners of a long night .   .  .   .   .  They were scattered in fearful trembling, terrified by specters .   .   .  Crashing noises rang out around them, and gloomy, grim-faced specters appeared. 

No fire had power enough to give them light .   .   .  Only intermittent dreadful fires (lightnings) flashed through the darkness upon them, and in their terror they thought what they saw was worse than it actually was .   .   .  They perished in trembling fear, refusing even to look at the air, though it could not be avoided . . . .

They were all locked in the same sleep (trance) during that darkness.  Actually that darkness was powerless, and had come from hell, which was also powerless. 

But they were now chased by monstrous specters and paralyzed .   .   . For sudden and unexpected fear overwhelmed them.  Then they fell down, and thus they were kept shut up in a prison without bars .   .   .  Each was seized and .   .   . They were all bound with one chain of darkness.  Yet the whole world was illumined with bright light, and went on with its work unhindered.  Only over those men was there spread the heavy darkness, an image of the darkness (hell) destined to receive them.  But heavier than the darkness was the burden they were to themselves.

But for your holy ones, there was very great light.

This text describes the coming Warning according to our theory.  The hideous, sad, grim-faced specters that terrified the Egyptians were demons that appeared in the air.  The Egyptians were para-lyzed with terror and held bound in a trance ---- a truly horrible experience.   However, “that darkness was powerless, and had come from hell, which was also powerless.” In general the Egyptians did not die from this plague, although a few undoubtedly perished from the intense fear.  This 9th plague was yet the last great Warning of God.

Despite this horrible experience, the Egyptians returned to their sins; and then God sent the 10th plague upon them.  The 10th plague was the Great Chastisement at that time.  According to Exodus 12 : 29, “at midnight, the Lord slew every first-born in the land of Egypt.”  Wisdom 18 describes this Great Chastisement and shows that it was like the end of the world:

When peaceful silence lay over all things, and the night was half gone (midnight), Your Almighty Word (Jesus) leapt from the royal throne in Heaven down into the doomed land.  He was a stern Warrior, carrying the sharp sword of Your inexorable decree (judgment); and when He struck the earth, He filled the world with death.  He still reached to Heaven when He stood upon the earth.

Immediately, they (the Egyptians) saw horrible specters, and unexpected terrors came upon them.  Then they were struck down, some here and some there, and half-dead they confessed the reason why they were dying.  For they had been warned in dreams (trances) which had troubled them previously (during the 9th plague), so that they might not die without knowing the reason.     (Wisdom 18 : 14-19)

Having been struck by the same plague, all of the dead together were countless, and there were not enough people left living to bury them.   (Wisdom 18 : 12)

According to this text, the “Word of God” saved the Israelites from Egypt.  Since the Word of God is the Son of God, the Messiah in His pre-existent life, Jesus is the Word of God (John 1;

John 8:58; Apoc 19:13) Thus the Apostle Jude said:   “Jesus saved the people from Egypt” (Jude 1:5)

Now when the Word of God came to judge the ancient Egyptians, He did not come alone; He brought “the Destroyer” with Him  (Exodus 12:23).

The “Destroyer” is the devil, the angel of death, the exterminator.  The Destroyer, in turn, brought his demons with him (Psalm 78:49-50).  Thus the preceding text says that the Egyptians again saw the horrible specters (demons) just before they were killed.  The appearance of the demons during the 9th plague had been a last Warning to the Egyptians, so that they might not die during the Great Chastisement of the 10th plague without knowing the reason.

The preceding text from the Book of Wisdom states that when the Word of God struck the earth, “He filled the world with death.”  Actually the Word of God never directly kills any man, but He allows the Destroyer and his demons to do this work.  The Destroyer is “Death” personified, and the demons are intrinsically destroyers and killers.   Because of the sins of men, the Word of God frees the Destroyer and his demons to come upon earth in order to punish men.  During the 9th plague, the Word of God gave very little power to the demons; and their appearance was only intended to give a last, frightening Warning to the evil Egyptians.   During the 10th plague, however, the demons were allowed full power to kill the “first-born of Egypt”.  By the “first-born of Egypt” was meant simply the evil Egyptians; they were the “first-born of Satan” among the Egyptians.  Just as good people are “children of God”, so evil people are “children of Satan” and “spiritual bastards”   (Deut 32:17-19; Hos 5:7).

The Warning and the Great Chastisement in the Koran

Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, also seems to have prophesied the coming Warning and the Great Chastisement in the Koran.  He gave warning that one day God is going to send a Great Chastisement upon unbelievers and sinners over the whole earth:

All praise belongs to Allah Who has sent down the Book to His servant.   This  is a Book .   .   .  sent to give warning of a grievous Chastisement from Him .   .   .

“We (Allah) have made all that is on earth an ornament of it, in order to test men and find out which of them acts best.  Yet the time will come when We shall turn all that is on it to a barren waste.”   (Surah 18:2-9)

According to Muhammad, this Chastisement will involve two stages:

You still do not believe.  Well, then watch for the day when a pale of smoke will appear in the sky and envelope the people.  That will be a painful torment.  Then the people will cry:   “Lord, take away this torment from us.   We do believe .   .   .”

“We shall take away the torment for a while, but you will certainly return to your sins.   Remember, nonetheless, that on the day when We chastise you with the Great Chastisement, We shall certainly exact retribution.” Surah 44:11-17 on “The Smoke)    

From these texts it appears that Muhammad prophesied the coming of:

(a)   an initial Warning Chastisement (like the 9th plague on Egypt), followed by a temporary, insincere conversion due to pain or fright, followed by a relapse into unbelief and sin;

(b)   followed by a final Great Chastisement (like the 10th plague) in which God will “exact retribution”.

In the Warning Chastisement, some sort of “smoke” will envelope and torment the people.  Presumably, this “smoke” will come from hell and cause a “thick darkness”, and the demons in the “smoke” will put people into a trance and terrorize them, as during the 9th plague.

The Warning and UFO Literature.

Further understanding of what may happen to us at the coming Warning can undoubtedly be gained by studying the many alleged “abduction cases” in UFO literature.   We assume that many of these cases are true cases of demonic abduction:   the human victim undergoes a real “seizure” by a demon from an UFO.  There now exists a vast literature on these “encounter cases”, and some of the famous abductions are:

(a)   The abduction of Mona Stafford, Elaine Thomas, and Louis Smith near Stanford,  Kentucky, on 6 Jan 1976 (pp 228-241, Situation Red, by Leonard Stringfield, Crest Books, New York, 1977).

(b)   The abduction of Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker at Pascagoula, Mississippi,on 11 Oct 1973   (Saga’s 1975 UFO Annual).

(c         The abduction of Carl Higdon near Rawlings, Wyoming, on 25 Oct 1974 (Saga’s 1977 UFO Annual).

(d)       The abduction of Charles Moody near Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico on 13 Aug 1975 (UFO Report, November 1978)

(e)       The abduction of Dionisio Llanca near Bahia Blanca, Argentina, on 28 Oct 1973 (1976 UFO Annual)

In reading the vast UFO literature, the reader must be capable of separating the superstitions and errors from the facts presented.  These delusions of Satan include the beliefs that UFO occupants are good beings, that they have an extra-terrestrial origin, that life exists on other planets, that astrology and witchcraft give truth, etc.  In relation to this, the reader might refer to the work of John Keel:

Why UFOs   (Manor Books, New York, 1970).  Although Keel is not a religious man charged with the task of “distinguishing the spirits” of UFO occupants, he reveals clearly the many deceptions and other evil fruit that these entities from hell produce.

The case of the demonic abduction of Elaine Thomas, Louise Smith, and Mona Stafford shows very clearly the terror of their experience.  During such abductions, the demons re-program the minds of their victims to suppress and block out the memory of their horrible experience.  In order to find out what happened to themselves, the three women submitted to hypnosis by Dr. Leo Sprinkle, and he was able to elicit most of what happened:

Some of the actual phrases uttered by the women while in a trance (under hypnosis) graphically illustrate their terror during their ordeal.  Elaine Thomas cried out, “Something is pressing on my throat!  Like hands, all over, all around .   .   .  I can see shadows as they pass by — pressure on my chest — they won’t let me breathe!   I can’t get away”!

When describing the part of her experience when something was being poured over her face, Louise Smith prayed, “Help me, Lord, please! .   .   .  It’s so dark .   .   .   .  I’m so scared!   Get that off my face .   .  

.  Let go of my arm .   .   . I want to get up but I can’t .   .   .”  At       another point in the session she cried, “Please, I can’t do no more!   I’m so weak .   .   .  I want to die!   Please don’t”!

Mona Stafford, who seems to be the one most affected by the incident, screamed, “Oh, he’s coming at me! .   .   .  Oh, they’re pulling at me, they’re pulling my feet!  My feet are being bent backwards.   Twisted.  I can’t take no more”!  (“Abducted”!  by Coral and Jim Lorenzen, UFO Report, June 1978).

At the coming Warning, we shall experience not only such terror, but also a “burning” sensation, according to the messages.  The three women also experienced a great burning sensation:

Enter limbo .   .   .  Recalls Mrs. Smith, “I had the strangest feeling of being deserted.  We all felt like we were burning up and then our skin started to tingle, then we all got severe headaches .   .   .  Everything outside of the car became dark and strange .”

.   .   .The next morning, the plight of the three women worsened.  Mrs.  Smith said her skin was red, swollen, and “looked like fish scales”.  When she bathed, she felt as if she were on fire .   .   .  Her thirst for liquid was insatiable.

Then next morning, Mona Stafford’s eyes were like fireballs; the eyelids were puffed and painful.  Her headache persisted without letup.   “My skin was red hot, feeling like it had been scraped,” she said .   .   .  The next morning for Mrs. Thomas was similar:   headache, skin inflammation .  .   . (p. 230, Situation Red, Leonard Stringfield)

The similarity of this case to the many demonic abductions of the nun, Sister Josefa Menendez, during 1922 and 1923 should be noted.  These abductions are described in the work, The Way of Divine Love, by Sister Josefa Menendez (Tan Books, Rockford, Illinois).   In the Introduction to this work, H. Monier Vinard described them:

Soon the forcible abductions became more frequent, in spite of the supervision exercised by Superiors.   Under their very eyes she suddenly disappeared, and after long search would be found thrown into some loft, or beneath heavy furniture, or in some unfrequented spot.   In their presence she was burnt, and without seeing the  devil, they saw her

clothes consumed and on her body unmistakable traces of fire, which caused wounds that took long to heal .    .   .  Though she was dragged down into the Bottomless Pit more than a hundred times, each sojourn seemed to her to be the first, and appeared to last countless ages.   She endured all the tortures of hell, with the one exception of hatred of God.   (p.  xxvii) .   .   .  She began by finding herself in what she described as a dark hole, faced by the demon who appeared to think that she was definitely in his power forever.   He boisterously commanded her to be thrust into her fiery niche; and Josefa, tightly bound, would fall into the chaos of fire, the dolorous abode of rage and despair . . .

“I have endured much,” she continued, “these last days.  It is as if a stream of fire were being poured down my throat, passing right through my body, while at the same time I am pressed between the fiery planks .   .   .  The pain is intolerable, and beyond description; my eyes seem to be starting out of their sockets, wrenched out, my nerves strained, my body wracked and doubled in two, incapable of stirring, and over and around the nauseating and offensive stench, infecting the air* .    .    .   .” (pp.  146-147).

*This intolerable odor enveloped Josefa on her return from the Bottomless Pit .   .   .  It was mingled sulphur and burning putrid flesh, and it clung to her, say the witnesses, for a quarter of an hour or so  .   .   .  but she herself was painfully aware of it a much longer time.

Another fascinating case is that of Stephen Pulaski who had a “UFO-creature encounter” at Greenburg, Pennsyslvania, on the night of 25 Oct 1973.  The case is described in Charles Bowen’s Encounter Cases From Flying Saucer Review (Signet Books, New York, 1977).  In this encounter, one of the demons had a half-bear, half-human form, and emitted a whining sound and a horrible stench.  For a few minutes the demon even took possession of Stephen’s body, and he went momentarily berserk.   However, he came out of the affair in a heroic manner; and, although very confused by the experience, he showed that he sensed its deep meaning:

“Was it a dream?   I heard a crying noise.   I could see a Man in a Black Robe, carrying a scythe.  Behind this man was fire and in front of him was a force, and in this force were the creatures.  They were calling, “Stephen, Stephen”!  One was laughing.  It was a tantalizing laugh, and was making me mad.  My hands were clenched tight.  Behind us was a big light.  In this light something was telling me to go forward.  “Go forward.  Come on”!   It was edging me.  I could see myself crazy, as a man so powerful that I wasn’t scared of anything.  The creatures kept calling me, and the Light kept saying:  “Go, my son, you can’t be hurt.”   I think of a mother sheep calling her little lambs.

As I walked to the edge of the woods, the creatures kept wailing.  I looked at them and all I could think of was death and the faceless Form (man) in the Black Robe who was commanding these things to kill me ---- it was hate .   .   . a hatred for everything.  I knew that these things came from this force and if they got to the Light they would be destroyed.

The tension was so terrific that I passed out.  Then I heard, “He is here---- he is here.”   But who was he?   Somebody was putting a puzzle in my head.  My hands and ankles were hurting.   Somebody was telling me

that these people are going to destroy themselves.  I kept seeing the date 1976 —1976.  It popped out of my mouth:   “If these people don’t straighten out, the whole world will burn.”

I’m living in hell now.  What I’m telling you happened before.  This is how the  earth was destroyed.  It will be very soon, and this world will be gone.  Somebody better find out before long or the world will end.  We’re destroying the world.  What’s the fire?  What’s going to happen in burning?  Is there someone smarter than us that is playing upon us, laying a picture or puzzle out for us?  It seems stupid but it seems like I have to tell the President of the United States, because somebody else has to know.  It seems that somebody else is also being told at the same time, but they’re not going to do it.  They’re scared.  I don’t know what happened in the field, or what these guys told you, but I felt like an animal.  If you could find the one who would believe me ---- 1976 is not far off.   I don’t believe America is going to live to be 200 years free, because that’s been getting to be too.  And the world will go.  Man will destroy himself.   (pp.  166-167).

Comments:   Anyone familiar with the Bible and the visions of Veronica can grasp much of the meaning of these things.  The “Man in the Black Robe” with the scythe was the devil, the angel of death, the 4th horseman of Apoc 7 : 8, the exterminator of Apoc 9 : 11.  He hated and wanted to kill everyone and everything.  The “creatures” were his army of half-human, half-animal demons or lost souls in all of their hideous forms.  The “Light” or “mother sheep” who will eventually destroy the demons was probably Our Lady.  If the people of the world “ don’t straighten out, the whole world will burn” when the Ball of Redemption comes.

One of the many miraculous photos received at Bayside shows the Angel of Death, the Destroyer, the Exterminator, the Grim Reaper, the Devil, in the form of a clothed skeleton on horseback.  He is brandishing a sickle or scythe And going forward to cut down and claim his own: all unrepentant sinners.   Standing on the left is the figure of an “ogre”.   Our Lady’s term

for a creature who is one of Satan’s army of fallen souls (people who have died in sin).

The demons will also come when the Ball of Redemption comes.  The Ball of Redemption is a Ball of Fire, a Fireball, a Comet.  See demon-fireball connections in UFO literature.  See Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collision for demon-comet connections:   Lucifer-Comet, Dragon-Comet, Rehab-Comet, Typhon-Comet, Taraka-Comet, Ahriman-Comet, Maruts-Comet, Tistrya-Comet, Nergal-Comet, etc.  According to the Babylonian hymns to Nergal, “great giants, raging demons, with awesome members, run at his right and at his left”   (p. 281).

We end this study with a message of Jesus on the Warning. 2Feb78—Jesus:       “The Warning will soon come upon you.   Will you then awaken from your slumber and turn from your road of destruction?   Can you not understand the counsel of My Mother?   Can you not give yourselves over to lives of piety and of usefulness to man without falling into a delusion based on Humanism and Modernism in the ways of man?  Man will not create a ‘New World’ as he seeks, for there cannot be a lasting world without his God.  I do not speak of the false gods and idols that man creates in his human nature.  There is only one Creator.

You who have cast aside the knowledge of your God, you who have set yourselves up by gathering the power and money of the world to control the masses, you will find that all of your power and all of your gold and silver cannot hold back the heavens as they descend upon you in a just punishment.  The heavens and the earth will tremble (quake) and fear will come upon man as he watches the approach of the destruction that he himself has chosen to set loose.

“Little by little you go forward.  I say ‘little by little’, but I should stress that man is running faster and faster to the edge of the abyss.  In his search for power and knowledge, man seeks to dethrone God and create his own god.  But who will (can) set himself above his Creator, even attempting to control birth and death?  I say to you that you will never learn the secrets—the sacred secrets — of death and life, for these are controlled by the Eternal Father.  He has created you and He will remove you in due time.  “You are forcing Heaven to set in motion the plan of using the Angel of Death, the Exterminator, upon you.  In your wantonness, in your search for fleshly pleasures and sin, many will die and fall into hell.”

Comments: The coming invasion of the demons is probably shown in Joel 2.  In this chapter, the “army of the Lord” is an army of “locusts”, but these are the “demon locusts” from hell described in Apoc 9.  At their head is the Angel of Death, the Exterminator, mentioned in Apoc 9 : 11.  When this army of demons comes, they will darken the sky, both the heavens and the earth will quake, and all men will be struck with terror.  “At the sight of them, the peoples are appalled, and every face grows pale” (Joel 2:6).  Or as Jesus said:   ‘The heavens and the earth will tremble (quake), and fear will come upon man as he watches the approach of the destruction he himself has chosen to set loose.”

There are 3 photos of Our Lady earlier in this book, “the Mother of Light,” as she appeared on top of the Coptic Church of St. Mary in Zeitoun, Egypt.  Throughout the period, 2 April 1968, to June 1969, the apparitions were seen by over 100,000

people.  Fr. Jerome Palmer, a Benedictine priest, described the apparitions in his book-let, Our Lady Returns to Egypt, and our photos are taken from this work.  See also his article, “The Virgin Mary Appears in Egypt.” Fate, August 1971.  News of the apparitions was apparently suppressed by the American Catholic Hierarchy or press.  


According to St. Louis de Montfort, Our Lady will one day defeat and crush the devil and his demons: “ .   .   .  Mary must be terrible to the devil and his crew, as an army ranged in battle, principally in these Latter Times, because the devil, knowing that he has but little time .   .   . to destroy souls, will every day redouble his efforts and his combats .   .   .  It is principally of these last and cruel persecutions of the devil, which shall go on increasing daily till the reign of Antichrist, that we ought to understand that first and celebrated prediction and curse of God

.   .   . ‘I will put enmities between thee and the Woman, and (between) thy seed and Her seed; She shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for Her heel’ (Genesis 3:15).  God has never made and formed but one enmity ; but it is an irreconcilable one, which shall endure and grow even to the end.  It is between Mary, His worthy Mother, and the devil —

between the children and the servants of the Blessed Virgin, and the children and tools of Lucifer.  The most terrible of all the enemies which God has set up against the devil is His holy Mother Mary.  He has inspired Her, even since the days of the earthly Paradise, though She existed then only in His idea.”   (True Devotion to Mary, Tan Books, Rockford, IL).

Study 4.   The Demons and Their Transports from Hell, the Flying Saucers

A.   Visions of Hell and Demons.   In the previous study, we indicated that the people of the earth will probably experience the terrifying and burning presence of the demons during the coming Warning.  Thus the Warning will be like the vision of hell which the Fatima children received in 1917.  During the last decade, Veronica Leuken has also received several visions of hell, and they will be presented here.  But first we may ask why these visions have been given.

Throughout the last two centuries — and more especially throughout the last few decades —, mankind has fallen ever more deeply into an abyss of sin and corruption, apostasy and revolution against God.  The Bible indicates that the reward for such actions is hell and eternal damnation.  To prevent the complete destruction of the human race, the Eternal Father has sent Our Lady, the spiritual Mother of all men, to the earth to teach men how to return to the road of life.  In Her many visits to many lands upon earth, She has appealed with tears to men to give up their sinful way of life and return to the way of God.

Since so few have been converted, however, it is evident that the mission of Our Lady has been only weakly successful.  Indeed, as Our Lady Herself has said, only a minority will be saved.  This failure has not been due to any defect on Her part, but solely to the blindness and pride and hardness of heart of men.  When God admonishes men to cease their sins and do penance, intelligent men obey freely, but the foolish learn only by force and suffering, and, alas, the wise are few and the foolish are the majority.

Thus the coming Warning is a last attempt to accomplish by force and chastisement what all of the appeals to intelligence and freedom have failed to accomplish.  The Warning will be an act of chastisement upon a corrupt and boorish generation.  Although God and Our Lady do not wish to put fear into the hearts of humans, men will nonetheless experience a paralyzing fear as God abandons them to the presence of the demons at the Warning.

The primary purpose of the visions of the demons and hell is to show each and every human being where he or she will end up for eternity, if he or she continues in a life of sin.  Other secondary purposes are to show men the nature of the demons who are now loosed upon earth, present in the Flying Saucers and the atmosphere of the earth, causing accidents and natural catastrophes and mutilations, filling men with the greatest delusions, and leading them to World War and complete destruction.  Visions of demons clearly forebode the destruction and end of corrupt world cultures and ages.  These visions also show men what were the bestial “gods” of ancient pagan mythologies.  “All of the gods of the nations are devils” (Psalm 95:5)  They are not “the glorious extraterrestrials” or “our Space Brothers” who have come to “save mankind” from approaching catastrophe.  They are false messiahs.

On page 136 we presented the vision of hell seen by the Fatima children. On page 118 we presented the vision seen by Veronica on 13 April 1974.  The following are several additional visions and experiences of hell, the demons and the damned souls, seen by Veronica.

24Dec73—Veronica:   “Now I see a large hold .   .   .  The ground is opening, and people are just floating down into this very deep hole.  They seem to have no weight.  They are unable to control their movements, and they are just hitting each other, and there’s terror on their faces.  They’re going down into the hole where there is a tremendous flaming light.  Now some horrible creatures are coming up.  The people are all screaming in terror.  Their bodies are glowing orange like a fire — like glowing coals.  Oh!  Oh!  These other horrible creatures, that look half-animal and half-human, are extending their claw-like hands and pushing the human beings.  And they are tormenting them!  Their faces are so horrible and ugly, and they look like they are enjoying the tormenting of the poor souls!  Oh!

Now the bodies of these poor souls seem to be endlessly burning like live coals.  They are looking upward, and they are trying desperately to go up, up out of the hole.  But the more they fight to go up, the further down they sink into the Pit.  Oh!  I see many down at the bottom of the Pit, and they are just sitting there.  They are no longer floating.  And now

new ones are coming down.  And those that are sitting are dejectedly repeating:   ‘Forever lost . . .  forever lost .   .   .’”

      7Sep74—Veronica:  “Oh my goodness!  I see—oh the stench!   The odor is so horrible.  I see a huge Pit and it’s really burning.  The walls are orange and burning hot. Oh!   Oh!   I see these horrible creatures; they’re clinging to the sides

of the rocks.  Some have wings on them and they’re horrible.  They look almost human; they’re half-human, half animal.   But they have pointed  ears and they  have .   .   . oh my God!   Please, Blessed Mother, take me out of here! Oh my God!   They have feet that look like claws, and they have arms with hair.  But they also have fingernails on their fingers; (their hands) are like claws.   And they have the most horrible grinning expressions on their faces!

Now I see bodies of humans falling.   As they’re falling, they’re starting to glow.  They’re glowing with an orange-colored glow and they’re screaming: ‘Help!  Mercy!  Mercy!  Too late!   Too late!’    Oh my God!   I see they’re falling so fast ---- I don’t know where they came from.  They seem to be almost raining  from the sky into the Pit.And I see ---- oh my God ----- I see some priests.  Oh ---- I see one who has a cardinal’s hat on his head.   And there are three ---- I an count them ---- they have miters on their heads. Oh my God!   It’s so horrible!   The heat is so great ---- and the stench! I feel like I’m burning .   .   .  Oh Blessed Mother!   Now I’m going higher.  The air is clearer; it’s not so heavy.   Oh!  Now it’s becoming brighter.  Oh I’m glad  (to get out of there)”!

6Oct74—Our Lady:   “Man in his arrogance has cast aside the truth of the everlasting nature of man — the immortality of the soul.  Know that there is no real death, except for the human body.  You are as you are, an entity that lives forever.  You now have the choice of your life over the veil:   the eternal Kingdom of Light or the Kingdom of Darkness.  Either you will live forever with God the Father, My Son, and all who have washed their robes clean in suffering and martyrdom with My Son, or you will join the kingdom of the damned, who wail in darkness and suffer torture of heart knowing that they are forever lost. Woe, woe, woe to the parents who lead their children onto the road to the abyss”!

Veronica:       “Oh my goodness!  I see the horrible, horrible Pit!  A deep hole with those horrible creatures.  They seem to cling to the sides of the stone.  They’re half-  human, half-animal.  Their fingers and their feet are like claws — long claws with nails.  Now they also have — oh my goodness, I know what it is — they also have wings.  Those two that are clinging have wings, but they’re not beautiful like the angels.  Now I hear a voice saying:

(The Voice):    “The fallen ones, my child ---- the fallen!    The fallen angels!”

Veronica:       “Oh my!  They look ---- ugh! — sickening, black, charred!  Pinpointed ears, slit eyes, teeth that are extended over their lower lip — if you want to call it a  lip — it’s like a gash in their face.  And .   .   . (words not clear) .   .   . like teeth.  And their body seems to adhere to the sides of the stone.   But now one is reaching out with his clawlike — oh it’s horrible — he’s going like this. And now I see many, many people.  I recognize them by their forms, but they’re transparent and sort of orange-colored, burning coals.  They all have a look of terror and shock, and they’re screaming; but I can’t hear well because  there’s so much crackling and noise of laughter — horrible, hideous laughter!  Oh my!  They’re people — I know they’re people.  Oh I’m so frightened!  Oh I see many young people out there — they look 15 or 16.  Oh God — boys and girls!  And I see — oh my goodness — I see a nun now. Her skirt is blowing.  She looks like she’s falling head-first down into the hole.  Oh my goodness, the skirt she has on is not long — it’s short, way above her knees.  Oh my goodness!  There’s a voice booming in my head:”

(The Voice):   “Impiety!  Impurity!  Immorality!  Such is the fate of all foolish maidens!

Veronica:       “Oh my goodness!   Blessed Mother, take me out!   Oh my goodness!”

Now I seem to be coming out of this Pit, and there’s real smoke (also coming out) — it’s grey.   (Veronica coughs)   Ugh!   It’s grey and it smells like ---- oh I can taste it! —- sulphur and rot!  Ugh! 

Ugh!  (Veronica is like nauseated) Oh I’m now coming up.   It’s like a very long ride up through the air.  Oh coming up now — there’s sunlight.  Oh! Now Our Lady is coming over.”

Our Lady:       “My child, you see the place of the damned.   Man seeks to remove this truth among you.  Know that there is a hell, and there is a place of purging before you enter the Kingdom of the Father.  A soul must be as pure and white as a snowflake, before it becomes contaminated in the earth’s atmosphere, before it an enter into the Kingdom of the Father. In the Kingdom, My child, there are many mansions.  Therefore you must not judge others, but you should set a good example.  The Father is always the final judge.  We do not condone wrong, but the Father is always the final judge.

Veronica:       “Now it’s growing very, very bright.  I feel like I can breathe again.  Oh, I don’t smell that horrible odor any more.  It was like burning flesh and sulphur.   Oh it was sickening!”

20Nov74—Our Lady:            “There is a plan for every soul placed on earth; that is why the punishment — the chastisement — of man will be great.  He offends the Father with his murders of the unborn (all forms of killing the child

prior to birth).  My child, I repeat the sad news:   all who of free will have any part in the slaughter of an unborn child, a soul from the Father, will be condemned to the eternal fires of hell.  His soul will be claimed by the Prince of Darkness, and he will join the ranks of the damned forever.”

Veronica:       “Oh my goodness!   I see — oh dear! — I see a large hole. It looks like a crater.  And Our Lady is going over — She’s not walking, She’s floating over.” Our Lady:       “Come, My child, you must see this and bring this to the world.”      Veronica:       “Oh Mother, no .   .   . oh.”     Our Lady:       “My child, look down into the realm of the damned!”      Veronica:       “Oh!   Oh!”

      Our Lady:       “Describe the scene, My child.”

Veronica:       “Oh my!   There’s a large cave-like hole.  The walls are blackened with charcoal;  and there are flames — hot, searing flames — climbing up the walls.  And over on the right side — ugh! — there’s a horrible thing.  I don’t know how  he stays on the wall; it’s not that rough.  But he has wings sort of like a bat.  He has legs, and his feet are like frog’s claws.  And his head is — ugh — like an elf, with pointed ears and slit eyes, and he’s grinning horribly.  Now he’s reaching out .   .   .  Our Lady is taking my hand, and We’re floating down.  It’s awfully hot. Oh! We’re floating down, and now there’s more of these things.  Our Lady is whispering:”    (Our Lady): They are the fallen angels, My child.”

Veronica:       “Now we’re going down farther and — oh! — there are hundreds and thousands of people.  I know they’re people, but they seem to be like burning coals.  I can see the shapes of their bodies, and they’re naked.  Oh my goodness! — I know they’re naked .   .   .  Oh!  Oh — they don’t even have any weight — they’re floating — and they go up and down.  And they’re screaming — the noise hurts my ears!   Oh!  Oh — they’re screaming and — oh! — they’re terribly frightened.  And now some are upside-down and falling down into the hold; and when they get down, something like a blast of hot fire and air shoots them up again.  It’s like they’re without (the ability to control their (motion or direction).  Now Our Lady is moving upward and I’m going up.  There’s a terrible stench — ugh! — like of sulphur and (Veronica coughs) — ugh! — like sulphur and something rotten.  I can taste it — ugh!  Now it’s getting brighter — ah! — now We’re outside.  Now it’s getting very bright.  I feel better.  Now Our Lady is coming over and We’re coming down.”

Our Lady:       “My child, you see there is a hell.  There is a realm of deep darkness and damnation:  forever — eternally ---- without light.   Is this what you want, My children?  This is your destination now, for many are on the road to perdition.   Awaken My clergy, (give them My message): Turn back, turn back, you are on the wrong road!   Restore My Son’s House; patch the cracks!  (Keep) Tradition, My children, you cannot separate Tradition from the Faith.”

18Jun75—Our Lady:            “Yes, My child, We look upon a world that has given itself to Satan.  The people and nations of the world now degrade themselves in all kinds of debauchery, fornication, and sins of the flesh.  Most souls are

going to hell because of these sins of the flesh, My child.  They are falling into hell as fast as snowflakes fall from the heavens.”      Veronica:       “Oh my!  I see that large Pit.  It’s a hole, a cavern,       going down into the ground.  Oh my goodness!   Now I see — they look like human bodies, but they’re glowing.  They’re on fire like coals, but I can recognize their shapes — they’re people.  And I can almost see their faces in spite of their orange glow.  They’re filled with terror — their faces are filled with terror!

Now, over on the side, there are horrible — ugh! — horrible creatures They look almost half-human and half-animal.  They have no hands (but claws), and one of them I clinging onto the side of the wall .   .   .  They hold on to the side of the wall, and as the bodies of the fallen souls float by, (these horrible creatures) taunt them and kick at them with their feet.  But the feet have long claw-like nails and look like animal claws.  Their feet and hands are like terrible claws.  And their faces I can’t describe, but they’re horrible also. Ah!  Now I seem to be going up, up, and it’s not so hot as it was down in the hole.  And I can’t hear the screaming so much.  Ah!  Coming out of the hole.  It’s like coming out of a furnace.  Ah!  Now Our Lady is coming over .   .   .”

