St. Augustine of Hippo


How to search the Main Works of Saint Augustine:
1) Double click on My Computer, double click on DOCTRINE,
double click on the file "32exam" and follow the installation instructions.
2) Using Examine, search the directory Augustine on this CD for a word or phrase.

NOTE: Various complex searching can be done using Examine. Look at both icons that have the magnifying glass. One has a "T" in it and the other has a "+" in it. See wich one suits your search the best. With the "+" option, where it displays proximity, either choose "whole file" or chose "line(s)" with a proximity of anywhwere between 5 and 15. You can also search more than 1 text using the logical AND, OR, XOR, NOT by clicking on the Text2, Text3, Text4. Be sure to check or leave unchecked "Search subfolders", "Match Case", "Regular Expression", "Whole words" correctly.

After the search results are returned, double click on any of the returned lines to open up the file at the location the search criteria was found at.

Examine is also very useful for searching words or phrases in the SUMMA THEOLOGICA in the directory Summa, Douay-Rheims Version of the Holy Bible in the file Bible.htm or the text of all Ecumenical Councils in the directory Ecumenical_Councils, the Latin Vulgate in the directory BIBLE, the Baltimore Catechism #3 in the file Baltimore_Catechism3.htm, the Main Works of Saint Louis Marie de Montfort in the file MONTFORT.TXT, the 1917 Code of Canon Law in the file 1917LAWS.TXT on this web site or for searching anything on this entire web site starting at the root directory, "DOCTRINE".

1) Double click on My Computer
2) Double click on DOCTRINE
3) Double click on 203MicroBookStudio and install it.

After installing 203MicroBookStudio, copy the directory Augustine from the CD onto your hard drive. Then open the file 00-index.htm in Micro Book Studio.