Our Lady:       “My child, it is not a pleasant sight, but one which cannot be avoided by many, because they choose to sell their souls to Lucifer.  Many have been redeemed by the acts of atonement and prayer of the faithful and those who have the capacity to love.  The Father is most merciful and does not wish anyone to be lost without cause.  However, do not be misguided by those who preach the false doctrine that there is no hell or Purgatory.  It has been Lucifer’s work to deceive you so that sin has become a way of life with you .   .   .  My child, make known to the world that, when the soul leaves the body, it has full consciousness — full knowledge — of what goes on about it.”

27May78—Our Lady:           “You must pray for your bishops, for the greatest attack from Satan and his agents, the coalition of 666, is now upon My Son’s Church.  The forces of evil are supernatural now, and, as such, human scientific means cannot stop these forces.  You must also fight them with your supernatural armor. My children, if I could take you with Me and allow you to look into the abyss, I assure you that two out of three of those who came on the journey could not stand the terror and the fright.  Their hearts would surely stop on viewing this scene in the abyss.  Torment and endless torture (felt by both) conscience and body.”

Comments:   The abyss or bottomless pit is described in Apoc 9.  Here the pit is like a “furnace”, and out of it pours a “smoke”, just as in Veronica’s visions.  The demons are said to have a half-animal, half-human appearance.  Such creatures can be found in books on ancient pagan religions and mythologies; see the entrees on “satyrs”, “sphinxes”, “centaurs”, etc. There can be little doubt that, even today, many are seeing the demons with their horrible faces, pointed ears, bulging red eyes, webbed clawlike hands and feet, disgusting stench, etc.  See the UFO literature in general.  See also some of the drawings of the UFO creatures from UFO Report in the pages to follow.  In the January 1979 issue of UFO Report, Jerome Clark writes: “Where are they coming from?

All over the United States, people — most of them living in isolated rural areas— are reporting encounters with strange hairy creatures.  Not long ago such sightings were confined to the wilderness areas of the Pacific Northwest, where it was at least conceivable that a major unknown animal species could exist mostly undetected.  But now Bigfeet (as Bigfoot is known in the plural) are cropping up in inconceivable places:  South Dakota, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania — in fact just about any state you can name. Yet, unless we are willing to speculate about a nationwide conspiracy of hoaxers without apparent motive, we are going to have to admit that something awfully odd is taking place these days.

Perhaps the Northwestern Bigfoot is a flesh-and-blood inhabitant of our world.  The others, however, appear to be quite something else, paraphysical denizens of a shadowy realm that exists at the edge of reality and occasionally intrudes into our plane.  But even if that’s true, it doesn’t help us very much, nor does it even address the most important question of all:   what are they doing here?

      Comments:    We suggest to Mr. Clark and the Ufologists that man simply will not accept the UFO creatures for what they are.  They re demons, supernatural creatures from hell.  This is proven by the following facts: (1) Despite the fact that there have been tens of thousands of reported UFO sightings (and many more unreported ones),   humanity does not have a single Flying Saucer in captivity.  According to the December 1976 issue of UFO Report, Dr. David Saunders has over 50,000 cases of UFO sightings in his computer file.

(2) Mankind does not even have a single damaged Flying Saucer on hand.  In many reports of Flying Saucer landings, the witnesses have stated that the Flying Saucer occupants were “repairing their craft”.  But if the Flying Saucer was really damaged, then why does not anybody have one on hand?  The act of “repairing their craft” is only one of many deceptions these demons create.

(3) The same reasoning applies to the Flying Saucer creatures themselves.  Despite the fact that there have been thousands of UFO creature sightings, humanity does not have a single UFO creature in captivity.

(4) Likewise, mankind does not have a single wounded or dead UFO creature on hand, despite the many times humans have used guns against them.

(5) Both the Flying Saucers and their occupants have a seemingly supernatural ability to appear and disappear.

Why will man not accept the UFO creatures for what they are?  Because it would mean that he would have to acknowledge the reality of hell, of demons, of sin and punishment, and of the whole supernatural world that he has long ago overthrown as so much superstition. Why are these creatures now coming up from hell to the surface of the earth?  Because sin has now become a way of life on earth, and because God has consequently opened the prison of hell and allowed the demons to come out in order to punish man.  As the Book of Job says, “Trouble does not just grow out of the earth, nor does evil spring out of the ground by itself, but it is man who begets trouble for himself, as the sons of Resheph (the sons of fire, demons, vultures, UFO creatures) fly upward” (Job 5:6-7)

B.  The Flying Saucers: Transports from Hell.  Before presenting the messages of Our Lady concerning Flying Saucers, we shall give two messages on scientists.

7Sep76—Our Lady:   “You men of science, you go forward out into space, looking and searching for another world.  You will find nothing.  Out in space, My children, there only lies a void. The other world is across the veil.  It is the world of the supernatural.  The man of science is ever searching, but never coming to a knowledge of the truth.”

2Apr77—Jesus:   “Remain simple of heart, trusting as little children in your Faith. For if you seek the answers from scientists, you will find nothing but destruction and despair.  Scientists and men of great knowledge are ever searching, but never coming to the truth.  They will not recognize the supernatural, because, in their darkness of spirit, they no longer know the difference between the physical body and the spiritual soul.  And, My children, since they do not know that difference any longer, they choose to say: ‘It does not exist.’

But God is, God was, and God will always be.  There is a Heaven, the eternal abode of the good;  there is a hell, the eternal abode of the damned; and there is a place of purging for those who have not accepted penance and atonement, or made a true (full) repentance for their sins upon earth.  They must then wait and (be purged), cleansing themselves in this place of waiting, Purgatory.”

24Dec73—Our Lady:           “There are many agents of hell loosed upon earth.  They are traveling in transports. Do not be won over to the false theory (that life exists beyond the earth) other than the Kingdom of God.   Know that it is Satan who sends these vehicles (Flying Saucers) before you.  They are to confuse and confound you. These objects that take flight across your earth are from hell.  They are only the false miracles of your times.  Recognize them, My children; they are not a figment of man’s imagination.  They are present in your atmosphere, and they will become more dominant as the fight for the souls goes on.

There have been divisions of armies set up to fight Lucifer, Luciel, the despicable creature of darkness.  He has set himself to destroy man, body and soul, and to take the souls of My children to the abyss.  When you fall, you will have fallen of your own free will.  No man enters hell unless he has given himself freely to Satan.”

29Dec73—Veronica:   “There are now many Flying Saucers overhead here.  The bottoms of these Saucers are (like half of a lens), and the tops are like points (aerials?) Sticking out of their heads.  They are all over the sky now.  They are transports from hell.  Veronica out of ecstasy:   Do you remember the picture of the UFO which I showed you in the newspaper the other day?   They are just frightening to look at, but they are only supposed to frighten you.  They are from Satan, and they are false miracles, not true miracles of God.  These things that they call UFOs are not from another planet; they are from Satan.  They are actually appearing and people are seeing them.

Just as Jesus and Our Lady are working miracles, so Satan is making his miracles to happen.  But he is only doing that in order to confound and confuse people, and to make them think that there is life on other planets.  There is no life on other planets. They (the occupants of the Flying Saucers) are actually demons.  Yes, they are real all right.  But they cannot harm you if you have a sacramental on. However, they can frighten you if you meet up with them.  I’ve seen some of them.  They look like they have the body of a man, and they have a silver-type — I don’t know what it is — but it’s the face that frightens you.  They have different faces, but the ones I saw had little ears.  They look half-animal.

People have seen them; they have been all over the United States.  It is true when people report they have seen these demons, but the people seeing them are either called crazy or (said to be) just seeing things.  There is a man from Georgia who most certainly did see them, because we have taken a picture ere of the same demon that the man in Georgia got.  If you remember the picture of the UFO shown in the newspaper the other day, and if you compare it with the picture we got here last Sunday, (you would see that they are the same).  The man in Georgia, a policeman, saw that creature walking along the road; he had just gotten out of a transport.

So those are real pictures of the Flying Saucers which Our Lady gave us.  When Satan wants to frighten you or confound you, he will allow you to see them.  They’ve been all over the United States.  I don’t know about Canada, but they have been all over the United States.  Just a while ago they were flying all over here.  We got them on pictures last Sunday too.  We have gotten many pictures of them.  They (appear in order) to frighten you.   They are horrible things to look at, but most of them are very small.  They have slit eyes, an enlarged mouth — it’s the face that frightens you. I saw hat one of them had a thing on its head that looked silvery-grey.  I don’t know how to explain it, but it (the thing on the head, or the skin) is like a death-looking glue.  You know they are ugly to look at.”

Comments:   The great increase of recent UFO sightings is detailed in Leonard Stringfield’s Situation Red:   The UFO Siege (1977).  But even this book is now outdated by the great new wave that began in the latter part of 1978 and continues to the present time (March 1979).  See the following page which is taken from the 30 January 1979 issue of the National Enquirer. For the case of the “policeman from Georgia” of which Veronica spoke, see the article, “President Jimmy Carter and Georgia’s UFO Wave,” in the May 1977 issue of UFO Report.  The case of Jeffrey Greenhaw, chief of police of Falkville, Alabama, is also mentioned in this article and in Stringfield’s book.  When Greenhaw saw the Flying Saucer creature coming down the road, he snapped four photos of it that later made national headlines.  “His deed of snapping four photos of a silver-suited and helmeted humanoid that he met on a lonely road about 10:30 P.M. cost him his job, allegedly wrecked his marriage, and was probably the cause of his trailer home being set afire, according to Stringfield.

25Jul74—Our Lady:   “The Commandments of the Father have been cast aside.  They were given so that your world would live in peace and flourish.  Now you seek to invite in Exterminatus!   My child, Exterminatus is a demon of destruction known as ‘War’. There are loosed upon your earth countless numbers of demons.  The gates of hell are opening wide. The false miracles of the Last Days, which are promoted by Satan, are much in evidence upon your world.  Science gives many explanations for them, but they have yet to come forward with the truth.

Your Flying Saucers are but a supernatural manifestation from Satan.  It would be better if the clergy would spend their time, not in disproving the honorable miracles from God the Father, but in seeking out the truth about these dishonorable, dishonest miracles that are miracles of Satan.  These miracles from hell are transports — transports of demons.”

13Sep74—Veronica: Now Our Lady is extending Her Rosary forward in one hand like this.  Now She is reaching into the folds of Her dress, and She’s holding up a Scapular — a brown Scapular.  Oh, it’s such a large brown Scapular that I can see the picture on it:   it is of Our Lady holding the Infant Jesus.  It’s very pronounced.  Now Our Lady is coming forward.”

Our Lady:       “My child, this is your armor and the armor of all mankind.  With these sacramentals We shall withstand the onslaughts of Satan and his agents.  Yes, My child, the agents of hell, the demons from the abyss, always gather outside of a shrine of purity.   They never sleep. It has been (deemed) necessary by the Father that you be given a photograph of the transports from hell.   You will inform your en of knowledge, and scientists, that the vehicles known as UFOs are but transports from hell sent to deceive and confuse mankind, and to set him in quest of another world that does not exist.

Your Protector (Michael), the Guardian of your Faith, has not been (brought back) into the Houses of My Son.  Know that you will deceive yourselves by this action.  Michael must be (re-entered) into the (Churches) and hearts of mankind.  All of the clergy, all shepherds of the flock, must praise the Father through Michael, the Guardian of His People.  You must return Michael to your prayers after the Holy Sacrifice (at the end of the Mass).”Your government and your media have given themselves to the agents of  Satan. 

Comments:   With regard to the ejection of Michael from the Church at the Vatican II Council, see the message of 21 Aug 1974, on page 9 and subsequent comments on page 12.

1Nov74—Our Lady:   “The forces of evil rage throughout your once-glorious country and (all) countries of the earth.  Many will fall; many (countries) will disappear from the surface of your world.  O My children, if I could only allow you to see what is in store for you, your country and the world, you would walk on your knees. There are now loosed upon your world many transports from hell.  Many children of the earth will witness this phenomenon from Satan.  Do not be 

deluded.  They do exist, but they are a supernatural phenomenon from the abyss — from Satan.”

      Veronica:       “Our Lady speaks of the Flying Saucers loosed upon the earth.”

6Dec74—Our Lady:   “Children of the world, know the plan of Satan (who is) among you:   He cannot work without using the body of a human. Loosed upon you now are a legion of demons from hell.  They seek to bring about the full capitulation of mankind and the reign of the Man of Sin.  My children, there is about you a world unseen to your human eyes. These creatures of darkness never sleep. But beside you, to protect you, there are angels of light from Heaven. How few call to their guardians!   At the moment of conception, the spirit of life is breathed into the body .   .   .  At the moment of emergence from the mother’s womb, a guardian of light is given to the born child.” My child, do not discount My warnings of the miracles of hell (Flying Saucers) which gather about the grounds.  The transports of hell are ever-present.  The world has chosen to call them ‘Flying Saucers’.   Know that they  are transports of hell. (But) see, My child, the power of Heaven.”

Veronica:       “Oh, I see .   .   . Our Lady is placing Her hand out, and I see a light coming down onto the grounds here.   And — oh my goodness! — people are just floating right up!   (It’s) as though they had no weight!   They’re floating up  — up — up until now there must be 20 or 30 people standing next to Our Lady.  Oh!  Now Our Lady is placing Her hand down, and they are coming down — floating down.”

Our Lady:       “My child, you are watching one of the maneuvers My Son will use when He arrives.  No, not this evening, My child, (but) when He comes to bring peace to the world. Yes, My child, when My Son comes, He will come because of the great necessity to save mankind.  No flesh would remain unless He comes, so great will be the strife upon earth.”

Comments:   Our Lady says that the soul is breathed into the body at the moment of conception and that a guardian angel is assigned to the baby at the moment of birth.  Apparently the guardian angel of the mother guards not only the mother, but also the fetus during the nine months in the womb. Our Lady also speaks of what many have called “the Rapture”.  According to 1 Thes 4:15-18, when Christ comes back to the earth, He will raise the good people up in the air to meet Him.

31Dec74—Our Lady:           “My child, you will circulate fast the photographs of the vehicles from hell — the Flying Saucers.  They are gathering in great multitudes upon your earth.   Know that they are an illusion — a delusion

·        to mankind.  (They) are but one of the false miracles of Satan.”

Veronica out of ecstasy:   “We have been receiving many photographs of Flying Saucers over on the gym building .   .   .  Our Lady states .   .   . that the Flying Saucers are vehicles out of hell that are transporting demons from place to place on special missions.

Now these Flying Saucers are congregating on the roof of the gym.  There is only one reason why this can be done .   .   .  Obviously there is some sport or activity contrary to the will of God taking place within that edifice.  That is why the demons are congregating on the roof by means of these vehicles, these transports, the Flying Saucers . . . The building will have to be re-blessed.”

7Dec76—Our Lady:   “I repeat the message of the past, My child.  The Flying Saucers you speak of are transports from hell.  They are supernatural.  They are a creation of Satan to bewilder and confuse mankind.  Many prodigies in the atmosphere will be seen upon earth.   Beware of all false miracles; test the spirits, My children.”

25Mar78—Jesus:   “Many manifestations of a supernatural nature will be set upon mankind.  I say to you again:   test the spirits. I warn you again not to listen to those voices coming from the depths of hell, which say that life exists upon other planets of your universe. This is not true, My children.   If it were otherwise, I would have told you so in the Book of Life.   No, My children, your battle will rage upon earth. Satan is creating many (kinds of) false miracles, and one of them are the supernatural manifestations that you call ‘UFOs’.   My children, they are truly transports from hell.  However, hell will not be found on another planet. Pray, My children.   It is like a cat and mouse game with Satan.  You must always be looking that he does not extend his lures before you with delusion,  confusion and lies.”

27May78—Our Lady:           “My children, your world is now filled with demons.  They will promote accidents that are not accidents, destruction, and even false miracles in the air. My children, I repeat to you:   your UFOs are not unknown to your God, for they come from Satan.  They are one of the false miracles of the Latter Days.  They are vehicles from hell transporting demons, although these demons of the spirit can act (move?) Upon their own.   I cannot now give you the full details on the reason for calling them transports from hell.  In time this knowledge will be given to you.”

1Jun78—Jesus:        “One word of caution, My children:   As you go about crying ‘Peace and Security’, the world’s leaders are gathering for war.  There will be no peace, no security, without God the Father as the Leader of your world.  Reject Him, cast Him aside, and Satan then becomes your leader.  He has but one mission: to destroy each and every soul upon earth, so that he may capture them as prisoners in the eternal kingdom of the damned, which is Hades — hell — and eternal banishment from the Light.  Satan may come to you with many faces.  That is why We caution you often to recognize the faces of evil about you.  There is now a war (going on), My children;   it is a war of the spirits — a supernatural war — and you must use graces to fight in this supernatural war.

Many (supernatural) manifestations will take place on earth.  One (kind) has already taken place, namely, those which you call UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects.  They are creatures of Satan and are supernatural.  (Their purpose) is to delude you into believing that there is life beyond the earth (on other celestial bodies).  That is a fallacy and a lie.”

18Jun78—Our Lady:            “My children, you must understand the workings of the super-natural.   Satan and his agents, the demons, must enter into the body of a man or woman or child, who is out of grace, in order to work their will.  Since the demons belong to an invisible world, you cannot see them with your human eyes, unless this grace is granted through the Eternal Father’s intervention.  But they exist; they are beings just as you are human beings.   They are super-natural beings from the dark world, the pit of hell. Already Satan is working his way into your consciousness, seeking to take over your minds.   He is now promoting false miracles.   Those (objects)  you call ‘Flying Saucers’ are images from hell. My children, if you reject the knowledge of the supernatural, you are playing right into his hands.   While he remains hidden among you, he can go            about and, like a ravenous wolf, gobble up My children as  (when) they fall from grace.”

      C.   The Two Types of Demons:    Devils and Damned Souls.

      21Nov77— Our Lady:           “My children, in the supernatural world, there are figures (forms) of beings (called) demons.  They are creatures of hell.  Many have been in the abyss since they were cast out of Heaven with their leader, Lucifer, Luciel, the prince of darkness. Others have become demons by entering hell after they leave their human bodies.They are now consorts of (the evil ones).”

      Comments:   Here Our Lady indicates that a “demon” is simply “an evil spirit”, and that there  are two types:   (1) the fallen angels (or damned angelic spirits);   (2) the fallen human souls  (or damned human spirits).

Our Lady also says that the damned human souls are now “consorts” of the damned angels.  We might understand this to mean that the angelic spirits are “masculine spirits”, while the human spirits are “feminine spirits”.   If this is the case, then a damned human soul is a “spiritual wife” or “spiritual prostitute” of a devil.  In the Book of Hosea, unfaithful Jews who adored devils were said to have a “prostituting spirit”.   This may also be the explanation of the Biblical texts about the “sons of God” have “intercourse” with the “daughters of men”.

Our Lady has said that the “demons” include both the devils and the damned human souls.  Whenever She stated that the Flying Saucers were transporting “demons” from hell to the surface of the earth, therefore, we should understand that damned human souls, as well as devils, were in the Flying Saucers, and that the damned human souls are also now loosed upon earth.  In other words, such probably-damned souls as Judas Iscariot, Antiochus Epiphanes, Herod the Great, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Bakunin, etc are also in the Flying Saucers.  That this idea is correct is shown by another message:

13Sep75—Our Lady:   “My child, you must not hesitate in revealing the truth. Teilhard de Chardin is in hell!   Your leader, Roosevelt, is in hell”   (Pause) Veronica:       “Oh!”     Our Lady:   “Franklin Roosevelt, My child.   His spirit is one of darkness.  He enters anew upon earth from the abyss.  My child, I do not expect you to understand at this time all I am having you repeat.” Comments:   Franklin Roosevelt is the man who betrayed Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, and all of Eastern Europe into the hands of Stalin and the Communists, after he hypocritically said that World War II was fought “to preserve the world free for democracy”.  Of Josef Stalin (who, with Lenin and others, participated in the murder of 60 million people since 1917, according to Solzenitsyn), Roosevelt said, “good old Joe — he’s all right”.  Being of a kindred spirit with “good old Joe”, Roosevelt joined his friend in hell.  Now, however, “he enters anew upon the earth from the abyss” in the Flying Saucers, according to Our Lady.

D.   The Demons Cause Natural Catastrophes, Earthquakes, and “Accidents”

31Jan76—Our Lady:   “My child, you see there is no honor among those who are not with My Son.  Exterminatus will rage throughout your world.  The Angel of  Death will claim many.   There will be accidents that are not accidents. Satan will be given power over the elements.  It will be but for a short time, My child, and then Satan will be chained.” 10Feb78—Our Lady:           “In My counsel of the past, My children, I have told you many times that Satan has control of the elements.   There will be accidents that are not accidents, disturbances of nature claiming many lives, floods, tornadoes. My children, are you ready to face this crisis? My children, you must continue to send the message from Heaven through out the world.   Work with great haste.   The elements of nature will be used against you to try to stop the word from reaching all of your world.”

1Feb78—Our Lady:   “Many minor warnings have been given to mankind, but they go by unnoticed. The greatest trial that mankind is now undergoing is produced by Satan and his demons, who have been released from hell and who are now walking the earth.  They are now performing prodigies and wonders to confuse and confound mankind.  You call one of them the UFOs.  They are supernatural manifestations (miracles) from hell.  They are created in the minds of some (humans) by the demons, who are capable, because they now have great power on earth to control the elements of nature. These demons will also promote accidents that are not accidents.  Your     seasons will turn (worse), and upheavals of nature will become more prevalent.

And they will increase in intensity until mankind is brought to his knees.”

Comments:   The increase of earthquakes, tornadoes, and other natural catastrophes correlates with the increase of UFO activity, according to John Weldon and Zola Levitt.  In their book, UFOs — What on Earth is Happening?  (Harvest House, Irvine, Calif., 1975) They described the recent increase of natural catastrophes:

“Our planet is being increasingly ravaged by natural disasters: blizzards, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, frosts, and droughts have decimated food crops around the world and have left millions homeless and destitute.  Underseas volcanic activity is on the rise. Every year there is an average of 940 earthquakes measuring 5.0 or greater on the Richter scale.  Tornadoes, readily counted, have shown a devastating increase, from 160 per year during the period 1924-1949, to 624 per year during 1950-1973 (The World Almanac, 1975, p. 816;   Science News,

25 Jan 1975, pg. 52;   Saga’s UFO Report, vol 1, no. 6).   The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has stated that ‘drastic changes’ in the climate around the world are now in progress.   Some scientists are saying that the earth is going headlong toward a period of tremendous geological upheaval.  It is possible that large amounts of magna (the earth’s molten interior) are becoming increasingly active within the core of the planet.

Sunspots are increasing in size and number, and the solar activity in general is beginning to worry some observers.  The sun has emitted one hundred times the energy in radiation storms that we should expect relevant to the inner core structure.  This worrisome activity is similar to the signs a star gives off before it ‘explodes’ (or actually implodes)

According to recent newspapers, the world’s worst earthquake in 400 years occurred on 28 July 1976, at Tangshan, China.  At least 655,000 people were killed and 780,000 were injured, according to Communist Party officials.  The reports stated that, when the earthquakes occurred, three “dazzling Lights shot up like thunderbolts” from the earth.   Are these so-called “earthquake lights” UFOs shooting out of the earth?   According to Matt 24 : 7-8, such earthquakes are only “the beginning of sorrows”.

E.   Astrology a False Science Promoted by Satan

18Mar75—Our Lady:            “My children, make it known to My children that they are being deceived.   Many who come to them as angels of light are actually agents of darkness.  They go forward in error and gross deception. My child, make it known that the practice of astrology offends the Eternal Father.   It is a false science of the Antichrist.  It is the practice of pagans.”

10Apr76—Our Lady:    “Astrology is an abomination in the eyes of the Eternal Father. My children, you must not get involved in that false science; it is for unbelievers.  No rock, no light, no stone can direct your life; for your life is governed and directed by your Creator, the Eternal Father in Heaven.”

15May76—Our Lady:   “Many of you have given yourselves to all kinds of evil —astrology, cards, fate readers.  But what is fate?  Who has the hand of fate among you but your God, the Eternal Father? No rock, no star, no planet will (should) guide your life.   The Eternal Father placed you upon earth, and He will guide your life, unless you turn from Him and accept Satan as your master, which the majority of you are now doing. Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth!   There will be wars and more wars until mankind has set himself to a point of non-recovery.  There will be tremors, floods, disasters, accidents that are not accidents.  You are blind, My children.   My pastors, go to your pulpits now and shout the truth!”

7Dec76—Our Lady:   “Yes, My children, there are many false prophets going through-out your world.   And who are the false prophets but those who deny the    divinity of My Son.   Who are the false prophets but those who worship idols. Astrology is a creation of Satan.  Astrology is a false science.  No man will (can) accept astrology and be classified as a believer.”

F.   Life and Death, Abortion and Euthanasia

30May74—Our Lady:           “The veil is thin and the cord is fine.  It can be cut at any time. You can enter over the veil at any time in the plan of the Father.”

      Jesus:   “Each man will stand before the Father in judgment.  None will escape the veil.”

      Comments:   The “cord” is something that binds the soul to the body.  When the “cord” is cut, the soul is freed from the body.   The “veil” is pictured as a curtain or “mist” above us, which  hides God and the Kingdom of Heaven from those on earth.   When a person dies and the “cord” is cut, the soul like a bird flies upward into, and over, the “veil”; and it then stands in the presence of God for judgment.  Thus we have the picture: Before death GOD!   After death GOD! veil or no veil, cord cut, soul rises for judgment, body falls to earth.

8Jun74—Our Lady:   “”My child, make known to the world that there is no death of the soul.   The human body will be temporarily separated from the soul.  At the end of time, both will be re-united for the glorification of the Father.  The soul lives forever. The soul is entered into the body at the moment of conception.  We abhor

·        We will not tolerate — the murders of the unborn!   Mankind is (asking) for a chastisement far more terrible than his human mind or sight can ever conceive, for his actions against the creations of the Father.  Murderers!

You break the Commandment of the Father: ‘Thou shalt not kill!’   Damnation — eternal damnation — will be the lot of all who take part in the murder of the unborn.   Repent now of your sins!   Make restitution to the Father, for you will be held accountable for the murders of the unborn.”

5Aug74—Our Lady:   “Man has been set up as an idol of worship.  (But) no man will be (can rise) above the Creator, for all men will return to dust.  The soul is eternal; life continues (after death).   As such the word ‘death’ should be removed from your books.  There is no death.  Your body is but a casing,  a temple for your holy spirit.  When you desecrate this temple, you desecrate your spirit.  You blacken this holy edifice of the Father, and as such you are without redemption and you must be given to Satan.”

25Jul75—Our Lady:   “My children, your bodies are but shells, houses for your spirit, the life within you. My children, the agents of hell abound upon earth.  You must recognize the faces of evil about you.   Do not be fooled by those who come to you as angels of light, but have ravenous hearts.  They often assume the identity of Our clergy.  They are not of the Spirit of Light and Life.   They are of the spirit of darkness and agents of the prince of darkness, Satan.”

12Jun76—Our Lady:            “The Eternal Father is much distressed by mankind’s actions.They must not try to control the start and the expiration of a life.  Abortion is  murder, for you bring the mission of a soul to an untimely end. The Eternal Father breathes the spirit of life into the body at the moment of conception.   No m an will (may) destroy this body until it has completed its mission, as directed by the Eternal Father.  Any man who destroys the mission and the body is guilty of murder.   Euthanasia (is also untimely death and murder). My children, man has transgressed in a form of evil far worse than in the time of Noah or Sodom.  Therefore how great will be the punishment of mankind! In these days the signs of the times will come fast upon you, My children. There will be no charity of heart;  selfishness will abound.   There will be little light of piety; the word of morality will not be accepted. Sin has become a way of life.”

24Jun76—Veronica:            “The sky is becoming a very deep red.  It’s very strange because (under) this beautiful deep red sky, I see a large body of water.  And beyond the water, (there appears to be another land).  (I am now standing on this side of the shore) .   .   .  and over on the other side Jesus is walking across the waters.”

Jesus:   “My child, what you are seeing will remain with you.  There is much that will be revealed to mankind through you, until you fulfill your mission upon earth.  I open for your pleasure and your understanding a window, My child.  Observe and repeat what you see.”

Veronica:       “I see beautiful waters and I see land, and I feel that I am now standing in another land.  I feel a great feeling of joy and peace, and I’m not alone, for over on the shore I see many people.  I recognize some of these people. Now Jesus is coming over; He’s standing on my right side and He’s pointing.” Jesus:   “My child, the peoples of earth have a great fear of the unknown.  But make it known to them that coming across the veil is not to be feared.   There is no  death, My children.  I assure you there is no death; it is a temporary state of  transition.  When you come over the veil, you must proceed through a mist and then a judgment.  After this judgment, if you come through the light, you will be able to join those who came here before you. My child, My children, know that there is everlasting light and joy.  Your pilgrimage upon earth is just a temporary (one).  Will you now destroy your chance to be with Us in the Kingdom, the Kingdom of Light and supreme happiness?   Many are called but few are chosen .   .   .”

      25Jul78—Our Lady:   There is no death, just a leaving of the body.  At death, there will be a feeling of faintness and passing out.  (But) there will be full consciousness.  There will be a very great force pulling you out of the body.   There will be a tremendous light forcefully pulling you out of your body casing; and you will be carried forward a great distance into, and over, the veil.

It must be made known to all mankind that life upon earth is but a temporary existence, and that life (beyond) the earth in the spiritual world is  forever.  It is a realm of complete consciousness and knowing.   All emotion will be governed by the Eternal Father, everyone knowing peace and joy. This beautiful world of eternal consciousness must be gained by merit on earth, by following completely the directions from Heaven given through (time).  As pilgrims upon earth, My children, you must follow the rules given by the Eternal Father for your salvation, the Commandments of your God.”

25Jul78—Our Lady:              “It is an abomination in the eyes of God for man in his arrogance and pride to seek to create a living being.  What he is creating is a            soulless monster, a being of destruction for all that it will meet!  (a reference to test-tube babies).  I say ‘it’, for it is not truly a human being.  It is a thing.      My children, ---- a thing! Did I not warn you when I first entered upon the grounds of St. Robert Bellarmine Church?   Did I not warn you with a photograph of the woman standing at the right, high in pregnancy, and upon her a test tube with a being inside?   But it is not a child, My children.  If you continue in this pursuit, O scientists of the world, your punishment will be great!”

Comments:   On the day of this message, 25 July 1978, the world’s firs “test-tube baby,” named LOUISE BROWN, was born in Bristol, England.  Our Lady says that “it” has no soul and is there-fore not a human being. Our Lady further states that “it” is a monster, a being of destruction for all it will meet”.  This undoubtedly means that the body of this creature is possessed by a demon.  That this idea is correct was shown by the subsequent demonic (“paraphysical”) activity of the “baby”.  The following is from the 17 Sept 1978 issue of the National Reader:

“Six weeks old, the miracle Test Tube Baby of England can move solid objects with its mind, and shows that it can read the thoughts of others.  These are the amazing reports coming from Bristol, England, where baby Louise Brown now lives under heavy guard with her parents, Gilbert and Lesley Brown.   The infant, born 25 July, began showing alarming psychic abilities shortly after coming home from Oldham General Hospital.  ‘Baby Louise looked at a teddy bear on a shelf near her crib.  The doll slid off, onto the floor,’ confided George Landingham, one of the security guards hired by the London DAILY MAIL to protect the Brown home .   .   .  The same day, the mother carried a stack of clean diapers into the nursery.  She was holding them firmly at the top and bottom of the stack.  But suddenly they slid out of her hands.  Mrs. Brown said she felt an unseen force tug the diapers out of her hand.  Then she noticed baby Louise was staring oddly in her direction.’

“The guard said Mrs. Brown went into near-panic when she entered the nursery first thing one morning, and found all the furniture pulled away from the walls.  A chest of drawers was in the middle of the room, 10 feet from its normal position, he reveals.   ‘A nightstand which had been near the crib was on the other side of the room, completely turned around.  A picture on the wall had fallen to the floor.  Yet no one had been in the room for the past six hours, when the baby had its 2 AM feeding.”

“All except Dr. (Manfred) Lichtenstein have refused comment on the nature of their visits to the Brown home.   He stated carefully: ‘Problems concerning the baby’s mental development  have arisen.   Certain things have occurred which were totally unforeseen.  Physically, the baby is healthy and normal.  The problem involves what appears to be a highly irregular brain abnormality.’ Asked if the Brown infant were retarded, the doctor snapped: ‘Quite the opposite!’   He refused to answer more questions.”

19Aug78—Our Lady:  “O My children, it appears that mankind has given himself over to perversion.   The Eternal Father is much distressed by mankind.  Scientific minds among men upon earth are seeking to create life.  This cannot be done. The Eternal Father alone has the key to life.  My children, you do not know what you are doing.  Scientists must immediately stop their pryings and their experiments in realms that have brought them into a contact and league with the very forces of hell, Lucifer and his agents. My children, no man upon earth, with all of his knowledge, will be able to create and sustain life.   What he is producing now is an empty shell, a soulless ‘it’  ---- a thing of abomination.”

G.   The Demons as Spiritual Vultures

6Apr74—Our Lady:   “My child, too many fear for the safety of their bodies.  Better that they fear for the salvation of their souls.” Veronica:       “Now it’s growing dark, and I see legions of figures.  I say ‘legions’because there are hundreds of figures, and they’re dressed in very dark garments.  They are going across the sky.  I have never seen — they’re dressed in black.   Oh!  Now they’re turning and they’re facing me.  Go away!   Oh! they’re terrible!   They’re horrible!   They’re ---- oh      Blessed Mother, no!  I don’t want to see them!   Oh!”

      Our Lady:   “Do not be frightened, My child.  The Father asked (that you see) this, so that you will recognize what is upon earth now.  However, know that they will  not appear to man as you see them now.”

      Veronica:       “Ugh!   They’re awful.”

      Our Lady:       “But know that they will enter into the body of any man, woman or child that has been given his or her soul to Satan.  Satan cannot work upon his own (by himself) and in his own image.   He must enter into the body of another.

Pray — pray much, My child and My children, for you can only sent them (away) from you by prayer.   Accept fast and atonement.  Many times in the past, I have asked of the leader and teachers in the House of God .   .   . that they fast, do great penance, and pray more; for they have    allowed the demons to enter upon them.  The Father finds their leader-ship very poor, and He will judge them accordingly.  All will receive the fruits and merits of their actions and leadership.

Comments:   Apparently the demons that come in Flying Saucers are able to disguise themselves in some way, since “they will not appear to man as you see them now.”  This probably accounts for their “silver suits”, “ghost-like sheets”, etc.   Thus the real nature of the UFO creatures is not apparent to men.   However, the messages indicate that the Father some-times allows men to see the real character of the UFO creatures, and these are undoubtedly the sightings of the horrible monsters.

The above message says that the clergy have allowed the demons “to enter upon them.” This strange _expression, which often occurs in the messages of Veronica, means “to enter into and to dominate.”   According to Our Lady’s message of 15 July 1978, “when Satan takes over a human, the nature, the personality — of that individual will change.”

5Aug74—Our Lady:   “In the world today (each) man has been marked.  He carries either the mark of the Beast or the sign of the Cross.   Those who are in the light will recognize these signs among their brethren.  Flee from all evil!   Only prayer can bring back those who carry the mark of the beast upon themselves.  You will not enter into the dens of iniquity.  You must flee from all occasions of sin.  For as the eagles (vultures) will gather where the bodies lie, so will the agents of the prince of darkness gather among their own.”

Comments:   This message contains an allusion to Matt 24:27.   Angels are “spiritual birds.”  The good angels are “clean birds” or “birds of light”, and the devils are “unclean birds” or “birds of darkness.”   See also Apoc 18:2 and 19:17.   According to Veronica’s visions of hell, many of the devil creatures had wings.  These flying demons are being seen even today; see John Keel’s The Mothman Prophecies.  A photo of an angel or “bird of light” is shown at the very top of page 152.

7Sep76—Jesus:   I give you the greatest of hopes in your world in darkness that the victory will be with Heaven. Know that the greatest trials suffered are but a small forfeiture for the great glory of being victorious over the adversaries (demons) loosed upon your earth.  They come as creatures of night, but they must possess the bodies of humans.  Understand this, in the supernatural, My children:   no man, woman, or child of reasoning, is free from the attacks of Satan.  Do not disregard your sacramentals as being outdated or outmoded.  Know the insidious plan of Satan to remove your armor from you, so that you will not have the necessary protection for your spirit, your soul, My children.  The world will look at you and, with laughter and mockery, they will call you fanatics.  The world will point their fingers at you and say that you are deranged. But know, My children, that I too knew mockery of My own.  Know that the greatest glory of all is a living martyrdom for your God, for great will be your reward in Heaven.”

18Mar77—Jesus:   “My children, do not be deceived by the reports being given to you from your news media.  They are controlled by the father of all liars and his agents in human form. While your world cries ‘Peace, Love and Brotherhood’, they slaughter their brothers, they murder their children.  What kind of peace will you have when  you defy your God?   I say to you: there will be no peace when man has given  himself to sin!

“All the nations of the world gather (assemble) while the vultures (demons) gather over their promised land, going unrecognized as signs of the times  multiply. Your scientists are masked with false faces shouting ‘Love and Brother-hood!’, while they compound all kinds of evil devices to destroy the bodies and minds of men.”

9Apr77—Our Lady:   “O My children, there are doctrines of demons now being taught throughout your world.  The teaching of the prophets of old is being cast aside as being too old for a modern world. My children, I repeat:   ‘666’ known forever in the Book of Life as the ‘man of perdition’, is not (just) one man, but the Forces of Evil gathered like vultures to destroy the Christian and Christianity, to enslave the good and make powerful the evil, and to make sin a way of life.  Each and every living creature of the (age of reason) must now make the decision: Who is your master ---- man or God? My children, believe ---- just believe ---- and you will be given the way!  Even if your faith is only a flicker, don’t let it go out!   It must be nourished, My children, or it will die and you will die eternally.”

      H.   Demonic Possession of Human Bodies:   Living Bodies and Dead Souls

      10Feb73----Our Lady: “Blindness of heart and intellectual pride have set many of Our high priests onto the road of damnation.  By their example, they will take many with them (to hell).  But the too can be returned, if they will turn from their worldly ways, return to prayer, and starve their bodies of the demons that have entered upon them.”

22May74----Our Lady:   “My child, know that the evils (the evil ones, the demons) are in the hearts of men.  Satan cannot come to you in his true supernatural nature;   he must work through human nature.  Recognize this, then you will recognize the faces of evil about you.”

8Jun74----Our Lady:   “My child, there is a great evil force assembling in your world. It is the satanic force of the abyss;  Satan is the leader.  Recognize the faces of evil (the demons) about you.  They will not come in their diabolical form, for they must enter into the body of a human (to do their work).  They will do the will of Satan; by their fruit they will eventually be known.”

18Jun74—Our Lady:   “The greatest power that you have at this time is to pray.  Satan and his agents cannot stay where there is prayer.  Chase them out now!  Chase them with a vigil of prayer in your homes and in your churches through-out the world!” The order of St. Michael will go forward throughout your country and the world.  You will heed the direction of the Father that Michael be entered back into the houses of My Son, His Churches.   Michael is the Guardian of the House of God.  If you do not allow the Guardian in, you will (leave) open the door for the entrance of the evil spirits. The prince of darkness has set many agents upon the earth.  They do not come to you in their abominable forms, but they enter into the bodies of fallen human beings.”

1July74—Our Lady:   “Satan has set many agents upon the world.  They work and never sleep, (ever) planning the destruction of the human soul.  Recognize the  faces of evil about you.   They will not come in recognizable (physical) form or shape .   .   .  they will not appear to you in their diabolical, supernatural state. They must work through the bodies of men and women and — sadly — even children.

Do not cast aside the armor — the material armor — given to you by the Father.  You will wear your armor (sacramentals), not as decoration, but for protection.  Do not take your armor from about your neck.  You listen to the jest of others.   It is Satan who has set them against you.  My child, remember well the words that I now give you, and repeat them daily:   Beware of an evil force that surrounds a shrine of purity.  They will try  to stop you with all cunning and deception.  So heed the warnings of Heaven and the Archangels.  They have been sent to protect you.  Pray much for the light.”

20Nov74—Jesus:   “When you remove your Creator (from your heart and life), you leave a void.  You leave th door open for the entrance of the evil spirits.  There is a world about you unseen to your human eyes.  This world of Satan has great strength.  This world of Satan has claimed many of your children, your brothers, your sisters.”

31Dec74----Jesus:   “There will be much gnashing of teeth and woe set upon the world by the evil ones (demons).  Know that they do not come to you in their diabolical form, (which is) unseen and supernatural.  They will (must) enter into the body of a human.  They will work through persons, places, and things.  Recognize the faces of evil about you.  Birds of a feather will flock together.  Flee from them as you (would) the plague!  The abyss is open.   Demons are loosed upon your earth, they know that  their time grows short, and they are going about as ravenous wolves among My sheep.”

18Mar75—Our Lady:            “My child, it must be made known that there are demons loosed upon your earth, demons from the abyss far more powerful than have ever been set upon the earth in past history.  Their reign will come to an end.  But all of the children of earth will be tested.  Yes, My child, mankind will be set in two camps:   on the one side the sheep,   on the other the goats.”

21Aug75—Our Lady:   “My child, you will recognize the manner in which Satan and his agents work in trying to destroy souls.   They will use persons, places, and things to work their destructive evil upon mankind.  The demons have (their own) form, but they do not (appear in) this form,   unless the Eternal Father give you the knowledge and insight into the super-          natural to observe them in action. They will use the body of any human being who has fallen out of grace      and the Light.   Any man, woman, or child is susceptible to this possession.”

31Dec75—Our Lady:   “Man will proceed on a course of insanity, losing all regard for human life and charity.  Satan will seek out wherever there is darkness of spirit in your country, and in those places all kinds of evil will spring up —evil such as has never been seen before upon your earth.   Human beings will be infested by devils, and they will work all manners of evil against their brothers and sisters. O, My child, shall I promise you all light and love?   Shall I deceive you by (presenting) to you a picture of peace and joy?   I cannot lie and bring you what  pleases human nature.   (All of this has been brought about) by man who has placed science and technology above his God.” Jesus:   “The minds of those who have fallen out of grace will be captured and used by Satan, the Adversary, and his agents.   All manners of foul deeds, cruelty and death will come from the evil minds.”

18Mar76—Our Lady:   “The power of Satan is great, My child.  He can set the stage and make plans for the extinction of the human body, but this will not happen without the permission of the Eternal Father.”

10Apr76—Jesus:   “Satan has now many agents among you.  There are many dead souls in your world.   Their bodies are still living, but they carry dead souls among you.”

Comments: A soul has two types of “life”: a natural life and a divine life.  In its natural life, the soul is immortal and will exist forever.  In its divine life (or life of grace), however, the soul dies whenever it sins mortally.  A sinner is cut off from God and is said to be a dead soul.  Thus sinners are spiritual zombies, so to speak.  There is an analogy: Just as a body without a soul is a dead body, so a soul without God is a dead soul.  When a soul is cut off from God, it is attached to Satan (who is Death personified); and when a soul is converted to God (Who is Life personified), it is cut off from Satan.

6Oct76—Our Lady:   “The demons of hell are now loosed upon earth; the agents of 666 roam throughout the world and have entered upon the Eternal City of Rome.”

22Nov76—Jesus:   “Pray, My children; keep a constant vigil of prayer.   Keep the knowledge of the supernatural within your hearts and the hearts of your children.  Bring them the knowledge of the existence of the demons.  Being human, you have (no visual knowledge of the existence of the demons), unless the Eternal Father permits it for the enlightenment of mankind.   But know that they exist just as much as you exist, My children.   Also do not (keep) from your children the knowledge of their guardian angels.  As you exist, they exist.”

10Feb78—Our Lady:   “O My children, I must repeat Myself again because many have not accepted My counsel in relation to the supernatural beings now loosed upon your world.  They are gathering in force and gaining many members.  These members are being collected from the human race, My children.  They will become dead bodies and dead souls. My children, We call this giant Conspiracy ‘the Synagogue of Satan’.   Yes, My children, there are forces now gathering to dim the light in your world, and to turn your world over to Satan.

Already in your country, America the once-beautiful, the once-strong America of the United States, (many of your leaders) have chosen to cast aside the light and go into darkness.  Yes, many of the leaders of your country have already fallen in with the plan for the complete capitulation of your country to Satan and to world slavery under one rule and one religion.  But this religion will have no resemblance to that given to you by My Son.”

Comments:   The “Synagogue of Satan” is the same as the “Church of Satan”.  It is composed  of all evil angels and humans, just as the “Synagogue of God” or “Church of God” is composed of all good angels and humans.  The following is a message that Our Lord gave to the Mexican Portavoz concerning the demons:

8Jun71—Jesus:        “At the present time, all human beings have troops of demons attacking them, doing battle with them.  Both externally and internally, these fallen angels assault human beings.  Externally these diabolical attacks do not merely consist of flattering the senses, but also in presenting thoughts to the mind which are finally put into practice.  Thus do these maleficent spirits snatch away the souls that are consecrated to My service.

These infernal spirits combat human beings internally by agitating their passions.  However, there are other demons who launch their attacks more directly by means of possession.  These are the demons who enter into those souls who open the doors to them by committing mortal sin.  Souls possessed by the devil abound at the present time, and these souls are not even aware of their condition.  This is the reason I warned them beforehand when I said:  ‘The time would come when they would harm one another, and believe that they do Me a favor’.  These demons live on earth, incarnate in human beings; and the children born of these unions of the possessed are also possessed by the devil.”

Keep your souls in the grace of God, free from mortal sin.   Preserve your souls in the state of grace so that you may be able to combat your spiritual enemies and overcome them.  For they seek to snatch you away from My Heavenly Kingdom.  As it is written in Sacred Scripture, these enemies are the malignant spirits who roam about the world seeking the destruction of souls.

At the present time, entire armies of evil spirits are let loose prowling about the world among human beings.  There are planetary, cosmic and infernal spirits.  This is a significant indication.  For, even in the depths of the infernal abyss, some demons wrangle, contend and dispute about the souls which other devils have snatched away from them.  Hence you are the ones who must wrestle against these unclean spirits in order to save your souls.  From the beginning, you must engage in the struggle by grasping the adequate weapons, and the cuirass (breastplate).  The cuirass consists of faith and the observance of My holy Doctrine.  After placing yourselves in the state of grace, the weapons must then consist of prayer, penance and vigilance, while practicing the virtues .   .   . Other weapons to be employed in the struggle are blessed objects called ‘sacramentals’.  Every individual should always carry some blessed articles on his person.  The most important of these sacramentals are those which My Blessed Mother has particularly recommended, and which She has even bestowed upon all as a gift.  These special sacramentals are the Rosary and the Scapular .   .   .  All of you need to receive Holy Communion frequently, even daily.  But these should not be sacrilegious Communions; rather they must be sanctifying Communions .   .   .  Received in their proper dispositions, and with due preparation of soul and body.

The demons wander through the air; they roam about the earth and lurk in all places.  Even good souls are tempted by these evil spirits, and in the fiercest manner also.  Yet all those who live united to Me by means of grace will not receive any injury to their souls.  Even though these fiendish enemies may harm their bodies or their goods, uninjured will their souls remain.  All of these things happen for the good of these souls, and for the glory of My eternal justice which permits all things.  Keep this thought in mind:   When the demon (or many demons) enters into a human soul and takes possession of it, that possessed person becomes like a demon in human flesh (a demon incarnate).  Such souls do great harm within the realm of My inheritance.

My spouse, do you recall the permission which I had given to the demon to disturb and combat you visibly, during your early years?  At that time I told you that this is the manner in which the enemy launches his attack, though not everyone can see him.  And do you remember that despite those temptations, those fierce attacks of the demon against you, your soul remained undisturbed?  Even though the demons assailed you physically, causing you to suffer visible harm from those around you, your conscience was at peace.  The reason is this:   The entire Trinity resides within the soul that is in the state of grace.”

13Sep74—Our Lady:           “No, My child, Satan cannot read your mind.  This is a great grace.  He can only follow your plans by your expression and outward action.  Learn to communicate by the spirit, My child.  Think your way to Us.  Pray interiorly.  Many words multiplied from the mouth do not necessarily bring you great graces.  Better are few that come from the heart than constant prattle without meaning.”

Jesus:   “My child, you will work with much haste.  The time grows short.  The enemy has entered into your government.  Pray much for them, the demons possess many.  They come in great multitudes, for they know the strength of prayer in your area.  Should this be removed, your City, your State, and your Country will go through a period of suffering never seen before in this Country.”

I.   Six Chief Demons, and the Meaning of ‘666’

15Jul73—Our Lady:              “There are now upon your earth legions from hell.  Five major adversaries from the abyss now roam your world.  There will be accidents that are not accidents, sudden deaths that are not in the plan of the Father.”

Comments:   The “five major adversaries from the abyss” are five chief demons.  They are possibly the five fallen heads of the beast referred to in Apoc 17:10.  They have been released from the abyss, and they now roam the earth. If this interpretation is correct, then we may take a step further: When St. John wrote the Apocalypse in about 96 A.D., the 6th head of the beast

·        Demon 6 was reigning.  Demon 6 is still reigning, and he will continue until Christ comes and he is defeated.  Then Demon 6 and the other five chief demons will fall and be chained in the abyss.  These are probably the “6 who will be punished” which the messages speak of. The dragon has 7 heads and 10 horns (Apoc 12:3).  The beast also has 7 heads and 10 horns (Apoc 13:1).  What is the difference between the dragon and the beast?  The dragon is a purely spiritual entity which is composed of all of the demon-spirits.  The beast is simply the dragon in the flesh, that is, the incarnation of the dragon.  The 7th head of the dragon and the beast is Demon 7, who is reserved for the end of the world.  Because of this, Demon 7 is not mentioned in the messages of Veronica.

24Mar73—Jesus:   “(Demon no. 5 will now enter upon the earth) from the abyss. Their corruption will increase until man will wish that he be removed from the earth.  He will beg for mercy.  Death of the body will be preferable to existence upon this world that has been given to Satan.  Woe to the man that has chosen to mock his God! (Because) there will be no light in the world, candles (human candles) are being lit to hold back the darkness.  My Mother has been sent to you as Mediatrix between the Father and man.  She has placed Herself in sacrifice for your souls. I have watched as you have degraded Her.  With the agents of hell, you have sought to destroy Her.   You will now know that My Mother will crush the prince of darkness, and he will lie before Her.  (Then) he will be chained by Michael and cast into the pit. He now rages upon your world, knowing that his time is short.  Recognize the signs of the times, My children.  Open the Book of Life and read what John has left to you.  We instructed him well in the mysteries that will (now be revealed to you) through many seers in many places throughout your earth.  If you seek, you will find the answers.  Those with grace will understand the meaning of the words of John in the Apocalypse, the Revelations.”

7Sep74—Veronica:   “(Now appearing in the sky) are large letters.  There is written:” PERSECUTION OF THE MYSTICAL BODY DEMON 6 IS BEING RELEASED

Our Lady: “There will be many among you who will claim to be the Christ.  Remember, My children:   My Son will return only the way He left, as He ascended into the Heavens.  (When He returns), He will descend from the Heavens with the Armies of Heaven behind Him. Accept none who will pass themselves off to you as the Christ, the living  God!  Reject those creatures in human form!   Reject them (for) they come to you with great powers of Satan!

With regard to Demon 6), beware of the Antichrist among you.  Demon 6 will now promote the Third World War, the Great War of destruction to mankind,  a war that (will be unequaled in the history of mankind), a war of destruction so great that countries will disappear in a fraction of a second!  So great will be the power of Demon 6) that he will start this war. The Father is watching, My child.  Man is leading himself onto the road of his own destruction.  Satan has deceived mankind and placed in his hands the means for his own destruction ---- not only of his eternal soul, but also of his body.   Many bodies will burn, leaving the bones exposed.”

21Aug74—Our Lady:   “The Powers have now grown beyond all expectations:  the evil powers of darkness have control now, My children.   Many prayers of atonement have risen to Heaven from the hearts of Our beloved children; however, the scale is balanced heavily to the left. My child, in your country and throughout the world, you will find many little armies like those We are looking down upon now.  The Father has endowed My beloved children with great graces for the recovery of souls.  There will be a great battle ahead.  You will continue with perseverance, knowing that the ultimate victory is with the Father in Heaven. I repeat My words of the past, My child.  The evil forces of Satan will use the bodies of mankind, those who have fallen to Satan, to lead astray Our children.  Unless you wear your sacramentals and remain close to My Son in the tabernacles of the world, you will not escape falling into the darkness.  The darkness of spirits is reaching out and covering the world almost completely now.  I say ‘almost’, My children, because there are still lights of Heavenly beams shining forward to guide those who are looking for the Way.  The Way is My Son.

The man of pride and arrogance has set himself above the Father.  Your country and many countries of your world are following the same course as (many nations destroyed) in the past.  Why have you not learned from the past?  Sodom!   Gomorrah!  Nineveh!   Babylon!  all fell because of sin.  Sin is insanity. Minds have been clouded by Satan.  Awaken My priests from their sleep! Open your eyes! As time goes on, My children, you will find that you, as followers of Our armies fighting Satan, will be in a minority region-wise.  But should We place all together, you will find that the army is large, world-wide, My child. However, after the Great Battle against Agent 6 (Demon 6) and the Chastisement, the numbers saved will be counted in the few.”

Comments:   In speaking about “the Powers” Our Lady is probably referring to the group in the angelic hierarchy called “the Powers”.  As St. Paul said in Ephesians 6:12, “Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the Principalities and Powers, against the dark rulers of this world, against the spirits of wickedness in high places.”

24Dec75—Our Lady:   “The good books, the true revelations of your Bibles, must be kept and preserved.  The forces of the Antichrist seek to remove all true know- ledge from among you. My children, know that the forces of Antichrist do their work capturing the spirit and the body of men, women and children.  666 is the large force of Satan.  6 is for the 6 (demons) who are coming, 5 being present and the 6th is on his way; 6 is for the 6 days of suffering; and 6 is for the 6 who will be punished and chained forever in hell. Powers and Principalities are now gathered for war!”

Comments: If our previous understanding of the 7 chief demons is correct, then all 7 chief demons were in heaven at the beginning of time.  As time progressed, they were successively cast down from heaven, first to the earth, and then to hell.  Demon 1 was cast down first, then Demon 2, then Demon 3, then Demon 4, then Demon 5.  Since the time of St. John, Demon 6 has been reigning; but he is now being cast down from heaven to earth.  As the message says, “the 6th is on his way”.

15Jul76—Jesus:   “The forces of 666 are spreading their evil throughout your world.Do not be deluded, do not set yourselves in speculation, for you have been given the meaning of 666 in the past.: 6 is for the 6 who are coming and have come; 6 is for the 6 days of great suffering; and 6 is for the 6 who will be punished.”

14May77—Jesus:   “Listen, My children.  Take the blindness from your hearts and see with knowing eyes;  do not be blinded to what is happening to you. The Antichrist that you call 666 is now in Rome doing full battle.  The Antichrist, known as 666, has now entered upon your world, your country, and every nation upon earth.  Are you so blind, My children, that you cannot recognize this yourself?   He sows discord (war) among the nations.  He takes (away) the knowledge of God and replaces it with an honor to man.   Man has set himself up to be a god!

My children, will this now be a repetition of (what happened at) the beginning of time?  A repetition of the same mistakes, going the same road? Even in Heaven the test was given of free will to the angels.   Lucifer gave himself over to disobedience and pride.  He lost the Light and became the prince of darkness, the tormentor of mankind, the dark deceiver, ever doing battle with the Eternal Father.

He seeks your souls, My children.  He seeks every soul upon earth, and he will not stop in his pursuit.  (So) recognize the forces of evil; recognize the faces of evil about you.   Satan comes to you using persons, places, and things.  He has learned much in the past, My children; and he now has much (knowledge) in your sophisticated society of how to come to you and claim you.

No man will be cast into the abyss unless he (chooses evil) of his own free will.   Satan is not the Almighty; the Eternal Father rules over Satan.  However, in the plan (of the Father) that man in his limited knowledge of the supernatural could not understand, Satan is now being given time to test every man, woman, and child of the age of conscience.  It is a separation of the sheep from the goats.

My children, you say that these are not unusual times, and that this has happened in the past.  Oh no, My children, these are times such as man (has never gone through and will never experience again until the end of the world).  These are the days of the days; these are the days approaching the coming of the ‘Day of the Lord’.  Have you prepared your household, My children?  Have you set it in order or will you wait and blind yourselves with false optimism until the destruction comes upon

you?” 4Jun77—Jesus:   “The agents of 666 (Satan) are in full reign.  As My Mother told you in the past, (there) are 6 demons of special mission loosed now upon earth. 6 is for the 6 who have come; 6 is for the 6 days of terrible suffering to mankind; and 6 is for the 6 who will be punished.”

7Dec77—Our Lady:   “I have counseled you in the past of the meaning of 666.  Throughout the ages and man’s rationalizing of the Good Book — the Bible —.  My children, the meaning has been lost.  But I brought to you the true meaning: 6 is for the 6 who are coming and are now here upon earth –- 6 demons of Satan with a special mission to destroy; 6 is for the 6 terrible days of great suffering; and 6 is for the 6 who will be punished.”

Our Lady:             “The forces of evil, 666, are firmly entrenched in Rome.  Many cardinals, the Red Hats, have fallen, and they now mislead many of the Purple Hats, the bishops .   .   .My children, keep a constant vigil of prayer.  I ask you not to do just lip service, but to pray from your hearts.  The words do not have to be studied, but pray from your hearts.  Ask and you shall receive; believe and you will receive many graces.  The greatest gift you can bring to your fellow man now is to make him believe.  Many are deeply entrenched in darkness of spirit, and with-out your help they will be lost to Satan, eternal damnation and banishment.

My children, the forces of evil, 666, are now doing full battle with the children of God.   I repeat that 666 is Lucifer and his agents from hell.  Lucifer knows that he has been given only a set time, and his time is growing short.  If you continue without penance and sacrifice and atonement, My children, you will find that such horrors of immorality, debasement, murder, licentiousness, and robberies will have been loosed upon earth, that it will seem as if the world’s people have gone mad.  And (truly) they will have gone mad, for sin is insanity.

Pray for your bishops and your cardinals; pray for your priests and your pastors.  They are now the major source (target) for attack by 666.  Yes, My children, 666 — Lucifer and his agents from hell — will enter into human bodies to bring about the fall of Rome to the enemy. Pray for your bishops that they          may be given the grace to know how deep they have fallen into darkness.”

10Jun78—Our Lady:    “My child, warn the world and My children of the Light, that they must always be prudent, and that they must never be presumptuous and slacken in their prayer life.  For Satan is most powerful with his army of ogres. Yes, My child, you will understand that Lucifer never sleeps.  The spirit never sleeps. Lucifer and his armies form the massive hand of evil in the world, known as 666 .   .   .  My children, I repeat Myself for those who did not hear My previous message:   666 is the massive, full gathering of demons out of hell, with Lucifer as the leader. 

Lucifer himself, the prince of darkness, is now walking your earth.  For reasons that no human mind could understand, Lucifer has retained power next to the power of the Eternal Father in the Trinity.  Realize then how great is his power during these Latter Days.  His mission upon earth now is to fight the Kingdom of Heaven, and to destroy the chance of any soul to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  Lucifer is upon earth now to claim his own.”

Comments: This message says that Lucifer is the most powerful being in the world after the Eternal Father.  The message of 1 Oct 1977, says the same thing: “Being of the highest intelligence next to God, the Eternal Father, he (Lucifer) has the knowledge to promote accidents that are not accidents.  He has control of nature.” From what has been said, perhaps we may conclude that “666” is the Church of Satan or “the mystical body of Satan,” so to speak.  Just as the Church of God includes all of the angels and saints wherever they are, so “666” or the Church of Satan includes all of the demons and sinners wherever they are.

J.   Satan Has Entered the Body of a Man to Foment Witchcraft and Murder

13Aug77—Michael:   “O man of earth, you have been judged and you will be sent a final warning.  Blood will flow.  Parents will cry (weep).  There will be evil beyond anything seen upon earth. My children of God, have no fear.  You will keep your sacramentals about you.  You will keep your children’s souls guarded, for none will be attacked (by demons who are in the state of grace.  Let it be known now that Satan has been loosed upon earth.  Satan is the king of darkness, the master of deceit.  His time is short, but he is loose. “In 1975 Satan entered into the body of a man, a man who gave himself to him in the practice of the occult.   He entered into the body of this man, because he cannot roam without a body.  When he has finished his mission (using the body of this man), he will enter into another body.  You will (must) keep a constant vigil of prayer that Satan is removed from your country.”

Our Lady:   “My child, you are affrighted and with reason.  You understand now, My child, all that I have prepared you for.  You will now expose the Evil One, who is using a human body, and setting (sending) his agents out to claim for him those  souls who are not in the state of grace.  My child, all of the training give to you in the past, you will now use as you go forward upon your second mission. “Exterminatus, the angel of death, is now loosed in your country.  In the merciful heart of the Eternal Father, there will be a final Warning to mankind before the Ball.

(Our Lady now chants the following:)

“Awaken from your slumber!                                               

They’ll gather and increase!

The murders are not natural!                                              

Awaken from your slumber!

Awaken from your slumber!                                                

The murders are not natural!

They’re produced from the prince of darkness who has entered into the body of a man.

“My child, explain to all now why I cried and asked that you read the Apocalypse.  These are the days of Satan, and he is 666.  Satan is 666.  Having entered upon earth now, he will move about and into the body of those who will do his will.  And it will be a will that will bring bloodshed.  It will be a will that will bring tears to the hearts of many.  Children will be the victims of the monsters (demons) that have been allowed loose because of your sins.  You did not listen to Me.” In your century now is the highest head of (WICCA).   (WICCA is the church of witchcraft, and Satan is the highest head.)   He murders and goes about claiming souls who are not in the state of grace.

Protect your children and families with sacramentals.  Do not go out with-out your sacramentals.  All are marked for death, who are not in the state of grace!   All are marked for death who are not in the state of grace!  Satan is here.   He entered upon your country in 1975.  Your children have been his victims.  The spread of drugs was for a reason:   to break down their morals and give them over to Satan.   Your children have been desecrated in the Black Mass.   Your children have been desecrated in the schools and the governments, by government leaders who do not care.  My children, it is a dirge I sing to you, for how else can I express to you the horror that you have allowed to come upon your country because of your laxity and your sin.  Sin is insanity; and I assure you, My children, it will not be long before you will feel that your country has become a place of insanity, as the angel Exterminatus sends his consorts, demons in human bodies, to kill and maim.

All who are in the state of grace ---- all who remain in the light — will not be harmed .   .   .  Satan will be given his time to claim those who have given themselves to him .   .   .” Satan is now in the body of a man.  He’ll roam the country now.  He’ll set up his covens — covens, My child, covens they are called.  He’ll set them up to kill and maim. My children, bring your children back before it is too late.   Satan has a plan to take them in (into the covens or hell).  They will be his agents in sin. They will be sent throughout the country to kill.  And they will kill within   the homes.  It will be mother against father, daughter against     mother, father     against son.   It is because of sin.    Sin is insanity.”

666 — Satan himself — is now loosed from hell.   He has great powers and he will entice your children into the covens.  He has great powers and he will teach them miracles, show them miracles, that will convince them that he is  Satan (all powerful).  In this manner, he will promise them eternal life, until he has their souls, and they will be damned forever.  Too late will they realize that they have sold their souls to Satan.” There are many now walking on earth who are shells of humans.  They will (should) no longer be called human.   They will (should) be called animals.  They have given themselves to Satan.  They have sold their souls to get to the head.

And there are many in the clergy who will be shot dead.  These groups that are gathering have no respect for life, My children.   They will use all kinds of firearms, and they will even use knives. Children will disappear from the streets never more to be seen.  They will be taken into the covens and buried in their burial grounds.  Realize this now;  don’t cast it aside and say that this is an (unbelievable) reign of terror .   .   .  Your child may be next .   .   .My children, desecration of the body is being committed only doors from you in covens.  Do you not know what is going on about you?  In two years the  covens have grown beyond anything man could expect.  (There) are homes now for the practice of Black Mass witchery.

Many have entered (into witchcraft) because they are misguided by the schools, by the parents and teachers who do not believe in the supernatural.  They experiment with the occult, and then they fall. The occult is true (real).  Demons are true (real).  More and more you will see them upon the earth now that Satan himself has come upon the earth. He is 666.  He promotes the final capitulation of man, the destruction of mankind         .   .   .  The murders will increase until you will think that the world has    engulfed with insanity .      .   . My child, you will keep in strict obedience to My counsel that you will see no one but the immediate workers and your family.  You will go nowhere after dark. Know, My children, that these demons do not strike in daytime.  As their souls are dark, so do they seek others in the (physical) darkness.   They only  strike after dark.   You will remain off the streets if you have sinned, for you may be shot.

My children, the man of sin, Satan in the body of a man, has the powers of hell.  He plans his victims well.  He goes forth and gathers information of soul, and then he has them marked for death .   .   .  I shall not at this time, My child, comment further on this terrible trial that has entered upon your city and your country.   Recognize that it is the same evil influence that is commanding the butcherings, and the mutilations, and  the shootings.   Recognize the signs of the times.   The angel of death is now over your country.”

Jesus:   “My children, it is not just the agents of Satan you are battling with, but Satan, the prince of darkness, himself.  666 is now in your world.  He has (already) been here for some time, but he entered your country in 1971.  He will now use the body of any man, woman, or child, who has fallen out of grace.

Unless you keep a constant vigil of prayer in your country now, the angel of death will increase his activities.  Those who do not have a knowledge of the supernatural will be lost now.   Those who reject the grace given to them will be lost now.  And many will be claimed by the angel of death .

My children, keep a constant vigil of prayer.  Pray for those who do not have the grace to escape the onslaughts of the demons now loosed upon earth. The demons are now in human bodies.  The major demon from hell, Satan, now has entered into the body of one (man) in your country.  He has been here (in the man’s body) since 1975.  With enough prayers We will remove him (Satan) from among you.  (But) unless you pray, Satan will enter another, and another, until your country falls.”

Comments:   Who is this man into whose body Satan entered in 1975?  We do not know.  The message says that this man gave himself to Satan in the practice of the occult.  Now he (Satan) is “roaming” about the United States founding covens and instigating murders which are “not natural”.  These murders are not for human purposes or by human methods, but for demonic purposes or by demonic methods.  Later we shall speak about the “mutilations” to which this message refers.

Our Lady said that there are many now walking on earth who are “shells of human”.  By a human “shell” or “casing”, Our Lady means the human body (see pp.  174-175).  These people no longer possess their souls, because they have sold their souls to Satan.  Additional information about the man whose body was possessed by Satan in 1975 is given in the next message:

7Sep77—Our Lady:   “The Evil One, the One of Dark Secrets, the Butcher, the Murderer, the Liar, is now upon your earth.  Satan has entered into the body of a man, a man with a human shell (body), which is just a casing for the spirit of darkness. 666, known as the man of perdition, is Satan in the body of a human.  That human is no longer alive, but dead:  a dead casing (body) for the entrance of Satan. No man ever goes to hell unless he goes of his own free will.  Therefore, the man of perdition now loosed in your country has accepted his role of evil for the glorification of Satan and the destruction of his soul.”

Comments:  Apparently this means that the man gave his soul to Satan, then the man died (or was killed) and his soul went to hell, but Satan continued to use his dead body or “casing” or “shell”.

13Sep77—Our Lady:   “My child, the object of your new mission is now to prevent Satan from killing.  It is a war of the spirits that few can understand: but as time goes on, it will be understood by all. My child, you will shout from the rooftops that the restraining force has been taken away, and Satan now is upon your earth!  (The “restraining force”,  of which St. Paul spoke in 2 Thes 2:7, prevented the coming of Satan on earth, and is St. Michael.) The prince of darkness, the great deceiver .   .   .  is Satan, 666, in the body of a human being.  That human being has given himself to Satan and is no        longer human, but a walking dead body encasing the spirit of evil, Satan.”

My children, in your city of New York, and in many cities throughout your country, the United States, and even in Canada, this man of perdition, the chief force of evil, 666, is now traveling.  He is establishing himself in many cities through out your nation. My child, you must have no fear in exposing this demon from hell.  Yes, My child, you must not be affrighted to receive the mockery of those who do not believe.  You must shout the truth that this man is not an ordinary man!   He is supernatural.   He can change his appearance right before your very eyes.  He can cast his voice into animals.

There will be upon earth great opposition to this message, My child.  It is natural in the reality of Satan’s plan to try to take every soul from the Eternal Father in Heaven.  He is now going through your world; and when you remove him from his present body, he will proceed on into another.

There is one call a ‘man’ among you now, who is diabolical in nature, and who is using a human body.   This evil one We have named ‘the Vampire’, because in his diabolical nature — in his supernatural state — he has      developed a necessity for the consumption of human blood to retain the body  he travels in.  Know you well now that he is going about your city looking for young blood.

Many have been slaughtered at his hands; many are being slaughtered at his hands.  Children, unknown to their parents, are entering into his covens, making themselves susceptible to eventual death — not only of the spirit, but also of the body.  For the evil one, there is no love.  For the evil one, there is only the challenge to exist in human form.

My children, this message will be met by much mockery, derision, and unbelief.  This unbelief will only exist until the full exposure of the activities of this vampire among you. 

He works in covens (through) satanists, evildoers, and perpetrators of murder and sexual carnage.  Diabolical deviations far beyond what any human mind could conceive of have come straight from the mind — the supernatural mind — of this (demon) in human form. My child, the knowledge of his name has been given to many.  (But) they will find it most difficult, without Heavenly intervention, to trace him, since he is a man of a hundred faces, a man of many natures.  Only those with the know-ledge given from the Eternal Father will be able to subdue him. It is a battle now, My children, a battle in which those who have given themselves to Satan will be claimed by Satan now — not in the future, but now!  He is roaming throughout your cities; he is roaming throughout your states, making new covens of iniquity .   .   .


Now — enjoy a life of unbelievable riches, lasting love and constant protection with the secrets in this startling WITCH BOOK —


THE    MAGIC    POWER     OF     WITCHCRAFT          


K.   The Flying Saucer Demons and Livestock Mutilations


Not having followed the current witchcraft scene closely, the writer is unable to comment upon the murders and mutilations of the satanist and witchcraft cults.  These activities are undoubtedly well hidden.  Witchcraft advertisements, such as the one above apparently written in blood, appear regularly in UFO Report; they are made by an “archbishop” of the “Church of WICCA”.

Here we wish to mention some of the UFO-related livestock killings and mutilations which have occurred recently in the United States.  They are described in such articles from UFO Report as the following: “Night Mutilators of the Southwest,” by Ray Nelson (Nov 1978 issue); “Saucer Slaughter on the Prairies,” by B. Ann Slate (Sept 1977 issue);   “UFO Intelligence File”, by John Keel (May 1977 issue).

In her article, Ann Slate states the essence of the matter:   “There is now a frightening suspicion — with more than enough proof to support it — that bloodthirsty UFOnauts are behind the monstrous mutilations that are terrorizing mid-America.”  Not only are the bodies of these animals found mutilated in a macabre manner, but they are also found drained of blood.

Ray Nelson described the nature of the mutilations:

“Cattle mutilations are the most baffling mystery in the United States today .   .   .   .  The killers operate with unbelievable stealth, often within earshot of ranch homes, but are never caught in the act.  Their method of killing cattle, like their purpose, remains a total mystery.  Laboratories attempting to autopsy the mutilated animals are simple unable to pinpoint the cause of death.  Investigators find no foot-prints or vehicle marks around the carcasses.  However, strange circular tracks are sometimes found in the vicinity of the mutilated animals, baffling imprints that are perfectly circular and evenly depressed, and others that are shaped like suction cups.  Sometimes, larger pad marks are seen, laid out in triangular fashion as if a tripod-like object had landed near the animal.  Ranchers in the Southwest are being subjected to a reign of terror by these night mutilators.  Although they’ve struck in two dozen states, they’ve hit hardest in Colorado and New Mexico.  As of this writing, over a hundred animals have been  killed in Colorado and almost half that many in New Mexico.

Who are the mutilators and why do they perform their grisly rites?  No one knows, but whoever or whatever they are, the sinister evidence of their activities is unmistakable.  They come at night and always in silence.  They kill an animal silently, usually a cow or a bull but sometimes a horse, and with uncanny surgical precision they cut out certain body parts.  When the animal is found the next day or several days later, the macabre trademarks of the mutilators are there:   a tongue missing, an eye cut out, an ear gone, sections of hide sliced away and peeled back, sex organs cut out, and, most striking of all, a ‘cored out’ rectum.  The rectum is simply gone, carved out 18 inches deep and done so perfectly that some investigators even suspect laser surgery!

Adding to the confusion is evidence that suggests the cattle are being airlifted.  Strap marks and bruises found on some of the mutilated cattle seem to indicate that they were picked up and carried through the air for a distance after being killed and mutilated.   .   .  Equally mysterious is the fact that coyotes and scavenger birds will not usually come around the bodies of mutilated cattle, though they will readily feed on those animals killed in conventional ways.

And then there are the strange lights.  During periods of cattle mutilation activity, some claim to see orange lights about half the size of the full moon skimming along at night and hovering over ‘mutilation country’ and others see blue lights doing the same.  Ranchers see them, lawmen see them, and travelers see them.   .   .

Could the mutilators be linked to UFOs?  Many think so.  The killers seem to come from the sky and vanish into the sky.  Their work is done quickly and with astonishing surgical precision.   They appear to have no trouble handling the heavy

animals.  Cows and bulls weighing 1,000 pounds and more are maneuvered easily by the mutilators.   .   .  The mysterious nocturnal lights seen so often in mutilation country lend support to the UFO theory; so do the unexplainable round prints .   . .

The morbid doings of the Zyto cult and other witchcraft groups may explain away some of the mutilation cases, but they can hardly account for the whole mutilation mystery, not when the killers have terrorized livestock owners throughout the West and killed almost 300 animals without leaving a single tangible clue to their identity .   .   .”

In his article on the “Blackmail Theory” of UFOs, John Keel summarized the matter:

“ .   .   . In the early 1960’s they (the UFO creatures) launched a program of ruth-less and senseless slaughter.  They began to mutilate farm animals, draining off their blood and removing useless organs.  These mutilations began on a small scale in the northeastern U.S., but were quickly brought to the attention of the local law enforcement agencies, health officials, and key members of the Department of the Interior.  Unidentified flying objects were often sighted in the vicinity of the mutilations.  Gradually the mutilation program was expanded until entire states became involved.   In the early 1970’s the mutilations reached unprecedented proportions, far beyond the capabilities of any secret satanic cult or random group of disorganized screwballs.   The message was loud and clear.  The UFOs can destroy life wholesale, behind guarded fences, under the very noses of human police.   .   .   .  identical mutilations are occurring as far away as Sweden and Australia.  “ .   .   . The prelude to this final phase would be an increase in the abduction of humans.  And there has been an alarming increase in UFO abduction cases since 1973.  Law enforcement agencies in the past year or two have also become quietly worried over the sharp rise of disappearances.  In many areas, particularly where the animal mutilation cases are the most intense, some of these missing people have been found, their bodies mysteriously and savagely mutilated.

The governments of the world, for their part, have conducted a 30-year program to reassure us that UFOs are harmless, even nonexistent, and that all those calculated demonstrations are meaningless.  But somewhere in the halls of Washington there must be some very worried men carefully studying each new mutilation report, haunted by General MacArthur’s repeated public statements that the next war will be conducted by a unified human race battling ‘evil beings from outer space’.”

The “evil beings from outer space” to which General MacArthur referred are demons.  To conclude this digression, we present some ancient Assyrian demon exorcism texts which deal with livestock mutilations.  These texts, which date from the time of Ashurbanipal (7th century BC), are included in this work of R. Campbell Thompson, The Devils and Evil Spirits of Babylonia (Luzac and Co., London, 1903). 

Just before the fall of ancient Assyria and Babylonia, those corrupt peoples were plagued with demons and livestock mutilations, just as the corrupt people of America are so plagued today.

“Seven are they!   Seven are they!

In the ocean (abyss) deep seven are they!

Battening in Heaven seven are they

Bred in the depths of the ocean (abyss).

Neither male nor female are they,

But are as the roaming windblast,

No wife have they, no son can they beget;

Knowing neither mercy nor pity,

They hearken not to prayer or supplication .   .   .     


These seen are the messengers of Anu (god), the king,

Bearing gloom from city to city,

Tempests that furiously scour the heavens,

Dense clouds that over the sky bring gloom,

Rushing wind gusts, casting darkness over the brightest day,

Forcing their way with baneful windstorms,

Mighty destroyers, the deluge of the storm-god,

Stalking at the right hand of the storm-god .   .   .     


Through the gloomy street by night they roam,

Smiting sheepfold and cattle-pen;

Shutting up the land as with door and bolt.

Rending in pieces on high, bringing destruction below, They are the children of the underworld.

Loudly roaring above, gibbering below,

They are the bitter venom of the gods.

They are the great storms directed from Heaven,

They are the owls which hoot over a city.      


Demons like raging bulls, great ghosts,

Ghosts that break through all houses,

Demons that have no shame,

Seven are they!


Knowing no care, they grind the land like corn;

Knowing no mercy, they rage against mankind;

They spill their blood like rain

Devouring their flesh and sucking their veins.

They are demons full of violence,

Ceaselessly devouring blood.

Uprooting everything, uprooting everything,

Overthrowing everything, whatever its name.      


Through the caverns of the earth they creep,

And amid the desolate places of the earth they lie.

Nowhere are they known (seen)

Neither in heaven nor on earth are they found.

Those seven have come forth from (inside) the earth;

Those seven in the earth were born,

Those seven in the earth were reared

They have come nigh to tread the bounds of the ocean (abyss).”       


Comments:   These seven demons are the seven chief demons of the abyss (ocean or sea). According to Apoc 12:18 ---- 13:1, the 7-heeled dragon “stood on the sands of the sea” and John “saw a beast emerge from the sea”.   The preceding Babylonian exorcism texts indicate what we may expect in the future.  In the coming invasion of the demons, they will be “uprooting everything, overthrowing everything.”  A lion-headed Babylonian demon. This creature may represent one of the 7 chief demons of the abyss (or ocean).

They were believed to come forth from the Underworld to spread discord, disease, and other plagues among men, and to decimate their flocks of animals. The Babylonians had direct experience of the demons who finally destroyed the Babylonian nation. Today these demons are coming in the Flying Saucers, and they are well-disguised as spirits of light.

    The demons also spread delusions, one of which is called “Modernism”.  In its more general meaning, Modernism is the belief of modern men that all of the allegedly true knowledge received from the past is in reality so much superstition. 

All of the knowledge, allegedly given by God in ancient times and inherited by men through their religious books and traditions, is actually nonsense to the Modernist.  Thus Modernism is an _expression of the great pride of modern men, who look down upon the ancients and even upon God — the Ancient One — Himself.

Because Modernism rejects the true knowledge of the past, people who are Modernists have learned nothing from the past.  To them the stories of the Deluge, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and other great divine chastisements of the past, are so much fiction.   Because Modernists have learned nothing from the past, they are now obliged to repeat it.  And they will be destroyed just as the ancient sinners were destroyed at the Deluge.

One of the delusions of Modernism is that demons do not exist.  Thus we have all of the modern fantasies, based upon wishful-thinking, about the Flying Saucer creatures who have come to earth to “save” us.   This delusion is promulgated by the demons themselves, in order to facilitate their work of destroying the human race and claiming the human souls.  If a man is unaware of the existence of an enemy, he is defenseless against him.

The following vision of Venerable Elizabeth Canori-Mora (died 1825) also shows the coming invasion of the demons:

“I seemed to see the Heavens opening and St. Peter .   .   . coming down, surrounded with great glory and by an escort of many Heavenly spirits singing canticles.   St. Peter was dressed in his pontifical robes and held in his right hand the pastoral staff, with which he drew an immense cross .   .   .  After this, the holy Apostle touched with his staff the four extremities of the cross, from which instantly sprang up four beautiful trees .   .   .  These mysterious trees had the form of a cross and were surrounded by a splendid light.

Then I understood in the depths of my soul that St. Pet4r had produced these four symbolic trees in order that they may serve as a place of refuge for the little flocks of the faithful friends of Jesus Christ, and preserve them from the fearful punishment which will convulse the whole earth.  All good Christians will then be protected under these trees, together with all those religious persons who will have faithfully preserved in their hearts the spirit of their order .   .   .  But woe to those religious who do not observe their rule.   They will all be struck by that terrible punishment.  I say the same .   .   .  to all classes of people in the world, who give themselves up to a life of pleasure, and who follow .   .   . modern ideas opposed to the holy precepts of the Gospel.  By their conduct, these wretched people deny the Faith of Jesus Christ, and they will perish under the weight of the indignant Arm of God’s justice.   Not one of them will be able to escape the punishment.

I beheld these good Christians, who had sought a refuge under those mysterious trees, in the form of beautiful lambs confided to the care and vigilance of St. Peter .   .   .  As soon as St. Peter .   .   . had gathered the flock of Jesus to a  place of safety, he re-ascended into Heaven accompanied by legions of angels.

Scarcely had they disappeared when the sky was covered with clouds so dense and dismal that it was impossible to look at them without dismay.   Suddenly there burst out such a terrible and violent wind, that its noise seemed like the roar of furious lions.   The sounds of the dreadful hurricane was heard over the whole earth.  Fear and terror struck not only men, but even animals.

All men will rise against one another, and they will kill one another without pity During this bloody conflict, the avenging Arm of God will strike the wicked; and with His mighty power He will punish their pride and presumption.  God will employ the powers of hell for the extermination of these impious and heretical people who desire to overthrow the Church and destroy it to the foundations.

Innumerable legions of demons will overrun the earth, and will execute the orders of divine justice by causing terrible calamities and disasters.  They will attack everything.  They will injure individual persons and families;   they will devastate property, food production, cities and villages.  Nothing on earth will be spared.  God will allow the demons to strike with death those impious men, because they gave themselves up to the infernal powers, and formed with them a compact against the Catholic Church.

Because I desired to understand more fully His divine justice, God showed me the awful abyss.  I saw in the bowels of the earth a dark and frightening cavern, from where an infinite number of demons were issuing.  They had the form of men and beasts; and they came to ravage the earth, leaving everywhere ruins and blood.  Blessed will be all true and good Catholics.   They will experience the powerful protection of the holy Apostles, St. Peter and St. Paul, who will watch over them.   .   .   .  Those evil spirits will plunder every place where God has been outraged, despised and blasphemed.  The edifices they profaned will be pulled down and destroyed, and nothing but ruins will remain of them.  After this frightful punishment, I saw the Heavens opening and St. Peter coming down upon earth again .   .   .  surrounded by a great number of angels.  I also saw St. Paul descending upon earth.  By God’s command, he traversed the earth and chained the demons, and he brought them before St.  Pete, who commanded them to return to hell .   .   .

Then a Great Light appeared upon earth — the sign of the reconciliation of God with man.   The angels conducted before .   .   . the prince of the Apostles the small flock that had remained faithful to Jesus Christ.  These good and zealous Christians testified their most profound respect, praised God, and thanked the Apostles for having delivered them from the common destruction, and for having protected the Church .   .   . by not permitting her to be infected with the false ideas of the world.

St. Peter then chose the new pope.  The Church was organized again, and religious orders were re-established.  Through their great zeal for the glory of God, the private families of ordinary Christians became like the most exemplary religious communities.”   (The Prophets and Our Times, by Rev. R. Gerald Culleton, Tan Books, Rockford, Illinois, 1974,   pp. 188-191)

L.   Satan Will Promote Revolution By Using the Youth

10Feb78—Our Lady:           “In the diabolical world-wide conspiracy that now exists against My Son and His Church, there are leaders who reach to the youth of your nation with their diabolical plan from Satan.  Man has paganized

      himself,  and he now seeks to set up new idols for worship. Satan is also being glorified in your country and throughout the

world. Satan — that is, Lucifer ---- and his agents know that their time is short; and they now go about as an army from hell.   Like ravenous wolves, they seek to destroy the youth of your country and the world.  My children, as I warned you over and over in many visits to earth, your children will be your scourge.  It will be father against son, mother against daughter.  Murders will be rampant.  Cannibalism (will arise because of famine)  Children will murder their parents.  Sin is insanity.  There is a great conspiracy of evil in your country, My children.  It is a conspiracy to bring revolution by using the young.   And who is free of the guilt for this?   My children, your media are responsible for the fall of your country.  Your schools and your newspapers are now succumbing to pornography and filth.  And your doctors who once were loyal to an oath, your once-loyal doctors, are not butchers:   for money they kill the young.   Abortion is murder, My children, and as murderers you will receive a just judgment and punishment.”

13Sep77—Our Lady:           “My child, before I continue, I must warn all parents that this “man of perdition” has made his way into all schools.  The young, those with    ages in the 20’s and 30’s, are now the principal victims of Satan.”

7Dec77— Our Lady:            “My children, recognize the great conspiracy ov evil that now enshrouds the world.  Recognize the evil that is being perpetuated, infused into the daily living of your children, who are the major victims of your present sate of society.   My children, I told you in the past that sin is insanity.  I warned you again and again that you must protect your children from the influences of Satan.  These influences, My children, have come through your media, your government, your teachers, your entertainment media.   Satan covers your earth.   .   .

Your children are being indoctrinated into evil.  Your schools .   .   .  the schools that were created under My Son’s leadership, His Church, have been indoctrinated by evil.  We hold the pastors of My Son’s House responsible for the fall of the children .   .   .  Scandals have been brought into the lives of your children:   perversion, homosexuality, immorality, perverted sex.  My children, where will you stop but at the abyss?  Sin has become a way of life in your country and many countries through-out your world.  In your insanity you will bring about your own destruction.  My  Son’s creation in the Father and the Holy Spirit, the good Book of Life and Love,  the Bible, is being replaced by the Book of Satan.

      Parents, you look upon this with a smile?   Are you too insane?  Do you not recognize the infiltration of your home life by Satan?   Your children will turn upon you and put you to death!   There will be division within the home:  father against son, mother against daughter, as parents will struggle to retain the truth and the light within the homes .   .   .  There is now a conspiracy of evil in your country, the United States.  Recognize the meaning of ‘ILLUMINATI’.   It has now been interwoven with the  churches of Satan and the massive, international organization of WICCA.  They are now fighting My Son’s Church.  It is Satan who guides them, for these people who have entered into the organizations of WICCA and ILLUMINATI are dead bodies and dead souls. 

You ask, My children, how this can be?  Much that will take place in the near future you will see and be astounded at.  Remember, My children, that Lucifer has great power.  However, his time is growing short, and realizing this  he has accelerated his evil.”

Comments: A “dead soul” is a soul that has committed a mortal sin that has not been forgiven. Thus that soul is in a damned state.  There are two types of “dead souls”: sinners who are yet living in their bodies, and sinners who have already died in their bodies.  Our Lady says that “these people who have entered into the organizations of WICCA and ILLUMINATI are dead bodies and dead souls.”

We can seemingly only conclude that the people She is referring to have already died in their bodies at some time in the past.  They have been resurrected by Lucifer who now “has great power” to perform miracles that we will “be astounded at”.   All of this sounds incredible, but we mention two facts.  On page 171 we already noted that Our Lady said that Franklin Roosevelt “enters anew upon earth from the abyss”.   As we pointed out, not merely damned angels, but also damned humans like Franklin Roosevelt, are in the Flying Saucers.

Who are the MIBs (“Men in Black”) of UFO literature?  We assume that the MIBs are these dead sinners who have been resurrected by Lucifer.   These zombies are now among us.  As the UFO literature indicates, the customs and habits of the MIBs (e.g., their tastes in clothing) are those of a former age (i.e., when these sinners lived).  Their behavior shows that they are  somewhat familiar with the earth, although their language may be of another nation or age.

M.   Satanism and the Black Mass


8Jun 74—Our Lady:   “My child, you ask about the satanic infiltration in your country.  At this time you will not concern yourself with names.  It is enough that you share with the world the knowledge that there is a perpetuation of satanic worship in what you call the ‘black mass’.  The numbers who join their ranks are countless.  They do honor to the prince of darkness, and they have given themselves to the prince of darkness.  It takes great sacrifice, much prayer, great penance to bring them back from their lives of darkness — earthly lives, My child.  Their souls are already dead ---- dead not as the human body is dead, but as the spiritual body, the soul, is dead.  Any man who of free will has given himself to satanic worship is dead forever.  He is damned forever to the darkness and torments of the abyss. My child, man should not experiment and seek out these agents of hell.  They are there about you, but you cannot win them by joining them, for you are only mortal.  (Pray for those who commit) such atrocities against the Father in Heaven.”

2Apr77—Our Lady:   “Many sects and cults that are arising are the false prophets spoken of in the Scriptures.  They will increase in number.  They bring doctrines of devils, witnessing not to My Son but to the inventions of man.

My child, the battle against evil will not be easy.  When Satan captures a soul, that individual will be biased and dogmatic in his convictions, and only prayer and penance will break down his armor.”

19Nov77—Veronica out of ecstasy:   “Communion in the hand was promoted by Satan because of the present rise of satanists in our country and the world.  They are conducting the “black mass” secretly and openly.  The children are the greatest victims of this evil.  The Sacred Species, the Host, is being used in a most abominable way during these rituals of the “black mass” and satanism.”

N.   Supernatural Modes of Communication

27May78—Jesus:   “My child, you will mention the difference in the speaking and the thought transferal.”

Veronica:       “When Our Lady speaks, I’ve noticed that She speaks like you and I, with Her lips moving.  But when Jesus speaks, He doesn’t move His lips.  It’s His eyes.  I can’t explain it but Jesus doesn’t move His lips.  Whatever (He wishes  to communicate), He puts right into (your) thoughts and words.”

Comments:   On pages 158 and 163, we listed five indications that the UFO phenomenon is supernatural.  A sixth indication is that the UFO creatures (demons) “float” when they move, just as Jesus and Our Lady float in the visions of Veronica.  A seventh indication is that the UFO demons communicate telepathically, as Jesus does, according to the above message.

O.  Chronology of the Actions of Satan (or Antichrist)

1Nov77----Our Lady:   “Satan — not the lesser demons of hell, but Satan himself —now walks your earth.  Earth-year 1940 was his beginning.  He entered upon your country (the U.S.A.) In 1971.  Satan, the “prince of darkness”, the “father of all liars”,  the “master of deceit”, is now here to claim his own.”

7Sep77----Our Lady:   “My child, I told you that, in 1971 of earth-years, the ‘man of perdition (Satan)’ had entered into the priesthood — into the body of a fallen soul of the priesthood.”

1Feb71— Our Lady:   “I have tried to warn you, My children, but My warnings have fallen on closed ears.   I can no longer keep the darkness from you.  I beg you now to keep a constant vigil of prayer. He is here now.  O the sadness of hearts on this day!   How We cry in Heaven for the sadness ahead!   He will spread his destruction over all the earth.   The ‘man of perdition’ is in your country .   .   .The broken cross, the sign of the ‘man of perdition’, the sign of the Anti-christ, is the so-called ‘Peace Symbol’.   All who wear this are doomed . 

       .   . My children, I cannot caution you enough to wear your Rosary around your neck, for no one will be free from his entrance.  He claims the unclean souls.  He seeks the souls of those destined for My Son’s Kingdom.  This evil man from hell seeks to destroy (everyone). Listen to Me, My children.   He is walking your earth now.  He has the power of Satan.  He can use the body of a man or woman or child.  Watch!  Beware!  Ask the Holy Spirit to allow your eyes to see.  Keep a constant vigil of prayer.  Many will fall into the abyss.  We weep for the souls that will be lost.

He will proceed on into Egypt and Israel, and he will bring Russia from the north.  Wake up to the truth!  His reign will be longer than man expects.  The interpretation of man has erred.  The times and one time and half a time is in Heaven’s time.  The earthly time is very much longer .   .   .He will remain an extra week (in New York or the U.S.), My child.  Your

trials are not over.  He has come to your locality to try to destroy My work here.  He knows that We plan to recover many souls by Our vigil of prayer. He will use the clergy to stop you, My child.”

      11Feb71—Our Lady:   “Satan has opened the abyss, and many of his henchmen are among you .   .   .  Watch, wait and pray.   He is still in your land.  This ‘man of perdition’, this ‘man out of hell’, will spread his darkness through the Holy Church.  Hold the truth always in your hear.  Pray for your priests, your hierarchy, for the faith has grown weak .   .   .  Turn your face from those who wish to profane the Body of My Son . . . .  The indignities to My Son, the Eternal Father, and all in Heaven are increasing as this ‘man of sin’ increases his destruction.   His goal is the possession of all spirits destined for My Son’s Kingdom .   .   .  But you will see (that he will not succeed), My children.  We shall show this ‘man of perdition’ where the true power of God lies;   for eventually I shall crust him through the power of the Eternal Father.  Remember 21 Jan 1971.   This was the day when this ‘man of perdition’ came to your City and entered your Holy Church.  Now he moves about and he will spread destruction throughout your land before he proceeds on to Egypt.  Remember this date, My children, for it was a sad day for mankind.  What could be sadder than the entrance of Antichrist into your land.   .         .

     Parents, I admonish you again:   Remove that diabolical sign of Satan from your children’s throats, for it will strangle their souls!   This mark of the Antichrist, the cross that is broken, uses as a disguise the Peace Symbol.  Destroy them before they destroy your children!  Place the cross about their necks, for that will be all that will save them .   .  


Comments:   According to the messages, Satan, Antichrist, the ‘man of perdition’ came upon earth in earth-year 1940.  Catherine Emmerich prophesied this in one of her revelations.  In the early 1940s, the demon-controlled Flying Saucers also first began to appear. In 1971, Satan took possession of a fallen soul in the priesthood, and on 21 Jan 1971, he entered the Church in New York City.  After remaining in the United States for at least a few weeks, he proceeded on to Egypt.  After that he went to Israel. In 1972, Satan entered Rome and usurped control of the papacy, according to the message of 7 Sept 1978: “Lucifer in human form (in the body of a man) entered into Rome in the year 1972.  He cut off the rule and the role of the Holy Father, Pope Paul VI.

In 1975, Satan entered the United States again, according to the message of 13 Aug 1977, on page 189.  On the date of that message, he was still occupied in establishing covens and the church of satan in the United States and Canada.  Satan has yet to “bring Russia from the north.”   This is presumably an allusion to Ezekiel’s prophecy of the coming of Gog and Magog upon the people of God.  See Ezekiel 38 and 39.

23Nov74—Our Lady:   “Pray, My child;   keep a constant vigil of prayer.  My voice cries ‘Prayer!  Atonement!  Sacrifice!’, for the time grows short.   The sands are running out, My child.”

Veronica:   “I see a very large hour-glass and .   .   . pink-colored sand.   And it’s dripping into the bottom of the glass.  It looks like it’s about an eighth filled on the top now.  (Only) an eighth filled (on the top).”

      Our Lady:       “Yes — an eighth filled.”

      Comments:   Apparently the 1/8 in the top of the hour-glass represents the time left, from the date when the message was given (23Nov74) to the beginning of the Great War or Chastisement.  Thus the 7/8 in the bottom represents the time from some unspecified past event up to the date of the message (23Nov74).  If the past event was the 1917 Fatima prophecy, then 1974 minus (-) 1917 equals (=) 57 years have passed.  This past period of 57 years represented 7/8 of the whole period from 1917 Fatima prophecy to the beginning of the Great War or Chastisement.  Since 57 = 7/8 where X is the whole period, therefore X=65 years approximately.  If these ideas are correct, then the Great War or Chastisement will begin in the year 1982 since 1917 + 65 = 1982.   Note also the following messages:

14May77—Veronica:   “Over on the right side, the numbers 82 are appearing in the sky.   .   .  I don’t understand .   .   . 82.”

Our Lady:       “You will in time, My child.   Just remember the numbers 82.”

4Jun77— Our Lady:   “My children, as I told you in the past, you will all be tested.All that is rotten will fall and be cast aside; the wheat will be separated from the chaff, the sheep from the goats.   All will be tested in the days ahead.I gave you the year 82 for a reason.  I will call it the year of the    countdown  — the year of the countdown, My children.”

Comment:   Since ‘82’ or ‘1982’ is ‘the year of the countdown’, it might also be the year of the Warning.

20Nov75—Our Lady:   “You must keep a constant vigil of prayer, for one man will come out of Egypt and cause a great catastrophe for mankind.  Beware of accepting confidences of enemies of your God.  My child, your country is in great danger, for your government leaders will place their trust in enemies, and deception upon deception will be set upon your country. Your leaders will be forced to keep from you this knowledge of great importance.”

Comments:   Apparently this means that U.S. Government leaders will make a secret agreement with the enemies of God, and that this agreement will be kept secret from the people of the U.S.

29May76—Our Lady:   “Starting from the year 1971, My children, you will call a count-down.  The ‘time, times, and half a time’ of which your prophets spoke, has been misunderstood.  It is not 3-1/2 years of earth’s time, but far longer, because the ‘time, times, and half a time’ is stated in Heaven’s time.   Time as man knows it upon earth bears no resemblance to time in Heaven.”

Comments:   With regard to chronology, see also the messages on pages 103-105.

15Jul76—Jesus:   “There is now in the city of Rome a conspiracy of evil to remove your Vicar from the Seat of Peter.   The forces (of evil) — the Red Forces  are gathering.   Pray a constant vigil of prayer.   When the upheaval in Rome takes place, My children, know that the end of your era is at hand.”

 Study 5.    A Great Plague and the Removal of Many Children

      18Mar73—Our Lady:   “There will be visited upon your country and the world a Great Plague.  Many children will die in this cleansing.   These young souls will be rescued from the contamination of a world that has given itself to Satan.”

25Mar73—Our Lady:   “Satan has placed many agents in the House of God and in all fields of entertainment, culture and government.  They are not set up for Satan. It was not in the plan of the Father to bring the Great Chastisement upon you now, but (the evilness  of mankind) forced His hand upon you.   The Great Plague and darkness will come before the Ball of Redemption.   You will find that the extinction of man is gradually evolving upon earth; however, the Father does not plan to eradicate man completely.  As in the time of Noah, only a few will be chosen to set up the Kingdom.  There will be a Great War.”


18Jun74—Our Lady: “My child, I cannot take away the plan that will soon be put in motion by the Father.   Gradually many children will be removed from earth to save their souls. Parents, heed this admonition now.  You will save your souls great sorrow  if you now prepare your children.   At this time I cannot give you added know-ledge of what is to come.  I can only direct you as a mother, My children, to listen and heed My warning.  Prepare your children, for many will be taken from your world.”

23Nov74—Our Lady:  “In the great trial ahead, My children, many young will be taken from the world.  In the Great Chastisement, many of My children will be removed, some without going into the deep sleep (death).  Yes, My child, nothing is impossible with the Father.   Many will be taken without going into the veil.”

      Veronica:       “Our Lady means dying.  Many will be taken without knowing the death of the body.   Oh!   Oh!   Oh!”

      Our Lady:       “Yes, My child, the words of your Book of Life are true. There will be two (people) standing out in the field.  One will remain and one will be taken.  (Matt.  24:41). Yes, My child, there is nothing to fear.   All that happens will be good

for those of healthy spirit.   Fear is truly a tool of Satan.   Have confidence, My child!   Always have confidence in the power of the Father!”

5Apr75—Our Lady:   “The children are the true victims of their elders. The example given to them is poor. Many children will be removed from the world, My child.  It will be necessary for the salvation of their souls.   There will be a Great

Plague.  Have great pity for the soul that will be lost, My children.  In the Holy City of Rome and in the country on the sea, there will be a plague.   In England there will be a plague.”

      7Dec76—Our Lady:   “My children, I give you great grace to heart in (informing you) that many will be taken from your earth before the Great Chastisement.  It is a great joy to reveal to you that there will be much consternation and conflicting thought when these beloved children disappear from the earth.  Many of your news media will state that they have been carried off by   Flying Saucers.  Oh no, My children.   They (will be) carried off into a supernatural realm of the Eternal Father, to await the return of My Son on earth.”

Comments:   Our Lady says that many of these “children” will be taken “before the Great Chastisement”.  This may mean that they will be taken during the coming Warning.  During the Warning, many Flying Saucers and the demons will probably appear, as we have previously indicated.  A number of UFO articles have been devoted to the subject of “missing persons”, mostly in relation to UFO abductions.  Note also the work, Among the Missing, by J.  R. Nash, 1978.  (The Sourcebook Project, Box 107, Glen Arm, Maryland 21057).

Our Lady states that “these beloved children (will) disappear from the earth”, and that “they (will be) carried off into a supernatural realm of the Eternal Father, to await the return of My Son upon earth.”   These are obviously the “children” who will be taken to Heaven without dying.  Since all humans must eventually die, we might assume that they will die when  Jesus returns to the earth.  Our Lady says that they will “await the return of My Son upon earth”.   What else could they be waiting for at this time?   It should be noted that when Our Lady speaks of Her “children”, they may be adults.  She addresses Veronica as “My child”.

A final point is that these children who are “removed” either by dying from the Great Plague or by being “taken” to Heaven without dying, may provide us with a solution to a problem.  According to the messages of 2 April 1977, and 1 Nov 1977, three-quarters (3/4) of the population of the earth will be gone when the Great Chastisement is ended.  On the other hand, the message of 15 June 1974, states that only two-thirds (2/3) of the world’s population will be destroyed by the Great War and the Ball of Redemption.  Thus there is a fraction of one-twelfth (3/4 minus 2/3  equals 1/12) unaccounted for.  If we assume that this one-twelfth of the world’s population includes these children who will be “removed” (and others will die from earthquakes and other catastrophes), then this problem is solved.

The following message describes the Great Plague:

15Jul77— Jesus:   “Many good will suffer with the bad.   There will be a gradual removal from within your world of the good; many will die in their earthly bodies, and many will be taken up in the Rapture.  My children, as you go forward now, you are entering the time of great sorrows.  Without enough prayers and acts of atonement to the Eternal Father, the nations will rise against nations, and there will be much bloodshed and gnashing of teeth among mankind.  The loss of charity of heart has taken full grip upon many.

I hope you understand, My children, the lesson given to you in the past night* of how man in his sin will become an animal.   I sent onto your city, My child, three warnings.  Now the next will be a terrible cross for many.  Within your land, the United States, and many nations that have fallen to corruption and sin, great trial will be given.  The crops will fail; there will be famine and thirst in many regions.  There will be set upon your city, New York, a Great Plague, My children.   Those who are on the waters may escape the rodents. My child, now you will be seated and read the photographs.  They are most important.”

Veronica:       “ .   .   .  I don’t like rodents.  I don’t even like mice .   .   .  Rodents and flying creatures eating the crops. 

.   .   .  A plague.   The boats will not anchor to the land.  A just punishment upon man.   Famine in America the Beautiful.   No one will have the price          of the wheat.  Men will become like animals, killing their neighbors.  It will be like dog eating dog.   Bands of roaming homosexuals will attack the young.  People will live in fear, their doors barred.  There will be no love or charity between neighbors.  Fear will grip the nation.   Murders will increase and the crops will rot.  Rodents will run, scavengers will fly, transported by air through states. For a nation where much has been given, much has been expected.  (But the man) of this great nation has rejected his God.  It is only through trial and suffering that he will return to his God.”

Comments:   Apparently the latter remarks of Veronica were made as she read the photographs. Since the rats both eat the crops and spread disease, famine and plague go together.  In the ensuing struggle for survival, people will kill each other.  Undoubtedly, the many statements in the  messages about the youth killing their parents refer at least partially this crisis. ·        On the night of 13 July 1977, a lightning bolt caused the failure of electric power in New York; this was followed by rioting and looting, etc.

Study 6.   An Earthquake in the United States

22Nov75—Our Lady:   “Your country will receive a chastisement, My child.   There will be an eruption in a place that scientists will be unable to account for.  They will be unable to explain this eruption by natural means.”

9Apr77—Veronica:   “Now Our Lady is .   .   .  pointing to another area in the sky.  A map is forming .   .   .  it’s the outline of the United States .   .   .  Now there are  areas being .   .   .  pinpointed on the map.   I see California — it looks like southern California — and there are two dots on that side of the map.  two dots in southern California. Now there is a line developing .   .   . It’s a line that is marking out something.   It’s going directly across the southern part of the United States, and it’s           stopping just over the left border of Georgia, and there’s one point being made there.  They seem to be landing points for something to happen. Now the line is continuing, and it’s swerving upward into North Carolina. Then suddenly the line is like taking a fast curve over to the East Coast.  But as it goes along the coast, I see a large question mark.  Now it appears to be heading northward along the East Coast.  And there is another question mark. I don’t know how to explain it.   It’s a very ominous-looking map.”

Our Lady:       “ You will understand soon, My child.”

Comments: It is possible that the line in question refers to an earthquake that will take place during the Warning.   See the references to the shaking of the elements on pages 123, 126, 127.  The earthquake might also be the “opening of the abyss” referred to in Apoc 9:2. 

19Aug78—Jesus:   “As in the time of Noah, Heaven has now sent to mankind prophets, instruments for warning the world of a coming disaster.  As your God, I say to you now:   enough warnings have been given!   My Mother has pleaded your cause well;   otherwise many more would have  been removed from the earth in disasters. My children, your country, the United States, will soon be divided in land by a disaster.   Many souls will be lost to the world, and many souls will be lost to Heaven.” Earthquakes and disturbances of nature will now increase and claim many lives.”

 The Great War (World War III, the Communist World Revolution) and the Fall of the United States to Communist Russia

1Nov74—Our Lady:   “There is in your country and the world a conspiracy of evil. The world powers seek to unite in order to bring you under bondage. Awaken now!   Your country is setting (itself) for a great trial. You will pray and do much penance for the leaders of your Government.  Great evil has been set upon them as punishment for turning from the laws of  the Creator.   For avarice an self-gain, many souls are falling fast into hell. The Eagle — the beautiful country that I have placed under My protection  the Eagle has been plucked by Satan.   The Father has given you over to a  reprobate sense.   You defile your bodies among yourselves in immodesty and  immorality.   You lower yourselves to the rank of animals.  The Father created  the animals beneath man, but now you grovel like serpents.

My child, there is a great evil in the world.  When the world and My Son’s House are united into one, know that the end is at hand.  (But) the gates of hell will not prevail against My Son’s House. You must inform My children in your country that they must put into your Government God-fearing men who follow the rules of the Father.  If you bring  murderers, robbers and thieves into the house, they will rob you until nothing remains.  You will be stripped of all earthly wealth, and this wealth will be turned over to one small group to govern the lives of many. If your country will do penance and return to a life of prayer, they can escape for a time the planned Punishment and Warning.  The scale is not balanced to the right, but it leans heavily to the left.  Know that (when) the peak of iniquity is reached, I shall no longer be able to hold back the punishing hand of My Son.”

Veronica:       “Now it’s very, very dark.  And there’s an eagle (vulture) perched above on a sort of .   .   .  cut tree (branch) or piece of log.  It’s not a nice-looking eagle.  It looks very dark and black.   I think it’s an eagle.  It’s a bird with a white beak and black feathers.  Oh, it doesn’t look good!   It’s looking down now, and it’s opening its beak.   And I hear a terrible booming voice:” The Voice:   “Woe!   Woe!   Woe to the inhabitants of the earth!   Blood baths in the Eternal City!   Blood will flow in the streets!   Revolution and death! Woe!   Woe!   Woe!  to the inhabitants of the earth!”

18Mar75—Veronica: “Our Lady is now pointing over to the right side of the flagpole. The sky is lighting up, and I am looking into a mapped area that looks like Africa.  I’m looking over from the African part of the map, and I can see the countries of Egypt and Israel .    .    .”

      Our Lady:       “(There will be) a coalition of the dark races, My child. The world is fast heading to the culmination of the Armageddon.”

      Comment:   See the message of 25 March 1973, on page 206.

      18Mar75—Our Lady:            “Your country was placed under My protection, My children, but you have a free will.   Could I but spread before you a complete picture of your future, you would come back to the Eternal Father upon your knees.  It is a picture of death, My children. Satan roams your world.  He has many agents in all the media.  Hearts are hardened, ears are deafened, sight is blinded.   Sight of the physical body means nothing, My child.  It is the light that has been taken from the heart and the soul of mankind that brings him to destruction.”

Comment: With regard to the placing of the United States under the protection of Our Lady and the coming apocalyptic conflict, see the interesting article of Simon Mennick, “George Washington’s Psychic Vision of America’s Future.”  UFO Report, Aug 1977.

22Mar75—Our Lady:            “You must keep a constant vigil of prayer in your country and throughout the world.  The forces of evil are gathered to set upon your world the start of a major catastrophe.  (There will be) extensive murder and death.  Scientists and men of knowledge are forever seeking, but never finding the truth (how to avoid a nuclear war) .   .   .Sad to say, Satan has captured the minds of many in high places.   .   .  I have asked you, My children, to pray for the leaders of your countries.  This is urgent to all at this time, for it will be a few leaders, strategically placed in positions of power by Satan, who will bring death to millions of the populace.”

Veronica:       “Now Our Lady is pointing up, up.   Oh!  I see what looks like a tremendous explosion of fire, and people ---- I can see people ---- running through the streets.  Oh!  It’s like a terrible conflagration .   .   . Oh! And now I see a huge Black Bird above it.  It’s not a nice-looking bird; it’s not like the Eagle (U.S.).   It looks like a Vulture or something with its wings spread. And now the vulture is getting ready to fly.  O my goodness!   It’s heading to do war with the Eagle, but the Eagle has no strength.  It has been plucked by Satan.  Oh!  It looks like there isn’t a feather left on the Eagle. Oh, it’s a sad-looking sight.    Oh!”

Our Lady:       “My child, you see the state of your country.  Satan has done his diabolical work well in your country and the countries of the earth.  If you had prayed  more, this could have been avoided.”

Comments:   The Eagle is a symbol of the United States (as on an airmail stamp).  The vulture or black bird is the same as the black eagle in the 1 Nov 1974 message on the previous page.  The vulture is Communist Russia, which is a tool of Satan.

29Mar75—Our Lady:            “My child, you must understand the great warning that I have recently given to the world.  Without the counted (required) number of conversions to the Father; without prayers, sacrifice and much atonement which is so sorely needed at this time; your world will be engrossed in a Third War of  such great magnitude that almost no flesh will be saved. Already the sins of mankind have set him upon the road to his own destruction.   Father (will be) against son, mother against daughter, brother against sister.   Many nations will disappear from the earth. Is this what you want, My children?   Are you ready to face death?   Are you ready to come over the veil and stand before the Eternal Father in judgment?   No!   I say to you:   Many of you will never reach the portals of the  Father.  You will be cast into the abyss! The value of life will be lowered to the extreme:   Man will murder with-out conscience.  Brother (will fight) against sister; families (will be) torn asunder by sin.   .   .Many mothers in the world will face calamity with the loss of their sons. Many will truly join Me upon (under?) the Cross.”

Veronica:       “I see what looks like a large field.   Oh, it’s like a countryside, because there are mountains, and I am now looking down upon a river.  No, it’s more  like a lake, because I can see all of the foliage and trees around it. But down over in the woods, there are many, many crosses ---- crosses  white-washed, painted white.  Now I’m (going) down, and now I’m walking among those crosses.   But there are no names upon the crosses.”

Our Lady:       “My child, look and weep with Me, for you are witnessing the destruction that will come upon mankind in the Great War, your Third World War.  So many will die that there will not be time to mark the graves, My child.  Mothers will long to see and know where their sons lie, but to no avail. This comfort will not be given to them, so great will be the loss of life.  Can you not turn back now and beg the forgiveness of the Eternal Father before it is too late?   Are you so blind to the truth, My children, that you do not see the road  on which you are traveling?

Your city, My child, will be cleansed by trial, as will all cities of your world.  Man has set himself on a road steeping his soul in darkness of spirit.  Charity has grown cold.    Aberrations of the body are accepted as normal when they are abnormal.  Man is practicing all of the vile corruption set upon your world by Satan. Unless mankind makes a reversal of his present course, there will be no  recourse for the Eternal Father other than to allow you to use the instruments of destruction you have created to destroy yourselves.   .   .  My child, this Great War will come upon you suddenly.”

Veronica:       “Now Michael is going up with Our Lady.   They’re moving over to the center of the sky.  Our Lady is now looking down sadly, and She’s pointing to  what looks like a map. Oh my!  It’s a map of .   .   .  Oh I can see Jerusalem, and Egypt, Arabia, French Morocco, Africa.   O my goodness!   There now seems to be a great darkness settling upon those countries.  Oh my!”

Our Lady:       “The start of the Third World War, My child. You must hasten to send My message of warning throughout the world.” 5Apr75—Our Lady:   “Riots in your streets will become commonplace, when the enemies of God bring about your complete fall.  Only prayer, sacrifice and atonement can save you, My children.   .   .Blood will flow in the streets of all nations.   The Red flag will rise over many convents and the Houses of My Son.   All that is rotten will fall .   .   . The Third World War will start soon, My child, and it will claim many lives.Many countries will disappear from the surface of your earth.  Wars are a punishment for man’s sins, My child.”

Comments:   Our Lady states that “riots in your streets will become commonplace, when the enemies of God bring about your complete fall.”  A former Communist, Kenneth Goff, described what will happen on the day the Communists take over a country: “At that hour, two large riots are supposed to take place in every city of any size. Leaders of these mobs are to be carefully chosen and trained in advance.  The disturbances are to be of such extent as to require sending large forces of police to those areas.  While the authorities are trying to quell these riots, picked bands of Reds are to seize the radio stations and telephone exchanges.  With the aid of their comrades who are employed inside, all communication systems are to be instantly crippled.  Flying squads of Communists are to seize control of the water supply and shut it off; also  the electrical power and gas.  This means that no elevators or street cars are to be running.  Homes would be without water, fuel or light.  It would be impossible to communicate with friends or loved ones, even in the other part of the city.

Goon squads of professional murderers are to round up the people in business districts.  Men are to be held as hostages in some of the larger buildings.  Women are to be turned over to the sex-crazed mobs to be ravished and raped.

These are exactly the methods used in Russia, Spain and other places where the Communist Party has been allowed to organize and come to fruition.  They firmly expect to do the same thing in the United States.  Bridges, subways and street car stations are to be blown up.  Downtown areas are to be isolated from the rest of the city.  Sharpshooters and snipers are to be detailed in taxicabs  and vehicles, which are to be taken over, to wipe out the police, soldiers, uniformed persons and known vigilantes.   Smoke bombs properly located in subways, buildings and large stores, are to add to the terror of the people.

This is the day — the big day toward which every Communist in America is looking . .  And for which he is preparing.   His entire training focuses at that point. When night comes, the city is to be in pitch darkness.  Murderous bands of Reds will roam the streets, plundering shops and starting fires in old buildings.  This will increase the panic and facilitate the surrender of women, children, and old people, who will be held as hostages to hasten the surrender of unarmed men. Then as the morning sun casts her first rays on the community, one will be able to see blood flowing in the streets.  This is no idle dream.   The Communist Party is working methodic-ally and with deadly precision toward this objective.”

Another former Communist, Joseph Zack, has said much the same thing:  “On the basis of practical experience gained from other insurrections staged by Communists in Europe and Asia, as analyzed in the Moscow training schools, 600 men organized in combat groups of five, and properly coordinated according to the pattern taught in Moscow, would be quite sufficient to capture all the key objectives in a city like Detroit in the first morning hours.

Detroit police headquarters could be taken in the early hours of the morning by five groups equipped with hand grenades, a couple of sub-machine guns and a dozen revolvers, and from there on each minor precinct station would be on its own.  The police commissioner, of course, would be captured right out of bed, put on a radio station with a revolver to his head, and made to order the police to keep quiet and await developments. Three groups would be sufficient to take the city hall, where the same thing would happen to the mayor as happened to the commissioner.”

15Jun75—Jesus:   “We have asked you in the past, (as We ask you now), to pray for the conversion of Russia.   Too few have come forward to pray for this     conversion; therefore their errors have spread throughout your world. Your country, America the beautiful, is now being prepared for complete capitulation.  Now you know, My children, and now you must act upon this knowledge;   or you too will feel captivity and slavery, and the closing of My Houses throughout your country.  You have walked blindly right into the trap of enslavement set upon you through devious infiltration of your government, yours schools, and your media of communications.”

13Sep75—Our Lady:           “One nation, Russia, will be your scourge, My children.  They will go across the world, ravenous in appetite, (using the threat of) destruction  as their means of enslaving the world.” 31Jan76—Our Lady:   “My child .   .   .  I must tell you now that even your leaders are not safe.”      Veronica sees a vision:   “Oh!”      Our Lady:       “Already there is a conspiracy against your intermediary between the evil nations.   Yes, My child, watch the developments through your world — he will be assassinated.” 18Mar76—Our Lady:            “Your country, the United States, has fast gone into darkness.  America the beautiful will be cleansed by trial.”

Veronica:       “Our Lady is coming down now and standing next to Michael. She has passed her hands across Her face;   She’s very sad.”       Our Lady:       “My child, My hart is heavy, pierced with great sorrow at what is to befall your country.  My heart is torn for those with influence who have cast aside My message.   They have cared more for worldly acknowledgment and goods, selling their souls to get to the head.  How many earth-years I have come from Heaven to reach you with words of warning and direction! I have pleaded with the pastors within My Son’s Church to return to their Traditions.  I have pleaded for recognition of fact and truth, and the destruction that is now being perpetuated by a conspiracy of the Red Hats in My Son’s      Church.  O My children, the Red Hat has fallen and the Purple Hat is being misled!”

Under the label of liberalism, rationalism, humanism, and all manners of fallacy, your country has now committed the most abominable of acts. Justice,  law, and discipline are being replaced by all manners of evil: permissiveness, loss of knowledge of sin, and debauchery.   (You have become) a true picture of Sodom and Gomorrah. I repeat for your enlightenment again:   No woman will stand as a priest in the Sacrifice (Mass).   How dare you set yourselves for a change created by Satan!   The plan of the Eternal Father ha been made quite clear to you.  Your father now is not the Eternal Father, but the ‘father of all liars’, Satan.

My Son’s Body sacrificed for you, tortured for you, is now being re-crucified in His own Church.  Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth! (In the past), your country, the United States and the Americas, have been free from  demolition and destruction on a mass scale; but never more will you know this peace and security.  You will be given the sword.  O My children, I  do not come to set fear into your hearts, but to save you .  .   .”

17Apr 76—Our Lady:           “While the world cries ‘Peace!   Peace!, the Bear goes forward with his destruction, and his plans for the destruction of your nation. The Bear is the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, USSR.   My  children, we now have        sadly many sickle-bears in Rome.”

Jesus: “The Owl has eyes, fore and aft;

He lives in darkness.

He travels by night, ever watching the Eagle

When the world cries ‘Peace!’, then he will strike

Ponder this well, for I do not use My words idly.”

      Our Lady:       “The wings of the Eagle are already over the edge.”

Veronica saw a most frightening sight:   a torn, plucked Eagle, wing broken, almost over the edge of the pit.   Demons in the pit were reaching, clawing, to pull the Eagle down.  Veronica cried to Our Lady:   “Save him!   Why must he fall?”

      Our Lady:       “Man makes his choice.”

      Comments:   The Eagle, the United States, has chosen sin and national catastrophe.  The Owl is the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.   Just Owl (the Black Bird, the Vulture) will strike. One is reminded of the words of Dimitry Z. Manuilsky to the Lenin School of Political Warfare  in Moscow in 1931:

“War to the hilt between Communism and Capitalism is inevitable.  Today, of course, we are not strong enough to attack.  Our time will come in 20 or 30 years.  To win we shall need the element of surprise.  The bourgeoisie will have to be put to sleep.   So we shall begin by  launching the most spectacular peace movement on record.  There will be electrifying overtures and unheard-of concessions.  The Capitalist countries, stupid and decadent, will rejoice to cooperate in their own destruction.  They will leap at another chance to be friends.  As soon as their guard is down, we will smash them with our clenched fist.” Rykov, former President of the Council of Commissars, also said:   “It is our duty to inculcate, in the minds of all nations, the theories of international friendship, pacifism, and disarmament, encouraging resistance to military appropriations and training, at the same time, however, never for one moment relaxing our efforts in the up-building of our military establishment.”

Recent studies by both United States and British experts indicate that these theories are being followed by the USSR.  The military buildup of the Soviet Union continues without cease.  Retired Admiral Elmo Zumwalt predicted that, compared to the Soviet Union, the United States will be so weakened militarily by 1980, that an American President will have to back

down in any confrontation with the Russians.  This former Chief of Naval Operations said that the Russians are cheating under current arms-control agreements, and have taken a steadily increasing lead in nuclear arms.  All of the compromises made in arms limitation talks have involved the United States “giving the Soviets their goal of having nuclear superiority.”   The British Government also said recently that the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact allies continue to increase military spending and are building up their air, sea, and ground forces well beyond what they need for purely defensive purposes.  These forces are clearly intended for offensive purposes.

2Oct76—Veronica:   “It’s growing very dark now, and Our Lady is pointing up to the sky with Her right hand.   The sky is opening up and I see what appears to be a war of some kind.   I see lined up on the left side yellow people — Our Lady     says yellow-skinned races.  And on another side there are white-skinned races. And down below there is a group of dark-skinned races.”

Our Lady:       “O My children, the Great War, the war to end all wars, can bring a destruction to mankind.  It will bring a destruction to mankind far greater than any human eye has ever seen or experienced in the past, or will ever see or experience again in the future.   If My Son had not promised to come among you in this great catastrophe, there would be no living flesh left. The leaders of your governments do not give the truth in your new media.  There are being made armaments — great instruments of metal ---- that can destroy and wipe out a nation.   Much of this destruction does not have to be done (by) human bodies (soldiers);  these are instruments of destruction with a wide range of traveling, My children.”

Jesus:   “Learn a simple lesson from the past, My children:   When the morals of a country start to go down into darkness, and the teachings turn from God to man, that country will soon be ended.   First the spiritual life, and then the material life, of your country will be destroyed.”

10Feb77—Our Lady:           “The Red forces are gaining momentum in the Eternal City of Rome.   Your country, the United States, and other countries of the world, will  fall to communism in the measure to which they compromise with communism. You cannot choose a middle road; you must go either to the right or to the left.   Compromise will bring you nothing but despair and sorrow.   Compromise  will enslave you, My child.   Recognize what is happening within your country  and many countries of your world.   The Bear is plundering now, and has plans  to plunge forward throughout the world .

25Jul77----Jesus:   “O My children, there is much error and discord set upon the world by the ‘evil one’.   Satan and his agents are now loosed in full force upon the earth.   The agents of 666 are in your governments, in your countries, and many  nations will be steeped in bloodbaths.  My children, much of the sorrow that will be sent upon mankind ---- much of it will come about because of his own making.   The greatest loss of life, My  children, will come with the explosion of a nuclear warhead upon mankind.  The Ball of Redemption will follow, and not much will be left of flesh upon earth.”

      1Feb78—Our Lady:   “The satellite is active.   Communism has control of  your country. Many leaders have joined the Red Bear because they are lukewarm in their faith or confirmed atheists. You in the United States will pray for your President.   An attempt will be made upon his life.”

This is one of many amazing miraculous photos taken at the site (St. Robert Bellarmine’s Church in New York City) where Veronica held the vigils and received many of the messages.  A Polaroid photo was taken of Our Lady’s statue on the right.  

On the photo which developed a minute later, She miraculously appeared on the left, along with the Bear of Russian Communism. This beast is described in the prophecy of Daniel 7:19-27.

To understand the satanism behind Karl Marx and communism, the reader may peruse Pastor Richard Wurmbrand’s booklet, Was Karl Marx a satanist?  (Diane Books, Box 488, Glendale, California   91209. In his youth, Karl Marx composed many

poems which reveal the state of his soul.  Here are some excerpts:

“Thus Heaven I’ve forfeited, I know it full well.

My soul, once true to God, is chosen for hell

(From “The Pale Maiden”)

“Soon I shall embrace eternity in my breast,

And soon I shall howl gigantic curses upon mankind

(From “Oulanem”)      

“The hellish vapors rise and fill the brain

Till I go mad and my heart is utterly changed.

See this sword?   The ‘prince of darkness’

sold it to me.”

(From “The Fiddler”)

“I wish to avenge myself against the One

who rules above.”

      Study 8.    The Coming Comet (the Ball of Fire, the Ball of Redemption)

      7Jul70—Our Lady:   “My children, I have come to warn you that the hour grows short. I roam the nations crying out to souls that the chastisement is imminent! Repent!   A blackened moon ---- A bleeding sun ---- Holes in the earth — High waves — Screaming voices ---- All quiet ---- Cities leveled.”

14Aug70—Our Lady:   “This should be a most joyous occasion, My children, but We look down and see thousands of slaughtered innocents (abortions).  We cry tears of anguish.   The Father demands punishment. We beg penance and reparation from you now.  All loving hearts ought to bear the burden of this sorrow, and to pray for those on the road to perdition, forever to be lost to Heaven.  Pray, never cease your prayers, for many are at the brink of eternal damnation. Thou shalt not destroy a creation of the Most High!   Repent while there is still time!  The chastisement will be meted out in proportion to the extent of man’s sin, and to his disregard of all the urgent admonitions and requests for immediate penance.   Look, My child, on the punishment to be.”

Veronica:       “I saw men, women and children, all rushing panic-stricken along a road, fleeing from some devastation of horror.  This was very evident from the petrified faces full of fright and shock of the people in flight on foot. Women  pulling children along, unable to keep up the fast pace to flee, to flee;   shielding the children’s faces from the sight of blackened, charred bodies all  along the roadways.  I screamed ‘No!  No!  Save us!’  I retched, my stomach sickened.  The sight was awful!”

Comments:   This vision refers to the destruction of New York City and other cities by the coming Comet.   The image is similar to that of the destruction of ancient Sodom recorded in  Genesis 19:1-29.   Just as ancient Sodom was destroyed by fire from Heaven (apparently caused by a Comet), so New York City will be similarly destroyed by a Comet in the near future.  Just prior to this destruction, an angel will warn the good people in the City to flee, as an angel told Lot to flee.   See Genesis 19:17 and the subsequent message of 13Apr74.

10Feb73—Our Lady:           “Many warnings will be given before the chastisement.  One major Warning will be given to your country. The Chastisement and cleansing will come in two parts of the world.  One will be on your side.” (Then Our Lady showed Veronica a large globe of the earth: and pointing to Asia and Egypt and Africa, She said:)   “There will be a terrible War. Many, many people will die.   Many souls will be unprepared.”

(Then Our Lady turned to the other side of the globe.   In the sky there was a huge Ball, burning like a sun, with a tail of fire trailing behind it.  It was  traveling fast across the sky heading toward the earth.  It was twirling         (spinning) and giving off great heat.  Great cities were set on fire.  All lights were extinguished.  People were running and falling.   Many were looking for candles, but the air was heavy and  stagnant and the candles would not light due to lack of oxygen.  It was very dark.

The Ball was turning and twirling very fast in the sky, spewing out great particles of dust (Veronica was choking).   Choking dirt was falling, large rocks were falling.   People were running in all directions, but there was no place to  hide. The waves of the ocean began to rise.  Soon they rose very high and over-flowed the land.   New York was destroyed from the waves and from the fire (or lightning) falling from the Comet.

Our Lady pointed to the map again.  There were little dots of light in various areas.  From New York down to Florida, there were 8 or 9 candles.  Toward the center of the United States, there were about 15 or 20 candles.  From Washington down to Mexico, there were very few candles, only about 4.

Our Lady:   “Man will be subjected to a cleansing that has never been experienced since the beginning of his world.  All who are of a healthy spirit will have no fear, for all of this is in the plan of the Father.  Man has hastened what had been planned for the future.   There is great hope that the little armies (of light)  throughout the world will hold back the darkness.”

Comments:   The initial part of this message says that “one major Warning will be given to your country.”  This can only refer to the universal, world-wide Warning; however, the destruction in the U. S. will be great, and it may be the great earthquake mentioned on page 209. This message also seems to indicate that the greatest destruction due to the Great War will be in the eastern hemisphere (Asia and Africa), while the greatest destruction due to the Comet will be in the western hemisphere (the Americas). Several details about the Comet are noteworthy:

      (1)   The Comet will be like a Sun; it will give off great heat.

      (2)   The Comet will not only move across the sky in its orbital motion, but it will also spin on its own axis.  This presumably means that the nucleus of the Comet will be spinning.

(3)   The “particles of dust” and “large rocks” from the Comet are meteors.

(4)   The choking of Veronica was possibly caused by the lack of oxygen in the air (due to its burning in a sky fire), as well as by the dust from the Comet.

The number of candles in each of the three regions of the United States is an indication of the number of people who will survive in each region.  New York and San Francisco seem  to be the areas of the greatest sinfulness, according to some messages; and the coastal areas will also suffer from the destruction caused by the ocean tidal waves.

18Mar73—Our Lady:   There will come over the earth great darkness.  The air will lack oxygen and be stagnant (stagnating).   There will be no light.   The candles will be few.   Then the heat will become intense.  You will be warned of the approach of this Chastisement some time before.  Penance will come too late for many.  The Father has already started  the Ball on its way to you .   .   .I stand upon the head of the serpent.   My heel will crush him, but (this will not happen) until man and the world have been cleansed.  I come as a Mediatrix of all graces, a representative (of the Father through My Son).  There will be a (great) Light upon earth, and all will bask in this Light as they fight the great battle.”

Comments:   With regard to the crushing of the head of the serpent (satan) by Our Lady, see the commentary of St. Louis de Montfort to Genesis 3:15 on page 152.   With regard to the great  “Light” that She mentions, see such texts ass Isaiah 30:26 and Isaiah 60:1.

24Mar73—Our Lady:   “The Ball of Cleansing is on its way.  All who remain close to My Son during this crucible of suffering will (must) have no fear.  All who fall  into the darkness during this crucible of suffering will have done so of their own free will.”

Veronica saw a large Ball of Fire.  It was twirling (spinning) very fast.  It was growing larger and coming closer (to the earth).  Stars and large particles were falling             from it .   .   .The Ball went behind the Moon.   The Moon looked blue on one side.  Part   of the Moon seemed to be melting. Over on the right side, the Ball of Fire reappeared (from behind the moon). It was like a burning star.  From a distance, the Ball appeared to emit sparks  like candles (sparklers?) on the fourth of July.  They were very red and orange. As the Ball came closer (to the earth), it became very, very hot. Sections of the sky burst white.   Chunks of molten rock broke away from the Ball.  Waves (of the ocean) rose 14 or 15 times higher than normal breaker waves.  They arrived at the shore and overflowed the City.  Buildings fell and were swept away.  The wreckage floated by.   Two people were sitting on a floating door. Then the Ball pulled away from the earth and went out into the sky.   The winds were very high, blowing fast.  Pieces of rock and dust were falling.  A large tail of fire swooshed by, and pieces of the tail broke off. Our Lady:       “I have the sad news to impart to you that only a few will be saved in the coming Chastisement.  Many will be taken from the world before this crucible of suffering.   Many will be chosen by the Father to remain as martyrs and await the coming of My Son.   But the six days of suffering are not for you, My child.      

Those who have given their lives and souls to Lucifer are now blinded to what lies ahead.  There (they) will be eating and drinking and marrying, and then the Ball of Fire will come. Skin will dry up and blow off the bones as though it had never existed. All those who have defamed their bodies, which are temples of the Holy Spirit, will burn.  Their bodies will burn.”

Comments:   In this message the Comet is called a “Ball of Fire: and is said to be “like a burning star”.  In the message of 10 Feb 1973, the Comet was said to be “burning like a Sun”.  Since a sun is a star, these ideas are consistent.  We must conclude that a Comet is a “Sun”  or “Star” or “Ball of Fire”.

Since this is the case, the Comet will give off vast quantities of heat.  The preceding message indicates that it will be so hot that it will melt part of the moon in passing close to it.      When the Comet passes close to the earth, the bodies of many people will dry up, burn, turn to dust, and blow away “as though they had never existed”.

From all of this, we must conclude that a Comet is truly a Sun-like or Star-like object. It is not like a planet. In our comments to various messages, we shall have occasion to refer to the following works on Comets:

Work A:    The Moon, Meteorites, and Comets, by Middlehurst and Kuiper, University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL   1963.

      Work B:    The Motion, Evolution of Orbits, and Origin of Comets, edited by Chebotarev, Reidel Publishing Co.,   Dordrecht, Netherlands.    1972

      Work C:    Worlds in Collision, by Immanuel Velikovsky,   Doubleday, New York   1950

      For brevity we shall refer to these books as  Work A,    Work B,    Work C.

In Work A, astronomer Fred Wipple has an article, “On the Structure of the Cometary Nucleus,”  in which he exposed his theory that the nucleus contains icy solids.   He even suggested that a space probe should be made to land upon a Comet nucleus, and that cores of the nucleus should be taken and analyzed just as geological cores are taken and analyzed.  We think his space probe would be vaporized by the heat of the Comet as it approached the Comet.

In Work C, Velikovsky provided much evidence for the Star-like or Sun-like character of Comets.  For example, he showed that the Greek myth of “phaethon” can be explained by the advent of a Comet.  Phaethon claimed to be an offspring of the Sun, and his name in Greek means “the Blazing One”.   Velikovsky’s citations from the story of Phaethon, as told by the Roman poet Ovid, shows how hot a real Comet is:

“The earth bursts into flame, the highest parts first, and splits into deep cracks, and its moisture is all dried up.  The meadows are burned to white ashes; the trees are consumed, green leaves and all, and the ripe grain furnishes fuel for its own destruction .   .   .  Great cities  perish with their walls, and the vast conflagration reduces whole nations to ashes.”

The woods are ablaze with the mountains .   .   .  Aetna is blazing boundlessly .   .   . and twin-peaked Parnassus .   .   .  Nor does its chilling clime save Scythis; Caucasus burns . . .  and the heaven-piercing Alps and cloud-capped Apennines.” Then also Libya became a desert, for the heat dried up her moisture .   .  .  The Don’s waters steam;   Babylonian Euphrates burns;   the Ganges, Phasis, Danube, Alpheus boil;       Spercheos’ banks are aflame.   The golden sands of Tagus melt in the intense heat, and the swans .   .   .  are scorched .   .   .  The Nile fled in terror to the ends of the earth .   .   . the seven-mouths lie empty, filled with dust;   seven broad channels, all without a stream.  The same mischance dries up the Thracian rivers Hebrus and Strymon; also the rivers of the west, the Rhine, Rhone, Po and the Tiber .   .   .  Great cracks yawn everywhere .   .   .  Even the sea shrinks up, and what was but a watery expanse is a dry plain of sand.  The mountains, which the deep sea had covered before, spring forth, and increase the numbers of the scattered Cyclades.”    (Work C,  p. 143)  

With regard to the mouths of the Nile drying up, see the following Biblical texts: Isaiah 19:5;  11:15;  42:15;   Ezekiel 30:12;    Habakkuk 3:8.    According to the Church historian, Eusebius, the conflagration due to the Comet Phaethon occurred at about the time of the Exodus.   Velikovsky presented other historical writings to support this.

Pliny wrote:  “A terrible Comet was seen by the people of Ethiopia and Egypt, to which Typhon, the king of that period, gave his name; it had a fiery appearance and was twisted like a coil, and it was very grim to behold;   it was not really a star so much as what might be called a Ball of  Fire.”   (Pliny, Natural History.  II,  91,  tr.  Rackham, 1938)

      In 1602, Abraham Rockenbach wrote:   “In the year of the world 2453 — as many trust-worthy authors, on the basis of many conjectures, have determined — a Comet appeared which  Pliny also mentioned in his second book.  It was fiery, of irregular circular form, with a wrapped head; it was in the shape of a globe and was of terrible aspect.  It is said that King Typhon ruled at this time in Egypt .   .   .  Certain (authorities) assert that the Comet was seen in Syria, Babylonia, India, in the sign of Capricorn, in the form of a disc, at the time when the children of Israel advanced from Egypt toward the Promised Land, led on their way by the pillar of cloud during the day and by the pillar of fire by night.”  (De Cometis Tractatus Novus Methodicus, published in Wittenberg, Germany, in 1602)

Velikovsky summarized the remarks of earlier authors: “Among the early authors, Lydus, Servius (who quotes Avienus), Hephaestion, and Junctinus, in addition to Pliny, mention the Typhon Comet.  It is depicted as an immense globe (globus immodicus) of fire, also a sickle, which is a description of a globe illumined by the sun, and close enough to be observed thus.   Its movement was slow, its path was close to the sun.   Its color was bloody.‘It was not of fiery, but of bloody redness.’   It caused destruction ‘in rising and setting.’  Servius writes that the Comet caused many plagues, evils, and hunger.”   (Work C,   pp.  83-84,   emphasis ours)   Velikovsky also mentions:   “According to Midrash Shir (15a - 15b), the pharaoh warned the Israelites not to leave Egypt, because they would meet the bloody star Ra (in Hebrew ‘Evil’) (Work C,   p. 95)

The preceding citations from Velikovsky’s work confirm the ideas of the messages that a Comet is a Ball of Fire or Star-like object, that it gives off a vast quantity of heat, and that it has a bloody-red (or orange-red) color. One of the seers of the Garabandal revelations also saw the inferno of heat that would come at the Great Chastisement from the Comet: “Although we continued to see the Blessed Virgin, we saw a great multitude of people who suffered greatly and screamed in anguish.   The Virgin explained to us that this Great Punishment would come, because there would come a time in which the Church would seem to perish, as if it were finished or disappearing.   She will suffer a great trial.   We asked the Blessed Virgin what this Great Punishment would be called, and She replied that it was called ‘Communism’.

Also, She made us see how a Great Punishment for all of humanity would come, and how it comes directly from God.   At a certain moment, not one motor or machine will function.  A terrible heat-wave will come, and men  will suffer a burning thirst.  Desperately, they will look for water, but with the intense heat it will evaporate.  With this there will enter into people a  desperation, and they will attempt to kill each other, but in those moments their strength will fail, and they will fall to the ground.  God will then make them see that it is He Who has directly permitted all of this.

Finally, we saw a multitude of people enveloped in flames.  Desperately, they threw themselves into the seas and lakes; but upon entering the water, far from putting out the flames, the water was boiling and seemed to help the flames burn more.”

As Velikovsky has mentioned, a Comet may be the source of a great downpour of naphtha, which will float on the surface of the seas and lakes of the earth.  Thus, when burning people enter the water, they will ignite the naphtha, and the water “far from putting out the flames .   .   .  (will) help the flames burn more.” One final comment to the previous message of 24 March 1973:  The “stars and large particles” falling from the Comet are meteors.

14Apr73—Veronica saw what looked like a Star far away in the sky, but it was giving off a bright orange glow.   When it came closer, it resembled a small Sun.  How-ever, it was spinning very fast.   When it made a wide path across the sky, a tail of intense fire could be seen trailing behind it.  When the vapors in the tail descended to earth, the air became heavy and people were choking.   Many people were running; they were clutching their throats, unable to breathe. Then dust started falling and it grew dark.   The particles of dust and the vapors cut off all light, and the sky became black.  It was daytime, but the        darkness was so thick that you could not even see your hands in front of you. .   .   .  The sun had turned black.   The moon was also black, but it had a white rim around it.   Veronica in fright started to faint.

Comments:  Comet tails are thought to be composed of two things:  dust and gas.   Since the “particles of dust and the vapors cut off all light” according to this message, the “vapors” are  gases.   See also Joel 2:30 and Acts 2:19 which speak of “vapor of smoke” or “columns of smoke”.

15Jul73—Veronica:              “Now I see the stars, and there’s an orange and red glow coming across the stars.   Oh!   It’s heading across the sky .   .   .  It’s that Ball  again.   Oh,  it’s very, very large. Now, it’s going across the sun.   The vapors are covering the greater part of the sun, and they’re so heavy that they seem to make the outside world dark

Now the Ball is turning around;   it made a complete revolution.  And now it’s starting to go back out into space.   But — oh! something’s happening now.   It’s coming around again, and I see that it’s very close to the  earth.   I recognize the earth .   .   .  the earth has a very light sort of white color from where I’m watching it .   .   .

Now this Ball is starting to circle (the earth).   The tail is now heading across — oh! it’s cutting across a good section of the earth, on the right side of the globe (earth) as I am watching it. Now everything is clearing.   The vapors seem to be clearing away.  And on top of the globe (earth), there’s a large Cross — just a plain Cross — it has  no Corpus (of Jesus) on it.   The (globe) looks like the earth.  Now I see the (earth) ---- it’s starting to turn.   Oh, I don’t know, it’s like on an axis.   As it’s turning, I see the Cross starting to evaporate.   It’s disappearing like smoke from the top of the (earth). Now I see that about three-quarters of the world (earth) has turned dark  almost black.  And underneath the large globe (earth), there are letters forming.   The words are: 


Now there is a hand pointing up — a finger pointing up — far above the globe (Earth).  And the finger is writing across the sky:


Now the hand is pointing way over to the right side of the flagpole by the trees. And the finger of the hand is starting to write again:


Now I see an Eagle, a very large Eagle, in the sky.   And over the Eagle   is written: And under the Eagle is written:                    NEW YORK

Now Our Lady is appearing and She’s coming closer.   There is a very large cloud formed above the words and picture of the Eagle.  Now the cloud  is floating over and Our Lady is coming through the cloud, and She is bending over.   (Then Veronica received a private message.)”

Our Lady:       “Most of this message must remain secret at this time. Only part may be revealed: This is Babylon!   Babylon the Great will fall!  Babylon, the master of deceit will fall .   .   . She has raised herself high above Our God, and one has 

invoked the vengeance of a just punishment. Ships will look upon her as she burns.  Woefully they will shield their eyes  from the sight.  Babylon the Great, the Harlot (sitting) upon the nations, the Harlot among the nations, will fall!   Babylon the Great, who has led many astray will fall!” Woe!   I say to you now, many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption!   The Ball nears.  Many will die in the great flames of the Ball of Redemption!”

Comments:   The “orange and red glow coming across the stars” was from the bloody-red Comet.  In some messages, Our Lady said: “You will be planet-struck.”   This message and the message of 24 March 1973, describe the striking of the earth by the Comet.  However, “planet- struck” does not mean a collision of the Comet nucleus with the earth; it means simply a close encounter of the two bodies as in Velikovsky’s theories.   This is also shown by the message of 24 Mar 1973, which said that “the Ball pulled away from the earth and went back out into the sky.”  The great damage can be done (from the heat, gases, dust, rocks, interaction of electromagnetic fields, etc) without such solid contact.

The “Cross on the Earth” refers to the divine penance or penalty in suffering owed for the sins of mankind.   Apparently this penalty will be paid when the Comet passes close to the  earth and overturns the axis of the earth.   In Chapter 5 of his work, Velikovsky discusses such overturning of the earth and other changes in its rotation due to the past Comets; however, the message does not give any further details and the matter is still vague.  Will the earth continue is present spin rate (1 revolution per 24 hours)?  If a torque is applied to the spin axis, then the earth wold presumably behave like a gyroscope or precessing top.  Whatever the case, the message says that three-quarters of our world will be gone when this terrible event will have ended.

Today, New York City in particular, and the United States in general, is the “Babylon the Great” of Apocalypse 17 and 18.   Because of the sins of her people, New York City will be destroyed by fire from the Comet, and ships in the Atlantic will watch her as she burns (Apocalypse 18:18-24).

24Dec73—Our Lady:           “I have set Myself as a victim for you before the Father, begging an extension of time for your repatriation.   Many We have reached, but many have turned away in mockery;  they have hardened their hearts and  deafened their ears to Our pleas.   All Heaven will watch the Battle ahead.  Many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption.”

Veronica:       “I see the sky and it’s becoming very, very bright red — almost like orange — a red-orange.  (The light) is like suspended, and it’s so bright that it  hurts my eyes.   And I see this huge Ball. In the center there is a grey-colored ball.  I don’t know what it’s made of, but it’s a rock-like formation.  But as it’s turning (spinning) now, it’s beginning to change color, becoming a purplish, hazy, orange-looking Ball.

As it’s turning, it is beginning to gather great speed.   And as it’s going faster across the sky, part of it has broken off, and it’s now going behind the sun. I see the huge ball of the sun — it’s a ball of fire —, and this (Comet) is another Ball of Fire.  Now a piece has broken off and it’s hitting into the sun and — oh!  Oh! — there’s an explosion!   Oh! I can’t look.  Oh!   Everything seems so still. And now I see people holding on to their chairs in their houses.  Every-thing is rocking — it’s like the very foundations of the houses are rocking.  And everyone is frightened, and many are running into the streets!

But others are running and closing their windows, and pulling down the shades.  Ah!   Ah!   Others are looking — I can see them looking through their  windows ----, but they do not go outside.   They must not go outside! I see a great mist coming in the sky — a great mist.   And there are pieces of what seems to be rock, or rock-dust, falling.  And the people who are outside  are stumbling — something is happening to them.   They don’t seem to — they are like drunk — they are stumbling.   And now two of those whom I’m watching have fallen on their faces, and they’re trying to get up.  Now they’re  falling forward, and they are not moving.  And now I see this darkness.   This great, great mist and deep misty-looking haze is now going and passing across the moon.  And now there is no moon, there is no light.   The moon is absolutely covered — I can’t see it — there is no light.

Now the sun also seems to be shooting out particles.   And I see this   other Ball (the Comet), that looks like a small Sun now, and it’s coming from behind (the sun).   And it’s still twirling (spinning) and shooting out particles of  — I don’t know ---- rock ---- fiery rock! Now one very large piece is falling down, and it’s falling into the water (ocean or sea of the earth).  And now the water is just like steaming and fizzling.  It was very large I guess, because the water rose very, very high when  it entered the water.”

Our Lady:       “My child, the sight you have seen is one that will never be forgotten by mankind, for never since the time of Noah will such destruction have been visited upon man.  You will keep a constant vigil of prayer, My child.   All of My children must now keep a constant vigil of prayer. I cannot stress the fact that I have not come to fill you with fear, but to bring you the facts of what the Father has planned for your chastisement.”

Comments:   According to Karl Wurm’s article on “The Physics of Comets” in Work A (p. 573), a Comet has three characteristic parts: (a) a nucleus;   (b) a head or coma;    ©) a tail;    The nucleus is composed of solid material.  It is the brightest spot in the Comet and has a star-like  appearance.   The diameter of a nucleus is only a few kilometers (or miles). The coma is a Ball-shaped atmosphere of gas and dust, with the nucleus at the center.

Because the brightness of the coma decreases rapidly with increasing distance from the central nucleus, the coma becomes diffuse and has no definite boundary.  On the other hand,  the diameter of the coma is usually considered to be several hundred thousand kilometers (or miles).   Thus the coma Ball is over a thousand times larger than the nucleus, which appears like a tiny star in the center of the diffuse coma “sun”.  The tail of a Comet is often over 20,000 kilometers (or miles) long.  Both gas and dust are present in the tail, and these two components become separated in space; the dust tails are strongly curved, while the gas tails are scarcely curved at all.   The formation of a tail is  due to the expulsion of material from the nucleus or coma.  The material is expelled in the direction away from the sun, due to the pressure of the solar wind, and consequently the tails of Comets always point away from the sun.   The spectra of the oldest known Comets, such as the periodic Comets, show practically only gases, in contrast to that of the newer Comets, that show mostly dust.

Meteors are solid objects which contain chunks of stone or iron.  They may be as small as particles of sand, or they may weigh thousands of tons.   It is generally accepted tody that  meteors originate from Comets.  A Comet may expel meteors while it is still “living” or a Comet may disintegrate into meteors at its “death”, after possibly a hundred passages around the sun.  These conclusions were reached after a study of the orbits of streams of meteoroids (also called “flying gravel piles”).  It was found that each stream of meteors had an orbit which was identical with that of some Comet, and it was concluded that the Comet gave birth to that stream of meteors.  We conclude that these small or large rocks or chunks of iron must be contained in the parent Comet prior to their expulsion as meteors.  The nucleus (or coma or tail) of a Comet also rotates as the Comet travels across the sky.  The axis of rotation may be along the direction of travel, but this is uncertain.  If the meteors are also rotating within the Comet, their expulsion may be due simply to variable forces on the Comet caused by outside bodies, i.e., the sun, planets, etc.

Not every Comet has a nucleus and a coma and a tail.  Some Comets may be without a tail, some may be without a nucleus; and some may be without both a tail and a nucleus.  This seems to suggest that the essential part of a Comet is the Ball-like coma rather than the nucleus. The mass of a large Comet may be only one millionth the mass of the earth.  Each time that a Comet approaches the point on its orbit nearest the sun (called the “perihelion”), part  of the mass of the Comet is emitted to form a tail which is eventually diffused in space.  Due to this loss of mass, a Comet usually has a very short life-time of less than a hundred passages around the sun.

A Comet may also split into two or more parts during a perihelion passage, or when it passes close to one of the major planets.  Heavy tides formed at such close passage are primarily responsible for the splitting.  These are some of the current ideas of astronomers on the nature of Comets, and now we shall return to the 24 Dec 1973, revelation given to Veronica.   When she saw the Comet, she said: “In the center there is a grey-colored ball .  .   .  it’s a rock-like formation.  But as it’s turning (rotating) now, it’s beginning to change color, becoming a purplish, hazy, orange-looking Ball.”   Obviously, the “grey-colored ball” which was a “rock-like formation” was the solid nucleus of the Comet.  It was not yet rotating.  When it started to rotate, it changed color, from grey to purplish to orange.  Since the “ball” became “hazy” (diffuse) and “orange”, she may have finally seen the coma rather than the nucleus.

Subsequently, Veronica saw that “a piece has broken off (of the Comet) and it’s hitting into the sun”.   This means that the coming Comet will split during a perihelion passage.  When  the piece of the Comet falls into the sun, there will be a tremendous explosion in the sun, and “a great mist” composed of “rock or rock-dust” from the sun or Comet will be driven toward the earth and moon.  The earth and houses will shake.  WE must not go outside, since death may result.  The dust will darken everything.  After coming out of the perihelion passage, the Comet (or “small Sun”) will continue to shoot out meteors (“fiery rocks”).   When the Comet approaches the earth, it will be split again.  A large piece will fall into one of the oceans of the earth, and the ocean waters will rise very  high.  Presumably they will flood the coasts of the continents and cause many deaths.  When Veronica describes the Comet as a “Ball of Fire”, we should understand this as referring to the coma of the Comet.  The coma is not composed of solid material, but it is a sun-like atmosphere composed of gases and dust.  The following message, given on the same date as the previous, seems to relate the coming Comet to the UFOs (demons) and the Tunguska explosion of 1908:

24Dec73—Veronica:           “I can see that great Ball again.  It’s very, very large.  O my goodness!   There’s also something over to the left of the Ball.  It looks like — well, I don’t know — a spaceship or something.   It’s like a long modular type of metal encasement. And now I see that it’s behind it (the Ball is behind the encasement?). But all of a sudden I see the top of it being blown off.   The top of this metal casing  is now just like disintegrating from the intense heat of this large Ball.  O my goodness!   (Veronica coughs)   The smoke!   O my goodness!   Oh! I see now that there are people inside of this metal casing.  But they’re not living — they’re dead!  Now I see the metal casing starting to explode.  It just blew into a million pieces, and there’s nothing left of it!   I can’t see anything.  It just seemed to explode and be carried away by a great force — not a thing left of it.”

Comments:   This vision is baffling; however, there is an amazing resemblance of these events to those of the explosion of the Tunguska object in Sibera in 1908.  The fall and explosion of  this object are described by John Baxter and Thomas Atkins in their work, The Fire Came By  (Doubleday, New York, 1976).   In Chapter 10, “The Cylindrical Object,” the authors mention the conclusions of the Russian scientists: “Following his expeditions in 1959 and 1960, in which he re-examined all of the physical evidence in the Tunguska region,   A. V. Zolotov came up with an explanation that Zigel and many other experts found acceptable:   the blast had an unusual oval shape because the explosive material was encased in some type of ‘container’.   The structure of this container, like the thick paper cylinder of a large firecracker, caused the explosive charge to fan out elliptically as it burst.  The directivity of the explosion, ‘Zigel commented, ‘was due to the in-homogeneity of the container.’   The Tunguska object ‘consisted of at least two parts:   a substance capable of nuclear explosion and a non-explosive shell.”  (The Fire Came By, p. 126) What the Tunguska object is still a mystery to science; however, our revelation seems to indicate that there were actually two objects: the explosion-producing Ball and the metal encasement.  The explosion-producing Ball was a Comet.  The Russian astrophysicist, V. G.  Fesenkov, also stated that the Tunguska explosion was caused by a Comet (see Work B, p411).

On the other hand, we must remember that Veronica’s vision refers to an event in the future rather than an event in the past.  To what can it refer then?   Perhaps the text of Isaiah 14 gives us an answer:   When the Antichrist and his people rise to heaven in the spaceship, they will be destroyed and cast down into hell.

29Dec73—Veronica:           “Now Jesus is pointing up to the sky.   Oh! There is that Ball again.  It’s a very large Ball of Fire.   I can see the tail very clearly now; it’s a long orange tail.   It’s really a fiery red.   It’s very, very hot-looking.  Now it is really hurtling through the sky;   it’s spinning.”

      18Mar74—Our Lady:            “There is now a conspiracy of evil forces in your country to remove the word of God among you.   Not only your country, but the whole world is now reaching the point of complete saturation with evil.   When the forces of iniquity reach their peak, the Ball of Redemption will not be stopped and you will receive your Baptism of Fire.  It is (only because of) the prayers, the sacrifices, and the sufferings of many martyrs upon your earth at this time that the merciful Father has extended you the time to make amends.  However, your days are (numbered).  My child, I will now tell you one major reason why the Father sent Me to you and chose this site as a Center of Reparation.  It is because of the murder of the young (abortions).  It is because your City, your Nation, has great influence through the world: your example will be followed by many.  But you  must return to the Father and restore discipline in your daily lives, or you too will fall to the sword.I repeat:   the evil is spreading out like a cancer, strangling all in its web. The mariners will stand far off and weep as they see you burning, O City of Babylon!   Your sins have caused your destruction.  Repent now or be lost forever!”  Comment:   Here again “Babylon” means New York City.   The “mariners” will be in nearby ships.   See comments on page 226.

18Mar74— Jesus:   “Listen carefully, My child, for this warning is of great magnitude.  The Father grows angry.  Our hearts are torn.  The graces We give  for the recovery of souls are cast aside by many.  How long can this continue without the intervention of the Father?   We will not tolerate the murder of the unborn.   Man will go through a crucible of extreme suffering. Know the value of suffering.   You must be thoroughly cleansed before entering the Kingdom of Heaven.  Either you will be cleansed in your worldly life, or you will suffer over the veil (Purgatory).  Listen well, men in the House of God, and man in his lay life upon earth.

Your actions have been tolerated but they have not gone uncounted.  You must  make atonement for each soul that you have sent back to the Father with its mission unfulfilled (abortions).  Your world will go through a great crucible of suffering — suffering that has not been seen since the time of Noah, or even before that time. Fire will descend upon your earth.   Skin and flesh will dry up and blow off the bones as if it had never been.   Many eyes will see and still not believe, so  strong is the hold of Satan upon many. You will eat of My Flesh and drink of My Blood in My Houses, or you will not be with Me.  Do not cast aside My House because of the values of man. My representatives will bring My Body and Blood to you during the Consecration  (of the Mass).   Do not judge My House by the standards of man, but woe to that day when you can no longer receive My Body and Blood.”

Comment:    The “day when you can no longer receive My Body and Blood” is the day when the Sacrifice of the Mass will cease, the day of the “Abomination of Desolation” of Matt 24:15.

13Apr74—Our Lady:            “There is a plan to deceive the nations.   A delusion is allowed by the Father.  This delusion, that you accept upon earth, casts darkness into the souls of mankind.  This delusion I can (describe) for you in a few words.  It is a delusion of old, evolved from Humanism, Brotherhood, Modernism, all covered by the evils of Satan.  (There will be deception upon deception!  O heretics, mournful heretics, whatever will become of you!)   Why have you cast  aside the truth? The Cross of My Son is now becoming the Cross of Man.  Man does not set himself to honor God, through My Son Who is God.   No!  He has set up Man to worship as an idol. Return to the Light and cast aside the deception, My children!   You are only bringing upon yourselves a punishment far greater than has ever been seen upon earth, and never will be seen again.   When you go through the Great Chastisement, there will be few creatures left upon earth.”

Veronica:       “Now I see coming through the sky a tremendous, huge Ball.  Oh!  It’s like a giant Sun.   But as it is traveling through the sky, it seems to be changing colors — white and orange.   And it’s spinning so fast.  It’s like hurtling through  space. Ah!   It has a tremendous heat!   As I’m watching it, it feels like I’m standing close to it.   It’s awfully hot.   Oh! Now it’s going through space and it’s going toward a very large ball — it looks like a globe of the earth.  Now this Ball is coming .   .   .”

      Our Lady:       “Watch, My child, what is to be.”

     Veronica:       “Now I’m looking into a street.  It’s a very large city, and I see people pointing up to the sky.   And they look like they’re filled with terror;   they’re running and they’re screaming. And I see mothers with children in their arms, and they’re running.   

They’re all running, and they seem to be running from the cities. They’re going out into the country.   And I see them running

·        oh!   oh!  —, but now as they       look back, a great voice is saying:” A Great Voice:          “Don’t look back!   Take what you have and flee!”

      Veronica:       “O my goodness!   Oh!   I see back — I see what looks like bodies, but I can’t recognize them because they look — oh! — they look like they’ve been burned — burned black!  Oh!   Oh! Now I see everything has been flattened back there.  It looks like it was a city, but it’s flat and there’s smoke rising.  Everything looks like it was just knocked over, like a stack of cards.  Oh!   It’s like a desert — it’s so quiet there  — there isn’t anything there.   It looks like a very large city, but there is no one there.”

Our Lady:       “Look, My child — out there.   The mariners are weeping — mariners weeping!”

Veronica:       “Now out on the water, there are ships out on the sea. And I see something very strange.   I see the men there;   they’re all holding their hands to their faces, and they look like they’re crying ---- the men are crying —.  And now  one man is saying:   ‘O that I had the dust to throw over my head for that once great City!   O Babylon the great, how you have fallen!’ I can see the ships.  They’re all looking on over towards the land.  And the land is just like it has been completely destroyed.”

Comments:   The great “Delusion” of Humanism and Modernism fostered by Satan, ‘the man of  perdition’, repudiates God and sets up ‘man’ as an idol for worship.  There is a reference to this delusion in 2 Thes 2:9-12. In this message the Comet appeared as “a giant Sun” because it was very close to the earth.  Veronica could feel the great heat from it.  In the message of 14 April 1973, the Comet  was “a small Sun” because Veronica saw it far from the earth. The present message again described the destruction of New York City (“Babylon the Great”) after an angel warned the good people to leave.   See the messages of 14 Aug 1970,  and 15 July 1973, and the subsequent comments.   See also Apoc 18 : 18-19.

30May74—Jesus:   “Man, proud man, I say to you:   Unless you turn back now, your country will not escape a Great Chastisement.” Veronica:       “Ah!  Ah!  I see that fire now streaking across the sky again.  It looks like a huge Ball of Fire.  It’s turning.   Oh, it’s tremendously hot!   I feel as though I’m standing right under it.  Oh, it’s a huge Ball!   Ah!  O my goodness!   Oh, it’s so big!   It feels as though it’s almost on top of us.   Ah!”

Comments:   This vision suggests the “Miracle of the Sun” at Fatima on 13 Oct 1917.  A “Sun” appeared to fall toward the earth in a zigzag path, growing larger and hotter and more oppressive as it fell.  This Fatima “Sun” also appeared as a blood-red Ball of Fire, and there seems little doubt that the Fatima vision referred to the coming Comet.

8Jun74—Veronica:   “I see now that the sky is becoming very bright, and Our Lady is pointing up to the sky over the trees.  O my goodness!   Over the trees there  is a tremendous blast of fire.   Oh!   I see it looks like a Ball spinning.  It’s a huge Ball and it’s revolving. And it’s coming through the sky very fast, and it’s shooting out these    flames.  They look like gas flames because they have no depth to them.     They’re very transparent, they’re fumes. But now, as the Ball is spinning faster — O my goodness! —, there are rocks being shot out!  Oh!  It’s so hot!   Oh!  O my goodness!   Oh!

      Our Lady:       “My child, I do not wish to frighten you, but I must make you aware of the terrible catastrophe that will befall mankind unless he has a change of heart  in the near future.  The time is running out, My child.  Too few have listened to Me.  I have roamed the world countless years of earth-time, but the hearts have been hardened and the ears have been deafened.  Too few have sought  to ease this great suffering of Mine, My child.  I am truly a Mother of great sorrows. If the Father would give Me this power, I would send before (all of you the whole picture) of what is to be.  Though you will not return to Us through love, you would by this sight at least return to Us through fear of the Father and His  intervention.”

Comments:   Veronica saw the whole Ball of Fire spinning.  This apparently means that the coma spins.  Not merely the nucleus, but also the coma, spins.   Perhaps the tail spins as well.  The spin is presumably due to magnetic fields. At a given spin velocity, gas fumes and flames “shoot out”.  At a higher spin velocity, rocks “shot out”.   The fact that they “shoot out” is presumably due to their spin within the Comet, and to the external forces (gravitational and electromagnetic) of the earth.

15Jun74—Our Lady:  “My children, the Father has given you a great grace in the past:   a reprieve from the Ball of Redemption.  How long can We keep this fiery  Cataclysm from coming upon you?   That lies with the atonement of mankind, My child.  Know that the pages of the Book of Life must come to pass.  However, if you turn back from these abominations and these sins of the flesh, I promise to go before the Father and beg for your reprieve.  For I am a Mother and truly the Mother of great sorrows.” My child, the Chastisement which will be sent upon mankind will be a great Ball of Fire.”

Veronica:       “Oh!   Now Our Lady is pointing up to the sky.  It’s becoming very dark and I can see it.  Oh!  Oh!   (Veronica coughs)  Oh, it’s so hot!  I see a great,    huge Ball — it’s hurtling through the sky and it’s shooting out particles of color.  But there’s an awful fog, it’s a tremendous fog of dust. And now it’s traveling at a great speed, and I see now that a piece of it has broken away, and it’s coming down — ah!   ah!   A piece of it now fell into  what looks like a huge body of water.  And — oh! ---- the water is just steaming  and it’s turning up.  Oh!  It must be awfully large because the water is rising. And I see now people running through the streets, and they’re screaming. They seem to be running aimlessly, they don’t know where to hide or run. It’s very frightening, Mother!   Ah!   Ah!

      Our Lady:       “My child, I know of your great fear.  But I cannot avoid allowing you to see the great catastrophe, the great destruction, that will be sent upon mankind.   Shout from the rooftops, My child!   Do not slacken in your mission!

Comments:   This message in which a piece of the Comet falls into the ocean is similar to the message of 24 Dec 1973.  The “fog of dust” is the “great mist” of “rock-dust” of the latter message.  According to Apoc 8 : 8,  “a great mountain, burning with fire, was cast into the sea,  and a third of the sea became blood.”

18Jun74—Our Lady:            “Yes, My child, the Great Chastisement will be a Baptism of Fire.  In your country, there are areas that will fall into major catastrophe.

Veronica:       “O my!   Oh!   I see great waves.  Oh, they’re pounding onto the shore all along the coastline.  There are beautiful homes on the coastline.  They look like very wealthy homes, large and white like estates; and they’re all built up on a hill. And I see — O my goodness! — the land is just sliding right down into the water, and the houses are going down with them!   I can see people running, trying to flee from the ground that is starting to split open. And it’s falling right  into the water.   O my!   Oh!   I see — I know where it is ---- it’s California.  O my!   .   .   .  Now Our Lady is coming forward.”

Our Lady:       “My child, that is not the only area that faces great destruction.”

Veronica:       “Now Our Lady is pointing over to the other side — it’s like looking at a map.  There’s another coastline — I know — the East Coast.  And I see, I recognize, New York, and Long Island that extends out into the water.  Now Our Lady is pointing overhead.  She’s pointing high into the sky, and there’s a tremendous Ball;   it’s coming through the sky at a tremendous speed. And as it’s coming, it looks almost round in shape, but it’s orange and it’s glowing.  It’s very, very hot.  O my!”

      1Jul74—Veronica:   “I see a large seat covered with red velvet .   .   . and all about it there’s a gold trim.  And the back of the seat .   .   .  is very ornate.  There is a crown — a golden crown — set into the back of the seat.  Now there’s a Man sitting upon the seat — oh, He’s a very kindly-looking  Man.  But He looks quite old;   His beard is very white and long.   On His head there is a crown; it’s made of red velvet.   And on top (of the crown) there are  two golden spokes, and on top of the spokes there’s a huge Cross. Now the Man on the seat is raising His scepter.  It’s a cane-like scepter  almost like a shepherd’s crook, one of those staffs.  And He’s pointing over  to the left side of the sky.   O my goodness! I see coming out of the sky a very large Ball.  It’s twirling, and it’s traveling at a very great speed.  Oh, it’s horrible!   I’m very close to it now; I can feel the heat!   And I can see colors now coming from around the Ball: yellows and pale pinks.  Oh it’s a Ball of Fire!   O my goodness!      And now — oh take me down!   O my!  Now I’m down here and I can see the Man sitting on the throne.  He’s very kindly-looking;   He’s very old, but He’s  very kindly-looking.  Now, above His head, there are letters forming in the sky.  They are in golden color and they’re very brilliant, and it says:



      5Aug74—Our Lady:              Yes, My child, the Ball of Redemption is near.  The raising of the Hand of the Father directs the course of this Ball.” My child, I have cried many bitter tears of sorrow.  It is a great remorse to know that We are watching a repetition of the terrible days of old.  (But) Sodom and Gomorrah were as nothing in comparison to your Babylon today.  Your world and your country have accepted sin as a way of life.”

14Aug74—Our Lady:           “My child, you ask again about the Ball of Redemption.  Yes, the Ball is out there in your atmosphere. There will be a Great Warning, there will be a (Miraculous) Phenomenon of great magnitude, and there will be a Great Chastisement.  All must come about.  However, mankind hold the balance for the coming events.  Your world will soon be involved in a major Catastrophe such as mankind have never seen before, a War so great that none will escape the effects of this  great Catastrophe.  What can you do, My child?  You can pray and pray.  Get down on your knees; so few bend their knees today.  War is a punishment for man’s sins.” 

Comments:   Our Lady said:   “The Ball is out there in your atmosphere.”  This seems incredible since no one has seen it.   However, true religion will always involve mysteries, and we must have faith. On the other hand, this statement of Our Lady gives us the first hint about the origin of the coming Comet, and of Comets in general.   Since the coming Comet will be born in the earth’s atmosphere, we must ask what is meant by the “atmosphere”. In general the “atmosphere of the earth” refers to all of the matter and physical processes which move along with the earth in its orbit around the sun.  The atmosphere may  be roughly divided into the “inner atmosphere” and the “outer atmosphere”:

(a) The “inner atmosphere” is the envelope of gases above the surface of the earth, whose height is variously determined by such factors as the percentage of the mass of the earth’s gases below that height, the mean kinetic energy of molecules necessary to escape the earth, etc.

(b) The “outer atmosphere” is the magnetic cavity wherein the magnetic field of the earth is dominant over the solar wind and the magnetic field of the sun.  See the diagram on the next page.  Near the earth, this magnetic cavity is called the “magnetosphere”; however, it is not truly spherical.  On the dark side of the earth, i.e., on the side not lit up by the sun, the magnetic cavity is called the “magnetotail”.  The magnetotail extends millions of miles out into space, far beyond the moon and perhaps as far as the planet Mars.  So part of our “atmosphere” may be millions of miles away, contrary to the common conception.

In the encyclopedia, The Planet We Live On (Harry Abrams, New York, 1976), we find the following remarks about the magnetosphere.  “The magnetosphere is not symmetrical .   .   .  but is compressed on the side of the earth facing the sun, and trails far outward on the opposite side.  The compression on the sunward side, and its extension in a comet-like tail on  the side opposite the sun, are caused by the impact of the solar wind on the magnetic field.  The solar wind, a continuous stream of charged particles from the sun, had been predicted —   (to) explain why comet tails are observed to point away from the sun .   .   .  The bounded region of space in which the magnetic field is confined by the solar wind plasma is often referred to as the earth’s magnetic cavity.

“The outer boundary of the magnetosphere, called the magnetopause, is compressed along the earth-sun line to a distance of about 10 earth radii; at the earth’s poles its distance is about 14 radii.  The long cylindrical tail of the magnetic cavity, on the side of the earth opposite the sun, extends outward several earth-moon distances.”  The fact is, then, that the magnetic cavities of the planets have a comet-like appearance. This fact was first noted by M. K. Wallis in his article, “Comet-like Interaction of Venus With the Solar Wind” (Cosmic Electrodynamics, April 1972)

From all of this we can only conclude that Comets are born in the comet-like magneto-spheres (or magnetotails) of the planets.  In saying that the coming Comet is already in the  “atmosphere” of the earth, Our Lady therefore meant that it was in the “outer atmosphere” or  magnetic cavity of the earth.  Furthermore, it should be noted that, when a Comet first orbits the sun (and has not been subjected to any perturbations caused by the planets), it must return to the place from which  it came in its elliptic orbit.  Since the messages say that the Comet will strike the earth, this  probably means that the Comet originated from the earth itself; i.e., from the magnetic cavity  of the earth.

As we have seen, Our Lady repeatedly called the coming Comet a “Ball of Fire”.  Thus we may ask:   Does a “Ball of Fire” exist in the magnetosphere or magnetotail of the earth?  That the answer to this question is affirmative can be seen from the article of Frank and Ackerson,  “On Hot Tenuous Plasmas, Fireballs, and Boundary Layers in the Earth’s Magnetotail,”  in the 1 Dec 1976 issue of the Journal of Geophysical Research.  The next two pages are taken from this article.  On the next page, there is an abstract of the article; and on the succeeding page, there is a diagram showing two magnetotail fireballs.  We assume that  the “Ball of Fire” to which Our Lady refers is a magnetotail fireball; and therefore we are led to the following definition of a “Comet”:

Definition:  A “Comet” is a Fireball which has been born (ejected) from the magnetotail of a planet.      Note:   Although the vast majority of Comets are born from the magnetotails of the larger planets (Jupiter, Saturn, etc), a few are even born from the magnetotails of the smaller  planets (Earth, Venus, etc). We shall shortly discuss the merits of this definition, but first we shall review recent   opinions of astrophysicists on the origin of Comets.   In his work, The Age of Velikovsky) (Kronos Press, Glassboro, NJ;  1976)  

Dr. C. J. Ransom writes:“The most commonly accepted opinions about comet origin are those of Kuiper, Whipple, and Oort, and, of these, probably the best-known is Oort’s comet-cloud theory.  Oort assumes  that comets formed about the time everything else supposedly formed, and that they accumulated into a vast cloud just outside the solar system.  At various times perturbations  by other bodies in the galaxy send individual comets into the planetary system.  Since the undisturbed comets remain in cold storage, they do not disintegrate.  Only those comets that enter the inner solar system and become heated by the Sun begin to deteriorate.

About speculations of this nature, Vsekhsvyatskii says: ‘It should be taken into consideration that these hypotheses explain absolutely nothing, they only remove the comet-problem decision into indefinite past time and rather remote regions of the solar system.  One can but wonder how such hypotheses possessing no intrinsic logic and no required efficiency,  nevertheless could satisfy some investigators, while at the same time numerous arguments are available that the processes of creation as well as development of small bodies, comets among them, occurred in quite another way.’”    (p. 78) In his article on “The Origin and Evolution of the Comets” in Work B, Vsekhsvyatskij states the results of decades of his own research:

“The existence of planetary families of short-period comets that cannot be explained either by ‘capture’ or by ‘diffusion’, the nature of cometary gases, the extensive supplies of ice  in cometary nuclei (where the meteorite fragments are), and several other facts also prove that  the comets are the youngest objects in the solar system.  It is important to state some principal conclusions:

“(1)   Analysis of the ‘Laplace problem’, statistics of cometary perihelia, and the kinematics of the cometary system leave no doubt that all comets, and consequently the products  of their disintegration, were created within the solar system, and, on the average, more recently than the planets.  

(2)   The existence of the families of short-period comets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, and in particular the fact that Jupiter’s comets were invariably  in the vicinity of Jupiter not too long before discovery, demonstrate the recent formation of  these comets by eruption in the planetary system.  Jupiter’s satellites are likely to be the immediate source of the youngest comets of the Jupiter family.  The recent detailed investigations by Everhart (1969) have quite definitely confirmed that it is impossible to explain the  observed distribution of orbits of the short-period comets on the supposition of gravitational capture.   (3)   The catalogs by Sekanina (1966, 1968) list 35 comets the future orbits of which are known to be hyperbolic, so that these objects must therefore leave the solar system . . .  we find that the annual loss from the system of comets cannot be less than   10/18 grams.

During the whole period of the existence of the solar system, this corresponds to a loss of at least   10/27 grams .   .   .(and) forces us to conclude that there must exist within the solar system sources for replenishing these cometary objects .   .   . recent investigations clearly  confirm the existence of meteoritic masses in cometary nuclei, and consequently that comets are fragments of the crusts and the frozen atmospheres of the planets.”   (p. 413).  From all this, we deduce that our definition of a “Comet” agrees with Vsekhsvyatskii’s conclusion  that Comets originate from the planets — usually the larger planets.  To put the matter simply, we may say that Comets are children of the planets.   Since a Comet is younger than its parent Planet,  Comets as a class are younger than the Planets as Vsekhsvyatskii said.

On the other hand, Vsehsvyatskii committed a definite error when he assumed that Comets  originated from the bodies of the planets or their satellites by an eruptive or volcanic process.  Because of this error, Vsekhsvyatskii was unable to solve the problem of the source of the great “ejection energy” (or “ejection velocity” since E=½MV2) necessary to get the Comet from the Planet into space.  In his article “On the Problem of the Origin of Comets” in Work B,   J.M. Witkowski pointed out this insoluble problem of Vsekhsvyatskii’s theory:

“ .   .   . let us turn to the hypothesis most extensively developed by Vsekhsvyaskij (1930, 1931, 1952). In accordance with this outlook, comets are the products of volcanic eruptions upon the surfaces of the major planets or their satellites. 

However tempting this hypothesis may appear at first sight, it  encounters considerable difficulties, the principal one being the great initial velocities of eruption needed (about 67 kilometers per second for Jupiter), velocities which are unacceptable from the view-point of the  physics of these planets.”    (p. 422).

      In his article “On the Origin of Comets” in Work B,    V.G. Fesenkov pointed out the same difficulty:   “Moreover, as Vsekhsvyatskij himself points out, a cosmic volcano calls for an unusually powerful source of energy, greatly exceeding that of nuclear reactions, and it could not possibly develop in bodies as small as planets — and especially their satellites.”    (p. 409)

(II)   From all of this, we deduce that since Comets are born from the planets, and since Comets cannot be ejected from the bodies of the planets, therefore they must be born in the atmosphere or magnetospheres of the planets.  But this is precisely what our definition of a Comet says.  Since a Fireball-Comet is not ejected from the body of a planet, it requires no vast “ejection energy” to get into space.   A Fireball-Comet is already “in space” — it is created and born in space.

Because Vsekhsvyatskii erroneously assumed that Comets originate from the bodies of the planets, he was also unable to grasp the “stellar nature” of Comets.  That Comets have a “stellar nature” was pointed out by both Fesenkov and Witkowski:“ .   .   .  the highly unstable cometary matter is characteristic of the properties, not of planetary interiors, but of interstellar matter. It is appropriate to consider that comets, as well as stars, are formed in interstellar space.  This is, however, a very complicated

magneto-hydrodynamical problem .   .   . “The chemical composition of comets fully corresponds to this concept of their origin.  According to      Spectral data, cometary heads contain molecular compounds such as C2, C3, CH, NH, CH2, OH, CO2, NH2, to which correspond the parent molecules HCN, NH3, CH4, C2H2 and others; the composition of meteors suggests that silicates and various compounds involving heavy elements should also be included.   The same compounds are found in interstellar space, this being compatible with the assumption of te development there of unstable bodies such as comets by the same processes connected with the formation of stars .   .   .”     (Fesenkov,

     Work B,   p. 409)

“Studies of cometary statistics have detected the existence of comet-streaming similar to star-streaming .   .   .  It should now be considered fully confirmed that the distribution of the major axes of cometary orbits reflects the main features of the motions of the stars in space and supports the hypotheses of the interstellar origin of comets.”   (Witkowski,   Work B,   p. 422)

      (III)   These conclusions of Fesenkov and Witkowski are true; however the “interstellar space” about  which they speak should not be considered as that outside of the solar system, but as that in the magnetotails of the planets.  Comets are star-like, sun-like objects, and the mode of their formation does constitute a complicated magneto-hydrodynamical problem.  This problem is possibly closely-related to that of the formation of ball lightning fireballs.

(IV)   A Comet is formed from dust and plasmas from the Sun and a Planet, by magneto-hydrodynamical processes, in the magnetotail of a Planet. Streams of electrons, protons, and dust  from the Sun are pinched together by magnetic fields and variable electric fields in the magnetotail of a Planet.   Inelastic collisions result and matter is condensed to form the Comet. One might think of the Sun as the father, the Planet as the mother, and the Comet as their offspring.  Thus the magnetotail is the “womb” in which the Comet fetus is hidden prior to birth.  The Comet in the magnetotail is like the invisible star, Nova Cygni, which recently burst into naked-eye brilliance.  Prior to its birth, it was invisible. 

(V)   With regard to the dust from the Sun, we shall adopt the theory of the Sun given by Ragnar Forshufvud in the Society for Interdisciplinary Studies Review   (Dec. 1977) I offer the possibility to be seriously considered:   the thermonuclear reactions take place not  in the deep interior of the Sun, but in the discharge channels of the photosphere.  The ordinary objection to this theory is:   ‘The temperature required for thermonuclear reactions is about 5,000,000 degrees.   Such a temperature is only present in the interior of the Sun.’   But can we be so sure? .....  I strongly doubt that the Sun is very hot inside — in fact, observations of sunspots leave little doubt that the temperature just inside the photosphere is only 4000 degrees K (Bray and Loughhead, Sunspots, Chapman & Hall,   1964), which must mean that the photosphere radiates energy inwards as well as outwards.   And how much do we really know about the conditions inside the discharge channels?

“Here are a few basic facts on discharge channels:   The magnetic field around a discharge channel has such a direction that both positive and negative carriers will be deflected toward the center of the channel.  In other words, the channel works as a magnetic bottle.  The result is a pinch effect, also referred to as electromagnetic compression.  The gas inside a discharge channel is highly compressed.  At both ends of the channel, gas will escape, forming the so-called anode and cathode jets.  And, of course, after the discharge has ceased, gas will escape in all directions.

“Because of the opacity of the photosphere, what we see when we observe the Sun is mainly ionized gas escaping at the tops of the discharge channels.  This gas has already been cooled down by expansion, but as it is highly ionized, its temperature will tend to stabilize around 6000 deg.  K, which is the temperature required for thermal ionization.  “I suggest that the temperature inside the narrow discharge channels is much higher than 6000 degrees K, in fact, millions of degrees Kelvin.  I would even go one step further and suggest that the temperature is sufficient not only for the proton-proton reaction, but also for processes producing medium-weight elements like those present in the crust of the Earth.

“This would open an interesting possibility for an explanation of the interplanetary dust, which is a great headache to theorists:   this dust seems to be swept away rather efficiently by the solar wind — just look at comet tails!  — and yet exists in enormous quantities in interplanetary space.   Where does it come from?   The theory in fashion seems to be that the dust is produced by comets  that are disintegrated when passing close to the Sun, but it is agreed that ‘neither the asteroids nor the periodic and new comets supply enough dust to replenish losses.’   (Hindley,

      “Comets Cause Interplanetary Pollution,”   New Scientist, 7 Oct 1976).

“Maybe some of these problems will seem less formidable if it can be concluded that thermo-nuclear processes are going on in the photosphere.   The dust is produced in the discharge channels and blown out from the Sun by the gas jets .   .   .  My hypothesis not only explains the presence of dust in interplanetary space, but also make it possible to calculate an upper limit for the total amount of dust inside the orbit of the Earth.”

(VI)   It should be noted that the smallness of the release (ejection) energy would make a Fireball-Comet in the magnetotail of the Earth highly dangerous to life on earth. In addition, the release of a Fireball-Comet from the Earth’s magnetotail toward the Earth would be a tremendous surprise to everyone on Earth. The Comet would not be traveling through vast distances of space, which would enable the Earth’s people to observe it long before it struck the Earth.  Because of its nearness, its coming would surprise — and terrorize  everyone. We mention this point for the following reason:   In the Bible there are many texts which say that the “Day of the Lord” comes suddenly and unexpectedly.  The “Day of the Lord” is the day when the Comet comes, and therefore the Comet itself must come suddenly and unexpectedly.  This is only possible if it is very close to the Earth. We have finished the development of our theory of Comets, and we now return to the messages.

7Sep74—Michael:   “Hearken to my words, O man of sin!   You will not defile or defame the Mother of God, the Woman of virtue and purity!   You seek to dethrone Her from Her place among you.   Vengeance! — the saints cry out for vengeance!   How long will you survive the Ball of Redemption?”

Veronica:       “O my goodness!   Up in the sky there’s that tremendous thing, a Ball of Fire. It looks like another giant Sun.   O my!   It looks like a giant Sun — it’s so big!   And it’s spinning. There are two Suns!   It looks just like two Suns!   They’re almost the same size.  Oh, the one on the left is spinning though.  It’s heading toward the  other one.   O my!   It’s like two suns in the sky.   They’re tremendous. The Ball on the left is coming in very fast.   It’s a Ball of Fire, and it’s giving out like trails of gases — vapors, I guess, because they’re not solid.  It’s like flames and smoke and vapors.  Oh!  O my!   And now it’s growing very dark.

Comments:   Here again Veronica saw the spinning coma of the Comet.  Apparently it was relatively close to the Earth, since it appeared about the same size as the ordinary Sun.  When  the Comet comes, it will seem like there are two Suns in the sky.   At night it will seem like  there are two moons, or a moon and a “night sun”. Many observations of two or three “suns” or “moons” in the sky were recorded by the  ancient Greeks and Romans.   The 2nd and 3rd “sun” or “moon” were Comets.  In his work, Gods  and Spacemen in Greece and Rome   (Signet, New York, 1976),   W. Raymond Drake listed many  of these observations:

234 BC ----   At Rimini three moons were seen; meanwhile the Gauls invaded Italy, (Chionetti, M.L,   Corrado Licostene, University of Turin, 1960)

223 BC ---- Portents occurred which threw the people of Rome into great fear.   A river in Picenum ran the color of blood in Etruria; a good part of the heavens seemed to be on fire.   In Ariminium a light like the day (sun) blazed out at night; in many portions of Italy three moons became visible in the nighttime.  (Dio Cassius, Roman History,   Loeb Classics,   Heinemann)

      222 BC ----        Also three moons have appeared at once.   (Pliny, Historia Naturalis, Loeb Classics, Heinemann)

221 BC ----        At Rimini three moons were seen coming from the distant regions of the heaven.  (Lycosthenes-Obsequens, Prodigiorum Libellus, Julius Samuel Luchmanns, Lugduni, Batavorium 1770)

217 BC ----        The sun’s disc seemed to be contracted.   Glowing stones had fallen from the sky at Praeneste;   at Arpi bucklers had appeared in the sky;   the sun had seemed fighting with the moon; at Caperne two moons had risen in the daytime .   .   .  At  Capua there had been the appearance of a sky on fire, and of a moon that fell in the midst of a shower of rain.   (Livy, History of Rome, Book XXII, I, Loeb Classics, Heinemann)

204 BC ----        Two suns had been seen and at Setia a meteor had been seen shooting from east to west.   (Livy)

      175 BC ----        Three suns shone in the sky at the same time;   several

      torches fell that night at  Lanuvium.    (Obsequens)

      174 BC ----        Three suns were seen.   (Pliny)

      171 BC  ----       In the Roman Forum three suns were shining at the same time.  (Lycosthenes)

163 BC  ----       At Capua the sun was seen by night.  At Forini two suns were seen by day.   The sky was afire.  In Cephalonia a trumpet seemed to sound from the sky.   There was a rain of earth.   By night an apparent sun shone at Pisaurum.   (Obsequens)

134 BC  ----       At Aamiternum the sun was seen at night.  Its light was seen for some time.   (Obsequens)

122 BC  ----       In Gaul three suns and three moons were seen. (Pliny)

118 BC  ----       At Rome three suns were seen.   (Pliny, Book II, XXXI)

113 BC  ----       A light from the sky by night, the phenomenon usually called “nigh suns,” was seen in the consulship of Gaius Caecilius and Gnaeus Papirius, and often on other  occasions, causing apparent daylight in the night.   (Pliny, Book II,   XXXIII)

   91 BC  ----        At sunset a globe of fire in the northern region rushed across the sky emitting tremendous sound.   In Spoletium a gold-colored fireball rolled down to the ground and growing larger rose from the Earth toward the East, becoming large enough  to blot out the sun.   (Obsequens, confirmed by Orosius)

63 BC  ----         A blazing beam from the west swept across the sky. All Spoletium was shaken  by earthquakes.   (Obsequens, Manilius)

      42 BC  ----         Three suns were seen.    (Pliny, Book II, XXX)

      14 AD  ----         Thus the sun suffered a total eclipse and most of the sky seemed to be on fire,  glowing embers appeared to be falling from it and blood-red comets were seen.  (Dio Cassius, Book LVI)

51 AD  ----         Three suns were seen during the consulship of the future Emperor Claudius when  Cornelius Ofitus was his colleague. (Pliny)

54 AD  ----         During the reign of Claudius, a comet coming from the North rose towards the zenith to be carried then towards the East, becoming less and less brilliant.  (Seneca, Naturales Quaestiones, Loeb Classics, Heinemann)

65 AD  ----         First a star stood over the City, very like a broadsword, and a comet that remained a whole year.   (Josephus, The Jewish War, Penguin Books, Baltimore,  1970,   p.  348)

249 AD ----        When Decius ascended the throne of the Roman Empire, it rained blood in Britain,  and a terrible bloody sword was seen in the air for three nights soon after sunset.  (John Sellers, History of England)

From these observations, we may conclude that the advent of many Comets ended the Old Testament period and began the age of the New Testament.   We also see some of the phenomena which come with a Comet:

(a)        The “sky-fire” or heavens on fire.   Velikovsky explained this as follows:   “The tails of comets are composed mainly of carbon and hydrogen gases.   Lacking oxygen, they do not burn in flight, but the inflammable gases, passing through an atmosphere containing oxygen, will be set on fire.  If carbon and hydrogen gases, or vapor of a composition of these two elements, enter the atmosphere in huge masses, a part of them will burn, binding all the oxygen available at the moment;   the rest will escape combustion, but in swift transition will become liquid (naptha).”   (p. 53, Work C)   Because of this burning of the oxygen in the sky, the air will lack oxygen, and people will be choking.   See the messages on pages 220 and 224 about the choking and the naphtha.

(b)        The fall of meteors.   See the references to the fall of “glowing stones” or “glowing embers” or meteors,  the “rain of earth,” the descent of “fiery spears” or “fiery arrows”   or     “torches,”   etc.

      ©)         The bloody redness of the Comet.   See the observation of 14 AD.   Apparently this bloody redness is due to the fact that the tail or coma contains a fine red dust (or smoke).  Both the large meteors and this fine meteoritic or cometary dust contain iron which may appear red  in compounds like rust or FeCl2.   This red dust is probably responsible for three things associated with the Comet:   red clouds, reddening of the seas and lakes and rivers of the earth, and red rains:

(d)        The red clouds.   Marie-Julie Jahenny described her vision of the coming Great Chastisement:   “Red clouds, like blood, will cross the sky, and the crash of thunder will make the earth  tremble to the core.  Lightning will flash through the streets .   .   .  The earth will tremble to its foundation, and the ocean will cast its foaming waves over the land.   The earth will be changed into an immense cemetery, for the corpses of the wicked and the just will cover the face of the earth.”    (p. 239, Les Propheties de la Fraudais)

The vision of the Trappist nun of Notre Dame des Gardes also mentioned the bloody-red clouds:   “I heard the shouting of horrible voices.  Quite distinctly I heard the same voices crying three times:   ‘We have won!   Victory is ours!’   Just at that moment when I heard these words shouted, I suddenly saw that the heavens had become as black as night.  This darkness was accompanied by thunder, or rather, it seemed to me that the thunder came simultaneously  from the four corners of the earth.  The whole of the heavens came on fire.  Then there came a noise so terrible that it seemed to announce the ruin of the entire world.  I then saw a huge red cloud, the color of ox blood.   This cloud came rolling in from all sides.”:

(e)        The reddening of the seas and lakes and rivers of the earth.  When the Comet comes close to the Earth, the red dust from the Comet will fall upon the Earth.  Speaking of the Comet  which came at the time of the ancient Exodus, Velikovsky writes: “One of the first visible signs  of this encounter was the reddening of the earth’s surface by a fine dust of rusty pigment.  In sea, lake, and river this pigment gave a bloody coloring to the water.  Because of these particles of ferruginous or other soluble pigment, the world turned red.”  (p.  48, Work C)

The messages of Veronica also indicate that “blood will flow in the streets” and that “there will be rivers of blood.”   The Comet will come and turn the water sources of the earth  bloody red after a great persecution.   “This is a just punishment:   they shed the blood of the saints .   .   .   and You gave them blood to drink”   (Apoc 16: 3-6)

(f)         The red rain.   The heat of the Comet will cause the waters of the earth to evaporate and rise to the clouds, which will contain the bloody red dust from the Comet.  After the red dust is hydrated, there will be a “rain of blood”.   Marie-Julie Jahenny described her revelation on this matter:   “My children, I am the voice of Truth, the adorable Son of the Eternal Father . .  Within a very short time, the sky will be covered with a cloud of blood .   .   .  and the light of  the sun will be darkened by it.  It will be pitch-dark; the darkness will never have been as thick as during those three days of rainfall, of mourning, of agony and death .   .   .  “ .   .   .  from that cloud there will come a rainfall so strange that the world has never seen the like, nor will it ever again until the end of the world.   That will be a red rain which will remain coagulated on the ground for seven weeks.  The soil itself will be coagulated by that rain which will poison the air, causing a stench that nobody will be able to support.   My people will remain indoors for seven weeks.  It will be difficult to walk outside because the land will  be so frightening.   This will be the first storm .   .   . “Following the storm, I will make a horrible ‘burning’ come out of the earth.  Christians will be unable to stand that stench and that heat.   My children, you will (must) not open your doors or your windows .   .   .”

Marie-Julie:   “I see in my sun a black and blue rainbow at least two meters in width .   .   .  From that rainbow a rain is falling at the very moment when (murders?)  and crimes are being executed.   It is a blood-red rain.  On the roofs of houses, it is left sticking like a paint.   On the ground it cannot be sucked in.   It falls with frightening speed. “In that rain a frightful sign is produced;   there is formed a Cross which carries the imprint of a Christ.  Signs of terror are produced which cannot be erased.  The cries of the just are frightening.  During that rain all who gave themselves up to wickedness will perish, thunderstruck with terror.  After three days, the rain from the rainbow will spread out and (become visible) throughout the entire earth.”

“In those massacres during the cold months, the earth will have a flood of blood, just as it had a flood of water during the time of Noah.   .   .  On some           spots, the ground will be like a red sea.  Blood will run in torrents .    .    .” “A rainfall of blood will fall upon the earth; it will make your crops dry up.” “Clouds are getting so low that it seems that one could touch them.  The sun has no more strength.  Darkness is dense; nothing can be seen.  One does not know what time of day it is.” “The red cloud reaches the ground.   Out of it come men armed with their crimes of burning vengeance against Heaven, and with their desire of killing   all faithful Christians and destroying the Lord’s Temple .   .  

Comments:   This last citation probably refers to the demons who will come with the Comet. See our remarks on pages s151 and 198.   A final revelation supports this: “My children, I come back to those three days of terror.  During those three days, the ungodly, the profaners, the blasphemers and also all of the (demons) will run across the earth in darkness.  They will be tormented by Death, which will have already entered into their souls.  They will be impelled by the rage of Lucifer.  They will run with all their might, like monsters, raising frightful howls.   They will make themselves heard in the most remote parts of the countryside.  “My children, you will take care to close your eyes and your ears to those cursed noises.  That will be Satan and his rage; it will be the storm of his fury.  But it will also be his last effort.”

Many additional recent historical records of “rains and blood,”   “red clouds,” etc. are given in Velikovsky’s World in Collision, William Corliss’s Strange Phenomena, and The Complete Works of Charles Fort.   We now return to the messages of Veronica on the coming Comet.

13Sep74— Our Lady:  “My Son is a firm Foundation.   His House will go through much trial, but it will never be destroyed. Before the House of My Son will fall, mankind will be cleansed by fire.   The sun will scorch your earth, and skin will burn and dry up and blow off the bones as though it had never been. Eyes will see and many will still not believe, so weak is the faith. When My Son returns, My child, will He find even a flicker of faith left?   The numbers  saved will be counted in the few.   Pray, pray much, My child.   Days of great trial are ahead.”

Comments:   There is an allusion to a “scorching sun” in Apoc 7 : 16.   If this refers to our ordinary sun, note the remarks on page 129 about its present instability.  Since the Comet is also a “sun” according to the messages, this may refer to the Comet.  The Comet is also a “son of our ordinary Sun” since it is formed from plasmas from the Sun.

2Oct74—Our Lady:   “The great heat will be sent upon mankind.  The plague will follow.”

1Nov74—Our Lady:              “All will be given the word, the interior Warning, before the coming of the Great Chastisement of the Ball of Fire.”

Veronica:       “O my!   O my goodness!   Oh, there’s a terrible . . . .  oh Mother, it’s worse!  I see a huge Ball of rock, but it’s burning.  It’s traveling across the sky,  and it has this tail.   It’s a large gaseous sort of thing that’s pulling out from behind.   It’s huge and it’s twirling (spinning).  It’s going so fast across the sky that it’s shooting out colors of fire ---- yellow and orange.  And the center ---- now I can see the center.  The center is a bright, black-looking kind of red.  It’s awful!”

Jesus:   “My child, you feel the heat, the unusual heat.   Know that at the time of the Chastisement, the brightness of the coming celestial punishing agent from the Father will light up the night as the day.   The heat will turn your winter to summer.  Yes, My child, the celestial body will throw off a great amount of heat  upon your earth.” My child, I shall share with you a bit of knowledge.  The Ball is out there now.  It will be sent to you when the Father finds the time ripe.  You cannot calculate in days, hours, or years, My child, for it can come upon you in the twinkling of an eye.”

Comments: The nucleus of the Comet is “a bright, black-looking kind of red.”   Since a Comet  is a Sun (“night Sun”), “the brightness of the coming celestial punishing agent .   .   .  will light  up the night as the day.”   See Isaiah 59:19 ---- Isaiah 60:2.   Since “it can come upon you in the  twinkling of an eye,” it is obviously very close to the earth.

23Nov74—Our Lady:            “My child, there must be a complete reversal of man’s ways that offend the Father.  Unless this is accomplished in the measure of time allotted by the Father, there will be sent upon you a Great Chastisement.”

Veronica:       “O my goodness!   I can see this Ball.   It’s spinning very fast.  I can see one side of it now.  It looks like a rock formation, and it has fire streaming from  behind it.   It’s very large.  Oh!   O my goodness!   As it’s spinning, it seems to  be gathering smoke about it.   It’s orange and yellow and white smoke and fire.

O my goodness!   Now I see it’s going very fast through the sky, and it’s heading towards another thing that I know is the Earth.  I can see the outline — yes, it’s the Earth.   And — O my goodness! — I see water rising very high over the sides of the land and the houses.  Oh!  It’s like the sea is just pounding  in over (the land) and washing down the buildings .  .   .  And I see people — they are very frightened and they’re running in every direction.   .   .

Now I see a lot of people lying on the ground.  I know they’re dead.  And now there are people trying to dig trenches, but there are so many that they can’t bury them.  And now Our Lady said .   .   .”

      Our Lady:       “Look, My child.”

      Veronica:       “O my goodness!   There’s a horse ---- a man and a horse. 

Out there’s a light shining upon them and they’re all green.    ‘Death and Pestilence’ .       .   . written above their heads is ‘Death and Pestilence’.  O my!   O Blessed Mother!”

Comments:   The man on the horse called “Death and Pestilence” is the 4th horseman of Apoc 6:8.   Apparently the Comet will come first and “Death and Pestilence” will follow.  This is confirmed by the message of 2 Oct 1974.

6Dec74—Jesus:   “I give you, the world, a fair and just warning.  To all of Our bishops and cardinals:   Awaken from your sleep!   This warning is given so that you will have time to make amends. You are burrowing like rats into the

      foundation  of My House!   In your quest to improve, you are destroying My House!   In your arrogance, you are traveling the road of the fallen angels! Modernization!   You will not change to please human nature!   You will bring man to his God through discipline.  The rules have been given to you; they are set down very clearly in the Book of Life, the Bible.  You will not change the words to suit your fallen natures!      My word to you is this:   Return My House to a state of holiness!  Discipline your fallen natures!   Return to the rule!   A House in darkness will shut its doors.  The filth must be cleansed!”

Veronica:       “Now Jesus is coming forward, and He’s placing His hand above His head and He is pointing out into the sky.”

      Jesus:   “Look, My child, look what is approaching your Earth!”

      Veronica:       “Oh, I see this huge Ball.  I’ve seen it many times, but it’s always frightening.  O my goodness!   It’s an absolute Ball of Fire.  Because it’s traveling so fast, it’s shooting out this fire from behind it.  It’s very, very big!   Oh, it’s like an oven of fire!   The color is absolutely hot!  Now it’s getting dark and my eyes don’t burn anymore from looking at it  and feeling the heat.”

Jesus:   “Yes, My child, it is not a pretty sight.  Flesh will dry up and blow off the bones as if it had never been.   Many eyes will see and still not believe, so weak is the Faith upon Earth.  Prepare yourselves and set your house in order!”

28Dec74—Our Lady:  “My voice continues to bring the message from Heaven to you. We have met with great rejection from Our clergy.  We have met with great rejection from Our children.   Will you force the hand of My Son upon you?  Will  you ask to receive the Ball of Redemption? Know that this Ball is now out in your atmosphere.  But no man of science  will set his focus upon the celestial heavens and find this Ball until the Father wills that this be done. This Ball of Fire, that will be the source of a baptism for mankind, will come upon you suddenly.   All will flee in tears, but too late — too late —, for  they have not heeded the warnings from Heaven. You, My child, will meet with great persecution.  Were it not so, I would  tell you this.   Know that as you are successful in the recovery of souls, the legions of hell will descend to fight you.”

Jesus:   “The plan for your redemption and cleansing has been set in motion.  The Ball is out in your atmosphere.  The plan for your redemption is at hand.  Many  will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption.  The world will receive the message.  My word will go throughout your world, and then the hand of Chastisement will fall upon mankind.  ‘How long  will it be?’, you ask, My child.  This decision lies only in the hearts of mankind.  When the abominations have reached a peak of great iniquity, now then that  the end is at hand.”

Comments:   When Jesus said to Veronica that “the legions of hell will descend to fight you”, He was clearly alluding to the presence of the UFO demons in the atmosphere or heavens.  We might ask:  where precisely are the demons located?  Do they have a base out in the dark magnetotail of the Earth?   Is the Ball of Fire, which now exists out in the atmosphere, itself  the bas of Satan?   See Velikovsky’s work for many demon-Comet connections.  Note also that the Dragon (Satan) is red (Apoc 12:3) just as the Comet is red.   If the demons are out in the atmosphere of the Earth, they may well be able to control the elements and the weather as the messages say.

We may finally note some UFO articles which described some very mysterious events which occurred to the space vehicles and satellites of both the USA and       the USSR:   “The Great  Galactic Ghoul,” by Harry Helms (UFO Report, Sept

      1977);    “Earth’s Alien Satellites”, by Harry Helms (UFO Report, Aug 1977);   “Saucers, Space, and the Soviets,” by Harry Helms (UFO Report,

      Dec 1976);   “Are the Russians Communicating with UFOs?”,   by Otto Binder (UFO Annual 1977). 

31Dec74— Veronica (out of ecstasy):   “Pay attention to the color of the sky this evening.  If you will notice, it has a very, very pink cast.  Now when the Ball of Redemption goes by, the first stage of the explosion will give you this pink cast, but more pronounced.   It will be a most frightening scene to witness, a scene that will bring fear to the hearts of many, and many will die of sheer fright.”

Our Lady:       “The Father will chastise those whom He loves.  Your country and many countries of your world will suffer trials of famine, earthquakes, tornadoes, and  the plague. In the past, much has not been recognized as coming from the Father.  The Father controls the elements in your atmosphere, My children.  Do not credit Satan with this.  It belongs to your God. God, your Father, sends the sun to shine upon you.  God, your Father, can also send the sun to burn you.

“A second Sun lies out in your atmosphere.  It is the Ball of Redemption. I repeat, My children:   It is not a myth nor a story.   It is a fact. The Ball of Redemption nears.” I assure you, My children, that the Father has but to set His Hand forward to bring upon you the Ball of Redemption.   Many will die in the great flames of  the Ball of Redemption that nears N-O-W.”

Comments:   See comments at top of page 249.  Some physicist might check for data possibly correlated with these nearings of the Ball of Fire to the earth on the dates of the messages specifying them.

10Feb75—Our Lady:           “The Father looks into the hearts of mankind.  All manners of filth and abominations lie therein.  Will you wash your souls in blood, or will you  now get down upon your knees and make atonement to the Eternal Father.  Your many offenses are now setting upon you a Chastisement such as mankind has never seen before. My children, you will burn in your sins.   The Ball of Redemption has not  been seen by mankind yet, but I assure you that the Ball is approaching.”

Veronica:       “Oh, Our Lady is pointing up and I see — I see a huge Ball.  It’s like a Ball of Fire, and it’s going very fast across the sky.   Shooting out behind it are these streams of fir and rock and — I can feel the heat!   Oh!  It’s so large.  It  feels like it’s almost on top of us. But over on the right I can see another huge ball.  It’s like — it’s like looking at two suns in the sky!   Oh!

      Comment:   Since a coma is the only necessary element of a Comet, it would seem that the coma forms rocks at its center (the nucleus), and then the rocks are passed into the tail where they are ejected as meteors.

22Mar75—Our Lady:            “There is in your outer atmosphere the celestial object that will be sent upon you in the will of the Eternal Father. . . A Great Chastisement, a punishment of terrible magnitude, is heading fast to mankind, My children.”

Comment: The fact that the Ball of Fire exists in the “outer atmosphere” confirms our analysis  on pp.  236-237.

29Mar75—Our Lady:            “The celestial agent that will be used by the Father is already on its course to your Earth.   Scientists are learning, but never finding the truth.

25Jul75—Our Lady: “In the past years of your earth’s time, I had begged for the conversion of Russia.  My words had been taken lightly then, as they still are now by many.   You must pray for the conversion of Russia, for she will send  her errors throughout the world. Your country has set itself onto the road to destruction, for they — your leaders — have not taken action against the murderers set loose in your society.  The murderers of the young, the innocent unborn, have not gone by uncounted by the Eternal Father.   Measure for measure, you will be given the reward of your .   .   .”

Veronica:       “Oh!   Our Lady is pointing up now.   I see — I know it’s a Comet.  It’s a round Ball of Fire, and it’s traveling at a very fast pace through the sky.  And  it’s so hot;   I can feel the great heat of this long tail.  As it’s going through space, it’s shooting out a tremendous fiery tail. Oh!”

Our Lady:       “My child, I repeat that your country will not escape the destruction of the fires:   You will be planet-struck. As in the days of Noah, My child, many will reject the message from Heaven.  We do not send you a message of fear, but a message of fact.  Repent, make atonement, now while you have time; for the hour of reckoning is coming.   It is at hand, My child.”

5Aug75—Veronica:   “Now Michael is extending the balance that he has in his left hand.”

Michael:          “Yes, my child, you see the balance heavily loaded (to the left).  It is leadened by the sins of mankind and all manners of abominations that call the blood of your Creator to overflow the chalice.  This Blood will wash mankind clean. The blood of mankind will flow in the streets in a Revolution!  Wars are a punishment for the sins of mankind!”

Veronica:       “As I look up now, I hear this great clamor of horses. They’re galloping, galloping — it sounds like hundreds of horses galloping across the sky. In the lead there is this black horse.  It’s absolutely pitch-black.  And the man upon the horse looks like an Executioner.  He’s wearing a black hood, and  he’s carrying in his left hand a bow.   Oh!” Now I see a huge Ball.  It’s turning at an awfully fast pace; it’s spinning. It’s shooting out fire and it’s very hot.  It’s coming closer and I can feel the heat.   It’s burning!   Oh!   I’ve never seen anything so hot.  There are gases forming around it.  It must be gases.  It’s all colors — a deep yellow and an orange —, and there’s a tremendous heat.

And now I hear Michael who is standing over on the right.  His voice is booming again.” Michael:   “Skin will dry up and blow off the bones as if it had never been!   Eyes will see and still not believe, so hard have become the hearts of mankind!   Prayer!  Atonement!   Is this too much to ask of you in the face of the reality of what is  to come upon you?

Veronica:       “Now it’s growing cooler.   The huge spinning Ball (is gone); I can no longer feel the heat.  Oh, it’s like a weight — a tremendous weight — has been lifted from the sky.   I could hardly breathe.  Oh!”

      14Aug75—Our Lady:           “The whole creation of mankind will know the message from Heaven, and then, if the balance has not met with the approval of the Eternal Father,   the world will be cleansed by a Baptism of Fire .   .   .  My children, the  sin in your world is far greater now than has ever been seen by mankind, for  your way of life is a sin calling for .   . " 

Veronica:       “Oh, Our Lady is pointing up to the sky.  O my goodness! I see this terrible twirling Ball of Fire.  It’s so hot!   I feel like I’m being scorched!  The heat!   Oh!   Now it’s going back into the sky.”

      21Aug75—Our Lady:           “We hear voices crying to Heaven:   ‘Where is this (object) You speak of?   Where is this Ball of Redemption, this Ball of Fire, this Baptism of Fire?’ My child, you have seen it often.   It is out in your universe, waiting to

approach the Earth at the time (decided by) the Father.  (You may not have observed it), but it is there.   The Eternal Father has chosen to blind many to  this fact because they have hardened their hearts to Him.   .   .” St Theresa:          “Pray more and ask for more suffering, and the Father will give you less.  You see, the Father is most gentle, Veronica.  You will learn to love Him as I did, and as I do.”

Veronica:       “Oh, St. ?Theresa is now pointing up, and there’s a beautiful white light. I see a Man — a very kind Man.   He has very white hair and a heavy beard, and  He’s smiling.  He looks sort of like a real nice grandfather.  Oh, He has a crown  on His head.  It’s a beautiful red velvet crown, but it has golden points and inserts all around the outside.  And He’s wearing what looks like a red velvet cape — it blends with the chair —, but the cape covers Him all over down to His feet.   And He’s holding what looks like a scepter in His right hand.

Now He’s pointing down (from) His chair.  And He’s bouncing a Ball.  It’s  going up and down as He moves His hand, like this.Now Our Lady is coming over, and our Father is disappearing in the distance.  But I can still see the Ball bouncing.   It’s an orange-colored Ball.  And it’s going up and down .   .   .”

Our Lady: “My child, that is the most tremendous Ball you are seeing.   It is the Ball of Redemption.  It is at the finger tips of the Eternal Father to do as He wills.  Pray that mankind will awaken and escape this Great Chastisement, My child. It will rush into your atmosphere without warning.  Scientists will look with fright, as will the ordinary man.  My child, know that no scientist will know the explanation for its appearance.   The Ball of Redemption nears and  many will die in the great flames of this Ball of Redemption.  Pray that you may  be able to hold back the darkness.”

Comments:   The up-and-down motion of the Ball suggests that the Ball of Fire (or Fireball), which is presently invisible in the magnetotail, is oscillating back and forth (toward the Earth  and away from the Earth). See the message of 7 Sept 1974.  With regard to this periodic, oscillatory motion, note also the remarks of Frank and Ackerson on the earthward and anti-sunward motion of fireballs in the magnetotail in their article on page 238.  In this article the reader should also observe the incredibly-high proton temperatures (10,000,000 degrees K) found in these fireballs;   they are high as in the sun.

      24Dec75—Michael:   “Observe the Ball of Redemption, my child.”

      Veronica:       “It’s a terrible sheath of fire.  It’s a huge Ball of Fire that’s spinning at a tremendous speed, and it’s hurtling down toward us (Veronica coughs) The   smoke and the debris and the powder and film that’s coming from it is so choking and stagnating.  Oh!”

27Dec75----Jesus:   “There is now a conspiracy of evil throughout your world.  Those who have the greatest power to promote good have used this power to promote evil.  This evil is entering upon the lives of every man, woman, and child in your country and in all countries throughout the world. As in the times of Noah and the cities of sin, Sodom and Gomorrah, it now falls to the Eternal Father to cleanse the evil from your earth.  As the evil accelerates, the Eternal Father will have no choice but to loose upon mankind  the Ball of Redemption.  Your earth will go through a suffering far greater than ever seen before by mankind.   All who live through this will envy the dead. The Ball of Redemption nears.   I repeat:   many will die in the great flame  of the Ball of Redemption.”

      Pastors, awaken from your slumber!   Will you be obedient to heretics? Will you please man and reject your God?   The decision is yours.  In the merciful providence of the Eternal Father, you have been given the time to mend your ways.

In the past many warnings have been given you, but they have not been recognized as coming from the Eternal Father.  Those that will come now will be recognized, for they will be cataclysms such as have never been

      seen upon your earth;   freezing in areas of your land that have never experienced freezing;   bursts of heat in areas that have never known such great heat.  Death will come to many.   The approach of the Ball of Redemption will bring climatic changes upon mankind.”

10Feb76----Our Lady:  “The Ball of Redemption approaches.   You have been spared by the prayers of a few.” 18Mar76—Jesus:   “There will be set upon mankind a Great Chastisement that will claim many human lives.   The Ball of Redemption approaches your world, and  there will be a Baptism of Fire.

26May76—Our Lady:  “As in the days of Sodom, as in the days of Noah, history is  now repeating itself.  You have learned nothing from the past, My children.  You have rebuilt your future on sin to the point where you have destroyed your future. I hear words of mockery and derision.   I hear words from My children who do not wish to accept the message of Heaven.   And why?  Because they love their sin.” 29May76----Our Lady:          “O My children, the Ball ---- the Ball of Redemption — is approaching you.” 14Aug76----Our Lady:          “Unless there is a complete reversal of your ways that much offend the Eternal Father, you will see your sky ablaze with fire.”

21Aug 76—Our Lady:          “My children, I travel throughout the world as your Mother.  I come to you as a Mediatrix between God and man.  I plead with you as your Mother to listen to My words of direction and caution.  The time is growing short.  There hovers far out in your universe the Ball of Redemption.  This Ball will be guided by the Eternal Father to bring mankind  to its knees, My children.

Veronica:       “O my!  Our Lady is pointing up to the sky, and I can see a tremendously large Ball of Fire.  It’s beyond description.  It’s the most frightening thing I’ve  ever seen. It’s going through the air (sky) at a very great speed.   Over on the right side of the sky, I can see an outline of the Earth, and the Ball is heading for the  Earth.   And it’s striking.   The tail is setting fire to the side of the Earth that I can see. Oh!   Oh!   The tail has intersected the Earth, and the Ball is now circling. The Earth.    Oh!   Now it’s growing very dark.   I can feel the great heat.   Oh!”

Our Lady: “My child, this is your near future;   this is the Chastisement that will be set upon mankind. But the six days of suffering will not be for you, My child.”

Comments:   In saying that “the Ball is now circling the Earth,” Veronica may have meant only that it is passing around the Earth in its elliptic orbit around the Sun and the Earth.  If the Earth actually made several orbits around the Earth itself, it wold have been captured by the Earth;  and only some accident (such as a splitting of the Comet or a perturbation by the Moon) would  release it again.  We know that a part of the Comet will split off and drop into the ocean;   we also know that the Comet will return to the sky after striking the Earth.   Veronica will be dead  when this great disaster occurs.

7Sep76—Jesus:       “I say to you, My children:    Never since the time of Sodom, never since the Earth went through the trial of being cleansed by great waters, has  man seen what will soon come upon him for his sin.   In his succumbing to the pleasures of the flesh, in his replacement of his God by creatures and spirits of darkness, man has allowed the ‘prince of darkness’, Satan, the Adversary,  to gain control of your country and your world.”

Our Lady:       “O my children, you ask how much time (remains).  The time is very short. The Ball of Redemption is hovering over mankind.   The Eternal Father waits;  He perseveres;  His Heart is torn with anguish.”

28Sep76—Jesus:   “My Mother will be with you in the battle ahead.   She has been sent to you as a Mediatrix between God and man.   Do not reject Her message  as you have done in the past. Can you not learn from your past and your history?   Must you continue to make the same errors?   Now you are bargaining with the final count, My children. For as night will turn into day, and day will fall into darkness, that day will come when you will cry for mercy, and it will be too late.   The Ball of       Redemption will take from your earth three-quarters of mankind.    Is this what you want to call down upon yourselves?   My children, you hold the balance. Comment:   Apparently the meaning is that the Ball of Redemption will complete the destruc-tion of three-quarters of mankind, since one-third will die in the first part of World War III.  On  the other hand, the Angel of Death, Satan, is identified in a way with the Ball of Redemption,  and all of the deaths may be attributed to him, and hence to the Ball.

1Apr78—Jesus:   “My children, there will soon come upon mankind a war of great magnitude.   Death will be commonplace to all.   If this war continues, three-quarters of the world’s population will die.”

Comment:   During the first part of the Great War, one-third of the world’s population will die, and Communist Russia will take over the world.  During the last part of the Great War (when  the Christian world Revolution comes), the Ball of Redemption will come, and there will be a  “War of the spirits” waged not merely by men, but also by the demons and angels.   Thus the  last part of the Great War, wherein the Ball of Redemption will come, will complete the destruction of three-quarters of mankind.

22Nov76—Our Lady:            “O my children, awaken from your slumber and recognize the signs of your times.  I repeat and repeat Myself in a firm effort and resolution  to awaken many before it is too late.  I wander for many earth-years crying out to you:   ‘Shout it from the rooftops:   The Ball of Redemption is near!   Many will die in the great flame of the Ball of

Redemption!’” 7Dec76—Jesus:   “My children, there is only one way (you can go) when you turn away from your God; it is down.   Moral corruption, casting aside the Commandments of God, building and worshiping idols of man, paganism in My House, leaders that have given themselves to Satan ---- shall I continue to list for you  all of the abominations committed by mankind?  I cry out that you have become a degenerate generation and you call down upon yourselves a Baptism of Fire.  It is a sad fact, but one that cannot be escaped.   The Baptism of Fire has been held in abeyance only by the prayers and acts of atonement of the few. It is a sad fact that two great penances (chastisements) will be set upon  mankind:   the scourge of War, and the Ball of Redemption.  ‘How soon?’  you  ask.   Does it matter when a time .   .   .  Are you prepared now?  “(The Ball of Redemption) will soon come upon you unexpectedly.  There will appear two Suns on your horizon.  Fear will grip the hearts of many, and  this fear will come from the (realization) that they rejected the warnings from  Heaven, and did not act upon them.My children, the Day of your Lord is approaching.  I shall return as I promised, but there will be much woe set upon your earth before My coming.”

Our Lady:       “O My children,   that Day of days is fast coming upon you, the Day when the earth will shake and the heavens will be torn asunder.  There will be much  gnashing and weeping set upon mankind.   The Ball of Redemption nears.  Many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption.”

Comments:   In the Scriptures, the word “day” sometimes means “sun” since a “day” is determined by the appearance of the sun.  To grasp the true sense of some texts in the Bible,  therefore, we should insert the word “sun” in parenthesis following the word “day”.   The text of Mal 4 : 1-2 is an example:

“Behold, the Day (Sun) is now coming, burning like a furnace, and all of the arrogant and evildoers will be as stubble.  The Day (Sun) that is coming is going to burn them up .   .   . leaving them neither root nor branch.” Since it is nonsense to say that a “Day” (a period of time) is “burning like a furnace,”  it is evident that this “Day” is a “Sun” or “Comet”.  

This “Day” is “burning like a furnace” exactly like the Ball of Redemption. Another text of the Scriptures which describes a Comet is that of Zeph 1:14 — 2:3.  Here  we shall also put the word “Sun” in parenthesis following the word “Day” to show the true sense of the text:

“The great Day (Sun) of the Lord is near, it is near and coming with great speed The sound (voice) of the Day (Sun of the Lord is bitter, even the brave soldier utters cries of distress.

That Day (Sun) is a Day (Sun) of wrath

a Day (Sun) of suffering and tribulation

a Day (Sun) of ruin and destruction,

a Day (Sun) of darkness and gloom,

a Day (Sun of clouds and thick darkness,

a Day (Sun) of trumpet blast and battle cry,

against the fortified cities and high bulwarks

‘I am going to bring such distress upon men

that they will grope like the blind,

because they have sinned against the Lord.

Their blood will be scattered as dust,

and their flesh as dung.

Neither their silver nor their gold will be able to save them

on the Day of the Wrath of the Lord

The whole earth will be consumed

by the fire of His jealous Wrath.

For he (the Wrath) intends to destroy

and make an end of all the inhabitants of the earth.

O shameless people, get yourselves together

and assemble among yourselves

before the decree brings forth the day (Sun)

which scatters (you) as dust,

before the fierce Anger of the Lord descends on you

before the Day (Sun) of the Wrath of the Lord comes down upon you.


Seek the Lord, all you humble of the earth,

all you who obey His commands;

seek righteousness and humility.

You might be sheltered

on the Day of the Wrath of the Lord.” 


In this text we see again that the ordinary interpretation of “day” as a period of time makes   nonsense of the text.  How can a period of time “come with great speed” and have a “bitter sound”  and descend upon you”?  It is evident that this “Day” is a devastating “Sun” or “Comet” which comes with great speed, descends toward the earth, and causes a terrible sound when it enters the atmosphere of the earth.  The text further shows that “fire” from this Sun or Comet will consume “the whole earth” and scatter the bodies of people as “dust”.   The “Day” of the Wrath of the Lord” is the Ball of Redemption.   The “Wrath of the Lord” is Satan.

24Dec 76—Jesus:   “No man will escape the Ball of Redemption.  The effects will engulf every man, woman, and child still living in the body upon your earth. All mockers and those who have scorned My Mother’s message, Her warning, will soon shed bitter tears of remorse.   (But it will be too late, I tell you, too late will you take the blindness from your hearts.”

31Dec76—Our Lady:           “Do penance now, My children.   The Ball of Redemption is heading your way.  In the past you have won a reprieve, but the balance for this destruction upon mankind is heavily against you.  The Ball of Redemption  approaches, and many will die in the great flames of the Ball of Redemption.”

14May77—Michael:   “Listen well, all mankind upon earth:   You have received fair warning from the Queen of Heaven.  You will (heed it) or you will receive a just  punishment.   The world will be seized by tremors, the firmaments will be aflame in explosion, and all that is rotten will fall!”

Veronica:       “Now the sky is getting very, very white.   The whole sky is becoming a grey-white mass.  Michael is standing over on the right side, and he’s pointing  with his spear. And over on the left side, a tremendous Red Ball of Fire is coming through the sky!   Oh!   It’s hurtling across the sky.   I can feel the heat of  it.  Oh, I feel  like it’s almost on top of us;   and it’s shooting out these flames.  I’ve never seen anything like this.  It looks like a hot Sun!   And there’s a tail coming behind it. Now there’s a piece breaking off of it, and — oh! — it’s so hot.  I can’t breathe!  Oh!   O my!   And there are things blowing out in the sky.  It looks like dust.  It looks like dust.   I can’t see!   Oh!

Now . . .  it’s getting very dark.   There are masses of bones passing   through the (the air).   And there’s a stillness.  It’s a very strange stillness.   It’s a very strange stillness.   It’s like everything has been knocked out.  There’s no sound, but I hear screaming.   They are voices.  Oh!  It’s horrible!  O Blessed Mother!”

Our Lady:       “Do not be afraid, My child.  You will be asleep (dead) .    .  The days of suffering are not for you.”   


Comment:   After the flesh of people is burned up and blown away as dust, their bones will be caught up by the violent winds and blown about.  The “very white” or “grey-white” sky prior to  the coming of the Ball probably refers to the Warning explosion ---- see page 112.

18May77— Jesus:   “There will be set upon mankind the Day of days, a Day such as